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Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.


Clexa AU - Clarke and Lexa are paired together after Kane’s orders and they have to share the same room/bed.

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gotta dig that plumber/miner/electrician/gardener aesthetics right


Wow, I didn’t think the last doodle of my forces oc would get so many notes! It makes me really happy to know that people like her <3

I’ve updated her a little bits with blue shorts instead of bike shorts, and she’s got a name now. Assuming we’re allowed to name our characters in forces, she’s Rudey the Rabbit!

I had a horrible argument today, and I’m going to talk about it here because I need to discuss this with other trauma victims.

I don’t really understand how we even got to this topic, but my roommate started arguing that victims of abuse who are mostly trapped and coerced into staying with their abusers, actually want whatever is happening to them, and they’re equally guilty for everything that happens in that place. According to them, if the victims didn’t escape, they are compliant and they shouldn’t be helped at all, after all they don’t really “want” to escape their abusers, and they’ll come back as soon as they can, so why should anyone care what happens to them? And then this escalated into them screaming at me that it’s stupid to care and that they would long escape any such situation, and wouldn’t put themselves in such situation in the first place, and when I voiced sarcastically that I’m sorry I ever expected them to care, they screamed at me that I’m not doing anything to help them either so I should shut the fuck up.

I couldn’t exactly tell them about what I’m doing because I don’t want to use something like that as an argument that I’m better than anyone else, nor should one be deeply involved into activism for trauma victims in order to defend their interests and lives, because what this person said was aimed directly at victim’s lives.

I tried to explain to them that one of the major reasons why victims can’t just up and leave is due to their survival instincts, because you can’t do something that will so obviously get you killed. There are so many victims who are in biggest danger after they escape, because that is when their abuser kills them. (they replied “i don’t care!!” to this argument). I tried to explain to them that putting their own lives on the line, escaping to live on the street where they will very likely get humiliated, assaulted, starve or succumb to illness and die, is most often not an option because it’s like stepping into death, there are people who survive this, and those who don’t, and nobody can willingly just put their life on the line like that, because their survival instincts wont allow it. However this person denied any such thing and insisted that they knew someone who survived on the street for few months so it’s possible.

I didn’t think it would even do anything to try to explain the psychological damage abusers can inflict on victims, how deeply abusers can convince victims that they can’t survive on their own, that escape is equal to death, how overwhelming the guilt can be at the mere thought of escaping, how much sabotage goes on and how much abusers make sure that the escape is next to impossible, it’s not like abusers are dumb and don’t make sure victims have next to no chance of escape, they make sure police would bring them back, that their family and friends would betray them, that it’s only matter of time before they’re found and dragged back, there are just so many reasons why escaping abusers is life threatening and insanely dangerous thing to do and I would never in my dreams try to convince victims that they have to subject themselves to that if they want to deserve to not be blamed for everything.

In conclusion, this person didn’t care about trauma victims living or dying, they just cared about judging them, blaming them, putting all the responsibility on victims so they wouldn’t ever feel responsible for helping or even feeling empathy towards them. Of course someone who was never in abusive situation can have no idea what it is to face abuse and to have to escape to save life, (i tried to use this too to which they spat at me that i don’t know either… even tho.. i did escape… so.. i … know)

I can’t describe how much this kills me, because when I was still there, when I was still abused, it was people telling me this kind of thing that made it so much harder for me to escape. They made it clear that nobody, not any person in outside world cares if I make it out alive or not. Just like my abuser convinced me. They were blaming me for everything done to me, just like my abusers did, they were acting like I’m somehow compliant just because I couldn’t ignore my survival instincts and put myself on the street where I felt I would die, like I wasn’t strong enough or good enough to deserve to be alive unless I do that. Those people made it clear that when I do escape, I’m escaping into the world that will hate me, into the world that will always readily excuse and defend my abuser, and always put all of the blame on me. It made me miserable. It made me wonder if it’s even worth escaping if the world is going to be like that towards me until the end of my life.

I wasn’t asking for any help, because it became very obvious that people will rather tell you that you deserve every bit of suffering and abuse you’ve been thru rather than help you, but to go this far out of your way to demonize and even more deeply traumatize victims, there is just no excuse for that.

