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Since when was it okay to make this guy 18?!? He’s still, like, five cmon! Well, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, you are now 18, an adult. Shit. I feel like it was yesterday I was wishing you a happy 16th, how time goes fast. You’re going to move on to greater things and I couldn’t be more proud! You’ve already achieved so much in the short amount of time that you were in the industry! And I can’t wait to be there every step of the way…Happy Birthday baby boy, enjoy going to strip clubs and drinking in certain places!! 🎉🎈🎁💓💓


Jesus when will these two stop?

Joker Imagine - When did you stop loving me?

Anonymous said:Can you please do a joker imagine based on “When Did You Stop Loving Me” by Hunter Hayes? 😭😭 but it ends with fluffy fluffff. THANK YOUUUU. ps. LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH 💜💜

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Your P.O.V.

After so many crimes we had commited together, all the laughs, the tattoos, the kisses, the ‘I love you’s and sharing nights in the same bed, it all came crashing down. J was standing in front of me and his chest was rising as he breathed very heavily. Our eyes met, others filled with rage and others with tears. Also confusion was washed across both of us, smacked against our faces very obviously.

‘’When did you stop loving me?’’ I breathed out and bit the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t start crying which would lead me to break down. We were in an alley in Gotham yet somehow the wind made my hair messy. ‘’J..I thought you already knew that you can trust me! You let me in can do it again’’ I tried to convince him, but it made him roll his eyes. 

‘’Yeah right..’’He growled and it broke my heart. Tears rolled down my face silently and I felt how my world was crumbling down right in front of my eyes. ‘’J I love you’’ I told him and wished with all of my dark heart that he’d love me too. Instead he just looked at me coldly with those icy blue eyes of his. The mental pain was worse than being shot. He didn’t reply.

‘’Goodbye’’ I told him and suddenly stormed off. I couldn’t just stand there anymore. Tears blurred my vision as I ran off , away from him. Away from the person I loved but he didn’t love me. But after a few alleys I stopped.I leaned against a tile wall and held my breath. Realization washed upon me. I slid down onto my butt so I was hugging my knees and I started crying loudly. Honestly I couldn’t care less about people hearing me now.

J didn’t love me. When did it stop? When did he feel like trusting me wasn’t a good idea? ‘’No..’’ I whimpered and then inhaled a sharp breath. I heard two footsteps in front of me. Thinking it was J, I looked up and opened my mouth to tell him to leave, but I saw someone dressed in a black costume.

My heart skipped a beat. It was Batman.

Instead of doing some crazy trick and vanishing away, I sat there. He seemed surprised even tho he had the same ugly face as always. ‘’Go ahead. T-Take me away’’ I stuttered weakly and wiped my tears that just got replaced again. Batman didn’t move for a while. He was obviously thinking. ‘’Did J finally leave you?’’ He asked me with that deep voice.

His words just made things worse. A loud cry left my lips and I pulled my hair in agony. ‘’Shut ut!’’ I winced painfully and struggled to breathe well. ‘’Well a trip to Arkham might still heal you, since you’re not as crazy as him yet’’ Batman suggested almost too kindly. Arkham asylum..

‘’Take me. I don’t care’’ I mumbled and stood up in surrender. Batman probably found this too good to be true, but he still cuffed me and I let him do it. Oh my J..why? Why would he suddenly stop loving me after everything? He was my reason to live for fucks’s sake!


‘’Hello Y/N, I’m your doctor. You can call me Harleen if it makes you more comfortable’’ My psycholog Dr. Harleen Quinzel smiled as she entered the room. I was sitting on a grey chair in this grey room and I was wearing a white straitjacket. My eyes were probably sunken in from little sleep and my hair was a mess. Under the straitjacket I had an Arkham Asylum orange prisoner suit. I just nodded smally to acknowledge that I was here mentally.

‘’I was told that you surrendered to Batman. Is that right?’’ Harleen asked me and put her coffee cup of the boring grey table. The room smelled like bad air and old coffee. I just nodded again, too sad to speak unless I had to. I kept thinking about J. He was so deep in my heart, my soul and my mind that I could probably never remove him.

‘’Would you like to tell me why?’’ Harleen pushed my buttons, but I didn’t mind anymore. I moved my eyes from the table to Harleen’s blue eyes. She was quite hot to be a psycholog at Arkham Asylum. ‘’He doesn’t love me anymore’’ I whispered, beginning the sentence calmly but it just made my eyes sting again. 

Three days ago Batman took me here and this was my first session. They got me a cage prison where I had at least a dozen guards all the time. Being the ex girlfriend (I suppose) of Joker was a crazy role so they wouldn’t leave me unwatched. 

A tear fell down my cheek and soaked onto my straitjacket. Harleen gave me a sorry look, but she had to continue her work. ‘’Why would he stop loving you?’’ She questioned me carefully. She was probably scared of an attack out of the blue like I was known to do. I was mostly unexpected, but I wasn’t feeling my vibe anymore. The second J took me out and told me that he didn’t trust me, my flame was killed like fire in water. He let me down so easily, like I was nothing to him. He just gave up on us.

It hurt like hell.

