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“… even if Fushimi won’t come back to us, it’d be good if you two could talk one day.. with Yata in the place he belongs to and Fushimi in the place he belongs to..” – Totsuka Tatara

This last scene really broke my heart everytime I watched it! It has such a deep meaning and then I saw Ue-chan crying again and then I remember those Tatara’s words to Misaki and then that theme song being played again and then.. aaaaaa I JUST CAN’T STOP CRYING (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) why


Hey my loves, so.. my first ever recolor was this amazing bathing suit by @strange-girl-sims and well, it came out okay, but it was literally the first thing I ever did - so I revisited it and kept some of my favorite patterns and added some new ones. So anyway there are two files: one has 15 ombres and the other has 24 patters. 12 pattern tops with solid bottoms and 12 pattern bottoms with solid tops. I plan to do this suit in solids as well as in anchors (because I can and I love anchors stop judging me!!) I am probably also going to do some in all patterns. I don’t know I am obsessed with this bathing suit.. or recoloring bathing suits in general but I am….



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The Final Countdown (Bucky x Reader)

 Word count: 1100   

     “I have a bad feeling about this, Bucky.” You whispered to him as you walked into the vacant HYDRA base. “I don’t have a good feeling at all.”

               “When do you have good feelings about anything?” Bucky shot back, irritated by the fact that you wouldn’t stop talking. Recently, even though you two were dating, fights had been an everyday occurrence in your relationship.

               “I don’t understand why you have to be so rude about it.” You looked up at him, angrily glaring as he checked your surroundings.

               “I don’t understand why I tolerate you anymore.” Bucky sarcastically shot back, and you felt your heart drop down into your stomach. You two said it to each other all the time, when he would eat the rest of your cereal, or when you would drink the rest of his coffee, but never in this type of situation. He had never, truly, meant it, until now. Bucky felt a tension in the air, and he sighed, knowing that he had upset you. “I’m- “

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Everybody, just STOP. Stop whatever you are doing and IMAGINE:

Alicia Zimmermann as the retired hockey legend married to Bob Zimmermann semi-famous actor/model.

First, Jack wouldn’t feel as overshadowed. Instead of being compared to his dad, a lot of the guys in the locker would have made fun of him or said crude things about his mom. Jack gets into a lot more fights in this universe, but he is just as talented.

Alicia knows how to nurture that without making him feel that’s the only thing he’s good for.

Alicia and Jack make fun of Bob’s terrible movies. He played a rookie in an 80’s classic cop TV show, and the two of them know the lines by heart. They spend holidays reenacting the worst scenes, and there’s a game where one of them yells strike a pose and do one of his ad campaigns. Alicia wins every time (she takes this very seriously and that’s how she got banned from two different supermarkets).

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Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic

// Don’t say I didn’t warn you - Theo Raeken //

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader.


@chrisevansisdaddy04: Can you make a theo raeken fanfic based on the song hurt so good by Astrid S.

Along with all y’all anons asking for a part two of Babygirl. 

And my fave @dylpicklesprays

Warnings: FWB!Theo, Oral (Female on Male), mentions of sex. 

Rating: This will probably tug on your heart strings a little oops. 18+ NSFW.

Word count: 4709 (4x part 1 lmao oops)

I highly suggest listening to this while you read as it’s pretty much based around this song: Astrid S - Hurt so good. 

“Lydia I’m telling you, nothing happened with Theo. Why do you think I’d even dream about speaking to him never mind… anything else.” Lydia had asked non-stop questions since you walked into school this morning. You were now collecting books for your locker, rushing to get what you needed for the Math and Lydia still hadn’t stopped. Since the… incident the other day at the pack meeting with Theo, Lydia was convinced she had walked into something happening between you two and was now insisting you told her. If only she knew. It wasn’t like you’d thought about it or anything… It was a slip up, something that would never happen again. You knew better. “He’s an asshole, he’s repulsive he’s-”

“Standing right behind you.” Lydia finished your sentence for you. Fuck - not like you cared that he heard or anything.

“As much as I hate to interrupt this riveting conversation, I need to speak to Y/N.” Not even waiting for an answer Theo slumps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you with him as he strolled down the quieting corridor.

“For a start, get your arm off of me.” You unwrap his arm from your shoulder. “Next you can tell me where the hell we’re going.”

Ignoring you he continues walking. “So, I’m- what was it? Repulsive?” He says, stopping in between the outside of your shared class and the janitors closet. “You weren’t saying that the other day.” He winked.

“Oh I can assure you, that won’t be happening again.”

“Good,” he shrugs with a lasting signature smirk.

You cross your arms over your chest. “Fine.”


You stare at him, a blur of  blue eyes and stupid fluffy hair. You felt your nails dig into the skin of your arm, and you want to hit that stupid smirk off his face. You wanted to shake him and shove him and -

But you don’t, instead doing a totally reasonable thing.

You kiss him.

Grabbing his face, his stupid, arrogant face, and kissing him. A hard and angry kiss. It’s short, his lips barely having enough time to react before you pull back, your eyes widening in shock as you drop your hand from his cheek.

Theo blinks. “Y/N.”

You squint, because the room is spinning around you and it’s suddenly hard to see. Your lips feel fuzzy. A type of fuzzy that you don’t want, a type of fuzzy that Theo Raeken isn’t capable of providing.

“Oh, my God.” You shake your head. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

He frowns. “Seriously?”

You nudge him away from you, and take a step back, now fully visible from the classroom. You wipe at your lips, slightly swollen and red, and crosses your arms over your chest in annoyance.

“Why did you do that?” you demand.

Theo raises his eyebrows. “You’re the one who kissed me.”

“Then why did you let me do that?”

He looks at her in exasperation. His hand runs wildly through his hair, and you wonder if it would have been different, if you had gripped his hair instead of his cheek.

It doesn’t matter, you tells yourself. Stupid face. Stupid hair. Stupid Theo


The wheels of the rickety old train glided surprisingly silently over the tracks and coming to a halt to the next stop. The steel doors force their way open and impatiently wait for the flood of new passengers to board the already crowded carriage. Only one stop left to go home and sleep, only to be back on this very train, riding the same stops to get back to work for 9am. Honestly, you detested working Saturdays because not only could you not go out the night before but it was the day off from school that was most interesting as that’s when people did something entertaining. Unless almost getting attacked by the dread doctors is something that happens, that’s less fun. The monotone jingle of the automated default ringtone blasted from your phone, warning you a glare from the elderly man across from you. You could practically feel his judgement. Oops. A number you didn’t recognise lit up the screen and you accepted, pulling the phone to your ear. “Hello?” You questioned the other end, crossing one leg over the other in a bid to gain back the personal space that had been stolen from you during this train journey.

“Evening, Babygirl. How was work?” His smirk practically radiating through the phone. Theo Raeken, the jackass with an unreasonably pretty face. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been avoiding him since he constantly brought up the… incident that had happened in your kitchen a few weeks ago, and you’d also be lying if you said that was the only time it had happened. A girl has her weaknesses ok, yours just happened to be Theo, a person who irked you uncontrollably.

