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I was tagged by @oldpalegoth to do the 5 things in 7 categories tag (thank you Annie :))

5 Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

Hand sanitizer, anxiety notebook my teacher gave me, bottle of water, whatever book I’m currently reading, spare earphones (wow I’m so interesting)

5 Things You’ll Find In My Room:

An unusually large number of gel pens (where do they come from?? Even I am unsure), my eraser collection (honestly it’s the coolest thing in existence, stop judging me), a shit ton of revision guides, my laptop, hairspray

5 Things I Want To Do In My Life:

Finish my GCSE’s and go onto sixth form to study the things I want to study, spend it with Laurie, adopt children, become a nurse/doctor/something medical, forgive people for things they’ve done to me physically (I’m working on that one)

5 Things That Make Me Happy:

Laurie, being with Laurie, My guinea pigs: Oscar and Alfie, Tumblr + the awesome people on here, photography

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

Writing (fanfiction, for my english language GCSE, for requests), re-watching Red Band Society too much, leaving my irl friends alone bc I overheard them talking about how needy I am, reading fanfic (especially FBG), Holby City

5 Things On My To-Do List:

Sort out my room a bit, go to Winchester, not fail my maths mocks, read the three books I borrowed, re-read Foster Families Are Real Families by @casual-laurie

5 Things People Don’t Know About Me:

I can sing (kind of, idk I was given a solo in The Wizard Of Oz and that’s gotta count for something)

My hair’s naturally very frizzy

I love scented candles

I big my self-esteem up a lot online

My favourite pen is a black ballpoint bc you can’t go wrong with those + they look nice on white paper + they’re sort of calming as nuts as that sounds…

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Here is my eraser collection :)

Please stop hating on ships!! I see so much ship hate as of recently in Steven Universe and it’s really bumming me out. As a proud shipper of every one of these ships, it’s so annoying to browse any tag because of all the hate.

Liking skinny jasper isn’t fatphobic or butchfobic, but labeling ships such as pearlrose or jaspearl as abusive is, because we haven’t even seen enough to judge and its based solely on judging the small/big dynamic. Just don’t talk about the ships you don’t like and no one gets hurt !!!

These are certainly not all the good ships in steven universe, just some!!

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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Okay so I need to make a post of my own because I’m too young to vote but it’s important to me

Third party voting does not work. Fundamentally, the system is flawed.
This is because of the electoral college
For those who don’t remember government or never took it, here’s a basic summary of how the electoral college works:

Each state has a certain amount of representatives, based on population. Arizona has 11, California has 55, Texas has 38, etc.
The representatives are supposed to vote for the candidate based on the popular vote of their state (this isn’t always the case, since the system is backwards, corrupt, and needs to be abolished, but that’s beside the point).

Arizona is a red-leaning swing state. Let’s say there’s a high millennial turn out and it swings democrat in popular vote. The representatives should vote majority democrat. And they do! Great! 7 of the 11 vote Hillary, 4 vote Trump. Because of majority rule, all 11 of the votes will be in favor for Hillary.

Hillary will need 270 out of the 538 votes in order to win.

So why doesn’t this work?

First of all, it’ll be damn near impossible to get the representatives to vote 3rd party, especially with Johnson and Stein only polling at 5 and 2 percent. But let’s say, hey, Nevada, a democratic state with 6 votes, manages to swing for Gary Johnson. All 6 votes go towards him instead of Hillary.

But at only 5 percent, Johnson will never get enough electoral college votes to win. It’s not “whoever gets the most votes wins!” It’s “whoever gets 270 votes wins.” He will have to get HALF of the votes in order to win. That’s impossible. And in such a neck and neck race, do we really want to risk taking votes away from her?

“I’ll write in Bernie!” No, Bernie told you not to do this. Listen, you are literally throwing your vote away. And I know you get sick of hearing that, but READ THIS. They will treat your write-in vote of Bernie in the same way they would treat a write-in vote of Donald Duck. They will throw it away. Trash it. They won’t see it and think “hmmmm they really like Bernie maybe we should reconsider” the system will just delete it. Even if, somehow, 60 percent of the population votes Bernie, he COULD NOT WIN. LEGALLY. Listen, I was a Bernie supporter too, let him go.

