stop killing people for shock value!!!!

guys i figured IT out

So… I’ve seen IT Chapter 2 like a week ago and I can’t stop thinking about the ending, mainly because of the part where (SPOILER) Eddie dies. Lots of people commented that it made no sense because according to what we learned from the first movie, It cannot kill you if you are not afraid of it, so it’s kind of weird for Eddie to be killed when he seemingly just overcame his fears and attacked It, right? At first I thought they just forgot about the “rules,, for shock value but I rewatched the scene yesterday and now I have a new theory: It was able to kill Eddie because he WAS afraid, it wasn’t his newfound bravery that made him attack It but rather his fear of losing Richie. He couldn’t pick up the knife to help Bill, he was in shock throughout the whole fight but the moment he saw Richie floating he fought back. He didn’t suddenly become fearless, he was just more afraid of seeing Richie die than he was afraid of It. Sadly it doesn’t matter what you’re afraid of, It will use it against you and that was the case here too.

Reddie definietly deserved better but the attention to detail in this movie is mindblowing.


Jesus Christ, you people…

Let me break this down for you:

1: Adam is a VILLAIN. His killing Sienna was meant to show his villainy.

2: Sienna was based off Shere Khan, a character from a book set in INDIA.

3: This is FAR from the first time a character has been killed in their first scene for shock value, even within RWBY. Remember Tukson?

And finally: If RT is racist, why is Oscar a PoC? Why have so many white characters died??

Just stop this mindless rage and THINK for a second.

You people are making my girlfriend cry.

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Because they see queer people as cute and adorable and like some fucking sideshow and use our tragedy and pain as “UmU so sad my flower gays are suffering” and not see it as an actual important event or a problem that needs to be addressed. So they’ll write pulse AUS, and AIDS AUS, and Hate crime attack AUS, without any knowledge or empathy and actually giving a shit about queer people, and they’ll kill us in some tragic romantic death for !shock! Value and literally treat everything that has ever affected us as some trivial little cutesy thing that their little heterosexual feteshizing asses will cry about at sleepovers with their other straight fetishizers because “oh my god not my OTP!”

Jesus fucking Christ we are human! We are real! And we aren’t some character you get to drool over and kill for some angst okay so stop treating our pain as some plot line for you to get kudos from

On Deaths in Supernatural

Here’s the thing.

We know characters may die any time on a show like Supernatural. That’s part of the show and we all know it.

But when you’re killing off a character, especially a fan-favorite and most certainly a lead, the absolute least you can do is give them a proper sendoff.

Give us Ellen and Jo’s literal blaze of glory. Ruby, struck down in her moment of victory. Give us Gabriel’s decision to side with humanity. Meg’s choosing to fight to give Sam and Cas time to escape. Bobby’s sendoff in ‘Death’s Door’. John’s sacrifice. Benny staying in Purgatory. Metatron’s standoff against Amara. Even Crowley sacrificing himself to take out Lucifer. Those are the deaths we love. Those are the deaths we respect.

But instead, you give us Charlie, left in a bathtub, killed by a season subplot she could have easily escaped. Frank, killed by Leviathan offscreen. Kevin, his death used for mid season shock value. Tessa’s suicide. We get Hannah, killed while a one-off actor takes the place of the actress we recognize. Billie, stabbed in the back for doing her job. Eileen, a kickass deaf hunter played by a kickass deaf actress, gratuitously killed before the title card by a hellhound she can’t see. Rowena, the female character in the most episodes in the show’s entire run, killed offscreen.

And Castiel. The third main character. Absolute fan favorite. The character that means so much to so many people. Played by Misha, who has inspired and changed and saved lives through his work with Random Acts and Gishwhes. His milestone 100th episode. On a Thursday, no less. And he’s stabbed in the back for shock value after running in to a fight he didn’t need to be in and should have known was handled. In the same episode as the deaths of two other reoccurring characters, and minutes after Crowley’s sendoff. Not only was it pointless, it was a huge disservice to the character, the actor, and the fans.

And yes, in real life death is often just as random and meaningless as we saw tonight. But this isn’t real life, and the writers chose to do this. It wasn’t an accident. It was a purposeful decision. And sure, we all know that there’s always a chance a character will come back. That doesn’t change the fact that the death they gave Castiel this episode was woefully insufficient for a character of his importance and tenure to the show. Not to mention what he means to so many fans.

Whatever the writers decide to do next season, whether Cas is resurrected or chalked up as just another loss for the Winchesters, that doesn’t change the fact that the death they gave him was unacceptable for a character of his importance.

If you’re going to kill off characters, fine. But at the very least make it good. Make it mean something. Don’t just shock us. Make us sad and proud and happy and vindicated. Give us fight scenes and imagery and sacrifice. This show breaks our hearts every season and we love it for that. We know the writers can tug on our heartstrings. Hell, they made us start to feel sorry for Metatron. If they can do that, they can give their hero characters the deaths they deserve. That is not what we saw tonight, last week, and so many times before.

Just, stop this killing people for shock value trend. We’ve all seen it before, and keeping it going is not making the show any better. Bring back the righteous deaths and meaningful sacrifices. We love these characters, and we just want their deaths to have the meaning and dignity and impact they deserve.

I don’t get why TWD feels the need to kill a character off every mid-season finale or regular season finale. this show has evolved drastically since the first season, and the characters have too. isn’t the point that these characters are supposed to be able to beat the odds and survive in this new world? I think the showrunners would like to answer “yes” to that question, but it’s contradictory when they use finales as a benchmark to kill off characters. a character doesn’t need to die every eight episodes to make the show interesting. when you kill off too many characters, people stop watching. especially when you kill off pivotal characters *cough* carl grimes *cough*. i️ know that deaths will inevitably happen. the show takes place in a zombie apocolypse after all. but these deaths don’t need to be as frequent, or for the sole purpose of shock value.

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so I have been looking through all of the tags and everything and people are saying that this was just a fake episode. Have you seen this and if so, are you on board with it? I want to believe it but I also don't want to get my hopes up?

i think the idea that they “killed” their show on purpose (as in, reichenbached it) for the shock value of it, and intend to make tv history with a 4th episode (“people always stop looking after 3”) that will include a tying of all loose ends and canon johnlock is the only possible explanation (that also explains all the tjlc evidence we have gathered over the last 3 years) for the way this last episode has objectively gone entirely off the rails