I used to believe this happens because people who are not trapped into abuse just don’t like the idea of themselves being trapped like this, so they convince themselves that this would never happen to them and they would escape just like that, because it’s extremely uncomfortable to realize that it could happen to them, and no, they wouldn’t be able to just up and leave either, they would have to defend their own lives with all they’ve got, even if it means trauma bonding to abuser, even if it means loving the abuser, even if it means staying to avoid death. But would a person go this far just to avoid uncomfortable truth? This is pure hatred towards victims, and I know this is the default view of society, not just of this one person, this is what most people believe, and while struggling with abuse this is what I heard from most of the people I talked to.

I don’t know if I can do anything with my activism, but if I could do one valuable thing, it would be to end this societal victim blaming. Abuse isn’t a problem of an individual, it’s a social problem, and victims not only aren’t at fault, they need and deserve full support and help in escape, those people are in fucking danger, they haven’t harmed anyone, they haven’t done any crimes, their lives are at stake, what on earth makes us as a society unwilling to help them?! And so ready to demonize them?! I don’t know if abusers managed to spread the ideas that victims must really want abuse, or is it just because it’s easy and convenient to blame victims, but it needs to stop. If you don’t want to help us, fine, but stop wishing death on us, stop blaming us for things we haven’t done, stop making it so fucking damn easy for abusers to keep abusing us and blaming us, stop standing up for them and working with them and on their side, what the fuck kind of society is this. Stop siding with abusers.

(also if you can think of something to comment on this pls do I need someone to talk about this with)



Request: Kai Parker x reader? (1994 prison world) Reader and Kai have an argue bent about why reader doesn’t give kai a chance. Kai leaves for a while so reader gets drunk and dancing (to “ (I don’t know why) but I do” around in her room in her underwear and bra and Kai catches her OH AND HE LEANS ON THE DOOR FRAME AND SAYS “DARLING” WHICH IS WHEN READER NOTICES HIM  FLUFFY SMUT PLS THANK YOU 😊

gif cred - @kissing-pleasure

x x x

A small and dark wooden table stood flat on the thick red rug that you and Kai sat folded upon. He wore his usual dark ripped jeans, and one knee lazily rested to the edge of the oak surface, his tantalizing blue eyes eating you up from his spot, while your legs went folding over the plush rug over each other. Pieces of hair fell over your eyes, and you twirled strands absentmindedly as you zoned out on the colorful board game pieces scattered before you whilst breathing in the musty scent of the room, and the warm gold candles that filled it with a sugary aroma.

“This is the third time we’ve played this game this week,” you sighed, picking up the small plastic button between your thumb and index finger before aiming it across the room.

“Don’t,” Kai warned.

You stuck your tongue out before tossing it straight at the heretic’s smug face, deciding you’d had enough of those pink lips and their permanent smirk like state. Kai raised a hand, a clear bubble of magic catching the little blue piece midair, before it went sinking and clattering softly to the ground.

“Naughty girl,” he cocked his head to the left, his full lips puckered just enough that it drew your attention.

You gave a pout and toyed with the hem of your violet colored skirt, “whatever.”

“Hm,” Kai observed, his bright eyes narrowing, “you’ve been talking back a lot recently, haven’t you, sweetheart?”

Your eyes darted across his own as you gave a quick scoff. “One, don’t call me names. And two, I don’t have anyone else to take my anger out on in this stupid hell of a prison world,” you groaned with a kick to the table, which sent multicolored pieces flying.

Kai ran his slender fingers through his brown locks, that cocky grin never wavering, “you’re stressed?”

“Obviously,” you rolled your eyes, now focusing your view to your chipping nail polish.

“You know, you must be tense,” he sighed with false pity, “i’m sure I could help you unwind a little.”

“Kai,” you winged, “stop doing that.”

It had been months trapped in the prison world, but Kai’s patience, though seeming to never waver, wast starting to falter. He was hungry, he craved touch, and the only person who could satisfy that hunger would never do so.

“I’ll stop when you don’t make it so easy,” he leaned forward, resting his curved jaw against his opened palms as he stared at you, the sparkle in his blue eyes winking mischievously. 

You took in a deep breath, counting to ten in your head as you focused on the faint song from the record player, and the little flares from the candles beside you. When you opened your eyes, Kai hadn’t moved, he still waited.

