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Can you please do a headcanons about you and Toms wedding and wedding night please :D

ahh oh my god!!!

(if ur not feminine i apologize because i wrote this with a bride in mind)

  • uhh it would be the prettiest wedding ever bye
  • like, simple and private for the most part, but just really ethereal i feel like
  • it would be outdoors don’t even fight me
  • sorry if u hate outdoor weddings but i can’t even imagine it inside tbh
    • it’d be in early spring so it was slightly cool/just the right weater to do it outside
    • you’d get married under the prettiest lil gazebo
    • the reception wouldn’t be too far away
  • simple white theme with some pastel thrown in so nothing overshadows the greenery outside too much
  • in fact the only thing that overshadows anything is u
  • tom texts you throughout the entire day about how much he wants to see you
    • “i don’t care if it’s bad luck i wanna see my angel”
    • “only another few hours, my love”
    • “too long :(”
  • he tries to get around the whole “seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck” thing by facetiming you
  • you decline it, call him, and put him on speaker
    • everybody helping you get ready hears his dramatic, adorable whining
    • “this sucks!! after the wedding i hope you know im going to absolutely-”
    • “tom!! speaker phone!!!”
  • you’re both so goddamn nervous
    • but you can’t stop smling
  • you and tom agreed to keep the wedding lowkey, but he spoiled you as much as you would let him
    • dress, little add-ons, the hotel and honeymoon.. all as lavish as you would allow
      • “i want you to feel like a princess, because that’s what you are!!!”
  • when he finally sees you walking down the aisle, he bursts into tears
    • the officiator has to offer him a tissue
  • he immediately grabs your hands and whispers as quickly and as much as he can about how beautiful you look
    • “angelbabyprincess ohmygodicantbelievehowluckyiam”
  • he nearly kisses you as soon as he reaches you but catches himself
    • everybody laughs
  • you’re crying, too
  • him reaching forward to stroke your cheek!!!
    • “angel don’t cry im gonna cry even harder”
  • people pretend to gag but you’re both so in love that you don’t care
    • and everybody adores you two together anyway
  • he goes first with the vows because he just can’t wait to tell u how much he loves u!!!
    • “me first!!!”
  • they start out funny but by the time he finishes, there’s not a dry eye in the area
    • “i can’t top that you asshole” you joke, crying 
  • but yours are just as heartwarming
  • as soon as you’re allowed to kiss, it’s about the most dramatic wedding kiss ever
    • “easy there, tiger!!” - haz, probably
  • i feel like the guests would do the thing where they blow bubbles as the bride and groom walk together
    • super fun n cute
  • the reception is a mess of horrible dancing, bad jokes, and drunken kisses
  • the first dance is the something a bit more upbeat than a traditional wedding song 
    • something like “always” by panic! at the disco
    • srsly listen to it it’s so cute n nice
  • of course, the speeches from haz (best man) and your person of honor are nothing short of hilarious
  • tom’s usually good dancing is Ruined by the alcohol
    • even though he isn’t that drunk
  • the real fun happens back at the hotel
  • the ride to the hotel is cute and lovely enough
  • but once you’re in the hotel room
    • oh boy
    • he does nothing short of wreck you tbh
  • you have to remind him not to rip the dress off of you
    • partially because it’s your wedding dress but also because it makes him impatient
  • the amount of hickeys he leaves dear god
    • “mine”
  • “lemme hear you, princess”
  • and then after that u have the nicest lil bath ever
    • so many whispered i love you’s while he massages your shoulders
  • tom can’t stop touching your hands and your ring
    • “im so fucking lucky”
    • “me too, baby. trust me”
      • truly, you both are
  • you fall asleep absolutely tangled in each other’s arms and are nearly late for your flight the next morning but it’s okay because you get there anyway
  • i won’t get much into the honeymoon in this hc since it’s abt the wedding night but
    • it’s fucking gorgeous
    • probably greece or amsterdam tbh

this is just so nice to think abt fuck

Dark Star // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Four [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Gun Play, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, and Swearing. 

Word Count: 7,758

Song: Dark Star by Jaymes Young

A/N: Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. I am sorry for uploading this a day late, my weekend has been incredibly busy. I hope this part is worth the wait. I love you guys. Thank you for being kind and understanding. 

Mitch Rapp, the man I have given myself to both physically and emotionally, is a trained killer was the only thing running through my mind all of last night. There was no amount of counting sheep in the world that would be able to make me stop thinking about the imminent danger inside of my own home and fall asleep. My brain pounded painfully inside of my head as the tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I had already grown tired of crying at this point, but my eyes still did anyway. Whatever energy I had was drained from my body and it took all the effort I had to pull my numb self out of bed and into my bathroom. I closed the door behind me and all of the events from last night came crashing down as I stared at it.

“Well, Rosalie.” He sighed. “You’re a queen and I’m an assassin.”

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#MyParentsAreLosers - Batmom x Batfam

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “depressed Batmom” story today, and I really wanna write it well and all so…here’s a silly thing for you, to “wait” for an actual story. Warning : it’s stupid and not greatly written, probably a bit of a mess (I wrote that in three days, with 5 minutes available each day to do it so yeah…messy) This was requested (anonymously), a story about the Batboys introducing Batmom and Bruce to Instagram and Snapchat, but I can’t find the original message anymore so…Here, if you read this anon’, I hope you’ll like it :-) (I hope all of you guys will like it) :

My masterlist blog :


It’s Alfred who discovered it. 

He read it in the Gotham Daily (neither you nor Bruce ever had time to read any newspapers, besides, both of you were getting a bit tired about the fact that almost every “news” was about you and him…). 

As he was reading the article, for the first time in years, Alfred let it go. Thanks God he was alone in the house that day, as he bursted out in a loud and ridiculous laughter ! 

It made him laugh for hours, in fact (Damian and Tim coming home from school ruining his fun), and oh he had to tell you guys but…his majordome ways kept him from plainly coming to you and outright telling you. 

At first, he tried to leave the actual article in places you could see it. 

On the kitchen counter, for example, while you took your breakfast…But you never paid attention to anything before your third cup of coffee, even if it was right there in front of you, and by then Bruce would have joined you and you and him would be too focused on each other to realize that this damn article was on the kitchen counter !! AND OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP KISSING AND LOOK AT THIS DAMN PIECE OF PAPER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ?! But it was too late, your kids were coming in and your focus would slightly shift from Bruce to them, the article would fall into the Oblivion as you just completely ignored it while doing your traditional conversation with your family. It was an old routine Alfred knew by heart. 

He tried to put it in the bathroom, and found it soaked and teared…It was something, really, how you and Bruce could be so observant sometimes, and yet so blind some others. 

He also tried the bed, laying it on your pillow where he’d be sure you’d find it…But the day he did that, Bruce came home early from patrol and you rushed upstairs rather fast and…Alfred found the sticky and…oh he’d rather not think about it, and just imagined that you guys were very sweaty when sleeping and…Let’s just never mention that episode ever again. 

He put it on the computer in the Batcave, and found it, days later, under Bruce’s seat. How did it got there ? He had no idea, but what was sure is that the greatest detective in the World, the Goddamn Batman, didn’t notice that stupid piece of paper RIGHT ON HIS KEYBOARD ! 

His last resort was the library, where you spend most of your free times when the boys and Bruce weren’t around…He placarded it everywhere, putting it in every single books you were most likely to read that day and…What did you do ? Enter the damn library reading something already, so of course you didn’t pay attention to any of the articles, and you even used a few articles as bookmarks…Oh dear…

Alfred decided that it was time to stop trying to be subtle (though he could admit that his poor attempts at making you read this particular newspaper articles weren’t really “subtle”). 

He gave up one morning, after three weeks of trying to make you guys read that damn article, and just shoved it in your face, right in front of the cup of coffee you were about to drink, so that you just HAD to read it. 

“The children of the Wayne households post a series of pictures of their parents, and it goes viral” was the title of it.

What ?

It was early in the morning, and it took you a while before starting to understand what was happening. 

To understand that your sons apparently kept posting pictures on the internet, of you and Bruce, with the caption (or “hashtag” as they called it) : #MyParentsAreLoosers, followed by the sentence “But I still love them”. 

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you know what else i love about the bold type? that not one of the girls loves or favours one friendship over the other.

their dynamics are so different, all of which are beautiful and complex and worth exploring. but not one of them is shown to love one more than the other. and i think that’s beautiful. too many times on tv do you see friendships between three girls where one feels like a third wheel, or two were childhood friends and the third is just there to fill out the friendship, or even the queen bee and minions dynamic. but the bold type shows a side of female friendship that is honestly not seen enough.

kat and jane are beautiful and soft and teasing. they can get frustrated and call each other out in a very real way that speaks volumes of their bond. kat holds jane’s hair back when she’s drunk, and jane calls out kat about her feelings for adena. and when they hug each other you can just feel the love they have spilling out of your tv screen.

and jane and sutton have this banter that goes to show why they chose to be roommates in the first place. its a beautiful push and pull, back and forth married couple dynamic. they can yell at each other and fight, knowing they will always be there for each other. they can have frank conversations and honest heart to hearts. and when they sit on that couch you can just feel that endless support they have for each other. they’re ride or die.

then sutton and kat are both so headstrong and stubborn, and they but heads. but that never stops them from coming together and seeing where both were coming from. they’re all fire and red, but then the walls completely fall away and there’s a beautiful shared calm. and that truly shows the power of their bond and the love they have. and their shared teasing of jane will never fail to make me smile.

i honestly cannot say enough about this friendship. it’s what makes this show truly worth watching every week.


Headcanon for having make-up sex after an argument with EXO?? Love your blog BTW


★he wouldn’t even let you finish shouting   

★he’d pull you into him   

★hands resting on your rear  

★’you’re sexy when you talk like that’  

★he’ll lean to kiss your neck

★softening you up

★when he feels you relax against him he’ll chuckle

★and proceed 

★his fingers will moved down to brush over your entrance through your pants

★’let’s swap from shouting to moaning shall we?’

