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The 5 Elements of a LIKABLE Main Character

“I don’t like your main character. He’s kind of obnoxious.” my beta reader laughingly told me, after reading the first chapter of my novel.

On the surface, I looked like this: 

Inside, I looked like this: 

Aloud, I said “Oh, well, he’s kind of hard to understand. He changes by the end.”

Inside, I screamed “How could you not like him?! Do you have a heart?! Is there a void where your soul should be?! Are you actually a Dementor that’s really good at makeup? Well, I guess this is what the Dementors are doing after getting kicked out of Azkaban!”

Outside: “But I really enjoyed it!” *Hugs between broken writer and Dementor in disguise* “Thank you for reading!" 

But you know what? That person that might be a soul-sucking cloaked demon creature? They were right. The character was unlikable, or more accurately, there was no reason to cheer him on. There was nothing to make the reader connect with him, relate to him, transfer themselves into his story, feel affection towards him. 

And if the reader doesn’t connect with the character through empathy? Nothing else in the story can work. Everything relies on this one fictional person. The basic definition of story is "A flawed hero with a goal overcoming obstacles to reach that goal, and how that journey changes them.” So without character, you don’t have story. Without empathy from the reader, you don’t even have character. 

So what is empathy when it comes to characters? 

It’s the process of a reader transferring their own lives onto the character. When this happens, the character’s goal and inner desires, values and weaknesses, everything about them, become proxies for our own. We learn of a shared piece of human nature between us, something we have in common on a significant inner level, and suddenly we want to see this character succeed. Because now, they are us – and we want to see ourselves succeed in real life. We feel what they feel, we experience what they experience.  

The best way to sum up character empathy in my opinion, is this quote from C.S.Lewis: “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another ‘Really? You too? I thought I was the only one!’”

That’s empathy. 

Which doesn’t mean the character has to be an angelic little cherub …

There are characters that operate in a moral gray area, there are characters that are downright awful, there are characters that shouldn’t be lovable …but we love them. So this is NOT saying that a main character has to be a perfect angel that rescues baby squirrels when they’re not busy volunteering at the local soup kitchen, it just means there’s something WORTHWHILE in the character that persuades the reader to stick around. We need a reason to relate with that at-first-glance unlikable character. Just as we have flawed people in our own lives who we can forgive and love.

A good quote for this one would be this, by G.K.Chesterton: “That’s the great lesson of Beauty and the Beast; that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

So how does a writer accomplish a good empathetic connection?

Luckily for us, establishing this only takes a little planning in the beginning of the story. Certain elements foster empathy, elements which you can give to your character and display in the story. Making sure to incorporate a few of these will ensure that first connection between reader and character. A connection which you, the author, will then be able to grow. It’s this tiny first note of shared humanity which deepens into those important links we hold with characters. We’re living people, they’re imagined and comprised of words on a page; yet these people can be friends to us, family, mentors, role models, and become some of the most influential people in our lives. 

And how does that begin? Evoking empathy. 

And how do you evoke empathy? Well here are the characteristics that human beings instinctively identify with and admire … 

– Courage (This is the one EVERY main character should possess. Gumption to pursue what they want separates main from background characters.)

– Humor (Wit charms us without fail.)

– Goal-Obsessed 

– Hard-working  

– Noble motivations

– Loving

– Loved by others

– Kind 

– Treated unfairly

– In imminent danger, physically

– In imminent danger, emotionally

– In a sorrowful situation

– Smart/Expert at something

– Suffering from psychological weakness  

– Haunted by something in their past

– Dissatisfied with current state of their life

– Lacking something like love, friendship, belonging, family, safety, freedom, etc

It’s a good plan to give your main character at least FIVE of these empathetic little “virtues.”

If this sounds like a resume, that’s kind of what it is. “Dear Potential Reader, I’m applying for the job of Main Character of this book series. I aspire to consume your every waking thought and drastically change your life, for better and worse.” It’s a diagram of the worthwhile traits of the hero, the characteristics that win us over, which promise the reader “If you follow my story, knowing me – and experiencing the story through me – will be well worth your time.”

These traits will be displayed in the set-up of the story, the first ten pages or so. But the story CANNOT stop to let the character exhibit these winning behaviors; the story must KEEP PROGRESSING, every empathetic element must be shown with a story reason for existing within a scene. Like exposition, empathy needs to be added in subtly, as the story motors onward, slipping into the reader’s knowledge without them noticing. If it’s a scene created for the express purpose of convincing the reader “This character is lovable! Love them! I said love them!” then it will be glaringly obvious and the reader will feel the exact opposite. (They’ll also feel that way about the author, incidentally.)

Now! How does this work? 

Harry Potter: 

Harry is the poster child for being treated unfairly. Yet in the face of the abusive treatment of his childhood, Harry is courageous. He does not succumb to the Dursley’s relentless campaign to stamp the magic out of him, and become a proper Dursley; though this would’ve won their approval, put him in their good graces, and made his life exponentially easier – but he didn’t do it. He knew they were wrong, knew what was right, and refused to become like them. So heck yes Sorting Hat, there is “plenty of courage, I see”. He was loved by his parents, by the three that dropped him off at his Aunt and Uncle’s, and by the majority of the Wizarding World. He’s also snarky, loving, and in constant danger. 

Judy Hopps: 

Every reason why we care about Judy is established in the first few scenes. She’s courageous. She’s funny. She’s loved by her parents. She’s motivated by noble values. Definitely goal oriented, hard working, and smart. She’s also in imminent danger, and being treated unfairly.

If we took out the pieces of the story meant to evoke our empathy, what would happen? 

Nobody would care. Judy Hopps would have been an annoying, smug, and consumed by ruthless ambition. Harry Potter would have ceased to exist because everything about him is empathetic. 

Establishing these early allows us to begin the process of temporarily transferring our lives into a story. Or in the case of some life-changing stories, not temporarily transferring, but letting them become part of our souls forever. 

Yup, having your story connect with a reader forever starts with just a little empathy. Pretty useful.

Oh, and speaking of souls, give me mine back, Dementor reader. I learned how to make people like my characters. Now you’re out of the Azkaban job and the beta reading job. 

WTF Death Note
  • Netflix: Oh, so you want a life action movie of Death Note?
  • fans: No... nobody actually said that...
  • Netflix: You got it!
  • fans: Wha...
  • Netflix: Remember everything about the show?
  • fans: Yes...
  • Netflix: Well too bad! 'Cause we're going Shyamalan on this bitch!
  • fans: Pls no.
  • Netflix: Remember your favorite characters with their unique art styles and personalities?
  • fans: *almost in tears* yeees...
  • Netflix: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  • fans: Oh God, no!
  • Netflix: You know L's quirky childish but brilliant individuality?
  • fans: Please, stop...
  • Netflix: Well Now he is a public speaking, death threats giving, angry... vigilante?(What's with the mask all the time)
  • fans: But why?
  • Netflix: Don't worry! He still eats candy and sits like a crazy person. But wait! Do you remember how extremely smart, first of his class, role model student Light was?
  • fans: ...
  • Netflix: Yeah! We totally ignored that one, too! He even gets in a fight! Isn't that EDGYYYY!
  • fans:
  • Netflix: And Misa? With her stupid but loyal heart? Yeaaaaah! She's an emo now.
  • fans: jesus christ man...
  • Netflix: Remember all the other charecters? 'CAUSE WE DON'T!
  • Netflix: But we included the crucial scene on the Ferris wheel!
  • Netflix: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha...

