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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

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Imagine Abraham getting you a teddy bear when he notices you had been feeling down

(Back with some fluff :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D AWWWW ABRAHAM XD Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.) 

 You were sitting on the porch of your house, lazily playing with your feet on the stairs. You had been feeling under the weather lately with everything that was happening between the group and the people of Alexandria. 

 You had all just gotten there but from their attitudes you didn’t think they really liked you all. It bothered at some point but you just didn’t find the courage to look pass the things some of them said about you and your friends. 

 You had just spent the whole day doing your job that was assigned by Deanna. You helped her son Aiden and his friend Nicholas with the scavenging but you really you ended up doing everything for them. 

It was exhausting even with Glenn, Tara and Noah along. They didn’t listen to you or your friends and took everything as a joke. 

You wanted to hurt them or at least insult them but each time you were reminded of how it life was for them so instead you just convinced yourself it was better to repeat and remind them of how things were done. 

You sat there for a while rethinking if you should change your mindset for tomorrow and just dipped your head down to look at the ground. 


 You stayed in deep thought for a long while until suddenly some feet came into your view. 

They were big and from the sound of a clearing throat, you knew who it was. 

“You okay?“ 

 As you looked up, you saw Abraham staring at you with a questioning gaze. You didn’t know what to answer and simply just didn’t want him to worry over you so much. 

 "Yeah…I’m fine…" 

 He scoffed at you. From your answer, your gaze and tone, he already knew you were lying to his face. It always like that with you. Every little thing about you, he knew and understood each meaning. From a rolling of your eyes, to the way you bit your lips to the way you crossed your arms, he could figure out what they meant and always found a solution to fix it and make things better. 

This time was no different. He took notice of your tone, your eyes and the choice of words you made and knew some people had been bothering you. 

Over time, he had grown to notice you so much, it was hard for him to deny to himself that he liked you a little more than as a friend. He wanted to make his feelings clear but just couldn’t ever seem to find the right moment and now it seem it still wasn’t his chance, he had to get you in a better mood. 

 He straightened his back and took a more stern attitude. Although, it still couldn’t stop him from smirking to see you acting all like pouty. It made him laugh inside and reminded him of how you would throw a fit whenever things wouldn’t go your way just as him. 

 "Really? Nothing’s bothering you? Alright, then how about you go help Deanna’s son with his-" 


 Your gaze had shot at him and as you shouted, he could only burst out laughing. He shook his head and crouched down, holding his knees to got closer to your face. 

 "Goddamn it, Y/N…I know how you are when shit doesn’t goes to your liking…Why are you lying to me?" 

 You looked away from him, back to your feet and shrugged.

 "I-I don’t know…I know you worry over me…I guess I just don’t want you to feel that way…”  

You couldn’t help but tell him the truth as he was so close to you. He chuckled to hear your concern over him and found you to be a little too adorable. He tapped your cheek playfully and went on to sit next to you. 

 "Alright…tell me what’s Deanna’s boy got on you to make you this frustrated and overthinking everything…“ 

 You were genuinely stunned to hear him pinpointing the problem so spot on, you couldn’t help but let it show. 

 "H-How did you?" 

 "Knew? Come on, Y/N…You worked with him this morning who else then and besides just from your reaction earlier it was obvious…so tell me…" 

You chuckled and sitting closer to him, you told him about all of your problems of that day. It was relieving to have someone like him to talk to. You could let yourself speak freely about someone you didn’t like and he didn’t shy away from going in on it with you. 

 You laughed and found your smile back with him and seemed to slowly forget about what was bothering you. When the evening came, you were both told to join the others for dinner and told them that you would be on your way. 


However, before you could get up, you felt his arm pulling you back down.

 "Wait…Tell me do you feel better now?" 

 You nodded happily to him but somehow he just felt the need to make you feel even better. 

He got closer to your ear and whispered, "Do you want to feel even better?" 

His tone was oddly soft and low. It made you slightly nervous and you couldn’t help but think he was offering you something that you might not want at the moment. 

 Nonetheless, you simply looked at him wide eyed and you didn’t knew what took you but you nodded to him. He pulled away smirking and walked back in the house you all shared. 

You waited by the porch and ran thousand things through your mind. You ended up standing up to see what he was up to in the house but he was out of sight, probably because he was upstairs, you thought. 

 You turned to see your friends walking by the road and nervously smiled at them, anticipating as to what he might’ve gotten you. Suddenly, you heard him and felt his hand touch your shoulder. 

 You stared at him in wonder and as you noticed him, with both arms now behind his back, you tried to peek, only to be met with him shifting around to hid it even more. He went on for while, finding it too entertaining to see you so curious. It made him smile even more and just as you he seemed to have forgotten about his problems. 


With a saying of your name, you stopped to stare at him in the eyes and he couldn’t just find the right words to say. That was one thing he hated or actually loved about you. When you would pay attention to him, your eyes would look into his with a sparkle he couldn’t find the right things to say and just get lost in his thought. 


 It was the only thing he could say and you didn’t understand his meaning. He smiled at you and just repeated the word as if you were doing something embarrassing. 

"Stop being so adorable kid…You’re making a grown ass man’s heart stop when you do that…" 

"D-do what?" 

He titled his head, chuckling at you, realizing it was only him feeling this way. He shook his head to hear himself say those words and just let it go.

 "Nothing…Here! Take it! It’s for you!" 

He showed you the gift he had gotten you and the moment you saw it, you didn’t knew what took you but you started to tear up. It was a silly bear plush, and as you took it from him slowly, you inspected it.


You thought it was too cute to not love it and just hugged it tightly while crying. To see you crying, made him nervous and suddenly he got worried.

"Y/N? A-are you okay?!" 

 You looked at him with red eyes and tears and nodded at him. In between your sobs, you told him that you were fine.

"Y-you’re too nice…Th-thank you…I love it!”

You hugged it tightly again and as he looked at you he couldn’t help but laugh at you for being so emotional. 

He walked closer to whisper, “You’re welcome…”

He wanted to leave to go to the dinner but suddenly he felt his arm being held back. He looked at you and just felt you hugging him. 

He smiled but still unsure of himself, he wanted to make a joke out of the moment.

“You idiot…I gave you the bear to hug it…Not myself…" 

His comment made you laugh, but you keep your head buried in his chest and slowly shook your head to realize yourself. 

You then looked up at him and said, "I wouldn’t have mind that…" 

He looked back at you and found himself lost again. 


You smiled at him and nodded to reassure him.

Lock Screen - Jeff Atkins x Reader

A sigh escaped her lips as she impatiently waited for her bus to arrive. Ordinarily, Jeff would’ve picked her up but Clay was tutoring him this evening and she didn’t want to drag him away from that. Checking the time on her phone, she smiled at her lock screen. The photo had been taken by Clay last summer when they’d all spent the day at the park. Jeff was giving her a piggyback, her arms and legs wrapped securely around him as they both laughed. She was admiring the picture when the old lady next to her spoke.

“How long have you two been together?” A blush spread across her cheeks, she was about to tell the her that they weren’t a couple and never had been. But she was stopped by the kindness and curiosity shining through the elderly woman’s eyes.

“Coming up to two years” A white lie to a stranger couldn’t hurt, she thought, they had been best friends for years and she had a crush on him for the past three. The old lady smiled, looking at the picture again.

“He loves you very much” Her words caught in her throat and she had to remind herself that the woman was just being polite. Seeing her surprise, the elderly woman laughed.

“It’s in his eyes, that’s the way my husband used to look at me” She looked down, overwhelmed by the thoughts swirling in her head.

“Thank you” Her words were soft, as if they could break the fantasy that Jeff loved her back. Before the old woman could say anything else, (y/n)’s bus pulled in, giving her an escape.

She opened the front door to Jeff’s house, hoping he’d be too preoccupied with Clay to pay her any attention. She needed a minute to settle her thoughts. However, Jeff must have heard her come in because before she knew what was happening two strong arms wound around her waist and pulled her into a broad chest. She let out a surprised laugh, resting her hands on Jeff’s chest.

“How was the bus?” He nuzzled into her hair, breathing in her intoxicating scent and trying to ignore the way his heart fluttered when she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Eye opening” He laughed, not realising just how serious she was being. Reluctantly he pulled away, savouring the sweet smile she gave him. 

“Clay and are I almost done, we can have dinner after?” She nodded her head before following him into the kitchen. Books were spread across the table as Clay read through one of Jeff’s essays. She ruffled his hair affectionately on her way to the fridge. Jeff scolded himself for the jolt of jealousy that ran through his body. She loved Clay like a brother and her touches were the result of nothing more than sisterly affection. She started preparing dinner for the three of them, trying to clear her head of the elderly woman’s words.