★he’ll have you undressed in moments 

★then bend you over the arm of the sofa

★he’ll spend so much time teasing your entrance

★’tell me you want me’

★at your desperate whine he’ll push into you

★his hips would be painfully quick

★you’d easily reach your first climax

★which makes you go limp over the arm

★but this bub has so much energy

★so this isn’t over

★he’ll pound into you until he cums

★which could take forever

★his precious moans would keep you from completely passing out

★when you’re both done he’ll moved so you were both laid on the sofa

★’well that’s better than shouting’

★he’d giggle at your words and stroke your hair

★’let’s just have sex whenever we get angry’


★after you’ve finished with your ‘i hate you speech’ he’ll move close to you    

★’you don’t mean that’

★his hand will slide into your bottoms 

★and tease the elastic of your underwear 

★when you go to give a sarcastic reply he’ll move to rub over you 

★stopping you from speaking

★’you don’t mean that’ 

★the moment he feels your hips move in attempt to get him where you need him he’ll know you’re okay with him doing this

★he’ll push your legs open

★then remove his hand from your underwear to hold two fingers to your mouth


★a smirk would pull at his lips as he watched you

★once he was pleased with how lubricated they were

★he’d return them to your bottoms and push them into your entrance

★’are you going to say sorry for shouting at me?’

★his fingers would thrust slowly   

★but once he hears your apology he’ll pick up his pace

★he won’t fuck you until you’ve cum at least 3 times on his fingers

★when you have

★he’ll undress you both and fall onto the sofa

★’ride me’

★he’ll relax back into the sofa as he watched you raise and fall onto him

★your moans filling the room

★after hitting your climax several times

★you’re left shaking

★making him smirk

★but he isn’t done with you

★’i didn’t say you could stop’


★his hands will grip tighter at your hips and begin to move you down onto him 

★’i say when you’ve had enough’ 

★he’ll continue this until he cums

★when you’re both down from your highs he’ll move you to the bedroom

★and cuddles you into him

★’i love you, darling’


★yixing’s hand would come to rest on your thigh 

★instantly dissolving all anger  

★’why don’t we resolve this in another way?’ 

★his hand would trail higher and higher 

★’if you don’t want this, tell me now’

★’i want you’

★he’ll smile and lean in to kiss you

★moves you so you’re laid on the bed

★’there’s no need to raise our voices’

★he’ll move over you

★and press kisses all over your face

★they’ll slowly move down

★removing your clothes 

★and kissing over the newly exposed skin

★when you’re fully exposed to him he’ll move to kiss your thighs

★he’ll do this until you’re wrked up enough for him

★his clothes will be discarded 

★your legs will be wrapped around his waist

★then he’ll push into you

★stilling the moment he’s fully in you

★just so you can savour of how it feels to be filled by him

★if your hips begin to move he’ll hold them down

★’we play by my rules now’

★he’ll wait until you’re whining underneath him to move

★and he’ll move impossibly fast

★seeing you come undone beneath him is one of his favourite things

★he’s able to keep up his fast pace

★w/ those dancer hips

★it’ll keep up until you’ve cleched around him

★ready to cum

★he’ll move to stroke you

★’do it, sheep,’

★his cooing is what finally pushes you over

★and when you do he’ll be there to kiss you

★once he’s hit his clamex 

★he’ll move to cuddle into your chest

★’no more shouting, sheep’    


★he’ll smirk as he watches you rant 

★when he sees how much him not reacting is annoying you he’ll laugh 

★’come show me how angry you really are’ 

★he’ll smile into your lips as you kiss

★letting you push him down onto the bed

★a hand will come to rest on your hips when you begin moving your hips against his

★his head would move to the side for you to mark him

★but he’ll quickly get annoyed that it isn’t going hard enough for him   

★’that’s the best you can do?’

★he’ll roll you over and pin your arms above your head

★’i’m disappointed’

★he’ll bite on your mark you as his 

★while he wraps your legs around him 

★his nips will cease once your neck is covered i nred spots

★he’ll slowly stip you

★fingers trailing over your burning skin

★slides into you the moment you’re both naked

★his lips will return to your neck 

★darkening the marks on your neck

★the movement of his hips will be slow

★driving you insane


★’what’s that?’

★’i want you to go faster’

★’i don’t’

★he’ll only speed up when he feels his climax building up

★he’ll make you think you’re both going to cum together

★but as you’re about release

★he’ll still his hips

★’i’m not forgiving you that easily’

★his hips will move again slowly

★but this time they’ll be quick

★his skin snapping against yours

★’cum this time’

★he hold you close to him while you twitch 

★’you look so beautiful like that’

★he’ll paint your walls shortly after

★and collapse next to you

★he’ll cuddled close 

★and begin to hum


★jongdae would be silenced by your lips pressing against his

★his words would muffle into your mouth as he tried finishing his piece  

★’shut up, yeah?’

★he’ll allow you to pull him onto the sofa 

★the moment he’s over you 

★his mouth is biting at your neck 

★at your jawline

★at your lobes  

★he’ll try his best to get you both undressed on the small space but fail

★so he picks you up and carried you to the bedroom 

★his clothes will be stripped 

★before he moves onto yours 

★wastes no time messing around

★he’ll slide into you

★and latch onto your shoulder 

★so he doesn’t make too much noise

★the sound of skin slapping together mix with your moaning

★’cum with me on three’

★he’ll flop next to you when you’re done

★and kiss all over your face

★’love you’

★’love you more’    


★this is the only time you and chanyeol have sex that isn’t soft and full of love

★you’ll have him pinned to the bed before he could even start his reply

★you pressed your lips to his when you felt his hands rest on your hips

★’you’re going to fuck our anger away?’

★he’d smirk against your lips

★he’ll relax back 

★and let you undress him

★he watches with hazy eyes as you undress 

★a grin will grow on his face when you straddle him

★he’ll guide himself into you 

★his whine will fill the room as he enjoys the feeling of you around him

★his hands will return to your hips 

★to help you move on him

★his eyes wouldn’t leave your face as it contorted in pleasure 

★when you leaned down to kiss him

★he’d move a hand up to cup your face

★’you feel so good around me’

★he’d squeeze at the flesh on your hip

★at the telltale sign that you were close o your climax

★he begin to thrust up into you 

★he’ll hold you as close as possible as you both came

★and you’d stay like that until you had the energy to move

★’let’s just go straight to that instead of arguing’


★he’d stare at you silently  

★you’d make your move on him 

★arms wrapping around his neck 

★when your chests pressed together 

★something inside him snapped

★his hands would grip your hips  

★he’d turn you so your back was pressed to his chest

★’i don’t appreciate your tone’

★his words would be a low growl

★his fingers would dig into the skin of your hips while he kissed at your neck 

★’i deserve an apology’

★he’d move a hand to wrap around your throat 

★while the other moved down to stroke you

★’don’t i?’ 


★the moment he feels you buck against him he’ll pull away

★he’d force you to his knees and free himself from his bottoms

★before standing infront of you

★’show me how sorry you are’

★his fingers would be tangled in your hair while you pleasure him

★he’s v quiet

★so all you’ll hear is his heavy breathing

★when he’s about to cum he’ll pull you up

★strip you

★push you back onto the bed

★then sliding into you

★his hands will return to your reddened hips

★his thrust would be slow and deep

★he wanted to delay his climax 

★so he can pleasure you

★when you begin tightening around him he’ll return his lips to your neck

★’cum for me’

★he’ll hold you against him while your body quivered

★then shorty after let his own climax wash over him  

★he’ll walk with you to the bedroom

★where he flops on the bed with you 

★’you okay’

★’i’m perfect’ 

★’yeah you are’


★you barely have time to catch your breath before he smashed his lips to yours 

★he’ll pushed you to the nearest surface 

★bring your leg up around his waist  

★and begin to grind into you 

★’give me one reason not to fuck you raw’ 

★your silence made him smirk

★and slowly pull off your bottoms

★’is this why you wanted to fight? so i’d fuck you?’

★his fingers would giving teasing rubs to you 

★he’d scoff at the moan you gave 

★then moved back to free himself

★you were turned around

★so your chest was pressed to the cold kitchen counter

★he’d tease your entrance with his tip

★when he was happy with your beginning

★he’d push into you

★and begin his pounding right away

★his breathy moans would be so beautiful

★gives a slap to your rear when he feels you tighten up

★’do it’

★he’d be growling 

★if you didn’t cum on him within the next five seconds

★he’d pick up his pace

★forcing the orgasm out of you

★shortly after he’d pull out to paint your back white

★he’d go limp over you for a few moments

★breathing heavily in your ear

★’you could’ve just asked, baby’ 


★the only way to shut up his rants is to kiss him 

★he’d take a while to kiss back

★bc how dare you interrupt him

★but when he realises what it’ll lead to

★he’s all for it

★he lets himself be completely used by you

★'your words weren’t nice, baby boy’

★at that he was so ready to be ucked out

★his hands pulled down your pants

★while you pulled off his

★he’ll let out a breathy moan when you’re finally wrapped around him 

★seeing you ride him is his fave

★he gets a full view of your body

★and your face as it displays pleasure

★he’d soon join you in throwing your head back and moaning

★his hands would grip at your thighs

★fingertips turning your skin white

★he’d whimper when he came

★would stop thrusting until you hit your climax

★after you’re both done  

★he’ll pull you down to his chest

★keeping you there 

★’i don’t like when we argue’ 

★’neither do i’

★’i do like when we have sex’

★me too’

Got7 reaction: their s/o running their fingers through their hair while they’re falling asleep

Request:  Can you do a got7 reaction to their s/o running their fingers through their hair while they’re starting to fall asleep? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for the request, I hope you like it lovely :)



Mark: Is so touched that you’re helping him relax and will nuzzle his head into your chest, signalling you to carry on. He’d probably have a shy smile on his face that you can’t see. Sooner or later he’ll be fast asleep, and will feel refreshed in the morning as you helped him sleep so well.