Friendly reminder that -

  • Percy’s neutral expression is a natural brooding look that he gets from Poseidon
  • That when he does smile it’s crooked and makes him look like a trouble maker
  • When he talks it’s usually very sarcastic and/or impertinent 
  • His inner monologue is actually very negative and while we, as the readers, take it as a joke he’s usually pretty pessimistic for a good portion of the time
  • That when he’s fighting his expression is fierce and is hard to tell whether he is the good guy or not
  • That Leo Valdez equated Percy’s angry expression to the feeling he gets when Jason is about to shoot lightning. Let me repeat - just the look on Percy’s face when he’s angry was considered on par to Jason controlling flipping lightning
  • That he’s very very vindictive and loyal only to those he considers his friends and once you lose his trust it is nearly impossible to earn back 
  • That while he had the curse of achilles, he laughed crazily while he was single handedly destroying hordes of monsters
  • He made an entire volcano erupt, awakened a giant, and almost wiped out the northwest of the united states
  • He tortured a godess just so she would feel his misery
  • That he’s actually very manipulative and it made Annabeth step back for a moment and reevaluate her perception of him
  • That while his dark side came to it’s peak in house of hades and wasn’t mentioned in blood of olympus, there was no confirmation that it suddenly and completely disappeared after they left Tartarus.
  • Has been the child of the prophecy twice.
  • He manipulated Bob to kill his own brother by simply convincing him that they were friends and that is what friends did for each other
  • He was physically abused by his step father
  • That with absolutely no training at all he killed the minotaur with it’s own horn at the mere age of twelve
  • He wins a good majority of his fights by simply outsmarting his opponent 
  • He has scared not only Annabeth but his friends and peers on more than one occasion with his attitude and powers
  • That he’s considered extremely powerful for a demigod and for a child of the big three and makes the gods slightly nervous
  • That when he’s upset his powers act to mimic his emotions without him even trying
  • Has been offered immortality
  • That he is actually really sorta intimidating without trying 
  • That we need to stop reducing Percy’s character to a happy-go-lucky comic relief goofball that doesn’t know his left foot from right because he is so much more than that
Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgard x Reader



Bill had a bad day and you make him feel better by cooking or goofing around or just talking and cuddling

Warning: None

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You hummed as you typed into your computer writing fanfic and reading others for inspiration. You weren’t surprised some of them were about your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård. He was really handsome and it was a wonder why out of all the woman he could’ve dated he picked out you.

He was a professional actor with a big family of highly well known and recognized actors. He would be a terrifying clown or a Upir or a spy, but at the end of the day he was the man who you loved to cuddle with on the couch and just overall enjoy each other’s companies. Speaking of the devil, your front door opened and your boyfriend came in looking terrible for once.

His gelled back hair was a bit messy like he kept constantly raking his fingers through it and attempted to fix it but only made things worse. You frowned noticing not only that but his mood was off and even his walk. You knew he must’ve had a rough day when he slumped down next to you on the couch.

That wasn’t your usual Bill. He would usually come home happy and excited to tell you about his day kissing your cheek and already babbling about this certain scene he did.

Only today it was clear he was having a bad day.

You already knew he woke up late and spilled his coffee on the counter just as he was leaving. He had texted you once saying his co-stars were being none-to-friendly either and the director was being hard on all of them. Being the good girlfriend you were you gently stroked his hair fixing a few out of place locks back. Bill sighed and just let you do that to help him relax.

“Tough day?” You asked softly.

“Yeah.” He mumbled.

You frowned and continued to stroke his hair and face softly. He moved to rest his head in your lap and you continued to gently pet him like a cat. You even hummed a song which in your opinion you were terrible at, let alone singing but Bill thought you had the voice of an angel. Eventually he was completely lax looking like he was dozing off.

You chucked and leaned down to kiss his head, “I’m trying to make you feel better not to make you fall asleep silly.”

He smiled and sighed, “Well when I have a beautiful girl doing it I can’t help myself.”

You playfully punched his shoulder making him smile. He lifted up his head and you leaned down knowing he wanted a kiss.

“I’m gonna go get a blanket and make some tea. Sounds good?” You asked.

“I kinda like this angle.” He teased making you roll his eyes.

Despite his words Bill sat up and watched as you went to the closet pulling out your “cuddle blanket”. It was really this gigantic fleece blanket you had found that was light pink with red hearts on it that was just about the size of a king sized duvet.

You threw it at Bill who caught it and watched as you went into the kitchen to make the tea. He loved your tea since it was unexplainably good since you got it from an old family recipe your grandmother had gotten from a friend.

Once that was done you poured them into mugs and went back to find Bill was looking through the comedy movies. You plopped down next to him, being careful not to spill the tea of course, and held a mug out for him.

He graciously accepted it as he continued to scroll through the movies until he found the perfect one. You pulled your legs up to sit Indian style and grabbed the blanket to pull half of it over your lap. You took a sip of yours and smiled at how you had added just the perfect amount of honey.

“You gotta teach me your recipe sometime cause every time I drink your tea it’s amazing.” Bill commented.

“Secret recipe can’t tell ya!” You winked teasingly.

He smiled teasingly pouting but didn’t say much after. You both continued to watch the movie occasionally laughing and at one point you had nearly fallen off of the couch from laughing so hard.

You played several movies until the sun came down and the stars came out. By then you and Bill were watching a romantic comedy. He was leaning against you pressing his head cheek to your head with an arm around your shoulders gently brushing his thumb on your arm. He just loved how soft and smooth and silky your skin was.

Another movie passed and you we laying down on the couch with him resting his head on your chest (cuz apparently men like to think boobs as pillows) well your hand continued to stroke his hair. You eventually got bored of the movie Bill had put on and gently poked him in the side making him instinctively jump.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“Just wanted to see if your still awake.” You lied.

“Yeah I’m awake.” He grumbled before laying  back down on your chest. 

A minute later you felt a finger poke your side and you playfully glared down at Bill you looked at you like he was innocent and clueless.

“What?” He asked truly sounding innocent from his years of acting.

You gave him another accusing glare before resting your head back down on his chest. Not even a minute later you squirmed when you felt something like wiggling fingers attack your sides.

You narrowed your eyes and glared at him well he continued to play innocent. Curse him and his acting career that allowed him to have such a good poker face.

“I know it’s you!” You glared.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” He replied.

You once again laid your head back down on his chest. A few minutes later you felt two hands this time grab your sides and tickle them making you squirm and squeak and squeal like a retarded worm.

“Bill stop!” You squealed in between laughter.

Curse him for knowing your tickle spots so well. 

He eventually did stop and you had laughing hiccups for a few seconds before finally being able to calm down. Bill had a shit eating grinning from ear to ear that grew wider when you pouted cutely even though you were trying to make it look like you were angry.

“So that’s how ya wanna play it huh?” You challenged. (cookie to anyone who gets this reference!!! Hint: Inolves a yellow children’s cartoon character!)

You attacked him this time wiggling and poking make him laugh but not squirm as hard as you did. When he was nearly crying out, “Uncle! Uncle!” You stopped and watched him chuckle for a minute.

After the aftershocks were gone he smiled and kissed you for a few seconds which you gladly accepted of course. He was an amazing kisser and his lips were so soft and kind of just pulled you in like a fish to a shiny lure. No wonder why so many fan girls gay pair him.

When he pulled away he still had a smile on his face as he laid his head back down on his chest listening to you steady and melodic heart beat and feeling his head rise and fall when your lungs expand and deflate. He gently ran his fingers through your hair loving how even on his worst days you always made him smile.

“You know I’m in the mood for tacos.” You said ruining the mood. 

Epilogue: Sorry it’s so short but it makes up for it with all the fluffy goodness of cuddling and watching movies and all that teeth rotting goodness. Since you are reading this another hint for the reference is that in the episode they are playing in the snow when ice bergs? Came in. Bonus points if you remember the episodes name! Oh and I’m seeing the IT movie today so no spoilers! Thanx for Reading! =3!

I just started a campaign with a new group, and today was our first session - “Session Zero”, mainly a getting to know each other and our characters kind of deal, and learning the basics of D&D (we’re pretty much all new to the game). 

Our Rogue was introducing her character when this happened:

Rogue:  …and I’m not creative with naming, so I chose her first name (Mei) from the Handbook and then just chose Xin as the last, since it sounds vaguely Asian.  I’m not sure if it’s an actual name or not though.