“What do you want me to say?” you said with aggravation

“It’s more so what I want you to do,” he purred softly, flicking his tongue over his lips. When you ignored him again, he sighed. “You always say no.” His voice panged with genuine hurt, “and if that wasn’t enough, you have to taunt me every day,” he whined.

“What do you mean?” you asked, brows furrowed.

A soft groan tumbled from his lips, “look at yourself.”

So you did. You wore a cropped white tank top with a velvety purple skirt that sat high wasted with enough flesh exposed to drive the heretic crazy, your curls swept to one side and left your curved collarbone exposed, and your challenging and defiant stare and little dimples were nothing to you, but surely something else for Kai.

“Stop staring,” you snapped when Kai’s eyes had done two full sweeps up and down your body.

“Stop giving me things to stare at,” he winked with a nudge of his tongue against his cheek.

Your heart hammered loud in your ears, a tight clench grasping in your stomach, and you felt your cheeks warm as you grew more flustered under his gaze.

“Go away, Kai,” you pleaded, your eyes fluttering closed.

You felt his hand come to your cheek, his cold rings dragging against your flesh as he ran his slender fingers down the curve of your face, his thumb tugging gently down at your bottom lip. You could smell the cool and dark cologne that wafted off of his body and made your head spin, but soon it was gone, and so was he.

You stood, brushing at your body as if to wipe away the nasty thoughts that tugged at your subconscious, and as you heard the front door clack softly shut, you tiptoed to the kitchen and threw open the your favorite drawer, the one with alcohol. You grasped for a bottle of the first thing you saw, and flicked the cap off as you headed to your room. Your toes sunk into the carpet as you dragged your feet through the living room and into where you slept. You had a dark four poster draped in white silk and twinkling lights, and you sunk down to the end of your fluffy mattress as you took a swig of the alcohol, and felt the warm splash of liquid hit the back of your throat.

“Kai, bad,” you said to yourself. “Alcohol, good.”

You took another gulp, longer this time, and your face scrunched up from the taste. But the more you drank, the better it seemed to feel going down. Soon you were buzzed, warm and electric bubbles popping in your bloodstream and making you giddy. You pranced sloppily to your record collections, fumbling as you pulled one randomly out and placed it in, the lyrics and music coming upbeat and happy to your ears. A bright instrumental and warm vocal slurred together, “I don’t know why but I do.”

You began to twirl in little circles, dancing and taking quick gulps of alcohol in between as you lost yourself to the song.You tried not to think of Kai, but no amount of alcohol could do that, and you sighed to yourself, ironically, “I don’t know why, but I do.” 

Then you finished off your bottle and tossed it to the side with a giggle, your feet tapping to the floor gently. “I only know I’m lonely, and that I want you only,” the music chimed. Then you were shaking your hair out around in a halo as you danced, and then strangely, found yourself pulling away your clothes. It felt better to dance like that, music full blast, and body almost bare, it somehow was freeing to prance around in only a lacy black bra and panties. You laughed and spun on your heel in a circle as the music began to draw to a close. You chortled happily, smile to your lips as you brought the music to a stop.

“Having fun?” a low voice hummed from the other side of the room.

“Wha-KAI!” you exclaimed, almost having a heart attack when you saw him standing in the doorway, arms folded over his chest, head tilted.

“Oh come on, I was enjoying that,” his throat rumbled as he laughed.

The alcohol seemed to buzz away under his stare, and you quickly tried to cover yourself with your arms, which did nothing.

Kai simply gave a smile and nod of his head, “I get it, okay? But you don’t need to be like that, you’re actually…” he paused a moment, “really beautiful, darling.”

He leaned lazily to the door frame, one hand coming up to grasp the top, other pinning his body to the entrance, and he looked stunning the way he held himself like that with no effort. But it wasn’t just that, it was the way the word sounded when it rolled off his lips. ‘Darling.’

“Kai-” you started.

“Got it,” he shook his head, “leaving.”

He turned away shadows casting over his back as he began to melt from sight, but something stirred within you, and you almost didn’t even hear yourself say it.

“Don’t,” you whispered.

“What?” he said, his back to you as he froze in the doorway.

“Go,” you breathed. “Don’t go.”