“Thank you for being so caring of me, jagiya.”

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Jaebum: Would want to be the one playing with your hair, even though it relaxes him. He’d pull you close and play with your hair instead and you’d have your hands rested on his back as you both drift off to sleep together.

“Ahh, your hair is so soft~..”

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Jackson: Loves it so so much. He’s such an affectionate person and would appreciate how relaxed you’re making him feel. He’d hold you so tight and rest his head on your chest and tell you not to stop in his soft sleepy voice, while slowly falling asleep while listening to your heartbeat.

*half asleep* “Mmph, don’t stop, you’re so comfy.”

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Jinyoung: Doesn’t have much of a reaction, he’s content with just letting you baby him until hes fast asleep, and will do the same to you the next night as a thank you.

“I didn’t know someone playing with my hair would make me so calm.”

Originally posted by little-jyp

Youngjae: Sunshine is so happy you’re playing with his hair. He’d love it when you did this and I think he’d have a reaction like Mark’s, but with more nuzzling and soft shy giggles. I feel like when you play with his hair, he’d want to lay on top of you with his head resting on your chest while looking up at you. Whenever you play with his hair everything gets 10x softer (and sleepier) 

“Another reason added to the list of why you’re perfect - you play with my hair”

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Bambam: Bam would act like he isn’t effected by it but you bet he is. He’d fight the urge to sleep just so he can see you try even harder to relax him. Deep down he’d find it really endearing and sweet that you’re helping him sleep well, but would make a sarcastic comment about it because this is Bambam we’re talking about.

“Are you trying to make my hair greasy or something?”

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Yugyeom: He’d either get really shy and blushy or just accept it and let you do what you’re doing. Either way he’d really like having you playing with his hair and he’d be asleep in no time.

“Jagi, is my hair really that soft?”

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ENTJ-  You scare me. You are such and incredible leader, how do you do that?? But also I hate authority and feel a need to disagree with you at every turn because you’re so bossy. You’re not as cool as you think you are, but you’re almost as cool as you think you are and that’s pretty damn cool. Be my friend.

ENTP- Fuckin’ chill out you memelord. You’re either coasting through life or putting WAY to much effort into shit. You’re a bit of a narcissistic fuck but you’re still my favourite type (*coughs*). You’re too excitable and too much of a dick and you’re personality doesn’t make sense. Stop being mean to you’re friends. Learn to be more comfortable with emotions, it’ll be important later on in life. Be the friend that can cheer others up with jokes when they don’t really wanna talk about what’s wrong.

INTJ- You’re cool, you get shit done and you’re a bit of a supervillian. What’s not to love? You’re a rare bird. There aren’t many of you out there, but you are important. If you weren’t here, who else would the ENFP’s annoy? You’re a behind the scenes leader most of the time, pulling the strings from a safe (and smart distance) but you aren’t afraid to get you’re hands dirty. You’re good at shit.But don’t forget, you’re not superhuman. Remember other people have these pesky things called emotions, be wary of them STILL i want you to be proud of you’re inherent assholeness.

INTP-  Mad scientist. I’m constantly searching for your approval because of my unresolved daddy issues and it freaks me out. Yes, you are a daddy. Some of you have your heads shoved up a little too far in you’re own arse. Just because you’re introverted and intuitive and darn cold, does not make you better than others honey. Basically, you’re a condescending shit. But hey I still put you on this weird pedestal, so we’re both guilty. You’re the genius on tv shows that isn’t diagnosed but falls on the aspergers spectrum somewhere.


ENFJ-  Baby, I worship the ground you walk on. You are so cool, calm and controlled while still being awesome, enthusiastic and excitable. Don’t be my friend, date me. But stop trying to fix everything. Think about yourself a lil okay buddy, and use logic sometimes too. Actually scratch all that, you’re perfect, I love you.

ENFP-  You are a beautiful, annoying bastard. You’re too nice and I don’t feel comfortable making mean jokes at your expense (because you’d probably take it seriously and cry yourself to sleep), but you have effortless charm. Stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not realistic. Be my friend, but not like close friend, y'know.

INFP-  Hello, the human equivalent of tumblr. Fuck. People either love you or hate you. I don’t know where I fall on that scale tbh. Sometimes you’re just a little too much honey, I’m not sensitive enough for you. Other times you are too precious for this world and I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and protect you. I am strangely attracted to you despite how awkward you probably think you are. You have a lot of knowledge in that head of yours. Be that person I have a weird co-dependant relationship with, that really isn’t healthy but I can’t exactly live without you and I’m not sure why.

INFJ- Ah INFJ, I haven’t met many of you but BOY, are the ones I know pretentious. You’re one of the least common MBTI type, and you probably know and take pride in this. You’re good at reading people, I know, but you can just talk to me instead of analyse from a distance bud. You’re ultimately very cool and creative, a little bit of a know it all but it’s justified. You’re a sweet bundle of joy and I love you. Be my best friend. You’re good at being a friend. Really good.


ESFP-  I like you a lot kid, you remind me of a younger me. We shouldn’t get along but I love/envy you. You’re caring and you have a great childlike spirit. Make some art and ramble to me some more. I seriously appreciate you so much. You bring me back down to  the ‘now’ with you’re crazy impulsive attitude and caring demeanour. Just learn to listen to me a lil more when I tell you you’re thinking with you’re heart instead of you’re brain again. You do it a lot, buddy. Be my lover.

ESTP-  You’re cool man. You’re Ferris Bueler. You’re a salesman that’s constantly selling me on your personality. Look we get it, you’re good with one liners and you’re athletic and everyone loves you, but also hey, think about others you little sociopathic flirt. Also, sometimes people really DO know more than you, I know! Crazy. Be my Idol.

ISFP-  You probably reaallly like music. Chill out buddy, I don’t know much about you but you seem stressed and too fierce for ur adorable demeanour. I know you are your own individual beautiful creative person, you don’t need to tell me. People DO care about you, i know sometimes you doubt that, but you got this life in the bad. You’ll probably never grow out of your angsty teen years tbh but it’s okay, find yourself an ISFJ and you’ll be okay.

ISTP-  So you’re just as cool but less attainable, loner ESTP. You’re in control of your own everything but also out of control and mildly self destructive? Be the mysterious kid I rarely talk to, but everytime I do I fall in love with you a little bit.


ESFJ-  Hey there soldier. In the best case scenario, you’re cutie Monica Geller, that’s a lil anal and mildly manipulative but really! very! sweet!. In the worst case scenario you are literally my worst nightmare. Your the squad’s glue tho. Sometimes you offer a cool third perspective, but you over simplify things and don’t try to understand my crazy theories and that’s annoying. Learn to get over yourself a lil, stop playing the victim buddy and compromise. Be my friend in a few years when you learn to self reflect better.

ESTJ-  You’re a manipulative bitch. You’re so judgemental, you’re Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. You’re pretty cool. Even more of a rampant psycho than ENTJ. I don’t like you all that much (and something tells me you don’t really care) but I respect you a LOT. Stay a safe distance away from me and please don’t judge me. You’re too savage.

ISFJ-  Hey my emo saviour. You understand everybody and nobody truly understands you. You’re the reliable Colin Firth that the world of Bridget Jones’s run to after their crazy escapades with Hugh Grant. Just remember to have standards baby, and don’t accept everyone that runs into you’re arms. You’re worth more than what most people are willing to give. Be my favourite sweet emotional little kid brother (even if you are female.)

ISTJ-  You say 'interesting’ a lot. If life were a tv show, you’d be a sassy little hate muffin that tumblr idolised that everyone would remark didnt get enough screen time. You’re all business and sometimes you should let down that gaurd fam :) Think about people a little bit more bud. I respect you. I’ll be your friend! But it will probably take three years to build up our relationship and it will probably be accidental, but im here for u anyway.

Little Flirt | Tom Holland

Summary: In which, Tom Holland decides to flirt with his choreographer for his upcoming Lip Sync Battle…

Warning: harmless flirting and inappropriate jokes

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @peter-my-parker


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Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part III)

A/N: Hi, I need your help. Is this story too long? Cause if it is i’ll try to speed up the way the story goes so that it won’t bore you to death or I could leave it as it is (I already finished it it just needs editing) and let the sotry run it’s course? You’re response will be appreciated, my lovelies. Enjoy x

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

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You couldn’t sleep. The moment Reggie fell asleep you had just been staring at his perfect profile. Staring at what could’ve been, staring at what could never be anymore. You decided you couldn’t stay there, you couldn’t stay with Reggie for 48 hours without wanting to kill him or yourself.

With a lot of effort you texted Cheryl to pick you up.

You continued stroking his hair and thinking of all the things you wanted to say.

Hey Reg, I’m kinda in love with you and i’d really love it if you would give us a chance because I can promise you I have loved and I can love you better than any girl can.

Hey Reg, I love you and I wish I asked you out on prom instead of going with Betty and Jughead on that investigation. I just really wanted to help Cheryl.

Hey Reg, please pick me. For once in your life please see me. And pick me.

“Hey Reg,” You whispered as a tear fell at the back of your palm, nearly on his face. “I’m in love with you.”

You heard a small thunk at the window and you saw Cheryl below in her pajamas a red faux fur coat. You smirked despite you circumstances, Cheryl just can’t do low key to save her life. You looked at Cheryl and then back at Reggie. You leaned down and gave him the smallest hint of a kiss on the cheeks before gently removing his arms around you. You replaced yourself with a pillow and walked out of his house.

