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Dating!Kim Taehyung | REALLY LONG |

Hope you like it! If you want me to make it longer just ask! Enjoy! ❤️😊

Masterlist (X)


  • Lip bites and pulls after a cheeky or sensual kiss 
  •  Him pulling away and smirking (w/ or w/o your bottom lips in between his teeth) 
  •  Love bites
  •  Hand guiding 
  • Teasing
  • Ass man? 100% (I mean have you seen that gif of him staring at the yoga woman’s ass)
  •  Ass grabbing/ass slapping 
  • Low-key bondage 
  •  Dirty talk? Ear lobe biting when doing so or when he’s telling you what he’s going to do later or if he’s being cheeky and teasing you (in public? Maybe)
  •  Hair pulling
  •  Neck kissing 
  •  Tongue trailing up neck/along jaw/down body
  •  Handcuffs
  •  Ear biting and tugging 
  •  Back scratching
  •  Angry sex
  •  Slow, passionate sex
  •  Shower sex
  •  Him pulling your hair back whilst in the shower to get better access to your neck
  •  Him helping you wash his hair and body afterwards and vice versa
  •  Bath play (like romantic, flowers, candles and alcohol) 
  •  Rough sex
  •  Back from tour sex
  • Car sex?
  • Morning sex
  •  Thigh riding 
  •  Dry humping
  • Multiple rounds? Depending on the mood
  • Orgasm denial (giving/recieving) 
  • That teasing smirk of his when he pulls away/out before your climax (orgasm denial)
  • Him a whimpering mess when you pull away (orgasm denial)
  •  Him pulling your head to him so he can kiss you, hard
  •  Him putting his forehead on yours, looking into your eyes or closing his eyes, whilst he rode into you all hot and flustered 
  •  His hair sticking to his head
  •  You brushing you fingers through it
  •  His rings making you shiver as they graze across your skin and to the pleasure
  •  Him wanting and getting a kick out of making you feel good 
  •  He’d always make you feel good before he worried about himself 
  •  Him holding you hips down on the bed as he grinds on you
  •  Him lifting you up onto he kitchen counter and you wrapping your legs round his waist whilst making out
  •  Things getting heated and him pushing you up against a wall and you both hastily getting undressed all whilst kissing needily
  •  Him pushing you up against a wall and grabbing your thighs as he lifts you up and wraps your legs round his waist, kissing your lips, jaw and neck, nibbling at your earlobe and leaning in towards your ear telling you what he’s going to do to you and how you’ve been teasing him all day with those text messages and Snapchats
  • Naughty snapchats
  • Toys? Food play or ice play?
  • Him (dom) grabbing your face so that he can look you in the eyes whilst he pounds into you 
  • Like mild choking? 
  • He’d like to leave hickies on your neck, down your body, on your thighs, on you ass cheeks and on you hips
  • He’s lick from the base of your neck toyour chin as you tilt you head back in pleasure
  • And he’d come up into your face and whisper something to you probably something dirty
  • Him in between your legs on the bed holding himself up on his hands or by his elbows and just panting or looking at you in that way
  • You wrapping your legs around his waist and hands around his neck pulling him into you whilst he does so
  • Or him running his hand down your thigh(s) and putting them around his waist
  • Just him holding you thighs tbh
  • Him back muscles oml
  • Him chucking you on the bed and crawling up over you
  • Him giving you a smirk and that look before he does crawl over you as you move up the bed oml
  • Or you both in a heated make-out session and hurriedly move over to he bed and your thighs hit it and you go down kissing ignoring the fall
  • You banging your head on something when things get heated (wherever you are situated in the apartment) and he just pulls away and laughs whilst tilting and putting his head on your shoulder
  • Him banging his head on something d him pulling away to grab where he hurt his head whilst making an in pain expression
  • Then turning back to you and asking ‘can you kiss it better?’ or ‘can you make me feel better?’ with a cheeky pout on his face
  • When you do something out in public accidentally, that he finds really hot, and he leans into your ear and whispers or looks at you and tells you that if you continue… 
  •  Teasing bites
  • Teasing bites, kisses and licks up your thighs looking up at you to see your reactions, wanting you to beg, smirking when he stops if you don’t and starts going back to his usual business until you stop him and sigh defeatedly and ‘beg’ causing hi  to turn around and go back to your intimate position beforehand
  • He’s all for sexy lingerie and when you wear it oh my god does it drive him crazy
  • Him trying to touch you and you not letting him
  • Strip teases (giving and receiving)
  • You pulling him in by his tie to give him a kiss
  • You pushing him on the bed and him leaning up on his elbows (like in a suit -minus the blazer and footwear) and scanning up and down knowing that he’s going to be the sub tonight and smirking
  • You tutting and him watching your every move with the ‘bed lust’ look, whether it be you walking teasingly around the bedroom or you crawling up the bed to him seductively
  • Roleplay/sexy dress up?
  • Him having a bad day or being exhausted after a long day and you giving him a little help to relieve him if you get what I mean
  • And like at first he might try and shut you down saying he’s too tired, but you’ve already started undoing his jeans and he just let’s you continue panting already and getting flustered even though you haven’t even touched him properly yet 
  • Already working up a sweat, his hair sticking to head and beads of sweat forming on his temple
  • Him panting (whilst maybe smirking or smiling), tilting his head back on the sofa and asking what he did to deserve you, how lucky he is to be with you and how good you are to him
  • Him holding you head and putting his hand in your hair
  • Him telling you afterwards that yes he’s relieved but now he’s even more tired and you too just then snuggling up on the sofa, putting something on the tv and falling to sleep one of you sleeping on each other’s chest and stroking their back and playing with their hair
  • Kissing his neck and vice versa, he loves it
  •  Him trailing his finger up and down your spine lightly 
  •  His tongue
  •  The things he can do you with that tongue ;) 
  • Facesitting? Probably
  •  Overstimulation 
  •  Him biting and giving you love bites on your thighs and cleavage 
  •  Him loving your reactions
  •  Him kissing and admiring your body, telling you how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you
  • You giving him oral and vice versa
  •  Lots of oral 
  •  Him being the type to put your legs over his shoulders whilst he’s doing his thing
  • Face-riding
  •  Cheeky, teasing kitten licks
  • Thigh kissing/biting/hickeys (tease)
  • Him humming into you
  • Him loving the taste of you (in this sense and kissing, just the taste of your skin really)
  •  You putting your hands through his hand and holding him there making him smirk down there, as he looks up at you
  •  Him blowing air on you and teasing you
  • When you give him oral he’d work up a sweat quickly
  • He’d push your head down 
  • He’d thread his fingers through your hair
  • Brush strands away from your face and stroke your cheeks
  • He’d try and watch you before closing his eyes, relishing in it, letting himself fully enjoy and appreciate it
  • Him throwing his head back and letting out a string of moans and curse words, intertwining your name in them
  • You watching him come undone (no pun intended) and then him glancing down at you when he’s finished climaxing admiring you and stroking your hair pulling you up to him and kissing you
  • This leads to other things happening that night because he loves reciprocating the gesture
  • Him talking to you and complimenting you and your skills whilst your doing 
  • Being experimental and trying other positions and new things in the bedroom 
  • Probably stick to missionary, doggy style or cowgirl
  • Some position where he can hold your hips and watch you struggle a pleasure takes over you
  • Him watching you climax probably plays a big part in his climax
  •  Him loving how much you love his tongue and then him always teasing you
  •  Him knowing you love his tongue so when you’re out in public or with the guys he does little things with his tongue (you know the things I mean) bc he knows you’re watching 
  •  him looking you right in the eyes when he’s doing it to show you he knows you’re watching 
  •  Him smirking 
  •  Little tease
  •  Him then just smiling and acting cute as if nothing had happened 
  • Partially-clothed sex
  • He loves any skin to skin contact with you
  •  His orgasm face
  • Gritted teeth or nah? depending
  • His whimpers/moans/groans/grunts/growls/curses
  • Your moans and panting intertwining in the silence of the room, oh as well as the sound of the bed moving
  • The beautiful sounds of this beautiful man moaning your name
  • Him loving the sound of his name rolling off of your lips (in and out of the bedroom)
  • His gasps or pants for breath
  • Him telling you repeatedly how much he love’s you whilst panting
  •  When things get heated in the bedroom he pants and curses against the skin of your neck 
  •  He grazes the edge of his teeth along your skin 
  • Bites you collarbones
  •  Him being all flustered and sweaty
  •  Dom? Sub? Depends on the mood 
  • Him ordering you around in the bedroom with his low, husky voice
  • Like he has a hint of possessiveness when he’s the dom and you’re both living for it bc he loves seeing you all vulnerable and needy whilst in that state 
  • When he’s dom he loves hearing you beg
  • Him teasing you in public and vice versa
  • The aftermath at home of the teasing in public
  •  Eye contact 
  •  His hands oml his hands
  • The things he can do with those hands
  • Him having those rings on when he you know ;) with those hands
  •  Him nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck 
  • Waking up the next morning and him smiling or smirking at you whispering or saying in his husky, deep morning voice ‘good morning princess’ or ‘morning babe’
  • Him chuckling when you get out of bed and have trouble walking 
  • Probably walking out ahead of you but not before hitting you ass and chuckling and saying ‘little bit too rough last night was I?’ cheekily and going to the bathroom or to make breakfast
  • You already making breakfast wearing his top from the night before and him coming up and backhugging you whispering into the crook of you neck how good you look in his top and that he had a great time last night, whilst peppering your neck in kissesas you just reply with a me too or a small laugh
  • Or telling you that if you don’t stop teasing him and loking so sexy he’s just going to have to take you here on the kitchen counter right then and there
  •  Hand holding during sex
  •  Him holding your hands above your head during sex whilst grinding into you
  • Leaving hickeys on that beautiful golden skin of his and then his mua having to cover them up 
  • At first he’d ask you not to leave hickeys on his neck so you would focus on his torso
  • But then there was that one time where things got real heated and you did leave hickeys on his neck and from there on out he just let you do it bc he loved the way they looked and felt
  • And of course he got a kick sitting in his chair the next morning having the mua cover them up as the guys teased him about it
  •  Hand holding in public (intertwined fingers or not whichever you prefer)
  •  Him doing that face whilst he grits his teeth when sexually frustrated and grinding into you looking down at you when he’s on top of you, looking you straight in the eyes
  • When it’s romantic, slow or passionate sex he you guys wouldn’t be that vocal just ‘I love you’s’ murmured here and there
  •  Random hand holding in public 
  •  Him talking to people and intertwining his hand with yours as if by instinct or to make sure you know he knows you’re there and to make sure you’re not uncomfortable (if it’s people you don’t know that he’s talking to) 
  • Him tucking your hair behind your ear in a loving way or just to admire your face and vice versa
  •  Cute and silly snapchats from him and the boys
  •  The boys loving you, you all being really good friends 
  •  Jimin pretending to be jealous and taking tae away from you whilst you laugh 
  •  Jungkook jokingly saying how gross you guys are (how cute and corny you are) but actually really loving it bc he loves seeing you both happy
  •  Having a pet with him 
  •  Watching him playing with his/your dog
  •  His dog liking you straight away
  •  Which he thought was great 
  •  Going on walks (hand holding, swinging your hands together, him grabbing both your hands and you both turning in circles)
  •  Acting like children together 
  •  Going on walks it’s your pet and holding hands whilst swinging them 
  •  Him feeding you and vice versa 
  •  Him whispering in your ear (cutely whilst around people) (or sexually)
  •  Maybe an inside joke or to tell you something he doesn’t want everyone to know or to make other people jealous that you guys are a couple 
  • Having a shit ton of inside jokes
  •  Protective tae
  •  Jealous tae oh my gawd can you imagine 
  •  Him giving you his jacket when you’re out to let people to know you’re his 
  • Him getting jealous and doing that thing where he just sits there with that ‘done’ look on his face when you become really close friends with a certain member of bangtan
  • Or like you went out for food or somewhere with this certain member and Tae would be like ‘why didn’t you invite me?’
  •  When guys approach you he shuts them down right away 
  •  Grabbing your waist or standing in front of you 
  •  When girls try and flirt with him or approach him in front of you he lets them know he’s with you 
  •  Putting his hand around your shoulder or waist and pulling you into him 
  •  Then shutting them down nicely (depending on what the girl is like), telling them he’s with you, gesturing to you
  •  You wearing his jumpers 
  • You stealing his beanies and snapbacks
  • Getting to see him in snapbacks and beanies
  • Him putting his snapback on you cutely then pulling it down so it hts your nose and pulling away laughing
  •  Him loving to see you in his clothes 
  •  His favourite outfit on you is one of his tops/jumpers (sweater paws) and you with nothing on underneath (apart from your underwear)
  •  And maybe a pair of knee high socks 
  •  Him always complimenting you on how you look and vice versa 
  •  Both blushing
  •  Him loving the smell of your perfume 
  •  Him spraying his aftershave on you as if to mark you
  •  Him lifting you up onto the counter top and just hugging you whilst he buries his head in your neck 
  •  You putting your hands around his waist but under his tops running your hands up and along his stomach
  •  Him tracing circles on your hips under your top whilst he holds you in his arms
  •  You love just sometimes holding each other and not saying a word, content and showing your love through actions
  •  You hugging him and burying your head into his chest nuzzling your nose into his chest smelling his top/jacket and smiling contently to yourself 
  •  Him looking down at you whilst you do so and smiling, moving his hand up to play with your hair
  •  His arms wrapped around you and his fingers interlocked at the back of your waist
  •  His nuzzling his head into your neck whilst hugging and smelling your hair whilst smiling bc he just loves the scent of your shampoo or perfume
  •  It’s become his favourite scent
  •  Nose nuzzles 
  •  Him kissing the tip of your nose and your forehead
  •  You kissing his forehead and him scrunching up his face cutely (you know that thing) and blushing 
  •  Him then maybe grabbing his cheeks or doing one of those silly faces afterwards 
  •  A lot of skinship
  • Nicknames
  • ‘babe’/’jagi’
  • Nicknames for in the bedroom ;)
  • ‘kitten’
  • ‘baby girl’
  • ‘baby’
  • Him teasing you with those nicknames out in public by whispering them in your ear ‘kittennn’ as he wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzles his head into you, pressing his lower half against your butt so you can feel just how horny he is  ‘let’s go home’
  • Or whilst he rests his hands on your waist thumbs circling your hips whilst he tells you how good you looked today, whispering ‘kitten you have no idea what you’re outfit is doing to me today. I don’t want anyone else who isn’t me looking at you. Jungkook’s already pissed me off with his staring’
  • One of the guys hearing
  •  Singing in the car together along with the radio 
  •  You annoying the guys (but they really love it) when you both burst into song or sing along and start dancing to a song on the radio
  •  Dancing randomly together
  •  Making silly faces to each other
  • You going to the guys photoshoot and when you’re not with him he’s asking everyone where you are
  • you are usually not far at all but he’s still looking for you whilst getting ready and during his photoshoot, smiling when he sees you or winking
  •  The others commenting about you are like the same person during interviews tae doing that happy/shy smile he does, and blushing when the guys start talking about you guys and how great your relationship is 
  • Tae hugging Suga when he says that you’re cute and Suga just smiles at Tae bc he can see how in love he is
  •  Him beaming whilst talking about you during interviews 
  •  Him rambling about you
  •  Sending you hearts and kisses and cute little waves and winks through the tv
  •  Fighting!
  •  Him shouting ‘I love you Tilly’ on tv as he finishes talking about you
  • Him asking random people ‘do you think my girlfriend’s cute? She is isn’t she?’ whilst smiling 
  • When of you says ‘I love you’ for the first time it would be randomly or by accidentally voicing your/his thoughts
  • The other would be shocked but would then be quick to pull the other into them, kiss them and repeat the phrase back to him/her
  •  Random talks at night when you’re laying in bed or whenever you’re bored
  •  Him smiling at everything you do and vice versa
  • He’d give you foot rubs and massages when you’re stressed or tired
  • You’d give him massages a would probably sit on his back, legs either side of his body, whilst he’s laying down shirtless on the sofa or bed 
  • Him probably falling sleep and you continuing it or getting off and putting a blanket over him and either snuggling up to him or going and tottering around the house being as quiet as possible bc you don’t want to wake him up bc let’s face it he needs all the sleep he can get given his job and lifestyle
  •  Cute cuddles 
  •  Back hugs
  •  Him nuzzling his neck into your neck whilst hugging you from behind murmuring words, sentences and singing into your hair or neck
  • Him kissing the top of your back/neck whilst backhugging you
  •  Him interlocking his hands with yours when you place your hands on his 
  •  Him leaning on you to complain while you’re taking so long to cook the food or wash the dishes and you doing the same when it his turn to do it
  •  Taking turns doing chores; washing the dishes (or loading the dishwasher), cleaning, cooking
  •  You/him turning his head to kiss your head or forehead whilst he/you are backhugging you/him 
  • Cute and innocent showers/baths together
  • Him giving you a funny hairstyle with the shampoo/conditioner and vice versa
  • You waking up to him making breakfast after one hell of a good night ;)
  • You going up to him and wrapping your arms around his waist nuzzling your head into his back
  • Him turning around, seeing you in his shirt and wrapping his arms around you waist also
  • Eating together
  • His morning voice
  • Him looking at you and smiling when he wakes up and sees you either awake and looking at him or asleep and peaceful
  •  You recording him 
  •  You recording some videos for bangtan bombs or V-live 
  •  Him doing your makeup jokingly 
  •  Him drawing on your face whilst you’re asleep
  •  You doing his makeup whilst he’s asleep or drawing on his face and him waking up, realising, then taking a picture and uploading it to social media or just keeping it to himself to look back on, whilst smiling and giggling 
  •  Cute couples pictures (silly and adorable, or serious and hot)
  •  Him asking you to taking pictures of him
  •  Travelling together (pictures/videos)
  •  Him taking pictures of you making sure to get the perfect one
  •  Him taking pictures of you off guard and vice versa
  •  Power couple
  • Talked about online a lot
  • Cooking together
  • Going out or ordering food when you can’t be bothered to cook
  •  Play fights 
  •  Snowball fights 
  • And when you’re freezing he comes and puts his gloved-covered hands on your cheeks to warm you up, then pulling you in for a peck
  •  Tickle fights 
  •  Video games (and you’re both competitive so)
  • I feel like you’d both try and distract each other if you get my gist 
  •  Loads and loads of hugs 
  •  Chasing around the house or around the dorm when the boys are there and them watching you whilst laughing or complaining that you’re both knocking into them 
  •  Him backhugging you or normally hugging you and rocking with you in his grip (you may or may not be standing on his feet)
  •  Your playing with his hair at the bottom of his neck, playing with the strands between your fingertips 
  •  Him loving it and tilting his head forwards or backwards 
  •  Him loving you playing with his hair when he’s in bed, drifting off to sleep 
  •  Him sometimes asking you to play with his hair when he’s tired
  •  His cute sleeping face
  •  Cuddles, lots and lots anddd lots of cuddling
  •  On the sofa you lay in between his legs his arms wrapped around you as you have your head on his chest (sleeping or watching a film) 
  •  His head propped up by a pillow or by his arm as he holds you in his arms and his fingers in playing with the strands of your hair
  •  Him running his fainter in shapes/lines on your back
  •  Him sat up and doing the same whilst you sit in his lap
  •  You sat down on the sofa (sometimes reading a book or scrolling through your phone) and he comes over and lays down with his head on your lap 
  •  Him sometimes saying stuff to you or it’s just something he does to feel content 
  •  You leaning down and kissing his lips or forehead and him smiling and looking at you fondly
  •  Pulling you down for another one maybe 
  •  The dog coming over and licking his face or jump on tae lap 
  •  Him laughing about it and cuddling and stroking the dog 
  •  Legs tangled together 
  • Playing with his hair, like adding hair clips, bobby pins and scrunchies 
  • Him taking pictures of it or you taking pictures of him
  • The fans loving you bc you upload so many photos of Tae for them
  • SO Tae stans fucking love you
  •  Spooning in bed or on the sofa
  • Him watching you sleep analysing and admiring every part of your face and thinking how lucky he is to have a girl like you (and vice versa)
  • Like imagine softly running you finger through his hair or moving and parting (playing) with his hair whilst he’s asleep, trailing your fingers along his lips and cupping his face
  •  Back of the neck kisses whilst spooning
  •  Him murmuring something like ‘I love you’ into your hair or neck whilst spooning and you replying before he drifts off to sleep 
  •  The smell of your shampoo or natural essence would be really comforting to him and would help him sleep
  •  Him telling you about his day when you are facing each other in bed and him playing with your hands and fingers, looking at how his hands look playing with yours and how great you are, or looking in your eyes, either way you’re both content and you are taking in everything little thing he says and does 
  •  You love listening to him and vice versa 
  • Him holding you whilst you both sleep
  • Waking up to him every day
  •  You’re love for each other gets stronger everyday and everyone and anyone can see that 
  •  Singing around the house randomly
  •  Seeing tae with a bandana on (I’ m deAd)
  •  His hands oml
  •  Drunk Tae would be great
  • Both drunk you and drunk Tae together would be even better
  •  He would be so affectionate and would either constantly be hugging you or at least would have contact with you at all times
  •  He’d want you close and would pull you onto his lap whilst he either had a drink and had a hand on your thigh or had his hands around your waist securing you in place 
  •  You going to get a drink and him saying that he doesn’t want you going by yourself so he gets one of the guys to get you one
  •  Him eyeing down any guy that gave you the look and pull you closer into him nuzzling his head into the side of your neck whilst his arm wrapped around your waist 
  •  He’d love to dance with you in the club (sexually or silly)
  •  I feel like he’d be more vocal and would be more likely to get in a fight 
  •  And then the guys (probably jungkook, jimin) would have to stop him or pull him away whilst suga would say something to the guy who had riled him up and then Jin and namjoon would be trying to reason with the guy who had caused all this 
  •  It was probably bc of you, when I say this I mean the guy had probably come up to you, tried to flirt with you, touched you or cat called you
  •  Or he could have walked passed you and bumped into you really hard causing you to stumble or fall either into Tae or into the floor without apologising and Tae would grab his wrist, shoulder or arm and you would have to tell him to not worry about it but he would ignore you and call for the guys attention and the guy would turn around and ignore Tae and scan you up and down and this would really grind Tae’s gears
  •  So tae obviously had to say something when usually he would just either block the persons view of you or show them you’re his but bc he was drunk he spoke up and went straight up to the guy, face-to-face
  • Getting home with drunk Tae and going to tuck him in and him dragging you down with him whilst he goes out like a light murmuring an ‘I love you Tilly’ beforehand bc even when drunk you are the only thing that occupies his mind, hugging you and not letting go
  • You making him a coffee and breakfast when he wakes up with a hangover

