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do you know that benjamin steven guy who used to maybe be friends with phil in the early days of youtube and stuff? don't know much about him but i just found a tweet from him to phil talking about dan and he said "fuck you making him popular! he already got 400 subs in a day >.<" and idk why but i'm laughing so much

one last thing: and benjamin tried so hard to get phil’s attention but he failed so miserably, i kinda feel bad lmao BenAndPhilGames is a thing at some alternate universe

I honestly had no idea who this guy was before you mentioned this, so I typed in his name & AmazingPhil in Twitter’s search bar and all these old tweets popped up:

This dude was more thirsty for Phil than Dan was and Phil rarely ever replied

I feel bad for him LOL

To all those hating anons out there,
I’m still doing her. LOL
Still gonna fight against Racism.
Making people lose brain cells over some dumbass shit. Come on now.
Only thing protecting you is that anon status.
And to my dearest fam, bless all of you and have a good day.
We got the power!
Peace and Love is the answer.

Please Stop

Hey Markiplier fandom positivity cult whatevrr thing, leave me alone please. It’s really freaking me oit and I can’t handle this kind of stuff right now…I don’t want any part of this, I’m not even in the fandom and I’m being spammed with asks and I can’t look any tag up without finding something involving this…Just leav eme alone, please

my absolute favourite story that vin told was that he had a girlfriend when he was 20 who wanted to get kinky in bed and, as by her request, bought the cheapest vibrator he could find, whip, and blindfold for them to use (he wasn’t into it at all apparantly). she dumped him a week later and he used the vibrator until it ran out of batteries on his guitar, drove to a friend’s house in the middle of nowhere, gave him the blindfold, and buried the vibrator and whip in the forest.