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Types as Disney Villains

NOTE: Continuation to Types as Disney Heroines where I showcased the strengths of each type. This time, I’m focusing on the downsides and what the types may look like when unhealthy or looping.

ISTP - Aloof. Vulgar. Aggressive. Cold-hearted.

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“I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!”

ESTP - Possessive. Boastful. Disrespectful. Immature.

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“Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you, when she had someone like me?”

INTP - Lazy. Untrustworthy. Awkward. Cynical.

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“He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness. I mean, for what? Pandora, it was the box thing. For the Trojans, hey, they bet on the wrong horse, okay?”

ENTP - Facetious. Moody. Noisy. Obnoxious.

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“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives, I’ll smash it with a hammer!”

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Mbti types as I know them


- sinnamon rolls
- will legit not let you do anything yourself
- looks constipated when can’t give advice
- food is joy
- will probably die early from Se impulse
- the sleepy drunk


- soft spoken
- omg get a backbone pls
- that mile long stare though
- your soul will be touched, you have no say
- smart as heck but struggles with delivery
- needs hugs often but won’t say


- please chill
- explanation (excuse) for everything
- the humor, the banter, it’s glorious
- gets jealous
- best gift giver
- closet romantic
- actually change their game plan often
- so impatient, why haven’t they exploded yet
- self destructive, pls stop that
- all or nothing mentality
- you’re under their protection now
- no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds
- their confused face is adorable
- many funny faces actually


- knows best way to kill everyone they know
- sharp fashion sense
- your suffering is their life force
- death threats = affection
- judgement stare is default
- will probably die an ironic death
- clumsy af, how are they still alive
- is convinced everyone hates them
- your friend for life, deal with it
- low key worries about everything until ill
- refers to sleep as “death practice”
- catchphrase “NOBODY LISTENS TO ME”


- is known at work as “the mean one”
- roadrage
- low key loves dramatic flare
- so. many. poop jokes.
- actually v cuddly
- doesn’t need you but wants you around
- always has an escape route
- is either everywhere or asleep
- fantastic cook, like damn
- “it depends”
- invented the shoulder shrug
- “stop helping, I’m capable!”
- at least 30 mins late to everything


- contagious laugh, goodbye oxygen
- ask them why to everything, they hate it
- even more poop jokes
- hardcore foodie
- gets randomly deep it’s great
- actually super shy at first
- brunt of everyone’s jokes sorry/not sorry
- prone to near death experiences


- golden retriever personified
- you’ll ask “who are you talking about” alot
- dumbest bestest memes
- devious
- easily disturbed
- brush everything off
- but still judge you
- lots of judging
- take a break pls


- nerd. geek. all of it
- pretty chill
- true old soul
- adventurous
- sassy
- always looks amused?
- everyone’s dad
- v broody


- brace yourselves for feels
- slut for depth
- seriously it’s in everything they say/do
- “fight the man!”
- self proclaimed savior to the world
- your eternal biggest fan
- free spirit hippies man
- radiates positivity
- arch nemesis is monotony
- gets shit done…​eventually
- parties all night long
- loud laugh
- falls asleep anytime, anywhere




FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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|| missing you ||

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**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


When Peter kissed Liz during homecoming last year, you felt your heart break into a million pieces.

Your best friend, the boy that you’ve been in love with since the moment you laid eyes on him was taken from you, his heart cruelly ripped away from your grasps.

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How would BTS react if you took their hands to play with it - I'm feeling soft rn lol...

BTS Reacting To You Playing With Their Hands


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Suga would probably find it calming, watching as you run your hands over his skin and thread your fingers through his repeatedly. It would even relax him to the point where he falls asleep against you, resting his hand on your shoulder as you continue to play with his hands with one hand while the other goes to run through his hair gently. And even though he doesn’t admit it, those moments have been some of his favourite ones with you so far. 


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Tae would probably start giggling immediately, clenching your hand tightly every now and then when you stop playing with his fingers for more than a few moments. He would smile non-stop whenever you played with his hands, leaning in to give you a kiss every now and again while you are. The two of you would enjoy those moments together, teasing one another lightly as you fiddle with each others hands.


