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Since when was it okay to make this guy 18?!? He’s still, like, five cmon! Well, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, you are now 18, an adult. Shit. I feel like it was yesterday I was wishing you a happy 16th, how time goes fast. You’re going to move on to greater things and I couldn’t be more proud! You’ve already achieved so much in the short amount of time that you were in the industry! And I can’t wait to be there every step of the way…Happy Birthday baby boy, enjoy going to strip clubs and drinking in certain places!! 🎉🎈🎁💓💓

Suprise!|| Hayes Grier Smut


Ever since Hayes moved to LA we’ve been hanging out more. We met back when he was younger. We hung out maybe once or twice but he had stayed in North Carolina for a little while longer then a few years later moved out to LA were I was. When he moved out here he reached out to me and we started hanging out more.

I drove over to hayes’ place that he shares with a bunch of friends. I walked into the backyard and saw him in the pool with zan. He looks over and sees me.

“Hey Y/N” he smiles. I smile and wave.

“Come swim!” he says. I nod. I take off my shorts and shirt and I’m left in my bikini. I walk over and zan jumps out of the pool and greets me. I pet his wet head and bend down and he gives me kisses. I look up and see Hayes staring at me biting his lip. I shake it off. I sit on the edge of the pool.

“Get in” Hayes says swimming over. I shake my head. He gives a pouty look.

“Please” he says His hands going on my thighs traveling up them. I shake my head. His hands continue to travel and the reach the band of my bikini bottoms. His fingers lace under them and he holds my hips. I could feel my body ache a little. He picked me up…he was suprisngly strong. He lowered me into the water kissing at my stomach and then my chest.When I was fully in the water he leaned in and was kissing on my jawline and my neck nipping at my neck every few seconds.

“Hayes” I say letting out the breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

“Mhmm?” he hums against my skin. He starts sucking on my sweetspot on my neck. I let out a small moan. I feel him smirk against my skin. His hands grip my hips and he pushes me against him. My arms wrap around his neck. His lips find mine and he starts kissing me. I ignore his tounge swiping at my lip asking for entrance. He pushes against me again and I open my mouth a little and he slips his tounge in. His tounge works wonders in my mouth. I pull my lips apart from his. “Hayes…” I say breathless. “Yes baby girl” he says. My heart skips a beat. Me and Hayes were close but not dating. I did like him but right now that does not matter. I bite my lip. His hands moved up and down my sides. I feel his hard on my heat. I gasp and move closer to him. “I need you” I breathe out into hayes’ ear. He. Pulls us apart and he grabs my hand and swims to the pool stairs and we quickly move. Once we are out of the pool He stops, turns around and grabs my waist and then pushes me lightly against the wall. He puts his lips onto mine. He pushes into me making me want him so bad. I pull away. “Hayes stop playing” i whine. He laughs. He grabs my hand and he walks us to his room. One we are in his room I close the door and he pushes me against the door and slams our lips together. His hands snake around my waist then make their way to my butt and he grabs and squeezed my butt. He pulls our lips apart. “We don’t have much time the guys should be back soon” he says breathless. I nod. He kisses me again and moves closer to me. He bends down a little and taps my thigh signaling me to jump and I obey. He moves us over to his bed and puts me in the bed…one arm on one side of me and the other on my right hip. His hands moved quickly roaming my body and then removing both mine and his swim suits. Hayes moves his lips all over my body starting at my neck and moving down to my heat. I needed him now. His tounge kicked line straight up to my heat. He kissed in my clit and slowly started sucking it. My heart skipped. My hands moved down to his wet hair. I laced my hands in his hair pulling at every suck he gave. He removed his lips and blew on my sensitive clit. He looked up at me and I have him a pouty face. He moves up to my lips and kisses me. Without warning he slams his dick into me. It took a few seconds to adjust. He clearly was bigger. His started slow. I bucked my hips up with every thrust. His hand grabs ok n my hip and holds it down. He grinded out body close, out chests hitting each other. I felt the knot in my stomach forming. I let out little moans and Hayes did the same. I then hear a door slam. Hayes looks at me. “Your gonna have to be quiet” Hayes breaths in to my skin. I nod. He continues his thrusts. He bites down on my neck and starts sucking on my sweetspot again. “Hayes” I moan scratching at his back. He removed his lips and looks at me. “Quiet baby"he says out of breath. I nod and bite my lip. He thrusts soon start to become sloppy. The knot in my stomach starts to untie itself and my scratch harder at Hayes. I wrap my legs around him and we both reach our highs at the same time. I try so hard not to let out my moan but it still somehow escapes my mouth. I slap my hand against my mouth. Hayes look at me and laughs a little…he let’s out his moan again my skin. We ride out our highs. Hayes pulls out and lays next to me. I was breathless. "Wow” I say breathless. “I know” he says. His hand searches for mine and intertwines with mine. We lay there for a second until we hear footsteps coming closer to the door. We both look at each other.

Anniversary ~H.G~

Summary: It’s Hayes and your’s anniversary and the boys walk in on you doing it.

Writer: Tia

Note: It’s a smut if you didn’t know and this is my first time writing one, so it probably sucks.


It was Hayes and I’s two year anniversary today, and we planned the whole day out.

-At 9:00 we wake up and have breakfast with each other at the family ran cafe.

-At 10:30 we go to the boardwalk and hang around on the beach until night to look at the stars.

-At 11:00 we go home and watch a movie.

By the time Hayes and I started watching the movie, we barely made it five minutes in. Nobody was in the house besides the two of us, and I doubted that the boys were going to come home anytime soon anyways.  

We took off our clothes and got in missionary position. Hayes hesitated going in me and sighed loudly.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked him right as he placed himself right by my entrance, which made me want him more.

“It’s just… what if everybody comes home?” He whined.

“Trust me, Hayes. They’re not going to. I bet you they’re all probably at a party right now and not gonna come home until morning. We’ve got lots of time.” Hayes gave in and went inside of me. I moaned as loud as I probably ever had could while he went in and out of me at an inhumanly speed. I tried muffling my moans so the neighbours won’t complain, by digging my face into his neck. It was probably the best sex we ever had. That was, until when we were in the middle of doing our thing, the bedroom door flung open.  There stood, Nash, Nate, Sammy, Johnson, and G.

“I know it’s your guy’s aniv- OH MY GOD!” Johnson screamed before it was followed by the others yelling out.




“NOT THE CHILDREN!”  Followed with other sorts of yells, and calls of agony.

I let out a squeal and covered us up with the duvet before Hayes could process what was happening. He gave me a confused expression and immediately let out a yelp when he turned around and saw the guys by the doorway.

