stop it kyuhyun!

There’s something that new k-pop fans might not understand about the older generations of idols. Many people like to criticize Super Junior for their past actions, seeing them only as variety idols without any musical value. Some might wonder how they have lasted for so long, thinking that they aren’t even popular anymore, that they are overrated, etc.
It’s a well known fact that one of the secrets to Suju’s successful career is because they treat everyone around them with respect. Numerous hoobaes and sunbaes have said the same thing over & over again : you might not see them as popular or relevant now, but their popularity and impact were grandiose, more than you could ever imagine. SJ has so many connections in the industry, going from actors/singers, to MCs/producers. They spent a decade trying to tie countless of relations here and there, finding many opportunities to spread their talents. What they do might not interest you, but they are really what you call a well-rounded group. There is not one single member who is useless or isn’t talented.

You want a good producer? You have Shindong. Great MCs? Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun are doing well. Radio DJs? Ryeowook and Shindong are comfortable doing that. One of the best vocal line, if not the best in kpop? Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung are here to please your ears. Zhou Mi is super great as well. Kangin & Shindong went on Masked Singers (Still waiting for Heechul to make an appearance). Actors? Yesung, Siwon and Heechul are pretty confident in this field. Dancers and choreographers? Of course we can’t not mention Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong. Composers? Not only Donghae is a genius, but a few of them have proven to be talented as well (Did you listen to Don’t Leave Me? If not, you should, and thank Siwon later; also can we talk about Henry? That guy never cease to impress me). Musical actors? Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun excel in musicals. And those are just a small part of what each member can do. On top of that, members can play instruments, have a great variety sense, are hilarious, are a genuine and caring group of people, are hard workers, and most importantly : all of them can actually sing, contrary to popular belief. Their voices mixed together blend perfectly and they have a unique sound. Even their sub-units will impress you. Give their discography a listen, because they have proven themselves so many times already. You will not be disappointed.

The thing is that it seems like everyone who’s working in this industry knows how talented Super Junior is and how difficult it was for them to be where they are today, yet the public chooses to ignore this side of the group. They’re veterans in the industry that should be respected. I mean, their name was supposed to be SM Junior when they debuted, but they changed it to “Super” because the members themselves said : 
We have to become first at what we do best, so that when members gather, we’ll be the top of the top. That’s why we are Super Junior.” 



Super Junior hates Kangin and Sungmin? NO! All the ELF hates Kangin and Sungmin? NO! because you can’t hate a family member. Yes, you can get mad at them like some members and fans were at kangin, you can curse at them as leeteuk and heechul often do because they are so mad at kangin, but at the same time they won’t let anyone say a bad word about him because that’s how family works and as super junior is already way past the phase of being just business partners, they are like a family now and family might have different opinions at some point, as they did during sungmin’s wedding but that definitely doesn’t mean that they hate him for getting married, heechul and siwon were even sungmin’s best men during his wedding and as the members said at radio star they are actually sorry for not doing the best at his special day. They definitely don’t hate him!

Aren’t we the same fans who promised to stay forever and no matter what happen, we are going to be here for them? and now look at what we are doing? getting apart and fighting over a 32 year old getting married A FREAKING 32 YEAR OLD MAN GETTING MARRIED! :/ how mature, how cool! you are mad at him for hiding it?  not telling you guys? but look at what you people are doing even after knowing about it? the same thing he feared, hating him for getting married. He had done some stupid things as well but the poor guy had been saying sorry since forever, can’t you guys forgave him?

Is him getting married at 30 a bigger sin then getting in scandals everyday and abusing women? Because netizens are fine with those artists but can’t forgive sungmin? Is drinking marijuana/having drugs any less illegal than dui? NO, RIGHT? then why everyone is going #staystrongxxx but #kanginout even after he had been reflecting for more than a year and had been punished according to law? It’s not time for sungmin or kangin to leave super junior but it’s about time those damn netizens got their shit together and let go of these double standards!!!

And ELF, at least you people shouldn’t be doing this to super junior. You know asking sungmin and kangin to leave is not only going to affect them but the whole group. Can’t we be mature for once and let go of the hatred against these two members for the sake of other members? For leeteuk, who had being through hell but is still standing strong and smiling for his members and fans and still doing his best to keep his promise to stay together forever. For heechul and yesung, who had been missing members on one stage since forever and are super excited for this comeback? Heechul, who never cry but also can’t hold back his tears when one of the members leave even if it’s  just for mandatory service. do you want to see him cry again? do you want to see him in pain and depress again? Yesung, who’s dying to have some quality time with his members since the day he had been discharge. For eunsihae, who are super excited for this comeback and to perform and had fun with the members and fans. For kyuwook, who were afraid that there might not be any fans left when they comeback after two years. Are we going to prove them right? I hope not!