Laughter filled the small kitchen, the three of them enjoying each other’s company. Jeff couldn’t help but stare, she was glowing-her cheeks were tinted red and her eyes were sparkling. What he didn’t realise was that she was doing the same thing, admiring the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. All the while trying to ignore the stranger’s words, someone as incredible as Jeff couldn’t return her feelings. Clay had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at the pair of them, they were clearly head over heels for one another. It was reaching the point where it was frustrating, having to watch them dance around each other without ever telling one another the truth.

She hummed along with the radio as she washed up the dishes, Jeff stood beside her, drying the cleaned plates as he tried desperately not to smile at her adorableness. Despite the laughing and singing, he knew her well enough to see the uncertainty lingering in her eyes.

“You okay?” Her eyes snapped to his in surprise, he patiently waited for her to answer, leaning his hips against the counter. She looked back down, suddenly finding the dishes she was washing very interesting.

“It’s nothing, just a comment from a stranger” Concern swirled in Jeff’s chest, fearing some guy had said something to make her feel uncomfortable when he wasn’t there. She chuckled softly at the way his body went tense and his hands curled into fists around the dish cloth in his hands.

“Easy soldier, it was nothing bad-just confusing” The tension seeped out of Jeff’s body as quickly as it had arrived and was replaced by curiosity.

“So, what did they say?” Her eyes flicked up to his anxiously, he gave her a small smile, hoping it would reassure her.

“The old lady waiting next to me saw my lock screen-y'know the picture of us at the park-”Jeff nodded fondly, he loved that picture, what he loved, even more, was that she used it on her phone. “-well she thought we were a couple and commented on it”

Jeff’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of them being a couple, it was an idea he rarely allowed himself to think about as the improbability of it actually becoming a reality only caused him heartache.

“Oh?” She refused to look up, stubbornly keeping her eyes on her submerged hands.

“Well, I went along with it-which is silly I know because we’re not-” She stopped taking as Jeff nodded his head sombrely, they fell into silence as they continued to wash up. Before Jeff could stop himself the words tumbled out of his mouth.

“Would it be such a bad thing if we were?” His voice was quiet as if he half wished that she wouldn’t hear him. Her shoulders froze, she risked a glance over her shoulder, only to be met by his eyes burning into hers. She couldn’t speak, she didn’t know how to answer his question without making a fool of herself.

“I-no, no it wouldn’t be” A shy smile pulled at Jeff’s lips, cautiously he stepped towards her. He took the plate out of her hand, setting it on the counter before connecting their hands.

“Well I uh-I” He let out a frustrated sigh “-Damn it”

She laughed at his anxiousness, squeezing his hands in reassurance. “I can’t say yes until you ask” His eyes snapped to hers as she offered him her best smile.

“Can I take you on a date?” His smile was bashful as hope sparkled in his eyes.

“I’d love nothing more”

“Really?” His smile grew confident as he disconnected their hands in favour of wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her to his chest.

“Really” Just like earlier that evening her arms wrapped around his neck, however this time it felt different. This time Jeff didn’t ignore the way his head skipped a beat or how content he felt having her in his arms. Ever so slowly their lips connected in a long awaited kiss. It was better than either of them could have hoped. Jeff’s lips were soft as they brushed against hers, causing a sigh to escape her lips as her fingers twisted in the hair at the base of his neck. He pulled her impossibly closer, smiling when he felt her do the same.

It had been weeks since their first date, now as (y/n) waited for her boyfriend to pick her up she struggled to choose between a picture of Jeff kissing her cheek as she laughed or a picture of the two of them dressed up for the winter formal for her lock screen. Unable to pick between the two, she settled for having one as her lock screen and the other for her home screen. She smiled, knowing that by the end of the week there would probably be another contender as she couldn’t stop Jeff from taking pictures of the two of them.

New Neighbor

Challenge 07: Breathless
Genre: Fluff
Character: Jaebum

Plot: You try to get close to your new neighbor Jaebum by stalking joining him on his morning run.



Here’s the thing. Your mom always taught you to be kind to your neighbors. When you’re out of town for a business trip, who’s the most likely to help babysit your cats? Your next door neighbor. And what if one day you get kidnapped, who will be the first to notice you go missing? Your next door neighbor, of course.

So when sweet old Mrs. Baek moved out and was replaced with a chiseled, leather-clad, young man, you were determined to make him your next insurance. But here’s the other thing…you and the elderly, you guys mesh like peas in a pod! But young men your age, particularly handsome, chiseled, leather-clad men…not so much.

“What do leather-wearing young dudes like, Tuna?” you asked your orange tabby as you dug your way through the ingredients in your fridge.

Your grey cat, Sundae, purred against your legs at the sight of the open fridge. You smile at the hungry feline before closing the fridge and picking her up into your arms.

“Sundae? Shall I make him sundae, Sundae?” you coo, snuggling into the grey ball of fluff. You put your cat down and settle down on the kitchen floor, thinking seriously about making him a meal. Young men usually liked home cooked meals right?

You rise back up, determined to start cooking. You weren’t the best cook out there, but you weren’t bad either. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?


And so there you were, at his front door with three containers full of sundae, scallion pancakes, spicy rice cakes and a thermos full of kimchi chigae. He was bound to like one of these. You stood at his door for another minute, trying to gather your thoughts.

Say hi.

Introduce yourself.

Remember to smile.

Please don’t stutter.

Be confident, Y/N!

And then the door flew open, catching you off guard. Your eyes grew wide as you found yourself standing right in front of your new neighbor. He was even better looking up close.

“F-f-f-food…” your stupid mouth managed to bumble out.

“Huh? Uhh…I didn’t order anything,” he looked at you confused. You could feel your face growing hot with embarrassment as you shook your head in reply.

“Ah, no, umm…I meant…” you let out an exhausted sigh, closing your eyes to compose yourself. _Imagine he’s an old man. An old man like Mr. Lee from down the street. “Hi.”

He let out an amused chuckle. “Hello?”

You smile, a bit relieved. He looked less scary when his eyes were curled into crescent shapes.

“Umm, I’m sorry,” he said again, breaking you away from your trance. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“Ah…okay,” you mutter as you watch him pass you by and enter the waiting taxi across the street.

You looked at the bags of food in your arms in defeat. Sighing, you place the food by his door. You’ll just tuck a note in there to let him know your intentions. You were going to make him like you whether he wanted to or not.


A week passed and you made no progress. In fact, you had actually lost your Tupperware in the process. But were you going to give up? Absolutely not!

“Absolutely not!” you said aloud to Tuna and Sundae as if to reassure yourself. Ignoring your newfound energy, the cats stretched lazily before going back to their evening nap. You walked to your closet, hesitantly taking out your workout gear.

Every morning, without fail, your neighbor had gone running. Afterword though, he would disappear in a taxi and wouldn’t come back until late at night. You knew this from the two loud slams of the door he made when leaving for the day and then coming back home. You wonder if he had even eaten your home cooking. Nevertheless, you set your alarm clock to 5AM sharp. You were determined to be a kind neighbor!

But at the violent ring of your phone alarm going off at dawn, you suddenly didn’t feel so kind. You groaned, forcing yourself to rise from the safe and warm embrace of Tuna and Sundae who were snuggled closely across your neck and leg.

The cats groaned at your rustling but found solace in the warm empty space you left behind. You rolled your eyes at them, wishing you could switch places with them. Although you had to admit, if Tuna and Sundae were in your place they probably would’ve already been good old friends with your neighbor by now.

With one last exhale, you changed into your workout gear and reluctantly left the house. Outside was still cold. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. You looked across your yard to his door. No sign of life. After standing at your door for a few minutes you started to worry if he had already gone running.

But to your relief his door opens and there is your handsome neighbor in his running gear that hugs him in just the right places. You blush when he turns your way. He gives you a slight nod before walking down his steps. You follow quickly.

You were so determined to meet him again that you actually hadn’t planned what you were going to say when meeting him.

“M-Morn-” you started as you approached him.

However, maybe you had said it too softly, but he began lightly jogging away. You blushed with embarrassment, feeling silly after being ignored. But you were already outside and squeezed tightly into workout clothes you hadn’t worn since last summer. Nothing was going to stop you now!

And then he started sprinting.

You huffed after him, feeling your heart beating violently against your chest as your face grew hot with exhaustion. The cold morning air wasn’t much help as it entered your lungs, leaving you wheezing desperately.

