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share ur hcs about trans peter and coming out

agh i had this all typed out and i accidentally closed the tab fuck

but anyway here we go i’m overwhelmingly in the closet so my headcanons are mostly just acceptance! love! woo! lmao

  • peter tells ned first bc he doesn’t know what to say to may and he feels like he can just blurt it out to ned in typical awkward peter parker style but he feels like he needs to like. be a bit more coherent to may 
  • ned is the fuckin best tho and like in the beginning he gets the pronouns and name wrong a little bit but he’s not extra about it and he makes sure to be careful around others bc knows that peter’s not ready to be out to everybody yet and peter knows that ned is literally the best friend ever
  • ned peps him up to talk to may and he does and it’s like slightly awkward as any serious conversation is but then she’s like the most supportive person alive and gets down to business talking about he wants to do and what he wants his name to be 
  • she makes sure he has binders bc they can’t afford top surgery but she saves up to be able to afford his hormones even tho she knows it’ll be hard but she knows how important it is to him 
  • when he starts to be out to a lot more people he expects there to be like more teasing but people are p cool about it except flash of course but at one point he tells MJ bc she used the wrong pronouns since she doesn’t know yet and she’s like “cool” and carries on but never slips up in the beginning so peter knows she’s being cool in her quiet MJ way
  • and then here comes irondad best dad ALIVE and he sends peter some really nice binders first in like the same way he did the suit like with a note that finishes with “-TS” and peter’s like WOOT but then tony also helps him get top surgery and helps them afford hormones and then peter’s like WOOT 
  • basically everyone around peter loves him and so do i and he’s a trans icon woot 

Please stop hating on ships!! I see so much ship hate as of recently in Steven Universe and it’s really bumming me out. As a proud shipper of every one of these ships, it’s so annoying to browse any tag because of all the hate.

Liking skinny jasper isn’t fatphobic or butchfobic, but labeling ships such as pearlrose or jaspearl as abusive is, because we haven’t even seen enough to judge and its based solely on judging the small/big dynamic. Just don’t talk about the ships you don’t like and no one gets hurt !!!

These are certainly not all the good ships in steven universe, just some!!

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Would you mind showing us how you edit your Adventures of Aurora photos? Do you use reshade? The photos and editing is AMAZING i'm in love <3

🍁 How I edit “The Adventures of Aurora” 🍁

All righty! I think this is will be relatively simple, but if you don’t understand something feel free to send me a message! You will need Photoshop to follow this! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Reshade 

I do use Reshade! I have found this stunning preset by @simemi and it is amazing, it makes everything look brighter and more vivid! It’s a must-have, really!

2. Topaz Clean 

I use and abuse Topaz Clean, it is one of my favorite things in Photoshop. You can download Topaz Clean here. I use it with the following settings:

3. Curves

All right! First off, I highly recommend you check this amazing post on curves by @bratsims  it taught me everything I know about curves!

I have two sets of curves I use, the one I use for all my screenshots of Aurora:

And the one I use on top of that first set if the picture isn’t bright enough for my liking:

If the picture still doesn’t quite look like I want it to look like, I go to Image>Adjustements>Brigthness/Contrast and adjust those two until I like what I see!

4. Blur & Layer Mask’s

Once again I am going to have to mention one of @bratsims tutorials, please check this one right over here

Essentially, what you want to do is:

  1. Duplicate your layer;
  2. On the duplicate go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur> and set it to something in between 1 and 2 pixels. 1.5 is a solid middle but sometimes I do 2 as well! Just adjust it to your liking; 
  3. On the bottom right corner next to fx there is this tiny square, click on that to add a layer mask;
  4. Then, using the brush tool, you will “delete the blur” on the things/sims that you don’t want to be “blurred out”.

Again, please check the tutorial I linked above, it has pictures which makes it is much easier to follow if you’re new to layer masks and/or how they work.

5. Cropping 

When all of this is done, I select the crop tool and insert the following ratio: 1366 x 700. And that’s it! Hope this helped 😊💓


Dedicated to my angst king, @bunny-yams. You aren’t just dude. You’re my dude.

Soft sunlight flowed through the air, a stillness falling over the graveyard as the steady grey rows of tombstones were interrupted every few steps by a bouquet of flowers. The color popped out from behind a grave, resting on another one, being all that was left of the memory that someone loved a person now gone. Sighing softly, Thomas reached his destination and sat down in front of the grave he had come to see. The soft dirt snuck under the corners of his fingernails and blades of grass bent gently as he rested, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath before opening them once more.

A small bouquet of wilted flowers caught his eye. They were daisies- well, they had been daisies. Bright white shining in the sunlight reduced to nothing more than a dull yellowed brown, like tea-soaked parchment. Thomas brushed the dying flowers aside and placed a pink rose on the grass where the daisies had been laying. Alexander had never been particularly fond of daisies, anyways.