“I want to vote with my conscience.” Yeah, I get it. You hate both of them. But my conscience is telling me to keep trump out of office.
And if voting Stein or Johnson is your way of voting with your conscience, watch this video
Because just because they aren’t Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t mean they’re so great either.

And I know choosing between “the lesser of two evils” sucks, I really do. But listen, would you rather have a watered-down version of Bernie, or the fucking anti-Bernie? Would you rather have someone who is a white feminist or an openly sexist racist xenophobe? Someone who has experience vs someone who has NONE?

If you care about any of the marginalized groups who WILL be hurt with a Trump presidency, please don’t let him get into office. If you think BLM, if you think women should have reproductive rights, DON’T LET HIM WIN.

Finally, let’s say neither Trump nor Clinton get enough votes because of 3rd party voters. Once again, it’s not who gets the most votes, it’s who gets 270. The House of Representatives then chooses based on who got the most votes. And let me tell you, there are very few republican people swaying on trump, mostly due to towing the party line, but there are a LOT of unsure left millennials. If enough people vote 3rd party to sway the election like that, I’m going to bet Hillary won’t be the one winning.

Please, GO VOTE. Do not waste your shot at doing something good.

Sheith Discourse

Like y’all im only 17 but i feel like an old man going through the sheith tag… And like whatever!!! ship whatever tf you want!!! who am i to judge!! but i beg of you…please stop using sexual assault survivors just to put a base on your stake of why sheith is #problematic because just by reading i can tell the majority of antis havent been through this

because i do not see my assaulter in Shirogane Takashi

I do not see the man who dragged me into the bathroom when i was 13 years old and touched me when i was crying and too fucking scared to say no, in Shirogane Takashi.

I do not see the man who tried to unzip my dress but just shoved his hands into my bra instead to squeeze me so hard it left bruises and said i wanted it because i never said no, in Shirogane Takashi

I do not see the man who ruined me, who forced me into doing everything I never wanted to, in someone as caring and loving as Shirogane Takashi.

I see someone who would die for his team, who sacrificed his life for another, who wouldn’t do anything to hurt a living soul unless he absolutely had to, in this character. Stop doing this just so you have a base for your argument. If you really think Shirogane Takashi is a sexual abuser and assaulter, you really havent seen the shit i have. If you are a survivor, and you find this ship for whatever reason harmful to you, stay away because that’s not cool, but people who are just using it to make an argument need to fucking stop because it’s an awful disrespect to actual survivors.

He is fictional.

My assaulter was real.

Stop this.

Coming Soon...

MORE OF YOU, a Benny x Reader A/B/0 Series

You really hated the notion that an Omega was only as good as the amount of pups she put out and how she doted on her Alpha. That wasn’t you. You’d never wanted that, never were the maternal type. You enjoyed being able to travel and do your own thing, your time all yours to spend however you wanted.

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That is until you go on a month sabbatical, needing time away from judging family and friends, and you run into a handsome man at a diner you stop in at, an Alpha, named Benny Lafitte. 

Something is triggered in you and you feel a pull you’ve never felt before. But will unrealistic expectations and selfish desires get in the way? Or will you be able to work through the bullshit of a hierarchy you’ve never held faith in? Will Benny be able to give you everything you need and want? 

(If you want to be tagged let me know. I will be tagging my forever tags in this.)

i’m not ok with this....

I have supported Rayonisrayon in the past but this video was not ok with me. @scarlettsoldier actually asked him very politely to keep non-beth content out of the Beth Greene tag, which is basic tumblr etiquette.
To the people supporting this video I ask you to think back and count the times you have done the same thing to other people on tumblr. The caryl tag has always been flooded with other ships and we throw fits about it until those people stop posting in it.
The majority of this video is him swearing and just being horrible to this girl who just sent a simple message to him. 
I went and looked at her blog and found a selfie on it that makes me think she is around 15 years old. Judging by this girls blog she seems like a very sweet person, she is not running a bethyl or team delusional blog, she’s just a girl who liked Beth Greene and misses the character.
Though I do not think you should make videos like this about anyone, the fact that it is a teenager has me distressed. At a young age I do not think I could have handled having a ‘hate video’ made about me, that has been posted on every social media platform. 