Kai turned slowly, dragging his rings slowly down the wooden frame, his head turned to look at you, blue eyes only on your face, “why?”

Then he turned, really facing you, but you didn’t try to hide yourself this time. You couldn’t find the words to say, so he shifted slightly, “did I do something?”

The smoldering smug glow he usually held was gone, replaced by a gentle and almost fearing look.

“No, it’s just…you said…” you trailed off shyly, cheeks warming.

“Said what?” he chuckled nervously.

“Darling,” you shrugged, eyes averting his.

A smile tickled the corners of his mouth, “I wasn’t aware I had this effect on you.”

You chewed at your lower lip with a shake of your head, “you’ve been driving me crazy for months, and you know it, Malachai Parker.”

“Have I?” he murmured, stepping closer, his voice lowering.

“Yes,” your heart thrummed.

“How so?” he said, stepping close enough that his chest knocked lightly to yours. He was taller than you, so his body leaned and bent over yours, endearing and challenging.

The lights that were strung up seemed to blur around his face, little stars of brightness surrounding his perfectly carved face.

“Do something,” he dared, “I know you want to.”

You took in a shaky breath that made your chest rattle gently against his, “I can’t.”

“Really?” he said, bringing his fingers to your face. Your eyes closed as he traced out your facial features gently, his breath fanning across your face.

“You don’t feel that, sweetheart?”

You gulped down the lump in your throat with a faint shake of the head.

“Mhm,” he said, nuzzling his nose to yours before dragging his lips softly against yours, just enough so that they grazed past.

“Or that?” he asked when your breath hitched.

“No,” you said, keeping your eyes closed because you knew it was the only thing stopping you from giving into him. He bent in, his dark scent overpowering as he nibbled your earlobe, “open your eyes, darling.”

And you did, and his whole body dripped with seduction. He pressed into you, and you took a step back, your backside hitting the wall, Kai’s arm flying up to pin and cage you to him. His blues eyes devoured you like they’d been starved, and just the way he drank you up like that was enough.

You barreled into his front, lips crashing hungrily against his as your hands went sliding through his soft locks, arms tangled around his neck. You took Kai by surprise, and he gasped softly against your mouth for a second, eyes widening before settling closed as he instead drowned himself in the taste of your lips he’d craved for so long, and they felt a hundred times better than he could’ve imagined. He fought back harder against your mouth, nudging his head in, yours lulling back against the force as his hands went sliding around your hips and curving around your ass. He kneaded his slender fingers into you, tongue forcing its way into your mouth, and you let out a soft little moan that vibrated against his lips and sent him spinning, a hard bulge pressing into you at once. Kai slammed you roughly into the wall, and you cried out as his lips attached to your collarbone, where he sucked, nibbled, and kissed at every piece of exposed flesh until it was raw and bruised, leaving a trail of purple marks that claimed his territory. He found a sweet nook near the tip of your jaw, and his lips to your skin, your knees quaked lightly as you breathed his name out in a short little gasp, your hands grabbing at his hair. Kai pulled back, tearing off his black shirt, a hand coming to your hip and pinning you more forcefully back as he grinded his bulge into you, sending shivers down your spine.

“God, I love the way my name sounds coming off your lips,” he breathed, placing a sloppy kiss to your already raw mouth.

“Then I’ll be sure not to say it again,” you teased through a short breath.

Kai detached his lips from yours, his blue eyes darkening with lust, “is that a challenge?”

You shrugged, dragging your lips over the bridge of his nose, “not if I win so easily.”

You knew that would drive him crazy, and it did, a dominant growl emanating from his throat as he scooped you up in his strong hold, and pushed your back onto the mattress. He threw his jeans to the side and went climbing onto the soft white quilts, but before he could take action, you hooked your legs around his belly and flipped him onto his back. He looked at you with an impressed tilt of his brow, and you smiled as you placed one leg on either side of his muscular chest, straddling him and bending your mouth into his rippled front. You trailed kisses across his jaw, then all down his chest, hands sliding over the grooves of his muscles, tongue leaving a wet trail to his bellybutton.

“Fuck,” he groaned when you got to his boxerline. 

You kissed all around the hem of his boxers, sucking at his skin and making him impatient.