Ranger, who speaks Chinese:  but mei xin means the space between your eyebrows

Rogue: “Well that won’t stop her from stabbing you in your mei xin if you piss her off”

🎶🎶When You Collect Records🎶🎶
  • Hipster: *moves dusty old boxes out of the way* Whoa, an old record player. It looks like it's in working order too! *runs outside*
  • Hipster: Yo, dad!
  • Dad: What?
  • Hipster: We're getting rid of all of poppop's stuff, right?
  • Dad: There's something you want, isn't there?
  • Hipster: There's this old stereo record player in the attic.
  • Dad: What do you need a record player for?
  • Hipster: My record collection.
  • Dad: I didn't even know they still made those things. Can't you just listen to music on your phone?
  • Hipster: Dad, there's a big difference between listening to music digitally and on record.
  • Dad: Fine, I don't wanna get into it with you right now. You can take the record player. You just have to get someone else to take it to your place for you. My truck's full.
  • Hipster: Thanks dad! *smooches dad on the cheek*
  • *later at hipster's apartment*
  • Friend: So, like Patch Adams ends with Patch Adams half-naked in front of a ton of people. I don't know if it was meant to be funny or like a weird sex thing, but like the movie was just a deeply disturbing character study. I can't stop thinking about it.
  • Hipster: That sounds boring. *unlocks door to apartment* Ta-da! Here it is! My new record player!
  • Friend: New? Looks fucking old to me, dude.
  • Hipster: Well, it is old. That's the appeal. And we're going to listen to the new Sufjan record on it.
  • Friend: Is that actually how you say Sufjan? Apparently, I've been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.
  • Hipster: Well, you won't after this record. There's an entire track where he just says his name for four minutes. It's amazing. *plays records*
  • Record Player: *coughs* Hello. Hello! Where am I? Doctor? Hello! Why is it so dark...............................Can I breathe? I can't breath. Oh god, I'm not breathing! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! I.....................................
  • Hipster: Uh, that's not Sufjan.
  • Friend: It totally isn't. Is it some guest vocalist? I like the new direction he's going in. No instruments or singing, and long stretches of silence. Very experimental.
  • Hipster: *stops record player* I think maybe we should do something else for now.
  • Friend: Fucking lame! I wanted to listen to more Sufjan.
  • *days later at the record store*
  • Hipster: Yo, I think the Sufjan Stevens record I bought from here might be some kind of mispress.
  • Store Clerk: Really? It's a pretty major album. I doubt there'd just be a mispress like that.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but listen to it. It's not Sufjan at all. It's some girl talking.
  • *hipster and clerk listen to a completely normal Sufjan Stevens album together*
  • Store Clerk: What are you talking about? This is definitely Sufjan Stevens.
  • Hipster: Okay, but it wasn't like that when I listened to it at home! I even listened to it with my friend and he heard the same thing!
  • Store Clerk: Maybe there's something wrong with your record player.
  • Hipster: Hmm, maybe there is.
  • *back at the apartment*
  • Hipster: *turns on record player and just listens*
  • Record Player: ...I'm awake again. Why did I black out? Did I even black out? God, I'm not breathing, but it doesn't matter. Why don't I need to breathe? Am I even alive?
  • Hipster: Can you hear me?
  • Record Player: Doctor. Doctor! DOCTOR! Why can't I move? Why can't I feel anything. Keep yourself together. It'll all make sense soon. Calm down. Just breathe deeply. Fuck, I can't breathe! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I CAN'T BREATHE! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! HELP! HELP ME, PLEASE! I'M STUCK! I CAN'T MOVE! PLEASE HELP ME!
  • Hipster: *turns off record player* It's just a recording, I bet. I can't believe I talked to it like an idiot... *nervously turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: I blacked out again. I blacked out. For how long? Is there even time here? Hell. This is hell, right? Did I go to hell.........................................
  • Hipster: *listens to the record player for hours*
  • Record Player: Negative 6893 bottles of wine on the wall! Negative 6893 bottles of wine! Take one down, pass it around, Negative 6894 bottles of wine on the wall... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Hipster: *keeps listening*
  • Record Player: Soul of Christ, make me holy, Body of Christ, be my salvation. God, please forgive me. I'm sorry for all of my sins. Please free me. I'm so sorry. Please. Please. Please.
  • Hipster: *still listening*
  • Record Player: FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! SHITTY DOCTOR! FUCK YOU! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! *sobs intensely* FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK EVERYTHING! Please just let me go.
  • Hipster: *nervously walks up to record player and lightly taps on it*
  • Record Player: ...A knock. A KNOCK! PLEASE HELP ME! I'M STUCK! PLEASE! *record player begins shake violently*
  • Hipster: *backs away in fear*
  • Hipster: *unplugs record player*
  • Hipster: *gets hammer from the closet and begins to break apart record player*
  • Record Player: *drips red*
  • Hipster: W-What? *cracks front of record player open*
  • *rotting viscera falls from the record player*
  • Hipster: O-Oh... *stuffs viscera back into the record player and duct tapes over it*
  • Hipster: *turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: ...I can feel. It hurts. Why does it hurt now? Why does it hurt? Why? Why? Why? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? *spurts blood through it speakers and begins to gurgle*
  • Record Player: *hops forward* Please just let me go. Please... please. I'll do anything. I just want to see you again. I'm so sorry. This isn't what I asked for. I'm so sorry. *hops forward again and comes unplugged*
  • Record Player: *tips over, bleeding heavily onto the carpet*
  • Hipster: *silently cleans up the mess*
  • *some time later*
  • Hipster: *calls dad* Hey, dad. Oh, nothing. Uh, I just need to borrow your truck, If not tonight sometime this week. I just need to get rid of something. No, no, that's fine, I can do it myself. Yeah, tomorrow morning is perfect. Thanks Love you too. Bye.
  • *the next afternoon*
  • Dad: So, what did you need to get rid of this morning?
  • Hipster: Nothing important. Just some old junk... Dad, what kind of person was poppop?
  • Dad: Well, he was only the greatest man I've known in my life. Really caring, dedicated to his family. When you were born he loved you so much. He was a bit of a loner, though. It took a lot to get him to open up. Even around me and your grandmother. He was a bit like you. Always a huge music lover.
  • Hipster: I see. Was he ever a doctor?
  • Dad: That's a weird thing to ask. Nope. He hated doctors. Didn't trust modern medicine one bit. It's ironic. His cancer probably wouldn't have gotten to him if he did. But, your poppop was always so stubborn.
  • Hipster: Oh, okay then.
  • *some days later*
  • Friend: New carpet?
  • Hipster: Yup, old one was ugly wasn't it. It was time for a change.
  • Friend: That's what I've been telling you! I'm glad you finally came to your senses. What happened to your record player, though?
  • Hipster: That thing? I threw it away. It was busted.
  • Friend: That sucks. Are you gonna buy a new one?
  • Hipster: No.
  • Friend: But you won't have anything to play your records on.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but I buy records because I want to support the artists. They're not really for listening. Besides, lossless is better. FLAC is the future.

Why is everyone sleeping on The Fosters – the best TV show of this century? This iconique show about an interracial lesbian couple who raises not one (1), but five (5) children (feminist queen Mariana who’s Latina, sassy king Jude who’s gay, miss Callie and I guess fuckboys Brandon and Jesus are there too) is what this world truly needs right now. Ignoring that ugly “foster siblings in love” trope they’ll hopefully drop completely, the show tackles many important topics including racism, homophobia, transphobia, rape, abortion, etc. – all of this covered in many different aspects (e.g.: police brutality, LGBT+ youth being discriminated in sex-ed classes, Mariana being treated differently in school because she’s Latina, family struggling to accept their trans son – you name it). 

But not only that, the show also isn’t scared to go /THERE/ and casually drag hypocritical uglies left and right, for instance by showing the youngest same-sex kiss in US television history which got all the straights™ SHOOK to the core making them complain about how disgusting it was while being quiet when a straight couple same age MADE OUT in the same episode seconds later. Not to mention the fact that when it comes to storylines, screen time or steamy make-out sessions, the show treats the same-sex couples same as straight ones. Homophobes? Bald. And if after all of this you still think that The Fosters is NOT doing THAT, then hold on to your knickers, girls, because the main character Callie is currently in a relationship with a trans man Aaron, which allows the viewers to truly get to know him and his struggles as well. The show is truly breaking down barriers, so ladies? Watch The Fosters and get woke.

anonymous asked:

how does it feel to have auditory processing problems? what do conversations and instructions sound like? is music soothing or painful? my character has problems with auditory processing so his speech skills are disrupted, he can only really follow one person talking to him at once, and usually wear ear protectors, is this realistic? sorry for the loaded question ;; thank you!

Hi there!

Speech that hasn’t been properly processed is often described as heard as though it was in another language. It’s not that you can’t hear it, you can hear the sounds clearly, it just… doesn’t make sense.

Auditory processing difficulties can be more or less important depending on the person, the moment, energy levels, the environment… They can range from not understanding what’s been said at all, to only understanding something very approximative (which often translates into mishearing the words as similar-sounding words, think of a game of telephone of sorts), to understanding the words correctly, but with a delay (conversations such as “could you pass me the salt please?” “what?” “I said, could-” “Oh, yeah, of course” can occur).

