stop making faces at each other and kiss instead

Masterpost (So Far)


Remus is harassed by a random stranger in a club …

Person A is harassed by a random stranger in a club and people B is watching. After a while Person B steps in and pretends to be Person A’s partner even though they never have seen each other before. Person A just goes with it, but the random stranger is so persistent and doesn’t believe they are a couple that Person A grabs Person B’s neck and kisses them. Somehow both of them don’t back out of the kiss, because, fuck can we never stop pretending

Couldn’t get a babysitter …

Couldn’t get a babysitter and had to bring my kid on this blind date AU

- Funny Faces 

Art Work

Imagine your OTP catching each other staring at one another, but instead of looking away, they start making faces at one another and just end up giggling

- Pretend

Just pretend to be my date

- Christmas

Christmas at Hogwarts with the Marauders and Lily

- I can’t see the upholstery 

Sirius see’s a picture of a motorbike for the first time

- Chicken Poxs

Remus and Sirius looking after an unwell Teddy

- Reunions and Fisher Price

Person A and Person B first meet in a toy store where A was clicking all the buttons on the toddler toys. B is supposedly trying to do their job as an employee there but joins A in the end.

- Sweaters

Sirius in Remus’ sweaters, but Remus has his revenge.

-  Sleepy Love Confessions

Your OTP having their first kiss while their half asleep and only Person A remembers it.

- Halloween

Halloween at Hogwarts with the Marauders and Lily

- All’s Hallows Eve

The problems with Truth, Dare, Kiss or Hex and too much Firewhiskey.

- That’s MY boyfriend! (Smut)

Possessive Remus doesn’t take too kindly when someone tries it on with HIS boyfriend.

- Touchy Feely

Platonic touching between the Marauders and Lily.

- A Day at the Fair

The Gryffindors decided to go to a Muggle Fun Fair where real magic happen’s.

- Not Realising

Your OTP subconsciously holding hands all the time, whether in public or not. Sometimes getting smiles, sometimes odd looks, but they hold each other’s hand anyway.

- Backfired Jealousy

Person A trying to make Person B jealous so they’ll go out with them.

- Cute Gardener
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

“You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” AU

- Tough Remus

People alway see Remus as the ‘wimp’ of the group, but Merlin, are they wrong.

-  Chronic 
Part 1 | Part 2

Remus suffers with a chronic illness called Ulcerative Colitis

- Potions

Someone attempted to give Sirius a botched up Love Potion, but Remus accidentally drank it instead

- Lace Panties (Smut)

Remus has had a terrible day, but comes home to Sirius cooking his favourite food in nothing but Red Lace Panties



- Genderbent!AU

Genderbent head cannons of the Marauders and Lily

- Soft First Times (Smut)

First time’s are awkward enough, but they’re made even more awkward when Jamie Potter is your best friend.



- Blanket Burrito and Tickle Attacks

Person A is wrapped in a blanket burrito, so Person B and C decide to take advantage of this and relentlessly tickle A



- Marry me? 

James had the entire night planned out to a T, but work, family and friends ended up getting in the way.

Petition for men, specifically celebrity men, to stop doing the whole “fake kiss” thing and leaning into each other before abruptly backing away and making “oooh gross” faces at each other, like how could anyone possibly believe they’d ever do something so appallingly homosexual and instead be like those two actors from Sense8 who chose to make out like it was a party for no reason instead of promoting the “no homo, dude bro” culture.