Let’s make peace among our fandom and support super junior this comeback for the sake of the members who did nothing wrong but are still suffering because of all this drama. Please!

I honestly didn’t want to say anything but things are getting ridiculous
We have been waiting 2 years for this comeback and now sungmin isn’t going to be a part of it??? Honestly why do these so called “fans” have to ruin things for us
Sungmin never did anything wrong!! Is getting married a crime? No it isn’t! Okay sure he could have told us better beforehand but even if he did he would have gotten hate! He had no way of winning cause of these “fans” who believe that just cause hes an idol he isn’t allowed to have happiness and live his life with the person he loves! Just cause hes an idol doesn’t mean that hes not a normal being and that his whole existance is to ‘serve’ us!
Whats even more ridiculous is how that your blaming the members for not supporting sungmin! Even if it is label sj, it is all controlled be sm, you should all know that by now!! I’m sure the members tried to convince him not to take decisions, but honestly can you blame sungmin, you were all going to boycott the concert, you hate on his wife etc, so all cause he wanted his brothers comeback to do well he opted out of it! Imagine how hard of a decision must have been for sungmin and the members!
Honestly Sungmin and the other members have done so much for us that we could never even repay them even if we tried! Tbh we aren’t even trying, cause look what we are doing, we are not allowing sungmin to have a happy married life, were not allowing him to participate in the comeback or the concert! All we are doing is ripping the group apart!!! This upsets me so much cause what sort of fans are we do being doing all this?? When did elf become so toxic?? I’m honestly so dissapointed in our fandom! But then again those who are doing this are not elf… they don’t deserve to be called that cause elf stands for everlasting friends and we were supposed to support them for a life time, not turn our backs on them…….

Either way i will always be an elf and support super junior till the end! I will always support the members and try to keep the group together! I will try and make this comeback successful by promoting and streaming the hell out it! The boys have been working so hard for this comeback and for them we should make it as good as possible!
Stop Hates, Be an E.L.F. / Arrêtez les Haines, Soyez un E.L.F

Everyone is human so everyone can have the same life than yours. Even if some people are popular, they can live their life happily like you. It’s not because you’re in love or you really like a person that when this one falls in love with another one or make something that you don’t like in his/her life, you have to hate him/her and begin to make him/her sad like you are.

Super Junior is a band which has been alive for more than 10 years. They have lived a lot of hardships and hates but they still smiling in public. But have you ever thought how they could be and feel behind the scene and when they are alone at home during times of hates ?

Being a famous person isn’t an easy job. You have to be very strong to show your fans that you’re happy and not to make them worried about you. When you are in a bad mood but you have to perform, you can’t not go on the stage. You have to do like everything is okay. So when your fans tell you in comments to leave, to die or send you other hates, even if you’re worried because you don’t know how they will react when you will perform, you have to do it. 

So please stop with hates because every members of Super Junior can have his own life and make it how they want (do what they want, marry who they want…). I agree that some of them did some mistakes, but compared to the love they give us and the impact they have in our life (making us smile, cheering us up…), they don’t deserve to be treated like they are treated right now. As their job is hard, you should be happy when every or your favourite member is happy. If you send hates to one of the members, please stop now !

Never forget what E.L.F. means. If you don’t know, it means “EverLasting Friend” and you can translate it as “Friends forever”. Also, don’t forget that we PROM15E TO 13ELIVE !
So now give all your love to all Super Junior’s members and accept them as 11 members (plus Henry and Zhoumi)

E.L.F. stay strong, never stop loving Super Junior with all your heart and stop hurting them ! Thank you very much !


Tout le monde est un humain donc tout le monde peut avoir la même vie que vous. Même si certaines personnes sont populaires, elles peuvent vivre leur vie joyeusement comme vous. Ce n'est pas parce que vous aimez ou que vous appréciez vraiment une personne que lorsque celle-ci tombe amoureuse d'une autre personne ou fait quelque chose que vous n'aimez pas dans sa vie, vous devez la détester et commencer à la rendre triste comme vous l’êtes.

Super Junior est un groupe qui existe depuis plus de 10 ans. Ils ont vécu beaucoup de difficultés et de haines mais ils continuent de sourire en publique. Mais avez-vous déjà pensé comment ils pouvaient être et se sentir derrière la scène et quand ils sont seuls chez eux pendant les périodes de haines?

