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westratenick: Two days til the end of #TurnAMC and I am raising a glass to the great @heatherglind! Our Anna Strong and my good friend made life in Virginia just the best. Craig and Barry couldn’t have found a more interesting, complicated, brilliant actor to tell Anna’s story. Here’s to you, @heathergibs! #StrongTownsend

Okay so,

I know that I really don’t have any place to say this but it honestly bothers me so much that the cast of “it” and many other young actors/actresses are sexualized(?is that a word? Idk). I’ve mainly seen a lot of Wyatt related posts about how hot or sexy that he is. I know that it happens to the others but I mainly follow Wyatt. HE IS 14! It is so creepy to see these 18 year olds talking about “ oh the things I would do if he was older “. THAT. IS. CREEPY. Because he’s not older, he’s 14 years old. It’s okay to say he’s cute and adorable or whatever. But to post pictures and videos of him and saying that he’s sexy is completely wrong. Not only is it creepy for us as fans, do you realize how weird that is for him. And all of the other children that have to deal with it. They have enough to deal with already but now to see things like that written about them at such a young age is so wrong. I do not care how okay you think that it is, It is wrong to sexualize a child. I’m sorry if people take this the wrong way, I just thought that it needed to be said.

I made a quick playlist of songs that remind me of the Bowers babes!! I hope you enjoy it and I will put a link below for the YouTube playlist💕 (art not mine)

The Bowers Gang Playlist:

Lights Out by Mindless Self Indulgence

Key lyrics: Punch your lights out, hit the pavement, that’s what I call entertainment.
Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence

Key lyrics: I can’t wait for you to fuck me up, in a minute.
Fat Lip by Sum 41

Key lyrics: Heavy metal and mullets is how we were raised, Maiden and priest were the gods that we praised.
Animal by Neon Trees (Minor Key Version)

Key lyrics: I do it every time, you’re killin’ me now. And I won’t be denied by you.
Bodies by Drowning Pool

Key lyrics: Skin against skin, blood and bone. You’re all by yourself but you’re not alone. You wanted in now you’re here, driven by hate, consumed by fear.
Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash

Key lyrics: If I go, there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double.
Apex Predator by Otep

Key lyrics: Your head upon a stick, Would look really sick But they would call me crazy for the way I spoke to it.
Dangerous by Big Data

Key lyrics: You understand, I got a plan for us. I bet you didn’t know that I was dangerous.
Whipits by Landon Tewers

Key lyrics: I’d probably terrify you.I’d sound so absurd. An animal in a cage I’m going straight berserk.
Nothing Cleanses Quite Like Fire by Schoolyard Heroes

Key lyrics: Don’t scream, Your worthless calls will draw attention to me. I’ll make you mine.

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Cool to hear your prompts are open friend ^^. I loved the mermaid fic by the way it was beautiful. Ummm how bout Winteriron (surprise, surprise) with some oblivious pining even though their Daemons cuddle together. And Sam, Steve, Rhodey and Clint all try to point that out.

A/N: So this is super overdue. Sorry about that. Also, I may have borrowed Poe and Moro from my other Daemon AU story

“Come on, Buck. Just ask him out already.” Steve threw a punch.

Bucky caught the fist and countered. “Do you really need me to explain again in detail why me asking out Tony Stark is a bad idea?”

Steve huffed, blocking Bucky’s counter then jumping as Bucky tried to sweep his legs out from him. “I’m not denying that the history you two have is bad, but look at Poe and Moro.” Steve paused their fighting to nod at the raven and wolf daemons (respectively) nestled together in the corner of the Avengers gym. “I have never seen two daemons cuddle so much. I think it’s safe to say that despite everything, Tony cares about you.”

Steve glanced at the other side of the room were Clint, Sam, and Tony were trading off sparring with each other. Clint and Sam had taken to wrestling each other, while Tony was trying (and failing) to hide that he was watching Bucky.

“And Tony’s checking out your ass right now.”

“What?” Bucky whirled around and stared at his ass then looked up at Tony.

Tony stiffened, but quickly smirked then winked at Bucky.

Pink spread across Bucky’s cheeks, and Bucky quickly spun around to avoid looking at Tony. “You’re imagining things, Steve.”

A pang of disappoint hit Tony in the chest when Bucky looked away.

“Uh-oh. Did Bucky look at you funny again?” Sam asked as he pinned Clint to the mat.

Clint swung his leg and rolled them over so he pinned Sam. “If he looked constipated at all then that just means he was thinking about kissing you, but then felt guilty about it, cause he’s a pining idiot like you.”