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Hobi would be in his element, enjoying the attention and the soothing feeling of your fingers running over his palms would have him sighing in pure bliss. He is used to being touched affectionately and would absolutely adore having his hands played with, cuddling up against you as you rest your head on his shoulder and clasp your hands in his. The two of you would even fall asleep lke that, the calm and intimacy of the moment lulling you both to slumber.


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Rapmon wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling, no matter how hard he tried not to. He’d find it absolutely adorable that you are so interested in his hands, struggling not to grin like an absolute idiot when you smile cutely as you wiggle his fingers in between yours. He would probably break after you giggle over how big his hands are, leaning in to press kisses all over your face and lips.


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Jimin would sulk a little, pouting when you coo over his adorable fingers and hands. He would stop after you start pressing kisses to his palms and stroking his inner arm. He’d probably lean in to give you a deep kiss after watching you stroke your thumb over his knuckles with a soft smile and a tender look in your eyes. He’d most likely start playing with your hands too, wriggling his fingers to link with yours and squeezing your hand gently as he presses his face into your hair. 


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Jin would be a little self conscious, particularly about his fingers. It would take him a little while to start responding properly as a result but after you start pressing kisses to each of his fingers and his inner palms, he’d start giggling and laughing with a bashful grin on his face. He would slowly become more confident, threading his fingers through yours and running his thumbs over you skin as the two of you exchange jokes, comments about the day etc.


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Jungkook would be awkward as hell. He’d fidget a bit when you first take his hands into yours and would turn as red as a tomato when you run your fingers over his skin and wind them together with his. But when you squeeze his hands reassuringly, he starts becoming more confident and even returns some of the gestures, playing with your fingers and running his thumbs over the backs of your hands.

This was so freaking cute to write up, ffs ;^; Now I want to hold hands with them. Please request again dear anon, I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^ 

You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha (mentioned), Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry.

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: Litost by X Ambassadors

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? I’m considering an epilogue, so let me know if that is of interest! Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping edit. Bless you!  

<<<Part One   Part Two   Epilogue>>>



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The next morning after a maximum of 3 hours sleep, you dabbed on some concealer to hide bags under your eyes and got dressed. Hopefully you could blame your ‘illness’ on not looking your best. Once you arrived, it seemed you didn’t have to worry. Apparently Nat was a little too good at telling the story that you’d been sick. When you walked into work, everyone was shocked that you were “up and around” so soon. It was like you had the plague or something.

Assuring everyone you were fine, the office was back to business as usual. However, partway through your first day back, a mission report update arrived from Steve. Upon seeing the email, your breath quickened with a twist of your still-tender heart. You sought refuge in the bathroom until the pain in your chest subsided and tears dried. 

The rest of your week passed without incident, the only unusual being your lack of visiting the gym. Even without Steve there, too many memories lingered. You kept yourself distracted by catching up on work and spending time with the other Avengers. That weekend, you actually made an effort to go out with friends and socialize. The pain in your chest still lingered, but less sharply than before.

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This one was admittedly slightly difficult cause I almost made it into sleeptalking, hehe. I assumed MC doesn’t really know she does that, so i hope you like it :3

-Admin Bloo~


  • This boy had raged on LOLOL too hard one night
  • So much that you had gone to sleep without him
  • He was almost drifting off as soon as he lay on the bed, but then he hears a whining sound from you
  • Sits up immediately, thinking you were having some kind of nightmare
  • He’s panicking and ready to wake you up to ask what’s wrong.
  • But then he notices that you were just being noisy; you weren’t necessarily having a bad dream.
  • After a while, he found it cute whenever he was awake to listen to it.
  • Those content sighs just made him want to cuddle with you all night.


