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Dress Up in You (Trixya) - Chapter One

A/N: Cis-girl fic] Trixie is a college grad working at the mall make-up counter. Katya is the eccentric woman at her bus stop. Together they were cops (well, actually they weren’t. But they did fall in love, which is better).

This is the first chapter in what I’m hoping will be a longish series. It’s going to be a fairly slow burn Trixya fic with cameos from the other girls as they crop up. Trixie and Katya are both cis girls in this.

Please take the time to comment and let me know your thoughts if you read this.

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Dress Up in You

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@bokuakakuroweek DAY ONE: RIVALRY | COHESION

(I’m so sorry, all of my entries are going to be hella late OTL)

Alright, but consider Bokuto and Kuroo doing Who Has the Best Akaashi-Pickup Lines competitions every once in a while, in any place they are. They always shoot the absolute worst pickup lines, which make everyone sigh and shake their head while Bokuto and Kuroo are grinning stupidly at each other, trying to outmatch the other’s terrible pickup line proposition. 

Then one day while they’re training all three of them alone, and another Pickup Lines competition has started, Akaashi can’t take the secondhand embarrassment anymore and says without hesitating, “Please, take me to the hospital. I broke a leg falling for both of you.” And it feels like time has stopped, Bokuto and Kuroo are speechless, looking at Akaashi with their jaws haging open, a massive blush spreading over their faces and tears making their eyes shine.

Akaashi thinks, “I’m so in love with these dorks…”


{{I absolutely agree they should stop making everyone fall for Kara, or at least stop making them confess their undying love for her, and then having the guys suffer TM while making Kara feel guilty for not returning their feelings. It’s gross and highly problematic for a show that targets young viewers.

And before anyone calls me out on shipping Kara with Lena: yes! I’d love them to be together, BUT I’d be SO happy if they made Lena her friend, because god only knows both of them could use good friends.

And I think you’re being a lot like Kara right now trying to see the best in this situation. I’m more skeptical… To me it sounds pretty easy to have M*n-el saying those lines, trying to show how progressive they are, while simultaneously pushing a romance between a selfish dudebro (I still can’t believe Kara herself called him that…) and the kindest woman on the show! And while it’s perfectly okay and normal to be confused by your feelings for someone, once you tell yourself: ‘wow, this person is the complete opposite of me, they don’t stand up for me, they don’t listen to me, they are selfish, and overall not what I’m looking for in a partner’ it’s pretty damn hard to change your mind!

And James… oh James…. I loved him SO much on season 1. He was so supportive of Kara (even though he made some mistakes here and there). Now he just wants to be important TM….

Honestly, /my/ opinion is that the only characters that are still 100% (or at least 95%…) aligned with what they were on season 1 are J'onn and Winn. Even Alex did some weirdly out of character things on 2x11… but overall she still great too.

trashy-scribbles  asked:

I had only just found your blog, and I just want to say that your art style is like, one of the best things my eyes have ever landed on. You're into Hamilton and SU? They are both like, my life, so your art of them makes me want to go on. I also have a question: are you into shows such as Adventure Time and Gravity Falls? If yes, what are your opinions of them?

Also, I love SU with my life haha

Um, well, I… stopped watching Adventure Time a long time ago but I did fanart! GRAVITY FALLS BROKE MY HEART THO AAAAHHH I MISS THAT SHOW

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: i'm honestly so angry that the only thing that's stopping hoseok and yoongi from falling head over heels for each other is the ridiculously implemented social constructs of heteronormativity and masculinity that makes them say things like "if i was a girl, i would've fallen in love with him right then" NO JUNG HOSEOK YOUR GENDER DOES NOT INVALIDATE YOUR BLATANT LOVE FOR MIN YOONHI YOU BOTH DESERVE TO BE WITH EACH OTHER SONEONE HEKP ME FROM THIS ANGERG OD

Hello! I’m great and what about you~? Thank you for your request~

Jhope: *Waves from stage*

But let’s be realistic he would be really excited and after concert would probably come running at you, which would make both of you fall, but he wouldn’t care he would hug you tightly and say how thankful he is because you came.


Jin: *Walks straight to you when noticed while singing and gives you flower*

Jungkook: She came! She came! *The excited one*

Rap monster: *Winks at you kinda teryfying if you ask me*

Suga: My little liar *Can’t stop smiling and looking at you*

V: Yes she came! I knew that she is the right one to be loved!


Thank you for your request once more, feel free to request more! Or just chat if you feel like it.
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You call me tonight and you ask me if there’s anyone new. 
I tell you that it’s complicated. I tell you about how the person I love, isn’t somebody I can physically touch. 
You tell me that maybe I’m wrong. That maybe there is someone much better for me, closer to me in the universe and I actually laugh out loud when you accuse me of falling in love too easily. 
You call me tonight and you start telling me about how much we were meant to be together when we both know that’s not the truth. 
I tell you that I’ve ran out of apologies for leaving you. I tell you that if we couldn’t make it work it was because there had always been someone much better for you out there. I remind you that you’ve already found her and you can’t stop telling me that I could have been better.
Again, that’s not the truth and we both know it. No matter how many times you say it, it could never be true.
That’s why I left. 
Because I could never be the kind of good you deserve. 
You can keep telling me that somewhere beneath all the horrible things about me, there is good but we both know that when you reach out to put your hands on it, you end up disappointed. It’s not there. It’s not there. I’m sorry.
—  It’s Not There// thewordsyouneverunderstood

Percy and Vex get together and in front of everyone they won’t stop making shitty  jokes death since they’ve both died. Vex dramatically clinging to Percy to piss of Vax, 

“Darling, I would die for you!”

 “But my dear, you’ve already died because of me.”

“Do you know what it felt like to fall in love with you?”

“no? Do tell, darling.”

“Like I’d been shot through the heart.”

« ten years, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart.  »

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Strange Magic starters
  • "Wise men say only fools rush in."
  • "Love is... dangerous."
  • "My hair's doing that thing we both love."
  • "That's no place for a princess."
  • "Why wouldn't they love you? You're so... uh... Lovable!"
  • "I'll never fall in love again."
  • "What's (s)he trying to protect me from?"
  • "Snap out of it!"
  • "You drive me CRAZY!"
  • "You tell him! He LIKES you!"
  • "Well, if he's looking for trouble he's come to the right place."
  • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
  • "I'll do it! If you'll just stop crying."
  • "You should see your face!"
  • "Who wants to go to a party tonight?!"
  • "We can't trust HIM!"
  • "Sugar pie, honey bunch, you know that I love you!"
  • "But I'm evil~!"
  • "Well, at least you're not singing."
  • "Need any help?"
  • "Impressive...!"
  • "You don't stand a chance!"
  • "You fight well!"
  • "I was expecting... more?"
  • "WHAT did she fall in love with?"
  • "You're not hideous..."
  • "You are... different. That's what I like!"
  • "You're waking meadows in my mind."
  • "It's magic..."
  • "You played me!"
  • "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!"