stop it kwon yuri

I just saw someone use Taeyeon’s depression to “prove” she hated Jessica, and honestly this is the last straw. 

All these pictures people pick where Taeyeon isn’t looking at Jessica and Jessica is clearly looking lovingly at her prove only ONE thing. That Jessica admires Taeyeon, a lot. (Besides, if you actually look into these things you can see any of the members “ignoring” each other at some points because A LOT is going on - seen that this happens in concerts mostly)

It’s clear Taeyeon is quite a closed off person, we’ve seen that over and over again, and that she’s clearly more open with Tiffany. And just because her relationship with the other members isn’t on the same level as Tiffany’s, that doesn’t prove Taeyeon hates Jessica. Like do you realise that while Taeyeon and Jessica were slightly drifting apart - over the years - Taeyeon and Tiffany were getting closer? People seem to forget that Taeyeon is a human being and her relationships with other people will slightly change over the course of time. (Like it literally happens to everyone????)

Do you really think that if Taeyeon was in ANY way bullying Jessica:

1- the other girls wouldn’t do anything about it?

2- it wouldn’t show? (as in, you would also see the other girls drifting from her etc)

3- Jessica herself wouldn’t do anything about it?

And now, I see someone say that because Taeyeon seems to be feeling better regarding her depression, she for sure had something to do with Jessica’s departure. This is so???????????????????? Like honestly, how low do you have to reach to try to make a point. 

It’s sickening how people love to blame Taeyeon for literally everything that goes wrong with SNSD.