  • You guys spoon and cuddle so much; it’s a wonder how he didn’t notice it before.
  • But one night he was reading his lines while you had gone to sleep early.
  • He was patting your head as he was practicing; then he hears a quiet hum.
  • He stops patting and looks at you for a while; and then tries to guess what you were dreaming about.
  • Zen the Knight ready to save his princess from bad dreams!
  • But then you just moved closer to his hand, and Zen took this as a sign to keep petting.
  • In the morning, he was all smiles and would just call you adorable
  • “Thanks Zen, but what did I do?”
  • “Nothing. Just keep being your cute self”
  • “Okay…”


  • Tbh, I think Jaehee talks in her sleep too.
  • Like one night, you were making whiny noises with the cutest scrunched up face
  • She would bring it up in the morning; it’s the first time you’ve ever heard that you do that.
  • She would pinch your cheeks mockingly while you were embarrassed.
  • The next night, you lay awake wondering if Jaehee does anything.
  • And hoooo boy does she speak.
  • She lists off Jumin’s itinerary even when she’s left that job, and you have to control yourself from laughing.
  • Obviously you record it all.
  • When you play it for her the next morning, it’s her turn to be embarrassed.
  • You both vow to never bring this up ever again.


  • We’ve already established that this man loves watching you sleep.
  • One night, he was just idly tracing the lines on your open palm
  • And suddenly, you make a noise that sounds like purring??
  • He thought you were awake, and calls your name quietly.
  • But you are fast asleep.
  • He brings this up in the morning by saying “You have more in common with Elizabeth the 3rd than you think”
  • “Why’s that?”
  • “You both like being petted in your sleep.”
  • You are blushing, confused, and stunned into silence.
  • He simply smirks at your speechlessness before heading out to work


  • Most of the time, you two do end up sleeping at separate timings, but you still make it a point of waking up together.
  • So he had long ago noticed that you are a very noisy sleeper.
  • But USUALLY he’s really too tired to do anything about it at the time.
  • So he’s attached a recorder to your cat robot, which you always keep on the bedside table next to your side of the bed.
  • Obviously you don’t know about that particular detail, and are always wondering where can he record it from such clarity.
  • Whenever you sound particularly funny, he always makes it a point to make you listen to it the next morning.
  • You’re way past embarrassed at this point and join in on guessing what could you have been dreaming about/ laughing about it.
  • That still doesn’t excuse him for whenever he posts them on the RFA chatroom tho.
  • Little do you know that he’s compiled all of his favorite ones so that he can listen to them whenever he feels down. Or whenever really.

Continue for V and Saeran here

Before My Eyes (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None!

Words: 1,929

Warnings: None

Tags: @pabegay1, @i-am-mina, @frolicsomefawkes, @thyotakukimkim, @happelu970, @ annadier, @Shamvictoria11@spookass


“I’m so excited I think I might pee.”

“You think you’re going to pee because you drank all that sweet tea in less than ten minutes.”

“But I’m so sweet because of all the sweetness in my sweet tea, don’t you see my sweetheart?” You threw your body back against the passenger seat of Bucky’s car. You had your legs pulled up to your chest as you turned to look over at Bucky with a silly smile covering your face.

“Are you sweet though, are you really?” Bucky teased, taking his eyes away from the highway for only a second to look at you with a smirk.

“I am too sweet! I’m the sweetest gal in this whole wide universe.” You crossed your arms around your legs and shivered. You didn’t know why Bucky always kept the car so cold, you were wearing track shorts and a band tee.

“The universe is a very large place, doll.” Bucky rested one hand on the steering wheel and moved his spare arm to rest of the armrest lazily.

“I know.” The grin could be heard through your tone of voice. You waited only a couple of seconds before chipping up again. “Thank you for the concert tickets, by the way. I don’t know how I’ll beat your birthday present now.”  

“You’ve wanted to see Ed Sheeran for a while now, at least now you’ll finally shut up about it.” You punched his arm lightly, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him either way. “I’m kidding, god you’re touchy.”

It was true, for the past few years all you’ve talked about is wanting to go see Ed Sheeran in concert. You had been to plenty of concerts before, but you had never seen him despite him being one of your top favorite artists. On your birthday Bucky surprised you with two tickets to his Divide Tour, and after the long wait you were finally going to his concert tonight.

“I love this song!” You got distracted from your previous conversation when Nancy Mulligan came on, you were playing your Spotify playlist dedicated to Ed on the way to the city the concert was being held at.

Bucky had barely opened the door to the hotel room before you were flying underneath his arm and skipping in the room at a fast speed. You dropped your suitcase by the bathroom door and instantly kicked off your shoes, leaving you in just your emoji socks.

