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RusAus ( Russia x Austria) Au Idea.

What if those two are like symphony orchestra players like Roderich is a Pianist and Cello Player , And Nicholas is a full time percussionist, also playing piano as well . Both of them take their job seriously , resulting them being Orchestra losers and buds. And there Happy together , uwu / Fluff!
Just for the Angst
Nicholas has a lung and heart condition, and the stress gets to him. As one of his preforming shows he faints on the floor and has a hard time breathing. And Roderich stop immediately and goes helps Nicholas as quickly as he can.

( oh look)

  • neil does well in his math classes but for central curriculum type stuff he kinda rides the line of the grades he needs to keep playing exy
  • his parents matt & dan help him with those
  • kevin “helps” (it’s not helpful)
  • nicky and neil take a class together at one point but they both nearly get below the necessary grade because nicky would be horrible at having a friend in his class and would distract neil and no one catches on til it’s nearly too late since they SEEM to be doing homework a lot but actually nothing’s getting accomplished and then nicky is #banned
  • andrew would definitely notice but he wouldn’t do anything til the Last minute
  • someone else notices like right before andrew would have had to do something to which he’s like thank god i don’t need anyone thinking i care about exy or neil’s care for exy or neil
  • aaron notices nicky doing poorly and allison overhears the Drama and gets involved like what the fuck nicholas stop corrupting neil
  • renee is just like. staring at andrew from across the room. he’s pretending he doesn’t know her
  • kevin corners andrew and is like why didn’t you do something about this two months ago. like i know why but why
  • wymack also confronts andrew he’s like come on, we’ll invent a code word for “neil is too busy obsessing about exy to do his homework again but i totally didn’t notice bc i totally don’t pay attention to neil whom i am dating”
  • andrew breaks into wymack’s apartment and steals all his alcohol
  • the end

anonymous asked:

Name: Seto Kaiba / Age: 18 / Do you like to cuddle?: I suppose, so long as it's you or Mokuba. / Can we make-out?: Since when have I ever been averse to this? / A night in or dinner out?: Preferably a night in. / Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: The latter. / What makes you a good Valentine?: I wouldn't say I am, but given my status as your significant other, you've no other choice. / Would you cook for me?: I plan on it. / Would you let me cook for you?: Don't kill me. //austerre~


     She laughed at the sight of the embossed card’s contents, running her thumb over the raised logo and the no-nonsense script of his name in the corner as she read through his words. She’d sent it to him in jest, entirely, but having him fill it out was as pleasant a surprise as the words he’d actually written.

     Still holding the card, she found him rather easily, lounging like a panther upon one of the couches in the library. Several books were strewn across a nearby table, alongside a number of notes, but she didn’t bother to examine the contents. Instead, she leaned over the back of the couch, running her fingers through his hair as she leaned down to kiss his cheek, very near his ear.

     “You’re sweet.” She murmured with a quiet giggle, tapping the card against his chest so he would know what she meant. “But… I do have several choices, you know. You’re just the one I picked…”

    Another kiss, this one against the pulse in his throat. 
    “Because you’re the best…”
    Her lips found now the crook of his neck, leaving a berry tinted stain now where his shoulder met his throat.
     “Of all the choices…”
   She abandoned the card atop his chest, now, tugging at the tie that looped snug around his neck. It was in her way, after all – and who did he need to impress in the library? Certainly, if the answer was HER, he didn’t need it.
    “And I would continue to choose you as my valentine, no matter who else stood alongside you as an option.”
     Her feet left the ground as she slithered over the couch back, joining him on the seat as she continued to pepper kisses along his throat, well and truly determined to distract him from his reading. With her hands tangled now in his tie, deftly undoing the knot and sliding it free of his collar, she smiled against his skin and breathed deep his scent, curled against him contentedly.

     “You’re a fantastic valentine, Seto, and an even better boyfriend. Thank you for humouring me. I didn’t think you’d really fill this out.”  
    Shifting slightly, though not relinquishing her cuddling hold upon him, she lifted the card from where she’d left it and read through it once more, glancing up at the man who’s attention she demanded with a teasing grin.