Some of the ways you could have met:

  1.  You met him through Jimin or Jungkook as they were your closest childhood friends 
  •  They thought that it would be cute to set you up 
  •  So they did
  1. Or you were friends with Jimin and Jungkook but met Tae at a club and went home with each other and then continued talking after it bc you really liked each other
  2. Or Tae was a friend or best friend of yours ,one drunken night one thing led to another and…
  • Then that continued as a friends-with-benefits kind of thing (do the boys find out? A few, one or all of them probably know, mainly bc they walked in on it or just figured it out by the way you treat and act around each other) (like they knew you loved each other before you even realised it yourself) bc you both enjoyed it so much, which then progressed into you falling in love with one an other and one of you spouting an ‘I love you’ during sex and the other one just stopping and looking shocked at the one who said it pulling them in to kiss them then pulling away and saying ‘likewise’, ‘me too’ or ‘I love you too’ 
  • The sex then being you both showing each other how much you love each other
  • Multiple rounds
  1. Or you were just friends until Tae made a move on you by pushing you up against the counter or wall and kissing you
  • Him telling you that you’re so god damn beautiful and that every time he sees you, and sees you smile, laugh, get excited (and do that cute thing you do) his heart almost comes out of his chest 
  • And when you cry, get hurt, get too close to one of the guys or get your heartbroken his heart breaks and he just wants to be there for you
  • He tells you how well he would treat you and how he would never hurt you
  • All that soppy movie shit ^