You slowed to a stop, landing on the grass in defeat. By now he was already long gone out of your sight. You heaved in disappointment, trying to catch your breath and soothe the ache in your shins.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” you mutter to yourself, blowing at the hair in your face. You stretch out your legs, staring at the sky that was slowly glowing with soft orange hues. At least you had a pretty sunrise to pacify your painful exhaustion.

As you watched the sun slowly rise from the horizon, you could understand why he got up so early. This was a pretty sight to see.

You were ready to walk back home now when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around, tearing your eyes from the sky only to see your neighbor looking at you with concern.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, taking a seat beside you.

“A-ah, y-yeah,” you quickly mumble, trying hard not to stare at the sweat running down his face and dripping to his collar bones.

“I’m Im Jaebum by the way,” he introduced, sticking out his hand towards you. You take his hand gently, trying hard not to smile too widely.


“Sorry about before, Y/N,” Jaebum looked at you with a sheepish smile. “I didn’t mean to be rude when I walked away suddenly.”

You shake your head vigorously. “No, no it’s okay. I was the one who stopped by so suddenly.”

He looked at you for a moment. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re wheezing.”

You turned red with embarrassment, trying to breathe less so he wouldn’t hear.

“I’m fine,” you mutter with constricted lungs.

He laughed, his eye curling as he patted your back soothingly. “No, please, breathe normally. The wheezing should subside once your body finds its balance again. Do you have asthma?”

You shake your head, watching as Jaebum grabs hold of your hand, placing two fingers softly against your pulsating wrist. You blush. His fingers are a bit rough but have a warm touch.

“Must be the cold air then. Don’t force your body to run too hard, it’ll only hurt your body more in the long run.”

You nod softly, glancing up at his face as he stares down at your wrist. At a closer look, he didn’t seem as scary as he did in his leather jacket. His brown hair fell delicately over his eyes. He was literally glowing with the sun shining on his face.

You gulped, looking back down before he caught you. “Are you a doctor?”

He lifted his head with a smile. “No, actually I work at a local clinic. I’m a physical therapist for people with disabilities.”

“So you’re a doctor,” you smiled, noticing his tone shifting as he talked about his profession.

He chuckled softly, a glint in his eyes at seeing your own smile. “Tell my parents that.”

“But you are!” You say, trying not to yell it. “Sounds like you’re doing something great and meaningful. What parent wouldn’t be proud of a son like you?”

He looked away shyly. “You’re really good with your words.”

You laugh at this. “Actually, I’m a writer. Nothing big though, just small stuff for a magazine.

“Oh really? I’d love to read some of your stuff.”

You chuckle. “My cats will be so relieved to know I’ve found someone new to read to.”

Jaebum’s ears perked up at this. He turned to you with a wide smile. “Cats?”

“Tuna and Sundae,” you say proudly. You could see his eyes widening with excitement.

“I have three cats,” Jaebum said enthusiastically. “Nora, Odd, and Kunta.”

You can’t help but squeal a little. You loved meeting fellow cat lovers. You wheezed out a cough, your lungs constricting from the feelings of excitement. Jaebum laughed, rubbing your back again.

“You don’t run much do you?” he chuckled.

You blush. “Not really. To be honest, I was just trying to talk to you…so I could formally introduce myself.”

He grinned. “You know you could just knock on my door, right?”

“But where’s the excitement in that?” You joke. “I’m a writer remember?”

“Ah, of course, of course.”

“But in all seriousness, it did feel like this was my only option. You leave so early and don’t come home til late at night.”

“Ah yeah, sorry about that. My schedule has been hectic since I’ve just moved in.”

“No need to apologize. I feel sorry for your cats though.”

“Oh, I see you’re the guilt-tripping type.”

You laugh, halfway coughing again, but the pain was all worth it. I mean, look at you now, having a better conversation than you’ve ever had with Mr. Lee or Mrs. Baek. “Did you try the food?”

He stopped rubbing your back and gave you a thumbs up. “It was the best meal I’ve had in years!”

You look up in surprise. “R-really?”

He nodded. “I’m so grateful to have such a kind neighbor.”

“Ayy, you shouldn’t eat random food outside your door though,” you teased, trying to hide the blush growing from his compliment.

He chuckled. “But you left a note.”

“Ah, that’s true,” you agreed thoughtfully.

“I’m sorry about the containers. I’ve been meaning to give them back to you, it’s just…”

“Oh, it’s alright. Take your time, I know you’re a busy person,” you reassure him with a smile. He looked at you, his cheeks turning slightly pink. He rubbed the nape of his neck, looking away from you.

“I guess that too, but…mostly, I’m just not good at talking to pretty girls.”

Your eyes widen as your lips curl into a smile reflexively. “P-pretty?”

“Ahhh~!” he yelled in embarrassment, hiding his face in his arms. You laugh as his ears go bright red. You were glad you weren’t the only one feeling shy.

“And this whole time I thought you were going to be a scary new neighbor,” you chuckle. “Turns out you’re just a soft cat dad.”

He chuckled, lifting his head from his hands. “Well, turns out you’re prettier in person.”

You blushed, looking away shyly.

“I mean, kind of a stalker too,” he added jokingly. “But seeing as you’ve suffered enough this morning, I’ll let it slide.”

He winked at you teasingly.

“You should stop by my clinic one day,” he offered. “Some physical therapy might help you out.”

You roll your eyes at all his teasing.

“Well, if you’re being so kind, I’d also like to offer my hand in caring for your cats when you’re gone. Since I work at home,” you grin mischievously. “Some human presence might help them feel less neglected.”

Jaebum stared you down, his mouth slightly open in dismay.

“Wow, Y/N, you’re kind of savage.”

“But still pretty right?” You smile sweetly. “Jaebum-sshi, I’m pretty right? Still pretty?”

Trying to conceal his smile, Jaebum rose from his seat on the grass. You laugh, watching him walk away. You quickly rise, following after him, giggling the whole way home as he tries his best to ignore you. 

Foggy Memories

Request: hello! can I please request a 10 & 16 for Jungkook pls! thank you so much in advance💖

10) Your bias loses their memory and can’t remember you. You have to find a way to help them get their memory back. 

16) Your bias reads fanfics without knowing you are the author.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: BTS Jungkook x Y/N x (ft. Jin)

Type: angst/fluff

It had been two weeks since the car accident. BTS were heading back from the airport when they were side-swiped by a taxi, causing their manager who was driving to swerve, overcorrect, and plow into several other cars. 

My Jungkook was the only one in the van who hadn’t put on a seat belt. 

All of the boys came out relatively unscathed. Jin broke a few fingers, Jimin got a black eye…

but Jungkook hit his head on the dashboard. 

And he hasn’t remembered me since. 

After daily visits with the doctor for the first week, it was decided that Jungkook had lost the ability to recall his short term memories, which included me. We had been dating a few months, but he only remembered glimpses of me, of our friendship, not of the shy and awkward phone calls in the middle of the night, not of his shaking hands and sweaty palms. He didn’t remember our first date to the arcade or our first kiss playing truth or dare in the middle of Bangtan’s dorm. He could get the memories back with time, but he would need prompting. It was a long and frustrating situation for the both of us, but I wasn’t giving up. 

“Hey Kookie,” I sighed, plopping on the bean bag beside his bed. 

“Hey,” he sighed, his eyes unmoving from the computer screen. My heart fell to my feet. I tried to shake off the lack of excitement in his voice upon my appearance. I shot a glance to Jin who was lounging across the room in his bed. He returned my look with a sad smile. 

“How are you?” I asked quietly. 

“The same,” he grumbled. My heart hurt. Jungkook was more frustrated than I was, and understandably so. He was incredibly angry with himself. He would lash out on those around him and mainly stayed sequestered in his room, which was the opposite of the progress we needed him to make. 

“Mmm,” I hummed. The silence in the room was thick and awkward. I eased up out of the bean bag chair and motioned for Jin to follow me. I heard him sigh as his feet hit the hard wood. 

“Kookie, you need anything?” he asked, patting the maknae on the shoulder. 

“I’m fine, thank you,” Jungkook responded numbly. His fingers slid subconsciously along the bandage placed on his forehead and he sighed. 

Jin met me in the hallway and shut the door behind me. 

“I know,” he whispered. Jin pulled me into his arms and set his chin on my forehead. “It’s hard for all of us…”

“But you weren’t forgotten completely,” I whimpered. 

“I know Y/N,” Jin said quietly, keeping me held in the hug. I felt like I was being hugged by a parent or an older brother, but it was what I needed right now. 