By the time Bucky got fully into the room, with the door shut behind him, you were already standing on top of the queen sized bed like you owned the place. You had your hands on your hips as a silly grin plastered over your makeup free face. Bucky only grinned in return as he dropped his duffel next to yours, and mocked your stance.

“I’m so excited!” You jumped up and down on the bed several times. “I’m gonna breath the same air as him, can you believe it?! Ed’s my favorite person in the whole wide world, besides you of course, and honestly Ed Sheeran understands women more than women understand women.”

You kept rambling on and on, jumping on the bed like a young child with a grin covering your pretty features. Bucky watched in awe at how adorable you looked. Your hair was messy and your face was clear of makeup, although Bucky thought you looked like the most gorgeous girl with or without it. Your smile made his heart stop beating and your carefree actions made him fall even more in love with you.

Even though you weren’t his girl.

Bucky was your best friend, and he had been for a few years now. You were your complete and utter self around him. He had seen you at your worst and he had seen you at your best, yet loved you all the same. It’s like you didn’t even notice how much he loved you, nor did you notice every action you did made his breath get caught in his throat.

He had watched you fall in love, and he watched your heart break in half. He listened to your rants and never once complained. He went to family events that you honestly didn’t want to attend just to keep you company, he even pretended to be your boyfriend on several different occasions to get the judgmental sides of your family to shut up.

He once washed your hair when you were sick while you wore one of his shirts, he shaved your legs when you were too lazy and painted your nails when you were down. He knew to play with your hair at the end of a long day because it made you feel at ease, he knew you didn’t like milk in your cereal and hated food that looked remotely burnt.

He knew you were afraid of heights and the dark, so he reached for things up high and bought you a nightlight. He ran his fingers up and down your arm when you felt overwhelmed by anxiety to calm you down.

Everyone else saw that the best thing for you was standing right before your eyes, but you didn’t notice. You were too lost in your own little world to realize who you had with you all along.

Bucky snapped out of his daze when you hopped down from the bed and went straight for your suitcase, flipping it open and digging out everything you needed to get ready for the concert that was only in four hours.

“I’m going to get dolled up.” You called out over your shoulder before skipping excitedly towards the bathroom. He nodded in response, clearing his head to be back into reality.

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what's a relationship with sasuke like? What do your think would be the ups and downs of it? Aside from the obvious coldness, his temper, ego, etc.

What is having a Relationship with Sasuke like? Best and Worst - Headcanons

God, I love this ask so much. It’s the perfect occasion to fangirl about Sasuke and by fangirl, I mean making a salty analysis. Also, you might be interested in similar asks like this one, and this oneI am aware the title sucks. I tried. ~Admin Night

Originally posted by sakywaifu

Sasuke has a very convoluted personality. In canon, he has lived a series of traumatic events. We can start, even before the Uchiha Massacre, with his father conduct and the distress of living under his brother’s shadow. However, the murder of his family obviously scarred him, as well as the interactions he held with Akatsuki and the Village of Konoha after the death of his brother. Although the intentions of Fugaku were good, they created a deep necessity of competition associated with a feeling of ineptitude: Sasuke always wants to be the best, he wants to be praised, and at the same time, he believes himself to be inferior to the rest.

Also, the intentions of Itachi were good, but I think we can all agree he screwed up pretty badly. We start with straight up gaslighting: nothing of that caring brother is true, Itachi convinced Sasuke. Then, he inadvertently drives him away from any caring relationship he might form: when Itachi told him to kill his best friend for power, he assured Sasuke will view all relationships as a way to gain power. Also, for Sasuke, this means any type of love will just bring death and hatred. Why would he want to love, then?

In terms of a romantic relationship, this would mean:

• An extremely slow beginning. Before having a relationship, before giving you the power to destroy him, Sasuke has to trust you and himself, or at least, he will try to. Most of his apparent coldness will derive from this. If he feels attracted to you, he might make the first step out of jealousy. The fact is, once he has decided he loves you, Sasuke is going to do it forever.

