stop it henry

Can we stop saying “Henry Wilburforce William Seewald”. His name is “Henry Wilberforce Seewald. How many times does Jessa have to post it & correct people? There is no "William” & no “U” in Wilber. His name is horrendous already we don’t need to make it sound worse.
There are 23 days until Christmas

Sandy Claws Is Coming! 💀❄️⛄🎄🎃🎅                    

Tim Burton was born in 1958, Burbank California. He began making movies at a young age. After high school Burton attended the California Institute of Arts to study character animation. After he graduated from the Institute in 1979, he was hired by Disney.
Later in his career, an old poem he wrote back in 1982, caught the attention of Disney and they decided to use it as the blueprint to make “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which was then directed by Henry Selick, a good friend of Tim Burton.