“This again?” Tony huffed. He calculated the odds that he could walk out the gym without one of his teammates forcing him back. He had promised to give them an hour of his time and there was still fifteen minutes left. “You two and Rhodey need to stop reading Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steel.”

“We are at the mercy of the whims of our book club.” Sam grunted and managed to get Clint off him and put him in a headlock. “It also doubles as the When are Barnes and Stark Going to get Their Heads out of Their Asses Club.”

Tony startled as he heard a loud sound across the gym. Bucky was on the ground and flat on his back with Steve standing over him.

Tony’s heart leaped to his throat.

Bucky groaned as he saw stars.

“Jesus! Bucky are you okay?” Steve kneeled down next to him.

Bucky hissed as he pried his eyes open. That’s what he got for listening in on the conversation taking place on the other side of the gym.

James!” Moro sent through their telepathic link and suddenly there was a furry wolf face pressed against his and a tongue lapping at his cheek.

Bucky cringed at Moro’s pungent breath. “Ugh. Moro.” He shoved Moro away and sat up just in time for Tony to run up to him and crouch beside him. 

“Did you try to break your best friend in half, Steve?”

Steve sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. “I didn’t think I’d actually land the hit. Bucky usually dodges.”

Tony worriedly ran his hands over Bucky’s skull, searching for any broken bones or skin.

Bucky was a little too preoccupied staring at Poe, who was sitting on his knee, to pay attention to Tony’s worried murmurs.

Bucky closed his eyes and opened them again.

Poe was still there.

Steve’s eyes followed Bucky’s gaze and locked on to the daemon.

Clint and Sam muttered to each other as they joined the rest of the group, only to fall silent when they saw Poe resting on Bucky’s knee.

Tony ran his fingers through Bucky’s hair a few times, taming the locks back into place after he’d sent them askew in his search for a serious injury. “Looks like you’ll just have a bruise, and Steve will need to learn not to assume that everyone is going to dodge his hits. In fact, part of the point of training is….” Tony trailed off as he finally noticed that everyone had gone quiet and why that was.

“Oh,” Tony said, staring at his daemon on Bucky’s knee. “That’s why I feel so tingly. I thought I was just having another panic attack.”

Bucky’s chest swelled with hope. Normally if another person touched one’s daemon, it caused one to feel violated and sometimes even pain. The fact that Tony felt tingly meant that his feelings for Bucky ran deep.

Bucky slipped his arm around Tony’s waist and hugged him. “So would it be too forward of me to ask you out on a date?”

As Bucky’s words sank in, Tony’s smile blossomed like a gorgeous, golden rose. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

“...Good To Me?” (M)

Requested by an anon. For you dirty little sugar daddy loving sluts women out there. JKJKJKJKJK It’s short, I’m sorry. The do is not my specialty. (!) Warning: Smut| Oral my dudes

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Nafla X Female Reader
Request: The reader and Nafla are actual in a loving relationship, but people think he’s y/n sugar daddy. He gives her the world and she pays him back.

You wanted to be the one to spoil him. He was always the one spoiling you. You wanted to change up the roles a bit.

You met Nicholas at a club one night. This club wasn’t a club you were used to. You were a spoiled brat. Which meant you got when you got what you wanted, when you wanted. You were a Daddy’s girl. Daddy got you everything your little heart desired because he knew if you didn’t get what you wanted, you’d go crazy.

Your Mom tried to break your Dad from buying you everything, but he didn’t listen. You were his little girl. You were bougie. Everything you had, had to be at least a couple of hundred thousands. You began to work for your money when you turned eighteen.

Your Dad ran a huge international wine company. He had business in Japan, the states, China, Canada, England, and Spain. You attended business school and became Operations Section Chief of her Dad’s company. No one of course knew your Dad was, your Dad. Your great grandfather started the business but it didn’t get as big as it is today until your grandfather and Dad stepped in many years later.

But you working hard didn’t mean you still weren’t spoiled. You had men dropping to their knees to talk to you. You wouldn’t give them the time a day.

One of your co workers invited you out to this club. You didn’t know the name or anything about it. You dressed in very expensive, Gold Sleeveless Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress with matching high heels. Your outfit costed almost half of the club. Your handbag costed basically the whole club. On your shoulder you were carrying a Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka. (A/N: The price of that handbag is so damn crazy!)