“God, (y/n),” he breathed shakily, “you’re going to regret teasing me like that.”

You giggled and brought your eyes flickering up to his blue ones, and he watched as you slowly pulled away the last piece of fabric from his body, revealing his already hardened length. You bent down, keeping your eyes to him as you swirled a slow circle around his tip, your small hands gently starting to stroke his member. Kai propped himself up so he could both look at you, and give you better access, and you dragged your focus back to where it was needed, mouth dipping slowly around him and taking him in as much as you could, hands massaging his base gently. He let out a long groan, his fingers resting against your head as he nudged himself further into you. But you couldn’t fit him all, so what didn’t go in your mouth, you worked at quickly with your hands, pumping him with force as his length went brushing to the back of your throat. Your lips stretched wide, and strained around him, and he, with your consent, rolled his hips more roughly into your mouth, causing him to hit into the back of your throat harder. You let out a little gag, sensitive to him, but pushed more of him in anyways. He started to release choppy breaths, growing tighter and hotter in your mouth, and you took your last chance to work the fastest you could, hands beating up and down, tongue vigorously swirling against his tip and gathering his moisture, noises of protest faintly escaping you as you felt him hit your throat over and over, making you choke as he released himself into you, his juices filling you up. You pulled off of his member, a mess of white liquid on your chin, your breath ragged as you wiped at your mouth and swallowed down his flavor. You climbed up on Kai’s chest, and he kissed around your mouth, cleaning your lips up with his tongue.

“My turn,” he breathed against your mouth before flipping you beneath him. Kai delved into your breasts, unclasping your bra, and at once bringing his lips around your nipple. His hand gently massaged you as he worked in slow circles against your left side before switching over to the right. If that wasn’t enough, his free hand trailed down between your thighs, and began to rub slowly at the fabric of your lacy underwear.

“You’re soaking,” he purred as he removed his mouth with a faint popping sound.

Then he just looked right at you, blue eyes cheeky as you writhed impatiently beneath him.

“Don’t do that, Kai,” you begged impatiently.

“Okay,” he shrugged with a twitch of his lips. “Is this better, sweetheart?”

He kept his hands to the fabric as he began to rub harshly at your panties, thumb pressed to your clit as his free fingers worked wonders against your heat. You arched your back, forcing yourself into him, but his free hand snapped up and pinned you into the mattress so you were unable to wriggle as he applied more pressure to your sensitive area.

You drew out his name in one long groan as you felt your high reach you, but before it came, he dragged his fingers down and away from you, moving his hands slowly against the insides of your thighs, his rings cold as they pressed against your skin.

“What the hell, Kai!?” you panted with agitation.

“That was punishment for making me wait earlier,” he bit his lip, thumbs hooking into your underwear and peeling them easily off.

His eyes drew downwards, and as he dipped two fingers cautiously through your folds, your head went lulling back into the pillows and you were consumed by the feeling.

“Damn, you’re so drenched for me,” he groaned, unable to resist bending into your heat and sweeping his tongue up in one motion, forcing your legs harshly open for him and gathering your taste in his mouth, stubble brushing your sensitive skin, his lips glistening when he pulled back, slow sigh releasing from his chest. 

You brought your hands up, sinking your nails into his back muscles, a whine coming from you as you felt yourself twitch just from anticipation, your eyes wide with excitement as Kai positioned himself over you.

Right before he entered you, he whispered, almost inaudibly, (y/n)?


“Now’s the part where I fuck you so hard the only name you remember is mine, and you’ll ache so much you won’t know how to walk, okay?”

Your heart skipped, blushing furiously from his words, “try me.”

He pushed himself inwards, length dipping between your folds and stretching you wide, this feeling on this level being so foreign and new to you that it sent instant electricity through your blood. A profanity escaped your lips as he fully extended himself into you with one long dip, before slowly dragging himself back.

“Fuck, Kai,” you breathed, nails leaving indents into his skin, “more.”

Months of pent up longing and hunger went into his thrusts as Kai began to work himself faster inside of you, growing even wider and putting more strain on you’re dripping heat. You’re face tightened, a gasp of mingled pain and pleasure filling the air, and it hurt so good you saw stars. You tried to keep your eyes to Kai, his sweaty face and brown hair plastered to his skin, his parted lips and jaw that tilted to the sky, but it became harder to see as his thrusts pushed harder and clouded your vision with black. 