“Get out!” Hayes yelled repeatedly as he kept on throwing pillows at them until he ran out to throw.

Hayes and I blushed rapidly. Nash kept his eyes covered (probably because of the fact he just caught his little brother having sex) while the others just stared at us with their jaws dropped.

“Can you stop staring at us?!” Hayes yelled again. I could tell he was getting pretty irritated.

“The children aren’t as innocent as I thought.” Nate joked.

“Aw, is it little Hayes and y/n’s big night?” Sammy cooed.

“Why are the two of you past your bedtime.” G pointed a finger in our faces as all of the laughed at their own jokes.

I wrapped myself in the duvet a little more so I was more covered, pushed Hayes off of me and went up to the group of the boys. I closed the door in their faces and went back on the bed with Hayes so we could continue what we were doing.

Jealousy / hg

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“Bye mom, I’ll see you Sunday night!” I yelled from the passenger seat of Hayes’ car. I was on my way to spend the weekend with him at his house. Even though it is invested with all of his friends as well, I miss hanging out with him. He’s been so busy with the fame he’s gotten.

“I’m so happy your staying for the weekend.” He said smiling at me. He reached over and set his hand on mine, rubbing his thumb on it.
“Last time we saw each other in person was like 5 months ago.” I said laughing, putting my hand on top of his. I live about an hour away from him yet we never find time to hangout.
You see, Hayes and I are very good friends. We met a few years ago, when we were both 13, now we’re 16. The funny thing is, he was my first kiss. It was a dare from Nash who didn’t know I’ve never had a kiss before. Then, last time we hung out, we had a do-over kiss because of how awkward it was. Now, whenever we are together it’s normal for us to flirt. We don’t even notice we do it.

We pulled up at his house, and he grabbed my backpack from the back seat. We walked into the house and I was bombarded with hugs from everyone.
“I missed you guys” I said with a huge smile. I looked around seeing Nash, Skate, Tez, and the Jacks.

I said my hellos and hugged each one individually until Hayes called me up to his room. I walked up and met him with a smile.
“Now, can I have an actual hug?” He asked. I laughed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck.
“I missed this.” I said. He looked at me and smiled.
“So where am I sleeping?” I asked after we let go.
“In here. Duh.” He said, sitting on his bed. I jumped onto the spot next to him, making him laugh.
“What are we doing this weekend?” I asked laying next to him.
“Tonight’s pretty chill. Eat dinner, maybe watch a movie. But tomorrow, the guys are throwing a party.” Hayes said, spreading his arms out, and putting one around me.
I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed.

-The Next Day-

Hayes and I were messing around on the basketball court when loud music blasted through the house. We looked at eachother. “Party time.” Hayes said. We walked in and there were already tons of people inside. Hayes stopped me and turned towards me.
“Shit. My ex is here.” He said.
“Ex?” I asked confused. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend at all.
“Well, never official but I really like her. Do you think you can help me make her jealous?” He asked with puppy dog eyes. I sighed and nodded.
“What do you need me to do?” I asked. Johnson then butted in the conversation like he knew what we were saying.
“I think you sit around with his friends while on his lap, Flirt around like you guys always do, then get up and dance to a song. You can kiss him then take him upstairs. If she doesn’t follow you up to stop you guys, she’ll confront you when you get back down.” He said. I looked at Hayes and shrugged.
“Why not?” I laughed.

We walked to the couch, and Hayes pulled me onto his lap. The guys soon followed, have random conversations while drinking or smoking. Me and Hayes had or own conversation. We were flirting more than usual. And it honestly didn’t seem weird. But if he wants to be with someone else, I’ll help him cause I just want him happy.

He kissed my shoulder and smiled at me like he’s never done before. I slightly blushed. He had his hand on my thigh, drawing circles. Our little moment was soon interrupted when Johnson caught Hayes attention, telling him it was the song.

I stood up from his lap and grabbed his hand leading him towards where everyone else was dancing. I turned towards him.
“Is she watching?” I asked, since he hasn’t pointed her out to me. He looked to the side.
“Yea.” He said. He smiled at me when I turned away from him, allowing him to hold onto my hips. I moved back so our hips were connected, they swayed together on beat with the music. I laid my back into his chest and let the music control my body.

I soon felt Hayes lips on my neck. I took that as a sign to kiss him so after a few more kissed to my neck, I slowly turned to face him. I smirked up at him and put my hand behind his neck, pulling his faces towards mine. Our lips met and he pulled my hips closer to him. The kiss got more heated than I expected, so i pulled away.
“Make sure she sees us.” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and I grabbed his hand leading him upstairs to his room, as instructed.

“Oh my god we did it.” I said sighing in relief as soon as he shut the door. I plopped down onto his bed and laughed.
“Now what? We just wait until she comes up?” I asked.
“We can’t.” He said walking towards me.
“What do you mean we can’t?” I asked sitting up.
“She’s already up here.” He said laughing nervously. I gave him a confused look.
“Y/N, I like you. I have since we were 13. I just made up the stuff about making a girl jealous so I would have an excuse to be with you like we were earlier.” He said scratching the back of his neck.
“Are you kidding me? Why did you think you would have to make up this huge plan Hayes?” I asked standing up slowly.
“I didn’t think you liked me. So I thought if i tried to do anything youd pull away and want to leave or-” he rambled on. I cut him off by walking to him and kissing him.

He was shocked but he kissed back, pulling me closer to him by my waist. I pulled away from him.
“You dont know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” I said to him. He laughed and sighed of relief.
“Funny thing is, I actually got jealous earlier.” I said laughing nervously as we stood in each other’s arms still.
“Then why did you go along with it?” He asked.
“Because I want to see you happy.” I said shyly.
“Well you can see me happy with you.” He said. We smiled and he kissed me.


anonymous asked:

Can you post more songs that touch your soul loved the last list! Downloaded them all 🙌🏼

Sure thing!

Sharing your favourite songs is like showing someone else the most intimate part of your soul, so the response on my last post made me so happy.

  • Jealous by Labyrinth
  • Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips
  • Stone by Lee DeWayze
  • Dear No One by Tori Kelly
  • All Too Well (rainy mood) by Taylor Swift
  • Kiss Me (rainy mood) by Ed Sheeran
  • Unpack Your Heart by Phillip Phillips
  • We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre
  • A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope
  • No Air (acoustic) by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
  • When Did You Stop Loving Me by Hunter Hayes
  • Why You Wanna by Jana Kramer
  • Invisible by Hunter Hayes (I want every teenager to hear this song)
  • Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw 
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  • Nothin’ Like You by Dan and Shay
  • Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World
  • Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Coming For You by JoJo
  • For The First Time by The Script
  • Move Along by All American Rejects
  • Brand New by Ben Rector
  • Yesterday’s Song by Hunter Hayes
  • Amen by Hunter Hayes
  • Love Me Now by John Legend
  • It’s Quiet Uptown cover by Kelly Clarkson
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

Requests are currently open, you can requests anything. Including m/m, m/f, or f/f.