Être une personne populaire n’est pas un métier facile. Vous devez être très fort pour montrer à vos fans que vous êtes heureux et ne pas les rendre inquiets pour vous. Quand vous êtes de mauvaise humeur et que vous devez interpréter, vous ne pouvez pas ne pas monter sur scène. Vous devez faire comme si tout allait bien. Donc quand vos fans vous dit en commentaire de partir, de mourir ou vous envoient d’autres messages de haine, même si vous êtes inquiets parce que vous ne savez pas comment ils réagiront quand vous interpréterez, vous devez quand même le faire.

Donc s’il vous plaît arrêtez avec les haines parce que tous les membres de Super Junior peuvent avoir leur propre vie et en faire ce qu’ils veulent (faire ce qu’ils veulent, marier qui ils veulent…). Je suis d’accord que certains membres ont commis des erreurs, mais comparé à l’amour q’ils nous donnent et à l’impact qu’ils ont dans notre vie (nous rendre heureux, nous remonter le moral…), ils ne mérites pas d’être traité comme ils le sont en ce moment. Comme leur métier est difficile, vous devriez être heureux quand tous ou votre membre favori est heureux. Si vous envoyez des messages de haines, à un des membres, s’il vous plaît arrêtez maintenant !

N’oubliez jamais ce que E.L.F. signifie. Si vous ne savez pas, ça veut dire “Amis Éternel” et vous pouvez le traduire en tant que “Amis pour toujours”. Aussi, n’oubliez pas nous plus que nous avons PROM15E TO 13ELIVE (Promis de Coire) !
Donc maintenant donnez tout votre amour à tous les membres de Super Junior et acceptez les en tant que 11 membres (plus Henry et Zhoumi).

E.L.F. restez forts, n’arrêtez jamais d’aimer Super Junior avec tout votre coeur et arrêtez de les blesser ! Merci beaucoup


remember when super junior almost broke up because leeteuk was asleep and donghae kept splashing water at him and leeteuk thought it was spit so he told donghae to stop but then kyuhyun came in from church and splashed water on him and leeteuk thought it was eunhyuk so he started yelling at eunhyuk and kyuhyun was like Oh Shit and then he confessed so leeteuk hit him then left then came back and punched him again and kyuhyun was mad and leeteuk promised to give kyuhyun the thank u speech but he forgot eunhyuk was mad too so he told eunhyuk 2 give the speech so he did and kyuhyun was like TF bc he had a whole deep speech planned and afterwards shindong was trying to comfort all of them and he got frustrated so he kicked a box but there was soda inside and it exploded everywhere and hit yesungs face and yesung got mad too and by the end everyone was bitter and basically donghae almost fucked super junior over forever


170417 Sungmin Live IG with SuperJunior Member

❝ I’m so sorry ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Hoseok ditchs you on your birthday (because he forgot it) but at the end he fixs everything. 

Pairing: HoseokxReader 

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Fluff

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! -M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

-Jagi I don’t know what time I can get rid of, I have to help a trainee with his choreo! Eat and try to rest a little, I love you. ♥♥ -

You read his message for the umpteenth time, trying not to stay too bad. You loved how Hobi took care of everyone, especially his hoobae, but for once you would have preferred him to take care of you. You weren’t asking so much, but he remembered what day it was. Flowers, gifts, surprises, they didn’t matter to you, your perfect gift would have been spending the evening with him.

The clock on the wall marked ten and a half. Sighing you got up from the couch and turned off the television, the only company that night.

“Happy Birthday to me” you whispered as you started crying quietly, walking in slow steps towards your bedroom; “Nice birthday Y/N, huh..?”

Shaking your head you went into the room and without taking your clothes off you threw yourself on the bed, squeezing a pillow in your arms imagining it was him. You didn’t even know what was the predominant emotion was in you. You passed from anger to sadness within a few seconds and you didn’t even want to stop those feelings from taking possession of you. You had all the right to be angry and sad, especially on that day.

Hoseok’s Pov

“Great Kyuhyun!” The boy in front of you jerked to that sudden scream, while you started beating your hands and hopping around the rehearsal room. Seeing that your hard work was bringing its benefits was always a fantastic feeling to feel.

“Now you know this choreography by heart! I know it, tomorrow you will kick all the ass in that competition, MH? ”

“Sunbae Thank you! I don’t know how I’d do without you. ” He thanked you with a deep bow and you waved your hand, slightly embarrassed.

“Now go to get some rest, it’s late!” You ordered to your hoobae, giving him a slight pat on his shoulder with fraternal doing, continuing to smile at him; “And don’t stop to talk to anyone, straight to sleep!”

