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Karkat Cares. A lot.

I don’t know if y’all know this, but Karkat Vantas has, like, the biggest heart out of almost all of the trolls (in my opinion at least).

Yes, you heard me correctly. Karkat Vantas, the character that most would perceive as loud and angry, has the biggest heart. Now to back up my claim with facts.

Exhibit A:

Ah yes, bringing out the big guns first thing. When our lovely hero is faced with a dangerous foe, does he fight back? NO! He gently pats him on the face and calmly handles the situation. He cares about his friend, even if said friend is a raging lunatic without his addictive drug to suppress him.

“But stew,” you may be saying, “they’re moirails! It’s kind of a given to do this sort of thing!”

Well sure, random reader, they are moirails, and I see your point, this is what they do, but not to this magnitude. I imagine that, when faced with this certain situation, most moirails would leave their partner to handle the problem for themselves, just like most people would do in a relationship where their partner has been hurting themselves for a while and seemingly cannot be helped. Onto my next point:

Ok, I get it. Yes, they were both being forced into this situation. What more can you do when your friend has just died and the only way to revive them seems to be to kiss their corpse? But let’s just look at their differing reactions to their similar circumstances. Terezi had just spent the previous pages analyzing the body and deciding the best way to go about this. She didn’t want to do it at first, not by any means, and was obviously made very uncomfortable by the situation. Karkat, on the other hand, seemingly has no second thoughts. He sees his good friend’s body and knows exactly how to hopefully bring her back, and does exactly that with seemingly no hesitation. He knows that the situation is desperate and that it requires these drastic measures. Yes, he is probably uncomfortable as well, but you can tell that he cares about his friend and would do anything to bring her back.

Exhibit C:

Please watch this, the voice acting is fantastic and it conveys the emotion of the characters very well.

As you can see here (if you watched it, that is), Karkat comes across Terezi in the “fake forest” and sees that something is wrong, almost instantly, may I note. He asks her what is wrong, to which she replies by telling him that she feels as if she may never measure up to what her ancestor is. He tells her that she doesn’t need to worry. He tells her that she has her own worth and that their ancestors aren’t really as great as they seem to be. Sure, he does rant for a bit, but it’s Karkat we’re talking about here. Personally, if I am trying to comfort someone, I tend to do the exact same thing, go off on a tangent and then bring myself back to the topic after a bit. For me, it’s how you can tell that I really care about you and your situation, and that is exactly like what I think Hussie was intending to convey in this part. He wanted to show that Karkat is still Karkat, he is still talkative, loud, and a little abrasive, but he still cares much more than he would like to admit, and that he would do anything for any of his friends. Even though he may not be the best at comforting others, he tries his best, and I think that is more powerful than just saying a couple of words and then hugging it out.

I could list so many more reasons why I believe that he cares so much, but I think this would suffice for now. If you have any requests for topics to rant about, characters to analyze, or even if you just want to talk, please ask or message me. Thank you all for reading.
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Karkat fucked up. He wasn’t supposed to let him know.

Dave fucked up. He was supposed to tell him already.

anonymous asked:

For the drawing thing (with two characters) your favourite ship for C4 (sorry im lame and dont know what ships ur ok w nd not ok with-)

(sorry its just a doodle, theyre too cute for me to draw them perfectly) hhh korkot he been a good boy, give he smorch

also @daily-karkat here are some good boys

Unfortunately, wearing a skintight wet-suit to a formal event is usually frowned upon. But Karkat isn’t letting Lalonde dance in his new gown by himself.

(This isn’t an excuse to draw Kanaya with a devil tail pfft what are you talking about. Also I really dig Cherry’s violet blood Karkat. He’s so pretty c: 

I really need to stop drawing Karkats so I don’t flood the submission box with art from the same person.)