Hey Reg, i’m sorry.

Cheryl remained silent knowing full well what happened without you having to say a word. She was silent as she drove, she was silent as she watched you stare at nothing with your hair blowing in the wind with your silent tears, she was silent as she walked you to her room with your heart breaking at every step you took.

She took a fluffy white blanket and prepared you tea herself. As she entered her room she saw you sitting in front of her mirror. She placed the tea on the ground in front of you and wrapping you up with the blanket. She knew you needed space and that you would talk to her when you’re ready so she just sat beside you. And then, the first sob came.

“C-Cherry …”

“Oh darling,” she hugged you as you cried in her arms.

“It hurts so much …”

“I know, love. Just let it out.” She started rubbing her hands in your arms as you cried and cried until all that was left was your trembling figure and a cold tea.

“I almost told him y’know.”

That surprised Cheryl. She glanced at you at the mirror but you were just staring at your necklace that was given to you by Reggie for your eighteenth birthday. He worked so hard at Mr.Andrews the whole summer just to earn that necklace and even declined Cheryl’s offer to give him at least half the amount or his parent’s offer to just pay for it saying he needed this to come from just him.

“But now, it’s too late.”

“Hey,” Cheryl has had enough. She made you look at her. “It’s his loss. Not yours. You can get so much better than him.”

You nodded trying to stay strong but that only lasted for about five seconds before the tears started falling again. How you will face Reggie when school starts you will never know.

Cheryl tucked you in once more, making sure you get the most comfort in this time of tragedy. She checked her clock, 5:21. Oh shit.

It was almost time for Reggie’s morning run and with his crazy body clock he would’ve woken up by now. And when he wakes up and sees you gone with no explanation he will go ballistic.

She nearly dove for her phone and saw that she had 12 messages and 4 missed calls all from Reggie.

Before she could type in a response she received another call from Reggie which she accepted after breathing in and going out to her balcony where you won’t be disturbed.


“She’s with me.” It took everything in her not to reach out into the phone and strangle this fucking moron for thinking he had the right to hurt Cheryl’s (Y/N) like this. Cheryl knew it was not Reggie’s fault, heck, it wasn’t anybody’s fault but he is just so goddamn stupid and Cheryl wanted to slap the stupidity out his body just so he can see what is already in front of him. What he is losing.

Cheryl can almost see his confusion. “And why is that?”

Cheryl gritted her teeth wanting nothing more than to chew his goddamn ear off but knew it wasn’t her place. “I had a nightmare about Jason and freaked out. I called her.” She went for the one thing Reggie can’t say shit about. Was she a manipulative bitch? Yes. At least she wasn’t fucking stupid.

He sighed, probably calming down from his mini freak out.

You fucking deserve that you fucking asshole, Cheryl thought. She can’t let her mouth ruin what was left of Reggie’s and (Y/N)’s friendship. The one thing (Y/N) has spent her whole life protecting.

“Can I talk to her?”

I think the fuck not.

“She’s asleep. And she’ll be staying with me for the rest of the weekend in case I have any other dramatic episodes. Sorry, Reg.”

You’d probably be too busy fucking that tacky new girl anyway,you fucking –

Another sigh. “Okay, whatever. Tell her I’ll see her on Monday and I’llpick her –“

“I have a limo and a driver. We’ll see you there, fucktard.” Cheryl couldn’t help herself, she needed to insult him a bit or else she’s gonna explode. She ended the call before she can die of too much anger.

Nobody is going to make her best friend cry and not pay for it. Not even the great Reggie Mantle. She will teach Reggie Mantle a lesson for his life.

You have successfully ignored all of Reggie’s efforts of trying to talk to you, with the help of Cheryl, of course.

Texting and calling? Phone’s turned off.

Going to Cheryl’s house? A big ass gate and a few bodyguards.

Calling Cheryl? Not an option.

But you couldn’t hide in her house forever so you decided to get your ducks in a row and face the inevitable. Cheryl wanted to walk you to your first class but she was dragged to her responsibilities with the Vixens which she has ignored the whole weekend for you so you let her go with a promise you’d eat together at lunch.

As you walked towards your first class your books that were held tightly in your arms were suddenly taken from you. You thought it was another of those stupid pranks but you were greeted by the stare of the one person you planned to avoid today.

“Hey, pup.” He grinned. “Missed you this weekend.”

“Yeah, sorry.” You said too quickly as you started to walk faster which was proved pointless since your leg span was significantly different and did not lean into your advantage which caused Reggie to just block your way out.

“Not even a call? A text? Now I’m just jealous of Cheryl.”

“Sorry, Reg.” You sighed. “She was just really having a bad time.”

You felt bad for lying and you knew that Reggie knew that you were lying but Jason’s death is something he will never press knowing how much it affected Cheryl.

“Okay,” he said looking at you warily. “I thought you got mad at me or something. It felt like you were avoiding me.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but try to punch him in the chest. He, unfortunately, just took your fist and placed your palm on his neck, your thumb just touching his jawline.

For the love of God stop making me fall in love with you.

“Pops, this afternoon?” You were about to decline when he gave you that look That look you just couldn’t say no to. “If you ditch me again I’ll be mad at you.”

You chuckled. Too cute, Reg. Stop, please.

“What are you, five?” You asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He pouted even more if that’s possible. “I’ll not talk to you for like, for like five minutes.”

You both laughed. “Okay. I’ll meet you there after your practice, okay?”

“What? Why don’t you just wait for me at the gym? We can go together, it’ll be safer.”

And see you eye-fucking with your new Vixen girlfriend? I don’t think so. “Nah, I needed to help, Cheryl with some homework, anyway.”

Reggie groaned. “If Voldemort steals you from me any more than she does now I’m gonna go crazy.”

The school bell rang making you jump and Reggie chuckle. “Come on,” he said taking your hand in his.

God did your hands look perfect together.

“Let me walk you to—“ He was cut off by the one voice that can completely ruin your day, right now.

“Reg!” You stiffened, not by her voice. Nor by the fact that she used the nickname only a few special people were allowed to call Reggie. No, you felt your blood stop when Reggie quickly let go of your hand. As if it was a sin. As if you were a mistake. As if the one thing that was like breathing for the two of you became something very wrong.

But you realized, it is. It is a sin. You are a mistake. Because he has a girlfriend now. A girlfriend who is supposed to be the one who gets to hold his hands. A girlfriend he can kiss. A girlfriend he can love.

And it’s not you.

You are the bestfriend, and maybe it was time you act like one.

Reggie barely saw you slip away as he turned his full attention to Veronica. “Hey, babe.”

“Hey,” Veronica accepted his hug with open arms before smiling up at him.

“I missed you.” Reggie grinned at her by which she just rolled her eyes.

“You saw me yesterday, babe.”

“Still.” Reggie gave her nose a peck.

“Well, if you missed me that much then maybe we should just skip school today, huh.” She said, raising her eyebrows up and down which made Reggie laugh.

“Can’t babe.” As tempting as it was Reggie shook his head. “I promised (Y/N) I’m not skipping school this whole school year so I could pass the college we both agreed to go to.”

Veronica couldn’t help her scowl. There it was again. Fucking (Y/N). Reggie had been running his mouth off with stories of her the whole day yesterday. She gets that they’re inseperable but there had to be limits, right?

“Oh, speaking of which,” Reggie suddenly remembered her bestfriend but frowned when, unlike usual, she wasn’t safely tucked behind him.

“What?” Veronica, too, looked behind him.

“Oh nothing, I guess she left.” Reggie looked confused, looking out in the hallway. “Sorry, she’s usually behind me so I thought she was still there.”

Veronica shook her head. She really wasn’t ready to meet her greatest competition too. “Y’know what, if I can’t steal you this morning. Maybe a few hours after school?”

“Ron, I—“

“Mantle,” she pouted. “I’m your girlfriend now and contrary to popular belief I actually want to spend time with you. Please? Just a few hours?”

Reggie weighed his chances. “Two hours, after that I’m taking you home.”

Veronica gave out a small ‘yey’ before wrapping her arms around Reggie’s neck and giving him a kiss. “I’ll see you later!” she screamed, which echoed around the hallway.

Reggie laughed. Everything was perfect, right now. He has a bright future, an amazing girlfriend, and even better friends.

God he loved his life.

He had no fucking clue on the storm coming his way.

He turned around to walk towards his first class when he saw Cheryl with her hands crossed and that eerie blank face in the middle of the hallway.

“What?” he asked knowing whatever unpleasant thoughts she was having right now, it was directed towards him. “Mad I got a girlfriend before you got a new boy toy, Cher?” he joked.

Reggie almost missed the small smirk that formed in her otherwise emotionless face. The clack on her heels was the only noise that can be heard in the hallway and as she stopped in front of Reggie he noticed he was already holding his breath.

“I’m gonna warn you only once, Mantle,” she spoke softly, as if holding herself back. “Keep what is dearest to your heart,” she pointed a long red nail in her chest, where his heart was supposed to be, unnecessarily hard. “Close to you.” She looked up at him through her lashes before she crossed her arms again.

“Because if there is one thing you should learn from me it’s that you never knew how, when, and to who you might lose them to.”

And just like that she was gone. Just like Reggie’s certainty.

Harry Styles - “Confessions” Part Seven


Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Eight

Harry’s POV

Why did I leave? Why did I walk out? I laid in my bed at my childhood home asking myself those questions everyday as I cried myself to sleep. Every damn day I had to be reminded that I was alone, that I once again fucked up the best thing I ever had. The image of her rushing after my car, pleading with me not to go, haunted my brain constantly. It was all that I saw, all that I think about. 

“Call her, Harry.” My mom told me when I confided in her how much I regretted leaving, how much I missed Y/N, and how badly I wanted to fix this. “You know she will listen.” I had come to my mums when I left the house. I thought about going to Gemma’s but I sometimes you just need your mum, no matter how old you get. 