  •  Him being adamant you’re the one, and you are 
  • Him giving you good morning and goodnight kisses
  • Him giving you kisses when you leave for work and telling you to have a good day
  •  You give him a quick peck and when you pull away  and laugh as he pouts until eventually you sigh and go in for another to which he pulls you on top of him
  • As you both laugh into the kiss and then maybe it gets heated maybe i doesn’t bc you know you might have to go to work or something
  • Him dropping you and picking you up from work
  • Leaning over the console and giving him a kiss before you leave the confinements of the car
  • Him shouting an ‘I love you’ out the window, that he rolled down, leaning over and resting his forearm on the console, with his hand still on the driver’s wheel (like in the movies) as you go into work
  • All your colleagues being jealous of the fact that your relationship is great and you’ve got one hell of a good looking boyfriend
  • Him driving and you both singing along to what’s on the radio
  • Having playlist that you listen to in the car
  • Having that one special song that you both love and splitting it up into parts to sing it
  • Him tapping his hands/fingers on the wheel 
  • Him putting his hand on your thigh as he drives
  • You placing your hand on top of his hand or interlocking your fingers together when theyre on your thigh
  • Him looking at you when you talk in the car or glancing over at you in the car and you telling him that he needs to focus on the road
  • Him smiling at you whilst you sing or talk in the car
  •  You putting your hand on his whilst he drives
  • Him doing funny dance moves towards the car as he leaves the airport to go to see you after he’s come back from tour 
  • Going to drive-throughs
  • Him stealing your chips or messing around with the food
  •  Adventuresssss
  • Going to the beach together alone or with the guys 
  • Him chucking you in the sea or you both racing to the sea
  • Making sand castles together (with you kids or not)
  • Getting ice cream together
  •  Him missing you when he’s on tour 
  •  You keeping one of his t-shirts bc it’s smells of him and always wearing it when you go to bed whilst he’s on tour 
  •  Him crying sometimes when someone brings you up in conversation 
  •  Or when something reminds him of you 
  • They would all comfort him but I feel like J-Hope would play a big role when it came to comforting him and reassuring him
  •  Him crying when he leaves to go on tour at the airport, crying into your neck as he hugs you tight, pulling away and smiling before giving you a final kiss and an ‘I love you’, ‘I’ll miss you’ and an ‘I’ll call you later’
  •  Jimin sending you pictures of him asleep and selfies of Jimin with tae (asleep or awake) 
  • Him sending you videos throughout the days with little messages in them
  • Him calling you before bed or throughout the day
  • He’s always considerate of the time zones so will send a text when it’s night time where you are or morning where you are 
  • He’d have the world clock thing up and have your destination’s clock there
  • Cute little quick pecks all over your face
  • Him coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist 
  • Him fully clothed and walking out of the bathroom in a white t-shirt and joggers/basketball shorts/boxers whilst ruffling/drying his hair with a towel
  • Him loking up and seeing you looking at him and questioning what or where you’re going to eat later , where you’re both going later, what you’re both doing later or if you like what you see cheekily (depending on the mood)
  • That look he gives you when you’re about to kiss (imagine that you are Jungkook) (but thIS gIF omL)
  •  You and the maknae line all going to amusement park with some of the hyung line tagging along if they’re not busy 
  •  Laser tag with all of them 
  •  Matching clothing - not necessarily but maybe little items of clothing like the same but different colour (underwear, beanies etc)
  • Him buying you a ring, bracelet or necklace and we all know you never take it off
  • You may have matching ones 
  • Him taking off his one of his favourite rings and putting it on your finger (on you ring finger maybe like a promise ring) bc he wants his favourite thing to adorn his favourite person
  • Being able to bring him out of a shitty mood with just your presence
  •  But when you have kids bc we know you will 
  • I feel like he’s the type to have kids when he’s married or at least positive that he’s going to be spending the rest of his life with you
  • Imagine little Tae’s running around
  • You’d have a boy and a girl (either twins or a few years aparts)
  •  He’d be the perfect dad
  •  He’d dress him/her (if a boy how he’d dress) 
  •  Spoil them
  •  He’d take him/her to the park with all the boys
  •  They’d all go on the swings or park equipment and be like ‘Y/C/N! come here, look at me!’
  •  Them all being like uncles 
  • When he finds out you’re pregnant he’d be over the moon
  • I don’t think it would be planned tbh
  • First being shocked and being lie ‘what?’ thinking he didn’t hear you properly but when you repeat it he’d be smiling so damn fucking hard like ‘really? I’m going to be a dad?’ 
  • Him then coming over and hugging you, almost squezzing the life out of you and spinning you around and then realising what he was doing and setting you down, being scared that he hurt the baby but when you told him it was okay and that you were both fine he just started peppering you with kisses
  • Whilst you ask if he’s happy and he tells you and that he is over the fucking moon
  • And of course overly protective, getting you and buying you random things
  • Reading parenting and baby books
  • The guys helping you and Tae shop for baby clothes
  • Imagine telling the guys you’re are pregnant they’d all be so happy for you and Tae
  • and Tae would not shut up about the fact that he’s going to be a dad
  • The guys all congratulating you and looking after you when Tae’s not around, like checking up on you and sending videos of Tae to you
  • Them all videocalling you when they’re away on tour
  • When you let it out into the open that your pregnant to the media would go wild and he’d get really excited to talk about it on tv and when the interviewer ask how you’re doing he’d be like ‘oh her and the kids or Y/C/N are great’ 
  • He’d be all smiley
  •  Him taking your glasses (if you have them) and trying them on asking you if he looks good whilst your laughing and trying to get them back
  •  Him then making silly faces whilst still asking if he looks good 
  • When you get engaged oml it would be the cutest thing ever 
  • It would be really romantic and the guys would help set it up and keep you occupied whilst things are being discussed or arranged by the boys and Tae
  • Like a candle-lit dinner or rose petals related (probably something corny out of a movie, but it would be secluded just you and him)
  • You would cry and then he would cry as you said yes (obvs)
  • And then he’d get up from being on one knee and put the ring on your finger as he lets out a short, breathy laugh of disbelief and pulls you into him, kisses you and hugs you as you both just stand there and cry
  • The guys coming out from nowhere an congratulating you both with hugs and ‘congrats!’
  • Then disappearing and letting you get on with your dinner
  • You’d be engaged for a year or two or maybe sooner
  • I feel like you’d both be eager for it but you know Tae’s really busy and you are too if truth be told so you’re okay for waiting
  • Him calling you his ‘fiance’ all the time jokingly 
  • The boys discussing who’s going to be best man and them all fighting over it
  • Finally settling on one (you decide)
  • The others still giving speeches obviously
  • The wedding would be like any normal wedding apart from there would be Tae’s and your celebrity friends there
  • Friends and family would love you too together
  • Him crying when you walk down the aisle and then trying to wipe his tears quickly as you approach him and one or some of the guys rubbing/patting his back or slinging the arm around his shoulder whilst smiling
  • Him smiling when you come face-to-face at the alter
  • You guys going to dance lessons (not that you really need to)
  • Having your first dance with him to your guys special song
  • Him telling you that you look absolutely breath taking
  • Him playing with the kids on yours and his side of the family
  • Like both of you dancing with them on your feet and then people telling you or just talking about what great parents you would be
  • One or both of you kids are conceived on your wedding night or honeymoon
  • You honeymoon probably being in a classic place like Hawaii
  • Him always calling you ‘Mrs. Kim’ during the reception/party thing later .
  • The boys doing it also
  • You both staying side by side 
  • Or him talking to family talking about how lucky he is and how great you are and vice versa
  • Wedding videos and photo albums
  •  Him spoiling you and you insisting that he stops as you still get all flustered and spoilt
  •  Him disagreeing and saying that you deserve it bc nothing could amount to how much he loves you and he wants to show you just how much you mean to him
  •  Him getting you sentimental gifts (from inside jokes) while on tour 
  • You getting him a piece of jewellery, item of clothing or teddy and him taking it on tour with him all the time or wearing it all the time
  • You both supporting each other so much and being each other’s safety blanket
  • You didn’t really have a lot of arguments but when you did it led to one of you leaving the house to go to the boys and let off a bit of steam
  • I think he’d be quite like scary, but like so would you
  • You’d end up crying and he’d forget about what you were arguing about and just come and pull you into his chest as you just stood there hugging each other
  • He’d probably start crying as well either trying to wipe his tears or not evening bothering ad just putting his head on top of yours or cheek on top of your head letting the tears fall 
  • I feel like you’d have arguments and they’d just turn into sex or he’d have to leave the room and calm down
  • Him telling you he forgives you or he’s sorry as he pounds into you mercilessly
  • You just nodding your head and panting an ‘it’s alright’ out pulling him down for a kiss
  • Make-up sex would be great, slow and passionate, ‘sorry’s and ‘I love you’s here and there
  •  Watching him on stage 
  •  Him being all hot and sweaty
  •  Him spotting you and waving and coming over to your side of the stage a lot to see you and tease you
  •  Him mentioning you in those cute little speeches they give on stage 
  •  Him coming off the stage and you going backstage to see him and he comes up and hugs you, kissing your forehead, all smiley and shit whilst you complain that he’s covered in sweat 
  •  Surprising him on tour (the boys probably having something to do with it)
  •  Him being so shocked and slowly walking up to you as if you weren’t really there 
  •  But when it sank in and he realised that you were real and actually were there he’d rush up to you, pick you up, twirl you around, whilst hugging you, then put you down and place a kiss (either soft or hard ) on your lips 
  •  Him coming home early
  •  Him not telling the fans about you straight away, for a couple of months (which you understand and are fine with) 
  •  But you would go to fan meets and he’d see you and wave happily all excited then remember where you were and had to play it off by waving at other people with as much excitement as that 
  •  The boys would just laugh at him and give you a smile or small wave, maybe a wink
  •  But when he did tell ARMY about you they would love you, and always say how you are the same person and are SO cute together 
  •  Everyone shipping it like e v e r y o n e
  •  Him always trying to bring you up 
  •  Skype calls / face time
  •  Cute messages 
  • Sexting/Naughty video calls
  •  Cute little dates (coffee dates, walks along the river/through the woods, feeding the ducks, zoo/aquarium visits, going out for food, going to the fair, going to watch the fireworks or just watching a movie with loads of snacks)
  •  Pictures of/from these dates 
  •  Photo albums 
  • Him wearing the contacts you lve the most on him (or none if you prefer his normal beautiful eyes)
  • Him getting really anxious when you’re coming to watch him and the guys at their concert
  • Doing bottle flips and saying ‘if I d this it will go great and everything will be fine’ but him failing so he does it until gets it claiming the other ones were just practice ones 
  • Him sending you videos of him singing
  • Him trying to learn your language and him teaching you his
  • Him learning about your culture and where you’re from bc he wants to know as much about you as possible
  •  Him putting his beanies and scarves on you when it’s cold out 
  •  Him kissing you nose and cheeks when they’re bright red from the cold 
  •  Him showing you things he finds interesting or funny
  •  Him embarrassing you by telling funny stories to people about the time that you…
  •  But him then pulling you into a hug 'ahh, I love you’ , 'you’ve got to admit it was funny’ whilst rocking you back and forth
  •  Him looking after you whilst you’re ill and vice versa
  •  Giving you kisses when you’re ill and telling him to stop bc he’ll get ill and you don’t want that but he doesn’t care bc he 'wants to kiss your cute face’ and he 'doesn’t care if he gets ill’
  •  You watching a movie with him and the boys (you and tae under a blanket, most likely sat on his lap or at least sat in between his legs as you took up one sofa, then some of the boys on the other sofa and he rest sat or laying in the floor) 
  •  You accidentally moving and causing a little problem for tae’s little tae 
  •  Him then clearing his voice and you turning to him and him holding your hips so you didn’t move
  •  You then feel it and understand
  •  Would you then tease him? Probably 
  •  The boys wouldn’t notice as they’d all be to involved in the film you were watching 
  •  He would realise what you were doing pretty fast and he would grab your wrist or lock you in place on his hips holding you down tighter bc he almost let out a noise and it’s hard (no pun intended) to keep a straight face
  •  So he whispers 'later’ into your ear whilst looking at you, the tv or around indicating that the boys are still here and when they leave then yes 
  •  Silly butt squeezes or slaps 
  •  Him going from cute to god damn sexy in 0.2 seconds
  • Him knowing how it effects you and smirking afterwards or giggling
  •  Him teaching you their dances
  •  You going along to dance practice
  •  Him seeing you jamming out to their music and him recording you 
  •  Then bursting out laughing whilst telling you how cute you were whilst hugging you and pinching your cheeks
  • Celebrating his birthday with him and the guys
  • Taking pictures with him on his birthday or just of him
  •  Him telling you he loves you all the time and randomly
  •  Cute little smirks
  •  Him always calling you when he has any free time 
  •  Him always looking at you when you’re around (like when he comes home from tour but I mean he would always be looking at you bc you’re hot af let be honest)
  •  He’d always want to hold your attention when talking to 
  •  Always scanning your face and every little detail, adoring you 
  •  You catching him doing it and you stop talking to him or doing whatever you’re doing and just smile or blush slightly turning away and then continue on as he continues to stare at you smiling or smirking to himself whilst leaning against a counter or coming up behind your d telling you you’re beautiful and that 'I love you’ to which you reply 'I love you too’
  •  Cute nicknames
  • Him loving the sound of your laugh and vice versa
  • Him loving all the things about you that you see as flaws
  • Him playing his saxophone for you
  • Him taking you to playgrounds and stuff to just be kids again and swing on the swings
  • You getting ice cream together and you putting ice cream on his nose
  • You going to the beach and everyone is jealous of you bc I mean have you seen Taehyung? and You?
  • Going on holiday together and visiting all the places you want to visit
  • Tae being Tae (happy, smiley, adorable) 
  •  You love making him blush
  •  You’re just perfect for him and he knows it and everyone else knows it
  •  Him holding onto you when you go to award shows together
  • You helping him get ready for award shows and him just (pretend you are the woman in the gif below) and vice versa 
  • Like straightening out his tux whilst smiling up at him
  • Or you doing his tie and him staring at you do so in admiration
  • Or your fixing a stray piece of hair and then glancing up to see him looking at you smiling fondly
  •  Then him leaning down and pecking you on the lips with a low, husky thank you
  • Like imagine him moving your hair away from your neck to put on a necklace for you
  • Him carrying your lipstick in his suit pocket so you don’t have to take a clutch
  • Him holding your hand as you get out at the venue and him helping you get out of the car
  • Holding your hand all around the even (like for paparazzi and stuff and so you don’t get lost)
  •  Like his hand around your waist and him beaming brightly bc he’s so happy that you’re by his side
  •  Him showing you off (like that Will Smith thing) (soRrY)
  •  Him sitting next to you, your hands intertwined and resting on either his leg/lap or yours
  •  Him resting his arm on the back of your chair (maybe playing with the tips of your hair) or on your leg and leaning in to whisper stuff to you
  • Him kissing you on the cheek or a kiss peck on the lips or forehead as he goes off to get ready to perform at the award show/event and you wishing him a good luck 
  • Other idols eyeing you up and Tae noticing and pulling you in closer
  • People seeing you together and realising just how in love you are AND FINDING IT ADORABLE
  •  Like ARMY would be all over that shit I’m talking gifs made of you two together, them tweeting about how cute you two and how good you looked, it would be like such a big ship within in the fandom

Feel free to request anything! (X) ❤️

  • Gray: I don't like Juvia like that
  • Laxus: My relationship with Freed is entirely platonic
  • Gajeel: I'd never say sappy shit like that to Levy
  • Natsu: Lucy and I are just friends
  • Elfman: Evergreen isn't manly enough for me
  • Zeref: I don't love Mavis anymore
  • Loke: *appears* why tf u lion
  • Loke: why u always lion
  • Loke: emmmohmagahd
  • Loke: stop fuckin lion
To Flirt With A Bookworm - LunaLockser - Fairy Tail [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Fandom: fairy tail

Ships: Gajevy mentioned: nalu, gruvia, lories

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, Loke, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Mira, Cana, Jet, Droy,

Link to version

Summary: Gajeel learns just how much Levy loves her books

Note: Hey Puddin’s, first fanfiction ever! I got the idea for this story while joking with my sister, Levy is a very playful character, and I can see her as everyone’s best friend, so I can see her finding the best way to let a person down.Please drop a review, and any constructive criticism is encouraged!
I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

“Oi Shrimp, are you even listenin’?”