Last Updated 11/6/16

I Won’t Write About Some Stuff

Au memes 

Dating Jack Gilinsky 

Dating Nash Grier

Dating Hayes Grier

Dating Stiles Stilinski 

Dating Brian O’Connor

Dating Scott McCall

Being Zoe Sugg(Zoella)’s best friend

Having a boyfriend, and Stefan’s in love with you. 

Fourth of July with Stiles 

Fourth of July with Scott

Being Best Friends with Taylor Swift

Dating Gally, TMR

Hate at first sight/Falling for Nate Maloley {Part Two}

Dating Issac Lahey

Being a professional dancer and dating Shawn Mendes

Dating Matt Espinosa 

Dating Jack Johnson

Being apart of Omaha Squad

Dating Sam Wilkinson

Being Nash’s best friend, he takes you on tour and you fall in love with Matt

Dating Aaron Carpenter and he gets over protective/worries

Jack Johnson gets over protective because one of the boys flirts with Y/N

Getting Married to Zac Efron 

Chuck Bass having a crush on you

Dylan O’Brien getting asked about Y/N in interviews

Dating Theo Raeken

Dating Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Crstyal Reed

The Boys Tease Jack Johnson till he asks Y/N Out

Shawn Mendes picks Y/N up from school

Being Married to Bob Morley, and acting on the 100 {Part two}

Fighting with Bellamy Blake

Comforting Taylor(Swift) when she gets dissed

Being Best Friends with Holland Roden

Being apart of the Teen Wolf Cast

Being a Professional singer, and working with the Omaha Squad. Sam doesn’t like you at first, but gets jealous when he sees you with Nate. 

Being Best Friends with Twaimz

Dating Robbie Amell

Being Best Friends with Lilly Singh, iisuperwomanii

Teen Wolf Bloopers

Dating Danisnotonfire

Dating Dave Franco

Dating Zac Efron

Dating Bob Morley

Dating/Marrying Drew Van Acker

Dating Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen being over protective

Dating Ian Somerhalder

Dating Paul Weasley, and acting on TVD

Dating Tyler Posey, and acting on Teen Wolf

Dating/Marrying Daniel Sharman

Dating Artie Abrams

TVD Bloopers

Being on Wolf Watch

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin

Dating Liam Dunbar

Being a cheerleader, and Hayes showing it off

Being Best Friends with Candice Accola 

Being an actress on H2O: Just Add Water, and dating Joseph Morgan 

The Originals panel at comic con and dating Joseph Morgan

Being best friends with Claire Holt

Being best friends with Phoebe Tonkin

Trivia games with the cast of The Originals

Being married to Joseph Morgan, and playing his love interest on TVD/TO.

Dating Calum Hood

Dating Luke Hemmings

Being Married to Joseph Morgan and acting on TVD

Being Best Friends with Chloe Grace Mortez

Being on Disney Descandants and being bestie’s with Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron 

Being Best Friends with Connor Franta

Dating Matthew Daddario

Dating Ethan Dolan

Dating JC Caylen

Being Best friends with Mahogany Lox

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin.

Dating Tyler Posey, and being on Teen Wolf

Dating Paul Wesley, and being on TVD. 

Dating/Marrying Chad Michael Murray


Please(Damon Salvatore)

Good Morning(Joe Sugg)

Can’t Keep Doing This(Stiles Stilinski)

Say Something(Scott McCall)

Servant(Hayes Grier)

My Peter Pan(Hayes Grier)

Officier(Hayes Grier)

The Ex(Hayes Grier)

He’s a Nerd(Hayes Grier)

Bandanas(Nate Maloley and Taylor Caniff)

First(Hayes Grier)

So Sweet(Hayes Grier)

Makeover(Jack Johnson)

Rivals(Calum Hood)

Accents(Sam Wilkinson)

Happiness(Derek Hale)

Dancing With the Stars(Hayes Grier)

Twister(Omaha Squad)

His Clothes(Shawn Mendes)

I Don’t Wanna Be A Hunter(Dean Winchester/DDM) {Part Two}

Gone(Shawn Mendes)

Birthdays(Sam/Dean Winchester/BSM)

Care for a Dance?(Dylan/ O’Brien)

Our Firsts(Shawn Mendes)

The Best Friend(Thomas Sangster)

It Will Rain(Sam Winchester)

Isn’t She Lovely?(Scott McCall)

Stupid Snaps(Sam Wilkinson)

Waking Up(Shawn Mendes)

Chef(Shawn Mendes)

The First Kiss(Shawn Mendes)

His(Shawn Mendes)


It’ll Be Okay(Nash Grier)

Closing In(Shawn Mendes)

The States(Shawn Mendes)

Love Isn’t Real(Stefan Salvatore)

Height(Cameron Dallas)

Mini Golf(Shawn Mendes)

Our Little Girl(Sam Wilkinson)


Me and my BFF(Nate Maloley)

Fault(Owen Grady)

Stay(Dean Winchester)

Silent Walls(Stiles Stilinski/Pack)

Hammock(Shawn Mendes)

Not Happening(Shawn Mendes)

Hands(Shawn Mendes)

His Day(Shawn Mendes)

I Love It(Shawn Mendes)

Talking Body(Cameron Dallas)   

Of Us(Shawn Mendes)

What’s the Difference?(Cameron Dallas)

Unbalanced(Shawn Mendes)

Laughing Gas(Shawn Mendes)


All of the Stars(Shawn Mendes)

The Perfect Present(Dylan O’Brien) 

Home Alone(Theo Raeken)

I Told You So(Tyler Sequin) 

Gonna Kill Shawn(Shawn Mendes) {Part Two}

Come Back to Me(Shawn Mendes)

Neighbors(Will Poulter)

You’re Home(Will Poulter) 

Hanging with Tig(Tig Trager)

Slow Dancing(Matt Espinosa)

Remember When(Stephen James)

Daycare Tunes(Shawn Mendes)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Instead(Tony Stark)

Who is that beauty?(Pietro Maximoff)

I Am No Man(Lucifier Morningstar)

Some Werewolf(KlausxIsaac) M/M

Right Here(Dean Winchester)

Cristiano Ronaldo(Zayn Malik)

