stop loking at this

  • Gray: I don't like Juvia like that
  • Laxus: My relationship with Freed is entirely platonic
  • Gajeel: I'd never say sappy shit like that to Levy
  • Natsu: Lucy and I are just friends
  • Elfman: Evergreen isn't manly enough for me
  • Zeref: I don't love Mavis anymore
  • Loke: *appears* why tf u lion
  • Loke: why u always lion
  • Loke: emmmohmagahd
  • Loke: stop fuckin lion
EXO Reaction when they realize you are blind

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Chanyeol: “Jagi? Can’t you see me? What’s wrong? *Worried*

Kris: *Doesn’t know what to do* “We’ll solve this out baobei… we will”

Sehun: “It was my light right? You should have stopped loking at me. But I know it’s impossible” *He just wants to lighten the mood*

Tao: *Shocked. He doesn’t want you to stop smiling because of it, he is so worried and doens’t know what to do*

Kai: “You don’t have to worry abut anything Y/N. I’ll be by your side always” *He is your bodyguard but also makes the guys go away*

Xiumin: *He’s been crying for weeks, he wants to do something but you aren’t talking about it.. and he doesn’t want to make you upset*

Baekhyun: *He takes you to the hospital hoping it can be cured.* “Maybe it’s just temporal” *He stays by yourside always*

Luhan: *It won’t change things between you, he would take you to places and describe every single detail for you. He doesn’t want you to lose hope*

Chen: *Tries not to cry but eventually he will* “What did the doctors say?

Kyungsoo: *Never lets go of  your hand* “There’s nothing to worry about, I’m here Y/N”

Lay: “I will heal you… I’m sure my love can do that¨*In despair*

Suho: *He will always there to support you, he will try to find a way to solve the problem, but even if he can’t find it, he will be by your side* “I love you, that’s the only thing I need to say”

What Natsu actually thinks about Lucy
  • Natsu: Wow look at her figure
  • Natsu: Her gorgeous hair is like woven gold
  • Natsu: The way she looks when she gets mad at me
  • Natsu: She's so cute when she sleeps.
  • Natsu: She gets so flustered when I see her naked
  • Natsu: The way she hugs me from behind
  • Natsu: She is flawless
  • Natsu: So busty
  • Natsu: She gets me all fired up
  • Natsu: She is my Celestial Princess