“Will she though?” I question, frowning at her. I could feel my eyes welling up in tears again. I couldn’t help it. I felt like a piece of me was missing. Nothing made sense without her. “I fucked up again, mum. First I cheated, then I though’ I got another girl pregnant, and then I walk out on her even though she begged me to stay. She chased after me, mum. Would you keep holding on if you were her?” My mum gives me a sad look then, reaching over to grip at my hand. 

“You never know unless you try.” Those words kept playing through my head for the rest of the day. Maybe she was right. Maybe I could at least try and talk to Y/N, see how she was doing and if there was possibly anyway that we could make this work and fix it. 

It was two days later that I finally managed to drag myself out of my mothers house and drive the familiar streets towards my old home that I had spent the last few years sharing with Y/N. My hands were tense around the steering wheel, my grip tight and my fingers even shook a little. What would I say? What would she say? Would she even want to speak to me at all? 

When I knocked on the door and a minute later her face appeared before me, every single thought that I’d had flew out of my mind and I couldn’t speak. I opened my mouth, short sounds squeaking their way out but I couldn’t form an actual sentence. I looked down into her gorgeous eyes and as I saw her face begin to crumble, I felt mine do the same. 

“I’m sorry.” I whisper as she falls into my chest. I bury my face in her hair as our arms wrap tightly around one another. It was there, her wrapped up in my arms, the smell of her sweet shampoo under my nose, that I felt whole again. Just feeling her soft skin under my fingertips, her arms tight around my torso, the sound of her breathing, I was home and I knew in that moment that I would do whatever I had to do to make her mine and make this work again. I needed her. I wasn’t going to just drive away or ruin this again, I couldn’t. 


When you opened the door and saw Harry standing there, his hair floppy and a bit dirty, his clothes wrinkled, looking nothing like his usual put together self, you were overcome with a million different emotions. As you looked up into those green eyes, watching those pink lips try to form words that just wouldn’t come, you knew he felt the same so you did the one thing you really wanted to. As he speaks an apology, you collapse in his arms. 

You bury your face in the fabric of his t-shirt, snuggling up as close as you could. You could hear his quick heartbeat under your ear and took in the smell of his familiar cologne. You missed these little things, his smell, his touch, his softness. 

“Want to come in?” You ask him finally, breaking the silence to pull back and look back up at him. He gives a small nod, a smile gracing the corner of his lips. You nod and lead the way back inside. “Would you like some tea?” You ask him once inside. 

“Love some.” He answers, giving you a small smile. While you busy yourself with the kettle, he takes a seat on a stool at the counter, watching you work. Neither of you spoke. What could you say? What had he come to say? 

“So how have you been?” You finally speak after sliding him a steaming mug of tea made up just how he drinks it. You stand across from him, a mug of your own in your hands. You watch him take a small sip, clearly trying to delay answering the question. 

“Been stayin’ with mum.” He finally speaks, setting the tea down. He shifts a bit in his seat, not looking at you. You put your own drink down, giving a nod. You had wondered where he was staying the last week he was gone. You’d thought about sending him texts or calling but every time your finger hovered over the call or send button you remember how you had chased after him and he still left so how he felt had been pretty clear and trying to contact him would be useless. “’m sorry for drivin’ away like tha’.” It was after moments of silence that Harry finally spoke these words. 

“You did what you felt was right.” You answered, looking away as those green eyes of his peered across at you. His brow was furrowed and a look of regret was forming. You didn’t want to see any of that. You turn away, reaching for your tea. “I was actually doing some thinking.” You tell him before he could speak. 

“Wha’ abou’?” He wondered, watching you. His heart started to race against his chest as he watches you sigh. You were probably going to tell him that no matter what it was done, that he had been right to walk out. 

“You shouldn’t have to stay at your mother’s house,” You start. “I have been thinking, ever since all of this started, that I don’t want to be in this house anymore.” Harry had to admit that the words she spoke were not what he was expecting but he felt them hurt all the same. “I can’t be here. I’ve been looking for somewhere else to live. So… you can move back in here.” The thought of no longer living here, of no longer calling this home caused an ache in your chest and you had to bite at your lower lip, attempting to keep the tears at bay. You run your fingers along the rim of your mug, glancing up at Harry.

He was staring at you with a look of pure confusion. His green eyes were glazed over and his breathing had begun to increase. You were leaving. You were looking for somewhere else to live. Somewhere other than this home. The home that the two of you had purchased together. He thought back to the days after you’d moved in. There was barely any furniture, the two of you took to eating dinners sat on top of the counter, laughing and joking about how you didn’t even need to get a table and chairs. He remembered arguing over what color the curtains should be in the bedroom - if they should match the comforter or the throw pillows. In the end the two of you made this house a home together and the thought of one or neither of you not living here didn’t feel right. 

“This house was supposed to be our forever.” He whispers this, barely able to get his voice above a whisper. The tears that had begun filling his green eyes moments before finally spill over. “We were going to raise our children here. We made sure there were enough rooms for at least two, you remembe’?” The two of you had gone back and forth on many things, but agreeing on how many bedrooms your house needed was agreed upon almost instantly. The two of you wanted at least two children and had planned accordingly. The two extra bedrooms never were fully completed. They were guest bedrooms at the moment but they had it in mind that the second they needed to it could be converted into a nursery. “We used to sit out on the back porch over lookin’ the yard and talk-”

“I know what we used to talk about, Harry.” You cut him off, your voice low as you close your eyes, a couple of tears fall down your cheeks. “Do I need to remind you why we’re having the discussion of us no longer living here?” He gives a sigh, reaching up to push his hair from his forehead. He looks across the counter at you, his tear filled green eyes piercing into you. 

“I came over here because I want to talk about tryin’ again. I shouldn’t have walked ou’ like tha’. I’ve regretted it the second I was gone.” You felt a bit of anger flare up then.

“Then why wait so long to come back? If you’d just turned the car around we could have worked everything out but instead you left and stayed gone. So I’ve started moving on, or trying to. And leaving this place is my first step. You can have the house, sell it, move another girl in, I don’t care.” You go to walk out of the room but he jumps of from his stool and grabs for your arm, pulling you to a stop. 

“Don’ you ge’ it, Y/N?” He questions, looking down at you. Neither one of you cared about how both of you had wet cheeks with more tears falling. The two of you just stared at each other. “No matter how big of an idiot I have been lately, there is no one else for me bu’ you. We can make this work.”

“Harry, we tried to make this work before and it didn’t.” He releases your arm, taking a step back to sigh, tugging a bit at the hair on his head. 

“‘m not giving up on us, love, never.” He makes complete eye contact with you then, letting you see the seriousness etched into his handsome face. “We can do this at your pace, yeah?” He walks forward and take your hands. You look up into those still a bit tear filled, but now determined, green eyes and allow yourself to return the pressure that his long ringed fingers give yours. “I’ll stay at my mum’s for a bit longer and I’ll take you on dates, we can go the cinema’s, go to our favorite pub. We can start over until we ge’ back to where we were, until you are comfortable enough with me again. You don’ have to have sex with me, you don’ have to touch me, you don’ even have to kiss me if you don’ want tha’.” 

You didn’t know how to respond. Harry wanted to try again, to essentially start over. He cheated on you, he hurt you, but he was willing to do anything and everything possible to start over. And you wanted to, you’d wanted that before but just simply couldn’t stop picturing him with that girl. His proposed idea though, taking it slow, and building it back up might be what needs to happen as opposed to jumping right back in and expecting everything to be where it had been before. 

“What do you say, love?” Harry was filled with such hope as he watched you, he watched the idea of this flow across your brain. He watched you bite at your lower lip as you thought this through. It would kill him not to be able to kiss you but he would rather wait until you were ready for it than never be able to do it again. “We can make this work. I love you so much, we can do this.” You meet his eyes and find yourself nodding. 

“Okay.” You finally answer. “I’m willing to try it that way. I can’t promise that I’ll ever reach where we were or how I felt and want to sleep with you but I’m willing to try to get there again. I want to try.” You watch his face light up into a grin before he pulls you into his chest. “Oh, and Harry?” He pulls back then, frowning down at you. 

“Yes, my love?” He questions, his arms sliding around your waist. You smile up at him as you rest your hands on his muscular chest. 

“This is it. If we can’t make it work this time… that’s it.” He frowns for a second but then nods, cracking a bit of a smile. You look at those perfect pink lips and know even though he said the two of you didn’t have to kiss if you weren’t comfortable with that, you missed the feel of them on yours. “Kiss me.” You whisper, glancing from his lips up to him. 

“You sure?” He wonders, not wanting to push you or make you feel like you had to but you bring a hand up to tangle in the curls at the back of his head and pull him down so his lips meet yours. 

“I was hoping I wasn’t going to see you walking through that door again today.” Anne says as soon as she sees her son enter her living room an hour later. She was shocked though to see that he was grinning as he drops himself down onto the couch beside her. 

“Mind if I stay here for a few more weeks?” He asks her, looking over at her as he leans his head back on the couch. “Y/N and I are tryin’ again but we’re startin’ over. So I’m going to take her on dates and woo her all over again.” He explains. Anne breaks into a smile then. “We tried to jus’ go back to wha’ we were before all of this. We need to build it back up.” 

“I think that’s a great idea, Harry,” Anne tells him. “You are welcome to stay here of course.” Harry reaches over and pulls his mom into a sideways hug, kissing at her temple. 

“Thanks, mum.” He whispers, still hugging her tight. He closes his eyes as he takes in her warm embrace. Sometimes your mothers hugs were the best cure for a situation and could make you feel better no matter what and that’s definitely how Harry felt about his mum’s hugs. “Thank you for still believing in her and I. We’re gonna work this out, I know we will.” Anne pulls back then, smiling at her son. 

