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Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! DM Male Character (in no particular order) 
↳Movie: The Dark Side Of Dimensions
↳Character: Seto Kaiba

Tim: Jason, why did you send a ridiculous amount of cheesecake to the Joker?

Jason: *Crosses out the words ‘hot body’ on a chalk board.*

Tim: Ya know what. We are gonna go get you some help. All the help Bruce’s money can buy. Like Dr. Phil and Oprah on the same episode help.

blizzard needs to hurry up and release doomfist so reaper can have a new boyfriend


The Brilliantly Bisexual Besties, Percy and Rachel

“Ugh, Rachel, tell Jason to stop being so hot!”

“Tell Annabeth to stop making me drool over her abs and maybe I will!”

“Wait, what?”

“…If you speak of this to anyone, I will kill you with my hairbrush.”


I have this onkey au where kibum is 8 years older than jinki. And even though he’s older he often teases jinki by calling him “ old man” because jinki may have a younger body but his style and interests are way older. ( and because kibum is a little bit vain and is a bit jealous that jinki is younger).
And it’s just a very cute fluffy smutty au.

Birthday wishes- Justin bieber imagine(mature)

In which he receives his birthday present. BTW, i need to chill.

“Y/N!” I call out for her as I sit against the headboard waiting for her to come out of the bathroom and show me her ‘costume’ already. It was my birthday today and she insisted she’ll give me a surprise tonight. She pops her head out slightly from the door, smiling at me. She suddenly jumps out with her hands in the air.

“Ta-Da” she says, grinning.

“So sexy,” I mutter, my mind not comprehending anything else but the angel standing in front of me.

My eyes scan her from bottom to top, not believing how amazing she looked and at the fact that she was all mine.

She raises her hands to cover her face and shakes her head rapidly, “this is so embarrassing.”

“Come here,” I say, extending both of my arms out, signalling for her to come. She drops her hands to her side and stares at me, slightly blushing.

“I hate you,” she whines as she crawls up the end of bed and begins to look at me with those seductive eyes. I glance down at her chest for second, wanting nothing but to rip the tiny black outfit off her body already. She didn’t know how incredibly sexy and cute she was, she drove me insane at everything little thing she does.

Not being able to keep my hands longer, I impatiently lunge myself at her body, like a lion darting at its prey. I hug her tiny body and flip her underneath me. I stare at her face. I notice the way her hair flew into a large mess, the way her face looked so amazingly perfect or the way her eyes made me fall in love with her every time I look into then was so crazy to even comprehend into words. 

I begin to graze down at her, my eyes traveling all over her body and up to her gorgeous face. She smiles at me. I stare at her lips, so amazingly kissable, making me want to bite down on it so hard until it bleeds. I shake my thoughts out of head as I rewind back to pleasuring Y/N.

As quick as a bullet, I quickly begin to kiss down on her neck, sucking her delicate skin. I slowly make my way to her chest. I slowly pull her lacey black bra down, exposing her perfect shoulders. Literally every bit of her body was breathtakingly beautiful. I continue to slowly pull it further, now revealing her perky mounds. I lower my head until it was levelled with her chest. I take her left nipple between my lips and gently bite down on it, poking it with my tongue. I gaze up in her direction, not wanting to miss her reaction. Her bottom lip is harshly taken between her teeth, her eyes shut completely, hands gripping the white bed sheets tightly and her heart beating rapidly against my head.

“Mhmm,” I mutter purposely against her, lips still teasing her erect nubs. The vibrations of my voice, startle her, causing her to let out a muffled whine. Although it was suppose to be my birthday, seeing Y/N struggle against my touch was more pleasurable than anything else. After a few minutes of teasing, i decide to bring it up a notch and leave her breasts and begin to kiss down her stomach. I look up to her face and sees her eyes staring back at mine, following my every move. Loving her attention on me, it makes me eager to please her even more.

Soon, my face is levelled with her lower body. I lean down and peck both of her thighs lightly, purposely avoiding her area. I could feel her eyes sending daggers at me, wanting nothing but to get her way. I gently kiss her through the black lace, feeling her dampness agasint my lips.

“Ugh,” she sighs as her legs quickly wraps them around me neck, holding me into a headlock position. I smirk at her impatient actions. I grip the back of her thighs gently and look up to her, not giving her what she wants just yet.

“Tell me baby,” I begin to say, blowing my hot breath against her core as I speak, “What do you want?”

“Justi-n,” she whines out my name, her voice sounding out of breath. I grin mechanically but still continue to tease her to the max by ignoring her whine and kissing the inside of her thighs instead, avoiding the spot where she needed me the most. Loving the control I had over body, I grip her thighs a bit tighter and asks her the same question, forcing an answer out of her sweet mouth. She doesn’t reply, biting on her bottom lip harshly. So I retract my mouth away from her all at once, testing her next move.

“Please Justin,” she instantly breathes out, “fuck me.”

