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(This is a collab with @sylfidxn who took care of Hugh, while I drew Mads. The comic will have 7 pages so please follow it of you’re interested! For @hannibalcreative‘s #MadancyMarch)  


You fell onto the soil, a burning pain attacking your left cheek. You heard the rushing of shoes, waiting for more pain but was stopped with something being pushed against the tree.

“I saw that you bastard!” It was Pan, your lover, “If you ever lay your filthy hands on her in that disgusting behaviour of yours, death will be the only thing you’ll be begging for!”


Welcome to my own personal hell.

Featuring such fabulous lovlies as @iteru @hazardous-outlander @citrineyoungling @aurriferous @cuuratriix @skyxburst @visionaryprime

companions comments towards the Mysterious Stranger?

Anon requested the other companions reacting to the mysterious stranger as Nick is the only one in game to do it c: 

Cait: “What the fuck?!!? stop stealing our fucking kills before I hunt you down myself”.  “Bastards  disappeared on us again, coward” 

Curie: “What a selfless vigilante! Monsier, you must let us thank you!” “He vanished? oh no did we frighten him again?” 

Codsworth: “Ah! it’s the vault tec rep! Sir wait up remember me?” “Oh bloody hell he’s gone again”. 

Dogmeat: “bork” bork?”

Danse: “Strange civilian you are interfering with brotherhood matters!” “you? saw him vanish right?” 

Deacon: “Shit dude how’d you get the theme tune!, hey wait up” “God dam that guys got to be a magician”. 

Hancock: “Shit I wasn’t seeing things when I was high! you rule dude!!”, “Hey where’d he go? maybe I am high”.

Maccready: “woah it’s the stranger!! don’t you have a twin in the DC area?” “Hey come back I was talking to you!!!” 

Preston: “Stop! please I want to thank you on behalf of the minute men!” “I’ll catch him one day I swear it”. 

Piper: “Stranger!! Hey, I want to feature you in the next issue!” “Every bodies afraid of the dam press”.

Strong: “Magical man kill good” “Magic man!!!!!!”

X6-88: “I think one of our coursers is on the run again, he must be dealt with”. “how’d he?….” 

Here’s Legend’s Strip Poker headcanons.. because why not?

Len is the slippery bitch with that “oh I just have SO MANY LAYERS to take off” for Strip Poker
Mick is scarily ready and okay with stripping, and honestly? He doesn’t even wear much. There’s a good chance he’ll end up in his underwear a lot.
Sara just doesn’t care. She lost the round? Bam, she’s shirtless, fine. Canary don’t give a shit. 
Ray is weirdly calm the entire time (until Len catches him counting cards and when he stops, he’s quickly down to his underwear
“You dirty bastard” Len says with a smirk “You’re counting cards.”
“What? No I’m not!” Sara glares at him
“I don’t!” he looks pleadingly at Mick, Mick laughs
“You got caught, Boy Scout, give it up.”)
Nate’s just fucking weirdly lucky, but yet for some reason no one questions it. Stop fucking winning, Nate. 
No one lets Jax play.
Martin doesn’t want to play.
Rip gets sucked into this during the 5th game because “Why not” and Sara called him a chicken ‘pleaded’. 
Amaya decides after watching the first game to join because “This’ll be fun” and she wins the first game she played and all she took off was the fucking totem.
Sara gets up after Game 3 to ‘go to the bathroom’ and comes back and has a shit ton of hidden knives and jewelry shit on her after Amaya’s necklace gab and Len’s layers gab. Because if they’re gonna be little shits, she’s joining in on the fun.
Finally, Nate gets caught sleeveing cards when he has to take his jacket off(that he specifically put on to sleeve cards) because he drops the one he was moving discreetly to somewhere else. (”So it WASN’T luck!” Ray antagonizes. 
“Oh shut up, you were counting cards.”
“You both cheat more than Len and Mick do.” Sara says incredulously.
“Do not!” They shout ask Sara, Amaya, Len, and Mick all smirk. Because ironically, it’s totally and completely true. 
Unless there’s money on the table. That’s a whole other story.)