“U-huh yeah,” the bluenette murmured not glimpsing up from her page. Gajeel sighed, annoyed at the lack of attention. He didn’t mean to sound clingy but was it too much to ask for his girlfriend to listen to a story. All he wanted to do was boast about his latest fight with Salamander, but no, his little Shrimp was too absorbed in her new book.

“Probably best you wait ‘till she finishes her book.”

Gajeel turned around at the sound of the male Shadow Gear members. He fought the urge to scowl at their smirks as if they ever did any better getting her attention.

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“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for eventual smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while deal with uncharted feelings. 

Read Chapter: 1, 2

Read on

Chapter 2

Lucy threw the pink pleated skirt onto the heaping pile of other discarded clothes on the floor, breathing a heavy sigh of discontent. A mountain of fabric was forming in her room, and it was all thanks to the cruise she had scheduled for the next day. With excitement coursing through her veins, the blonde was eagerly packing her things for the next two weeks. Packing clothes, however, was always a struggle for the girl.

Being a girl with a love for clothes, Lucy tended to over pack and bring things that she never touched on her time away. She knew this, and yet she couldn’t stop. Thus, throwing in yet another pair of pants in her suitcase, the blonde grinned. She was just about ready, all that was left was her bathroom essentials, which she would pack the next day.

After eventually shutting her suitcase- which she did by sitting on it and zipping it up while throwing curse words- Lucy began to get ready for the day. She changed into a black mini skirt and a simple pink tank top. Not wanting to strain her feet before her vacation, she paired it with black sandals. With that, she was ready to go.

As Lucy balanced on the edge of the canal and walked towards the guild, she pulled out a silver key. With a swish of her hand, Plue appeared in a golden light. To her surprise, however, Loke stood right beside the much smaller spirit, his lips curled upwards into a slight smirk.

“It must be my lucky day, being summoned by a beautiful Princess and all,” Loke flirted smoothly. He grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled it towards his lips in order to give it a light kiss, only to have her pull away.

“I didn’t summon you,” Lucy said with a sigh, smiling at Plue.

The leader of the zodiac chuckled and replied, “I guess that’s true.”

“So why are you here anyway? I know it’s not just to flirt.”

“Figured I would go see the guild. It’s been a while since I saw any of them and we weren’t fighting someone.”

Lucy laughed and replied, “That’s true. Fairy Tail always seems to be in some sort of trouble. I’m going to be getting away from all of the trouble, though!”

“Oh really?” Loke asked with a raised brow.

A smile etched itself onto Lucy’s face as she nodded. “Yep! I’m going on a cruise starting tomorrow! Which reminds me, I won’t be doing much summoning while I’m there. I’m actually pretty sure it isn’t allowed considering they have a maximum occupancy.”

“That makes sense. Just try to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.”

“Thanks. It’ll be my first vacation in years. Though, I’m not sure I can really call it that since Natsu is coming too.”

Loke stopped in his tracks and gaped at the blonde. “What? Natsu is going with you?”

Lucy’s cheeks pinked and she replied, “I-It’s not a big deal. We’ll have separate beds and everything. We’re just sharing a room, which we’ve done before.”

“Is Happy going?”

“Well, no…”

Loke studied his master, noticing how embarrassed she was. Just like everyone else in the guild, the spirit wasn’t blind towards Lucy’s feelings towards a certain dragon slayer. Only she herself was, and maybe the dragon slayer himself. There had been plenty of times in which he had tried to egg her on, dropping hints to get her to realize her feelings. But he always came up short. She needed to figure things out herself.

Maybe this cruise would give her the opportunity to do so.

“Just have fun and relax,” Loke advised, ruffling the girl’s hair.

Lucy pouted and smoothed her golden hair back into place. With that, the three headed towards the guild.

Natsu frowned and narrowed his eyes as he bit rougly into his chicken, his gaze never wavering form Lucy’s form as she entered the guild along with Loke. The boy knew that his anger towards the spirit was irrational. Loke was a good guy, one that Natsu could trust Lucy with.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t get jealous.

“Cool it, Ash Breath, they’re just walking in together,” Gray jibed with a heavy and all too knowing smirk. It wasn’t hard to notice the pinkette’s jealousy. He could practically feel it in the air. How Lucy didn’t notice, he would never know.

“Shut it,” Natsu replied tersely.

Lucy’s eyes glazed over the guild, looking for a certain pink-headed partner of hers. Spotting him at the bar with Gray and Erza, the blonde grinned and rushed towards them.

“Hi, everyone!” she greeted, sliding into her seat.

“Hey, Lucy,” Gray replied with a friendly smile.

“You got here late today,” Erza pointed out.

“Yeah, I was packing my things for tomorrow,” Lucy informed them. She then looked towards Natsu sternly and questioned, “Did you start packing yet?”

The boy chuckled and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Not yet.”

“Natsu! We leave tomorrow!”

“Yeah, yeah! I got plenty of time!”

Lucy sighed and shook her head, not bothering to argue any further on the matter. Sooner or later, Natsu would start packing, she knew he would. He would probably forget stuff, but at least he would get it done.

Lucy looked among her fellow guild members, a fond smile gracing her lips. Two weeks was going to be a long time, but at least she would have Natsu with her. Despite his reckless personality, he was her best friend and her favorite person to be around. He would surely make the trip more fun.

After all, things were always more fun when they were together.

When the moon replaced the sun in the sky, Lucy took that as her cue to head out.

“C'mon, Natsu. We should start packing your stuff,” she stated, tugging on the said boy’s scarf.

The pinkette frowned and replied, “We can do that later! We have plenty of time!”

“Our train leaves at seven in the morning and we have to check in. Knowing you, you’ll save it until tomorrow morning and then throw useless junk in your suitcase. Let’s just do it now.”

Natsu pouted and crossed his arms grumpily but rose from his spot at the bar anyways. Turning towards Happy, who was with the other exceeds of Fairy Tail, he waved him over.

“Oi, Happy! We’re heading out now, wanna come?” he asked.

The cat shook his head, for he had something else to do at the guild which involved the two’s absence. “No, I’ll stay here. I’ll come back later!”

Natsu shrugged and nodded, turning back to Lucy, who was being engulfed in a tight hug thanks to Mira. Erza and Gray chuckled on the sidelines as Lucy tried to tell Mira that she couldn’t breathe.

“Make sure you have lots of fun!” the take-over mage instructed. “And take lots of pictures too!”

“I will, I will,” Lucy assured, pulling away from the hug. Not even a moment later, however, her head was bashed against Erza’s chest plate in what was supposed to be a warm embrace. So first she was choked by Mira, then nearly given a concussion by Erza. What was next?

“Be safe,” Erza ordered strictly. “And make sure to keep Natsu in check.”

“Oi! I don’t need her to keep me in check!” the pinkette protested.

Erza sighed and shook her head. “Yes you do. Have fun, Natsu. But don’t you dare do anything stupid.” The threatening gleam in her eyes had Natsu nodding his head at the speed of light.

Lucy and Gray laughed at the scene before turning towards each other with a smile.

“Have fun, Lucy,” Gray stated, ruffling the blonde’s hair. She pouted, though it was better than what she received from Mira and Erza.

“I will,” the blonde replied. The two hugged, ignoring the faint whispers of love rival from the other side of the guild. Pulling away, the girl smiled at the entirety of the guild. “So long, everyone! We’ll see you all in two weeks!”

“Bring souvenirs,” Cana said, taking a swig of whiskey.

With that, Lucy and Natsu headed out of the guild and towards the latter’s cottage. The girl felt tears pricking her eyes from her goodbye with the guild and she mentally cursed herself.

“Two weeks isn’t even that long,” she mentally reminded herself.

With their bodies basking in moonlight, the two walked in a serene silence. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, just quiet. Nobody was out on the streets and most of the lights were dimmed. The stars twinkled in the dark sky. Everything was just perfect.

Until Lucy reached Natsu’s house and saw what a pigsty it was.

Trash littered the floor and dirty dishes piled up in the sink. The smell of fish hit her like a brick as she entered the small home, nearly causing her to throw up. How the hell could someone live in a place like that?

“Natsu!” Lucy screeched, her eyes narrowing in annoyance. “You really need to take better care of your place!”

The boy covered his ears with his hands and glared back at her. “It’s fine! You get used to the smell and I know where everything is!”

“That doesn’t matter! C'mon, we’re going to clean before we pack your things.”

“But Lucy-”

“No buts. I’m not going to let you leave here with a disgusting home to come back to. You take the kitchen and I’ll take the bedroom.”

Natsu muttered under his breath but obliged, knowing that the blonde could be just as bit of scary as Erza if she was provoked enough. Starting with the living room, he picked up the trash, grimacing as he found Happy’s stash of fish, most of which being rotten.

“This is gonna take a while,” he thought.

Lucy face palmed as she stepped into Natsu’s room. Aside from on top of the hammock, there was no clean space whatsoever. Starting with the pile of dirty clothes, she threw them into the hamper- one that she had purchased, by the way, after coming to Natsu’s house and finding out that he simply left his clothes on the floor forever.

It was much better once she finished with the clothes. Next was the trash. She nearly threw up twice picking up the garbage, some of which she couldn’t even identify. Two showers were in order after this whole ordeal.

As Lucy tidied up the room, her eyes glazed over a wrinkled piece of paper in the corner of the room. Not wanting to throw it away in case it was important, the girl straightened the sheet and studied it. Her lips curled upwards into a warm smile, her body feeling warm and light. It was the job flier from their most recent mission.

Natsu liked to keep every memento of their jobs, and it warmed her heart to no end. Just knowing that he treasured the time they spent together just as she did made her feel wanted. Like she wasn’t some burden.

Putting the memento gently onto the hammock so Natsu could find a proper place for it later, Lucy finished cleaning the rest of Natsu’s room before going out to help him. An approving grin appeared on her face noticing how much cleaner it was.

“Good job, Natsu!” Lucy exclaimed. “This looks much better!”

“Yeah, whatever,” the boy replied, cleaning the last of the dishes. “We done yet?”

“Fine, fine. Wanna start packing then?”

Natsu nodded, following Lucy back into his bedroom. His eyes glazed over her body, stopping over her bum. He felt guilty looking at her in such a way, so he brought his gaze back onto her shoulders, wondering what she would think if she knew how he looked at her.

The two sat on the floor, Natsu’s suitcase between them.

“Alright, so you’ll definitely need swim trunks,” Lucy stated. “Do you have any?”

“Yeah,” Natsu answered with a nod. He retrieved the black swim trunks with orange flames at the bottom and threw them into the suitcase.

Lucy sighed and picked them up in order to neatly fold them before putting them back in the suitcase. “If you fold them, you can put more stuff in it.”

Natsu shrugged. “I don’t have anything else to pack other than food.”

“What? What about a change of clothes?”

“Don’t need it.”

Lucy sighed and shook her head, not wanting to argue with the boy. Instead, she grabbed the few articles of clothing she could find and packed them away.

“You can’t bring food,” Lucy stated.

Natsu’s eyes widened and his jaw slacked. “What the hell? You can’t bring food on a cruise?”

“Nope. Meals are included in the costs of the room. But you can’t bring outside food.”

“That’s terrible! Are you sure you really wanna go on this thing, Lucy?”

“Yes, I do. And you already agreed to come with me so you can’t back out now!”

Natsu crossed his arms and muttered under his breath. So far, this cruise thing wasn’t sounding too fun. But unbeknownst to him at the time, those two weeks were going to be some of the best- and worst- days of his life.

“It sucks Lucy isn’t gonna be here for a while,” Cana stated, clutching her barrel of booze to her chest.

Happy’s ears perked up at the brunette’s words.

“Who am I gonna mess with now?” Cana asked.

Mira giggled and answered, “You could mess with Gray.”

“No,” the ice-make mage chimed in.

Erza paused from eating her cake and added, “I can’t believe those two are going on a cruise and don’t see how romantic it is.”

Happy took that as his cue to join in. Snickering behind his paw, he flew onto the countertop in front of everyone, gaining their attention.

“Don’t worry, they will,” he stated with a mischievous cackle.

Everyone in the guild paused what they were doing and shared a quick glance before looking back to the cat and beckoning him to continue.

“Get this, everyone!” Happy exclaimed, nearly bursting with laughter then and there. “The cruise they’re going on is for married couples!”

“M-Married couples!?” Erza asked in bewilderment and with rosy cheeks. “A-Are you saying that Natsu and Lucy have been m-married this whole time!?”

Happy shook his head. “Lucy didn’t read all of the pamphlet! Inside it says that the cruise is for married couples only!” Reaching into his knapsack, he pulled out the slightly crinkled brochure and held it out for everyone to see.

Gray snatched it out of the exceed’s hand and allowed everyone to circle around him to inspect it. Sure enough, when he opened the pamphlet, the words were printed in a small font at the bottom of the paper.

“Wait a second,” Gray stated with wide eyes. “Are you telling me that Natsu and Lucy are on a-”

“A COUPLES’ CRUISE!” Mira squealed at the top of her lungs.

Cana bent forward, clutching her stomach as she burst with laughter. “How the hell could or Lucy make a mistake like that?”

“Should we stop them?” Erza suggested.

“No!” Happy answered. “This is the perfect chance to get them together!”

“There’s no way this is gonna work,” Gray added.

Cana raised a brow. “Oho. That sounds like a bet in the making. I think Happy’s onto something. I’m guessing those two are gonna come back with a baby in the oven.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I do see them realizing their feelings,” Mira stated, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement.

“I agree. There’s no way they wouldn’t,” Erza added.