“What if he never remembers me?” I mumbled, trying to keep the tears from falling down my face. 

“He will,” Jin nodded, pulling back to look me in the eyes. “He just needs time…and he needs you to not give up on him.”

Jin let go of me and began walking down the hall. “I believe in you,” he whispered. 

I nodded and tried to psych myself up as I put my hand back onto the door. 

I slowly eased it open, but pushed it more quickly as I heard Jungkook begin to cough. 

“Kookie…are you okay?” I gasped, sliding into the room. 

“I’m…i’m not sure?” Jungkook stuttered. He slid his computer screen over to me and my heart froze. 

“Only Fools Fall,” I whispered, my eyes growing wide as I read the title of the tumblr post. 

“Didn’t I do a song cover that went like that?” Jungkook whispered, crinkling his eyebrows.  “Only fools fall for you…only fools fall…”

“You…you did,” I choked, as I scrolled quickly up and down the page. 

“I typed in my name on google…and this is one of the first things that came up,” Jungkook sighed. “I started reading it…and i think…is this a fanfiction?”

The air was escaping my lungs rapidly. “Yeah…this is a fanfiction.”

“The weird part though…the weird part is that it felt too real? Almost like I remembered it? But…with you?” Jungkook sighed, shaking his head. “Fans write these things about me? About being in relationships?”

“Fans…girls…me,” I croaked, closing my eyes and stepping back slowly.

“…you?” he squeaked. It seemed as if he was shaking cobwebs from his head as he shook it in disbelief. “You wrote fanfiction…about me? But…but you know me?”

I leaned back and plopped onto Jin’s bed, placing my head in my hands. 

“I liked you for a really long time before you ever noticed me Jungkook,” I sighed. “Please don’t think less of me…”

“He placed his hand underneath my chin, his fingers shaking nervously,” Jungkook read quietly. “His members shouted in the background, egging us on for the inevitable kiss.”

I closed my eyes and decided I would rather be set aflame than sit here and have Jungkook read my own fanfiction back to me. 

Especially fanfiction that was based on an actual event that occurred for us. This oneshot was eerily similar to what would become our first kiss. 

“His lips were awkward against mine, but I didn’t mind because they were there,” Jungkook continued quietly. 

“You really don’t have to read it,” I sighed, refusing to open my eyes. “At least not aloud.”

“And as our lips separated, I was content with the fact of knowing he was mine…” Jungkook trailed off. He wrinkled his forehead and looked over to me. “Y/N?”

“You want me to leave?” I asked, still looking anywhere but at him. “I can leave, you don’t have to ask me…matter of fact I will escort myself out.”

I stood and took the walk of shame towards the exit when two words from his mouth stopped me. 

“Hey squish,” he whispered. 

I stopped. I felt like my feet were cemented onto the floor. I had never experienced the feeling of my heart being pushed to my feet and soaring up to my throat at the same time. I spun slowly and faced him, trying to keep tears from escaping my eyes. 

“Hey squish,” I repeated. My heart was about to explode. Our silly little nickname for each other. 

“This…this reminds me…of our first kiss,” Jungkook said slowly, his face focused. “When…we were playing that…that stupid game of jenga truth or dare?” 

“You thought it was stupid?” I chuckled. 

“As soon as I got the cube that said to kiss someone…” Jungkook laughed quietly. “My palms started sweating because I knew it was going to be you…

…it was always you.”

“…but…but you remember?” I hiccuped, the tears now dangerously close to dripping out. 

“I think so,” Jungkook whispered. “It’s like it’s in slow motion, and foggy…but it’s there…like a fuzzy television when we were kids…”

I nodded, stepping back towards Jungkook and leaning beside his bed. 

“Not to sound weird…” Jungkook continued. “But…can you kiss me?”

“You…you want me to kiss you?” I said, trying to hide the smile on my face. “Yesterday you couldn’t even remember my name. Today you read fanfiction I wrote about you.” 

“But I think…maybe if I kiss you…those memories might turn into something HD…and fanfiction becomes reality?”

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A Cheating Change (Jimin- angst)

@chanyeols-confetti : WHADUPP I NEED JIMIN ANGST :) Where he admits to cheating and it’s all sad, make me cry thanks.

Band member: Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Angst
Summary: Jimin confesses to cheating

Part 1 is here

When did it get like this?

You sat at the edge of the bed, tapping your feet impatiently on the carpet and drumming your fingers of your lap as the same question repeated itself in your mind over and over again. Your eyes were dreary and heavy, you craved for some sleep but you weren’t able to rest. You hadn’t been able to rest for the past couple of months.

With a hopeless sigh, you glanced at the alarm clock again. The red numbers flashed up and you swallowed, the horrible feeling of dread tightening in your stomach again. It was almost two o clock and once again, you were awake and alone with the other side of the bed cold and empty.

You understood Jimin, your boyfriend of two years, had a lot on his plate but so did his other six fellow band members. They still managed to find time to be with the ones they loved and yet Jimin couldn’t.

A terrible thought arose; what if Jimin doesn’t love you anymore?

It was quite easy for you to shake doubts away but this one you couldn’t. What if Park Jimin, the handsome, wonderful man you loved and cared and would sacrifice anything for, didn’t love you back? The thought made you feel sick.

You thought back to your original question: when did it get like this? Honestly, you didn’t know. For the past two years you and Jimin were as happy as ever. He was romantic, sweet and caring. He always had time for you, and if he didn’t he’d make sure to drop a text, even if it was only just one a day. Now you’d be lucky if you even got a text. Jimin was always out, from before you woke and all the way till after you were asleep. Sometimes you didn’t even think he came home. From having a joyous, vivacious apartment shared between two it managed to transform into a lonely, glum prison keeping just one captive. Where was Jimin? Why was he doing this to you?

You reached for the frame sat on your bedside cabinet, smiling sadly. It was a beautiful photograph of you and Jimin, hugging each other at the MAMA awards, you beautiful and him handsome. How happy you both were, and now you were both so miserable.

Hot tears rolled down your cheek and you jumped at the sound of a door being shut. You sat up, forcing a smile as the bedroom door opened and Jimin stepped in.

His light hair was tousled and his tanned cheeks were slightly red. His clothes were dishevelled and there were faint marks tracing down his neck. Jimin swallowed, adjusting his shirt and his dark eyes locked with yours.
“Y/N, what are you doing up at this time? It’s late.” You flinched at the sound of your name. He used to call you ‘Jagi’ before but that stopped.
“I could ask you the same thing, Jimin.” You spat bitterly, his name like poison in your mouth. You stood up, still clutching the frame and tears began to spill as you held it above his face. “Or have you forgotten I exist? Have you forgotten how I’m your girlfriend, how I love you and how I wait here, night after night, waiting for you hopelessly? Waiting for my boyfriend that’s never there, who might as well not even be my boyfriend?! Does our relationship not even matter anymore?!” Through your angry tears, you raise your arm, ready to throw the stupid frame but Jimin caught your arm before you could. He slowly prised it out from your grip and he smiled sadly at it.
“Don’t,” he muttered, stroking the photograph fondly. “It’ll be the only reminder I have of you after I tell you.” Your heart began to pump heavily. Your throat grew dry and beads of sweat began to moisten your hands.
“T-tell me what, Jimin?” Jimin looked up, and you were surprised to see his dark eyes glazed with tears. He blinked and a tear rolled down his cheek.
“I-I’ve been cheating on you.” His voice broke and more tears began to stream down his handsome face before he rushed out of the room.

Your world had stopped. Your heart didn’t beat anymore. You fell to your knees, frozen and still with shock then it finally registered. He, your Jimin, was having an affair. The tears began and you sank further into the floor, holding yourself as you cried. Nobody loved you anymore- you only had yourself and even now you despised your own body and soul.

If only you had been more fun. If only you were prettier. If only you were smarter and sexier and just a better girlfriend then perhaps Jimin wouldn’t have to go seek affection from someone else. That’s when you realised; this wasn’t your fault, it was his.

Dragging yourself off the floor and still in a sobbing heap, you made your way to the living room where Jimin was. He was sat on the sofa, crying too and clutching the frame close to his chest. The sight of him burned and you raised a shaking finger.
“Don’t you dare cry!” You hissed. “You brought this upon yourself!” He nodded.
“I know, Jagi, I know.” He said and you scoffed.
“Don’t you dare call me your Jagi! I don’t know who else you’ve been calling that!” Jimin forced himself to look at you. Seeing the sight of you hurt him even more.