“You know I hate that name Theo.” You snarl at the “baby girl” nickname he had pinned to you.

“I don’t recall you complaining last night, sweetheart.” Well shit, he had a point there.

“Let’s skip the pleasantries of you giving a shit about my job and you can explain why are you calling me, most importantly how the hell you got my number.” You snapped, your eyes flashing for a moment. I’m pretty sure no one saw that, until you glanced back at the old man diagonal from you, now wide eyed, looking back and forth from you to the now closed train door. Oops again.

“Someone’s feisty tonight. I like it.” Theo chuckled in the other end.

“Well what can I say, I had a long day and you’re pretty much the last person I wanted to speak to.” Okay, again, small lie. As much as you liked to say you despised Theo, he was that perfect blend of smug and charming and you adored it. But, the last thing you wanted was to be putty in his hands-no matter how good he was with those hands.

“We both know that if that was the case you wouldn’t have come to me last night, in more ways than one.” Fuck you Raeken. “Anyway, you’re coming out with me tonight. Get ready, I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“And what makes you think I want to go anywhere with you?” You sighed, ignoring the smile on your face.

“Because princess, I want a date and who would pass up the opportunity to spend the night with me? And if you’re lucky we might have to have a repeat of last night. Now, get off your train and get that pretty little ass ready and I’ll be there soon.”

“You’re sure a… how did you know I’m on a train?”

“See you soon baby girl.” And with that the line went dead.

Before you knew it, it was seven thirty and Theo was knocking at the door. “You’re early, Raeken. I’m barely dressed yet.” You stood at the front door using a white towel to cover your body, only underwear underneath.

“I can see that, not like I’m complaining.” He laughed, you felt his hazel/bronze eyes lingering on your body - no, not hazel. They were just brown, and dark like his personality. He followed you to your room, perching himself on the end of your bed with a small smirk.

“Mattress is comfortable, maybe we should test it out… again.”  You mearley shake your head in response with a sigh and turn around to change. Surprisingly, you had reached a point where you were comfortable with Theo, probably more than you should be. You let the towel drop to the floor, leaving you only in underwear. “Red. I like it.” Theo’s deep voice mumbled from across the room.

Ignoring him, you pull the black dress from your left onto your body. It was a black, knee length decently tight dress that if you dared to say so yourself you looked damn good in it. You pull at the zip leading from the small of your back to the top of your spine. “A little help?” You ask and hear the wolf rise to his feet.

“With pleasure.” Theo’s breath now hot on your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. His hands resting on your hips was enough to make you forget anything you had told yourself, melting into his touch. “I love that you do that, immediately untensing when I touch you.” His large hands clasp around the tiny zipper and elegantly pulls it up, then moving his hands to snake around your waist and clasp together. His lips attached to your neck, you instinctively tilting it as he sucked on it, just enough to leave a mark when he stopped. “Almost as much as I enjoy that look of pure ecstasy when I push you over the edge. And to think, that’s just using my hands and mouth…” his phone diverts his attention and he steps away from you, leaving you longing and wishing he hadn’t.

“We should get going.” Theo said, “before I change my mind and rip that dress straight off of you.” Leaving you to wonder whether you’d rather stay with him tonight or go out as you followed him out of your room and to his truck.  

“Are you going to be a gentleman and open the door for me?” You joked to Theo.

“Are you so incompetent you can’t open the door yourself?” He fired back. “Kidding, get in.” He says, stood behind you, as he pulls the door to the passenger seat of his truck open. 

“Wow, a gentlemanly act from Raeken I’m impressed.” You laughed, climbing into the truck as he closed the door, opening his own and joining you in the truck.

“Honestly I saw an opportunity to be behind you and I took it.” He shot a wink your way and you were thankful for the growing darkness of the truck so your growing blush was disguised. The party was  about a half hour away and if there was one thing you had learnt in the past few weeks it was that you and Theo, in a small space together for an extended period of time was never a great idea. For the first few minutes, the only sound surrounding the two of you was the radio and Theo’s hums occasionally accompanying it. It wasn’t until you came to a red light and Theo’s hand rested on your thigh that you realised just how close you were to one another. You look across at him just for him to be staring straight at the road, waiting for the light to change.


His hand rested on your upper thigh teasingly. His thumb caressing your thigh as his fingertips rest on your inner thigh teasingly. He was so close to where you wanted him to be, but far enough away to remain innocent. Skin to skin, lingering the hem of your dress. It was something so small, yet making him seem more and more irresistible to you.


Theo’s hand rose, it was only a slight movement but it was enough to notice. Slipping under the thin black material of her dress. “Theo.” You warned yet your voice went ignored and his fingertips gently tapped on the inside of your thigh to the beat of the song, and as small of a thing it was you knew his incentive. He was trying to tease you and he was doing a damn good job of it.


The light shifted once again and thus, Theo drove. His fingers continued to tease you.

“Fine, two can play that game.” You unbuckled the seat belt and shifted close to Theo.

“What are you doing?” He raised his eyebrow at the girl sat next to him.

Ignoring him, you attached your lips to his neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses from just above his collarbone to his jaw before going back to a sweet spot you knew he had on his neck and sucked gently at it. Theo groaned softly. “Don’t start something you don’t intend to finish princess.”  He warned as he drove.

“Oh I fully intend on finishing, well you finishing to be more precise.”

Your hand slithered back down his chest, stopping when you reach his jeans and palming him through the small material separating you from him, his grip tightening on the wheel, trying to concentrate on driving and failing. You grasped at his pants where they sat low on his hips, teasing the edges with your fingers as you eased them down slowly, kissing his skin as it was exposed. His erection sprang free, thick and swollen. You got as close as you could to his lower half, face inches from his dick. You wrapped your hand around it, giving him a squeeze before stroking up and down.

“Fuck me,” he moaned, his voice sounding hoarse.

You gave him a coy smile before moving to gather up the bit of precum that was seeping from the tip. You swiped your tongue along the slit, teasing him before sucking the head into your mouth. You felt him shifting uncomfortably in his seat and when you looked up, the hand that had previously been on your thigh was in your hair, grasping a handful of it.

“Have I ever told you how pretty you look with my cock in your mouth?” Theo groaned, a smirk planted on his face.

You smiled, taking more and more of him into your mouth until Theo couldn’t take it anymore, pulling over to the side of the road as soon as he could. You ached for him and he could tell.

“I’m gonna come if you don’t stop that.” Theo groans making you smile. He took control, the grip on your hair tightening and moving in a swift motion as you bobbed your head until Theo couldn’t take it anymore, releasing into your mouth with one final moan. You swallowed, sitting back in your seat, and swiftly wiped your mouth with the back of your hand.  

Theo adjusted himself, his eyes on you hungrily. “Well, I guess it’s your turn.”


“Theo…” You moaned, dragging out the last syllable of his name, walking into the already crowded house party.

“Baby girl you know how much I love when you say my name like that, but this really isn’t the place.”