Gray scoffed and crossed his arms over his naked chest. “It’s not gonna happen. There’s no way Flame Brain is gonna be able to confess.”

“Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is,” Cana suggested with a heavy smirk.

“Fine, I will!”

The two shook hands and with that, everyone at the guild was joining in. Cana along with the rest of the girls and Happy betted that the two would come back as a couple while Gray and the other boys argued they wouldn’t.

But they wouldn’t find out who would win for another two weeks.

Gruvia AU - Strangers: Chapter 3

Summary:  “And suddenly we were strangers again…” What happens when a great love ends and lovers become mere strangers in each other’s lives?

Gray had spent the whole morning in his favorite cafeteria solving some work problems on his notebook, and even started designing some house plans during the time he sat there. His job was the only thing that kept him distracted and busy recently. After the restaurant incident - two weeks ago - he did not have the opportunity to meet up with his friends and, consequently, his ex-girlfriend. The odds of finding her while roaming the city were few thanks to the location of her house.

Suddenly, “Something” from The Beatles began to play on the speakers of the establishment and that made him nostalgic for a few minutes. He remembered to meet Juvia while the same song played in a concert a few years ago. The two went to the performance of the new rock band of the moment, Phantom Lord, and Gray saw her at the bar with her friend Meredy, wearing a tight T-shirt and ripped jeans, her blue hair just below her shoulders and she had a straight fringe at the time. Few people know but the person who made Gray and Juvia a couple was Loke. He was present that day, noticed the glances that his friend cast into the bluenette’s direction from afar and then took action. At some point in the night, the orange-haired man disappeared and when Gray finally saw him, he wanted to kill Loke. The idiot was at the bar talking to the two girls and pointing at the dark haired friend with a broad smile.

That’s when black eyes finally met with blue ones and their story began.


In the afternoon, Loke and Natsu came to his apartment to play video games. At first none of the three wanted to say anything and an uncomfortable silence settled between them, but it didn’t take long until his friends’ concern spoke louder.

“So, how are you?” Natsu was the first to break the silence, without taking his eyes off the TV.

“Who? Me?” Gray asked, pretending not to understand.

“Gray, you know you can talk to us.”

After several seconds, the brunet finally spoke what was on his mind. “I… I don’t know.” He gave a long sigh and his eyes, which were focused before, became sad. “It’s not being easy for me.”

“Do you miss her?”

“Every single day, Natsu…”

“We know how badly you two are suffering.” Loke patted his friend’s shoulder lightly. “I’m sorry, man. You know I was the one who prayed for you to get married someday.”

Gray gave him a small smile. “I know.”

“But what happened?” Natsu paused the game to look at the dark-haired man with a confused countenance. “One day you were fine and the other Lucy called me saying that Juvia was at her house crying because you broke up.”

“We were not ‘fine’ for quite some time.” He replied, making the two men look at him curiously.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a selfish idiot, that’s what I mean.” Gray ran his hands over his face and took a deep breath. His friends stared at him blankly, “Look, I don’t want to talk about it. Can we just play? Please?”

“Right.” The pink-haired man sighed and returned to play in the game.

“Hey, why don’t we go out tonight?” Loke proposed. “We can call Gajeel and Jellal and make it a boys night. It would be good for you, Gray.”

“I don’t know if Lucy is going to like this, man.” Natsu’s face grew worried.

“If you explain that this can help our friend, I’m sure she’ll understand. What do you think, Gray?”

“It can be fun.” Gray nodded without looking at his friends. “But now you’d better concentrate on the game, otherwise you’ll have a humiliating defeat.”


At about seven o'clock, the trio met with Gajeel and Jellal in a pizzeria near Gray’s apartment. It would be a 'all you can eat night’ and the boys’ goal was for the black hole in Natsu’s stomach to make the owner of the establishment offer something in return for them to leave - otherwise all the pizzas would disappear.

It was very rare for them to get together without the girls, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves. Jellal talked about the upcoming work trips he would make, Gajeel revealed some of his projects for the restoration of a car that was in his workshop, Loke kept chattering about his encounters, and Natsu was being - in Gray’s opinion – just his stupid self, making jokes and trying to pull some nonsensical fights with the other guys.

Of course at some point, the girls became the subject between them.

“[…]I swear that sometimes I want to take that little shrimp, put it in a box and send it to the other side of the world!”

“[…] and I don’t understand why she gets so angry when I go to her house without warning. She gave me the key!”

“[…] she said something about trying to have a baby, and then something about me always traveling.”

Loke then stood up in exasperation and slammed his fist on the table.

“Can’t you stay one night without talking about women?”

All his friends looked at him in disbelief.

“Do you really have any right to say that?” Gajeel snorted. “Since we got here I’ve heard you talking about six different girls.”

“It’s totally different!”

“Fine. What’s our next stop after we get out of here?” Jellal asked curiously.

“Let’s go straight to the Bakuhatsu Club.” Loke said proudly as he showed off some VIP bracelets.

“The nightclub?!” Natsu widened his eyes. “Dude, that place is awesome! Lucy and I went once and-” He received a stern look from his orange-haired friend “Geez, sorry… enough talk about the girls.”

When the pizzeria owner started looking at the boys’ table with a scowl, they all smiled.

“It looks like he can’t handle it for much longer.” Gray nudged the ribs of his pink-haired friend.

Natsu took another slice of pizza. “There’s only one way to find out.”


“I still can not believe he offered free pizza a week for a whole month!” Jellal said as he chortled with his friends.

“It was the best I could negotiate.” Natsu said proudly. “But I’ll come back.”

“Salamander, I’m going to take you to all the places that serve food.” Gajeel half joked.

“You had to see the day a guy literally paid Natsu away. That day was epic!” Gray told them excitedly.

They went down the street and were ready to walk to the nightclub Loke had said, but something on the other side of the asphalt made the Fullbuster freeze in place and drained the color of his face. Right there, inside the diner that stood next to the flower shop, he spotted her. Juvia was sitting drinking a milkshake and accompanied by Lyon. Loke, realizing that his friend had lagged behind him and was staring intently at something, went to the dark-haired man, followed his gaze, and then looked back at him with concern.

“Gray… I’m sure it’s nothing.” Loke tried to reassure him, but at the same time they saw Lyon take the bluenette’s hand and it made Gray grit his teeth and walk again in a rage.

“Hey, you bastards! Don’t leave Loke and me behind!” He complained to his friends, pretending nothing happened.


When the boys arrived at the nightclub, Gray and Loke headed straight for the bar while their friends headed for the dance floor.

“What do you want, gentlemen?” The bartender asked.

“The strongest drink you have” Gray said nervously.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Gray. You may be jumping to conclusions.” The orange-haired boy tried to warn him.

“Did you see that bastard holding her hand, Loke?”


“Did you see it or not?!”

“I did…”

“That’s all I needed to know.” Gray spoke earnestly, then drank his drink in one sip. “Another dose, please.” He asked the bartender, who just nodded.

“I did not bring you here to get drunk. We should be having fun.”

At that moment a woman with long black hair and beautiful green eyes sits on the bench on the left side of the dark haired man and smiles seductively at him.

“Please tell me this is not your boyfriend and you’re going to dance with me.” She spoke and bit her lower lip lightly as she waited for the answer.

“What is your name?” Gray asked her.


“If you’ll excuse me, Loke.. I’m going to have fun with Risa.” He got up and walked the woman toward the crowd where people was dancing to extremely loud music.

“GRAY!” Loke screamed for him to stop him, but the brunet didn’t listen.

If Juvia can move on so fast, it’s only fair that he does the same and enjoy his 'single’ status… Right?

For The Heart Can Still See: Part Three

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T (for themes)

Summary: Dimaria may have stolen her vision, but could not her pride. Sightless or not, Lucy would save Natsu. A what-if, canon-deviant multi-shot, assuming Lucy had indeed been blinded by Dimaria, set in the ongoing Alvarez war arc.

Genre: Angst and romance

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 503 onwards, mentions of torture in initial chapters.

Notes: Well, didn’t this update take its own sweet time?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Gray had to reinforce his ice for a third time before the wave of dark magic relented. Not wanting to risk any harm to Lucy, Gray took the chance as soon as it did to grab her and leap far enough to avoid another onslaught.

The distance also gave him the chance to see what his instincts were telling him all along - how on one side stood Zeref - a picture of tranquillity, had it not been for the violent swarm of darkness swirling angrily around him.

And on the other stood -

“Natsu!” Lucy gasped, fighting Gray’s hold.

“Lucy don’t, you’ll get - ”

“Natsu’s right there, Gray! I can feel him, and he needs us!” Lucy argued, not pausing her frantic struggle.

Gray took a moment to take in Lucy’s expression. She was clearly panicking.

“Exactly. Which is why you can’t simply run in between them. We need a plan.”

That worked; Lucy stopped struggling against him.

“Good. Now you’re thinking, and we’ll have a strategy in no ti - ”

“Okay, listen up,” she interrupted, with all the authority of the brains of Team Natsu.

And Gray did. It wasn’t the most extensive plan, nor was it the most risk-free. By a long shot. But if there was anyone’s ideas he would bet his life on, it would be Lucy’s and she did make a strong argument.


“Are you sure about this, Lucy?”

“Not entirely, but I think it’s our best shot at saving him.”

“So, clearly, no pressure,” said Gray, bumping Lucy’s shoulder, trying to alleviate some the very obvious tension.

Lucy though, in no mood to joke around, only nodded, switching effortlessly to her Scorpio Stardress. “Let’s do this.”

The two warring mages before them were far too engrossed in their ongoing battle to notice them - something Lucy and Gray exploited. Zeref and Natsu leapt away from each other after a particularly intense attack, and Gray notified Lucy of their chance, mirroring her as she lay her palms on the ground.

At a whispered signal, they combined their powers in the earth, fusing sand and ice into a large barrier to separate the two brothers.

Knowing the wall wouldn’t last very long, they took to their decided sides, the weight of the entire war on their shoulders.

It took Gray every effort to split away from Lucy.

Mentally, he knew there was a plan and that Lucy knew what she was doing, but it still worried him to leave her side especially in her current circumstances.

The glow of Loke’s key was a source of solace, though. Gray knew better than most how dedicated his best friend was to his key-holder, and if there was anyone who could keep Lucy safe with what was happening, it’d be Loke.

It was with that thought that Gray doubled up his speed. He had a job to do, and lives relied on it.

And despite his fears, his gut told him that he could count on Lucy to deal with him. Unlike the flame-brain, the risks she took were calculated ones.

Stilling before his own opponent, he decided to ensure that he honoured her trust in him as well.

He re-engaged Silver, confidence surging as he braced for what could not be an easy battle.

“Sorry, but this is as far as I can let you go.”

Dark eyes locked onto his midnight blue ones in crazed anger.

“Gray,” Natsu growled.

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EXO Reaction when they realize you are blind

Hey Guys! It’s time for the sad reactions ): I hope you like them! Admin A~
Please Remember that today requests are closed but I’m actually doing 10 Requests for you <3

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Jagi? Can’t you see me? What’s wrong? *Worried*

Kris: *Doesn’t know what to do* “We’ll solve this out baobei… we will”

Sehun: “It was my light right? You should have stopped loking at me. But I know it’s impossible” *He just wants to lighten the mood*

Tao: *Shocked. He doesn’t want you to stop smiling because of it, he is so worried and doens’t know what to do*

Kai: “You don’t have to worry abut anything Y/N. I’ll be by your side always” *He is your bodyguard but also makes the guys go away*

Xiumin: *He’s been crying for weeks, he wants to do something but you aren’t talking about it.. and he doesn’t want to make you upset*

Baekhyun: *He takes you to the hospital hoping it can be cured.* “Maybe it’s just temporal” *He stays by yourside always*

Luhan: *It won’t change things between you, he would take you to places and describe every single detail for you. He doesn’t want you to lose hope*

Chen: *Tries not to cry but eventually he will* “What did the doctors say?

Kyungsoo: *Never lets go of  your hand* “There’s nothing to worry about, I’m here Y/N”

Lay: “I will heal you… I’m sure my love can do that¨*In despair*

Suho: *He will always there to support you, he will try to find a way to solve the problem, but even if he can’t find it, he will be by your side* “I love you, that’s the only thing I need to say”

Nothing Like Us

Story: Nothing Like Us
Rating: T
Pairing: Nalu
Summary: Deaf!Lucy. Lucy was in love with a man named Natsu who was said to have a beautiful voice. A voice she regrettably couldn’t hear, but that she couldn’t help falling more in love for when she could read the words he had composed for her from his lips yearning to one day be able to listen to his melodies. However, one day she is given the opportunity to hear, but something regrettable happens. Something neither of them desired, but couldn’t escape from. ANGST


This is dedicated to the lovely @nothingbutwordsstuff because she had me in the feels with her one-shot which you guys should totally read and I decided to create this for her. Love you and I hope you like it! Borrowed the idea from the movie Listen to your Heart and the song Nothing Like Us a cover by Jung Kook which you should listen to while reading lol

Nothing Like Us

A world behind a glass window; the only world Lucy had ever known and seen. If anything she envied everything outside for they had a freedom she could not have. To be forever tied down by her father who imposed his will upon her since the very moment of her mother’s absence. However, something more than freedom had been taken from her. To be able to see is wondrous in itself, but something she had always yearned for was to be able to hear.