“Yes Sunbae!” He yelled at you, raising his fist in a sign of victory, recovering his purse and running to the door. When he opened he bowed, seeing Namjoon and Yoongi on the door, who smiled at him kindly and headed for you.

“Hyung!” You greeted them with enthusiasm, without feeling the fatigue weigh you on your shoulders; “Why are you here??”

“I’ve to admit that we should make this question to you, Hobi” Namjoon pointed out, while you turned to them slightly perplexed.

You arching your eyebrows in seeing their expressions, trying to figure out what was going on to cause your hyung that worried expression.

“It’s past midnight Hobi..”

“Yes, Yoongi Hyung I know.. I stopped here to help Kyuhyun! ”

Namjoon began to shake his head resigned while Yoongi was scratching his head off, it seemed almost like he was looking for the right words to tell you on what was going through his mind.

You rested your duffel bag on the chair, interrupting what you were doing and face completely towards them by looking at them even more perplexed and, now, even worried.

“What’s Hyung??”

“Have you really spent the day and night to help Kyuhyun without thinking about what day it was today?” Namjoon asked you carefully, resting against the mirrored wall.

“What day is today..?”

“Yes, you really screwed it up.” Yoongi sighed and you recovered your phone from your pocket to see what day it was, because you really couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

“I don’t know if the fact that you forgot Y/N birthday may be worth as an excuse for totally ignoring your girlfriend today.”

You stuck with your hands in mid-air, the phone between them, and your heart missed a few beats.

Yes, you had completely forgotten your girlfriend’s birthday and the guilt didn’t slow down, as you left the duffel bag and your hyung and begin to run. You felt like a complete jerk and you didn’t have the slightest idea of how to fix the huge mess you created.


The noise of the door woke you up and imagining who it was so you kept staying in the bed pretending to be asleep. You didn’t want to argue with him, even though he really hurt you so much, so being asleep was the only solution. 

A small glimmer of light invaded the room and with your eyes slightly open you could see his shadow advancing towards the bed, slowly perhaps not to wake you.

“Fuck..” It was his sigh, while he sat on the edge of the bed near your feet. He placed a hand on your side, touching with delicacy and you understood from his touch that he didn’t want to wake you up while a sound like a hiccup pushed you to show him that you were awake. But the memory of the day spent alone, waiting for his message, convinced you to stay “asleep”, because you knew that you would simply start yelling at him.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I have no excuse.. I feel like an asshole.. I don’t know if it’s worse the fact that I forgot or that I left you alone.. The funniest thing is that I bought your gift a month ago and I kept it tucked away in the dorm all this time.. ” He murmured and you bite your lip trying to hold back your hiccups and tears that plucked your eyes.

“I feel a real crap.. I don’t even deserve to be with a girl like you. But what should I do? I can’t live without you. Everyone believes that I’m always cheerful and happy  but they don’t know.. They don’t know I pour on you all my problems, any frustration and negative thinking.. You’re the one who dares me to be happy. And I hurt you this way. ”


He jerked to your slight whisper, immediately turning the lamp on the bedside table and looking into your eyes. You weren’t crying but he was and see the tears on his face caused you more pain than everything else put together.

Slowly you moved on the bed, touching the empty part pointing to lie beside you. Hobi made it immediately, passing an arm under your head, squeezing you to himself and starting to touch lightly your back with his other hand.

“Don’t cry Hobi..”

“I don’t deserve this Y/N.. I’m so sorry… ”

“It’ okay.. It’s just a birthday. ” You murmured and hid your face against his neck, while the caresses on your back could relax you slowly.

“It’s your birthday, it’s not something I had to forget.. I feel a perfect asshole… ”

“Stop.. Just rest, okay? You have to rest because in a few days you have to leave for the Billboard. ”

“I’ll make it up, promised.”

~ ~

It had been four days since the disastrous day of your birthday and you had forgiven Hobi just because you knew how hard it was to have so many thoughts for your head; And the idols were among the most committed people you knew so you couldn’t be angry with him.

After a day of work, the view of your home was almost a mirage, but at least you knew you could relax in your bathtube for as long as you wish.

On entering the house, however, you immediately noticed that something was wrong. It was too dark, it was so dark that your eyesight couldn’t get used to it so you stay on the doorstep, the keys in your left hand and with the right you started looking for the phone in the bag ready to call the police.


The lights suddenly turned on and seven idiots with a cone of paper in their heads began throwing confetti over your head, still totally shocked by their scream and the scene in front of you.

“HAPPY BIIIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAAY!!” Yoongi yelled, in the same way as he screamed every time ARMY, making you open wade your eyes as you mentally wondered if he’d become foolish all in one shot.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOOOONA” The Maknae line screamed, continuing to throw on you all the confetti that could recover from their pockets, while Taehyung hopped around you excited as a child on Christmas Day.