“I know you will, Harry, I know.” She rests a hand on his cheek, leaning in to kiss the other one. “No one is meant to be together more than you and Y/N.” Harry couldn’t help but agree. 

Sweet Tears Pt. 2

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Mature themes, Language, Abuse, Violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  

Wordcount: 4k+ 


**Thank you so~ much for reading! I really hope you enjoy this chapter plus the rest to come. This chapter is definitely longer, and calmer, but it’ll speed up again soon. I hope to make all of my writing long, and entertaining for you. Please send me feedback and your thoughts, I would love to hear from all of you.



Previously: His screams had stopped, but his hands still firmly clutched the covers. His face was dry of rain but drenched with sweat and tears. You let your head fall lightly on his stomach, head still pounding as a dizzying nausea spread over you. Soft sobs and gasps for air left both of your mouths, chests shaking up and down in unison with every breath.“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Were the only words you were capable of saying, over and over again, softly without fault. It was like a lullaby to both you and the boy who’s name you hadn’t even had time to ask. He fell asleep to the sound of your voice, while you fell asleep to the rise and fall of his chest, ending the first night of many more to come. 

Waking up was harsh. As you attempted to lift your neck up, it proved to be painful. The muscles were stiff and cramped due to the position it had been in for who knows how long, your hair and clothes sticking to your skin in the most uncomfortable ways. Your legs had fallen asleep from the weight of your body being rested on them. A groan left your lips when at the movements of your ankles and toes. Little prickles stung your skin, encouraging you to reach down and rub the numb area in an attempted to stop the feeling.

Getting up was a struggle as you grabbed onto the bed post, using what strength you had left to pull yourself up. All your muscles were sore, not even the amount of stretching you did able to give you relief. Looking around at your surroundings in the midst of rubbing a knot in your neck, you realized you weren’t in your room, but one of the many guest rooms.

Confusion flooded your mind as you looked around. White and gray curtains draped from the top of a large window directly in front of you, the part down the middle of them revealing a dark and starless night. Tops of buildings and the light of the city filled what you could see. A somewhat mesmerizing sight that threatened to take a hold of you.

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Lacrosse Practice

A/N: I didn’t proof read this, so I’m so, so sorry if there are any mistakes, if there are, please tell me and I will fix them right away and enjoy this imagine. I love you guys xxx

You were so nervous yet so excited, you were getting ready for the Lacrosse try outs and you were on the field watching all the guys clumsily put on their jersey’s. You picked up your stick and picked up a ball and flung it across the pitch and perfectly into the net. You heard someone cheering and applauding you in the background, shouting your name, you turned your head and saw your best friend, Y/B/F/N, standing on the bleachers.You waved and placed your focus back on the ball. You picked up another ball and threw the ball into the net again.

“Woah, who the hell is that?” Stiles asked Scott as he watched you throw every ball straight into the net. “That’s Y/N.” Scott replied. “What? Are you sure? I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, I think I would recognise that goddess. Maybe your werewolf superpowers aren’t working properly today.” Stiles insisted. “Trust me, that’s Y/N. And when do my wolf senses not work?” Scott snapped as he narrowed his eyes at Stiles. “Like that time when we were in that gay club a couple years ago.” Stiles smirked. “Right, sure, ‘cos my powers are meant to be used to sense all gay people, real mature, Stiles.” Scott playfully rolled his eyes at Stiles. “Everybody get on the field! Come on, my grandma can run faster than you, and she’s dead!” Coach shouted and blew his whistle.

You dropped your ball on the ground and ran to the centre of the field where Finstock and all the other players were. “Oooo wow, a girl. Are you sure you’re in the right place, you could get seriously injured by us men.” teased another Lacrosse player. “I can take care of myself, and as for you, get ready for any humiliation and broken bones. I heard for a guy, it’s kinda embarrassing to get beaten up by a girl.” you insulted back. Seriously, a girl can do whatever she freaking wants, don’t be a sexist pig and get a life. “This is the most important time of your lives, these are Lacrosse try outs! Now go! Move it!” yelled Coach. You grabbed your stick again and got into one of the lines, next to Greenberg.

“Come on Greenberg, get the hell up and get to the back of the line. Greenberg, you suck,” your eyes widened. “God, I hate that kid.” Finstock whispered the last sentence but it was loud enough that you heard it. “Careful, Stilinski and McCall are dangerous animals, take it easy, Y/L/N.” you rolled your eyes at him and put the ball in the net of your Lacrosse stick. Stiles and Scott got in position and glanced at each other, both of them tightening their grip to their Lacrosse sticks. You charge at the two boys and they did the same. You pushed your shoulder into Scott and pressed your stick against his back hard and he fell to the ground. That was pretty easy, not gonna lie. Stiles ran towards you and you quickly dodged him while hitting his shins with your stick, causing him to trip up and fall to the grass, immediately joining Scott. You threw the ball towards the net and the guy in goal missed the ball, letting the ball hit the back of the net.

You turned round and everyone’s jaws had dropped, even Coach’s. “There’s no point looking at you losers now, Stilinski, McCall, you disgust me. What the hell was that?!” Finstock yelled and you snorted and tried to cover your mouth. “I guess, you should congratulate your new Lacrosse captain…?” Coach continued. “Applaud her, you lazy slugs!” A roar of cheering and whistling deafened you and you smiled. You turned your head and you saw Stiles still on the floor as he watched Scott lift himself up. You barged through your disgusting classmates and made your way to Stiles.You offered your hand to him and he gladly took it, you lifted him up and he brushed off all the grass off his uniform.

“That was pretty amazing, you even beat poor McCall here.” Stiles pointed at Scott. “You probably scarred him for life, poor Scottie boy.” Stiles continued sarcastically and you laughed at his humour. Scott placed his hand on your shoulder and you looked over at him. “That was incredible, congrats on being Captain, you deserve it and it’s about time a girl proves everyone wrong. Well done. Stiles, I’ll meet you in the changing rooms, bye Y/N.” Stiles winked at Scott. “Thanks Scott, trust me, you did great with the other players.” you finished and he left, leaving you and Stiles alone again. “Sorry if I really hurt you, Stiles.” Stiles shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It would be kinda funny if you left a mark, then I could be reminded everyday that I got my ass kicked by a beautiful and talented girl.” Stiles immediately stopped when he realised what you said and his a soft red coated his cheeks.

“Oh god, I just meant that…” Stiles paused and froze for a second. “There’s literally no way of me saving myself here, is there?” you shook your head and smiled. “Sorry Stiles, now, what were you saying?” you taunted. “Oh fuck it. Y/F/N, you are the most prettiest girl I ever laid my eyes on and I’ve liked you for so long, so, so long, trust me, it’s been long and Scott thinks it’s pathetic since I never confessed my love to you and I talk about you literally everyday and it’s been long, you can even ask him. Actually, don’t, that would be pretty embarrassing for me when you find out how long I’ve liked you, and I’m rambling, oh shit, this is hard. Okay, how would you like to go on a date with me, this Friday at 6?” You pretended to think even though you knew what your answer was gonna be but you just wanted to taunt Stiles just a tiny bit longer. “Look, Stiles, you’re a great guy and i’m sure any girl would be lucky enough to have you but i’m not one of them…” Stiles looked down and grabbed his Lacrosse stick and was about to say something until you quickly continued. “Of course I will, I’ve liked you for so long too but maybe not as long as you, the way you described it, it was liked you’ve liked me since I was literally born.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up, twirling you around. He stopped after a few seconds of you both laughing and you squealing. “Don’t do that to me ever again. A guy like me can only handle a lot of rejection and I swear I could hear my heart breaking, I don’t think I could ever love anyone again if you carried on.” you laughed and smiled at him since he really did love you and you could feel yourself falling deeper and deeper for him. “We should probably go. You know, before Finstock screams at us and makes you cry.” you playfully insulted Stiles. “Yeah, I cry really easily, you know I cried when I first watched the ending of the last Star Wars movie, that shit hit me hard.” you laughed so much, you could feel yourself tearing up. You knew you were going to fall hard for Stiles and you had no idea how you were going to pick yourself up if anything bad happened. It was going to be impossible.

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Imagine your husband, Negan, comforting you and making you laugh to calm you down from your panic attack

(Wooo Negan being cute and himself of course XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

You could feel it. Your breath growing shorter and harsher, your head spinning, the whole room getting smaller.

All of that from overthinking, about what? You couldn’t even remember really. One moment, you were right there along with the others women, the next you just didn’t felt right. Was it something they said? Something they did? A mixture of both perhaps, that had gotten you so perplexed and to the heart, you felt ill from all of it.

Trying to not think about them anymore, you carefully stood up and felt some arms and hands reaching to you. They were trying to help and assess the situation, thinking you would need it.

Feeling some restraints, you pulled away from them and try to get away. They persisted and panic set inside of you. You wanted to get away from them but you felt yourself weakening, only faintly begging them to stop.

Tears were forming and your breath was beyond unstable, you wanted to scream but nothing came out. Still you struggled to get away from any of them but suddenly you felt a firm grasp pulling you back.

“The fuck are you all doing?! That’s not a way to handle my Y/N!”

The harsh and loud tone, mixed with the cuss word instantly woke you up from your dazed and confused state. Your body pressed against his, made you look up as you realized your husband had been the one to bring you back.

“We’re sorry Negan…It’s just she seemed to be panicking and we wanted to help…”

“Yeah?! Well that’s not how you do it! You come over to me and tell me about it that’s how it’s done! None of you are qualified to calm her! If anything you’re all stressing the fuck out of her!”

At those words, everyone had gotten quiet and Negan pulled you along with him. You feebly followed him, hanging onto him as much your strength could handle.

He noticed your still unstable breathing and had walked at a slower pace to let you time to recollect yourself.