Its a Boy! (Daryl Dixon)

Screw School(Josh Diaz)

Photoshoots(Brenden Hopkins)

Don’t tell Nate!(Derek Luh)

I’m Sorry(Myles Parrish)

Life of the Party(Shawn Mendes)

Our Sister(Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Posey)

Instead(Tony Stark)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

Text Imagines

Stealing Stiles’ sweater

Needing Damon to kill a spider for you

Dean Winchester texts Y/N after a bad hunt, that leaves her in a coma

Shawn Mendes asking you out

Fan fiction 

I’m Not a Banshee//Teen Wolf(Currently on hold)

{Prologue} {Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three} {Chapter Four} {Chapter Five} {Chapter Six} {Chapter Seven}

Growing Hatred//Shawn Mendes

{Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three}


Full Drabble List

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Derek Hale #32

“I don’t love you…” Nate Maloley #1

“Stop, we’re in public…” Calum Hood #2

“I want you to go…” Sam Wilkinson #18

“Are you afraid of me?” Nate Maloley #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Hayes Grier #39 {Part two}

“Stop, we’re in public…” Grayson Dolan #2

“I’m pregnant…” Sam Wilkinson #8

“You’re mine…” Derek Hale #37

“I need to study…” Grayson Dolan #22

“Be Strong…” Nash Grier #9

“I miss you…” Ashton Irwin #30

“Please, tell me this isn’t what it looks like…” Sam Wilkinson #24

“Wait, are you jealous?” Nash Grier #13

“Stop looking at me like that..” Cameron Dallas #21

“I believed you…” Jack Gilinsky #38

“How do I look?” Omaha Squad #40

“Wait, are you jealous?” Aaron Carpenter #13

“Wait, are you jealous?” Hayes Grier #13

“Are you afraid of me?” Sam Wilkinson #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Sam Wilkinson #2

“Do you really see me like that?” Nate Maloley #27

“You really think I’d do something like that?” Nate Maloley #25

“I’m pregnant.” Ashton Irwin #8

“Are you afraid of me?” John “Swazi” Swift #39

“How do I look?” Jack Johnson #40

“I need to study…” Stiles Stilinksi #22

“I hate that I love you…” Matt Espinosa #6

“Are you afraid of me?” Nash Grier #39

20, 29, and 36 Hayes Griers {Part two}

“I need to study…” Matt Espinosa #22

“Stop, we’re in public…” Matt Espinosa #2

“I’m pregnant.” Matt Espinosa #8

“Do you mind?” Michael Clifford #3

“I hate that I love you…” Luke Hemmings #6

“It killed me to see you with him…” Nate Maloley #17

“You’re an asshole.” Sam Wilkinson #26

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Jack Johnson #32

“Stop, we’re in public…” Jack Gilinsky #2

“Stop looking at me like that…” Nash Grier #21

“Do you really see me like that?” Nash Grier #27

“Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?!” John “Swazz” Swift #29

“Wait, are you jealous?” Shawn Mendes #13

“I need you…” Aaron Carpenter #12

8, 20, and 38 Jack Johnson

“No one can love you like I can…” Nash Grier #36

“I need you..” Stiles Stilinksi #12

“Stop, we’re in public…” Nash Grier #2

“Am I in trouble?” Matt Espinosa #5

“You couldn’t have just tried? For me?” Sam Wilkinson #7

“Are you cheating on me?” Cameron Dallas #23

“Will you marry me?” Cameron Dallas #20

“Will you marry me?” John “Swazz” Swift #20

“You said you loved me…” John “Swazz” Swift #35

17, 23, 24, and 33 Hayes Grier

“You’re beautiful…” Nash Grier #28

“Get the hell away from me…” Shawn Mendes #33

“Are you afraid of me?” Matt Espinosa #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Cameron Dallas #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Halsey #2

“I’m pregnant.” Nash Grier #8

“Stop looking at me like that…” Liam Dunbar #21

2, 21, and 40 Lydia Martin (F/F)

“Stop, we’re in public…” Hayes Grier #2

“Please stay…” Stiles Stilinski #19

“Stop, we’re in public…” Brett Talbot #2

“Stop, we’re in public…” Shawn Mendes #2

29 and 36 Shawn Mendes

“It meant nothing, I swear…” Theo Raeken #4

“You think I’d really do something like that?” Sam Wilkinson #25

“I need you…” Liam Dunbar #12

“You’re mine…” Theo Raeken #37

“I hate that I love you….” Shawn Mendes #6

“Stop looking at me like that…” Sam Wilkinson #21

“It never happened…” Shawn Mendes #11

9, 21, and 29 Shawn Mendes 

“Fight it…” Theo Raeken #14

2 and 22 Liam Dunbar 

15, 12, and 36 Shawn Mendes 

35 and 38 Chuck Bass

9, 36, and 39 Shawn Mendes

“You’re beautiful…” Matt Espinosa #28

“Stop, we’re in public…” Tyler Posey #2

“Wait, are you jealous?” Theo James #13

35 and 38 Theo Raeken

“Take the Pain Away.” Castiel #48

5 and 21 Liam Dunbar

“I will never stop loving you.” Stephen James #45

“Please Stay…” Blair Waldorf #19 F/F

Call Me Daddy - Hayes Grier Smut

Originally posted by camillathybo


Prompt: you’re stressed and he takes care of it ;)

Request:  “Do u write Hayes Grier smut” - @ilysm108 its not really a request but i wanted to write smut so why not 

Warnings: NSFW 18+, cursing, Daddy kink???

Word count: 1076 (FINALLY)

Your Name: Submit What is this?

To say you were stressed was underrated. You were definitely more than stressed; but it wasn’t your fault, your teachers had given you so much work to do, not to mention you have a history quiz on Monday.

When you had finally gotten home you could hear Hayes’s friends talking a mile a minute. Great, you thought, and my headache was just starting to go down. You entered your house and saw the boys hanging out in the living room and made your way to the kitchen to grab some water. “Hey, y/n come join us” Tez called out “no i’m fine I need to finish some homework” You said with your backpack still on your shoulder, you soon felt the weight lift off your shoulder and you look to your right to see Hayes standing there trying to get it off of you. “Hayes what are you doing?” he pouted and said “Well first of all, you didn’t even say hello to me” you rolled your eyes and leaned up to kiss him “Sorry baby i don’t know where my head is” he sighs, “It’s only been a week and you’re already stressed, you want me to kick the guys out?” you immediately shook your head and said “no no no, hang out with your friends, just because i’m stressed doesn’t mean that i don’t want you having fun” he just looks at you with a ‘really’ face. “Oh come on, I love hanging out with you, you’re way more fun than these guys” he suddenly smirks and continues, “I have an idea, since you have the whole weekend to finish this, why don’t we have some fun?” you were hesitant at first because you don’t know what he meant for that it could either be, just chilling and watching netflix or netflix and chill. Anyway you gave him a small smile and took your bag and made your way upstairs to your shared room.