As I said, the environment can affect auditory processing: a noisy environment or one with many sound sources will probably be more difficult to understand speech in. Being able to only follow one person talking at once is thus definitely realistic.

I don’t know what you mean by “his speech skills are disrupted”. If your character has severe auditory processing problems, it could be that he’s nonverbal because he can’t replicate sounds he cannot understand. If he can process sounds well enough to make sense of language at least partially, I’m not sure his expressive language would be very affected. If anyone has experience with this, you’re very welcome to weigh in.

Ear protectors would help if your character has hypersensitivity to sound alongside their auditory processing problems, but I don’t think they always coexist: someone hyposensitive to sounds could also have auditory processing issues.

As for music, I’d say it must depend on the person and on the type of music. In my personal experience, I’ve never made a connection between my auditory processing issues and how I experience music, but there could be one. Once again, if followers want to weigh in, input would be appreciated.

Have a few additional suggestions: your character may need subtitles when watching videos (if he lives in a modern setting), and he might be more comfortable with nonverbal forms of communication. He may have learnt to read lips to some extent to supplement what he hears. Phone calls in particular could be very difficult for him.

-Mod Cat

With regards to music, I do find that my enjoyment is impacted by sensory processing. While I can usually enjoy music played quietly, music becomes painful when I am tired and struggle more with auditory processing. I find that music that I don’t know and music that is unpredictable becomes painful first, but even songs that I know well and enjoy become painful when I am tired. It’s almost as if I am listening to a poorly-tuned radio - I can understand if I pay very close attention, but there’s lots of static and noise in the way.

Music can also be disruptive. Your character might not be able to have a conversation if music is playing, so music would be an annoyance in lots of situations (shops and restaurants in particular). Ear protectors can help the character filter out the background noise - it physically stops them from hearing some of the background noise, so the speech isn’t competing with so many other sounds - but I am not aware of this commonly being used, at least not for much of the time.

-Mod Snail

Dude people gotta stop being so petty and salty about ships. Like they’re fictional characters and people can ship them if they want and if it makes you uncomfortable well fuck off. If you purposely go into a ship tag to bash the ship in any way you’re a fucking loser. I know I’m not popular in any of these communities, and people have said this probably so many times but it’s damn true. Let people do whatever the hell they want mind your damn business and keep moving.

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How do I make my dialogue seem more authentic and less formulaic?

Hi, anon!  Thanks for your question :)

This is a common issue, and one that I’ve been working on in recent years.  Improving primarily comes from observation – listening to real-life conversations, watching experienced actors, and even recording your own thoughts/speech/monologues.  Writing good dialogue means that you have to analyze and pick apart speech patterns that our brains usually filter out.  It’s all about hypervigilance.  This is how you collect the tools you need.

Features of Authentic Dialogue

Notice the use of the word “features” – because it’s not just words or phrases that create dialogue you can hear in your head.  Speech patterns, interplay between characters, silences, and environmental factors can make a conversation come to life.  So when dialogue is sounding stale or formulaic, try some of the following:

  • Favored terms – The number one thing that really pulls me into dialogue is when I see a character use the same term/phrase a few times throughout the story.  That’s how real people speak!  We have cliches that we grew up hearing or that stick in our head, and we use them whenever they apply.  So build character with this tool.
  • Delay and “loading” phrases – Formulaic dialogue is made up of straightforward skeleton sentences: “I’m sorry I lied to you.  I was scared.”  Adding in delay makes time for characters to think, which helps readers hear their voices: “I, uh… I’m sorry, you know.  For lying.  I guess I was just scared.”
  • Unfinished thoughts – Some of our thoughts are expressed verbally.  Some of them are kept to ourselves.  But some of our thoughts stop somewhere in between – we get them halfway out, and we realize we either don’t want to say it or don’t know how.  So when it applies, have your characters start to share something (maybe something “dangerous” or personal or out of line) and stop – rephrase.  This works especially well in situations of conflict.
  • Run-ons and fragments – This sounds similar, but it’s different.  This isn’t a conscious stopping and going – it’s just normal human grammar mistakes.  Writers are so focused on their own grammar that they treat dialogue the same way, which isn’t realistic.  So have characters mesh two sentences into one, or express thoughts without a subject + verb structure.  It doesn’t make you a bad writer.  Don’t worry.
  • Forgetting words or phrases – This happens to a varying degree with all people.  Having a character stop mid-sentence and snap their fingers and ask:

“What is it?  When it’s like something that happened, like, because of fate?”
“Uh, coincidence?”
“No, more like it’s supposed to happen, but it’s still- serendipity.  That’s it.”

This can take up valuable page space, though, so only use it when it applies or when your conversation is lacking interactivity.

  • Shorter speech bursts with action in between – Not all of what a character has to say should be expressed in one long monologue.  In fact, it can often be better to write a sentence or two at a time than to write out a whole argument at once.  When a character pauses, fill the space with action or internal dialogue.  This is best for scenes in which two characters are walking somewhere or engaging in an activity.

Beyond these ideas, though, I have a few extra tips that involve two or more characters.  When 2+ people are engaging in a conversation, they are prone to:

  • Cut each other off – Holy heck, this happens a lot in real life, especially if your characters are both talkative or dominant.  Conversation sounds more realistic when your characters aren’t acting like they’re on a debate stage and they aren’t allowed to speak until a light comes on.  Even if it’s just cutting off the last word of each other’s sentence, or attempting to interrupt unsuccessfully, give it a shot and see how it amps up a conversation.
  • Stop listening – Or they never start listening at all.  When characters are distracted or in the middle of conflict, they may not hear what each other says – or they may misinterpret.  If you need to pace a conversation or increase miscommunication, this is a good way to do it.
  • Hang on to details – When Character A makes a long statement, Character B doesn’t always listen all the way through – but not always intentionally.  People can get caught on certain details in what’s said.  For example:

“All I’m saying is that- listen.  When two people are in a relationship, they don’t go around behind each other’s backs, okay?  Even if it has nothing to do with each other!  It’s full disclosure.  How would you like it if I did something like that?  If I just… looked at you and lied to you?  Wouldn’t it bother you?  Would you ever look at me and wonder, ‘What if she doesn’t mean that?  What if she’s hiding something else?’”

“Is that what this is?” he asked, eyes narrowed playfully.  He bit back a smile.  “A relationship?”

  • Get distracted – When two characters talk, they don’t talk in a vacuum – there are environmental factors that stall or accelerate conversation.  If two characters are rushing to get dressed for a party, they will speak quickly or rashly.  If they’re in line at Subway, they’re thinking about what they want on their sandwich.  If they’re driving, they may need to stop talking to figure out which exit they take off the highway.  Allow their environment to interact with their conversation, and your scene will feel more immersive.

That’s all the advice I have right now!  If you have any other questions, send them in and I’ll respond shortly :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Ben Platt x Broadway actress reader headcanons

This has only just been requested but I couldn’t stop thinking about it?? And its a lot longer and and more ramble-y than anyone ever asked for, sorry!

Also this is my first real person fic (well set of headcanons) so please let me know what you think and what I can improve on!


- You were currently starring in The Great Comet whilst Ben preformed in Dear Evan Hansen. Being main characters, and being instinctively hard workers who were dedicated to your roles, meant that you had incredibly busy schedules so you spent every second not preparing or preforming with each other. 

- The Imperial Theatre and The Music Box Theatre are literally next door to each other which just made the separation a bit worse. 

- But you definitely tried to sneak away between performances to see each other without being caught by your stage managers. There’s been more than one occasion where you’ve fallen asleep cuddled up in Ben’s dressing room  and Laura has had to wake you up to get back for the evening performance (not without snapping a picture first though). 

- Sometimes you come out of stage door at the same time and you see each other, and Ben always blows a kiss to you and tries to convince security to let him go over the barrier to get to you. 

- One of your favourite memories was the 54 Below show you had done together which was literally just the two of you singing your favourite songs. You made your friend record it and you and Ben loved to rewatch it together. 

- Ben always tries to be as quiet as possible on his day off to help his voice, and despite wanting to sit and talk with him for hours you understand and support his decisions. You had decided to get little whiteboards to carry with you on the days when you really couldn’t speak to one another and you’d just write cute messages to one other or draw little pictures. Whenever one of you would start to talk, the other would cut them off with a kiss. (Sometimes Ben starts talking just so you’ll run across the room to jump on his lap and cut him off with a kiss).           {I have a lot of feelings and headcanons about Ben on vocal rest and I don’t want to bore you with them here}. 