You squealed his name faintly, and Kai demanded through a shallow breath, “louder.”

Your hands went flying to your mouth as you tried to refrain from giving him satisfaction, which only made him work harder for what he wanted, as you suspected. Each one of his hands came to a side of your hips, and he gave a short pause, taking in one long breath and looking you over with a look that told you you’d made a wrong move, and then he began to mercilessly fuck you. His hands pinned you into the sheets and held him still as he slammed himself into you over and over and over, your nails drawing lines down his back as you screamed out for him, the bed violently shaking, your eyes rolling back.

“Again,” he commanded, “louder.”

You couldn’t even speak properly, but in between thrusts, managed short and choppy breaths of his name. As he found your bundle of nerves, you felt yourself tighten around him, your eyes slamming shut and vision going black as your body began to convulse and spurt your juices. But he didn’t stop, didn’t give you a break to get over your high, he just kept going, a loud slap emitting with each time he hit your entrance. You gasped for oxygen, unable to even function as he continued to pound into you ruthlessly, hitting his own high and driving you through your second. You screeched his name as he came, filling you up to the brim, and his head went rocking back, mouth tilting as he sucked in air and twitched inside of you. As he pulled out, your instinct was to curl up, your body still quaking from it all, but he held you there as his mouth moved to your heat. You twitched away, so sensitive that his mouth to your clit sent shocks into you. But Kai nuzzled his nose into you and insisted on cleaning you up, giving soft kitten licks as you remembered how to breathe. He gave a noise of consent in response to your taste before climbing up beside you on the sheets, and rolling your body straight into his warm chest.

“How do you feel?” he mumbled into your skin, leaving little kisses all over your face.

“Numb, raw, achy,” you breathed softly, burrowing your head into the crook of his neck and breathing in his musky smell.

“Good,” he sighed deeply, gently caressing your cheek.

You tilted your jaw up, and sure enough, those blue eyes were fixated intently on you, just like they always were.

“That was…” you began, searching for the word you wanted.

“I know,” Kai finished with a little smile when you didn’t continue. “I know, darling.”

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Unpopular fandom opinion that I think you'll agree with based on your fics. Iwaizumi is not always pissed off with Oikawa. Iwaizumi is not abusive towards Oikawa. They have a very close and long lasting friendship. Why would either of them stay together if their friendship was that toxic


I am so, so, so tired of all the joke posts and memes about how Iwaizumi wants to stomp on Oikawa, hit him, yell at him or just generally abuse him in other ways. Yes, okay, maybe a few of these were once “funny” in the very beginning of the fandom but it’s gotten to the point where Iwaizumi is mischaracterized as this brute and Oikawa is mischaracterized as this annoying brat. It’s not just a single joke, or here or there - it almost seems like some people just accept this as how their relationship is supposed to be?

Somehow their relationship (although in canon is described literally as perfect trust) is being portrayed as this disgusting, toxic, abusive relationship and I hate it! If their relationship were really so toxic there would be no reason for them to stay together at all.

send me unpopular opinions

Torn Part 10

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Prompt: You’re Parrish’s girlfriend and you catch him getting way too close to Lydia. (whoops)

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader , Lydia Martin x Jordan Parrish


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Imagine Steve being jealous

A/N : request from @make-a-memory-drink-it-up - prompt n°74 : “You’re mine and I don’t share.”


“Okay, I won’t be home tonight! Bye guys!” you waved and closed the door.

You had defeated one of the worst villains that had tried to destroy the world and you sure deserved some time off. You had almost died twice just like everyone on the team, and let’s just say you were all in need of some rest.

You were supposed to spend the day with some friends, realizing during your last mission that you hadn’t seen your girls for quite some time. The rest of the team was very surprised of you going out, because they knew you for being not so found of parties, rather enjoying staying home, reading or watching movies. Of course, you weren’t really ~going out~ , you didn’t want to see anyone at the moment, given the fact that the object of your affection was currently in the compound, passing his nerves on the punching ball. You didn’t really understand why he was angry. You hadn’t lost anyone, no casualties, no big deal, everything seemed to be alright. It was unusual for Cap to be angry… Maybe it was just his way to cope with stress? You didn’t know… You didn’t dare ask in fact. You had just told him you were going out, he had proposed to go with you but you had to politely decline -even though you wuld have loved to go on a date with him- because you were already taken by your friends. And since Steve and you weren’t a thing, it would have been awkward and risky for you to present him to girls.