She had always comforted herself by trying to think of her life as a story. In a story, you are always left to imagine how everyone sounds as you read what they say. The fun part is trying to imagine how the character sounds and so she brought herself a bit of relief to try and put a voice to the people around her as she deemed it to match in her mind

She had been born deaf and every time her mother had taken her out, regardless of her father’s protests, she would look longingly at the instruments in the shops she’d see. She thought it silly to be so fond of what she couldn’t hear. And every time she passed, she would always see a boy playing the various instruments at a certain shop, his nimble fingers tapping away at the piano’s keys. Other times, she had seen him playing the guitar and his lips were always moving. She always wondered what he would sound like, what his voice could be saying. His pink locks were unruly and his emerald eyes which glowed, would look fondly at whatever instrument he held.

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Color My World

Alrighty then! So because of @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars wonderful soul mate au, I have been inspired to write this! She write many wonderful Gratsu AUs so check it out! Enjoy!

Black and white.

That’s what the world looked from the perspective of individuals who had yet to discover their soul mates. Different shades of black contrasted by tints of white and wherever these two blended, tones of gray smoothly mingle in with the rest of this dull, dull world. This was how people viewed the world as they mindlessly wandered around hoping to finally have a glance at their soul mate. Because even at the most fleeting of glimpses, the moment your eyes meet theirs that is when the magic begins. The magic of color.

The experience is exhilarating, unbelievable and indescribable yet many try to recount the magic of color being brought into their world. They try to describe the hues of blue that make up the sky, the tints of greens seen in all of nature, but the most hardest to describe is the sight of color flowing into your soul mate’s being. It is an experience that can only be understood once you have gone through it.

Because of all these romantic tales surrounding individual’s first encounters with their soul mates, it has been molded into society to hope and dream and fantasize about this once in a lifetime event that is surely to change your world.

So despite living in this seemingly eternal colorless world, life moves forward and everyone continues to hope that today would be the day where color would finally be blessed upon their dull, dull world.


Gray hurriedly clambered up the stairs of his apartment. His calves were burning as he ran up the final set of stairs that led to his apartment floor. He cursed himself for having picked out his apartment on the fourth floor rather than the first. But that didn’t matter right now, what did was getting to his apartment room as soon as possible.

Loke, Gray’s roommate and friend, had texted him saying there was an emergency and should get to their room as soon as possible. Gray immediately had dropped everything he was doing and rushed towards his home. Through the frantic pace he had been traveling, worst case scenarios were playing through his head. What had happened? Was his friend in danger? Had their apartment been robbed? All these vivid scenes made him quicken his pace as he ran through the halls of his floor and skidded to an abrupt halt in front of his door.

Gray nearly fell face first onto the floor as he threw the door open and called out for his friend.


Said friend then decided to poke his head from their shared kitchen, a calm but radiant smile present on his face. And no sign of any distress at all.

“Ah, Gray you made it! That sure was quick.”

Gray was still intaking several gulps of breath needed to stabilize his heart rate. Through pants he managed to give out a weary response as he rested his hands on his knees. “What happened? Are you in danger? What’s the emergency?”

Loke’s smile widen further if that was even possible. He was practically beaming.

“Gray, I’ve found my soul mate!”

Gray’s head snapped up from Loke’s loud outburst. His eyes widen as he took in the shining aura he emitted as he made sense of what Loke had just said. He found his soul mate. Then that meant that…

“Wait! So you’re telling me that that was the emergency? You made me run half across town looking like an idiot so you could tell me something that could have easily been said through a phone call or a text,” Gray practically yelled as he shot the man an annoyed frown.

His roommate’s sudden flare-up only managed to surprise Loke momentarily before his glowing smile resumed its presence on his face. “I’m sorry. It’s just that at that moment I could hardly think. I just wanted to shout from the top of my lungs that I had finally found my destined soul mate. And I thought you would want to be the first to know.”

Hearing Loke’s sincere response made Gray regret his previous outburst. His friend had only wanted to share such wonderful news with him and that was nothing to be annoyed at. If anything he should be honored that Loke decided to tell him before anyone else.

Gray sighed. “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. I’m just grumpy and tired from running all the way here.” He then placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder and gave him a sincere smile. “What I first should have said was ‘congratulations’. I’m really happy for you.”

Loke returned Gray’s smile and nodded in understanding before both moved to sit on the living room couch. Gray propped up his feet onto the coffee table while resting his hand behind his head.

“So tell me, what’s your soul mate like?”

At that question Loke looked like a puppy who had just been presented with his favorite treat. “Oh God, I thought you’d never asked!” Gray chuckled at his reply as Loke shifted into full rant mode.

“She’s absolutely beautiful, Gray! Stunning, honestly. She is an angel sent from above and she’s all mine. I honestly still can’t believe how blessed I am to have been bestowed with such a woman. She has the most softest and golden hair. And her eyes! Her eyes are filled with so much kindness, they practically glow.”


Loke stopped mid-rant to focus on the confused tone of Gray’s voice as he repeated the word. “Oh that’s right. You can’t see colors yet.”

Gray felt a sharp pang to his chest. He knew that Loke spoke the truth, yet hearing those words said out loud made him remember once more that he had yet to find his soul mate. In all honesty, he was mildly envious that Loke had found his soul mate before he had. But that was only a small fraction whereas the majority of him felt happy and proud that his friend had gotten to meet his destined one.

“How does it look like? A world filled with colors, I mean.”

Loke gave Gray a small smile and looked around the room slowly, surely inspecting the different colors arranged throughout their small apartment, but only visible to him.

“In one word, amazing. Too amazing in fact. Now I understand why people kept saying that it is indescribable. It’s something you really do need to experience yourself because you just can’t find the words to describe what you see.”

Something you need to experience yourself; how many times had he heard that before? Yet as he stared at their shared living room, he wondered if one day he would be able to see the colors hidden underneath all this black and white.

At that moment Loke’s phone rang. The shrill of the ring pierced through the tranquil silence. Loke hurriedly took out his phone and read the caller ID as it kept flashing on the front screen. He grinned widely.

“It’s Lucy!”


“My soul mate!” He answered with a tone that clearly implied he should already know this, even though Loke had not mentioned the name of his soul mate beforehand.

“Hello, my princess.” Loke answered flirtatiously as Gray cringed at the pet name. Geez! They had barely met a few hours ago and they were already calling each other loving names? As Loke continued his conversation with Lucy, Gray wondered if that was how this whole soul mate deal functioned or if it was dependent on the couple themselves. He really hoped it was the latter.

Gray was so stuck on his thoughts about the whole soul mate pet names, he didn’t realize that Loke had finished his call and had begun addressing him.

“Oi, Gray!”

“Huh! What?” Gray snapped out of his thoughts.

Loke sighed. “I said how would you like me to introduce you to Lucy?”

“But I thought you guys would be going on a date?”

The taller man wolfishly grinned, “Of course we are. Later though. She just got out of work right now and said she wanted to introduce me to one of her friends. I thought this might be a good opportunity to also introduce you guys.”

Gray gave him a grin. “Alright then, let’s go.”


They were going to meet in town. The meeting place would be at the small park located near the shopping center. It was noon and as usual, both the park and shopping center were packed with people.

Gray and Loke had managed to weave and maneuver themselves through the crowd of running children and their dotting mothers chasing after them. They miraculously found an empty bench near the front that gave them a clear view of the stream of people walking to and from the park. As they sat patiently on the bench, enjoying the warmth of the sun, Gray’s mind began to wander again. Loke seemed so thrilled and elated to be introducing Lucy that he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of girl she was, and if his soul mate would give him that much happiness even after knowing one another for a short period of time.


Gray broke out of his thoughts and looked up to see a young woman running towards them. Hand in the air waving, the woman gave them a beaming smile as her long flowing hair bounced softly behind her. Gray realized this must be Lucy and that she was cute. Once more propelling his thoughts back to wondering if his soul mate would be cute as well. He hoped so!

Loke stood up, a soft smile gracing his lips as he took Lucy’s hand and gave it a kiss. “My princess Lucy.” The greeting earned him a blush from her as she returned his smile.

Gray stood up as well, ready to introduce himself when Loke decided that now was the perfect time to kiss Lucy. Right in front of him. Gray immediately looked the other way to give the couple some privacy and to avoid having anyone notice his embarrassment. Damn that Loke for making him feel so uncomfortable right now! Where was Lucy’s friend by the way? He could really use the company right now.

After several (long) seconds, they parted and Lucy realized Gray’s presence. She gasped and bowed her head towards Gray in apology. “I’m so sorry! That was really rude of me.” She offered Gray an apologetic smile and nervously chuckled, “Great first impression, Lucy.”

Gray chuckled before grinning at her. “Don’t worry about it. If anything I blame Loke,” he said as he shot him a smirk.

Loke smiled his signature flirtatious grin towards Lucy as he grasped her hand with his. “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

Gray at that moment decided to immediately introduce himself before any more kissing would ensue. He stuck out his hand towards Lucy. “My name’s Gray. I’m Loke’s friend and roommate. Nice to meet ya.”

“My name’s Lucy. Pleasure to meet you,” she said as she took a hold of his hand and gave it a firm, but friendly shake.

“Oh and this is my friend, Na-” She stopped mid-sentence as it finally dawned on her that her friend was missing. “What the heck! He was just here a moment ago, I swear.” Lucy began to frantically look around the park in hopes of spotting her friend.

“Sheesh! He’s like a little kid, can’t hold still for even a few seconds.” Lucy muttered to herself as she shifted her eyes through the crowd. “He’s a really great guy, I promise. He’s just been complaining that he’s hungry and I didn’t take him out to eat before coming here, but I told him that we’d all go out together to grab something to eat. He just gets really impatient sometimes.” Lucy addressed both Loke and Gray in a frustrated tone as her eyes still continued their search, hoping that this little stunt her friend pulled didn’t give off any wrong impressions.

Too late, Gray thought as a frowned settled on his lips. What kind of idiot just ditches their friend because he was too impatient to wait a couple of minutes before they all headed out to eat? This guy sounded like a brat! Now he couldn’t wait to meet the guy so he could give him a piece of his mind for making such a nice girl like Lucy fret over his behavior.

“Ah! There you are!” Lucy nearly tackled him to the ground as she ran up to the guy who had been drooling at the nearby street vendor selling fried foods. “What to you think you’re doing?” she scolded him loudly as she latched onto his arm and practically dragged him to where Loke and Gray were standing.

He let out a surprised yelp as he was being dragged away from the food vendor. “Wait, Lucy! I was going to buy something! I haven’t eaten all day and it’s noon already!” The guy struggled against Lucy’s iron grip, still looking longingly at the fried goodness that was seconds away from being in his poor empty stomach. “I swear I can’t leave you alone for five minutes.”

The scene was pretty damn comical in Gray’s opinion, this flailing guy being yanked around by a petite and refined girl. Serves him right, Gray thought as he let out a soft chuckle and smirked at the sight before him.

Lucy gave a final tug before they stood back in front of Gray and Loke. Well, the guy was still eyeing the street vendor, but at least Lucy had gotten him this close. She crossed her arms over her chest before sighing in exasperation. “Sorry about that. Like I was saying this is my friend, Natsu.”

Lucy gave him a pinch on his arm and snapped him out of trance with the food stand once more. “Ouch! Hey!” Natsu gave her an annoyed look. She smiled innocently at him before saying, “Natsu, this is my soul mate, Loke and his friend, Gray.”

Natsu, for the first time looked in their general direction. He turned his body to fully face them as he greeted them individually. His gaze first met Loke’s.

“Nice to meet ya, Loke…”

And then Gray’s.

“and Gra-”

That was it. That was the moment in which their eyes met and the world seem to completely stop as they gazed intensely at one another. Natsu’s breath had hitched in his throat and Gray could not for the life of him tear his eyes away from his.

Then the colors began.

For Gray it started on the tip of Natsu’s button nose. The color seemed to flourish so elegantly and gracefully as it slowly creeped its way onto Natsu’s cheeks, up the bridge of his nose and down towards his lips. Soon Gray could see that Natsu’s skin was sun-kissed. His light tan suited his complexion beautifully. The colors then seductively swirled towards his eyes. The colors melted into his irises, twirling and twirling around until they settled into the shade of a deep brown. The depth of that brown was simply breath taking and Gray thought he would love to get lost in them. But as captivated as he was, the colors continued their alluring dance across Natsu’s face as they reached the edge of his hairline. Suddenly, the colors shot bursts of bright pink onto his wild strands of hair. Gray was initially shocked to see such a vibrant color, but he had never seen such a color before and Natsu pulled it off flawlessly. The colors’ dance was coming to an end and as the grand finale, they quickly colored the rest of Natsu’s body before showering the world with explosions of colors. Reds, yellows, blues, greens, oranges, every color possibly imagined blended with one another to create a parade of hues until they settled into their respective places.

Gray couldn’t believe it. The black and white of this world was gone in the blink of an eye and left behind was a rainbow of pure colors. His eyes, despite his awareness of the coloration of the world, were still captivated by Natsu’s colors. The wild pink hair, the brilliant dark brown eyes and his smooth tanned skin, all were so alluring to him. It nearly left him speechless. Nearly.

“This is amazing, isn’t it?” Gray asked once he regained his composure and found his voice. He flashed Natsu an affectionate smile as he continued to stare into the eyes of his soul mate.

“What are you talking about?” Nastu asked.

As those words left his mouth, Gray swore his heart dropped to his stomach. He stared at him and for the first time since the colors stopped dancing around, he noticed Natsu’s expression. Total deadpanned. No emotion whatsoever.

Was this for real? Had Natsu really not seen the amazing arrangement of colors and their enchanting dance? Oh God, was he really one of those people who wasn’t his soul mate’s soul mate? Are you fucking kidding me?

Gray’s internal turmoil and dread was interrupted when Natsu began to laugh. Real hard. So hard he grabbed the sides to his stomach as his body shook with every fit of laughter. Gray had never been more confused in his life than at this moment. Why the hell was he laughing? Was this really funny?

