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It's 9:17pm and I can't stop thinking about how I fucked up everything. Your heart and mine. You've hidden your scars much better than I have. Mine are littered about all over my body. Hopefully no one asks about you, I think I might break even more.

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By the time you’ll read this, you’re probably in love with someone else simply because you were never really mine and I decided to stop being your temporary girl whenever you need someone to spend the rest of your night with. I just want you to know that I’ve waited for you, it was long and painful, I almost thought I will never stop; I don’t know if I ever stopped. You used to tell me your insecurities, about not being good enough for anyone. I usually just sit in your bed, looking at you and listening— I never told you that you mean the world to me, you don’t even have to be everything, you just have to be who you are. I never said those things because it was like, no time was ever the right time with you. But I hope you’ve felt it on my kisses even after you smoke; you knew I hate the smell of cigarette but I don’t mind tasting it on your mouth. I hope, you’ve felt how precious you are whenever I kiss your forehead before you sleep. I hope, even if I never told you, you somehow felt that I love you even we were playing the blurry game of ‘what we are’ or 'are we even’.

By the time you get to read this, I want you to remember those times that we looked down the city from the top of the building. How you lean down to kiss me under the stars and above the citylights. I want you to know that I never really want us to end; I left because I want you to figure out what you really want and having me, as your temporary flame will just fill those emptiness but won’t aid your pain. I wanted you to need me too like I needed you. I wanted you to want me so much that you’ll hold my hand while we jump and fall. And by leaving you alone, I gave you the space you need to find yourself or find someone new. Someone that could replace me, she might just take my temporary place or she might be more worthy to be permanent.

You are so beautiful; you have such a beautiful soul. People would think that you’ve just took advantage of me over those times we’ve spend together but I don’t think they will ever know how magical it was. I would forever remember your eyes through the stars, my love. I would forever see your smile on the lonely streets of the city we both love. I will still cherish you in discreet, by your memories. All I ever wanted for you is to be happy, with or without me.

—  Letter to my almost someone

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1) Raf my homie, miss you 2) Kay bro wassup? Shouldn't you be with A- rn?? 3) Why Baldi trying to roast?? 4) Stop trying to asking for Chapo's pics?? He's mine?? 5) Eater isn't a fuckboy?? Why you hating anon? -Assign