- You both wake up and go to sleep at the same time because you have the same show schedules and this makes for the best morning cuddles from Ben (who you just know is the most snuggly person ever). But, one day he’d woken up earlier as he had extra rehearsals and he had left you a long note about how much he loved and appreciated you. 

- You’re friends with all the DEH cast and you encourage Ben to go out with them more often - even if it is just for one drink before he returns to his vocal rest. 

- You’d try to warm up together when you had the chance but it just involved more make-out sessions than either of your voice coaches would think was healthy.  Either that or laughing at the weird new techniques you would try to get warmed up. 

- You never really got to see each other shows since they were on at the same time. You had only seen DEH twice, both at the very start of its run on broadway. So, without telling him, on one performance a few days before the Tony’s you took the day off to watch Ben. Despite him saying that he wanted to be warned if there was a surprise guest in the audience you didn’t tell him you were coming. However, considering you would be sat in the front row, you had asked Will to tell him you were in the audience before he went on so he wouldn’t be shocked - you didn’t want him to mess up the performance he puts everything into but you still wanted it to be a surprise for him. 

- You think you cried the hardest in the audience. You cried seeing how much effort he put into the role, and his physical ticks that he put on for Evan (but that were starting to creep into his normal life), not to mention his (and the rest of the casts) incredible acting and the amazing story which knocked you breathless. 

- At the curtain call Ben couldn’t help but kneel on the stage, leaning down into the audience to kiss you which earned a lot of applause from the crowd.    

- On the rare occasion when Ben is not on vocal rest you sing all your favourite songs together whilst you cook. Your twitter page is full of little videos of covers of show tunes that you and Ben have sung together. The most popular one is definitely ‘You and Me (But Mostly Me)’. People loved Ben reprising his role as Elder Cunningham and thought it was especially cute when he changed the lyric from “my best friend” to “my girlfriend”. 

- He tried to plug your show and your incredible performance at any opportunity (and you did the exact same). He succeeded in mentioning your name, as well as the fact that he was a Jew, in every interview. 

- You definitely accompany him to the Tony’s but because you (and your show) are also nominated you can’t sit with him, having to be on the aisle in case you win. This means he sneaks over to you during all the ad-breaks (despite the organisers warning him not to) and texts you throughout. When he wins he runs down the aisle to you and kisses you until you force him to go onstage to actually collect his award. 

- You’re both so supportive of one another and you know opportunities like yours don’t come about often, especially at such a young age, but you both can’t wait until you can see each other more often.


This is so long but I also want to do a part two??

Okay, Bughead fandom, listen up.

To you, Bughead is a ship. A hella cute ship, maybe. Your absolute OTP, sure. The one thing in your life you love to pieces, okey dokey. But the thing is, it’s literally just that. It’s a ship. And while you may argue with me on this, there have been other ships you’ve loved as much and more you’ll find in the future. 

But it isn’t the same for some people. Most of the people who are anti bughead are aro/ace. And fuck you if you think their hatred is misplaced. They have almost no representation at all in any form of the media. There’s still a whole bunch of people who don’t even know they exist

Jughead Jones is one of the very, very few characters who identified as ace (and based on reading between the lines, aro as well) and it’s obvious that this character claimed a special place in their hearts. 

So, you coming along, telling them to stop hurting your precious feelings and stop hating on your ship is literally just you asking them to stop talking about an important issue. And some of you even send them cruel messages for saying that they feel erased. 

Let me ask you. If you’re a straight person and literally every single goddamn person in pretty much all the shows you watch (or books you read) is anything but straight, (except for like 2.5%) how the fuck would you feel?

Stop hating on the people who’re fighting for representation. Stop telling them to just accept Bughead. Stop telling them no one cares. Stop telling them they’re ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’. Stop telling them that their opinions don’t matter.

 If you’ve done any of this, you’re taking part in their erasure as well. Representation is important and they have every right to be angry about not getting the representation they deserve. If you’re allowed to express your opinions on a ship, they’re allowed to express their opinions on the way the media treats them .

I’m not asking you to stop shipping Bughead. I’m asking you to stop going after people who don’t. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather keep shipping your straight, white ship rather than think about the bigger issue, well…you really, really need to sort out your priorties. 

And yes, I’m putting this in your tag. 

No, I don’t care if this is interrupting your leisurely scroll.  

( Oh, btw, if any of you send me anon hate, that will also be posted here in your little tag! :) )  

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Gosh I've had an awful week. If it's not too much could you write fluffy Rick?

[ I hope you like this! I’ve been sick so my mind has been pretty cloudy but I hope you like the small fluff! I hope this week has been kinder to you!!!]

Hugging your knees you sat curled up in the corner of the couch as Rick mindlessly flipped through the channels your relationship with Rick was still pretty secretive among the family as you knew they would try to tell you how wrong it was, not to mention you would probably be judged very harshly by Beth. Tonight was supposed to be your guys’ date night but it was ruined when Summer decided to skip out on going to her friend’s place for the weekend.

You don’t know why but there was something about keeping your relationship a secret that really made you want Rick even more if possible. It was sort of fun hiding it from everyone although you knew Morty had some suspicions and he was 100% right. He probably wouldn’t have any suspicions had it not been for the fact that Morty barged into the garage to ask Rick a science question and witnessed you and Rick on either side of the room, Rick looked a little surprised and you, on the other hand, were panting and blushing like mad.  You smiled to yourself as you rested your head on your knee as you thought about that time in the garage.

“What are you smiling about?” Rick asked, never taking his eyes off the tv.

“Hm..O-Oh. Nothing…” you blushed darkly.

“uh huh..sure. You know you’re a bad liar right?” Rick smirked to himself.

Rick decided to stop channel surfing when he landed on a horror movie. You looked over to Rick and gave him a look that said. “Please no..” But he just grinned back at you, knowing full well how you get when you watch horror movies with him.

It was half way through the movie by now and you were biting your thumbnail, trying so hard not to scoot closer to Rick. Your body tensed when the main character was being chased by the killer and you held your breath. Trying to think of other things while you watched the movie on the television.

At that moment Morty’s voice cracked through the suspension.

“W-What are you g-guys watching?”

That did it. your eyes snapped wide open and you let out a shriek, moving over to Rick faster than anyone could blink as you straddled his lap and buried your face into the crook of his neck. Rick, of course, grinning like an s.o.b as he wrapped his arm around you.

“W-What are you doing!!?” Morty screeched and in that moment you realised who was in the room with you. Your face turned a dark crimson as you peaked over Rick’s shoulder to see Morty standing there looking horrified.

“T-The movie was scary! I clung to the first person I saw!” You puffed your cheek out, trying to defend yourself.

“That and we’re- we’re – urrp dating.” Rick chuckled lowly and your eyes widened. You were pretty sure if your eyes widened anymore they would look the size of tennis balls.

“I KNEW IT! I CALLED IT! RICK! IF- IF-IF- IF MOM FINDS OUT!” Morty started to ramble anxiously and Rick rolled his eyes.

“Just don’t tell her, I’m sure as hell ain’t. Now if you don’t mind you’re interrupting our date night.”

Morty’s eye twitches as he turned on his heel and walked slowly back upstairs.

“you know Rick.. we’re sort of playing with fire here..” you said as you sat up on him, your arms resting on either side of his shoulders.

“So then move” Rick huffed in what was an attempt at annoyance but you could clearly tell that he was amused by the whole situation.

You pouted and side glanced at the empty seat on the sofa. Just as you looked over though you felt Rick move, he brought you closer to himself and leaned in to kiss your bottom lip. You smiled sweetly and leaned into him kissing him again softly.

Even though you both got caught by Morty, this was the perfect date night.  

An Afternoon Well Spent

“Greetings and salutations.”

You opened your front door to reveal Jason Dean standing on your porch, holding a bouquet of sunflowers in his hands.

“Oh, hello.” You said, remembering that your mother said he was coming by today to hang out with you. She insisted you could do with the social interaction and that Jason Dean and you would get along well.

He looked down at the flowers before handing them out to you. “My dad may or may not have mentioned that your mom and you share the same favorite flower, so I thought you’d both enjoy these.”

“Well thank you,” You told him, taking them from his grasp and opening the door more for him. “Won’t you come in?”