Finally, once Natsu’s laughing fit subdued, he flashed Gray a toothy grin and spread his arms wide right in front of him. “I’m just kidding, come here, soul mate!”

As he moved in for a hug, Gray stops him with his outburst of pure anger. “What the fuck, you bastard! You scared the living hell out of me. You know how many damn stories I’ve heard about that?” Gray at this point was holding back from punching his soul mate right in the face. That jerk!

Natsu’s grin turned into a smirk as he cheekily replied, “You should have seen the look on your face.”

Gray could feel a vein begin to pop out on his forehead and this time he did not hold back. He pulled back his fist and begins to beat onto Natsu’s chest while calling him every foul name he could think. All while avoiding Natsu’s advances towards him, yet in the end he somehow managed to pull Gray close to his chest.

“That was stupid! That better not set the tone in our relationship because I swear I will end up killing you.” Gray had started that sentence strongly, but by the end it was merely a feeble mumble. Natsu had managed to slip his hands around him, and they rested firmly on Gray’s hips, tugging him even more closer. At this point, he could no longer hold back the reddening blush that had erupted on his whole face. He swore even the tips of his ears were tinted with red!

Gray instinctively had his hands on his chest in hopes of creating some sort of distance between them, but Natsu seemed determined to close that very distance. For the second time that day, their eyes met once more. Gray really could get lost in the depth of those eyes.

Natsu gave him a smile that nearly made his heart stop before closing the distance between them and embraced him tightly. He nuzzled closely into the crook of Gray’s neck and leaned into his ear to whisper in a playful tone, “You’re funny. I like that.”

If Gray wasn’t blushing before he certainly was now. He was never one for public display of affection or any type of affection to be honest, but Natsu completely melted that away with this simple hug. He was a little taller than him so Gray was able to rest his cheek comfortably on top of his head. He didn’t like saying sappy stuff, but it seriously felt like their bodies were meant to fit perfectly into one another.

Natsu kept happily snuggling into the crook of his neck and Gray couldn’t help himself but smell his hair. Oh fuck, he smells so good! Campfires and cinnamon swirled together in Gray’s head as he buried his nose deeper into his pink hair. Gray could definitely get used to this.

Both of them had lost track of how long they had been standing there, embracing one another in the middle of the park, but neither cared. It was so comfortable, Gray had forgotten why he was even mad at Natsu thirty seconds ago.

When he decided to pull back, Gray nearly pouted at having lost the warmth of his body and that incredible smell of his. But as soon as Natsu flashed Gray his dazzling smile, all was forgotten. Damn, that smile of his just made Gray’s stomach explode with a million fluttering butterflies. His blush came back, but this time Gray didn’t care if Natsu saw. Instead he returned Natsu’s smile with one of his own.

“Sorry about that. How about I take you out to lunch to make it up for it?” Natsu grinned even wider and extended his hand towards Gray. It was at that moment that Gray remembered something crucial.

“Wait. Where’s Lucy and Loke?” They both looked around trying to see if they were still lingering nearby.

Natsu shrugged. “I guess they must have gone on without us.”

This was true. As soon as Gray and Natsu had become transfixed on each other, Loke and Lucy realized what was going and decided to give the pair some privacy. Natsu turned back to Gray and once more extended his hand towards him.

“So what do you say we go on a date of our own? I promise it’ll be fun.” Natsu grinned at him as he wiggled his fingers in anticipation. Seriously, Natsu’s smile was damn contagious so Gray couldn’t help the idiotic grin that spread across his face as he laced his fingers through his and accepted his offer.

They held hands throughout their walk into town as Natsu began to enthusiastically list off his favorite places to go eat for lunch. And if anyone looked closely at their intertwined fingers, they would see a rare phenomenon. Small spurts of colors danced around their hands, an occurrence that only happened when the love between two soul mates was strong.

So strong that these small bursts of color could be seen even by those who were still in the world of black and white.

The End.


This is the fic I was talking about in my last post, but started with this one. But Maybe you guys will like this as what it is. A silly Nalu fic to make us all feel better after what the manga is putting us through. (THANKS MASHIMA!)

this is actually a combination of small prompts I’ve been wanting to do. One is the very first episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., something that Monica goes through haha, but I changed it. The second one is a song that I love and will be using at my own wedding, She Said Yes by Chad Brock. Go listen, it’s adorable.

Summary: There is nothing cheesier than pick-up lines. Except for maybe 3 pick-up lines

“Well… ever since my divorce, I haven’t been able to perform… sexually…”

Natsu groaned as he overheard the overused line.

Natsu worked at the bar at the She-Devil’s Bar and Grille, and in the middle of the day every Thursday, one of their regulars spout out this same line to get laid. And it worked. Every time.

“Might as well see who the victim is this week,” Natsu thought as he walked around the corner.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Natsu frowned deeply, “No…”

Sitting at his regular seat was Dan, the stupid man who thought it was OK to use cheap pick-up lines to get women. And Lucy, the girl Natsu had been trying to ask out for weeks.

“Ooh, looks like Dan got a pretty one this week,” Natsu’s co-worker, Loke, leaned against the bar to spy, “did you see the one last week? Sheesh.”

“Yeah,” Natsu sighed.

“Are… you serious?” he heard Lucy ask, almost like she wanted to laugh but didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Yeah, it’s quite embarrassing… does that bother you?”

“Embarrassing my ass,” Natsu swore as he crossed his arms.

“Um, well no,” Lucy picked up her drink and swirled it around.

When Dan reached over and took Lucy’s hand in his, Natsu had to turn around and walk away. He had been trying for weeks, weeks to ask Lucy out. But every time he got interrupted either by other customers or her friends. It sucked, ‘cause every single time he got close to getting the words out she seemed pretty interested…

“Shit,” Natsu grabbed a rag and started to shine some of the wine glasses, “just perfect.”

“Hey bartender, quit being a wuss and go over there,” an obnoxious voice came from behind the pink haired waiter.

“Shut it!” Natsu threw the rag at Gray’s head. The off duty police officer caught in and smirked, “What the hell are you doing here, anyway?”

“I need a break, man,” Gray sat on a stool and tapped the counter. Waiting on his drink.

“Translation: my wife is pregnant and she’s driving me nuts,” Natsu smirked at his frenemy, putting the beer on the counter.

“She is not driving me nuts,” Gray grabbed the long neck and took a sip, “it’s my mom that’s driving me nuts. Won’t stop calling to see if we need help. Juvia told me to come out today.”

“Oh,” Natsu braced his arms on the counter, relieved at the distraction.

“Now why don’t you go and help that poor girl? You like her don’t you?”

Almost distraction, “You kidding me? She’s sitting with Dan, ain’t no way she’d want me… like I could…”

Gray glared at his long time 'friend’, “Wuss.”

“What did you say?!” Natsu would have reached across the counter to grab Gray’s neck if Loke didn’t stop him.

“It looks like Dan and that pretty voluptuous blonde are ready for their check, but I’ve got to go and entertain my lovely Aries. Mind getting it, pinky?”

“Don’t call me that,” Natsu grumbled under his breathe, taking the folder from Loke.

“Make a move,” Gray sang.

“SHUT UP!” Natsu stormed off.

“Like she’d even want to go out with me after being with Dan,” Natsu growled. Every woman that Dan slept with came back asking for him, and he had asked all the workers here to cover for him. Natsu was sick of it and just told them the truth. That he was a pig.

Getting closer to the table, Natsu could hear more of their conversation.

“I’d love to take you out tonight, a nice candlelight dinner at my place. Some wine…” Dan never took women to restaurants since it would just be easier to get them to his bed.

“What a sick fuck,” Natsu glared at the pretty boy.

“I’m actually busy tonight,” Lucy had her hands in her lap and she was staring at her plate. Not at all what Natsu was expecting.

“Well we can always get a late dinner,” Dan leaned in closer to her, “I don’t mind.”

“I have to be at work early tomorrow, so I better not,” she rubbed her arms, looking off to the side.

Natsu stopped at the edge of the bar. Normally girls fell into Dan’s hands. But Lucy was edging away from him, “Does that mean she doesn’t want to..?”

“Come on, Lu Lu,” Lucy looked up and glared at Dan, “just one dinner? Please?”

Natsu grit his teeth, “Get a clue, Straight.” He started to walk towards them.

“I have some stuff I need to do tonight, laundry and stuff,” she clasped her hands together on the table.

“Aww, well I can help with tha-”

“She’s saying no, idiot. Stop bugging her,” Natsu spat.

Lucy looked up at him and smiled, so brightly it made Natsu a little lightheaded.

“Well that’s rude. Maybe I should tell your manager about your behavior to a paying customer,” Dan growled, giving Natsu a look that said 'be quiet’.

“Oh too bad,” Natsu grinned evily, “I am the manager. So complain away.”

Dan bit his tongue. Lucy sighed in relief, still smiling up at the bartender.

“Here’s your check, need anything to go? Or are you going to look for someone else to hook up with tonight?”

“Wha-What?! I don’t do that,” sweat trickled down Dan’s forehead, “don’t listen to him Lu Lu, I have never done such a thing.”

“Really? So every Thursday you don’t come here and use the same line on every woman? And sleep with all of them?”

Lucy was giggling into her hands as Dan fumed. The man stood, and he had several inches over Natsu, but he didn’t dare swing.

“How dare you,” Dan leaned in close to Natsu, “I specifically asked you to keep your mouth shut-”

“So it’s true?” Lucy finally spoke up.

“Well, um,” Dan glanced back at her, then he stormed off.

“Coward,” Natsu scoffed. He didn’t fail to notice that he left Lucy with the check, “um, this will be on the house.”

“No, it’s OK,” she held her hand out for it, “I was enjoying my lunch quietly when he decided to join me.”

“Oh,” Natsu didn’t even know she was here, “well still, don’t worry about it. You had to deal with that jerk. Might as well get a free meal out of it.”

She blinked her brilliantly beautiful eyes, then smiled, “I’d feel bad getting a free meal when I didn’t even enjoy myself.”

“This is your chance, Dragneel, take it!”

“Um…” he put a hand on the back of Dan’s abandoned chair, not sure how to even ask, “Then how about you go to dinner with me? I don’t know how much you’d enjoy yourself… but i’d really like to take you out.”

Lucy smiled down at her plate, biting her lip before she looked back up at him, “I would love to.”


“Yes,” she giggled, “I've… actually wanted you to ask me.”

Natsu felt his heart sore up into his throat, “W- Wow.”

“Wow what?” Lucy crossed her arms on the table and leaned over the table, unknowingly giving Natsu a great view of her… voluptuous chest. As Loke called it…

“Wow you said yes,” Natsu scratched his cheek.

She laughed, “So when? I’m available tonight.”

“I thought you had laundry and stuff to do?”

“Eavesdropping, huh?” she giggled at his embarrassed face, “I do, but it can wait.”

“Then,” he glanced at his watch, he was supposed to leave 20 minutes ago, “how about now?”

“I just got done eating,” her eyes widened at the thought of dinner.

He laughed, “Who said anything about food? We can do anything! The whole world is our clam!”

Lucy burst out laughing at that, “Don’t you mean the world is your oyster?”

“Same thing,” he grinned, holding his hand out to her, “Do you believe in fate?”

Her smile became more genuine, “Yes, I do.”

“Good,” he pulled her to her feet, “because I’m pretty sure I just met my destiny.”

Following behind him as he pulled her to the bar so he could leave, “You know that was a cheesy pick up line too, right?”

“Yeah,” Natsu hung up his apron and clocked out before tugging his date out of the bar, saluting Gray as he passed, “but it came from me. So it works. Plus it wasn’t creepy.”

“I guess you’re right,” She laced her fingers through his.

Natsu blushed, he didn’t know why he was acting with such bravado. It had something to do with the smile she was wearing, he was sure of it. She had become a regular at the bar a few months ago. And for weeks he convinced himself he didn’t have a crush on her, until she sat at the bar for hours one night talking to him about books and their movie adaptions, music genres, the animal shelter opening up… whatever. He was probably half in love with her by now.

Glancing at his side, he really liked her there.

“So, where to?” he grinned, pointed outward.

“Anywhere, as long as I’m with you,” she winked and started to drag him along.

“Hey! That’s my line!”

For all my lovely readers, thanks for sticking with me and all my fics. Your reviews give me so much life and I promise that I read every single one of them. I have more coming! Just trying to recover from the wedding this past Sunday. But I get a three day weekend so maybe I can post one more before next Tuesday! Stay tuned!

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I forgot I made this. I was playing with the idea of making double sided keychains of Lucy’s stardresses. One side would have Lucy in the stardress, and the other side would have the spirit in the stardress.

Reasons why I scrapped this idea:

  • All the dresses aren’t revealed yet so it’s not possible
  • I don’t want to draw Sagittarius or Taurus in their stardress.

Also if you guys don’t want to see really messy doodles like these just tell me and I’ll stop. 

A War On Two Fronts | Part Twenty-One

Summary: All he has to do is kill her. If the Demon Prince can kill Princess Lucy Heartfilia, the war will be over and victory will be theirs. But he can’t do it. And she can’t quite bring herself to kill him either.

Rating: M                 Ff link

Words: 2640

A/N: I’m so so so so sorry for the delay. I feel like a terrible person for not updating for so long and I do apologise. I’m hoping that I’ll have the time/inspiration to work on this and complete it over the holidays, so hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoy this long overdue chapter, please let me know what you think!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four/Part Five/Part Six / Part Seven/ Part Eight/Part Nine / Part Ten/ Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen/ Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Part Sixteen / Part Seventeen / Part Eighteen / Part Nineteen / Part Twenty

A Very Important Question

There were only two reasons Natsu could think of that made Zeref’s command make sense.