“I can’t believe I let you drag me here. The music’s so loud, my dress feels way too short and now my head hurts. Why couldn’t you just let me stay in bed? I was so comfortable binge-watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’ like I usually do after work.” You instinctively pulled the short, black, tight dress down that before made you feel confident now made you feel exposed, wobbling a bit with your step due to the red heels you thought would be a good idea to wear. Apparently they weren’t.

“You’re anxious.” Theo states as you walk in.

“No I’m not- stop looking at me like that?” You say as you look up at him, his eyes on you, hungrily as you narrow your own at him.

Theo tilts his head. “Like what?” he challenges.

“Like you’re imagining me naked.”

Theo smirks. He leans forward and steps closer towards you, his shirt sliding against the thin material of your dress. He presses his mouth to your ear, his lips tracing the line of your skin,

“I don’t have to imagine,” he whispers.

You swallow thickly, remembering the journey here; the feel of his mouth on your neck, on your thighs and stomach. You run your tongue along your bottom lip, sighing deeply as his nose skims the curls in your hair, his hands cradling -

“You- fuck!” you curse as your argument is interrupted by you losing your balance and falling to the floor. In front of a full room of people. Fuck. Quick as a flash while everyone else around you just watched and sniggered, assholes, Theo was crouched next to you.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt?” He questioned, scanning your body for any sign of discomfort.

“Uhh, just my left ankle, along with my pride.” You forced a laugh and he simply nodded. Theo’s large hand was clasping yours as he helped you rise to your feet. Once stable, you expected him to let go, yet he didn’t. Instead he diverted his attention to the crowd of people around you.

“And, what the fuck are you people staring at?” Theo roared and most people turning around as if they weren’t watching, someone caught Theos eye. A boy, in your economics class, Adam you think his name is, laughing. Theo glared at the boy, jaw clenched, looking ready to storm over and attack him.

“Theo, don’t.” You whispered, your thumb grazing over the top of his. “For me, don’t do this.” He looked down at you and simply nodded, a sweet smile replacing the usual smirk.

Lydia spotted you and waved, making her way over with a smile, looking between you and Theo. Theo squeezes your hand and lets go. He dipped down to whisper in your ear. “I have some people I want to talk to, I’ll catch up with you later Y/N.” and before you could reply he was gone.

“What was that about?”Lydia asked, now at your side.

“What was what?” You questioned, acting like you didn’t know what she meant, as you watch him walk away, weaving in and out of people until you could no longer see him..


Friends with benefits. That’s all it was. No strings attached, no feelings just sex. Hot, steamy, unadulterated sex. At least that’s what you told yourself last night when he had turned up. And the night before, and before that…

It had been a week since the party, you hadn’t seen him for the rest of the night until you called him, you couldn’t sleep and you wanted… company. Yeah, company. At least that’s what you told Lydia. What Lydia didn’t know however was that the occurence of Theo coming over to… keep you company, had become a more often event. Though, it’s not like you were complaining.

“That- That was uhh…” You panted, regaining back your breath as Theo settled beside you, fingers intertwined behind his head and a smirk planted on his face.

“Hot? Noteworthy? Best you’ve ever had?” Theo laughed.

“Don’t flatter yourself Raeken.” Especially when what he said was right… “We can’t do that again. This was a mistake.” You shake your head reaching for the shirt next to you and pulling it over your head.

“You weren’t arguing a few minutes ago. Moaning at something as simple as me touching you. Or last night”

“I have to go to work.” You reply simply, pulling on the remainder of your clothes. Theo, now wearing  a pair of grey sweatpants.

“When are you going to stop that?” Theo says, now sat pack down on your bed.

“Stop what?”

“Acting like you don’t want this. When you show up every night and tell me that you want me. We have quite frankly a fucking great night and then you leave and tell me we can’t do this again. And I know, I know it’s complicated before you fucking say it, but it really doesn’t have to be.” He sighed, running his hands through his messy hair and tugging slightly.

“I have to go.” You mumble, so barely audible that if the room wasn’t so silent he may not have heard. You had to go, yet you didn’t want to. You wanted to stay, to kiss him and tell him it didn’t have to be so complicated but instead you picked up your bag and left, leaving him to let himself out. You slammed the door behind you and walked to the front door. Feelings would only get in the way and that couldn’t happen, trying to avoid thinking about what he had said.

You failed.


“Can I please get a burger and large fries, and maybe a milkshake too?” The kid you were serving asked. You nodded and stood, patiently waiting for his friend to choose what he wanted with your notepad in hand. You hadn’t noticed until you left the house but when picking your shirt up to leave you had grabbed Theo’s instead. It gave off a musk that you couldn’t ignore. Theo. On him, it fit in all the right places whereas on you you felt drowned by it, yet secure in a weird way. Like he was right there with you. The bell of the diner rung, signalling someone had entered but you were to wrapped up in your thought to notice. You took the kids order and left to give it to the cook when you noticed who had walked in. The boy, Adam, from the party the other night and friends. The one you had had to stop Theo from ripping to shreds. Dropping off the kids’ order to the kitchen staff, you walked over to Adam’s table where he and his friends sat.

“Hi, my names Y/N and I’ll be your waitress today. Are you ready to order?” You addressed them all.

Adam looked up at you. “You’re Theo’s girl right?” Your heart skipped a beat just at the sound of his name.

“Nope, can I start you off with drinks?” You reply, trying to divert the conversation before it had even begun.

“But you were his date to the party a few days ago?” Clearly diverting the conversation didn’t work.

“He gave me a ride there.” and then I rode him later on but not important “But that was it.”

“So you’re single.” One of his friends spoke up. You ignored them.

“How’s your ankle? That was a pretty tough fall you took.” Fuck do you mean, it was literally back to normal in- oh yeah. Werewolves weren’t common knowledge my bad.

“Oh, yeah. I’m ok. Just a little sore.” Resulting in a vulgar joke from one of the boys and, as much as you wanted to hit his head off of the table, you ignored it.

“So, orders?” They were calm after that, giving what they wanted until it was Adam’s turn.

“Yeah I’ll get a burger and fries… and your number.” He replied with a wink.

“Not happening.” You laugh, brushing the advance off.

“Oh come one babe.” Adam laughed, his hand moving from his pocket to the back of her thigh, moving up her leg.  Ok, that’s the final straw.

Not even staying to finish the order, you take his hand off of your thigh and slam it down on the table, marching away straight back through the kitchen to the office in the back that inhabited your boss.

“Ah, Y/N! Everything ok?” He smiled at you. Your boss, Mr Cranston, was a jolly older, slightly overweight man who had prided himself on the argument that if his employees ever had any issues to go straight to him. So that’s exactly what you did.

“Not particularly. There are some boys from my school  who are being pretty innapropriate. One in particular is making really sexual advances and touching me and It’s making me really uncomfortable.” You confessed, ending it with a frustrated sigh.

Mr Cranston listened idly and laughed. “Y/N, I’m sure you’re just exaggerating.”