Jason smiled at you. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” He said, stepping inside as you closed the door behind him. “Quite the place you got here.”

“Hmm? Oh, thank you.” You said to him, turning to see him looking around your living room, apparently scanning the photographs that were lining the walls.

You moved into the kitchen, setting the sunflowers down to fetch a vase from the cupboards.

“You don’t talk very much do you?”

The sudden volume of his voice made you jump, almost sending the glass vase shattering to the ground. You whirled around only to come face to face with Jason, who was now hovering over you.

“Yes, so I’ve been told,” You answered, moving around him to place the flowers in the water. “I’m afriad I’m not much of a people person.”

Jason raised an eyebrow at you, following you around the kitchen. “I could say the same for myself, there’s a certain subset of people I’d rather not talk to.”

You placed your hands in your pockets as you shifted uncomfortably. “I could show you around the house, if you’d like?”

Jason made a sweeping motion with his hand. “Lead the way.”

So you did, showing him all the rooms downstairs and a small overview of the basement. You tried to keep a good bit of distance between the two of you, but everytime you blinked he seemed to be pressed right up to your shoulder.

To be honest you had no idea what to do with him, he didn’t seem like the ‘grab a book and read to classic music’ sort of fellow, you rarely had people over to hang out with, and the ones that did were close and intimate friends.

“Have you read all these books?” Jason asked as he walked up to one of the bookcases that lined the one wall of the basement.

“Um, most of them, yes.” You answered, your hands were slightly pulling onto the ends of your cardigan.

“Really? That’s a lot of words,” He said with a smile, his hand flipping through one of the thicker. “Which one’s your favorite?”

“Look,” You said with a heavy huff as your grip tightened. “I know your only here because our parents are making you hang out with me,” You explained as your eyes remainded trained on your hands. “But you really don’t have to pretend to care about what I’m interested in,” You laughed bitterly. “Hell, you can leave if you want to, I can always just tell my mom you were here.”

Jason looked at you for a good couple of seconds before putting the book away and moving to sit on the end of the arm of the sofa infront of you. “Hey, it’s not like that,” He said, titling his head fowards so he could look at you. “I mean my dad doesn’t really care what I do, he didn’t make me come over.”

Your gaze snapped to him. “Well then what did you come for?”

Jason shrugged and gave you that charming smile again. “Cause I wanted to hang out with you.”

Still trapped in your own denial you laughed again. “So what? Is my mom like paying you or something?” You asked as you started to fidget again. “Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Wait what?” Jason asked, lightly pulling on your hands before you tore a hole into the knitted material. “Come on, I dont think you’re that bad.”

You looked at him and offered a weak smile. “I told you, I’m not a people person. I’m usually a bit boring to hang around after so long, so I just stopped briging others over.”

“Well luckily for you, I happen to get along with all kinds of people,” He said, still holding onto your hands. “And I for one, don’t mind if you spend the next four hours going on about the books you like to read.”

You looked at him before smiling. “You don’t mean that.”

“Oh but I do!” He said, tilted his head to give you a funny expression. “I take great joy in listening to the things others are passionate about, it’s a great way to get to know a person.”

“Well…,” You trailed off, gaze going back to the bookshelves. “There is this one book,” You dropped his hands to locate it on the shelf, brushing your hand over the cover before giving it to him.

Pride & Prejudice,” He read aloud, opening to the first couple of pages. “A classic literature sort of girl then?”

You nodded enthusiastically. “People sometimes think I’m just trying to be pretentious whenever I read them or talk about them. But they really are good reads.”

Jason smiled before looking up at you. “Didn’t peg you as the flittery romance type.”

“Oh no,” You said, shaking your head as you took the book from him, holding it close to you. “This is a lot more than that. It’s a story about how to people come to grow fond of one another, it’s not the usual love at first sight sort of thing, the two characters grow a lot over the course of the story, and in the end they find solace in one another and live happily,” You finished, looking over at Jason before feeling a rush of embarrassment flow over you.

“I rambled didn’t I?” You said with a laugh before setting the book to the side.

“See that’s what I was talking about,” He said, giving you a bright grin. “Unadulterated passion over something you love, it’s great!” He took the book from where it was sitting. “If you like it so much maybe I should give it a read?”

“You can, but I don’t think it’s the sort of thing you’d enjoy,” You told him, before getting an idea. “But you might like this one instead,”

You returned to his side and presented him with the book. “Just a feeling I had.”

“The Count of Monte Cristo, eh?” He asked, giving it a look over. “What’s it about?”

“I’ll let you figure that out.”

Jason smiled. “Alright, I’ll trust the expert on this one.”

“Again, sorry if I wasn’t the best of company.” You told him as you walked him to the door.

“Are you kidding? I mean really, today was great!” He rejected as he stepped out of the opened door. “You’re really more interesting than you give yourself credit for, and hey,” Jason said as held up his book. “Now I have something to look forward to.”

“Well I hope you enjoy it.”

“Maybe I could stop by again later this week? Tell you what I think?” He asked, giving you a smile.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” You returned his smile and then sighed. “I hope you have a good day, Jason.”

“J.D” He corrected.


“My friends call me J.D,” He told you, giving you a wink before he walked down your porch, waving once before he hopped on his bike and sped away.

A/n: This was like, really bad so I’m sorry about that, I don’t really know how to write well for characters like J.D, so I’m sorry if this is really awkward but I did my best :,)


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A = Aftercare 
Aftercare is somewhat minimal, it’s more along the lines of just cleaning up. So either a quick wipe down or hopping in the shower. Then returning to bed. If it got a bit kinky, a rub down with lotion and check over is in order but usually it’s just ending with you back in bed, asleep or just chilling for a while. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Changkyun has a fixation for your neck and collar, mostly because he gets to biting and marking quite a lot during sex. He’s one that usually has his face tucked against your throat as he’s in the moment anyways, and the soft skin is easily met with purple and red flowers by the end of sex. On him, he’d probably pick his fingers, he’s quite a touchy guy during sex. Aside from just working you with his fingers, when he’s in the middle of sex, his hands get to wandering, rubbing your sweet spots, tweaking your nipples, his hands are constantly on the move.  

C = Cum 

He’s one I can imagine being in to a bit of marking in this department too. Seeing his s/o fucked out and spread across the bed with his cum splattered across your tummy is the perfect end to a perfect act together in his mind. 9/10 he’s a pull out guy, and paints your torso, which arguably is easier to clean up that finishing in you so meh. Could be worse, right. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Okay foreal, not even playing games right now but I’ll probably blame this on drinking rn, but I bet my left leg this boy secretly has a lil journal he keeps of like dick and sex jokes. Like seriously. I know he does. I just know it. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Experience is pretty minimal with Changkyun, not much has been played around with. He hasn’t really had a huge chance to fool around, but no grown man doesn’t know what the big fuss is about. He might be a bit flustered and awkward the first few times, as he’s trying to get a grasp on the concept as a whole, and figuring out what you like, but once he’s got it, he’s golden. 

F = Favorite position
I can see Changkhyun being one that likes fooling around with positions, trying a different one all the time. He’s one that’d probably like ones that he has more of the power, like from behind regardless of how; whether you’re bent over a desk, pressed against the wall, or just regular doggy. Changkyun’s got full control on your movement, grasping your hips so you move at his pace, or aren’t able to move at all and have to just accept what he gives. Bit of a power junky, this one is. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

[See Wild Card] Changkyun’s kind of a cheeky little shit, so I can’t imagine him being super serious during sex unless you’re playing out a role/fantasy. He’s one that would crack dick jokes while his dick is in you, so don’t expect mr. charming in bed. More like Bo Bo the Clown. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He just strikes me as very clean, I imagine he manscapes a nice amount. Nothing crazy, not bare or anything, but he keeps it nice and neat and trimmed well. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s not the most romantic during sex. Changkyun’s one that’ll probably have those special days, like birthdays or whatever, where he gets insanely intimate. But aside from that, he usually expresses his affection after, and before, and in your non-sexual relationship. Sex Changkyun isn’t very romantic, hate to break that to you. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Changkyun’s not the shyest when it comes to that. Honestly you could probably walk in on him jerking it and after he sees it’s you, he relaxes and just keeps going because who cares. ‘Babe, you’ve seen my dick. It’s been in your mouth. It’s been in you. Why would I be embarrassed.” He doesn’t have the intense need to masturbate a lot, but when he does he just skirts off to the bathroom and works through it. Probably tells you too, just to be a punk. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He’s a teasing man, Changkyun gets down with a few kinks. The biggest and most prominent is probably the marking. Whether it’s him being allowed to completely cover your neck in hickies, or he plants a garden of purple and red across any skin that’ll be covered. He’s somewhat of a possessive guy in the bedroom, even if others might not see it, Changkyun knows his marks are basically covering you head to toe and that alone sends a thrill through him. And being the teasing guy he is, begging is another. Hearing you whine and curse at him when you’ve had enough is almost comedic to Changkyun. It’s arousing and amusing at the same time. Plus edging. Kind of coincides with teasing, and his stamina, but  edging is one of his favorites. Having you so close to the edge but not giving you that last push until you’re together, and the sensitivity of it all, is one of his favorites. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