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Tony Bellew stops David Haye by TKO in Round 11. Bellew shows respect to Haye who battled through an injury through half the bout.

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No Lake PDA

Request: can you do a hayes imagine where you have a lake day with his family but he still he can’t keep his hands off you but you kind of push him away cause you feel awkward with pda around his family and he gets sad boy

a/n; tbh I wouldn’t like PDA around my boyfriends family either

Word Count: 367 (sorry)

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

Normally I love when Hayes gets all cuddly, or wants to be touching me all the time, it’s a nice feeling. But right now, I’m embarrassed, we’re in front of his family, and he wont stop. “Hayes.” I sighed, again. “What’s wrong with you?” He finally let go of me and looked at me, I bit the inside of my cheek. “We’re with your family, I don’t want to be all touchy in front of them. A little bit is fine, hold my hand or something but you don’t have to be coddling me right now.” I explained in a hushed voice so only he would hear. He looked at me, and instantly I felt bad, he looked a little upset but shook it off, saying he was going to ride jet ski’s with Nash. I nodded as he walked off, I made a face to myself before forcing myself to go and do something fun. 


“Hayes.” I sighed as we got back to the house after the lake, we were going to change and watch a movie downstairs, but he’s taking what I said earlier to the extreme. He won’t even touch me, “baby.” I added, walking over and wrapping my arms around him, he didn’t even look down at me like he always does. He raised his arms, as if he was going to hug me, but then he froze. “Hayes, I’m sorry.” I mumbled, squeezing him tighter, and that’s all it took for him to hug me back. “I’m sorry I was being overly loving.” He sighed, making me laugh, he followed, realizing how weird that sounded. 

“We’re going to go downstairs, and you’re going to let me use you as a big pillow.” I told him as we started leaving his room, his hand holding mine tightly, as if I would slip away. “Sounds like a plan.” He answered, following closely behind me. 

I payed no attention to anything except for Hayes and the movie as we sat in our little corner of the couch, his arm wrapped around my shoulders as we sat together, my head resting on his chest lightly. Moving up and down as he breathed, this is better.

Magcon Slash

Here’s a trilogy of sorts. The first two shorts explore the secret incestuous relationship between Hayes and Nash Grier while the third introduces Cameron into the mix. I’ve followed these boys since before Magcon’s inception and I’ve watched them closely and I honestly believe there is/was something deeper to their connections. The Grier brothers might be a bit of a stretch, but Cameron was definitely fucking around with them both, and I believe that’s what started the divide between Cash and henceforth their moving out of their shared space, onward and upward to their sordid lives. There is a visible disconnect when you see them together now. I think Hayes was the line Cameron crossed. I also believe Matthew Espinosa played a role, initially besieging the trust between Cash as Nash strayed, but even he very clearly ditched Matt one day around the Mash video after getting irritated with him backstage and after a Jacks show. The snaps are out there, find them. I currently believe Cameron to be involved with Aaron. He’s playing out the same fantasy life he had going with Nash with Carpenter now, but I feel there’s a stronger sense of companionship. Maybe not that same fire that was found with Nash, but something deeper. Aaron also probably turns a blind eye when Cameron wants to fuck his younger boys of Magcon 2.0

Without further adieu, the Griercest Trilogy…

MagSlash “Family Couch”

Nash and Hayes fell asleep on the couch together watching a movie. They’re positioned with each head on an arm rest so they’re feet are pretty much in each others crotches. Nash being a teenage boy wakes up feeling something warm on his dick, but it’s just his younger brother’s socked foot. The feeling irks him slightly, and that irking only persists as he finds himself rubbing his barefoot against Hayes’ crotch. Hayes wakes up quietly seeing and feeling his older brother caressing him. He feels his own dick getting hard. Nash is jerking off under his shorts, his little brother’s feet pressed against his balls. Nash can’t help this urge coming over him. He pulls his shorts off. He sits up and crawls on top of his kid brother, reaching his hand down Hayes’ shorts, finding his pulsing penis throbbing. Blood is pumping, their hearts are racing as Nash fondles his little brother’s junk, thinking he is still sleeping, Nash starts kissing his brothers luscious lips, jacking both of them off. It’s not until Hayes starts sucking Nash’s tongue that he realizes he’s awake… And enjoying himself. Nash sits back on his knees and lifts Hayes legs up over his shoulders, pulling his brothers boxers up to his ankles. He spits into his hand and slides a finger up Hayes’ hole. A sensation comes over the boy like something he’s never felt. Nash slides his digits in and out swiftly and then goes in for the kill, working his teenage cock into the preteen’s tight virgin hole. Hayes moans without restraint, his muscles tensing up, and a sharp pain coursing through him. “Nash that fucking hur-” but he stops him, pressing a hand over his lips, Hayes starts licking his hand as Nash pumps into his little brother, his throbbing cock throttling deeper and deeper as Hayes whimpers and whines. It only drives Nash crazier as he starts sucking on Hayes socked toes, he thrusts wildly, unable to control himself, “I'ma fuckin cum!” He exclaims, his words squirmish as his body twitches violently, his semen unloading in his younger brother’s tight hole. “Don’t stop, bro, I’m gunna jizz!” Hayes says jerking himself off as he too spills his seed all over his own chest and face, bits of the thick milk drizzling down into his mouth. Nash bends down and kisses him, lapping up the young nut. He pulls back “we better get to bed,” Nash says. “Too bad we don’t share a room anymore,” says Hayes. “Can’t we just stay like this?” They do just that. Hayes wraps himself around Nash’s midsection and Nash leans down to kiss his little brother on the forehead. “I love you bro,” Nash says. “Don’t be gay,” says Hayes. They snuggle close all through the night.