You were shocked. “With all due respect, sir, one of them had his hand at the back of the top of my thigh and wouldn’t move it. Another made a super sexual joke that made me uncomfortable. I am not exaggerating.” You expected to tell him how things like that were not tolerated in his diner. That the boys would get some kind of repercussion, but no. Mr Cranston simply shook his head, laughed and said 4 words that made your blood boil.

“Boys will be boys.”

You were seriously in shock, how could someone in a power position brush off the fact that his employee was made to feel uncomfortable and would not only not do anything, but laugh about it. You weren’t comfortable working for someone like that. You took off the apron and placed it on his desk.

All you could think of as you left was how mad you were. You needed to speak to someone. Lydia and Scott were the ones you usually went to.

Honestly, you had no idea where to go at this point. As you walked you thought over everything that had happened the last few weeks. The dread doctors, Theo and the Pack. Everything was crazy, but maybe you had found someone who could keep you grounded.

The pack, individually you had no idea what you would do without them.

Liam and his dorky personality, He was like a little brother to you - and not just because he was the youngest in the pack.

Lydia and her intelligence and how regardless she would be there for you. Your best friend. She was strong, she saw power where others would see weakness. She adapted to her banshee powers with no complaint even when things got hard and because of that, her banshee powers go way beyond what she thought they were. She’s confident an admirable trait on anyone, yet with her it just fit.

Theo, he was a part of the pack now right? You were so sure you had hated him. Resented him because no was could he just waltz into everyone’s lives out of nowhere, and now look at the situation you had landed in with him? Not quite anything but not quite nothing wither. You shouldn’t have done anything with him after that day in the kitchen which felt like a lifetime ago, but you couldn’t. He was like a cigarette, that first drag you have after being addicted for years and finally quitting only to find yourself back there. It was addictive, sinful and wrong - like most activities the two of them became involved in when alone together - but you wanted more, no you needed it. You needed him today, tomorrow, the next day and the next, and all the ones that followed after it.

Scott your alpha and more importantly your best friend who had taught you everything once you turned. How to control yourself and not be overridden. From the beginning, Scott had always done whatever he could for other people. Someone you don’t know what you’d do without.

Stiles Sure, you can argue that Stiles has made some ridiculous decisions in his time on the show, but you can never fight the fact that Stiles has never once intentionally put his friends or family in danger. His loyalty to their safety, happiness, and all around well-being is admirable in his character, and a trait that is reliable in him. He protects those he loves, and even ones that he doesn’t. He’s selfless and heartfelt, no matter how often he can be selfish and annoying and so sarcastic you want to punch him. But he was your best friend, one of the family just like the rest.

Malia Math is confusing, people who like it are very confusing, but thankfully Malia isn’t one of them. You hadn’t known her long but it hadn’t hadn’t long to fall in love with her. She was a fighter who never gave us and you adored her for it. You couldn’t imagine her not being around.

The pack was your family, but there was only one of them that you really needed right now.

Approaching the front door you were ever so familiar with knocking twice and after a moment, opening to the one person you needed most.

Theo Raeken.

The night was coming to an end. The last song played through the speakers, and I held you tighter than I had before. I stood there, leaning against you, as my heart just about pounded right out of my chest. Suddenly the man says over the microphone, “thanks guys, and have a good night”, signaling the dance was over. But before he got through two words of his announcement, you reached down and touched your lips to mine. I like to call it a now-or-never kind of moment. It was so sudden, yet seemed so perfectly planned. Our lips touched, my eyes closed, and the world stopped. Everyone standing around us blurred out, and the man over the microphone drowned into the silence. It was as if time just stopped still. And when I opened my eyes, the lights now filled the room again. It had only been a couple of seconds, but it meant the world to me. And when I opened my eyes to see that goofy smile on your face, I just knew it; This was a great beginning to a long forever, with you.
—  1.7.17 // and here’s to the first
INFP gothic
  • Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I wasn’t listening
  • *hungover* Please don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. Just leave me alone to die.
  • *in a bad mood* Life is just as meaningless as death tbh I don’t give a shit anyway.
  • *in a good mood* I love literally every single person ever. Everyone deserves to be happy! But mostly cats
  • Okay here’s a thought/Imagine that/What if
  • Oh my god this is the ugliest little creature I’ve ever seen. Look at it. It’s so miserable. I love it with all my heart.
  • *actually cries when laughing too hard*
  • What was that? Yeah I stopped listening again sry
  • I’m so sleepy and tired, I’ll go to bed at like 9 p.m. *is 3 a.m.* Fml
  • Alternatively - *sleeps some full 10 hours* *wakes up even more dead inside*
  • I don’t think this is appropriate. Please don’t do it, don’t- Ah I guess I’ll just pretend I don’t know you
  • I actually don’t care about my looks at all~ *spends at least an hour picking outfits/putting make-up every day*
  • I’m just gonna ignore the person I like until they notice I like them. Works every time.
  • *secretly into bdsm or at least very kinky* I’m 100% pure and I’m shaming all of you sinners
  • Listen - I don’t want to offend you, I’m SORRY in advance, okay here goes. Again I hope you don’t take this personally I’m rly rly regretful that it has come to this situation. Okay yeah I’ll spit it out - I don’t think purple is your color.
  • *Has an existential mid-life crisis at 21* Everything is sunshine and rainbows!11!!!

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OH MY GOODNESS I love your art SO much! Have you ever drawn smol padawan Obi-wan with his master Qui-gon? I just love those two together >0<

“And the atmosphere here is thinner than on Coruscant,” Obi-Wan observed, studying his datapad as they walked. “But then, I expect you’re accustomed to that,” he added, before he could stop himself.

Qui-Gon stopped abruptly and Obi-Wan almost collided with his dark-cloaked back. His heart sank. What was Master Jinn’s idea of punishment for insolence going to be?

“Padawan, did you just crack the galaxy’s oldest joke about my height?”

“I did, Master,” he admitted miserably.

For a moment he thought it was a sound of choked outrage, but…. Master Jinn was… chuckling?

“And they told me you were so serious!” He draped his arm lightly over Obi-Wan’s shoulders.

Grinning, Obi-Wan lengthened his stride to keep in step with his Master.

(#33) El Diablo x Reader


You loved Chato with your entire heart.

Oh god, did you love it when he winked.

The first date the two of you went on was at a small cafe.

“Hey chula what are you looking at.”

“Huh? Oh nothing.”

When you got up to leave you felt a small touch on your behind. You jumped up looked back at him. He did that about 5 more times before you playfully  said

“Stop grabbing my ass.”

“Ah, don’t act like you don’t like it.”                                                                        *******

Things between the two of you had never gotten closer than hugs and kisses (with some flirting). 

But, for now you were content with hugs and kisses. You were watching him from outside the sparring room thinking he didn’t see you.

Your eyes trained on his strong biceps as he threw a few good punches at Floyd. Over and over it looked as if he got stronger and stronger by the minute. 

He sat down and washed his face off with a towel, and looked directly through the glass separating him from you. 

You felt your face start to turn a dark shade of red, you bit your bottom lip and ran to your room in small shame.