I am not saying people should un-follow Rayon, but personally I think supporting this behaviour is unacceptable and he should not be praised for it, or encouraged to continue treating people like this.  
I honestly hope  @scarlettsoldier  is ok with this video and it has not upset her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @therealjacksepticeye <3

I’m not the best at drawing, but I really wanted to give a little something for your birthday. You’ve been a real help in my life and you always put a smile on my face.

I hope you like it <3 *big hugs for being a boss*

(Yes I know it’s sideways, that just how my scanner works and it’s not letting me rotate. Don’t judge me)

a few of the tags on my stickers are something like “not a furry, but…”

I didn’t think this was particularly furry?? Preeny is meant to be a mascot character like Hello Kitty or something haha. And the other cat is just a deviantartist who does a bunch of cartoon fanart (which is all BAD art because she hides swastikas in most of her pictures. I’m serious)

Also I got a note already telling me “stop this baby view of ethics” and saying the laws and judges will take care of it, or something. Sorry buddy. Normally I’d hope regular laws would cut down on hate-speech but in these days it’s not the case and the hate is starting to become law. So we have to kick em out of our communities before they try to govern em.
Ficlet - Doggie Treats
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Alec is roped into judging a dog show.

I thought I posted this ages ago. Must have never gotten around to it. Found it in my Ulysses draft folder.

Inspired by David Tennant’s appearance at the Chiswick Dog Show back in 2016.

Doggie Treats

“Inspector! You will stop talking and listen to me. And listen to me carefully.”

Alec planted his hands on his hips and shuffled his feet a few times.

“You will show up at the park tomorrow, and you will be on your best behavior. That means smiling at strangers. And talking. No sarcasm. No complaining. No… investigating. Just judging.”

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the reason why im so pissed about how they handled maggie is bc I MYSELF WAS OUTED at my school and i was called a dyke and people called me a lesbian as an insult and people gave me dirty looks and every time i entered that school building i had to stop myself from crying every time someone looked at me it felt like they knew i was gay and like they were judging me for it and like they hated me for it i became afraid to come out to new friends because i didnt want them to tell me they already knew and i didnt want them to not accept me it contributed to my relapse it fucking broke me and that isnt even as bad as my parents knowing thats NOWHERE near as bad as getting fucking kicked out of my home maggie has deep, deep trauma associated with valentines day and that wont go away just to please alex. i dont understand how the same people who wrote alexs real coming out story could pull this shit. they dont understand how bad outing is they dont understand how bad getting thrown out of your house for being gay is and their ignorance honestly makes me sick

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ao...was that animation done traditionally? long did that take you? (it's lovely but ao please)


(yeah it was done traditionally I made so many mistakes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ took me two weeks ~9 hours collectively probably and thank you)

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Sign: Virgo, August 30

Height: 5′4 (I think.)

Last Thing googled: Hamburr Fanfics (I like the ship, and I wanted to read fanfics…stop judging me.)

Last TV show I watched: I believe it was “Stranger Things” or “Steven Universe”

When you created your blog: Um, I think somewhere around July or June.

Any other blogs?: Yes, my art blog @exdoodlefox and @askthebananabusboys !

Do I get asked regularly: No. (Hello darkness my old friend.)

Gender: Female

Pokémon team: Team Instinct

Favorite colors: Light purple, Baby blue, and Pastel Yellow. (Basically anything that’s light.)

Average hours of sleep: Um probably 10 or 3 hours.(Idk I don’t count how long I sleep in my personal void.)

Favorite characters: Well I have a lot so, I’ll name a couple; Sonny (In The Heights), Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), 11 (Stranger Things), Kagamine Rin (VOCALOID), and Nepeta Leijon (Homestuck)

Dream job: Animator or Youtuber! (*throws confetti and jazz hands*)

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