Happy with the response i wanted to hear, I begin to pull her panties down and slide them down her legs with my fingers. I look up to see her, her expression looking so dazed and hot, making wanting to stop this game and fuck her continuously with her moaning out my name continuously. I begin to slowly pull her legs apart, to open them to my hungry eyes. I grip the inside of her thighs, slowly separating them. I can feel her hesitation as she keeps her legs still, not cooperating with me.

“Don’t be shy, baby.” I say in a warming tone, hoping she would listen to me. “Open your legs for me Y/N.”

I look up to her face. She looks nervous and shy, her eyes slanting down with an worried expression. I lower my head down between her legs, keeping eye contact as i do and slowly began to blow my warm breath against her delicous core. She stares down at me, focusing on the every move. I stick my tongue out, licking her with the tip of my tongue. She bites down on her bottom him harshly, instantly closing her eyes. I slowly lick her up, tasting her sweet juices on my tastebuds as I slowly began to separate her legs for me once more. Her core was so delicious, making me want to taste every bit of her, wanting me to eat her up everyday just for my own pleasure.

“That’s it baby girl,” I groan, watching her squirm under my touch. Her facials are so intense and sexy, making me want to cum instantly. I reach down with my left hand and pull down my grey sweat pants, along with my boxers in one swift motion. The strain of the material isn’t present anymore, making me groan in satisfaction. I look between her luscious core, wet and ready for me and my aching stiff member, begging for attention. I struggle to hold my my need for her as i began to glide my hands along my shaft. I felt so turned on, precum started to be visible as it began to appear at my tip. Without thinking, I slam into her core, taking not only her by surprise but myself as well. I was so ready for her I couldn’t hold back a second longer. I feel relief as I feel her warm tight muscle around me, sending me off into paradise.

“So fucking good,” I breath out breathlessly, the pleasure sucking my breath out of my lunges. I open my eyes to find Y/N staring right back at me. She smiles teasingly, “Justin,” she laughs. “I didn’t know you needed me that much,” she giggles as she continues to laugh at my neediness.

I start to feel anger bubble up into me as she still hasn’t stopped. “Keep these above your head,” I deeply growl at her, still slightly embarrassed at my actions, I narrow my eyes at her, warning her further. I keep her arms above her head in a tight hold, gripping me harshly with my left hand.

“You’re hurting me,” she whines softly. I ignore her pleas as I violently slam my stiff hard length into her, sterching her tight core instantly. The feeling of her tight walls rubbing against me was more to make myself let go but I hold tight onto my orgasm, wanting to bring Y/N closer first. I take my bottom lip between my teeth, holding in my desperate groans needing to be released as I continue to move myself inside of Y/N as quick as I could. Her presence made me feel weak and made me fall apart instantly, now it was me begging for her instead. I watch down at her, her eyes shut tightly, her pink lips slightly open with nothing but heavy breathing to be heard. She looks so sexy yet so vulnerable. I love seeing her like this, it made me proud to see her squirming under my body and i wanted to keep seeing her like this, like a video on replay.

I let her arms free as I reach out with my fingers and began to rub her erect nubs, wanting to bring her closer to the edge. Her voice begins to shake in pleasure as begins to let out heavy pants.

“Oh my go-d,” she barely lets out, her voice sounds so erotic and sweet, singing sensationally to my ears.

I start to feel the intense heat as i felt sweat rising against my forehead, back and chest.

I could suddenly feel my orgasm approaching earlier than I thought, I glance at Y/N to see her eyes shut closed, her hands grabbing the white linen sheets, tugging on dear life. She begins to shake her body. Her core begins to pulse my member, making me feel out of this world as she lets go, her juice leaking out of her core and down the insides of her thighs. I close my eyes tightly at the sight, so eortic as it plays in my head again. The feeling of her muscles, squeezing my shaft tightly, so wet and amazing, makes myself let go. I start to enter her sloppily as my pace become unsteady. I pull out of her. I open my eyes to see her face sweaty and hair wild like she just woke up. She looked so sexy as she lays there with large eyes gleaming back into mine.

“I love you,” I say seriously.

She smiles slyly at me, “Happy birthday,” she cheers before leaving her head off the pillow and pecking my lips.

Mall? Nope not there again!

You were waiting for Jaehyun your BF to pick you up from your shared apartment to take you to the mall so you can help him shop for a new watch because apparently he wanted oneㅋㅋㅋㅋ but after that he said he would take you to a fancy hotel to eat dinner, so you decided to dress to the occasion. A minute or so later a red BMW honked signaling for you to come. It was Jaehyun and he looked as handsome as ever. He was wearing all black and his hair looked messy since he just came back from practice yet he looked very hotㅋㅋ

“Welcome my lady” greeted Jae as he opened the car door for you. “Thanks Jae” you smiled and he felt his stomach explode. He was mesmerized at your outfit. It was a baby blue mini dress that was flowy at the bottom and laced at the top and wrapped around your neck gracefully. Your hair was straightened and put in a simple yet beautiful side braid. Jaehyun fell in love all over again. You noticed him staring and blushed a deep shade of red. Even though you were dating for almost a year you couldn’t help but blush everytime he does something. He was so handsome you were so lucky to have him and he thought the same about you. However you could never stop thinking that he will one day realize that so many girls are prettier than you and leave you for one of them. You loved him so much you were afraid you weren’t good enough for him. On the other hand Jaehyun always thought “How did I get such a perfect girl?” and he would always doubt himself for not being the best man he could be for you. He too didn’t want to lose you.