You were disappointed. You being bougie, the alcohol was cheap as well. The most expensive one was some cheap red wine. It didn’t taste good at all. You found yourself sitting at the bar, by yourself gulping down the cheap wine.

“You okay?” You heard a voice next to you.

You looked to your left to see a man in sweats and a hoodie.

“I’m fine.” You answered coldly.

“Why are you being so cold? I asked how you were. Don’t be a b-”

“Bitch? Are you gonna call me a bitch? My handbag costs for than you make on annually! Call me a bitch. I dare ya.”

He only chuckled and threw a hand up toward the bartender. The bartender took that as a sign and came back with a beer. He handed it to the guy.

You rolled your eyes and took another sip of the cheap wine.

“Sorry for almost calling you a bitch. I don’t even know you like that. You’re probably a sweet girl. Let’s start over. I’m Nafla, but you can call me Nicholas.”

He put out his hand for you to shake. You stared at it a for a bit before shaking it.

“Y/N, Y/N L/N.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“You won’t believe how many I’ve heard that.”

“I’m not a creep. I promise.”

“Well, that’s what the creeps say.”

The two of you shared a laughed.

“You seem disgusted with your choice of alcohol.” He noticed.

“Oh, I am, I’m used to expensive wines. But it appears I have come in the wrong club.”

“I see. I promise next time I’ll take you to a fancier place.”

“Not dressed like that you won’t be.”

The two of you shared another laugh.

“I’ll dress any way you’d like me to.” He said a bit suggestively.

You blushed a little bit.

“In what way did you mean that?” You asked.

“I’ll dress in anything you want me to. A tux, sweats, no clothes at all.”

Your cheeks turned a deep shade of red.

“You’re cute when you’re blushing. You must be innocent.” He added moving closer to you.

“Shut up.” You whined playfully.

“I hope to get to know you more, princess.”

From that moment on, the two of you traded numbers. And he kept his promise. He took you out to the fancy place he could fine. He even dressed in a tux. You thought he looked adorable in his tux.

The two of you got closer and closer. There were times the two of you almost kissed but it was either your friends or his who came in the way of it. Everyone just thought the two of you were friends. But both of you knew how much the two of you were loved with each other. Finally you admitted your feelings and he returned them.  

It’s been around a year since the two of you started dating. There was nothing Nicholas loved better than spoiling you. Even if you didn’t need it or even want it. He just loved to spoil you. Sometimes he liked to spoil you in front of your friends.

Which caused all of your friends to think he was your sugar daddy. You hated the term. Nicholas wasn’t even that much older than you. Nicholas knew your hatred for the word, he didn’t mind the term.

This week, you were having a hard time. You had a presentation you had to present your Dad who was the CEO, and the Chairman, who of course was your Mother. It’s a family ran business. You’ve been in meetings and has had many presentations with either just your Dad or just your Mom. Never them together in all your years working there.

You were nervous. Not only were both of your parents going to be there, but the rest of the board would be there too. Some of them never took you serious because they’ve known you since you were a little baby.

It would have been easier if it was just your presentation, but it wasn’t. It was yours and the another employee.

Jung Yoo Sung, he wasn’t your favorite. The two of you had a rocky relationship. He was out for your position, and you. News runs around the business really fast. So the news of his schoolboy crush on you began to spread, you heard about it rather fast.

Luckily your parents didn’t hear about it. You and Yoo Sung had to work together on a new flavor for a wine. He was a good employee, but he liked to get off topic a lot and because of it, you didn’t have your presentation ready at all.

Nicholas knew you were stressed over the whole presentation thing. It wasn’t too often he’d visit you at work, but today he really wanted to. Your lunch break as coming up so he bought you some food from that new burger place down the street from your job. On his way over, he came across a new jewelry place. He saw earrings he knew you would love. 18K White Gold Canadian Diamond Drop Earrings.

He walked to the reception desk.

“May I help you?”

“I’m here to see-”

“Y/N, right?”

“Yeah, how did you know that?” He asked.

“I’m a friend of hers. She talks about you a lot. She’s in her office. You’ve been here before or do you need her office number?”

“No. I’m good. I remember. Thank you.”

He made his way to your office. He knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

He opened the door and closed it behind him.

“Nicholas? What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Are you really asking? I missed you. And I got so food for ya.”

“Why are you so good to me?”

“I try my hardest.”

He walked over to your desk and set the bag down on the desk.

“You look really stress. Need a massage?”

“I love you so much.”

He smiled. “I love you too.”

He walked behind your office chair and began to gave you a massage.

“Does that feel at least a bit better?”