“What the hell…”

“I had to make it up in some way” Hobi’s sweet voice came from your left and he grazed your the temple with his lips, then surrounding your shoulders with his arm starting to take you to the salon.

The youngest kept hopping around the house, excited af, while Seokjin was taking from kitchen the food and your stomach immediately thanked that view. If Seokjin was the cook you knew you’d eat incredibly well.

“Can you explain to me what’s going on..?” You asked, looking at them while one by on they sat around your table and started to chichat excited with each other.

“It’s your birthday party and I needed help.. So they agreed to help me. In fact they were more excited, we needed a break.. And then they really love you. ” He whispered into your ear, smiling and leaving a small peck on your cheek.

“To eat or get cold!!” Seokjin threatened you with a spatula, really looking like a half-hysterical mother and you took place between him and Hobi, watching them and feeling your heart explode due the overhelmed feels you were feeling at that time.  

Quickly you hid your face against his chest and he burst to laugh, patting your shoulder trying in some way to comfort you despite he was laughing hard.

“Aigoo Jagi, why are you crying?”

“WHAT? WHY IS NOONA CRYING????” Taehyung asked with a scream, with a blanck expression because he had spoken with his mouth full and Seokjin had just gave him a hard slap with the spoon onto his head.

“I think it’s the emotion..” Namjoon suggested with a smile, leaning and squeezing your shoulder gently.


Jimin failed to restrain himself and you, just turning your face, noticed his sweet gaze that usually melted all his fans, his eye smile and the blatant embarrassment on the traits of his face.

"You guys make me cry..”

“They’re my brothers and you the girl I love. We’re your family Y/N, get used to this because all your birthdays will be like this one.. With a surprise later, but that’s private. ” Hobi murmured, raising screams of protests and a “there are children here, don’t say these things in front of them!” by Seokjin who made you burst to laugh.

In fact that was the best belated birthday of your life.

through the coldness

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Title:  through the coldness
Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader
Genre: Dance instructor!Kai/ Journalist!Reader
Summary: Everything goes down the hill the moment she realizes that her life wasn’t how she had planned it. However, maybe she could use her ink to write about her friend Jongin so she could finally reach the success she always wanted. Yet, as she gets to know more about him…she realizes that she can see through his cold stare and find the warmth that he never shows to anyone but her.

Part I: “Your place or mine?”

Due dates, mere numbers in a calendar that were hated by most of the world’s population. There was something well known about due dates and it was that it shortened your time in a way and it was an excellent way of pressuring an individual to the point of self-blaming and stress. Authorities used it as a way of delivering responsibility and receiving it at the same time, which caused most workers or students to plan everything for that date. Some decided to spend their times eating, going out, watching series or simply talking to their friends until a day was left and they were on tears begging for more hours to whatever was up there. Others picked every single second of their day to perfect whatever was on task. Whatever person you were, you still felt that tickling inside your stomach that welcomed someone to judge your work. Her due date was that day and she had been working for two weeks straight to bring a good article to her magazine so she could finally get that upgrading spot in the place she worked at, a weekly article that was on the first pages. It was a dream that she never forgot and she worked hard for it the moment she entered said company, so she was twisting and playing with her pencil as she saw the boss’ face when he was reading through her article.

Kyuhyun, her boss, looked at her through his small lashes and sweet eyes, but they didn’t show the excitement that usually plastered over his face whenever he read Baekhyun’s adventurous and eye-catching articles. He had this small over his petite features, one that wasn’t too pleased and she lets her shoulders fall a bit, looking down at her hands as she expects whatever correction he was going to make. She thought that the article based on the most known artist on the region was exciting, even more when the man was as old as he was, but Kyuhyun didn’t see it that way from his point of view completely business based. The man fixes the sleeve of his black coat as his back becomes straighter; placing down the big amounts of sheets of paper she had brought him to look into her eyes. He calls her name in that voice full of disappointment and she sighs.

“…You know I love how you write.  Your words are the classiest of this entire magazine and your style is…captivating, really.” Compliments, the best way to start a correction in one’s work, they were sweetened ways to remind someone that they were still friends even when you were about to put a dagger through their hearts. Kyuhyun interlocks his hands together before sighing. “But this…this is classy, beautifully written, but it’s not new…how many people have interviewed this man in the entirety of his life?  The same plain answers become dull to the reader’s eyes, you know?” Kyuhyun runs his fingers through his brown hair and she nods her head, trying to reach for the sheets of paper with determination.

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