Once you arrived to the mall after the silent car ride he opened the door for you and held your hand as you entered and your stomach had fireworks inside once he did that and so did his. As you walked towards the shop Jaehyun was going to you couldn’t help but over hear conversations of girls talking. They were saying awful things about you like “She is so ugly how can Jaehyun oppa like her” or “Eww she is so much darker than us how can he like her?” or “she isn’t even korean why would he like such an ugly dog” and you couldn’t help but frown at what they are saying. You doubted yourself. Is that really how I am? Is that how Jaehyun views me as? Thoughts swam in your head, Jaehyun noticed your change in mood and he knew it was because of what they were saying. He didnt know why you got upset since non of what they said was true to him. Not even a single bit. He heard some guys saying “Wow she’s so hot” and that’s what he believed however he didn’t like that they were saying that since clearly he was your boyfriend and they should have some respect. He looked at you with sad eyes and asked “Heyy whats wrong jagi?” And kissed your forehead, you were embarrassed at the sudden action and also because you heard people say “Ewww why would he kiss her, oppa might get sick now” and you felt so little at that. Jaehyun tried to ignore them but once they said “I hope she dies” he blew.

“LISTEN UP! ALL OF YOU BASHING MY GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS 100% PRETTIER THAN YOU. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS AND YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS, SO PLEASE STOP ANNOYING HER AND INSULTING HER BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK BAD. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE INSULT I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” You were so shocked at what he said. A huge smile grew on your face. You wanted to hug him so bad but he quickly pulled you to the exit door, but before you got out he stopped and yelled “AND YES GUY IN A BLUE SHIRT. SHE IS HOT BUT SHE IS MINE SO STOP LOOKING AT HER. ONLY I CAN”. You blushed so hard at what he said. He pulled you into the car and drove away from the mall at speed of lighting. You got scared so you clutched your seatbelt like your life depends on it. Jaehyun noticed your action and slowed the car down “Sorry” he mumbled. “Why are you sorry Jae?” You asked confused. “Because I probably embarrassed you in the mall” he looked down as he stopped the car infront of your apartment. You looked at him with sincere eyes and said “You are never an embarrassment. In fact you are the light of my life! You made me so happy by saying those things I wanted to kiss you on the spot! And why are you wearing all black don’t you know you look so hot in that!! And stop making me die with all those cute things you do!!!” You were panting. You suddenly realized what you said and turned so red you were almost as red as jimin’s hair in dope. Jaehyun tried not to laugh at your cuteness. He was melting at what you said. He felt so loved and lucky to have you as his girlfriend. While you kept your head down you felt hands on your chin lifting your head up. He faced you and gazed into your eyes so intently and slowly leaned in and kissed your cheek. You were so flustered yet disappointed. You wanted him to kiss your lips. You looked up at him and out of no where his lips touched yours. It was a simple kiss yet you felt as if you just won the lottery. *sings exo lotto* He pulled away and whispered to your ears “I love you” and he sounded so 🔥🔥 you melted on the spot.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you. You pressed on the elevator button waiting for it to arrive. Silence filled the area. Jae knew you felt shy so he decided to tell you “Do you want to watch a movie when we get up?” And you shyly nodded. He resisted the temptation to kiss you on the spot because the elevator had just arrived “Ladies first *remembers lay* Or should I say Princesses first” and he sent you a wink. The elevator closed behind you and as you waited for it to arrive Jaehyun suddenly panicked “OMG OUR DINNER!” You started to giggle “It’s okay Jae! Watching the movie while eating popcorn is more than enough for me” he smiled “Omo my jagi is so cute! And call me oppa okay!?” You giggled once more. The elevator arrived and you opened the door of your apartment “Oppa let’s wear matching pjs!!” You squealed. “Okay jagi!!!” He yelled with even more excitement. You got into your couple pjs and sat on the couch waiting for your adorable boyfriend. He came out with wet hair and you laughed at him. “You look so cute oppa! Come let me dry your hair” you took a towel and started to dry his hair while standing infront of him since he was so tall (He was sitting on the couch) once you were done he kissed your nose and said “Okay let’s watch the movie now” you cuddled with Jaehyun and before you knew it you were fast asleep in his embrace. He picked you up bridal style and put you on the bed as he gave you a light kiss on the lips and whispered “Goodnight my beautiful jagi” he layed next to you stroking you hair until he too fell asleep🌘

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this girl that I've hooked up with a few times in the past, like intense making out and I've gone for more but she always stopped me. Which I actually find kinda hot, teasing ;) It was a long time ago but anyway we had a party the other night and everyone was smashed, I started grinding up on her and we ended up making out and I had her up against a fence. I wanted to fuck her so bad I had a huge hard on I rubbed against her. She stopped me still but we kept making out, it was still so fkin hot!