“Yes. Please don’t stop.” You moaned accidentally.

He chuckled and continued to massage your shoulders.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough. Now where are those burgers?”

“Right here.” He reached into the bag and handed you one of the two. “Eat up.”

He pulled up a chair to your desk.

“Babe, let’s watch something on Netflix.” He said.


You went to the Netflix website on your computer and put on a romantic movie. The two of you finished your lunch.

About into a forty minutes into the movie there was a sex scene. You were about to turn it off but Nicholas stopped you.

“What are you doing?” You questioned.

“I want to watch this scene.”

“I’m still in the building. We can’t watch stuff like that here. What if someone see this?”

“Then I’ll take the blame for it. I did want to watch a movie.”

He continued to play the movie. You weren’t a huge fan of scenes like this. To you it was basically all the same. You didn’t want to watch it anymore.

You felt Nicholas’ lips on your neck.

“Babe~” You whined.

“Come on, let’s do something fun. Something a little better than a fake scene on a movie.” He whispered in your ear before kissing down your neck.

“Nic-ahh.” You moaned quietly.

“Come on, princess. I need you right now. You’re wearing the shortest skirt you have. Are you trying to impress me? Or this skirt for someone else?” He gripped your thigh. You gasped in shock, but you stayed in silent.

“Answer me, princess. Is this skirt for me or is it for that co worker of yours? What’s his name, Yoo Sung?” He asked again while his hand slowly went up your thigh.

“It’s for you. Only you, Nic-”

He slapped your thigh.

“What’s my name?”

“Daddy.” You answered.

He smirked against your neck. His lips finally made their way to your collarbone leaving marks.

You pushed him off of you. You got on your knees in front of him.

“You’re always so good to me, Daddy. I think it’s time I repay you.”

You quickly unbuttoned jeans and pulled down jeans and boxers just a bit for his hardened length to pop out.

“You’re already hard?”

“What? The scene was hot.” He answered.

You rolled your eyes. “But I bet you’ll enjoy this a bit more.”

You grabbed his cock, it twitched. He moaned quietly. You licked up his length before taking him deep in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks and bobbing your head. Your tongue licked stripes up him as you found a good and steady pace. His hands went into your hair.

“You’re doing amazing.”

You continued your bobbing and used your hand to satisfy the parts your mouth couldn’t. Nicholas’ breath became rapid.

“Go faster.” He said, his voice hoarse.

And faster you went. He tugged on her hair slightly.

“Fuck…” He said suddenly, as he let go in your mouth.

You quickly swallowed up of his cum, making sure you didn’t miss a drop.

“Open your mouth. Did you swallow all of it?”

You nodded.

“Then show Daddy.”

You opened your mouth to show him. He inspected your mouth making sure all of it had disappeared. He didn’t see a single drop.

“Good girl. Daddy has to reward you.”

“Later Daddy. My lunch break will be over soon.”

7x02 - “Second Chances” (2/18)
  • OUAT/Captain Swan
  • Alternative Season 7
  • Rated M: swearing, explicit sex
  • 9k words
  • Season 7 Summary:  “Once Upon a Time” returns to ABC one last time for its seventh and final season, in a journey where the most-awaited answers regarding our favorite fairytale characters will finally be unveiled. While sheriff Emma Swan and deputy Captain Hook try to conceal their lives as newlyweds with the challenging job of protecting Storybrooke, the startling presence of new residents Morgana, Ethel and Scott unleashes a series of heartbreaking and unforeseen events that will disrupt Emma and Hook’s Happy Beginning.
  • This Chapter’s Summary:  Emma and Hook’s responsibilities as Sheriff and Deputy of Storybrooke are put to test when they have to deal with a mysterious intruder with unclear intentions. Meanwhile, in Enchanted Forest and Maine flashbacks, two young couples struggle to adapt to unexpected circumstances, facing life-altering decisions.
  • This chapter includes many flashbacks related to new characters. With this being a Captain Swan story, these flashbacks featuring other characters will ALWAYS be relevant/connected to Emma, Killian and their storylines. Therefore, it is important to keep track of all the information the flashbacks give us.

Author’s Note: This fanfic is my attempt at creating an alternative OUAT season 7 that (hopefully) can help Captain Swan shippers get over the real season 7 in the same way writing it has been helping me. This is a continuation of season 6 and follows the adventures of sheriff Swan and deputy Jones. Every week I will be posting casting news, episode descriptions, episode stills, script teases and title spoilers. Visit my blog for more info.

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