He could almost hear Alexander now, berating him for thinking that daisies, of all things, would be an acceptable thing to place on his grave. And Thomas would laugh softly before reminding Alexander that the dead have no choice whether or not daisies get placed on their graves. Then maybe he would hear Alexander mumble a soft thanks for the rose. If Thomas closed his eyes, he could almost imagine the soft breeze passing by was Alexander pressing a kiss to his forehead. Almost.

“I miss you,” Thomas stated, not opening his eyes as he spoke to the gravestone in front of him. “I know that you don’t expect me to, and I know that I don’t want to, but I miss you.” Thomas could feel the world turning back time around him, and played with the idea of days and weeks and months passing by in a flash, leaves floating back up to trees and returning to a vibrant green instead of a bold scarlet.

He could feel the grass beneath him like the way it had when he’d rushed over to Alexander after the shorter man had fallen from a tree. ‘I don’t need you to help me up,’ Alexander had said, cheeks blushing a soft pink, and Thomas had chuckled and extended his arm anyways, which Alexander gladly took. Steadying himself, he’d flashed Thomas a shy smile and held his hand tighter. Thomas reached his hand down and tightly gripped the grass beneath him, desperate to remember the feeling of Alexander’s hand in his.

Thomas took in another deep breath, the cool air sharp on his tongue like the taste of that awful mint bubblegum Alexander had liked to chew while he worked. Thomas couldn’t even attempt to count how many times Alexander had blown a bubble only for it to pop in his face and get in his hair. He could barely even keep track of the creative swears Alexander would use. After all, you never truly attempt to memorize something if you don’t know you’ll never fully experience it again.

He could still hear Alexander yelling, if he let his mind wander far enough. Yelling at him in meetings and arguments about small issues- big ones, too. Things only one of them did that both of them regretted for entirely different reasons. Alexander would always punctuate his words during arguments by throwing his arms up into the air, showing off the many scars he’d received over the years. He knew every scar on Alexander’s skin, each story behind them more hazy in his mind than the last.

Sitting at Alexander’s grave in the mid-September sunlight, Thomas came to a conclusion. Life was like studying for a test. You read and review the major parts, let them chase through your mind like Alexander chased through the halls of the office when he had a startling idea. But the small details? The specific flavor of mint gum, or the exact words spoken in your last conversation to a loved one? Those were the things you overlooked. Those were the things you wished more than anything you could remember. Wish that you could somehow go back in time and tell your past self that this, this is important, this is the thing you need. Because soon enough you’ll wish you were able to remember it. And you won’t.

Thomas opened his eyes and smiled sadly at the inscription of the gravestone before standing and turning, walking away. Life was a test. And death was simply realizing you didn’t remember quite enough of the memories you’d taken for granted.

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

good wholesome mchanzo thoughts

because the tag is full of negativity

-mccree is an amazing cook, hanzo is just constantly mystified by the way mccree can just pull random ingredients together into a delicious, coherent meal. mccree says he’s had lots of practice from his deadlock days. hanzo, being the rich heir to a clan, never had to cook a day in his life. that doesn’t mean that he can’t, but it takes a lot of his effort and concentration, mccree is always sure to shower his boyfriend with compliments and praise when hanzo does decide to cook.

- hanzo’s hands are just constantly cold, and since he’s mean, he loves putting his cold hands all over mccree’s neck, stomach and whatever skin he can reach at the moment. mccree, however, is a furnace. hanzo loves curling close to him in bed, not wanting to admit the fact that he adores being the little spoon. sometimes when mccree is assigned to an mission early in the morning, hanzo switches to the warm spot created on mccree’s side of their shared bed. also: them holding hands = thermal equilibrium

- sometimes mccree has a lot of trouble getting work done near hanzo because hanzo is just constantly holding his hand, he doesn’t mind but it’s hard to type a 12 page report with only one hand but he’ll try his damnedest

- they both love giving each other massages after a long, tense day. they boy know how sore their muscles get especially around their prosthetics. both of them take their time, gently kneading the muscle with soft kisses thrown in for a good measure. during this, hanzo loves lighting a bit of incense, and mccree enjoys the smell bc it reminds him of his cigars

- don’t get him wrong, hanzo loves mccree’s beard but during one of their spicier make out sessions, it feels like almost rug burn for his lips and jaw. later he asks mccree if he ever considered shaving it, mccree shrugs. the next morning he didn’t expect to see a fully shaved, babyface mccree. they both agree that was a mistake. hanzo thinks he can deal with the beard burn

- they both have lil knick knacks scattered around their apartment, like everywhere, on shelves, the coffee table. they were just little things they saw on missions and thought of each other, now their apartment is overwhelmed with cheap souvenirs

- one day hanzo asks mccree if he’s ticklish, and he answers really defensively, averting his eyes. hanzo takes this as an opportunity to pin him down, hands tickling his sides and blowing gentle raspberries into mccree’s soft stomach. he stops when mccree is wheezing and out of breath, tears starting to form from laughing alone. mccree calls hanzo an asshole and hanzo apologizes, giving him a small kiss and smiling

- bonus noodle dragons: sometimes just whenthey’re about to get down and dirty, hanzo’s dragons decide to materialize and sit on the bedside table.
“honey, i can’t do it.”
“mccree, ignore them and they will leave”
“they’re looking at me real funny, sweetheart. looks like they’re judging me.”


