stop making excuses for the awful things he does

im going to act like a mom for a moment here and point out some things for both the side of the fandom that likes he tian and guan shan together and the one that doesn’t:

1) what he tian did is shitty and can be classified as an assault

2) guan shan has no fault whatsoever and is not to blame for his reaction

3) guan shan is rightfully angry at he tian and we ARE supposed to be upset at him too and side with guan shan in this

but also:

4) people can change and mature, can recognise their mistakes and make up for them (these kids are what? 15/16 years old? let me tell you, i did some shit at that age and im still ashamed of myself for it)

5) as awful as he tian was, it’s important that as soon as he saw how much guan shan was upset he stopped (not only in this instance, but also when he threatened guan shan a couple of chapters ago. it’s not much, it doesn’t make things better, but at least it’s something)

and for last:

6) jian yi and zheng xi’s relationship is problematic too: the fact that they are friends does NOT excuse the fact that sometimes jian yi’s actions can be emotionally manipulative

7) jian yi sexually assaulted zheng xi and the fact that he was drunk is an excuse only to a certain point (though again, it’s important that he stopped)

8) you can still like something even if it’s problematic, the important thing is to recognise that and not make excuses for it, but remember that things can change and get better (in this case, becoming consensual and healthier for BOTH ships), so we should definitely wait for that

you bear the scars

Karen receives a call from her super one afternoon while she’s at work, halfway through typing up a fluff piece she hates almost as much as she hates Ellison for assigning it to her. Dylan, in his cracking voice, tells her in a worried tone that her boyfriend had come by and asked to be let in to her apartment.

Karen has a moment of absolute panic. 

“I didn’t know what to do, because he seemed really nice but he was - you know. No offense, Miss Page, but your boyfriend is scary. I think he had a gun.”

“Everyone in this town has a gun, Dylan. You have a gun.”

“Yeah, but it’s not, like, loaded.”

“Never tell anyone that ever again.”

He sounds completely unapologetic, and Karen once again wonders at him. He’s taken over most of the duties for his father, the shithead who owns the building she lives in, and Dylan is for the most part pretty good at making sure she has hot water and that mysterious bullet holes are attended to - but he’s hopelessly naive and seems to think he’s living the dream. “Hey, sure thing. I told him I couldn’t let him in, and he didn’t seem like he was gonna, you know, murder me or anything, but I figured, considering…” He lets the sentence hang for a moment, and Karen can’t tell if it’s a pause or if he’s gotten distracted by a squirrel. “Considering all the weird shit that’s happened to you, you’d probably wanna know. In case he isn’t your boyfriend. Or maybe he is your boyfriend and you had a bad break or…whatever.”

“Dylan. Did he actually say we were together?” She’s fairly certain she knows who would be dumb enough to try to intimidate her poor super into giving him a key, but she can’t be absolutely certain. Maybe she’s totally off base and one of her stories has drawn the wrong kind of attention. Again. As usual.

She needs to get the hell out of this town.

She’s never getting the hell out of this town. 

Dylan sighs. “Well, no, but there was this, like, vibe, you know. Like he.. knew you. In a uh…biblical sense.”

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