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Troyler Kiss

-Troye’s POV-

I took a deep, hasty breath and braced myself for the shrill screams I knew were about to come.

“And so, without further ado…” I insinuated, grinning widely.

Suddenly, the entire place was filled with cries of joy. It was as loud and ear-piercing as I predicted. Korey distracted the crowd for a moment which gave me the opportunity to make sure Tyler remembered the plan one last time. I motioned for him to shift away from the microphones and towards me.

“I’ll count us off. My hand will be there. Don’t worry, they’ll never know it’s fake.” I assured him as briefly as I could.

I pulled away to see him smile and nod in confirmation.

“One,” I stared at the sea of faces that made up the audience we were about to lie to.

“Two,” I shrugged it off and tried to focus on the task at hand.

“Three!” I finished, and immediately leaned in towards Tyler.

I pretended to cup his cheek with my hand, then flattened my palm out so our mouths would be entirely hidden. He smirked and a wave of breath teasingly washed over my lips. I cocked my head a little to imply I was “getting into it”, even though we were smiling about an inch apart. From the corner of my eye, I saw Tyler pop his leg out, which was bound to destroy everyone in the crowd. I chuckled lightly and then accidentally leaned in a little too close; our lips bumped together. Before I could process it all, I instinctually withdrew.

“Bye!” I exclaimed into the microphone, extending the e.

“That was not part of the plan, not part of the plan.” I whispered to myself as I ran backstage.

I whisked through the waiting room and pushed past a door to find myself in a white hallway. Ty’s signature cackle echoed through the connecting room and I knew he was close behind.

“Troye?” He called between bubbles of laughter.

I felt a blush start to creep up my neck. Before I was ready, he busted through the door and saw me standing awkwardly in the middle of the empty hall.

“So what was that about, Sivan?” He questioned, waggling his eyebrows.

“I didn’t mean it, it was an accident, I-” I started.

Tyler interrupted me by pressing an index finger to my lips and pulling me in for a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him and rested my chin on his shoulder.

“You know,” Tyler began, “if you were so desperate to kiss me you could have just said so.”

I felt my cheeks go instantly red. I pulled away and looked at my best friend in the eyes.

“Tyler, are you okay?” I asked worriedly.

He bursted into a laugh it sounded like he’d been holding back.

“It was a joke, you don’t have to get all hot and bothered about it.”

I laughed and scratched the back of my head nervously.

“I mean, I guess it’s a little disappointing.” Tyler stated, his eyes flickering from my eyes, to my lips, then back again.

“What is?” I wondered aloud.

“That I couldn’t do this.” He replied huskily.

Without warning, he seized my wrists and pushed me up against the wall. My gasp was intervened by a pair of soft, warm lips. My eyelids fell and I deepened the kiss. He tasted of something sweet that I couldn’t place. We pressed our lips against each other longer and harder, fighting for dominance. He freed my wrists and creeped his fingers under my outer-thighs to lift them. I obliged and wrapped my legs around his waist.

After a row of slow, gentler kisses, Tyler lightly traced along my bottom lip with his tongue. My arms snaked their way around his neck. I smiled against his mouth and gave him entrance. Our hot tongues collided and I accidentally let a soft moan slip out. Tyler made a satisfied grunt, then pulled my bottom lip between his teeth. He nibbled it lightly, and somehow I felt like he knew it took everything in me not to moan again. It was only when he pulled away that I realized how out of breath I was. I pressed my forehead to his.

He guided my legs back down to the floor, which might have revealed certain bulges under both of our pants. I bit my lip, knowing I had put that there. Tyler must have caught me looking at it, because when I lifted my head I noticed a blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Promise me something?” He asked softly, situating his hand in his pocket.

“Anything, Tilly.” I smiled.

He averted his gaze to the floor.

“This stays between us.” He said firmly.

I cleared my throat and nodded, “Of course.”

He finally pulled away and nodded as well. Although his eyes were still a little darkened with lust, the rest of his face was returning to the Tyler I knew.

“Oh shit.” I gasped under my breath.

“What?” Tyler responded quickly.

“Where’s Korey?”

He cackled loudly.

“You’re an idiot. If he was still here he would have interrupted this… session by now or something. No, he went to find the leftover pizza someone said something about.”

“Very descriptive, Ty.” I noted and raised my eyebrows.

He playfully shoved me away.

“Fuck off.” He giggled.

imagine laying naked between crisp white bedsheets with Michaels arm wrapped lazily around your waist.

His slow, melodic breaths tickled the hairs on the back of your neck as a smile tugged at your lips.

And then he farts.

  • What if:
  • Ian wakes up first out of the Team Crafted house, the sun has already peaked up over the horizon and he rolls out of bed, slipping on some socks and tip-toeing down stairs. He blinks and rubs his eyes in disbelief as he spots Mitch cuddling in Jerome's warmth on the couch. He lightly taps Jerome on the shoulder to wake him up. Jerome shifted and scrunched his nose in his sleep until finally giving in and his eyes fluttered open. As soon as he realized his position his cheeks turned crimson and he slid out of Mitch's grasp.
  • "Ian, what are you doing waking me up at such an ungodly hour?" Jerome grumbled at Ian, who had a smirk smeared across his face.
  • "Oh nothing... Grab your camera. We're waking up the crew." Ian's smirk stayed plastered on his face as he directed Jerome to the dining room, which lacked a table. They were forced to set the Nerf guns on the ground due to the incapability of setting them on something.
  • Ian and Jerome pull out their phones and start making a new part to their V-log. They select their guns of choice and sneak back into the living room, where their first victim lies on the couch. Ian makes his first shot, it lands on the couch and falls on his side, trailing down his chest.
  • Jerome gets ready to make his shot. "Ready, aim, fire!" He thought to himself as he nails Mitch square in the eye, causing him to jerk awake.
  • "Jerome." Mitch eyed him wearily, still half asleep.
  • "Uhh, yes Mitchie?" Jerome stutters, afraid that Mitch would be angry at him.
  • Expecting him to be furious, Jerome hid his face in the sleeves of his shirt as Mitch got up and started to walk towards him slowly and zombie-like. Instead of snapping at him, Mitch simply grabbed Jerome's wrists, pulled them to either side of his face, cupped his hands around Jerome's cheeks, and their lips drifted together. Their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces and it made the kiss much more passionate.
  • When they pulled away, they turned to face Ian, who was still holding the camera.
  • "Ian, please don't upload that." Mitch warily mumbled, resting his head on Jerome's shoulder and closing his eyes lightly.
  • "Fine." Ian grumbled with a heavy heart. Cropping that portion out of the video and trying to act completely normal for the rest of the video.