As playful as he is, Changkyun is pretty stationary in the bedroom. He’s not too fond of straying from the bed, the shower is the biggest leap he’ll allow. He’s not thrilled by the idea of getting caught or seen, and c’mon. The beds comfy guys, just use the damn bed. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

With Changkyun, it’s really physical. You can’t really get him going just by whispering you wanna fuck or something to him, doesn’t hype him up quick. A strong make out and heavy petting, or dry humping is usually the start to any sex you two have. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Now, Changkyun’s open to a lot of things in the bedroom, he’s down to play with toys and positions, roles, etc. But under no circumstances is he getting tied down. He doesn’t like being restricted. You holding his wrist down is one thing, he’s cool with that, but legit handcuffs or ribbons, and he’s out the door. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He’s a ‘give and take’ man in the bedroom. Changkyun’s got the motto ‘if you want it, you better give it’, so he’s not going to let you go down on him if he won’t return the favor. He’s not the biggest fan in giving oral, mainly because Changkyun’s much more skilled with his fingers than his tongue but that being said, he doesn’t usually object to it. It’s sloppy, but he does it none the less because he still likes to feel you squirm.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Changkyun has a more fast pace, not rough though. Faster, but the strength of his thrusts aren’t increased too; steady and firm thrusts are more his style. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He doesn’t last the longest in bed, so quickies aren’t a far stretch from what he’s used to. But Changkyun likes playing with you a lot more before hand, so it’s really tongue and cheek with him, whether he’ll agree to a quickie or not. It’s up to whether he thinks he can get you off as quick as he can get himself off, because he’s not going to let you walk away unsatisfied afterwards. If he can’t get you both off in the time presented, Changkyun’ll usually wait for another opportunity. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s more playful and risky in the bedroom that some of the other boys. Changkyun’s a big fan of playing around in the bedroom, if it sounds fun, or either of you bring it up, 9/10 it’s going to be tried at least once. Just for the heck of it. He’s usually up to experiment with anything, withing reason, though. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Changkyun’s stamina isn’t that high, it’s pretty normal so don’t expect to much from him. It’s part of the reason he likes teasing and toying with you so much to start with, so you’re on the same level with him, making sure you’re not left unsatisfied. He last a normal time, about 10 minutes at the most, and one round is it. He’s got energy to keep playing with you afterwards, but as for him, he’s out for the count. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Toys are kept at a bare minimum, Changkyun doesn’t step to much in them. He’s more happy to play with you all by himself, but he does toy around with a few things, like handcuffs every once in a while, and small vibrators are always a fun game. Especially for teasing and edging you. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He’s kind of a cheeky bastard, isn’t he. Changkyun is definitely going to be one of the guys that likes a bit of teasing. He’s going to play with you quite a bit before he even gets to foreplay. Just trailing his fingers across your skin, squeezing a little bit to close to more private areas, just full blown messing with you until you’re basically cursing him out for teasing you. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Changkyun is more on the loud side. He’s a heavy groaner and a loud moaner, might need a gag or something for him…He’s definitely going to be heard outside the room you’re doing it in, there’s going to be no hiding what you two are up to is anyone’s near so…good luck with him. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

A relationship with Changkyun is pretty damn chill, basically nothing is off limits. Anything goes, really. If it’s for the lols, it’s going to happen. But this fucker…really is the one that’s going to stop in the middle of sex, and look you dead in the eye, and say, “Did you know the average human body has 206 bones? Well, baby, you got 207.” And just get right back in to it like he didn’t say a thing. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

I fcking know there’s not proof in a dick size and any body part, but listen ok. He’s just got this build about him that I have no idea how to explain that makes me think he’s packing, just trust me. Nothing insane, like it ain’t Nagini up in this bitch, but he’s over average. More along the lines of 5.5-5.8″ and more thicker too, not like a damn hotdog but one of those good sausages you know what I’m talking about. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
He’s about average in that department. Changkyun’s not an overly hormonal guy, and he’s not really lacking in drive. He’s right on the normal line. He’s one you can expect sex maybe once or twice a week, a normal rate, none of this every night your dicks hard what’s up with that what fcking pills are you taking kind of thing. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Changkyun isn’t a light weight, he’s not going to tap out right after sex. It more or less grows on him, he’s not tired right off the jump. But after maybe half an hour, his eyes start to droop. “No no, I’m fine, I’m not tired.” Then 2 minutes later he’s out cold. 


(Single!Chris Pratt because yeah. Also, go easy on me with requests for tomorrow cause I have to write a long part of my Jurassic World/Supernatural crossover!)

“And… action!” the director shouted and both you and Chris got into characters.

You were filming the scene of where your character was pleading with Chris’ character, Owen, to not go out to hunt the I-Rex with the Raptors.

“You are not going to do this. I am not going to let you do this Owen” you spoke in a low and firm voice.

“(Y/n)” he let out a sigh “I know that this is dangerous but I have to do this, it is the only way. There are so many lives at risk here!”

“And what about your life Owen?! What about you?! You can’t do this Owen, please” you took hold of his shoulders as tears started welling up in your eyes “You might die out there" 

Owen let out a sad sigh and wrapped his arms around you "I know, (Y/c/n). I know. But it must be done.” he pulled away from you.

“No, no Owen please. I’m begging you. Please don’t do this” your lower lip trembled “I can’t- I can’t be without you. Please I can’t stand the chance of losing you” you chocked on fake-tears.

“I’m sorry, but I have to. Those people depend on me” his voice was low and rough.

“B-but no, Owen, no. I love you!” you said desperately and suddenly you saw something flash through Chris’ eyes. It was supposed to happen because it was actually the first time your character said that she loved Owen but this- the flash through Chris’ eyes was something completely different.

“I know” he said walking again back close to you, but still leaving space between the two of you.

“And I love you too. More than anything else in this world” he said with a soft smile on his face. A completely unlike Owen smile for that matter. 

“Uh wha-” you didn’t utter more words as Chris kept talking.

“And it is funny cause I never thought I would ever love a woman as much as I love you” he added with a soft chuckle and you visibly frowned more.

“Uh has there been any additions to the script and I didn’t know?” you asked with an awkward laugh as you looked around you at the crew and director, breaking character. This was not how the scene was supposed to go.

Chris as Owen would just say ‘I know’ with a soft smirk and then leave as (Y/c/n) still pleaded with him. Certainly not this. But none of the people on the crew made any move as to stop him so… what the hell was going on?

“And… this may sound crazy but well uh…” he laughed rather nervously and took hold of your hand. He bent down on one knee and your eyes widened.

“Uh Chris… what are you doing?” you asked your boyfriend in disbelief.

“(Y/n)” he said your name rather than your character’s “I know we haven’t been very long together, only two years, but I’ve known you for so long that I think- no, no I am sure that we were meant to be. Even if you had to practically torture me before saying yes to a date with me” he said with a laugh and you chuckled slightly as well “But that does not matter. It wouldn’t be you if I didn’t have to try for months to get you to go out. And honestly… I loved it. I loved it more than I thought I ever would just like I loved you more than I thought I ever would. And I know that… I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So… I am just going to ask you cause the sooner the better-” he said taking in a deep breath and letting go of your hand he searched through his pockets.

He soon found what he was looking for and soon took a small red velvet box out of his pocket and held it in front of you opening it “(Y/n) will you marry me?” he asked with an unsure smile.

Your breath hitched on your throat as you felt your heart lip to your throat. Your eyes widened as you looked around you at everybody else that was looking at you with expecting looks.

