stop making resolutions

Overwatch New Years Resolutions*

I went patrolling through reddit to find out each of them

Mei - My new year’s resolution? Hmm… I could do a better job controlling my temper. - My New Year’s resolution? Catch up on the games I need to play.
Soldier: 76 - I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago.
Junkrat - My New Year’s resolution? I think I’d like to travel more.
Zarya - My New Year’s resolution? 513 (She also has one in all russian??)
Zarya: “My new year’s resolution? Peace on earth”
Widowmaker - New Year’s resolutions? Laughs How precious.
Pharah:  My new year resolution ? Taking some time off
Reaper: This wasn’t a good year for you
Sombra: New Years resolution is 3840 x 2160
Genji:  Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Essentially happy new year)

Reinhardt: My new years resolution…? Same as always! fighting for justice!
Lucio:  My new years resolution? skates for all the kids in the neighbourhood!
Winston: “My new year’s resolutions? Less peanut butter, more… bananas”
Mercy:  Mercy always wanted to take time off work.

sO FAR THese are the only ones I’ve found so far/heard, feel free to add or message me any new ones you got 8)
*okay since been edited, shoutout to @superrisu for mercys

my news years resolutions:

1) stop making silly resolutions every year that i can’t possibly stick to
2) become the seventh empress of mars