You really didn’t mean for him to see you even though it happened. Even though you were in a relationship you’d never felt this nervous. You stood and thought for a couple more long minutes.

So when you got to your room, you were shocked to see Chato there too, sitting on your bed and tapping his hand on the sheets. You knew that you had been spaced out in thought for a while but, why would he come here?

“Chato… What are you doing here?” You asked, grazing your eyes of over his tattooed and still shirtless form. His shorts hung low to his knees but, they were very loose fitting. 

“Like something you see amor?” Suddenly he was directly facing you, and he raised your chin up with his fingers so that you were looking into his eyes. “You seem to blushing a bit.” He just had to state the obvious. 

He slowly lowered his lips to meet yours. He started very softly, the longer you kissed the more urgent and needy he got. He sat you down on the edge of the bed now you definitely knew what he wanted.

Then he let go and started pacing. “I don’t think we should do this.”

You looked at him confused and tilted your head. “Any particular reason?”

“I just don’t wan to hurt you mi amor.”

“You won’t. If you do i’ll tell you.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

He immediately started kissing down your neck.Then he used his hands to push you down and gently hold your hands. Chato let go of your hands and touched your shoulders down to your hips. His touch got ruff and you knew that you would probably have some bruises. 

His hands moved back up to the hem of your shirt and looked at you for permission. You nodded your head and he pulled off your shirt. The cold air gave your ribs and stomach goosebumps. 

“Dios , tu amor tan caliente.” He picked you up and laid you down on the bed and took off your bra. Chato started placing kisses back on  your neck, down the valley of your breast, and down your stomach. You quietly moaned and closed your eyes.  

Then he slipped off his pants and kissed your mouth. You touched his face and traced his tattoos. He smiled and kissed your earlobe. 

His hands traveled fast down to the hem of your pants. You nodded a bit more wildly. He complied and pulled them off with your panties. Your eyes met and he kissed your nose. Slowly he pulled his boxers down. You slightly panicked a bit more (he is ridiculously huge. He’s thicker than your forearm and around 10 inches.) You moved your hands up toward the headboard as he put his hands above the tops of your shoulders. He looked at you one last time for assurance and nodded. He moved a hand down to your entrance. You breathed in and he started moving slowly. 

You moaned as he started speeding up, the faster he went the hotter his skin radiated. He started groaning and whispering in your ear. 

“¿Te gusta este precioso“

“Yes.” You whispered. 

“Chato I-I.”

“I know amor.”

You walls clenched around him and you moaned over and over, which led to his release. His hands caught fire and burned the bed. 

You giggled and pulled him down for a kiss. Then you thought, ‘man I should watch him more often’.

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Who are people you ship Lee Jordan? What headcanons do you have for them?

lemme tell ya about how much i love Fred x Lee my sweet sweet anon:

- so Fred George met Lee clearly on their first day of hogwarts. 

- at the Gryffindor table right after the sorting Fred and George come and sit on either side of lee and introduce themselves with identical grins and then start with the witty banter (and making fun of percy)

- Lee is sitting there laughing the whole time (and feeling really special that these two larger than life non-stop people have decided that he is gonna be their friend)

- on the first night at Hogwarts they are all super buzzed cause W o W there is a whole freaking castle to explore and because of that there must be a heck load of mischief to get up to

- in their first class they bust in late all three of them: Fred with an (apparently) apologetic grin, George with a terribly repressed smirk and Lee with a crooked smile 

- (this is one of the only times they get away with it because ‘we are so sorry sir we got lost’ can actually be believable when it hasn’t been used every day of the week before) 

- within the week Lee can tell the twins apart (finally there was to be no more “haha we gotcha i’m actually Fred”) 

- basically their friendship keeps growing and growing as friendships do 

- then one day someone asks Lee how he’s so good at telling the twins apart and he stops and thinks for a second cause really he can’t quite put his finger on it

- he tries to explain the subtle differences in appearance to the person inquiring but he’s distracted by how they both ‘feel’ different 

- George was like squinted eyes of concentration,and burst of laughter, and being always prepared to either hug you or kill someone for you 

- and Fred was (wow) Fred was just completely different he was fast and passionate talk (that would always make butterflies erupt in Lee’s stomach), and prideful ‘dare me to’ eyes (that always made Lee’s heart lurch), and utter faithfulness, the kind of person you would trust with your life (which Lee obviously would without hesitation) 

- and shit was Lee in love with his best friend? (one of them anyway)

- then later that week in the common room Fred is sitting there staring at Lee’s hands (cause gosh they are gorgeous) and he decides it’s about time that he talks about this mega crush cause it’s eating him alive and cause it’s the Fred Weasley thing to dive head first into everything he says “hey Georgie, mate, ever think you might have a semi-thing for Lee? cause ya know I’d relate.” 

- George doesn’t even look up from what he’s doing to respond “mate, I don’t but I freaking know you do” completely chill about it (even though inside he is screaming ‘FINALLY’ and is super happy cause he knew all of last’s weeks talks about Lee’s love life and offering to find him a quality love interest the week before had perhaps kicked Fred’s sorry ass into a realisation about his feelings) 

- at first Fred is all like ‘why didn’t you say something?’ and then ‘wait.. George do you think he likes me back?’

- and George sighs the biggest sigh and gives Fred the most deadpan, tired look and says “of freaking course he does and in fact i’m getting bloody sick of the two of you pretending like you’re not utterly head over heels for each other so please, brother dear for the sake of, what’s left of, my sanity - piss off and do something about it.” 

- Fred just stares for a moment at George, then summons his courage (cause if he’s gonna ask out Lee it’s gonna be smooth), and walks over to Lee who is trying to actually do his transfiguration homework (and because of that he has to be located a strategic few feet away from the twins) 

- Lee sees Fred coming out of the corner of his eye and his stomach erupts (as usual) and he thinks okay today I’m gonna tell him cause I’m damned sick of all of this, he properly looks up from his essay when Fred sits down on the couch beside him and is met with a pointed smirk from the red-head

-”hey Lee, do you think I’m cute?” and Lee is like well this is not what I was expecting (and of course I think you are cute are you crazy?), but frick how do I respond to this, and then he catches a glimpse at George doing frantic miming that seemed to heavily involve a heart shape and kissy faces and Lee thinks what the hell (sure as hell hoping George doesn’t think that it’s some kind of joke)

- “Actually Fred I’ve always thought of you as some one who was more.. unbelievably sexy.” 

- Fred almost blows his smooth demeanor with a mixture of laughter and shock (and also sheer giddiness cause - Lee thinks he’s sexy!?) 

- “Wow… um, good, so since we got that cleared up, did you want to maybe go out on a date sometime?” 

- and of course Lee says yes 

- and of course they celebrate with a kiss (which seriously was worth the wait but also at the same time not at all cause as Fred will often point out they had wasted a lot of time not-kissing when they were ‘just friends’) 

- and of course after they kiss Fred returns to his twin a little pink in the face with the widest grin and says “Hey Georgie. Just saying - Lee thinks I’m the better looking twin.”