“Why would you do this, Jimin?” You whispered. Drained with the tears, you didn’t have the energy to shout. “Was I not enough? Do you not love me?”
“Of course I do, Y/N!” Jimin cried, standing up and clutching your shoulders. You pulled away, shaking your head miserably.
“Stupid question, you didn’t love me at all. You may have loved me before but whilst you were cheating on me you didn’t care about me one single bit.” You looked up at him, locking your tear-filled eyes with his. “Who is she, Jimin?” Jimin swallowed, his heart thudding with guilt.
“She’s called Hani.” You blinked at the unfamiliarity of the name.
“Who?” Jimin exhaled, rubbing at his eyes tiredly.
“She’s a rookie at Big Hit. We met there a few months ago and it just happened.” Tears stung your eyes. You were always ale to trust Jimin but after this, after all these lies, it turned out you couldn’t. Who else couldn’t you trust anymore? You had given Jimin everything and he had only gone and broke your heart. There was no point telling him this- he had already cheated on you- and you sank into the sofa, wiping at your wet cheeks and eyes.

“Leave.” You ordered stiffly. “Go and take all your stuff. Anything you leave I’m burning just because I can’t do it to you.” A look of horror filled Jimin’s face and he sank to his knees. He leant over to touch you but you turned away, not wanting to look at him in fear you’d break into tears all over again.
“Y/N, please don’t- I love you!” There was no point arguing and you scoffed, rolling your eyes.
“Just go, Jimin, or else I will.” You weren’t sure what his facial expression was; you couldn’t bear to look at him. Jimin slowly stood up and he left the room.

Around the apartment you could hear him pack his stuff loudly, almost as if if he made enough noise you’d realise you were being silly and would take him back. But you weren’t being silly. You were doing the right thing because Jimin had hurt you and you weren’t going to let that happen.

Minutes passed and finally Jumin returned with a bag. He picked up the frame, tears staining his cheeks and he sniffed.
“I’ll never stop loving you, Y/N.” He made for the door which he stopped at when hearing your soft remark.
“You’ll never stop loving her either.” The door was wrenched open and slammed shut, silence falling upon the lonely apartment. You stared around, an emptiness settling within your broken heart, and the silence was cracked with your heavy tears.

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We never stopped,
Not really wanting to hurt him but actually a silly provocation of hurting him, We never stopped touching him at wounds which never stopped hurting, we never held our tongues in vicinity of our mouth,
unbeknownst of results we usually took shot at his wounds, there was no end to our insane confrontations, our fights, our accusations, cos we thought we were family and things said by a family member can easily be forgotten, we thought a person can not take insults to heart while being humiliated by family members so we thought he wouldn’t, we were wrong in our assumptions of taking it that light, we lost him to demons we kept reminding him of. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
Obvious Delight

 “You’re so warm…” Cooing softly like a pampered child, Hana nuzzled closer into to the warmth of his chest. Arms tightly wrapped around his waist, the Nohrian noble even slid one step closer, playfully shoving him as if the hug alone didn’t fully catch his attention.

 Ah well, Takumi was still thrilled beyond belief to receive such an attention; the prince knew she was only like this toward him.

 “Geez…” Chuckling once to stifle the embarrassment that brightly splashed his face, Takumi showered more and more loving kisses to the top of her head. His lips then slid down to her forehead, soft lips brushing the smooth skin until he reach the top end of her deep scar. His eyes still closed, Takumi pulled back just the slightest so that he could continue his silent little kissing fit.

 One hand gingerly patting the back of her head, Takumi traced his kisses to the black scar that was marked across her right eye. Mmchu, mmchu, his lips pecked and stroked softly, nose then gently brushing her own that it burst out a sheepish, blissful giggle from her warm, pink, mouth-


 Takumi then stopped. 

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EXO Reaction to You Wanting to Break Up Due to Insecurities

Ah, such a sad thought. Dating any of these boys would be so amazing but so hard at the same time. I really hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He stared at you in confusion before laughing. “Ah, funny joke, jagiya. It’s funny you think that breaking my heart would change how I feel about you. That’s so funny that you think I am too good for you because it makes you sound stupid. That’s funny jagi that you think I would choose anyone but you. Stop being funny. I am the funny one.” He said as he looked at you. He used all the sarcasm, hoping you would realize how silly you sounded.

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Chanyeol: He listened as you told him, nodding every now and then, but you could see the pain in his eyes. You started walking away, but he stopped you before you could leave. “You can’t just say something like that and leave. You didn’t even give me a chance to say anything. Don’t leave me. You are more than just ‘any other girl’ to me, you are my love. Please don’t go.” His deep voice wavered at the end and your heart broke as you realized how much he truly loves you.

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Chen: “Nope.” He blatantly said. You tried arguing with him, tears in your eyes as you spoke. “Nope. Now stop being stupid and just accept that you aren’t leaving me.” He said again and took your hand. You spent the day thinking over your idea and realized that if he was this persistent about not letting you leave, then you must mean something to him.

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D.O.: He refused to look up at you as you spoke. Tears were streaming down your face and you felt even worse. You hated that you had wasted his time, but you could no longer believe someone like him would ever like someone like you. “Well, if that is truly what you want, I don’t want to fight you. But please understand that I love you, and I will always love you.” He whispered. You told him you had to think over it and left him feeling down all day, in no mood to do anything.

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Kai: His heart felt like it was going to stop. He had no idea what to say and no idea how to feel, but all he knew was that he couldn’t lose you. He simply grabs your hand as you are about to leave and gives you a look of love, admiration, dedication, pain, and desperation all in one.”Please don’t go.” The look itself is enough to break your heart and make you understand that you are being rash. (You should readI Can’t Take It if you like an idea like this)

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Lay: He stared at you in confusion, something now really new to him, as you spoke. “But I don’t understand how you leaving me would help? Why do you want us both to be unhappy?” He questioned in an innocent voice. You tried to explain it to him, but you were starting to realize that it really didn’t make any sense. “Don’t be so silly baobie, you are the one who is supposed to always make sense in the relationship.” He said with an angelic smile; never understanding how serious you were.

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Sehun: “I just don’t see how someone as amazing as you could ever love a normal girl. You deserve better.” You told him sadly as you stood in front of him. He simply shrugged his shoulders. “You’re right. Someone like me wouldn’t like a normal girl. But that’s why I love you. Because you are so much more than a normal girl.” He said in his typical mocking voice. When you looked up at him in shock, he pulled you into his arms and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Now stop thinking stupid things like that.”

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Suho: “Are you doing this because you really want to or are you being pressured? Is the company or the fans telling you to leave me? Do you want to run away with me? I can buy us a house outside of the city. I will do anything to keep you with me. Please, I need you in my life.” He said in a serious tone as he started looking for train tickets and homes for rent. You stopped him quickly, clearly shown how much he truly loved you.

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Xiumin: He watched your lips move, but he wasn’t quite understanding what you were saying. “I know I’m not great at languages, but I think I am hearing things. Did you say you want to leave me? Because you are too normal? Because you honestly think that will help in any way?” His eyes became harsh as he stared at you. “Are you stupid jagi? Why would you leave me for something so stupid? I love you, so just accept that.”

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there is nothing better in the world than playful jily

lily stealing his glasses to do silly impressions of him, pushing them up on the bridge of her nose and leaning against the wall trying to look cool while james rolled his eyes but gave a big goofy grin at the same time

james doing improvised poetry just to make her laugh, managing to find the most ridiculous rhymes while speaking in the most dramatic tone he could without breaking into laughter while lily was in hysterics

james spinning her around and dancing with her around the common room, making her spin and dip him as well while they both tripped over each other’s feet, laughing

lily and james doing impressions of the other marauders, clutching their hearts dramatically as they impersonated sirius and causing whoever wasn’t the target of their teasing at the moment become unable to stop from having a good time, laughing and shoving the butt of the joke (who usually couldn’t help but grin as well)

lily stealing kisses from him at inappropriate times and when james would feign disbelief (“why, ms. evans!) lily would just giggle and reply "well, who’s going to stop me? the head boy?”

just lily and james being silly and playful and teasing each other and bringing out the light in one another

So, Jack and Bitty have been together for a year, but I can’t stop thinking about That Day, Jack’s graduation, and how Bitty must have felt. He was ready to let him go. You can see it when he’s hugging Jack as they’re saying goodbye, how he’s barely holding it together. 

And just … imagine him walking back to the Haus afterwards. He’s so used to putting on a brave face, but it must have been so hard. Walking past all those people who are probably still scattered all over campus, smiling for them so they can’t see his poor little heart breaking inside.

