stop making resolutions

Big Bear and Wee Bee

i stopped making resolutions when i repeatedly failed to keep them. i hate commitment but temporary things always grab my attention. fleeting things, things that disappear silently and no one cares but resolutions are the opposite. they are the shadows i see out of the corner of my eye that hide when i turn their way. commitments and resolutions are omniscient, the moment you speak them into existence they hover silently over your life. they mock each step you take and dare you to step on the stone you swore you’d avoid so they can insert themselves into your conscience, where they are a more hazardous force, and spoon feed guilt to the host they’ve taken over. like cancer there is no cure, no way to destroy them permanently, once they come they never leave and i may be strong but even the toughest of us can only handle so much, diamonds do crack under pressure after all.
—  (Written and submitted by @boulevard-of-bones)
Overwatch New Years Resolutions*

I went patrolling through reddit to find out each of them

Mei - My new year’s resolution? Hmm… I could do a better job controlling my temper. - My New Year’s resolution? Catch up on the games I need to play.
Soldier: 76 - I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago.
Junkrat - My New Year’s resolution? I think I’d like to travel more.
Zarya - My New Year’s resolution? 513 (She also has one in all russian??)
Zarya: “My new year’s resolution? Peace on earth”
Widowmaker - New Year’s resolutions? Laughs How precious.
Pharah:  My new year resolution ? Taking some time off
Reaper: This wasn’t a good year for you
Sombra: New Years resolution is 3840 x 2160
Genji:  Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Essentially happy new year)

Reinhardt: My new years resolution…? Same as always! fighting for justice!
Lucio:  My new years resolution? skates for all the kids in the neighbourhood!
Winston: “My new year’s resolutions? Less peanut butter, more… bananas”
Mercy:  Mercy always wanted to take time off work.

sO FAR THese are the only ones I’ve found so far/heard, feel free to add or message me any new ones you got 8)
*okay since been edited, shoutout to @superrisu for mercys

my news years resolutions:

1) stop making silly resolutions every year that i can’t possibly stick to
2) become the seventh empress of mars