The only problem is that you had forgotten to mention who you were going out with… So Steve, you wouldn’t blame him, took your rejection seriously and was convinced you had met someone. And that he had lost the race. That was the reason he needed to be distracted. And what’s better than training, eh?

He was not exactly angry. Pissed? Hurt? Jealous? Probably, but he wouldn’t ever admit it. Not when the rest of the team had realized for your feelings for one another, and loved to tease the Avenger about you. Mostly Tony, of course. But what he loved the most was to tease you about your crush, when the guy was actually not that far and could easily hear you.

You had arrived at your friend’s house, ready to spend the rest of the afternoon and the night. You had a lot of things to tell them, about your job, your team, your crush -a whole damn lot about that, yeah- and they also had to tell you about their lives.

At the compound, everything seemed to go smoothly. Clint and Natasha were watching TV shows, Bruce was trying to teach Thor how to play chess, Tony was in his lab and Sam was trying to make Steve stop training so hard. It was not an easy task.

“C'mon, bro, aren’t you tired now”

“Let me be Sam. I’m fine” he didn’t even look at him.

It wasn’t the first time Steve acted this way, and it wasn’t probably the last. Sam waved at his friend and left the room. Steve only left it in the middle of the night, feeling mentally exhausted. Truth be told, his thoughts had been eating him. Who were you with? What were you doing? Had he, indeed, lost you? Had he even had the possibility to win your heart? Why didn’t he tell you his feelings sooner? All these questions he knew he wouldn’t ever get an answer… He tried to tell himself it didn’t matter and went to sleep. 

“Hey everyone! I’m home” you yelled while entering the compound. 

“Hey Y/N!” Natasha answered from the living room while you took off your jacket “How was it?” 

“Exhausting!” you walked to join her on the couch, “we had so much to say to eachother, we barely slept! But it was amazing!” 

Little did you know Steve was in the next room, listening to all you were saying. 

“So, when’s the next date?” she asked you 

“I don’t know… Soon, I suppose, why don’t you come next time?” 

“Yeah, sure! Some girl time won’t hurt! And your friends seem nice, if they’re the way you described them!” 

Steve was now frozen (A/N: sorry for the bad joke) in the kitchen. You had been out with friends? So… You didn’t have any boyfriend? He realized why you had declined his invitation and tried to join Nat and you in the living room. 

“Hey Cap! How are you?” you smiled at him. Even the simple sight of him in a t-shirt and jeans was enough to make you blush. 

“Oh, don’t ask him!” Natasha laughed “He’s been angry all the time you weren’t here. He stayed training downstairs and spoke to no one… Even poor Sam gave up on him!”

“Really, what happened?” you laughed at him “this isn’t like you! Did someone piss you off?” 

“No, it was nothing really! Just needed to be alone and train for quite some time!” 

“Oh for God’s sake! Tell her!” Natasha stood up “look, I’m even leaving to let you guys some space! Everybody here knows! So talk to eachother and stop with your shitty games okay?” she left the room. 

“Oowkay?” you were lost, and you hoped she didn’t actually mean you telling him about your feelings because there was no fucking way you’d be the first to confess! “What was that about? What happened yesterday?” 

“I uh I don’t know…” he started to blush and you began to feel frightened “I mean, about yesterday, I believe everything was alright.” 

“Cut the bullshit, Rogers! Why were you training like crazy? It’s not like you need it?” Oops, too far, Y/N! 

“Thanks, but no” he laughed “If there was something, they weren’t the reason.”

 “What? Did I do something? Did I hurt you? What have I done, tell me, please!” 

“It’s nothing! Really! You haven’t done anything wrong! It was me!” he tried to calm you down, but really he was the one anxious “I thought something that wasn’t true and I got, not angry, but, I wasn’t feeling well.”