Because Jack is leaving and he’s not coming back and of course Bitty never told him how he felt, he has no idea Jack is even capable of reciprocating his feelings. So he pushes them down like he’s used to, like he always had to. But that day, Jack’s leaving and even if he thinks he’d never have a chance with him anyway, this still hurts because they were friends and they’ve become so close lately and now everything’s gonna change forever and dammit he loves this awkward sweet ridiculous Canadian hockey robot so much and he can’t just stop and it hurts.

And he walks past all those people on campus back to the Haus and up the stairs and oh there’s Jack’s old room that Jack will never ever live in ever again and he just has to go inside and whatever he can just as well help Chowder organise his stuff while he’s here and fold some of his sweaters or whatever.

He listens to some music, maybe to distract himself, maybe to cheer himself up, but oh god even that reminds him of Jack and he can’t help it, he starts crying. He can’t not. Jack is gone now. They’ve said their goodbyes and they’ll still be friends but he’s gone and Bitty still loves him so much so much and he’ll miss him more than he can say. It already hurts and it’s not even been half an hour, and he has no idea how to stop being in love, he can’t stop hurting and he can’t hold back the tears.

And then he’s right there all of a sudden, right there, Jack, out of breath and his eyes all wide and desperate and he’s looking at Bitty like that. Jack. Looking at Bitty.

Bitty knows his own face looks like he’s been crying. But Jack is here and looks like he’s been running, and he won’t stop staring at Bitty with all those emotions on his stupid perfect face and Bitty can feel his silly little heart speed up even though he knows it’s stupid, this can’t mean … it can’t mean …

But then Jack is in his space, reaching for him, leaning in, and for a moment he is too stunned to even close his eyes because he loves this dumb impossible wonderful hockey nerd so much and this can’t really be happening, can it?

But Jack is touching him and holding onto him and … he kisses him. Jack kisses him. And when they pull apart Jack is the one who looks at Bitty like he’s completely overwhelmed, like he never wants to let go.

And he kisses him again. And for once, Bitty’s too stunned, too overwhelmed to even cry. Jack promises to text him. And he does. It’s … so much. So much. Bitty never expected any of it. He’d resigned himself to not having this, ever. He’d already walked away and felt his heart breaking.

He’d been feeling so sad, so lonely, so heartbroken. And then Jack ran all the way across campus to make him feel the happiest he’d ever been and now they get to celebrate the anniversary of that day for the rest of forever and they both deserve that so, so much.

This needs to stop

Well first i’d really like to speak from the heart.

Being honest, I love writing for you guys, I love expressing my ideas and my own personal way of creativity out for everyone to enjoy, it’s fun to laugh with others on a silly mistake or on a joke made, it’s nice to hear that people enjoy the stories altogether, but most of all it’s amazing when my stories bring others ideas, or gives them inspiration, I write because I love to, and because I love to please others.

I will always appreciate people who are fans or people who are just stopping by to give it a quick read- even if they don’t like it, it means a lot to me that you took the time out of your day to read something I wrote and made with enthusiasm, be it you read two sentences or two chapters.

Getting to the topic I wanted to discuss, in which most people might just turn their heads and look away from this post at this point, is the issue of ‘cyber bullying’, ‘harassment’, and most importantly the fandoms- or in this case this fandom. Though it applies to all.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone on a subject within a game, but it is a completely different thing entirely when you threaten, harass, etc. to said person.

Harassment, in short explanation, is per say, pushing something onto someone, (metaphorically; physically) when it isn’t wanted.

If you are persistent in your belief that, ‘Mario is actually blue instead of red’ that’s fine, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that- but when you push that onto someone continuously, after they’ve expressed that they see it their way and that they might not see it the way you do, and you make them uncomfortable or annoyed in any way, that’s harassment. You might be thinking, ‘i already know this’ or 'this has been said before-’ but apparently a good portion of this site’s people don’t and it hasn’t been said enough times for this to be continuing.

Once more to be clear I’ll even put the definition right here,

(either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.

Now that the definition is clear- let me just say this:

I have seen, absolutely horrid behavior, from both children on here, and adults. I have seen fighting between other people that was in some cases silly and meant to be taken lightly, that’s fine- but then there are the other fights- the kind that involve words that threaten other people, the kind that actually spit out such ugly and hateful things- even at times them being racial comments. But the one that I really cannot believe I’ve seen over something so small- is the disgusting words 'kill yourself’ targeted at another human being.

This gets me angry to the point- where I would want to say something awful back, but let me just try to break down why you should never, ever EVER under ANY circumstances whatsoever tell somebody this.

For starters, you don’t have a god damn clue that they could be going through. Not a damn thing. They could be clinging to a character, or to a headcanon, or to a simple idea that for whatever personal reason keeps them afloat, and then you come along and you saying that or anything else rude to them-
Making fun of them for their ideas, belittling them just because it doesn’t happen in the story or the game or whatever- you now have the full responsibility of whatever happens to them on your hands.

Anybody could be in a terrible situation right now, acting like it’s okay or like it doesn’t bother them- and then one wrong little tug and they can just come crashing down. Can you not see that, even in your own small insignificant way of speaking to another, anything rude you say at all could be the very thing that decides whether or not someone chooses to take their own life?

And what’s sad is, a lot of people don’t even care !!

It’s always when it’s too late that someone decides to say, “Oh, I’m sorry-” or “it was just a joke.”

But here’s a newsflash, if that person, actually goes and kills themselves- you know what’s gonna happen? You don’t get a second chance, you don’t get a free pass to just walk away, you’re responsible for their death. Meaning you can get arrested and charged with manslaughter, and serve up to 10 years in prison.

Not only do you kill that person, you have killed the other people who loved them, their mother, their father, their friends, their pets-

Whether you feel guilt or not is entirely on you, but if you’re awful enough to lead someone down this path then I have no sympathy for you and I honestly hope that guilt and regret does eat you alive.

Sadly enough this type of thing isn’t a surprise to the world, but the surprise really is how a lot of this starts, with things like I mentioned before. characters, stories, even art.

A lot of great artists and writers you hear about were once just like us, looking up to their inspirations and getting new ideas from their great stories and art so they could become their own unique individual. It’s no different than from today.

Maybe your version of Spy from Team Fortress 2 isn’t a smoker, and he’s a lot sweeter than he comes off as,

Maybe your Tank Dempsey from the Zombie franchise is mixed in with different races, maybe he’s black, maybe he’s Mexican,

Maybe your Yandere-chan from Yandere simulator isn’t even a bad person,

Maybe you have a pikachu that’s naturally pink instead of yellow,

Maybe your Sans and Papyrus from Undertale are actually humans-

The point is that these are their versions of the characters, maybe some are completely different from the actual thing but that’s okay!

So many of these ideas may be totally wonky or maybe some are more soft, sometimes ideas like these are so good and amazing that they become famous or well known.
If you dislike any idea from another person you can just politely say you don’t like that and walk away, it’s not like they’re holding a gun to your head and yelling at you to agree.
And if they are, then this entire thing goes to them too.

It literally costs nothing to be nice to someone,

But it costs everything to be mean.

Just think about what you’re saying before you go and decided to start being rude and spiteful toward others for them being themselves.

It won’t kill you to be nice.

You know I never used to be tied up in someone loving me or wanting to be my gf as validation of self worth until I had a relationship and I felt like what it was like to be truly and completely in love with someone all the time and now no one feels that way about me nor me about them and I don’t know if that will ever change because I look back and think would I rather be alone for the rest of my life? Or go through all this pain all over again? I know I’m being silly or whatever but I’ve had very few relationships at this point and its kind of a big deal to me considering my first ever gf straight up literally stopped messaging me for over a year and my second gf believed the worst of me and blocked me on everything and stopped talking to me. Like, relationships are kind if a big deal to me. I want to find someone who I can give my entire heart too and have that reciprocated back to me. So far its just been my cat. I’m just a sad lonely bitch. Dunno.

A new Ulquihime doodle because I’m trying hard to improve :( This time, with a short fanfic and music to go with it, I hope you will enjoy it, lovely Ulquihime fans :) (btw the mentioned boss = Kubo! bad bad Kubo for keeping Ulquiorra to himself : < )


“At the airport”

“Orihime was sitting at the bench in the far corner of the terminal. Her hands, one closed in the other, were shaking and sweating. How long has it been? How many days have they been robbed of?

 - It’s all my fault… - she whispered. How could she have done that? How could she have let him go? She was the only one who could have stopped this whole nonsens but instead she chose to meet Ichigo. Yes, she once thought she loved him but all the events that have happened ever since showed her clearly that it was a mistake. The man she truly cared for was now gone, he vanished like dust in the wind.