Sorry I put too much thought into Strip Poker. (Something I never thought I’d say.)

anonymous asked:

Stop fucking around with me you shit face bastard. Kill your rotten ass.

I fucked your sister and girlfriend together at your house in your room on your own bed multiple times and they were screaming that i’m good i’m hell good. lol i’m not weak bitch like u now get the fuck out here and cry

  • Tetsu: You sure have some extreme anger issues, Chibi-chan.
  • Misono: Don't call me that! And I don't have anger issues! Lily! Do I have anger issues??
  • Lily: I don't know, Misono.. An issue is something you can fix.

“Dear Diary,

Today Loki and me we spent a day together. It was really wonderful. I never felt like this with any man before, he makes me feel alive. I feel that with him I can really be myself and I think he feels the same. I feel I know the real Loki and the truth is that I think that I’m falling in lo..“

Suddenly complaints interrupts his reading

[Y/N] : “Loki you little bastard stop this ! Don’t read a single line of it ! It’s personnal !”

He looks up at you, with a big smile on his face

[Y/N]: “What ? I just yell at you and you.. You just smile”

Loki : “You love me ?”

[Y/N] : “What.. Uhhh… No, of course no”

Loki : “You write it”

[Y/N] : “Ok ! Fine ! Maybe I’m in love with you but..”

Loki shut you down with a soft kiss on your lips, maybe you should have let him read your diary earlier


Reader X Alfie Solomons

(GIFs not mine, credit goes to the creators)

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language and violence.

A/N - Sorry I made the title sounds so cheesy.

Rushing past the post master of the local post office, you barricaded yourself in the back room slamming the door and placing a chair underneath the handle, you hoped it was enough to stop the bastards getting in. You grabbed the phone and began dialling the usual number using the finger wheel as you placed the ear piece to your ear.

“Alfie you’ve got to help me! There are several of Zabini’s men chasing me down. I’ve managed to lock myself in the back room of the post office but I can hear the door bell ringing which means they know where I am. I don’t know what to do Alfie!” You pleaded down the phone.

“Stay there, I’m comin’ - just sit tight.” He said for slamming the phone down.

Until Alfie arrived you knew you needed to arm yourself, so you grabbed a letter opener that sat in the top drawer of a desk. Clutching it tightly you pointed it towards the door as the banging started.

“Come out, come out little lady. There’s no need to be afraid, we only want to chat.” Chuckled and unfamiliar voice.
For the next five minutes the door shook violently with every thrust of their knuckles.

However a few moments later it all went quiet as you heard the bell above the front door ring once more.

“ ‘Ello boys” Came the thick cockney accent of Alfie Solomons. “I’ve come to believe ya ‘ave somethin’ of mine, yeah? Now I’m goin’ to give ya two options - ‘cause that’s what gentlemen do ya see. Option one! Ya let the lady go and everyone will be happy as fuckin’ Larry. Option two! Refuse to let her go and I’ll shove my stick so far down ya throat that it’ll stick outta ya fuckin’ arse.”

By this point you had run to the door and had your ear pressed up against it so you could hear every word that was being said. You didn’t hear a peep from the other men but you could hear Alfie as he started pacing up and down before continuing his speech.

“Yeah, now that’s what gentlemen do isn’t it boys? Alfie asked, but when he got no response he shouted so loud it even made you jump.


“Yes Mr Solomons.” Came the shaky reply in unison.

“Righ’, but I ain’t a gentleman and nor 'ave I ever claimed to be.” You heard Alfie say before he came to a halt.

“Zabini needs to be taught a lesson, NO ONE EVER TOUCHES MY WOMAN.”

Your ears rang as several gunshots were fired and bodies fell to the floor.

“(Y/N) where are ya? Alfie called.

“I’m in here!” You shouted, removing the chair as you spoke.
Alfie flung the door open and immediately wrapped his arms around you.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t 'ave let you go out by ya self.” He said as he hugged you so tightly you could barely move.

“You’re here now and that’s all that matters to me.” You smiled before giving him a reassuring kiss.

“This is war now (Y/N), I’m gonna make Zabini regret what he did to ya”.