The first: Zeref was ordering him to fly to his death. Natsu was starved and weak, barely able to manage the flight there. Fairy Tail would see him coming, and if they didn’t shoot him down, it wouldn’t take much longer for them to kill him. Zeref was sentencing him to die, with the added bonus of Lucy seeing it all, shattering her heart because he was unable to shatter her body.

The second: Zeref did want him to marry Lucy. His brother wanted him to marry her so that when they came together to be wed, he would be close enough to finally kill her.

Well, she’d be close enough to kill Zeref too.

So Natsu flew to Fairy Tail.

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Beyond the Field (part 8)

Sorry for it being a day late ^^; This is dedicated to natsus-neck-scar. I love you sis, you’re amazing no matter what ~

Read more chapters: Here

Summary: To him, football met everything. Nothing else was more important, but that day he picked his little sister up from the hospital and saw her blonde haired patient, everything changed.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman welcome to today’s football match between The Magnolian Mages and the The Lamia Scale!” The announcer spoke, voice booming throughout the stadium. “I can sure feel the excitement of the crowd, can’t you Yajima?”

“Sure can’t Chapati. I can’t wait to see the game, especially since both quarterbacks have an outside the field rivalry.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget!” Chapita exclaimed. “Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia have been fighting over the lovely Juvia Lockster since the high school days.”

“Do they really have to announce that?!” Gray angrily shouted, giving a deadly glare towards the announcer box. The players were currently in a secluded tunnel waiting to get announced to go out on the field. He felt a hand on his shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts of the past.

“Don’t pay attention to them. Use the anger to go and kick Lyon’s ass. Show Juvia why she should be with you.” Gray’s eyes bore into Natsus. He was thankful for the comforting words he was providing, but usually the running back would be ‘suck it up you sissy’.

“Whats got you in such a good mood?” Gray questioned.

Natsu blinked in confusion. “Do I need a reason to be happy?”

“Well, with such a beautiful blonde now living in his house and whom came to support him today; I would be in a good mood as well.” Loke cut in, answering for Natsu.

“How did you-”

“You told us dipshit, you wouldn’t stop talking about it for the past week.” Gajeels’ gruff voice cut in.

“I’d be excited to, having a woman like that under my roof. How do you keep yours hands off of her?” Loke asked frantically, placing his hands on his helmet in a ‘what are you thinking’ manner. Natsu sighed.

“Unlike you, I don’t need to have sex with every girl I meet. I have standards.”

“And apparently this girl might meet them.” Gray said with a smirk. Natsu narrowed his eyes.

“What do you-”

“I am proud to introduce to everyone, the Magnolian Mages!” The crowd went wild as their home team was announced. Gray looked to Natsu.

“Guess you’ll have to figure it out later. Lets do this boys!” Gray shouted to his team before making his way out of the tunnel.

His team followed suit, giving their own calls of excitement riling the crowd up even more. Natsu’s eyes scanned the crowd of the packed stadium, eyes landing on where his family usually sat. He seen Igneel throwing his fists in the air in excitement and Grandeeny standing up whooping and hollering. Sitting down next to Grandeeny was Wendy, who was clapping her hands while having a conversation with Lucy.

One look at Lucy and Natsu knew that they had to win this game.

They could lose every other game this season, but this one… they just couldn’t. Natsu wouldn’t allow it.

She was just sitting there, a pleasant smile on her face. Her golden locks were pulled up in a bun with strands framing her flawless face. He could see she was wearing a light pink top that sleeves came to the elbows accented with a white pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees. Maybe Loke was right, maybe the reason he’s been so happy lately is because of her….

Because of Lucy.

“Alright maggots, listen up!” Makarov voice boomed over the loud music that was playing. “If you go out there as play like you have been the past couple of weeks, there’s no way you guys shouldn’t beat these pansies. Now go out there and do it!”

“You heard him, lets win this!” Gray announced to his team who were pumped up to max potential. They shouted even more, trying to relieve some of the energy. Natsu stole one last look to the blonde who was looking towards the huddled team, a smile still etched on her lips.

“I’ll win this for you, Lucy.” Natsu thought before going out on the playing field, intending to keep his promise.

It was the last quarter and Magnolia was up fourteen to three.

“Lyon sure is throwing an off game tonight, it’s not even fair for us.” Gray said, sitting on the bench next to Natsu. He felt a cold water bottle touch his shoulder. “Thanks Erza.”

“Don’t mention it.” She replied. “But Natsu, you need to be more careful on the field. You’re being more reckless than usual.”

“Yeah, even if I do love my job I don’t want to see you guys get hurt.” Jellal explained looking towards the running back. He just waved both of them off.

“I haven’t gotten hurt yet have I?” Natsu casually answered, taking a swig of his water.

Gray gave a knowing smirk. “I think I know why you’re acting so reckless today.”

Natsu quirked his eyebrow in interest. “Oh, and why is that?”

“You’re trying to show off for your woman.” Natsu went rigid at his statement. He slowly turned his head to glare at the ink haired male.

“She’s not ‘my woman’ and no I’m not. You hate Lyon so I’m trying to save your ass and win the game so you won’t be embarrassed.” Gray scoffed in disbelief. Sure, him and Lyon didn’t get along for more than a minute but there was no way in hell that Natsu would win a game to save Gray from embarrassment; hell Natsu would probably even purposely make them lose the game if it meant Gray’s pride was on the line.

“Bullshit, as if you’d ever win a game for me.” Gray commented, Natsu turned his head to answer but was interrupted by the announcer.

“And a sack by Gajeel Redfox! Man, he can sure pack a wallop.” Chapati shouted through the microphone.

“And with that it looks like the two minute warning is in play.” Yajima announced.

Natsu and Gray looked at each other and shared a smirk, already knowing that this game was in the bag for them.

“So, feel like showing off some more?” Gray asked, getting up off the bench.

Natsu followed suit, putting his helmet back on. “When don’t I?”

“Great game as usual team. So far we’re three and zero for the season! Next weeks our first away game against Blue Pegasus, lets go kick coach Bob’s leotard next week. No practice tomorrow. Bring it in fellas!” Makarov place his hand in the center followed by the rest of his team. “But be there an hour earlier on Tuesday!”

Groaning, Gray said the chant. “Mages on three!”

“One, two, three mages!” The team said in unison, breaking away to go to shower and home after after a long day of football. Natsu wasted no time in grabbing his towel and soap. He headed straight for the showers which was unusual for him, he usually stayed and talked to Gray and Gajeel for a few minutes.

“He really wants to go see his girl.” Gajeel grumbled as he made his way to his locker.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to go see a woman like that.” Loke commented.

“Keep making comments like that and I’ll kick your ass Loke.” Natsu stated as he walked back in the locker pit fresh out of the shower.

“Dang, you really want to go see this chick don’t ya?” Gajeel teased, shutting his locker. Natsu turned to give him a glare.

“No actually. We all carpooled here today so we could give Lucy a tour of the stadium.” He explained, buttoning up his jeans. “So they’re waiting on me, and you know how my parents get when they’re kept waiting.”

Gray shuddered, oh he knew that all too well. “Yeah, even if thats not the true reason get out of here so Igneel and Grandeeny don’t kill you.”

“Why not? It’ll be fun to watch the Salamander squirm.” Gajeel laughed. Natsu finished pulling his black shirt over his head and sprayed his cologne on him to mask the remnants of his sweaty stench.

“You guys are assholes. I’m out of here.” He grumbled before making his way out of the locker room.

“Hey don’t forget! Erza wants a get together tomorrow! Make sure to bring Lucy!” Gray called out for his best friend. Natsu threw his hand up signaling that he heard him.

Well, so much for a relaxing day tomorrow.

Natsu walked out of the locker pit, seeing a familiar figure waiting on him.

“Lucy?” Hearing her name, she looked over to the football player and smiled.

“Good game out there!” Lucy praised walking over to him. “Ready to go?” He nodded, starting to lead her out of the stadium.

“Yes I’m just ready to go home, relax, play video games and eat some junk food.” Natsu said with a grin. Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Thats what you’ve been doing for the past week!”

“Its a lifestyle, what can I say.” As they were walking, he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate.

Igneel: Good game boy. Lucy was thoroughly impressed by your skills. Anyway, we’re going to Fairy Tail again tonight and since its not far from the stadium we suggested that you could walk Lucy there so she would be able to see a bit more of Magnolia. Love, Dad

Natsu groaned at the text message leaving a confused Lucy. “Whats wrong Natsu?”

“We have to walk to Fairy Tail.”

“So? I think it was a great idea, I haven’t seen half the city yet.”

“I just played an entire football game, I don’t wanna move anymore.” Natsu complained, making Lucy laugh lightly.

“You sure are lazy you know that?”

“Tell that to my six pack.” Natsu mumbled as they began to make their way towards the restaurant. He smirked, remembering another part of Igneel’s message.

“So, Igneel told me you were thoroughly impressed by my skills.” He seen from the corner of his eye how Lucy’s face heated up, her pale cheeks turning a slight pink color.

“I, uh, yeah… I actually was.” She admitted.

“Just thought I was all talk huh? Well Luce, you kind of have to be good to get in this league ya know.” He noticed how she remained silent, her face darkening.

After a few minutes a silence, she finally spoke again. “You’re a really fast runner.”

“That’s why I’m the running back.”

“Would you stop being a smart ass?”

“I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.” Lucy groaned at his teasing nature, trying her best to ignore the laughing she had caused. She looked around as they passed nice houses. Seeing the kids play in the front yard while their parents did the yard work. She missed times like these, she remembered times like these. Her and her little sister playing in the yard, while her mother tended to the garden and her father cut the grass…

“You okay Luce?” Natsu’s question brought her out of her saddening thoughts. She nodded her head.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“About what?” Lucy internally sighed, of course Natsu’s naturally curious nature would have him question farther. She stopped walking, confusing the male.

“Luce?” He looked at her, a worried expression planted on his features.

“Its just… I remember time when my family and I use to go out and do stuff like this.” She looked to see a mother and father chasing after their child. After finally snatching him, he pulled the youngster in a tight hug, kissing his head lovingly. The sight brought tears to her eyes. She froze as she felt two strong arms wrap around her shoulders and her face being met with a muscular chest.

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” His soft words comforted her a bit. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his torso. “I remember times like this too. When Igneel, Grandeeny and I would do this, and how I wished that it would be my birth parents.”

She tightened her grip on him. “Do you… do you know what happened to them.” She felt him lift his face out of her hair, she buried her face out of his chest and looked into his onyx eyes.

“I do. Its just, difficult to talk about.”

“Natsu…” She whispered. She seen the vulnerable look in his eyes, how they were glossed over a bit due to the unshed tears. She never really seen a man cry besides her father, but seeing Natsu like this… she decided she never wanted to see his tears again.

“Lucy…” He whispered out, staring in the chocolate brown eyes he always seemed to get lost in. His eyes flickered to her plush pink lips. As if gravity was forcing his too, he started to lean his head forward.

Lucy’s eyes widened, seeing that Natsu was beginning to bring his head down towards hers. Her face flush, she hadn’t had her first kiss before… she didn’t even know how to kiss. But, the thought of Natsu kissing her just felt right at the moment. She raised herself on her tiptoes, their lips only inches apart…

Both abruptly pulled away when they felt cold water being sprayed on them.

“What the hell?” Natsu voiced looking next to them, seeing a sprinkler going off. Natsu internally groaned, he was about to get his first kiss but got cockblocked by a sprinkler.

Natsu sighed at the curse of his luck and turned to Lucy who was still in the same position but looking down at her now wet clothes. Natsu pulled his scarf to relieve the heat from his cheeks at the sight of how the water made Lucy’s clothes cling onto her body even more snuggly than they had been before.

“Ah, so… should we, continue walking?” Natsu awkwardly said, taking his place next to the blonde haired woman. She looked up at him with a cute pout, but nodded nonetheless.

As the two teens started walking, their minds couldn’t get off their almost kiss. Lucy brought her left hand up to her lips that were almost touched by Natsu’s. Natsu seen the action, and smiled gently. He reached his left hand out, and interlaced his fingers with her right hand. He noticed the way her eyes widened as she glanced over at him.

He was just looking forward, his scarf covering his face to the tip of his red cheeks. Instead of freaking out, Lucy gave him a soft smile. She squeezed his hand gently. As she did so, is when the corner of his eyes flickered over to her. He smiled behind his scarf.

The two teens walked hand in hand to the restaurant, if they weren’t meant to kiss today… at least they could have this.

They reached the restaurant and looked at each other, silently agreeing that it wouldn’t be the best idea to walk in with their fingers intertwined. They walked into the restaurant and began to walk to the booth they had sat in the previous week. Lisanna was the first to see the two teens approach.

“Natsu! Lucy! How’re-” She started to greet but noticed the wetness in their clothes. “Why are you two wet? Its not even raining…”

Natsu just shook his head as he let Lucy slide in the booth before him. “Its a long story.” He said simply, before sliding in the booth after him. Lisanna gave her childhood friend a knowing smile.

“What’d you do, let her shower with you?” Igneel’s snide remark made Natsu thankful there were three people between them.

Natsu just sighed, not having the energy to reply back to the comment. He felt a soft pressure on his hand from under the table and seen it was Lucy’s hand on top of his. He looked at her face, the smile she always wore decorating her features. He smiled back, flipping his hand over to intertwine their fingers once again.

His family and friends were right, Lucy was special to him. Hopefully one day, she would let him show her how special she truly was.