• Jealousy. He doesn’t admit it, but Sasuke needs a lot of reassurance, he is always picking non-verbal cues, many times twisting them; any change in your everyday actions makes him suspect. Are you tired or upset, and forgot to kiss his cheek? He knows, he is scared you want to leave him. Did you talk too much with that person? He is going to intervene, as his glare doesn’t seem to be enough. Sasuke is constantly afraid someone will take you away from him; if he could hide you from the world, he would.

• Over-protection. He has lost so many loved ones, he is constantly terrified of losing you too. Many nights he had stayed awake just watching you sleep, monitoring your breathing as his chest aches at the mere possibility your lungs would stop working. Sasuke knows your schedule, and if you are just a minute late, he’ll start panicking. Even if you are a skilled ninja, he will never be at ease if you aren’t at his side. He has thought of taking you away from the world, keeping you protected in a place only he knows.

• A tendency to second-guess everything his S/O does – that you can tie with jealousy. What do you want from him? Do you actually love him? More than once, Sasuke will try to drive you away before you can hurt him. In general, his confidence – in you, in his perception, in the world – is very weak. Reassurance must be constant. Tell him you love him. Show him: he is especially fond of everyday actions, they remind him of home. He loves when you bring him omusubi with okaka or tomatoes, when you accompany him in his long walks, when you tell the waiter to not to sweeten his drink.

• His emotional and interpersonal intelligence is pretty low. Many of the discussions in the relationship will sprout from a lack of understanding on his part. This will also derive from his jealousy and inclination to second-guess. Another thing that can trigger his misaimed anger are commentaries that hurt his ego. If he’s fighting with Naruto, support him; do not praise his opponent’s abilities.

• Most of these downsides are born from his psychological wounds. What Sasuke needs is a nurturing, safe and healing S/O. In a healthy relation, based significantly on trust, he is going to grow: augment his self-esteem, subside his ill perception of the world, learn to find comfort in others.

His weaknesses come with strengths; healing, learning, and growing make them much more visible than the disadvantages.

• Once you start going out together, your relationship will become very stable. Discussions, although they can be heated, are usually resolved quickly. If he is sure he loves you, you can be certain Sasuke will never stop doing it: even in the roughest of patches, he is there, accompanying and caring.

• Sasuke adores you. Uchiha’s love too much, and he is not the exception. But after healing himself, love stops being an abrasive feeling that burns everything it touches to become a warmth that makes you feel at home. Sasuke always ensures you feel secure around him. Even if he isn’t into PDA or romantic gestures, he is always relishing you with small gestures. When you are stressed, he holds your hand; he makes sure you are comfortable before going to bed and in cold winter nights, he wakes up at midnight to make sure you are warm.

• He knows you better than anyone else. After all the learning necessary for him to realize he loves you, Sasuke holds every single detail dear. Sasuke recognizes the way you grimace when you are scared and remembers your favorite foods. He distinguishes every tone of your voice; he knows when you are lying, sad, tired or happy.

• Can be a wonderful supporter. He is a very good listener and always tries to give solutions to your problems. This is rooted in his need of protection; instead of directing them to external sources, he’ll try to help you the happiest person imaginable. Sasuke is always watching you; he’d determine the best way of supporting you and will stick with it as stubbornly as possible until you reach your objective.

MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. 

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RFA+V & Unknown reacting to a mc that’s really short-like 5ft tall

As a 5ft person myself, this request will be very accurate


  • He’s always been one of the shorter people in his friend circle and the RFA, so he loves it!
  • Besides, your height was an adorable asset to him
  • Loves to pick you up and spin you around
  • and gives you a lot of piggy back rides
  • If anyone ever picks on your height, he’ll be ready to tell them off
  • Finally, he gets to be the hero that takes things off the shelf for you
  • Spooning your smaller body feels amazing too
  • He also feels a bigger need to protect you now since you’re so smol


  • She wasn’t really used to meeting people shorter than herself (aside from children)
  • So when she met you, she was surprised 
  • Really, she pays no mind to it
  • Jaehee is always ready to help you grab what you need off a shelf, despite being pretty short herself
  • Needless to say, there’s quite a few stepping stools around the house


  • Right when he thought that you couldn’t be more perfect
  • He loves your height a loooooot
  • Uses it as an excuse to hoist you up to get whatever you need 
  • Zen will sometimes tease you and ask for a kiss in return for whatever he got for you
  • He loves to sneak behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, using your shoulder as a rest
  • It’s just so amazing to him he utterly adores your height like a religion