(and I got fully carried away and could write another entire thing about how they are freaking adorable in a relationship but I shall stop (for now…))

Street Brat

“I’m not going to insult either of you with false posturing about breaking your heart and whatever repercussions will follow.” Mikasa’s bangles jangled as she waved a dismissive hand. “I know he is a good man, possibly better than you deserve.” It was joke, of course, and she said it with a laugh and a flick on his forehead, but still.

“Don’t I know it,” Eren sighed. The jangling stopped.

“Eren.” His sister forced his gaze up with a finger under his chin. Her eyes were steady and unwavering. “I don’t envy Levi his nerves. I’m not surprised by them nor his hesitation. But here is the truth, and it is equal parts beautiful as it is tragic: you two are going to spend the rest of your lives in disbelief that you ended up with someone you are convinced you’ll never deserve.”

She smiled warmly, and Eren could see how happy she really was.

“And that’s exactly the kind of person you deserve.”

Credence Barebone x Reader

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„Can I have anything with mlm Credence Barebone, please? And just fluff, cuddles, anything to help my poor gay heart thank u ♡♡♡- Requested by Anon, I hope you’ll like it nonnie !

You felt two arms around your waist and a warm breath down your neck when you woke up. Those arms belonged to Credence, who gave you a visit last night. His mother gave him a hard time at home again so you invited him over to your place to stay overnight.
„Good morning Y/N, did I wake you up ?“ Credence had a stressed and scared tone in his voice.
You turned over to him to give him a kiss on his cheek. „No you didn‘t, but I wouldn‘t mind if someone as pretty and nice as you would wake me up every morning.“
Credence blushed and smiled flattered. „Stop it, you’re too nice to me, I don‘t deserve your kindness.“
You placed another kiss on his cheek before continuing speaking. „Don‘t say something like that, you deserve all nice words and compliments in the world, you‘re such a wonderful person !“
Credence buried his face in your neck, he tried to hide his blushing cheeks. „Look who‘s speaking, you‘re a wonderful person Y/N ! How do I even deserve someone like you ?“
You pulled him closer to run your fingers through his soft hair. „By just being you Credence, no matter what other people or your mother say, you matter and you‘re a great person.“
Credence held you tighter now, he was really touched by your nice words and the love in them. „Thank you so much Y/N, you make me so happy and I couldn‘t think of a better boyfriend than you are.“
He pulled you into a tender kiss before you could answer him again.

happy Christmas everyone~♡

Unbelievably we have made it to almost the end of the year, and since I’m not actually making a christmas fic or anything, I’m going to do a shortish post on all of my favourite writers since they all deserve love and you will definitely benefit by reading their pieces  (✿◠‿◠) 

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 I’m going to start with a few words to a really good friend of mine, someone who I’ve not known for the longest of times but admin Yuuko is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met and writes the best things too. So of course I’m going to recommend you check their blog out (there’s two other admins if I’m right…) because they write about all my faves - including Monsta X, does it get any better - to a proper, top notch quality. But Honestly, I’m so thankful that we started talking (I can’t remember why but probably over Xiumin… we gotta stop having the same biases) because the daily heart attacks you give me are unreal but enjoyable (ill do it for rapmon and jooheon)





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To everyone who I have and haven’t mentioned, I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you get some snow (if you’re not into that, come to my home land of Southend since it hasn’t snowed here in about 6 years and we can celebrate in the rain instead) and I hope that you have a happy new year to top it off! Here’s to 2017, and I hope that you all achieve your goals in the new year ♡ ♡

My two cents

On Johnlock, I’m just gonna say they left it open to interpretation, because I think it’s a very open, final episode. 

There was a lot of BAD writing (Mofftiss must really like The Ring and Saw), and they used some characters horribly (I don’t even care for Molly and that was just a shitty and pointless scene to put her through)

But there were good, gripping moments, too. Some really stellar moments where you were at the edge of your seat, and your heart was racing.

This wasn’t their best episode, but I’m not going to say it’s the worst either. 

This feels like it’s the last one. And if it is, I’m just glad we got some fantastic, memorable episodes that never, ever will stop being magnificent. 

To the very best of times.

I Love You, With All My Heart

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: one always returns home, despite what had happened.

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Friday finally. You get back home after a long day at work. The fact of knowing that tomorrow morning you do not have to get up so early makes you feel great.

You take a long and relaxing shower. The showers one needs in order to feel a hundrer percent better and renewed. Your favourite music accompanies you as you put your most comfortable pajamas.

You spend the next hour reading. Well, you are not reading but devouring this book. The plot is so good you cannot stop reading it. When your mind comes back to reality, you realize that is already dark and that it is raining. This day is perfect, no doubt. You are feeling great until the thought of what happened two weeks ago returns.

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So I came to your blog because I am OBSESSED with Kabby, but I used to watch Agents of Shield and stopped for some reason during season 1 and after all the Philinda stuff, I want to start watching again. I kinda started to ship them back when I watched. What are your top ten Philinda episodes?

Whoop Whoop Kabby *high five* was that weird? I’m sorry :D 

As for the Aos, good choice to start watching again because Philinda, ugh those two are simply too much!

Oh my top 10, okay, I’m gonna try:

  1. 4x12: Hot potato soup: THEY FINALLY KISSED AND PHIL TANGLED HIS HAND IN HER HAIR fine it was LMD May but still, lips touched
  2. 2x04: Face my enemy: Melinda May in a sparkly silver dress while Phil can’t help but give her some intense heart eyes + the dance. Enough said
  3. 1x17: Turn, turn, turn: You mean a lot to me, a lot cries in a corner
  4. 1x06: FZZT:  “There’s no way you can go through a trauma like that and not come out of it changed” + Coulson showing his vulnerable side and letting May see his scar
  5. 4x07: Deals with our devils: Do I even need to explain this one?? I mean, she kept believing in him.  
  6. 1x13: T.R.A.C.K.S.: the scene where Phil patches Melinda up. He’s so gentle with her, ugh
  7. 2x15: One door closes: May helping Coulson escape SHIELD and Gonzales *insert heart eyes*
  8. 4x14: The Man behind the Shield: those flirty flashbacks tho 
  9. 4x01: The Ghost: them playing a board game, I mean come on
  10. 1x01: Pilot: Just the first time we saw them on screen together was more than enough for me

I hope I got all the episodes right :/ 

How I see the signs

(Based on personal experience and knowledge of Astrology)

Aries: Good god stop bouncing. If you’re not bouncing, quit glaring. When you’re calm you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen like perfectly folded and tempered steel, fresh from the ironworks and ready for a long hard day of work. Your determination is worth admiring. Aries women are either over the top or are so calm that you can tell them anything and you won’t persuade them into a rant. I haven’t met many aries men, knowingly. It hurts when people don’t see you as you want to be seen, or if you’re not taken seriously because of how you act.

