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ok but what if something really cheesy happens like the galra IS keiths sister and remembers him but he doesn't and she ends up saving him but turning on lotorr cos she can't bear to see him get hurt .... id DIE

oh my god……. what if the reason keith does this

is because he finds out she’s his sister at her lasts moments after saving him from lotor? lotor finishes her off and her lasts words are something like “mom would’ve been proud of you… brother"

Honestly it irrates me how Dream Daddy has one (1) bad plottwist and suddenly everything good about this game doesn’t matter! I get that it can be disappointing for some people but please don’t act like this game is The Worst Thing because this game has a lot of good things! Every game has its issues! So don’t act like one mistake outweighs all the amazing things about this game.

i cut like 90% of the friends i had out of my life recently and the weird thing is: i feel less miserable now that i’m basically all alone
i wonder why

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me @ all of the people who were so passionate about “stanning talent” a month ago when P101 ended. 




I know that there a lot of comebacks going on right now, but please support Hotshot’s new song Jelly! It’s been out for a week and it STILL hasn’t reached a million views yet. I know views aren’t everything, but I don’t want Hotshot to be discouraged by lack of response to their long-awaited comeback. 

🏆 Liverpool winning the Asia Trophy 🏆

i have a gif request. Would someone please make a gif of Cassian in the data vault before Jyn jumps to the stacks, and before he jumps? His hair looks so clean and gorgeous and shampoo-commercial-y, and I want a gif of it! Because like I know it’s srs and all, but all I think about at that moment is a.) Pantene, b.) what shampoo he uses, and c.) how clean and shiny his hair is.

Hi, where did all you beautiful people come from? I would like to do an event for getting 100 followers (YAY congratulations me and you guys) but I don’t know what to do. Maybe you could give me some ideas. And I’m sorry for not being active these past few days, I’ve just been really busy and stressed out. But thank you all for following this weird blog that I have mixed feelings for!

I now have: a plot, a title, and some scenes. They’re in draft/sketch form but it’s a lot more than I had before, which was nothing. So yay progress!

I’m giving myself a month to finish it, as well as weekly deadlines just so I don’t procrastinate.  @bookwormm03 is being an excellent cheerleader, as always.