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Basically how and why I’m now broke.

Sidenote: Everything on that floor was K-pop albums with artists arranged alphabetically, but they still put the guys’ solo albums right with or next to SS501/301′s. THE FEELS. 

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Their english tho 😂
So cute. But winwin, he was did something on comment. Stop being evil maknae!! Hha kyu was taught him mybe

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151025 Sunggyu + Woohyun Twitter update
@kyuzizi : 나무나무 게임 그만좀.. 
→ Namu Namu stop playing games please..
@wowwh 뀨뀨 점프게임 그만좀. 흔들림샷 까비 ㅠ
→ Kyu Kyu stop playing the jumping game please. The photo came out shaken ㅠ

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150717 KBS Music Bank Comeback Stage – Super Junior ‘Devil’