stop it this isn't fair


Please, guys, stop. It doesn’t matter what race, what nationality, what religion you are - just stop. If you can accept a person like OJ Simpson, then you can accept someone who may have a violent religion.

I am a Christian, and I fully respect my friends who are Muslim. At the same time, I may not agree with what groups of the Islam religion is doing, but not all Muslims are terrorists.

This is the same concept as:

•not all people who eat a lot are obese
•not all skinny people have anorexia
•not all depressed people are suicidal
•not all sad people are depressed

or, in a more religious standard:

•not all Christians are strict and stuck-up. I can assure you I’m not strict, nor do I believe I am better than anyone because of my religion.

Now, this whole rant isn’t just about Muslims and Christians. This can apply to almost anything. Do not send hate; we are all on here for the boys and I can assure you they would NOT want this to be happening.

If someone doesn’t agree with you on certain subjects, that’s fine. Not everyone you meet is going to agree with you, that’s for sure. If that was true, the whole world could be in ruins or it could be a paradise. Either way, it’s not going to happen.

Unless they insult you - and even if they do, please do not insult them back. That will just cause more drama. Handle it simply, maybe ask WHY they say these things, but please don’t roast them right off the bar because then you’re just as bad.

I know right know I sound like I’m being all righteous and stuff, but I promise you I’m just trying to get a point across. The boys have said countless times that we are the best fandom, and to remain that way we need to support each other. And we CAN do that, so please do. I’ll do it and you can too. And I’m not saying you have to agree with them, but please be respectful and kind at the very least.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope your day is wonderfully amazing.

-Kisses XOXO

letsdiscussrobots  asked:

Queen Bee I can't stop thinkin about... how graceful robots are. Like Whirl kills me cuz he twists himself (his WAIST Bee, his gorgeous waist) like a flamingo on a mission. Don't get me started on tfp Starscream he's like a pretentious ballerina like bitch. stop moving like you aren't made of knives. AND Drift just isn't fair at all. Excuse me??? Are you a pole dancer? Like the whole Lost Light probably follows the rhythm of his hips as they watch him walk.


fuckin… can we talk about tfp optimus tho, like… fuck me UP hes so yummy, prettyass long-legged hot piece of truck

like what the fuck?????????????