- How could I be so stupid?! - she raised her voice and hid her face in hands. Ulquiorra left that day - he got a job offer somewhere on the other side of the ocean. He did tell her, he said clearly… was she to say but a word, he would have stayed…if only she would have wanted him… Orihime’s hands formed fists. She was angry at herself for having been blind for so long. Each day Ichigo ignored her, each moment she made a fool out of herself for him, how pathetic… it was Ulquiorra who cheered her up, who poked her nose and took her out for a walk. She still remembered the day he confessed to her, told her she was his "heart”. She couldn’t imagine life without that man but it was only when he was gone that she realized the error of her ways. How long has it been since she saw him? She could barely remember his face anymore. He once sent her a letter telling her that his boss wouldn’t let him take any free days and that he isn’t sure if he will visit anytime soon…if ever. He asked about Ichigo, joking that him and Orihime are probably a happy couple by now and that he wishes them all the best. It was then when she bursted in tears and the biggest hysteria of her life left her breathless on the floor. When she finally decided to get up and put herself together, she grabbed a pen and began writing. Having sent the letter, she waited anxiously each and every day for his reply. And so the reply came:

“I’ll be there. Meet me at the airport at 4 p.m.”

When she read it, her heart skipped a couple of bits. She felt happy again, for the first time in ages. But it has been a couple of weeks since that message arrived and Ulquiorra never returned. She has been coming to the airport each and every day ever since she last heard from him, with hope that he will be there this time. However, that hope began to vanish.

- How foolish of me… He probably met someone else… Grimmjow worked in the same place but he is already back and still, he wouldn’t tell me a word about Ulquiorra… Maybe he just doesn’t want to return here anymore. Why would he… - Orihime took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was 6:00 p.m. Many people have already left and that area of the airport was almost empty. She stood up and began heading towards the exit. As she was almost there, she smiled to herself at the memory of a conversation she once had with Ulquiorra. 

“” - No, Ulquiorra, a heart is not something you can see! It’s something invisible - it dictates my emotions.

   - Invisible? Then how can you know it even exists, this is hopeless. Emotions? You speak of silly things.

   - Oh yea? Then why did you blush yesterday when I accidentally tripped and fell on you? 

   - W-woman! You are imagining things! Stop laughing right now!“”

The exit was now in front of her. 

- Heart… If only I had told you that you were my heart too… maybe then you would understand… maybe then you’d see how invisible stopped being such…

- Woman, I’m not surprised, you are talking nonsens like usual. - she heard suddenly and turned around. He was in front of her, smiling gently and she couldn’t recall ever seeing him as such.

- I’m sorry for being late. My boss held me back but I decided to quit. I heard you needed me… - he looked away with a blush. Orihime stopped resisitng and she rushed towards him, hugging to his chest with all her strength.

- You heard correctly… - she whispered and felt his arms around her body.

“Keep it, it’s yours anyways.”

Requested by @cookiedough1999: Part 3 to I got you. Could it be like they meet after a few years and hit it off again

Part 1 - “I ruined her” 

Part 2 - “I got you”

Writers note: obviously fake invitation, fake name of guy fake everything. get over it. thanks. 


I sighed reading the wedding invitation I received months ago and put it in my luggage. D and I are still best friends, but ever since that fight with Sammy, I moved out and haven’t seen her since, almost 10 years ago. Talk every week, but haven’t physically seen her in 9 years. I packed my stuff and flew back to LA. I got on the plane and started thinking, I thought in 9 years, I would be sending out wedding invitations for my wedding with mine.

Sometimes, when you get hurt time after time, you start to change your way of living. Stop going for certain people. Stop trusting some people. Not relying on others anymore. Only you can control your happiness. Getting hurt changes you. They take a piece of you with them. Your start protecting your heart even more. But after being in love with someone, you start looking for that same person in a different body. But when even one little thing is missing, like they don’t laugh at your silly little joke, you lose interest and start missing the one person you fell in love with. That’s what love does to you. Love will make you lose yourself and find yourself in the same breath. 

Even after years, you always forgive the people that hurt you, and you never forget the person that you fell in love with. No matter how hard you try. No matter how many people you love after that. You never forget your first real love. From time to time, I forget it sometimes. I forget who it was, how it felt like being in their arms, the touch of their lips, the smile on their face. Sometimes I forget and the pain goes away for a little. But it always ends up coming back.

“Y/N?” I was snapped out of my thoughts and turned my head. “D?!” We both ran to each other, hugged each other tight. “I’VE MISSED YOU!” “I’VE MISSED YOU TOO! OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO GOOD!” “So do you! Are you kidding me. You’re getting married in freaking 2 weeks! Are you ready for this? Who is this guy even? I have not even approved!” “Come on! You’ll love him.” She entangled my arm in hers and made our way to her car. 

We made it to her house, which happened to be the same one we shared together. I got out the car and stared at the house that holds many memories. I huffed out, and saw a guy come out with open arms. “You must be Y/N! Nice to finally meet you!” He embraces me in his arms and I hug him back. “Oh I like him already.” He grabs my things and we go inside the house. “So, where are you guys with wedding plans? I can help!” 

The give me things that needs help organizing. It was a good time with them, talking, laughing, catching up with D. It was nice. “Oh and Y/N, I need to ask you something.” D got up and sat next to me, “What…..” I started getting skeptical. “Will you be my maid of honor?” “FUCK YEAH I WILL!” I squealed hugging her. 

“I’m going to go roam around LA again!” I yell to the couple upstairs. “Take my car!” I grab her car keys and start driving around. I just drove wherever it felt right. I ended up in a neighborhood that had one of my favorite danishes. I park and made my way inside. I looked around, inhaling the different pastries being baked. I looked at the menu, 

“Y/N?” I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me. I slowly turned around and saw him standing there, Sammy Wilkinson, face shocked. A genuine smile planted on my face as I held my breath, “Sammy?” I slowly walked to him and hugged him, head lying on his chest. His arms wrapped around my body, his head lying on top of my head. He just hugged me and then started hugging me tighter. “What’re you doing-” We both said at the same time and started laughing. “I haven’t seen you since,” He stopped talking and bit the bottom of his lip. “I’m sorry…” “It’s been almost 10 years Sam. I actually forgive you. It’s okay.” He just looked at me with dismay. “Can I-I buy you something. Anything. Please.” He says fast. 

We both order and sit down, and started talking about what has been happening since. It felt great, actually seeing him again. Seeing his smile, hearing his laugh, hearing his voice. Everything just brings back memories. A smile just doesn’t leave my face and I can’t stop staring at him. What can I say, I’ve been in love with this boy since the day I met him till this day. “I-I just can’t believe this is happening right now. I never thought I’d be able to do this again, with you. Thi-this is great. This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” He smiled at me. My smile starts to fade and I frown a little, “Wh-what’s wrong?” 

“I, I know I forgave you. But I just, I just need to know why Sammy. Wh-why you did it. I just need to know why and I’ll never bring it up again..” I look up at him with watery eyes. “I-I don’t know. I was stupid. I was under temptation. But it’s no excuse. You were my girl at the time and I should’ve- I should’ve stopped. I never want to hurt a girl like that the way I hurt you. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He grabs my hand on the table and strokes his thumb on me. “I’m really really sorry I hurt you.” I took in a deep breath and sighed, “I know…. I know… No more bringing it up, I promise. So, any new girl in your life?” He just shook his head no, “No. You were my last real relationship. Kept getting scared I was going to fuck up again.” 

When I looked in his eyes, it pierced my soul. I felt something just looking into his eyes. “Can I see your wallet?” He raised his eyebrows and dug inside his pocket for his wallet, dropping it on the table. “The one I gave you for our anniversary, 9 years ago. Ahhh” I chuckled and grabbed it. I opened it, looking through it, like nothing changed with this wallet. I slip through where his cards and ID is and find the secret compartment. I open it and slid out the picture. It was a picture of us, on the beach, on our first “date,” hangout technically. But we considered it a date. Him in his swim trunks, sun glasses on, hair wet and messy with his arm wrapped around my shoulder and half smiling. Me in my bikini and beach over up, sun glasses on, hair half up half down and hands to the side smiling. The sun setting behind us. Perfect picture moment. I smiled at the picture and turned it over to words written, “To my number 1.” and my lipstick stain on it. 

