stop killing whales


He’s the embarassed dad trying to deal with his two hyperactive kids

Everyone sees blackfish and shares it and is all “yeah! raise awareness about this and boycott seaworld woo, fuck keeping whales in bath tubs”

And then they refuse to see earthlings or any other exposure video on animal agriculture.
Trying to raise awareness about the other animal exploitation industries is “self righteous”. Apparently those are “personal choices” and you should just “live and let live”.

Everyone will praise Sea shepherd for going out and actively stopping whalers from killing whales, they’ll sign petitions to stop the taji dolphin slaughter, but god damn those vegans for ever talking about the suffering of pigs and cows and chickens. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT’S A PERSONAL CHOICE?

They’ll scream about china keeping dogs and cats in cages and killing them to eat, but don’t give a fuck about the animals in their own country who are treated just as fucking bad. In fact they will purposely not watch videos exposing these practices because they don’t want to give up “their meat” or “their dairy”.

The speciesism and hypocrisy of humans is doing my head in.
Stop only pointing the finger at others, and take a look in the mirror. Stop only supporting issues which literally require no sacrifice from you, and start making changes that YOU HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON. 

You get girls saying “I’m not a feminist, but <feminist statement>”

Then you get girls pointing and laughing at those girls.

This post is pointing and frowning at the girls pointing and laughing.

Adopting one position from political group X does not make you a member!

“I’m not a fascist, but I think the trains should run on time”

“I’m not an MRA, but I think male depression is a serious problem”

“I’m not in Greenpeace, but I think we should stop killing whales”

“I’m not a Christian, but I think murder is wrong and inequality can be unfair”

These are all perfectly valid.

People are acting like all women must be feminist (if enlightened) or not feminist (if deluded, ignorant, or seething with internalised misogyny).

This assumes that “feminism” is not a political movement, but instead just the natural state of “treating women as people”.

Obviously this logic does not apply to MRAs, which are clearly treated as a distinct movement with political goals, not the perfect avatars of all men ever.

Respect self-identification and freedom of association!