  • Jumin’s always been used to having everybody relatively shorter than him but
  • Goddamn
  • ‘MC’s so tiny…’
  • Despite thinking that, he loves your height
  • He’ll pay to help any inconveniences that your height brings you
  • Step-stools, personalized tailored clothing, he even offered to have his home remodeled to accommodate your height (to which you declined)
  • Loves cuddling 10x even more because your frame is just so small in comparison to him


  • This guy is an ass
  • Say hello to short jokes and becoming an armrest
  • He’ll watch you climb on the counters to get to the cabinets
  • Or he’ll get what you wanted and then hold it out of your reach
  • Despite anything, he’ll never take it too far; say the word and he’ll stop the teasing
  • His piggy back rides make up for it
  • and the cuddling sessions involve his body engulfing you


  • He’s a tall guy like Jumin, so shorter people aren’t a surprise to him either (not to mention that Rika was short too)
  • That doesn’t necessarily mean that he dislikes your height, he adores it to no end
  •  He’ll come up behind you, have his arms around your neck, and rest his chin atop your head
  • Hugs are his favorite thing with you
  • You’ll never feel self-conscious with him because all he does is praise you


  • Saeran’s a mix of indifference and the occasional teasing 
  • He doesn’t really mind your height, it’s eh to him
  • The rare moments he does pick on you are kinda cute, though
  • If he feels playful, he won’t bend down to let you kiss him and watch you try to reach (he’ll give in to the puppydog eyes anytime though)
  • He’ll literally obliterate anyone who makes fun of your height (in Saeyoung’s case, a smack on the head)
triple fic recs.

so, after a good amount of supercorp that we got from the latest episode i figured i should do another fic recs. yknow, just to spread the love further. (; all of them are multi-chap fics, nothing angsty (maybe a little), and lots of lol moments. 

1) I’m Kara Danvers by littlebrother (60,631 words)

this fic is hilarious. like i cant count how many times i laughed out loud and had to stop reading because i need a moment to collect myself. seriously, just read it guys. i mean kara pining after lena, and supergirl being jealous of her other self? SOLD.

2) In Rao’s Light by rileynoah (16,836 words)

okay this one is basically smut with plot. oh and its funny as hell as well. I LOVE IT. 

3) Learning Control by FrostedLimits (24,734 words)  

all i have to say is, its a good day to sin. (; 

that’s all for now folks. i hope i have made your day a little brighter with these adorable sinful fics. oh and per usual, i would love getting any fic recommendation from you guys if you have anything.

roger and out.

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Seventeen’s Reaction to Their Boyfriend Biting Them During Sex

(All members) for an adorable anon ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ


He would be so shocked by your sudden biting, to the point where he would most likely stop mid-thrust.

“What was that?”

Originally posted by the-ultimate-yehet


“You’re gonna pay if that leaves a mark on my neck babe.”

Originally posted by infinitblaq


“Damn…I knew you were freaky, but not this freaky. Remind me to pray for you and your kinky self.”

Originally posted by koraenpop


You biting him, especially on the neck, would be a huge turn on, but he’d be scared that you’d end up leaving a mark.

“The fans are gonna kill you for messing with my gorgeous skin.”

Originally posted by satanteen17


“You kinky little shit.”

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He would chuckle quietly before kissing and nipping at your neck. 

“Didn’t know you were into that, baby boy.”

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“…The fuck?” *bites you back*

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He would get really confused, but would end up laughing in an attempt to cover up his embarrassment.

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“Fuck, that was so hot, do it again.”

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He’d be too embarrassed to say how much it turned him on, so he would start kissing your neck and jaw as subtle encouragement.

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Would straight up be like “Bitch what the fuck?”

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*has a mini-heart attack, then realizes how aroused it made him feel*

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“Did…did you just bite me?” *is just really confused*

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

Love Me Not

King George x Female Reader


Word Count: 3663

Request: Hey there! I wanted to ask for a King George X Reader in which the reader is a princess in an arranged marriage with George but she hates him. But then she sees the soft side of him and falls in love. (LOVE YOUR WRITING BTW)

A/N: Wow this was a fun trope to write. Disclaimer: this takes place in a not real country, because then I can make up the politics and trade deals to my digression.