MagSlash “Sleeping Bag”

The Grier boys were camping with their parents and sharing a tent with just the two of them, their family asleep in the RV. Their fire was dying down and it was getting cold. Dad had shared a couple of beers with the boys so they were a little out of it. Hayes rolled over closer to his brother and threw his arm around him, digging deeper into his sleeping bag, looking for something. First he just rubbed his hand along Nash’s belly, sliding it lower and lower until he met his waistband. He slips a digit in and then another and another in. His hand meeting Nash’s soft dick. Nash slept pretty hard especially after a few drinks, but damn. Hayes was already rock hard in his boxers by now, pressing his body against his brother’s just hoping he’d wake up, but still nothing. Hayes started humping his brother slowly and softly, stroking his limp dick into an erection. “Cam…” Nash muttered in his sleep and this was all the invitation Hayes needed. He slipped his boxers off, wearing nothing but his socks now and threw the sleeping bag off. He unzipped Nash’s so to slip in. He pulled Nash’s pajama pants down to reveal his succulent ass cheeks. Hayes sucked one of his fingers, wetting it, and slid it into his brother’s butthole, fingering him slowly. “Unf…” Nash moaned, still drunkenly asleep. Hayes covered him for a moment, pressing his own cock against his brothers thigh, pulling his finger out and sucking on it again. “Nashty,” he says to himself and starts stroking his dick, putting it in place between Nash’s buttcheeks and slowly pressing in. Nash’s cock was soft again, but Hayes still played with him. Hayes could barely squeeze into his brother, just getting the head in before losing it (it’s not like he’s experienced). Hayes started pumping aggressively as he quickly shot off his nut inside of his brother, kissing his neck as he did. Hayes pulled out, reaching down to get a smidgen of his cum on that same finger only to suck it once more. He lazily pulled up his brothers drawers and rolled over, barely throwing his sleeping bag back over his naked body. Nash started awake, “Cam,” he said mostly to himself. He lets the setting adjust and notices his boner. And then notices his brother. And then notices his butt is wet. Did he shit himself? He runs a finger along the curve of his inner cheeks and feels the cum dripping out. He tastes it. He recognizes the taste. He likes it. Hayes naked body barely covered is driving Nash crazy, he huddles closer to him, pulling his pants off completely. The two naked brothers huddle close. Nash allowing his member to find the hole between Hayes’ cheeks. “Fuck me bro,” Hayes mutters, his body is begging for it. Nash wastes no time and charges his cock into his little brother with nothing but his own precum to guide the way. “Gah!” Hayes cries out a little loudly. “Shut the fuck up!” Nash swears with all seriousness. What would their parents think? Worse what would they do? Nash turns his brother over and forces his head into a pillow, and starts pounding on his tight little ass. Hayes moans into the pillow, biting it when he can’t take the pain. He pulls his head up and starts taking it like a man, quietly moaning “fuck me bro, fuck me!” Nash gets lost in his stride, his eyes closed, one hand pulling on Hayes’ shaggy hair and the other reached around on his hard again cock. “I’m gonna cum, Hayes!” “Cum in my mouth,” little brother cries out and Nash pulls his dick out and throws Hayes on his back kneeling over him, stroking his cock in his brothers face as Hayes kisses the head, licking the slit. Hayes’ prick feels around for Nash’s hole pressing against him. “Oh fuck!” Nash calls out in a hushed tone as his sperm shoots all over Hayes’ lips and face, Hayes wraps his mouth around the dick and sucks his brother dry. “Ohhh… Hayes…” Nash murmurs. He collapses down next to his brother, the two falling in a big spoon/little spoon position. “I love you little dude,” Nash says. “Nash…” Hayes starts. “Yeah bro?” He asks. “I’m still hard…” Hayes whines. “You want me to do something about it little brother?” “Please… My nuts kinda hurt,” Hayes begs. “Say no more,” Nash says, pulling away from his brother and crawling down, engulfing his dick in his mouth. He sucks it slowly and hard. Hayes lets out a soft moan, “oh god, Nash… Suck my dick Nash. Harder.” Nash does his best, little slurps pop as he moves up and down, humming over his little brother’s wiener. Nash starts playing with his balls, rubbing them together, another finger pressed against the kid’s taint. Nash swirls his tongue around his brother’s cock, moving up and down the shaft and then sucking tight on the head. “Ahhhh…” Hayes moaned again. Nash could see his little brother’s sock-footed toes curl in front of him. His cock grew hard again too. Already in a 69 position and needing to shut the kid up he threw himself on top of him and shoved his cock in his face. Hayes wrapped his mouth around big brother’s dick again and started sucking. The two horny boys with pseudo tired cocks went at this for a while, each of them finding their own rhythmic thrusts into each other’s mouths in their 69 position. Each of them vacuuming like no tomorrow. Nash kept working on his brother’s balls and taint as Hayes slipped his finger in Nash’s asshole. They pumped at each other’s faces vigorously as they simultaneously reached their individual climaxes, pumping and thrusting and sucking and popping and swallowing together. Hayes starts bucking his thighs up as his older brother works his magic on his member, Nash digs his face deep in Hayes’ crotch, breathing in his ballsweat and pubes as he juggles his nuts, forcing Hayes to spray his load in his brother’s mouth, spurt after spurt Nash laps it up and sucks the jizz back. Nash pushes down violently fucking his younger brother’s face as Hayes throws his arms out, gasping for air. Nash fills Hayes’s mouth with his hot cum and pulls out before the kid chokes on his nut. They pulled away again and were met face to face, their eyes locked as their lips embraced and they tongued each other’s mouths, swapping their cum back and forth. They cuddled as spoons again, but facing each other as they fell asleep.

MagSlash “Three Brothers”