Taurus: If you’re male, no offense but some of you are rather droll and boring (Think the most boring teacher you have ever had, and you have what I mean). If you’re not droll, you are really happy and excitable in your interests. I have met two types of women: Whores and soccer moms. There’s in betweens but you either have the want for kids or you don’t. I can’t stand other female Taurus typically because it’s like a secret competition, who can love their partner better. Who can cook better, who can sing better. It never ends. In general Taurus, you are stubborn but in your best way you use it to prevail in situations many people can’t stand. You tend to get stuck in bad relationships long after they have expired, and despite wanting to leave it will take you a while to even do so. Comfort and security is important. Look, we can be lazy, we can be kinda slow, but we have a reason. Ever take your time doing something? Putting all of your effort into something? Then seeing the result? We do that every day. Taking the time to take the time, makes everything more beautiful. We love beauty. We see it in everything. Yes we’re prone to materialism but it’s because we want to have beauty all around us at all times. Also please don’t push us past our almost seemingly never ending patience, because it does end and it isn’t pretty. But we don’t like losing our cool. Angry people hurt people and we care for everyone. Really we do. Don’t make us mad, because we don’t like what we do when we get there. In the mean time we promise to be loyal to the point of self destruction and be that shoulder you cry on while we hold on tight like you’ll fly away. We’re good rocks. Really good stabilizing rocks.

Gemini: Good god, don’t ever shut up. Seriously sometimes you can say some dumb things, but when you REALLY talk, it’s always great listening to you. Especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. Look you also can be kind of wishy washy but you’re not terribly so, it comes and goes. You have your moods but you’re way more level headed than Cancer and less excitable than Aries. I have more Gemini’s in my life than I can count. I see you everywhere, probably because we get along. ACTUALLY. You probably get along with everyone. Sure seems like it. But you know. I know you get sad. I know it gets bad, but sometimes sitting down and talking to someone does loads of wonder to help that. It’s perfectly fine to have a day in to yourself where you’re not doing anything at all. 

Cancer: My god. Either you need to take a midol or you need to stop inwardly screaming. Or screaming in general. You’re either an ocean of emotions or your internally beating yourself up. I have seen all pieces of the spectrum and you are never calm until you realize that verbalizing your emotions actually helps. When you’re young and you’re female. Terrifying. Actually female cancers are just terrifying in general. Force to be reckoned with. But like with teh tides, you have your sweet moments. Some of the nicest and understanding women I know are also cancers just don’t piss them off please. There’s no calming you down until you’re done huffing and puffing. You really give Taurens a run for their money. And they are raging bulls when they are mad. Good god the men. Seriously. I have never met men so full of emotions yet so unwilling to talk about what’s going on in their head. Please come out of the shell. We aren’t all dicks, we can help with that internalized anger. :|

Leo: Stop fussing about your appearance. You’re beautiful. Despite what you think of yourself. You get so wrapped up in being your best self you lose sight of what you can be or really are. Gorgeous inside and out. You exude the confidence even when you don’t have it. You’re terribly fun to be around and seem to bring life to the party even when you’re feeling your worst. I know a lot of leos and you are all amazing people. Seriously. Please stop beating yourself up because you don’t think you’re good enough. You are. While you can be intimidating and imposing as a parent, you have never meant anything but wanting the best for your kid. I see it now, and I wish I had sooner. But you are literally a momma or papa lion, proud and protecting. Leos: Do what you want to do, and you will be the happiest you have ever bee.

Virgo: Okay, yes, people think you can be kinda uptight, but you really aren’t. You’re only uptight with people who you secretly do not like. Around your friends you are bright like the moon in the clear sky. Grounded and yet open-minded. You thrive in groups with multiple people and are usually well liked by most people. Rarely have I seen Virgo’s rub people the wrong way. You and Libras are like peas in a pod, especially in school. THAT IS. If you’re not overly awkward. I say awkward because you’re either the respectful quiet type or you’re out spoken and love debate. Even if the debate puts you in some one’s bad corner. My longest friendships are with virgos (coming from a Taurus), an earthy sign with balance. Mutable and understanding. Virgos are great friends in general and always know when to and when not to have fun.

Libra: Stop it. These men need to be leashed and sent away. You’re dangerous.Quit it with that milky voice, you’re too dangerous, you see that? That’s my panties flying away. You open your mouth and it’s like the heavens parted. I don’t know how, but you always know what to say when you know someones sad. Actually, all libras do. You guys are great to have around when someone’s sad. Not afraid to be a clown or the person who holds on tight. Libra women are shiny, like night stars in a clear sky. Twinkling bright and burning fast. You hold nothing back and aren’t ashamed of being yourself. Libra smiles are deadly. So charming and yet so easily you can hide the pain. I wish you wouldn’t, pain is just as beautiful as all the things you do. It makes you human. Don’t be afraid to let someone in and help you like you like to help others. Also, the Libras i have known are always surrounded by fiercely loyal friends who would stop at nothing to make you as happy as you make them.

Scorpio: Go away. Being mysterious is cool and all, but when you use your quiet to gain the upperhand on people, it causes issues. Scorpio women are just fine in my books. Even tempered and cool as a cucumber. Scorpio men have left a bad taste in my mouth. Except like, one, but he’s the quiet nerd type who’s secretly a massive perv and yet, I must resist the temptation to probe into his mind because of the burns in the past. Scorpios are polar opposite of Taurus on the Astrological chart. It’s either good or bad mixing. It’s been mostly bad for me. I don’t have much more to say than that.

Sagittarius: Okay. Bias coming through. Daddy’s girl here, and Daddy is the best Sagittarius ever. Motorcycles? Check. Cool suave exterior. Check. Confidence? Check. You are either a playboy who knows his moves and are respectful or you’re fiercely devoting even after the fire burns to a glow. A lot of Sagittarius I have known, are terribly prone to depression. You’re the saddest folk I’ve ever seen. Next to Pisces and Cancer, you just seem to suffer and always think it’s your fault or someone else’s. Heads up kiddo, it’s not. Sometimes life just sucks. But you know what helps? Getting out of bed and doing things, keep busy and you’ll find your happiness again. I want to hug every Sag I meet. Seriously, don’t know what it is, but you guys give off a very comforting aura even when you’re extremely sad or depressed. You know a lot of people but tend to keep very few close, I don’t know why, I don’t ask questions if it appears to be a bad one. You’re friends love you dearly though!

Capricorn: Ahhhhh. Let me take a moment for reveling in my bestest friends in the whole wide world category. Seriously. LOVE YOU. Take everything about earth signs and throw them into one, you are so well rounded and likeable to me, that I can’t help but want to be you, or with you. The men are gentle, but intelligent and the women are fierce and steady. You know how to have fun while keeping it in check. Finances aren’t a trouble for you even when they are a trouble. Somehow, I don’t know how, but even the threat of eviction doesn’t throw off your “cool” or “calm” factor. Tough shits. TOUGH SHIT. Seriously, you can take on anything. Or anyone. Those horns have a purpose. You are devoted greatly to the people closest to you and you aren’t afraid of standing up for what you think is right. Seriously don’t ever stop being awesome. ALSO. It’s totally okay to feel like crap. It’s okay to talk about it and still feel like crap. You know what’s not okay though? Thinking you don’t have to ask for help when you need it. Everyone needs help, you should know by now that you have people that are willing to help you. You just have to ask. 