    “ – You can cook? I’m surprised. Cooking doesn’t have anything to do with dragons. What interest do you have in something like that?” 


I can’t watch this scene without seeing it like this sorry

Then and Now


Nicholas set in his room without a care in the world. It was Saturday and therefore there was no school, meaning he could play around to his heart’s content.

Still in his striped pyjamas, the young fox was playing with Bobby, the fox who wanted to be an elephant, and Timmy Wolf, the cub scout. These were two of his favorite toys. They had been bought by his father when Nicholas had been just a baby. Nicholas stopped playing for a moment and looked over at the photo of his daddy with both him and his mother. It stood on the little chest of draws by his bedside and he always kissed it before going to bed.

The fox cub sighed. He missed his daddy

Nicholas was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of his mother, Sylvai, calling for him.

“Coming mama,” he called then came bouncing down the main staircase to find her.

Sylvai was waiting for him near the front door, a big smile on her face.

“Still not dressed yet?” she said with a roll of her eyes. “I thought you’d be ready by the time I got back from shopping.”

The little fox just giggled a ‘sorry mama’ and looked sheepish.

“Well never mind that,” she said with her own laugh then added that she had a surprise for him.

Nicholas’s nose twitched curiously as if to ask what the surprise was.

Beaming, his mother took a junior cub scout uniform out from behind her back.

“It’s a uniform,” Sylvai told her son.

Nicholas gasped and let out a squeak of joy. It was his dream to become a junior scout and now his mother was giving him the chance.

“Oh mama…I…I…” Nick said at a loss for words.

“Come here, you little rascal,” Sylvai said, picking him up and hugging him close to her heart.

“I’m going to make you proud mama,” the little fox said as they hugged. “I’m going to make you proud and that’s a promise.”


Nick Wilde swallowed and tried to calm his nerves as he reached, paw shaking, for the door of his childhood home.

He had told himself again and again that he had nothing to worry about. The fox had also reassure himself that he, Nicholas, was capable of keeping it cool no matter what the situation.

He also knew he was lying to himself.

It had been years since he had been home, years since he had seen his mother and, truth be told, he had no idea whether or not she hated him for pushing her out of his life.

Gathering up his courage, the fox rang the doorbell and hoped for the best.

Sylvai’s ears pricked up as she heard her doorbell ring.

She had no idea who it could be. It was Wednesday and her friends never came round till Friday. The mail-beaver had already been so it couldn’t have been him.

Putting down the flower-patterned plate she had been washing, Sylvai dried off her paws and went to answer the front-door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

There was a few seconds pause before a voice replied, “A good for nothing fool who deeply wishes to see his mother.”

Sylvai gasped. No, no it couldn’t be her Nicholas. This had to be a dream or some kind of cruel trick played by that horrible old moose from down the road.

Body trembling, the vixen opened the door to see her son standing before her.

He had grown up so much. He was tall, handsome and looked the picture of his father. He was wearing a huge coat and seemed to be holding it close to himself as if to hide something. What she really noticed, however, was the mixture of love and guilt that showed in his eyes

“Nicholas,” she whispered, paw to her mouth and tears in her eyes. “Nicholas, what…what are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” he said, “And…and to ask you to forgive a bum of a fox who was too stupid to ask for a mother’s guidance when life kicked him down. Will you forgive me mom? Please?”

“Oh, of course I’ll forgive you Nicholas,” Sylvai said, heart nearly bursting with joy.

Nick smiled and put his arms around her. “Thanks mum,” He whispered then added that he had a little surprise for her

“What is it?"Sylvai asked curiously.

Grinning, Nick pulled off his coat to reveal his ZPD get-up.

"It’s a uniform,” He said softly.

Sylvai couldn’t hold it in anymore. She began to sob and seconds later both her and Nick were on their knees and were hugging each other as if they would never let go.

Nick had tears of his own running down his face. He whispered, “I’ve missed you mum. I’m sorry I never came home. I was heartless and I know I haven’t lived a life that would please you but things are going to change. I’m ZPD now and I’m going to make you proud mum. I’m going to make you proud and that’s a promise.