You turned your head to look at Chris and a wide smile spread on your lips as the tears that had welled up in your eyes from your previous acting now rolled down. They were happy tears.

“Yes, Chris. Yes” you breathed out and a wide grin spread on his face as he took the ring and put it on your finger, soon wrapping his arms around you, just like you did, and spinning you around.

Everybody clapped and cheered around you. Chris pulled just slightly away to look at you, his own eyes glistening with tears as he bent down to kiss your lips softly.

He pulled completely away as he turned to look at everybody else and taking hold of your hand he lifted it in the air, the huge smile never leaving his face.


symbio-ratio  asked:

(Whoo! Late reply.) Hopefully, when the game gets deeper and more intense, we'll get more creepy Bendy >:P I want to see people expand upon what Bendy really is. Same issue came with FNaF; those animatronics were clearly evil. Lets just hope when the fandom grows, it'll mature as well. Tired of seeing people wanting to kiss/fuck/baby the demon. He's not gonna show up in your house, and if he does...I pray for you (lol) He's a summoned demon. Pentagram and all. Ink poisoning exists :/ Just stop.

I know right?

I glad what someone agrees with me. So, here is a lil’ bonus for ya. I was about to delete it, but you kinda inspired me, so i finished it.

And here goes my another hc, what Bendy is kinda in charge here as he supposed to be the main character and all the others are just his minions or something. Also, all of them have some defects. Bendy, for example, melting when he is under strong/hard feelings, so that’s why he needs to drink ink (and it’s the only thing he uses as food), also he has some kind of inkinesis (like telekinesis, but with ink xD).

To talk about Boris. His difect is inability to talk. He is shy, but attentive and obedient, that’s why he is main Brendy’s minion. Sometimes Boris can be a bit sloppy or witted and this always drives our demon crazy.

everybeautifulthing  asked:

I've got a prompt for you! What if Virgil caught Patton humming "Let's Kill Tonight" by Panic! at the Disco?

Okay, so, I love P!ATD and I’d sell my soul to see them live. I didn’t know how to do ‘humming’ but I tried. Also I’m sorry for the end which is slightly topical.

Word count: 835


Emo music has always, and will always be, the be all and end all of emo culture for Virgil. And, of course, with Halloween coming up this had been Virgil’s excuse for playing his emo music aloud in the common area, much to Roman’s (fake) annoyance but the others don’t seem to mind. What Virgil didn’t anticipate was for the others to get hooked and, inevitably, learn the lyrics to some of these songs.

It was around mid-day when Virgil found this out, he’d had a late start, okay sleeping in till 11am is a very late start especially in Logan’s books but who cares it’s Sunday. He makes his way down to the common room and into the kitchen, he smells the baking before he sees the evidence.

Mixing bowls and spoons are piled up in the sink, and he thinks that there’s cookies baking in the oven. He’s not sure which one of them is responsible, Patton loves cooking to de-stress himself or someone else, Logan enjoys it because it’s basically a science and its a plus that other people enjoy what he makes, and, well, Roman finds it fun but his ‘masterpieces’ are usually inedible. So, he prays that it’s not Roman.

He supposes that while he’s down here he could clean up the mess in the sink before grabbing some lunch. Virgil’s halfway through cleaning the large mixing bowl when he hears the familiar creak of someone coming down the stairs but pays little attention to it, instead fussing with the tap to turn the water slightly hotter. He hears the noise of what he assumes is someone talking but it’s faint and he can only hear on set of footsteps.

“Let’s kill tonight!
Kill tonight!
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Let’s kill tonight!”

It’s Patton. Singing Panic! At The Disco no less. It’s a weird clash of character to have sweet, cute, adorable, dad Patton singing emo music that’s weird and un-Patton like. But still, Patton has the voice of an angel, and the sweet, uncaring way he sings this is touching, he’s singing to himself because he’s unaware that anyone else is here.

Virgil internally scalds himself for ruining Patton’s moment to himself but knows he can’t retreat out of this one so continues washing. Maybe if Patton stops singing before he sees him Virgil can play it off like he hadn’t heard him.

“May your feet serve you well
And the rest be sent to Hell
Where they always have belonged
Cold hearts brew colder songs”

Patton trails off when he sees Virgil, his dark strange son has his back towards him as he washes up his mess from his earlier baking. “Verge?” Patton knows it’s him, why bother asking, he knows he’s come in and interrupted his ‘Patton time’. Before Virgil can reprimand himself further he shuts off the water and turns to face Patton, grabbing a tea towel from the counter to wipe his hands on.

When he sees the other he isn’t mad, come on this is Patton he’s very rarely mad at anyone, especially not Virgil, rather he’s smiling. “I thought I might have missed you today, I didn’t know if you got up early, or if you went to sleep at all, and you were hiding in your room or what.”

“I’m glad you’re up now though, I’ve made double chocolate chip cookies and they should be about done.” Patton opens the oven door, his glasses fogging up due to the heat, and he hold his hand out for the tea towel that Virgil currently holds in his hands, Virgil quickly gives it to him. “Oh! And don’t bother with the rest of the washing up I’ll do that later, if Logan says anything about it being unhygienic just blame it on me.” Patton places the tray on top of the counter and smiles down brightly at his creation, Virgil can’t help but smile a little as well.

“I know we’re supposed to wait till they’ve cooled down but do you want one now?” Patton asks him in a childlike fashion, “uh, Patton, I haven’t even had lunch yet,” Virgil confesses, not wanting to bring Patton’s mood down but not wanting to lie to him either. “That’s okay, I won’t tell if you don’t!” With that Patton pulls two plates out and quickly puts two cookies on each plate.

Virgil can’t help but keep smiling as they sit down on the sofa, plate in hand and cookie in mouth, watching reruns of old cartoons. “You have a lovely voice by the way,” Virgil mutters, unsure if the complement is welcome or not, but his doubts are short lived as Patton won’t stop smiling. “Thank you, Virgil. And thank you for introducing us all to your great taste in music!”

It sounds so genuine, and heartfelt, and so Patton-like that it crushes Virgil’s heart and soul, but in a good way. Patton still hasn’t stopped fucking smiling and it’s infectious, if there ever comes a time that Patton doesn’t smile Virgil doesn’t want to be around to see it.


JIM: I mean, I don’t even know what I’d do with all that money.
DWIGHT: I know what you’d do with all that money. “Hey Pam, let’s buy expensive bathrobes and hug.”
JIM: No, I’d probably buy a big piece of land in Maine, build a house, work in town. Somewhere I could bike to or kayak to. I’d either bike to my job at the kayak shop or kayak to my job at the bike shop.
PAM: And then on the weekends, would you hacky sack back to reality and spend time with your wife and kids?
JIM: Whoa. Saucy. I thought you liked Maine?
PAM: I think we should get a townhouse in SoHo…
RYAN: SoHo’s mostly lofts, but okay.
PAM: And then every morning, I’d walk out on to my terrace and I would breathe in the inspiration of the city. You know? And just gather ideas for my painting…
KELLY: Oh, God.
PAM: And then my handsome husband–
JIM: Which ideally would be me.
PAM: Would bring me a flavored coffee.
JIM: Stop. I’m a barista in your fantasy?
PAM: Well in your fantasy we’re Stephen King characters.

(8.03 - Lotto)

Ship rant

I honestly hope this is the last time I bring this up because I’m sick of dealing with it.

Say it with me:
2doc is an extremely toxic and abusive ship. If I ship this I am aware that it is unhealthy and happens to real people.

Listen. This shit hurts. I’ve never let some stupid ass ship aggravate me until y'all really got the fucking nerve.


For you to even THINK you can stop and say the shit that happens with these characters is irrelevant is one thing. But when you start sugar coating and invalidating abuse victims/kin people is ENRAGING.

I have been through ABUSE. My dad abused me. My partners abused me. And when you start pulling the whole “They’re JUST characters what they do isn’t even real” you are saying to all the abuse victims out here that what happened to them is some figment of their fucking imagination?

Being beaten, verbally/mentally abused isn’t real? FUCK YOU. I cannot even begin to fathom how mad this makes me and when you all start trying to protect yourselves from what you know is very well true and very well REAL.

I know these are characters. But Jamie and Damon did NOT hold onto them for almost 17 years for them to be seen as JUST CHARACTERS. They were designed and expanded on to have a very real interaction with people. SO STOP GIVING ME YOUR BULLSHIT.