“Hey, babydoll…It’s okay…I’m here now…Take your time…”

His voice had completely change from earlier. He was much more soft spoken and seemed genuinely worried about the situation. Hearing him, made you nod in agreement and slowly you took a few deep breaths.

You slowly tried to stand up straighter and let go of him. However, with his hand wrapped around your forearm that clung to him, he didn’t let you a chance.

He didn’t want you to let go of him, in fact he wanted you to hold onto him as long as you could.

“We’re almost there…”, he said as you both stepped closer and closer to your shared bedroom.

You nodded and as you neared it, you felt yourself slowly calming down. He walked in the room and closed the door behind, locking it to make sure no one would come in and bother you both.


It wasn’t the first time this happened, heck you had been like this since the first day you met him. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from seeing your bright and cheery mood and falling madly in love with you to the point where you were his only wife.

He sat you down by the bed and carefully let go of you to kneel right in front of you. He grabbed a hold of both your hands in his and reached over to hold your chin, making you look at him.

Your gaze became more and more focused on him as looked right back at you, all while trying to calm you down, as gently as he could.

“It’s alright baby…It’s just you and me here…Ain’t no one fucking with us…Ain’t no one’s going to fuck with us in fact…Only us afterwards…”

Slowly, your heart had stop beating crazily and started to stabilize itself. You nodded along and ended up calming yourself to see his grin.

He always had a silly face on no matter what, it seemed to you but nonetheless, you couldn’t deny that it was thanks to him you could calm yourself so peacefully.

“Breathe in and out…you know like most human beings here…Hold onto my hands tightly, cause really if you don’t i’m gonna jump right on you and take you right there…”

As you squeezed his hands, you couldn’t help but crack a smile and let out slight laughter. He was distracting you obviously with his humor all while helping you as much as he could.

“Your heart is slowly slowing down…Right just like it should be…otherwise i’m gonna have to get a real fucking doctor in here…”

It truly relieved you to hear him only and to be away from the crowd that had grown within the bar room.


You both sat there for a while, you looking at him, him smirking at you. You could tell he wanted to talk but had stayed quiet to let you take your ease.

With things getting back to normal, you pulled his hands closer to yours. Noticing your still teary eyes, he made a move to wipe them off and got closer to you.

In a whisper, he asked you, “Babe, what’s wrong? What the hell did they do to freak you out like that?”

Looking down, you shook your head at him.

“Nothing…I-It was stupid…I think…”

“Stupid? Even more interesting please do tell…”

You chuckled again to hear him and just knew he was adding on to relieve your heart and mind. Truthfully, you knew you couldn’t hide it from for more time than this and would have to let them know.

He chuckled along with you and had gotten up to sit by your side, rubbing your back all while still holding one of your hands.

You took a deep breath and tried to brush off the problem as much as you could, not wanting it to be a bigger deal than your mind had made of it.

“I-It was some of the girls…I overheard some of them saying things about you and me…You know things like how I stole you with my body…and how-”

Cutting you off, he added incredulously, “You didn’t steal me!”

His eyes widening and utter shock, made your heart jump yet nonetheless smile even more.


Seeing how you smiled and how you looked at him, with that look that just screams “You’re an idiot”, he knew he had to keep it up and make you forget whatever had been on your mind.

“If anything I stole you first! I made the move! Sure you’re body helped but really the fucking thief here is me!”

His hold on you wasn’t as firm as earlier but turned into a fun kind of comfort as he ended up letting go of your back and only squeezed your hand.

You knew you could add on more to make it last longer and simply said, “True but that’s not what they think…It’s only me in their eyes…”

“Unbefuckinglievable! I can’t believe this shit!”

With a flair of dramatic, he had gotten to his feet and let go of you to exclaim loudly, making you let out your laughter.

He turned his back to you and started to point at you.

“Are you playing with me? Why are you laughing?”

As he looked at you, you couldn’t help but try to hold in your laughter as you shook your head in denial.

“No! I’m not joking that’s what they said! They…They also said…It was strange of you to only want me of all people…”

He scoffed. You, strange please he thought. Of anything you were the only there that understood him and his needs. As he looked at you smiling and acting shy, he felt his heart racing and remembered something else completely making him smirk.

He knew he had made the right choice to only have you as his partner in life and never had he regretted. Looking at you, just reminded him that and he had to let you know.


He walked back towards you and grabbed both your hands to kneel in front of you again.

In the most solemn tone, he said, “Y/N…In all seriousness though…Don’t listen to them…Sure you did kinda stole my fucking heart away from me…Like you ripped it out of my chest and kept it since but it’s just cause they’re jealous they didn’t get that chance…”

Understanding his meaning you nodded and your peace of mind was truly appeased, only he had to continue on to truly make you know how much you’re the only on that matters.

“They’re just jealous that their pussy didn’t impress me as much as yours did really if you think about it…Like by choosing you…It’s like a big “Your pussy ain’t shit compared to Y/N’s pussy” or no even better a big “I, Negan don’t even want your free offer of pussy, Y/N’s giving it to me good! Her pussy is the only one I need!” So really it’s all praises to you baby!“

At that you burst out into laughter and could see his funny point of view on things. He laughed along with you, thinking himself to be clever and funny as well.

Your stomach was hurting from how he delivered those silly remarks and truly you had to let go of him to hold your stomach to try and ease the pain.


His hands had dropped to your knees and legs as he let you have your happy moment.

Wiping your tears from the laughter, you grabbed his hand back and thanked him honestly.

"Thank you, honey…That was oddly sweet and kind of you…”

“You’re welcome…You don’t know ever need to feel bad about this whole thing…Just own it and tell them "Hell yeah I got him!” they’ll learn to let it go sooner or later!“

You nodded along and slowly felt him letting go of your hands.

Instead his hands dropped to your thighs and were slowly sliding to the side were he decided to rub you.

He inched closer and went to your waist to grip your pants.

"I’ll be honest babe…This whole talk about your pussy got me hard…You wouldn’t mind if I…If I took a taste out of it…”

It took you by surprised and feeling the huskiness in his sudden tone, you felt yourself getting warm at his suggestion.

Your mind went blank and you didn’t knew what to say but shrug.

“Oh come on…I want to…and plus you’ll feel even less stressed over this…I can promise you that…”

He winked, smirking as he continue to pull your pants down, only to make you want him and eagerly nod.

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Little Talks (Justin Foley)

Title: Little talks.

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: Yes. And I hope you like how I turned your request into something lovely. Hope you like it.

Word Count: 693 words

Reader Gender:  Female

Warnings: It’s too lovely for me.

Summary: Justin comes over his girlfriend’s house to get some comfort after dealing with Seth.

Author’s Note: Thank you for all the feedback I got in my first imagine. I love you all. Continue requesting please.

Math was stressing me out. Normally I’ll already had finished it, but instead of starting it at my homework time, I came to see Justin on his practice. He said he liked when I came because he felt nice having me around, and he needed me.

“Sweetie, we’re almost leaving are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Mom asked coming to my bedroom putting her pearl rings on.

“No, thank you. I still have to finish my work and also is your anniversary’s dinner, just go and enjoy yourselves.” I said calmly and she smiled.

“Thank you. Have fun with Math.” She said and went downstairs to meet dad who already was in the car waiting for her.

I put some music and continued dancing while doing my homework. It was weird but not having anyone at home and loud music helped a lot. Usually music helped me on everything. Sometimes I listened to music while I studied for my exams and information got stuck on me. Justin said it was a gift. He helped me with Math sometimes but he never liked to come to study for an important exam because he knew I listened loud music and that wasn’t he’s method.

After half an hour, I finished. But I wasn’t the only one at home. Some footsteps were coming upstairs and I silenced the music and ran to close the door of my bedroom. I tried to put all my weight on the door, and just when I thought someone would open, someone knocked the door slowly.

“Y/n” Justin’s voice cracked. And I opened the door.

He looked terrible. He had tears still on his cheeks and he was sad. When I finally got to see him he immediately hugged me tighter than other times.

“Baby, what happened?” I asked and he continued crying on my neck. “It was Seth again, right?” And he slowly nodded.

He stepped away from me. And I touched his cheeks calmly. Then I dragged him to sit on my bed closing the bedroom door.

“Sorry I entered this way. I saw your parents car wasn’t parked and I just came by the front door. I should have climbed and-” I shushed him and touched​ his cheek again.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to climb anything, you’re part of my life and you deserve to enter by the door like the boyfriend you are.” He smiled a little.  “I’m here now, and everything will be alright, okay?” He nodded.

And he got me closer and he kissed me. Just like he did when he was mad, when someone flirted with me in a party and he had to show I was his girlfriend. Just like he did when he fought with someone, with Seth especially.

“Stay tonight, I’ll make sure you feel better.” I said and he kissed my hand.

“If I stay tonight, don’t you think your parents will find out?”

“They’ll arrive late and I bet the won’t even notice you, don’t worry.”

“But I’ll leave early before they wake, okay?”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I think is better if we just tell them in the morning why you stayed.”

“I’ll leave. Promise me you’ll agree with it.” He was serious and I nodded.

“We’ll do this your way. I won’t pressure you to anything, yeah?” I whispered closer to him and he kissed me.

“I don’t deserve you as my girlfriend.” He said tired.

“I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. A popular pretty boy on the basketball team-” And he laughed a little.

“But you are smarter and beautiful and everything to me.” He continued and I give him a little kiss. “You’re the only person that matters to me. I promise-” He stopped talking and just continued observing me. “You look beautiful with the light from outside.”

I smiled and he kissed me again. Small lovely kisses fill with love. Just love. Justin touched my neck carefully.

“You make everything​ worth it at the end, my love.”

He said with a whisper while cuddling in bed with me until we both fall asleep.

