stop it plssss

i…just dont get it like… why is tumblr trying to enforce their own censorship that we can’t control anyway… don’t they know that xkit (blacklist) exists and works better than anything they could come up with… and you can control it too… @staff just? stop?

daily reminder: create things for jack and the community but mostly for yourself bc you want to and you enjoy it. i love jack but i dont make things for him, i make them for us and if he likes it then thats cool too! this helps get rid of the idea that if jack doesnt notice the thing you’ve created, its worthless. because its not. you have enjoyed it and the community has enjoyed it. 

never stop creating.

I take time out of tumblr for a few days and tumblr has changed it’s layout, for the love of confused people like myself, plssss stop changing layouts @ all social media sites

It’s very easy to blame everything on white cis gays (men), and while it’s true they are the ones with the most access to privilege and assimilation, dismissing everything the queer movement gets wrong as perpetuated solely by and for the benefit of them is reductive and erases, excuses and distances us from the ways those of us who are not gay white cis men benefit from and participate in the same shit, particularly with anti-Blackness, transmisogny and discrimination against undocumented folks so like plssss stop