Aquarius: You are confusing. My first crush was an aquarius. Seriously took him three years and me suddenly showing interest in another friend for you to realize that I was someone great who you liked more than a friend. You’re slow to the punch really in general. Slow and steady like a tortoise, but not overly slow. It’d be terrible if you weren’t up to date. Some how though, you maintain this unearthly optimism for some aspects of life that at sometimes, is really creepy. How do you do it? It’s weird. You’re weird about religion too, from what I’ve seen you’re either a: overly religious or b: not religious even in the slightest sense of spirituality. Open minded for sure though, unless you’re that super religious nut who tried to burn me at a stake for learning about other religions. You guys are like an enigma to me.

Pisces: Oh boy. Here we are. The last sign in the astrological wheel. Never have I seen pain like I have with a Pisces. So tender and gentle and seemingly always hurting. You’re like watching a romantic comedy where one of the love interests dies in the end. I’ve seen a lot of you with addiction problems. I’ve seen a lot of you where you’re just so sad you don’t know what to do. But good god, when you’re happy, and everything is going right, it’s like you’re standing next to an unearthly being. You exude a calming factor (unless you’re shit faced, then you can be kind of obstinate) even when you’re terribly depressed. You make me feel at home, easy, calm. You seem to do that with everyone. But good god, do you need a hug? You look like you need a hug. Here have a hug. *hugs* Even if you aren’t aware of it, you need a hug. You should be hugged all the time, because god damnit it’s okay. Everything’s okay. 

Don’t think about JiCheol in Hunger Games
  • don’t imagine jihoon is a career from district two, the favourite for these games, while seungcheol is the dumb tribute from district seven that everyone forgets
  • whatever you do, don’t think about jihoon being genuinely surprised by how nice seungcheol is
  • seungcheol probably doesn’t engage in trash talk, like he physically can’t
  • probably always asks jihoon if he’s having a nice day every time they engage in conversation, like jihoon isn’t willing to kill him, like seungcheol won’t die
  • don’t think about jihoon being unable to tear his eyes away from seungcheol as they do the interviews before the games, because wow, seungcheol looks pretty damn good when he’s cleaned up
  • don’t think about jihoon off-handedly giving pointers to seungcheol during training and blushing so hard after because “i’m a career, i shouldn’t care about others”
  • don’t think about jihoon looking for seungcheol the moment the horn sounds, only to be swept away by the fighting
  • don’t think about jihoon’s heart almost stopping every time he hears a canon, and the sigh of relief he doesn’t let out when it isn’t seungcheol’s face in the sky
  • don’t think about how happy jihoon was when he stumbled into seungcheol halfway through the games, or how he scolded seungcheol because he nearly chopped his head off
  • don’t think about jihoon trying to keep watch, but falling asleep anyways – against seungcheol. don’t think about seungcheol waking up when he feels this weight against him, only to smile when he realises it’s jihoon, slumbering against him
  • (seungcheol forgets that the cameras see everything and somewhere back home, someone weeps)
  • Just don’t think about jihoon staring at seungcheol with apprehension as the canons sound less frequently, until he’s pretty sure they’re the only ones left
  • And don’t think about how seungcheol can’t help but stare when he and jihoon get the chance to wash up because there are so many scars, but it’s still so beautiful – that jihoon’s still so beautiful
  • Oh, and don’t think about jihoon’s district partner ambushing them just when they think they’re saved. Don’t think about the girl holding a huge ass knife to seungcheol’s throat and jihoon not even hesitating with the arrow
  • (jihoon knows he should feel guilty, but the girl had been threatening seungcheol and there was a quiet kind of satisfaction in seeing the arrow go through her eye socket)
  • Don’t think about seungcheol and jihoon, breathing heavily and staring at each other in wonder because they’re the only two left
  • And seriously, do not think about jihoon staring at the knife in his dead district partner’s hand and wondering if he has the balls to use it on seungcheol (he doesn’t)
  • And pls, I beg you, don’t imagine seungcheol taking jihoon’s favourite knife (his favourite only because seungcheol gave it to him) and holding it to his own chest
  • And pls pls pls don’t think about jihoon’s eyes widening as seungcheol thanks him for everything and softly saying “if we were in another life…”
  • don’t think about jihoon cradling seungcheol close as seungcheol drowns in his own blood
  • don’t think about the smile on seungcheol’s bloodstained lips, hands smearing blood across jihoon’s face as he touches it oh so gently
  • and don’t think about the tears falling onto seungcheol’s face, seungcheol not even making a joke about it because he’s already gone
  • Oh, and especially don’t think about jihoon’s dead eyes, even as the person congratulates him for winning

please don’t think about it

Final Stand

Quickly written to get the idea out of my head. Might not be any good.


Call stands with his back to Magisterium, blood running down his arms. At the end of his arms, his hand held Miri and his other hand was a fist. In front of him, Alex Strike stood next to Aaron. Behind him, Call heard the sounds of running, meaning Tamara, Jasper, and Celia had finally caught up. Aaron’s eyes met Call’s, making Call’s heart race in such a way he was sure was the adrenaline. Call felt a hand touch his shoulder as his best friend turned to face the two in front of them.

“We will not let you do this,” Tamara spoke, “We are going to stop you,” On Call’s other side, Jasper squeezed Celia’s hand and then spoke.

“Magisterium is not going to fall today,” With a laugh, Alex spoke.

“There is nothing you can do,” He patted Aaron on the shoulder, “You will fail,” As he said the last word, Aaron moved forward and Call yelled out.

“Move!” His friends scattered. Aaron came toward him, chaos dripping from his hand. Call swung his hand out as Aaron’s came toward him, counting the chaos with the magic of his soul. He tried to catch Aaron’s eyes, wanting to end this battle quickly. Aaron knew what Call was trying to do, so he used his chaos to distract Call. Now he was to busy blocking Aaron’s attacks and was getting more faint as the fight went on. A blast of air knocked Aaron to the ground and Call turned to see Tamara turning back toward Alex, air wrapping around her arm as her hair was being lifted from behind. Celia and Jasper were throwing everything they had at Alex, but their actions did not do much. Call turned back toward Aaron, using earth magic to hold him down. Call kneeled next to him and looked his old friend straight in the eyes.

“Callum,” Aaron spoke, “I’m so sorry,” Call pushed Aaron’s hair out of his face.

“I’m sorry,” Call responded, “I should have been the one to die,” He took a deep breath as the earth magic holding the other mage disappeared, “I’m sorry,” In his mind, Call saw the familiar image of Aaron’s tainted soul. And then Aaron’s eyes closed, the battle ended. Call struggled to get back up to help his friends, but ended up falling back to his knees next to Aaron. Everything was getting blurred and he was sure it was from the blood loss. The last thing he saw was Tamara’s surprised face