Hayes is spending the night at Nash and Cameron’s apartment. He sneaks into Cam’s room and crawls in bed with him, both of them in their underwear. He wakes Cameron up in the night riding his dick, dry fucking with their undies on and Nash asleep in the other room. Cam gasps for his breath and Hayes takes control and undresses them both. He pulls off Cameron’s under shirt (already shirtless himself and only in his boxers, maybe a sock or two for good measure and works his hard cock towards his asshole, slipping his older friend inside. Cam loses it and starts rocking, he’s moaning, but Hayes bends down and forces them to make out, somewhat silencing them. They moan under their tongues sloshing. Nash is awoken in his room by a text from Matt: “Laying in bed. Can’t stop thinking about you ;-)” Nash smiles and deletes the text. He replies “wish you were here.” Nash gets up feeling thirsty and goes to get a drink, wanting so badly to get it on with his brother or his boyfriend but making the sacrifice for a night or two while Hayes visits so neither would know what was going on with him. Wearing just his briefs Nash walks past Cameron’s room and barely notices his brother and best friend getting it done through the slightly open door. He goes to the kitchen and grabs an Arizona tea from the fridge, cracking it open and taking a few gulps, scratching at his junk as he looks for Hayes on the couch, contemplating waking him for a little midnight snack and realizing he isn’t there. He sits the tea down and wanders back towards the bedrooms and notices the two going at it in Cam’s bed through the crack in his door. He starts rubbing himself, already hard. He watches as they go at it beating his dick off. Cam can’t contain himself inside of Hayes. He bucks up and down, in and out rapidly, finding a rhythm. Nash tries to keep it up, his eyes exploring the situation, he’s thrown his briefs off by now and has exposed his beautiful white prick to the apartment, watching his lovers in bed together. Cameron and Hayes haven’t stopped kissing, their bodies pressed tight against the other, lost in their oblivious oblivion. Nash can’t take it anymore, he hurries over to them, his briefs falling to the floor on the way in and grabs Hayes by the back of the head with one hand and puts the other at the small of Hayes’ back. He slides in, his cock pressing passed Cam’s, who’s noticed his arrival and can’t help but smile. Nash’s member swells next to Cameron’s throbbing inside of Hayes. The kid can’t handle it. Moaning and grunting as their musk fills the bedroom. Hayes is wriggling in pain as Cam and Nash massage his body, holding him in their bind and grind. Nash is reaching around, jerking his younger brother off as the troika are tangled into a three way kissing contest. The two are biting on Hayes’ ears and neck as Nash has snuck some digits inside of Cameron’s hole, in response he’s thrown his legs around him and is pressing his feet inside of Nash’s butt cheeks. “F-fuck me!” Hayes hollers with each of them stroking his dick and pulling tight on his shaggy hair, Nash and Cam lock eyes and cry out, “Here it comes!” When Hayes gasps out to them, “I’m cumming!” The trio explodes together. Cam and Nash feel each of their loads pass through their cocks and out the head and into Hayes, they’re pumping him so deep. Together they’re jacking him off as he starts to spray all over Cameron’s chest. “Fuck!” Hayes cries out as his cum drizzles across Cam’s belly button an his hard nipples, some jizz splashes onto Cameron’s lips as his quickly licks it up, sucking some off of his fingers and force feeding some to Hayes. Nash collapses on his brother and the threesome lay there, sandwiched together, their cocks still firm deep in Hayes. Nash and Cam kiss passionately as Hayes says “I love you guys.” And then Cameron says it back, “I love you guys too.” Nash laughs, “well I loved you guys first so…” They all sort of chuckle and lie exhausted upon each other. Using the hand he fingered Cam with Nash glides his fingers between Hayes’ and Cam’s chests and gets a dollop of Hayes’s seed, giving himself a taste. “Mmmm,” he murmurs. “I love the way that tastes.” The three spend the night in Cameron’s bed, snuggled in the same kind of sandwich with little Hayes warm between his lovers.

BONUS: Jack and Jack smut

MagSlash “Hotel Bed”

After a long day at the MAGCON tour Jack and Jack find themselves watching porn on a hotel bed together. They start to get aroused and Gilinsky takes charge, clearly rubbing himself through his shorts. Johnson starts doing the same, but he can’t take his eyes off his buddy. Gilinsky slides off his shorts and underwear together, flinging his huge dick into the atmosphere. Johnson gets a whiff of his musk and feels his precum drooling into his boxers. “C'mon,” Gilinsky nudges jerking his thick meat. “Your turn,” he continues. Johnson unbuttons his shorts and lets his little guy through the boxer slip. He starts stroking. The two of them keep watching each other working their cocks, stroking up and down with their tight fists. Johnson is too wrapped up in the moment to notice when Gilinsky reaches over and starts beating off his buddy. Johnson returns the favor, whacking his buddy’s dick off. They find a unique rhythm with each other. Gilinsky starts pumping his thighs, thrusting, his whole body writhing, “I need you to get me off,” he demands. “What do you call this?” Johnson jokes. “Suck me off, Jack. Please?” Gilinsky whimpers his request, hardly able to control himself. Johnson licks his lips and leans over the couch putting his head in Gilinsky’s crotch. A moment before he dives in, he takes a breath and plunges his buddy’s prick into his mouth, bobbing on the head and licking it wildly. “You always do that perfect,” Gilinsky says, scratching his nails on Johnson’s back with one hand as he runs the other set through his friend’s hair, grabbing a bundle and pushing down as he rocks his hips up harder, faster than before. Johnson chokes, the dick pressing hard on his throat. Gilinsky can’t stop fucking his friend’s face. “S-stop, I’m gonna cum!” Reluctantly Johnson releases his member from the warm hole that is his mouth and begs, “isn’t that the point?” “I wanna fuck you in the ass,” Gilinsky grunts. “What?!” Johnson exclaims. “Your butt. I want to fuck it, slam it, make you squirm, and then I’m gonna shoot my load up in you.” Gilinsky lays it all out, very plain. “Dude, no. We’ve talked about this. Blowjobs are one thing, but buttsex… That’s gay.” Johnson tells his friend. “I’m not gay Jack, and I don’t care if you are. You and I have something no one else will ever have. I’ve known you my entire life. You’ve been more than a friend, more than a brother… You’re my partner, dude. I want inside of you so bad.” Johnson wants it too, his eager virgin hole is puckered and quivering with the idea. “I want you inside of me,” he says, climbing over and mounting himself on top of his tall, tan, muscular friend. “Fuck me, Jack.” Johnson starts to slide his pasty white ass on Gilinsky’s cockhead as he holds his dick in place, having just spit all over his hand trying a makeshift lubricant. “It’s gonna hurt, Jack,” Gilinsky says. “Then make it fucking worth it.” Gilinsky grabs Johnson’s waist and pushes in, “you’re so tight,” he says, breaking the skin inside his buddy’s butt. “Aaahhhhh!! Fuck me! Fuck me Jack!” Johnson cries out. Gilinsky starts thrusting right away, his arms wrapped around Johnson, holding him down in place as he starts gnawing on his lover’s neck. It’s not long before Gilinsky is ramming his buddy’s a-spot, pounding it repeatedly. “Oh shit!” Johnson cries out, “I’m cumming!” And just like that Gilinsky has hit the spot so to speak and sends his lover erupting all over the space between them, sticky on their skin as they writhe together, smearing it in. Gilinsky reaches down for a dollop of the good stuff and feeds it to himself, force kissing Johnson into tasting his own jizz. He keeps pounding away, pushing his cock deeper into his friend and pulling him down on hi dick. In between his whimpers, Johnson leans in and kisses the space where Gilinsky’s earlobe meet his neck. Gilinsky’s closes his eyes in ecstasy, “Fuck! I’m gunna… Here it comes!” Johnson jumps his tongue down Gilinsky’s throat as he rocks into him, their skin making this distinct slippery flapping noise as his balls slap up against his friend’s ass. Gilinsky clutches tight against his friend, digging his nails deep into his back as he loses control of the rhythm, his dick swollen so hard and so deep, Johnson can feel the cum moving through the vein pressed against the wall of his butt as it shoots through the head and explodes in his asshole. He thinks this is what a jelly doughnut must feel like when it’s injected with gooey goodness. They sit like this for a moment, both of them catching their breath. Johnson, resting his head on Gilinsky’s shoulder, his buddy’s cock still deep and throbbing inside of him whispers, “I love you, Jack.” “I love you too, Jack,” Gilinsky replies. Johnson tries to wriggle his way off the still erect cock, cum oozing out of his butt, “Hold on,” Gilinsky says, “bend over on the bed, like doggy style. “What? We’re going again?” Johnson asks. “Sort of… Just do it,” he does, Gilinsky sticks his tongue into Johnson’s crack and starts lapping his own cum out of his buddy’s hole, Johnson starts to moan. Gilinsky kisses his way up the small of his back, mouth still full of dirty cum and throws Johnson around, his back on the bed, the naked Adonis climbing on top of his pale, nude friend and pushes their lips together, unloading his cum spit into Johnson’s mouth. Gilinsky pulls away just barely, whispering, “wanna take a shower?” Johnson says, “not really, can we just lay like this for a little while?” Without another word they do just that, cuddled up skin on skin on the hotel bed, the porno still flickering on the TV. They fall asleep dreaming of all the days they wasted never doing this and the days they’ll spend doing it again.
Tell Me - Hunter Hayes- Sign Language cover
I had to use live audio because Hunner's being a blivet and refusing to release this one (get on it mate. I'm dying here. It's been over a year, ya slow poke...