 "And? What was it? I mean, I can’t really guess if I didn’t do anything wrong.“ 

He sighed, blushing even more “you said you were going out, right?” you nodded “and I, uh, I didn’t know where.” you frowned “or with who.” you didn’t move “and I… I thought…" 

“You thought I was seeing someone..?” you whispered 

 "Exactly. And it’s silly I know, and I shouldn’t get jealous, I have no reason to be, but still I was, and I understand if you laugh at me, I would too.“ 

"No… I mean, I’m touched you feel that way. No, wait, don’t get me wrong! I’m not happy you feel bad, but…” your voice became a whisper “I’m glad you feel that way still" 

"Y/N” he smiled at you and raised your head so you were looking in his blue eyes “I’m glad too… And I wish I had told you sooner." 

"I wish it too” you giggled “ besides, why would I even look for someone else when I have you here?" 

"Y/N, you’re mine and I don’t share. That’s all" 

 On these words, he brought your face to his and kissed you. Slowly, at first, enjoying every single moment he had been waiting for so long. He was being sweet, moving in perfect synch with you, as if you were both meant to be this way at this very moment. He smiled and pressed his forehead against yours, letting you catch your breath and kissed your cheek. 

"You have no idea of the effect you have on me, darling” he whispered 

“I, uh, neither do you!” you answered 

 "I really should have told you sooner, I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same" 

“Yeah, well, I was scared of that too! But you should have told me! You’d have spent a less stressful evening. Even if, honestly, I don’t mind you working out.”

 He laughed a bit louder and pecked your lips again, “Well, next time maybe we’ll train together" 

"Um, thanks for the invitation, but I’d rather stay watching!”


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Thoughts on using Japanese honorifics and titles in fic?

I mean, if the setting is Japan and/or the characters are Japanese, does using them work, or is it just annoying and “cringy”?

I’ve long held the belief that English dubs of Japanese media should never, ever use Japanese honorifics or titles no matter what because they just plain don’t work in spoken English (and in the same way, I imagine that a Japanese dub of an American work saying things like “Princess Such-and-Such” rather than “Such-and-Such-hime would be awkward and jarring), but written prose is an entirely different medium with entirely different rules. Does not translating or localizing the honorifics and titles work here?

For most of my own fic writing, I’ve kinda thought no. I personally decided to refrain from using the -chans and -kuns and obasans. Nee-san would be “Sis” and -sama would be “Lady” or “Lord” or other similar English titles. Just like with English dubs, I felt, for the most part, that honorifics and titles should be translated or localized.

But lately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about including honorifics as they are. For the fic I worked on last month (a Japanese-styled fairytale AU), I looked at a good number of (English-translated) Japanese fairytales and folktales to get a feel for the style and tone I was going for. And I found a real sort of charm to some of the translation choices.

For instance, I love how in Folktales of Japan, which was edited by Keigo Seki and translated by Robert J. Adams, the Japanese onomatopoeia is kept, but an English translation is provided right afterwards: “janka, gonka, jingle, jangle.” This creates such a nice rhythm, maintains the spirit of the original Japanese text, and English readers aren’t left confused or with a footnote explaining what “janka, gonka” means. The translation fits right into the story.

(What’s maybe not so nice is the decision to leave the “Haido, haido shishi” and “haai, hai, shan shan” with translations in brackets. It feels a bit like the classic, “Just according to keikaku.”)

Folktales of Japan also kept honorific suffixes such as -dono, but it opted out of using familial honorifics such as ojiisan or kaasan, translating these instead.

So, do untranslated honorific suffixes work well enough in prose, but titles not so much? Or, does it work all right to write the honorific out, translate it right after (a la the “janka, gonka, jingle, jangle”), and then just use the honorific from that point on, as it’s been defined and there would be no confusion from the reader about what it means? Or, conversely, would it be better to just use the translation from that point on, since the reader will know what honorific/title that the writer means to convey with the translation? Or should no translation be provided at all in text because that’s clunky? Or should all honorifics just be translated from the get-go? Or not translated because readers can look these things up if they’re really curious, and honorifics are one of those things that can’t really be translated accurately, anyway?

I know everyone’s gonna have a different opinion about translating and localizing, but after writing a draft with way more honorifics than I’ve ever used, I guess I’m just curious: How do people feel about using Japanese honorifics in fic? Is it a turn-off or something welcome?