CaptainSwan One-shots FanFiction Recs p.6

Hello CS Fandom, I present to you my newest list of One-shots!  I would like to thank all those talended authors for sharing their stories with us, so that we can see our favorite couple fall in love again and again! Hope you enjoy!  😍 ❣️ 

The Swan Princess, @xemmaloveskillianx

The angel was clear, the little cygnet needed to be protected, he was to be her hero, and at the young age of five, Killian Jones is all too willing to take on that task. Little does he know, the cygnet is more than what she appears.

Sliding Down the Hill, @welllpthisishappening

Emma Swan’s phone rings and she makes a quick, split second decision. She keeps doing that. She makes choice after choice and change after change and, suddenly, she’s crying on ESPN. That’s probably the last thing she expects.

Or: A not-quite a Little League World Series AU.

Marriage, Mistakes, and Maybe Fate, @sotheylived

After a drunken mistake, Killian and Emma strike a deal; if he can’t convince her to stay married to him in three months time, he’ll back off and they’ll go back to being nothing more than friends.

Lost in the Supermarket, @allrightfine

There’s a headache blooming behind her right eye, Elsa’s about to leave for a summer-long vacation, and if Mary Margaret gets back and catches sight of the Teddy Grahams and Hi-C in her basket, she’s going to have to endure yet another impassioned speech about healthy eating. That’s three — count ‘em, three — good reasons for the way she snaps at the new guy from seafood.

present all your pretty feelings@julietohara

Emma doesn’t know Killian Jones very well. At all, really, he’s just sort of a name she hears on occasion with a vague image of a man to go along with it. A friend of a friend of a friend and all that. She’s probably spent time in the same room as him all of three times. Definitely not enough time for him to be hiding love letters inside of her European Lit textbook.

So, what she knows about Killian Jones now boils down to this; He’s kind of a creep. A sappy creep.


 “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops”.

Killian, the Bail Bonds Assisting Barista, @jmosfreckles

This isn’t exactly fluffy but it is a coffee shop au. 

Penetration Testing, @ripplestitchskein

Emma Swan is the head of security at a major corporation, and always thought she was pretty good at it, that is until Killian Jones auditions for a job and seems determined to keep her on her toes.

morning sex is for lovers, @swallowedsong

modern au. rated m. trope: waking up hungover in a strangers bed.

Come Unstuck,  only_halfway_there

Mary Margaret and David have this habit of setting Emma up on blind dates and they never go well, so Emma isn’t exactly looking forward to the latest one. However, things don’t always go as planned …

Thinking About You, @seriouslyhooked

This chapter was prompted by a reader who wanted an AU where Emma and Killian have a fight. Emma’s instinct was that they’re over and Killian is done with her. She goes out with her friends looking for distraction, and then Killian shows up. There will be some angst (see perceived break up) but a cute little reunion to follow. Accompanying song is ‘Thinking About’ by Lauren Aquilina.

Perception, @dassala

Emma Swan’s coming out ball is largely a success, but all of the suitors seem to blend together. Except for one.

Never Forget You, @katie-dub

Emma Swan needs a break - and to stop crashing into a mysterious stranger who she just can’t get out of her head. Unfortunately the universe has other plans.

To Repair a Heart, @icecubelotr44

In the 1950’s Pediatric Cardiology was a fairly new field. But that didn’t stop Doctor Killian Jones from accepting that as a challenge. When Emma Swan brings her young son Henry to his office with a rare birth defect that threatens his very life, they will have to fight together in order to save his life. That’s all there is - she’s his patient’s mother and he’s her son’s doctor. Until that isn’t all there is.

The Code, @kat2609

“i use morse code to talk to my friend during class but it turns out you know morse code too and now you know that i think you have a cute butt” au

Rescue Me, @phiralovesloki

Is your date scaring the crap out of you? Are they so boring you think you might die? Did they make a casually racist comment halfway through dinner? Welcome to Hinder, the app that sets you up with an easy excuse to get the hell out of there!

Prompt, @piratesails

“I do not snore, do I?” “Like a chainsaw.”

Thank you for falling in love with me, @rouhn

Emma Swan is Killian Jones’ best friend - Killian Jones is Emma Swan’s best friend, but they both are secretly in love with each other. What happens when one of them finally confesses their feeling?

Gone, But Not Forgotten, @everlastingcaptainswan

Princess Emma needs to get out of Misthaven. Really she needs to stop being a Princess. She’s always wanted to be normal, so for now she’s running away. She’s running away from a lot of things.

and your lucky numbers are…, @captainnagata

“And here comes the White Swan, gracing us with her presence.”
(“It makes sense, etymologically speaking. Emma Blanchard. Your mother is the White Brigand.”) Emma flips him the bird, just to keep with the ornithology theme.

Cursed Blessing

I hope @justwritingscibbles doesn’t mind me borrowing Lightiplier  for a little Dark and Light interaction. Just a short one. 

Originally posted by mageofmysteries

You looked up from your pillow, Darkiplier lying beside you in a contented haze, one arm draped over you protectively.
“Dark?” you asked.
“I was wondering, why me? There’s billions of people in the world, what’s so special about me?” He tensed, hesitating before replying.


“You?” Dark scoffed, hands balling into fists, “you’re the one they sent to reign me in?” The shadowy entity was confronted with another version of himself, but the flip side of the coin. The same face and body, but a glowing warmth and a pair of snowy wings marked Light for what he was; Dark’s opposite in so many ways.
“Yes,” Light nodded, far too confidently for Dark’s liking, “And let me just say I’m terribly sorry for what’s about to happen.”

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Exo Reaction: You wake them up with kisses

Chanyeol: His eye lids flutter softly as you peck each one before moving to his cheeks and everywhere else on his face. A smirk instinctively makes its way onto his face before his eyes open and meet your. His smile grows wider and this time he kisses you back. “Morning, princess.” He says, his morning voice scruffy and deep.

Originally posted by chanyeolaconda

Baekhyun: He’d start giggling as your lips tickle his cheeks. He wakes up before saying “You love me that much huh?” Teasing you slightly, loving the blush that appears on your face. You slap him playfully on the chest but he grabs your hand locking your fingers together humming slightly. “I love you.”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

D.O: It takes him the longest to wake up. As you kiss him softly he scrunches up his face but remains asleep. You sigh and fall down on the bed next to him, both of you on your backs. He subconsciously puts his arm around your shoulder, yours instinctively going around his waist as he falls deep asleep again.

Originally posted by for-the-love-of-lay

Sehun: He opens one eye as he feels your touch, squinting from the light. You move back so that you can both see each other clearly. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m this irresistible.” He states, flipping his hair, completely serious. You stay quiet for a moment before you both burst into laughter. “God, I love your voice.” He whispers before pecking your lips.

Originally posted by r-velvets

Lay: He immediately giggles as your hair tickles his face. “Babe, stop.” He whispers sleepily. You pull away, pouting but his eyes are still shut tight. “Your pout doesn’t make me any less tired.” He opens his eyes and laughs at your shocked expression. “You think I don’t know you by now?” He asks before pulling you down so your head is on his chest and rubbing circles on your back.

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Kai: You’d try to climb out of bed without waking Kai up but he reached over and pulled you to him so that his legs were tangled in yours and you were both facing each other. “Don’t go.” He’d mumble, before his grip tightens even more. You’d smile and kiss his cheeks repeatedly until he slowly opened his eyes and kissed you back.

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Xiumin: You’d be propped up on your elbows and gently kiss his forehead. As soon as you do he’d open his eyes and begin tickling you. You’d laugh hysterically falling over to the other side of the bed. Now he’d be the one hovering over you and once you stopped laughing his swiftly kiss you before tickling you once again, loving the sound of your voice.

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Chen: You’d find Chen lying on the sofa, the TV still on and food on the table. You’d laugh at the sight of him asleep, his mouth slightly open. You’d take out your phone to take a picture and decide to take one kissing his cheek. As soon as he hears the click from your phone he’d holy awake, staring at you with confused eyes. You’d laugh and ruffle his hair, running your fingers through it. He’d sigh contently and close his eyes once again.

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Suho: He’d wake up to the the feeling of your touch and once he realised your had given him a small peck he’d immediately blush. He would get so embarrassed that he would laugh and his his face with his hands refusing to look you in the eye. You would have to slowly let his hands away from his face but once you do, he would be the one to lean in and kiss you.

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Pairing: Moxiety, can be read as platonic or romantic

Summary: Virgil just…doesn’t understand.

Warnings: Self-deprecating language, hurt/comfort (happy ending)

A/N: Okay so I already got this prompt for a different pairing so i modified it to “Why do you love me?” so I wouldn’t repeat my same idea. Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy regardless! (Tag list at the end)

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“Don’t leave” Yoongi texts ~ *Requested* ONE SHOT


I accepted the job offer and I messaged Yoongi to say that I was leaving today but he didn’t even reply.

I guess that was it then, was I selfish for leaving him? No. He’s the one that’s selfish, he should be happy for me right? But he wasn’t. I was about to walk through to security when I heard my name being called out loud. I could recognise that voice from anywhere… it was Yoongi.

I turned around and saw him standing there hands on both his knees, back slightly bent over panting. He ran here?

I walked towards him and he stood up straight to look me in the eyes.

“Please don’t go baby, I can’t live without you. You can’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.”

“We can make this work Yoongi, I’ll be gone for a couple of years but I’ll be back I promise.” by now the both of us already had tears falling from our eyes. 

“Please stay.” He wasn’t the type to give up so easily and I knew that but I was just like him, so I stood my ground.

“I’m going Yoongi, please stop being selfish. Don’t you want me to be happy achieving my dreams?” 

“I do but-” I cut him off.

“If we can make long distance work then we will. When you go on tour you’re going to come anyway so I’ll get to see you.”

“It won’t be the same.”

“If you love me. You’ll let me go.” That’s when he let go of my hand that he held when I got to him.

“I’ll wait for you.”