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Happy Birthday to nightlock-89!

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Happy, happy birthday to @nightlock-89 from all of us a @everlarkbirthdaygifts! We hope it’s an amazing day for you. To celebrate, @booksrockmyface has written a little something special just for you!

Title: Does Your Mother Know?

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Happiest of days! I hope you like the interpretation of your age gap request. Title comes from the ABBA song of the same name.

Katniss tapped her fingers on the steering wheel at the stoplight.

Peeta reached over and squeezed her leg. “Hey, there’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“I’m about to introduce my much-older boyfriend to my mother.” She said quickly. “I think there’s plenty to be nervous about.”

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Request: could you please write me a TY request where his gf is average and doesn’t really think she’s pretty so he makes love to her and worships her body and shows her how much he loves her and how BEAUTIFUL she is

For: @iamproudofyoutaeyong

Wouldn’t we all want this? I know I would. It feels like forever since I’ve done a smut (probably only a few days I need to chill) so I hope it’s to your liking. If it isn’t I can always do it over. Thank you for requestingggg!!! - Maya
Pairing: Taeyong x (female) reader
Genre: angst, smut, fluff
WARNING: SMUT (obviously since it was stated twice, but I’m gonna warn you anyway)

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Sure can do! I hope you enjoy!

Kim Seokjin

Would scold you for these thoughts. Obviously you were the best one in the group, not that he was biased. And he loved every inch of you, so he would hush you immediately, and, with many quick kisses, make you move off the subject. “Not everyone can be as beautiful as me, but you all just have to learn to live with that.”

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Kim Namjoon

Would just kind of stare at you in shock for a couple seconds. You, the most gorgeous and talented person he’s ever met? He’d scoff at you and pull you towards him, running his hands up and down your body. “You are perfect in my eyes, babe. Do I need to prove it to you?”

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Min Yoongi

Would snort at you. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you started dating Yoongi and his no-nonsense attitude was one of those things. He’d pull you away from the mirror and with his thumb, smooth out the crease between your eyebrows. With a small peck to your forehead, he’d end the conversation with a, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

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Jung Hoseok

Would honestly be so upset by this confession. He loved you. You were perfect to him. He thought your talent so surpassed his own, that he couldn’t fathom you thinking so little of yourself. You were so good at everything that came with being an idol and he was so proud of you. “You are so amazing, Y/N. Why can’t you see that?”

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Park Jimin

Would listen to you as you cried about all your worries, and the way you felt about yourself. He would 100% disagree with everything that came out of your mouth, but he knew the feeling. He’d been in your shoes before. He’d help you through whatever you were having troubles with. He’d be there to support and love you the whole way through. “Well, if you feel this way, let’s do something about it. Together. The healthy way.”

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Kim Taehyung

Would stare down at your body under his, mouth agape as you talked to him about your insecurities. His eyes would be scanning you, trying to find all the imperfections that you were talking about. When you grew self conscious and stopped talking, he’d shake his head and start kissing all over your body. “Don’t say these things about yourself, Jagiya. You are perfect in every way.“

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Jeon Jungkook

Would laugh at first, thinking you were joking. You had fans that loved you and your voice. You had him, who adored you in every way. How could you actually believe in the things you were saying. He’d soon stop his laughter when you didn’t actually seem to be joking. You’d both stare at each other for a moment before he’d move towards you, wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t be crazy, you beautiful weirdo.”

In bed with... Kun


This was written by @yourmadambunny for my Got7 blog since she offered her help (thank you so much!) however I deleted that blog and thought I should still post it - but elsewhere! Thank you very much! That’s why this one is considerably shorter and in a different style in comparison to my other “episodes” in this series. ❤️❤️❤️

Because Kun hasn’t debuted yet and although I really don’t want to say this, Kun is probably the least popular in the hyung line and this won’t get as much recongitnion or likes/reblog than the other members so it’s not that long and I haven’t edited it. When he debuts, I will definitely come back and improve it!😬😇

In bed with… series:

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