“You still have it. I loved this picture. Never got a copy.” I dropped the picture in front of him. He picked it up, smiling and sighing, “There’s never a day where I don’t look at it.” I smile at him. “This was the day I told you I loved you, haha, I remember.” He said, playing with the picture. “Even after only knowing you for 2 weeks, I told you I loved you. You were so perfect to me. Everything about you I just loved and I knew I loved you from the first time we talked. But you didn’t run away. You didn’t look shocked. You didn’t ignore the fact that I said it. You just smiled, kissed my cheek, and told me one day you will love me…. And you did.” He blushed, smiling at himself and dropped his head down. “I still love you, you know. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re still my number 1..” He looked up at me with sad eyes. 

“I know. I know.” I whispered. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have spilled that on you. You’re probably moved on with your life with another guy-” “I still love you too.” He just stares at me shocked. “What?” “Would you like to be my date to Delany’s and Nico’s wedding? But I’m the maid of honor so,” “What a relief. That would’ve been so awkward. Cause I’m the best man. So I would love to be your date to their wedding.” He chuckles. “How are you-” “Nico is my best friend. I introduced him to Delany.” We just sat there for a moment, looking at each other.

“Well I should get going. Delany might want her car back. It was nice seeing you Sammy. I’ll see you at the rehearsal dinner.” I nervously grabbed my stuff. “Here,” he grabs everything from my arms getting out of the booth, “i’ll walk you to the car.” We get to the car and i put my stuff in the front seat. “It was nice seeing you too Y/N.” I think for a second and went for it. I grab his face in my hands and smashed his lips against mines. Our tongue synced together and I pulled away, both of us breathing slightly hard. I loverly my head and my forehead is leaning against his lips. “I should, uh, get going.” I part away from him and start walking to the drivers side. He jogs behind me, “Here, take this.” He offers me the picture of us from his wallet to me. 

Keep it, it’s yours anyways.” I smile at him pushing it back to him. “Besides, there’s a lot more pictures where that came from.” I smiled at him, making him smile like crazy. “Can I take you out to dinner tomorrow or this weekend or something…. Please..” He asks with hands on his hips with hope on his face.” I just smile, “Pick me up at 7 tomorrow.” I get in the car and drive back to D’s, finally feeling genuinely happy again. 

SJWS: This will be my only superserious response to your madness from here out. (Besides laughing.)

REAL talk and tough love.
if you are any of those annoying so called Social Justice Warriors. (For example, nazi-feminist, racist, sexist ranters.) Have a listen. Okay, so you really won’t listen… But maybe when you’re all grown and finally want to become a decent human being, maybe then this will hit home.

There is no such thing as reverse racism- it’s just racism. Many straight white males are awesome people. Men aren’t born to rape you. White people aren’t inherently privileged or have savior complexes. You’re so very wrong and way off in your thinking… Not to mention your people skills SUCK.

No normal person (Yes, NORMAL: disabled, trans, gay, straight, black, white, what have you) even TALKS like you do in a normal setting. And NO, no one cares if you THINK it should be the norm.

No. No. Nope. Stop right there… Whatever silly shit you’re thinking is wrong.

You have no actual real concept of how the world works with your victim bleeding heart full of “oppression.” and hypocrisy. Only this creepy little fantasy land here on Tumblr. I don’t know how you could possibly even have a real life social circle, with how creepy you all can be.

Grown ups do not behave this way, and you will not get anywhere EVER with the sad and pathetic outlook you have on life.

Get it together.

Get a fucking backbone.

Stop being a cry baby.

Become a productive member of society.

I wish survival of the fittest would actually work in today’s day and age just a bit faster, because people like you are just a heavy burden to our society. We can’t advance if the people who think like you ever crawl out of the social justice circles of the internet. Fortunately for us, you’re all hermits and socially too awkward to do anything more then cry on your keyboard.

The majority of you are children throwing tantrums and crying about “oppression.” Oh, suck it. You have no idea what real oppression is and probably never will. You’re a pathetic keyboard warrior and nothing more. What the fuck have you actually done to help people?

Regular, real people can’t and won’t cater to your strange, harmful, and off putting behavior.

You just continue to be a freak on the internet while real, NORMAL white, black, trans, straight, bi, gay, disabled, etc. people lead happy and healthy lives.

Im sorry if it “hurts your feelings” but the majority (yes! That darn privileged majority) doesn’t give two flying fucks if your stupid wittle feewings are hurt :(

You know why we are the majority? Us NORMAL people? And so called privileged no matter what race, culture, gender, disability or lack thereof?

Because WE ARE the survivors.

We are the doers. We are the real people that put sweat, blood and tears. into this world to make it better. Not you. Not people who think like you.

You and these so called Social Justice warriors… sit in a dark corner of the internet crying… Moaning… waiting for your shit filled diaper to be changed, then when someone finally wants to do it or you so you finally shut the fuck up? you yell at them and cry harder for making you a victim… For OPPRESSING you.

WE are strong.

WE are a community without labels, we evolve. We aren’t yuppy cry babies and we certainly don’t need labels, fancy new pronouns, pity or a victim mindset to feel like we are worth something. Soon people who think like you will move on or die out with your skewed views of the world… Because


No one cares. Get it? You can’t change that. But you can change being an idiot. Stop crying, stop being weak, pick yourself up off your crutches and move the fuck on and actually enjoy life before everyone figures out how big of a stupid asshole you really are.

You’re wasting time. Better get on it. :)

I just really need to talk about Michael..           


Okay lets start with fetus mikey

I think this was a special time for us

he has  FUCking SwEaTER PAws

dat fringe tho

Okay now lets talk about silly michael

Michael u okay?




Okay.. moving on.. now lets go onto wow just bang me michael

just look at those eyes

i can’t even

there goes my pants

Now lets just look at michael in general



look he’s being punk rock

Okay I need to go now before I give myself a heart attack over him OKAY BYE

Nuvole Bianche
aka time 2 cry yourself 2 sleep ha

~hit play and read;
this should be read in the perspective of yourself as a fan {of dan and phil lel}

warning; some parts may be slightly triggering~

You look at the familiar glow in front of you.
Life and the warm feel of your loved ones walking around the house, socializing, internet browsing, reading, feeling content. You are in your room, accompanied only by the family within your fandom.
Sharing the same emotions.
Despair, lost, alone.

You hear the loud clattering and chatting of life below you; in the kitchen as your mother and father cook dinner; laughing joyfully. The rest of your family watching TV – in hysterics at a funny show that’s being broadcasted.

But, here you are. Feeling only one emotion: sadness. Sitting cross legged on your bed, slumped, eyes wildly twitching, teeth gritted, hands clamped around your mouth – as it lowers increasingly. Life around you slows down, magnifying the negative – abolishing all positive things.

A single tear rolls down your rosy cheek.
Maybe it portrays independence; maybe the beginning of a flood to come. Maybe just a tear – a tear to trigger hell.

The bright multi-coloured fairy lights that once signified the quirkiness of youth were vanished. One by one, they faded to black and white. The walls around you falling, everything around you disappearing – your life is tumbling down.

You don’t realize it, but you’re sobbing.
Quietly; yet effective.
The flood has come, and is stealing your body.
Your happiness.
Your source of lust.
Your sun.

You look up, with your wet eyes at the blurred screen in front of you; they feel like they are burning – what does it matter? Nothing will be the same.

Hands shaking; you scroll down the article that triggered your heart to stop.

The fact is there – right there. So close. Horrifyingly close. Stabbing you in the heart, ripping out your feelings.

You close your eyes.

Trying to push out the hard truth.
As you begin to reminisce back to the times of your livelihood, when happiness still lived.
But it all becomes too much for you, bringing bad thoughts back to your mind;

You scream, fists thumping your pillow.

But nobody hears your sorrow.
It’s better that way though; you’d rather suffer in silence than people tell you to ‘stop being so silly’ or that ‘they’re only youtubers’.
They mean so much more than that.

Your medication when you felt lonely, bullied, maybe suicidal, lost. You looked down at your scarred wrists – mended years ago, by the kind words given, the kiss placed upon them by your idols.

But where can you turn to now?
They aren't here anymore.
Nobody understands.
Nobody cares.

Tears dropping, gasping for air you type in their YouTube urls – desperate for some reassurance.
It’s not the same though; it never will be – knowing their presence is ghostly.
You check again on Tumblr, Twitter, the News, but the update stays the same.


Hands shaking, tears drowning you; gasping every now and then for little grasp of air - you reach for your sharpie.


You draw the cat whiskers on your face for the last time – to honour the first two people you truly loved.

Though all feels dead and gone; the whiskers shall forever, live on.