I did a sign cover anyway. I had free time today. And I loved the way the trees looked with the mist hanging in the air.
Its in PSE because theres only like 5 lines where it would be different if I used ASL and I just didn’t wanna bother with them. 

me: playing “Fifteen″ by Taylor Swift on 15th birthday

me: playing “18″ by 5SOS and 1D on 18th birthday

me: playing “21″ by Hunter Hayes on 21st birthday

me: playing “22″ by Taylor Swift on 22nd birthday

also me: playing “Forever Young” on every birthday

Hayes Grier - Making out in the kitchen

Request:  can you do a Hayes imagine where the other boys walk in on you making out? then start teasing you because your a year younger then him? then post it all over social media? I love your writing so much by the way


If two mostly shy people gets together you can be 100% sure that their relationship is going to be the most low-key thing in the world. This is what happened when Hayes and I started dating. People may think that he is such a noisy and outgoing person, but in reality, he was anything but outgoing. I guess our shyness brought us together.

We agreed on not wanting to publish anything about us to the media or anyone and I guess it wasn’t a rare thing, but we also liked to keep it quiet when we were just around other people. We didn’t make out in the public, holding hands and little, quick kisses were the maximum we did.

The guys always teased us about it, they told us we are not even dating because we barely touch. It was annoying, but we still didn’t want to do this in front of everyone. Our relationship was just ours.

Last weekend we were all crushing at Cam’s place, watching movies and then they decided they would film a YouTube video. I did not want to be in the video, so I told them I would just go and make some food for them for later. Hayes also didn’t feel like doing the video, so we went out to the kitchen.

I checked out what I had and decided to make some pasta for the boys.

“How can I help you?” Hayes asked sitting on the counter.

“Can you please get me a pot?”

“Sure,” he nodded starting to search in the cabinets. I got the pasta and then took out the sauce from the fridge. “Here,” he said putting the pot to the counter.

“Thank you,” I smiled at him pressing my lips to his. It was meant to be a quick kiss, but he grabbed me by the waist and held me to him so I couldn’t escape. Not like I wanted to.

I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him firmly back. His hands slipped down to my thighs and lifting me up he put me to the counter. That way I was taller than him and I absolutely loved it. I hugged his torso with my legs as we continued to make out, but suddenly we were interrupted.

“Woah, guys, slow down before you eat each other!” we heard Nash’s voice from the door and when I looked up I saw him, Cam, Gilinsky and Matt standing in the door, and I saw Matt and Nash recording us.

“Oh my God,” I groaned turning away from the phone.

“So young but so passionate,” Matt laughed. They always teased me because I was a year younger than Hayes and they always called me little girl or things like that to emphasize my age.

“Will you please stop?” Hayes told them turning around.

“Actually, no,” Nash laughed.

“Guys, this is so inappropriate, I hope you won’t post these,” I said raising my eyebrows at them.

“It’s just as inappropriate as making out in the kitchen. And it’s too late, I already posted them to Snapchat,” Nash announced.

“And this one is going to Twitter,” Matt added typing on his phone.

I swear I could slap them, but I just took a deep breath. Great, thanks to them, we would be all over the internet.

“Thanks bro, I love how you care about what I want,” Hayes groaned helping me get down from the counter.

“What do you guys even want? I thought you are filming that video,” I muttered pouring water to the pot.

“We were, but I guess the show is better out there,” Gilinsky said laughing.

“You know, by saying that you are a perv,” I warned him turning back. “I’m fourteen and you are nineteen, that’s illegal.”

He just rolled his eyes at me knowing I was right. The guys attacked the fridge taking out some drinks and icecream, and then they went back to the living room.

“I’m sorry, they are douches,” Hayes sighed when they were out of the kitchen.

“I know, I just wish they wouldn’t post the videos. I don’t want us kissing all over the internet.”

“I will try to talk to him.” I smiled at him and then went back to cooking.

I was done by the time the guys finished filming. They were all starving, so I set the table and told them to come and eat.

“Oh, smells great,” Cam said sitting down to the table.

“Yeah, I’m surprised you had time to cook while you were in Hayes’s mouth,” Nash joked, the guys laughed with him, but I didn’t find it that funny.

“Okay, Nash, that’s enough,” Hayes told him.

“What? Is she too young for these jokes?”

“Nash, enough. I’m serious.”

“Alright, I will shut up,” he said holding his hands up.

We ate in peace and I thought we are over the topic, but I guess Nash was too noisy and he brought it up again. But at least now he wasn’t joking.

“Just so you know, the fans are talking about how cute you two are,” he commented not even looking up from his plate.

“What?” Hayes asked.

“They are going off about how cute you two are on the videos. Since you never post about yourselves, they are going crazy about the little they just got. They like you, I think you should post more,” he said and then as he was done with eating he went back to the living room. When all the boys went back and it was just Hayes and I, I glanced over him.

“I guess we are cute,” I said smiling at him.

“Oh, I know we are. I just like to keep it to ourselves,” he said kissing my forehead and starting to put the dishes to the dishwasher.