Note: The creator of this dub does not support or oppose narumitsu. But that won’t stop me from making a joke about the name “TheRunawayGuys” being in reference to them eloping.

Images from @incorrectaceattorney (

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Coldwave Week 2017: day 6 - Jealousy/Protectiveness

#that this len is one of mick’s hallucinations makes it even better #len is so jealous that if someone looks at mick and he’s not there #mick’s subconscious just like #spontaneously conjures him up #all so he can stand there and judge and snark jealously from the corner

So ngl, this might be a huge reach but


Now before any of you judge or make any comment claiming this is a reach and I should stop, hear me out. I’ve thought about this a lot, and send a lot of time on this to make you people understand why I feel this way. And I’m normally not very good at that, no thanks to my brain and adhd. I’ve even explained how I think Shiro disappeared and what really happened.

To begin with, we didn’t really get a proper insight into anyone’s character this season and there was very little character growth. I’m so salty about that, but the season wasn’t that bad, so imma just not mention that again. Now about the Clone Shiro theories. There were a lot of them, and some of them stated that Kuron may not even know that he’s a clone. And I feel that this is what’s happening with Kuron here. I’m sure that Kuron himself thinks he’s Shiro. 

But while memories make up an important part of your personality, it’s not everything. There’s a lot we learn from our own thoughts on certain things, the way we make observations which might be linked with our memories, but are not a part of our memories. That’s what’s going on with Kuron here. He has Shiro’s memories, he knows how Shiro behaves, he knows how he’s supposed to behave (since he believes he’s Shiro), but that’s the thing - he’s not Shiro.

With many memories, we tend to have feelings associated with them. Feelings are an abstract thing, so I’m not sure they were copied when Shiro’s memories were implanted in Kuron. But Kuron still knows how he’s supposed to be, because he’s living in Shiro’s life, in Shiro’s memories, with Shiro’s memories, so even if he doesn’t have feelings, thoughts or opinions associated with those memories, he still knows.

It’s kind of like with kids (and occasionally teens too). They tend to look up to certain people - parents, siblings, role models, classmates, celebrities, etc - and imitate them (knowingly or unknowingly). And they do it so well, when they don’t even have memories of this person, just the ones they’ve seen and the memories they were in. But Kuron here, has 25 years of Shiro’s experience and life and he might not even know he’s a clone. That’s actually really sad, because when all’s said and done, in the end he’s not Shiro. Even if they’ve “led” the same life. He cannot be Shiro.

This is gonna be kinda long, and I might be wrong but I wanted to put this out there.

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Also! Regarding little tips I’ve picked up for writing:

  • Do not edit your grammar mistakes as you’re writing. I know I’ve said this, and I know it’ll eat away at you, it does for me, but save it for last when that piece is finished. 
    • I’m writing a story called Ever-Changing, and I made the mistake of changing it into third person halfway through (it’s nearly 34k, you can see the problem), thinking, “Oh, I can fix this in no time.” It has been nearing five months, and it still isn’t fixed.
  • If you’re writing your story out, write it double spaced. Trust me, it helps.
    • The majority of the fics I’ve written were all single spaced and when I went to fix them or make changes, it was all jumbled together. It was a mess. I couldn’t tell which edits belonged to which, and it was a nightmare if someone wanted to read it over. Of course, I never allowed them to lmfaoo
  • If you have several different chapters for the fic/story you’re writing, leave a blank sheet separating the two. If you’re typing, make separate documents, merging them together in one gigantic one once the thing is done. (Copy and pasting into the first chapter or start a whole new document)
    • I’ve had to start doing this with my Samurai of Hyuga spin off thingy (it’s called assassin of hyuga and dont judge me i have no self control)
  • Speaking of self-control, write as many AU’s as you want. No one can stop you, no one can judge you. 
    • If you like Dragon Age, Samurai of Hyuga, Naruto, and your other side piece (for me, it’s Ever-Changing), feel free to mash those together. It doesn’t matter if none of those universes work together, mash them up and tag me in it, I wanna read them. (just tell me which universes you used lmfao)

tl:dr - writing is your tool to success and happiness. don’t edit your grammar as you go, and write what you wanna write.

Bestfriends Secrets Part 3

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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