stop it shepard

Final Pam please stop sending me slime

Final Pam please stop sending me slime
Final Pam please stop sending me slime
Final Pam please stop sending me slime
Final Pam please stop sending me slime
Final Pam please stop sending me slime

Legend has it that looking directly into the eyes of S.E. Hinton will result in her changing another fucking fact about The Outsiders

“This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today”

-  Space Oddity (David Bowie)

“Shepard Commander, what are you listening to?”

There we go again, I commissioned the wonderful and brilliant @kayaczek to draw my beloved Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect video games. I wanted to show her a bit more private in this one, spending some of her rare and dear free hours doing what she loves most - relaxing and listening to music on her ancient music player and headphones. She loves Space Oddity from Bowie and could listen to this masterpiece for hours. She was pictured so perfectly here, I love her face and her eyes, I love the colors and all the perfectly drawn details. Thank you so much @kayaczek, people  run over and commission her! It won’t be the last time for me, since her style fits soooo perfectly for my beloved Blue :) Thanks again!

I have to say, something I see continuously in this fandom that bothers me (and I myself have been guilty of doing) is the romanticization on characters like Tim and Dallas and other guys. A lot of (typically younger) girls on here seem to think that they could change them and want headcanons about them being all sweet nice when they see that perfect girl. That isn’t what would happen. You can’t change a guy that doesn’t treat you or others right, and it’s really unhealthy to pretend you could

Mass Effect Andromeda will no doubt pack the emotional punches, but it’s going to have to pull out all the stops to top Shepard, on the verge of death, ready to just quit and be at peace, hearing Hackett say the attempt failed, and then literally dragging themselves up saying “What do you need me to do?”

me: okay you can do this, you can watch a show/play a game without shipping two girls, you can NOT make it gay, because you KNOW there’s the 90% chance the creators will just shove one of them with a dude and you will be broken, you can be strong, you can-
show/game: *two girls show mutual care and trust for each other and would probably die and/or murder for each other and maybe a moment where they look at each other like the moon and stars/hug each other like they’re the only thing anchoring them to the world*

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I always saw Shepard stopping Garrus from killing Sidonis as a “good” thing, meaning if you can shape his personality so much, why not do it in a positive way you know?
But lately my opinion has changed a little. I’ll stop him because my Shepard doesn’t want to let Garrus murder someone without doing something about it, but I’m no longer sure he’s that easy to shape.

When you ask Garrus if he really is sure he wants to kill Sidonis, he says: “I appreciate your concern… but I’m not you.”
Shepard will reply “This isn’t you, either” and Garrus is not convinced.
“Really? I’ve always hated injustice. The thought that Sidonis could get away with this… Why should he go on living while ten good men lie in unmarked graves?”

At that point I don’t think it’s a matter of him being such a blank state and us having the possibility to change him for the better.
He is pretty clear about who he is and what he wants.
I’m not you. This is my choice. I have to do this. I won’t change my mind.

In a way Shepard insisting it’s not him is like saying Garrus’s core personality can’t be changed. In the face of loss and tragedy, it’s just making him forget who he really is. It’s temporary. But what if it’s not?
Basically I’m worried that this is Garrus and we’re not doing him any favors by telling him “this is not you.”
I also think it’s important to acknowledge when someone is changing because they’ve been hurt. If you don’t acknowledge it, it’s just… It’s basically invalidating their experience and pain. I’m not saying Shepard doesn’t understand all that, I think they understand this more than anyone. Which is why I’m sad you can’t tell Garrus "Yeah, okay, this is you now. And you’re still someone I love and care about, which is why I want you to know revenge is not a good idea. Please listen to me.”

It’s complicated obviously. I don’t have a definite answer, I just find it fascinating that I played that mission a lot but my opinion about this can still change and evolve. And somehow the first time I let Garrus kill Sidonis I felt really guilty (it was with my Paragade, Eleanor) and now I am about to stop him from killing Sidonis and I feel guilty as well.

some shenko headcanons that I think about alot

-Kaidan catching Shepard singing in their cabin-Kaidan catching Shepard dancing in their cabin
-Kaidan sparing with each other but it just devolves into silly play wrestling 
-Kaidan helping a sad drunk Shepard into bed, and softly kissing their forehead and holding them until they fall asleep. 
-Shepard Quietly reading a book and watching over Kaidan as he lays in bed in the dark cause he has a migraine 
-Shepard taking care of Kaidan 
-Kaidan taking care of Shepard
-Kaidan and Shepard having massively different music tastes and fighting over the radio stations
-Drunk Shepard and Drunk Kaidan playing board games or card games
-Shepard and Kaidan Dancing in the Kitchen
-”Kaidan PLEEEAASSEEE pick me up with your biotics I wanna see how it feels!”
-Kaidan and Shepard making silly faces at each other
-Kaidan trying to stop Shepard from doing stupid things
-Shepard trying to get Kaidan to join in on those stupid things

I just love those two so much and they make me so happy.