stop making me like him

consider: this is deadass how victor describes his fiance to strangers when he’s looking for him lmao (insp)


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜
A langst head canon

I just thought of this, but what if one night, Lance just breaks down and is sobbing to himself and he’s looking at himself in his helmet, saying out loud everything he hates about himself and how worthless he feels and like “you’re not good enough”, without knowing that the helmet com was on, and everybody in their rooms just heard something from their helmets, not knowing what (say it’s like late after a battle and everybody doesn’t have the energy to take off the armour) it is and then they hear. Hunk is crying, Pidge is about to break down, Shiro feels so guilty because why didn’t he notice before or pay more attention, Keith is just in shock, Allura is on the verge of tears, and Coran is already making way to lances room. Lance realises his com is on and freaks the fuck out. Coran goes in there and just holds Lance, then the rest of the team come, Hunk being the first just sobbing out apologies and hugging him. This could end two ways, very happy yes yes wee haw, or sad because Lance is like “oh wow I can’t even suffer right”

I was talking with @lovelylangst and this just popped in my very sad mind so like here take it

“JJ and Otabek look exactly the same.” 

A hyper simplified example to break down the major differences: 

Yup ya the same. And it would be like, way too much effort to check the artists tags instead of just guessing if you’re not sure. 



It’s like you came into my life just to prove I was nothing without you. You waited till I fell for you just to break me into pieces. You told me everything I wanted to hear just to get what you wanted. Now I’m convinced that all you wanted was to use me and watch the effect you left when you walked away.
—  Unkiss me

Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌

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Y’know for a fandom that goes ballistic over the ‘protection of minors’ it sure is fond of throwing some of them under the bus when it suits them.

There’s no official Overwatch timeline but Fareeha, Angela, and Jesse are all young in this photo with only a few years difference between them. At this point Jesse was recruited because he was already highly skilled as a gunslinger. This means he was a Deadlock gang member in his teens.

Y’know why teenagers join gangs? Running from an abusive home. Poverty. Homelessness. A desire to belong. Money. Protection. Thrill seeking. But no matter what the reason they’re being exploited and groomed by adults.

Why am I saying this obvious shit? Because this fandom likens his criminal background to Hanzo’s. The man who has had the most privileged upbringing of the whole cast with a high-class education, physical training, wealth, and agency that young Jesse never had. Hanzo is destined to lead a gang vastly more powerful than the Deadlocks, a gang that could perfectly well exploit teens like Jesse. I know tumblr barely acknowledges classism but that’s some classist shit.

And the worst part is that the fandom uses said classist shit so that Jesse shouldn’t be able to judge Hanzo for murdering his own brother or deny him a second chance as if all criminals were equal. Especially since Genji got ‘killed’ for wanting out of the clan he had no choice to be a part of. Of the two who do you think an ex-teenage criminal would feel most sympathy for?

Hanzo is an interesting and complex character who is fully capable of a redemption arc - and I want a good redemption arc - but for fuck’s sake don’t do it by equating the vulnerable with the privileged to avoid character conflict. Character conflict is good. Even if you want to pair them together - shit, especially then.

TL:DR - Jesse’s criminal background was one of exploitation and abuse by the powerful so don’t forget it when it becomes inconvenient. Otherwise you might as well consider Lucio just as bad as Symmetra or Widowmaker as villainous as Sombra.


a/n: this softie ㅠㅠ

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  • i really want to hear him say ‘babe’ in english
  • OKAY let’s start
  • first meeting you he’s actually pretty chilled compared to everyone else; he’d be smoother than butter
  • you and him are having a friendly conversation and then he casually asks, ‘can i getchyo numba?’
  • but first date;; he’d spend a couple hours doing his hair, picking out his outfit, and debating which of his cologne he should use and then he’d just start panicking 
  • then taeyong just barges in like ‘wHaTs gOInG oN MY bAByYy?#$@%’ as he’s groaning in despair and tae’s just like ‘oh’ 
  • then during the date he’s actually relaxed and calmed but at one point you decide to hold his hand but GOD DANG it’s sweaty as heck and you notice his ears are red; he’s always clearing his throat too
  • end of the date is when he’s all emotional 
  • ‘hey, um, listen, um, i really enjoyed today and thank you for going out with me i hope we can do this again??????????????’ and obviously you agree
  • honestly very awkward when it comes to pda/skinship 
  • he thinks to himself ‘do i put my hand here? am i supposed to do this?? aGHH’
  • he’d be one of those boyfriends where he’s also your best friend at the same time so everything’s comfortable between you two
  • sending embarrassing meme-able photos back and forth to each other without saying anything else 
  • most of the dates are casual
  • ex. movie dates, eating lunch together, playing video games together, etc
  • i feel like he’s the type to kinda conceal his feelings?? he’s all happy and smiley but when it comes to negative emotions he bottles it up
  • but you’d just know something’s up cause he starts getting super quiet so you have to start bugging him 
  • ‘no it’s nothing, it’s fine’
  • he doesn’t like spreading negative vibes mainly- he’d appreciate a lot how you get concerned about him and actually care for him
  • you kind of getting worried of his busy schedule, LIKE,, this boy’s in dream, 127, and u while collaborating with other artists i’m like concerned-
  • yet mark lee still manages to always be positive and the silly doofus he is <33
  • LEGIT no jealousy problems whatsoever; he sometimes gets on the edge of his seat but he trusts you and knows he has nothing to be concerned about
  • him speaking english randomly, especially cussing hmm
  • ‘oh shit’
  • everytime they win an award or release their new mv or just aNyThINg and you get all teary and proud of him but he’s just like ‘stop you’re making me blush’
  • during practices and performances all he ever thinks is ‘i have to make y/n proud!’ so he works really hard and diligently 
  • always saying how his dream is to take you to canada ♡