‘’I have no idea..I think he finds it hard to let people in and something made him..doubt me’’ I admitted and poured details to a damn doctor. ‘’I..I’m sorry..I-’’ I started as tears just kept coming out of me like a damn waterfall. The straitjacket was uncomfortable and I felt anxious and weak. ‘’ I love him so much’’ I whispered and then looked down to hide my tears and my red eyes. My body was trembling and I got weaker and weaker.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N’’ Harleen tried to comfort me, but I just shook my head. No one would ever understand me! ‘’Sorry H but I don’t think you understand. I’m crazy for loving someone like him..’’ I tried to giggle, but it made me think of J. He really knew how to make me laugh. What the fuck had I done to him?! The questions left unanswered would kill me. 

‘’I might Y/N. You just need to trust me. Did you have a hard time growing up?’’ She asked me and got me quiet. Oh doctor if I’d remember much then I could answer your question better. I just had flashbacks and some faint memories, but I barely remembered the most of my childhood. I knew how things were, but I couldn’t remember it well. ‘’I guess’’ I whispered and sniffled. 

A knock on the door made her get up. I watched as she opened it and a guard walked in, wearing a mask so the criminals couldn’t remember them when they’d get out.  I stood up and let the guard take me out of the room, leaving our session short. ‘’See you tomorrow Y/N’’ Harleen yelled after me before the door closed.

The asylum halls were very disgusting. It was like an old jail and it had a bad vibe. The guard held my straitjacket tightly and kept walking silently. Other prisoners who were lucky enough to have a see through wall stared at me. They all knew me. How could they not?

Instead or turning right where my cage was, the guard took me to the left. ‘’Wrong way’’ I muttered bluntly, but he shushed me. What the fuck? Suddenly I saw a body on the floor, laying in his own blood. The man was a guard that only had a white T-shirt on now, soaked in blood. Oh and underwear. I stared at the dead man and then at the other guard who didn’t even care. That wasn’t right..

‘’Be quiet’’ He whispered and sent shivers down my spine. That wasn’t an Arkham guard! It was Joker! My heart started beating faster, but I listened to him like a dog. What on earth? Why would he come here? I just walked kindly by his side as he took us outside where I saw more dead bodies. A helicopter was waiting for us and I was surprised the alarm hadn’t started beeping. How did they get here? When ? Why? 

Joker took me into the black helicopter and then the door shut. It took off and so we just left Gotham without being noticed. A few henchmen sat here with guns. ‘’Why would you do that?!’’ I looked at J and bit my bottom lip. He took off the mask and I saw his red lips and those pretty blue eyes. ‘’Well duh I couldn’t just leave you there. They’d give you medicines that would turn you to a soulless goodie idiot’’ He spat and then grabbed a knife. I stared at it nervously as he came closer. Instead of getting stabbed, he cut the straitjacket open so my arms were free.

An overwhelming desire to hug him took over me, but I didn’t dare to do that. It hurt. ‘’I thought you just made it clear that you didn’t love me’’ I whispered quietly and looked into his eyes. J looked a little sad and tired. ‘’No..No Y/N..I love you. I really do, but something happened. You stormed off before I could even clear my mind’’ He sighed deeply and put his hand on you cheek. His touch felt good, but I didn’t let him know that. I wasn’t over it.

‘’Can we talk when we get home?’’ He looked deep into my eyes.Oh wow he still called it home. ‘’Sure’’ I mumbled and then broke eye contact. A sigh escaped his red lips and instead of ignoring me and taking a seat, he leaned in to kiss me. My eyes widened in surprise of the sudden touch. I let his wamr lips sink the truth into my mind until I shut my eyes and kissed him back. I couldn’t not kiss him.

J’s hand held onto the wall and the other one onto me. I felt his tongue on my bottom lip and then it slid into my mouth. He kissed me like we had been separated for years. It made my lips feel a sparkly sensation and I forgot everything that happened for a few slow seconds. After a while he pulled back and smiled. ‘’I hope that makes you believe that I love you. I never stopped idiot’’ he said playfully and cuased me to blush. But it still felt too good to be true.

‘’Let’s talk when we get home’’ I repeated his words just to be a tease and to show him that I wouldn’t forgive so easily. I was really broken ,left into my agony so bad that I fucking surrendered to Batman. ‘’Okay princess but you need to promise me to never go back there again’’ 

No Lake PDA

Request: can you do a hayes imagine where you have a lake day with his family but he still he can’t keep his hands off you but you kind of push him away cause you feel awkward with pda around his family and he gets sad boy

a/n; tbh I wouldn’t like PDA around my boyfriends family either

Word Count: 367 (sorry)

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

Normally I love when Hayes gets all cuddly, or wants to be touching me all the time, it’s a nice feeling. But right now, I’m embarrassed, we’re in front of his family, and he wont stop. “Hayes.” I sighed, again. “What’s wrong with you?” He finally let go of me and looked at me, I bit the inside of my cheek. “We’re with your family, I don’t want to be all touchy in front of them. A little bit is fine, hold my hand or something but you don’t have to be coddling me right now.” I explained in a hushed voice so only he would hear. He looked at me, and instantly I felt bad, he looked a little upset but shook it off, saying he was going to ride jet ski’s with Nash. I nodded as he walked off, I made a face to myself before forcing myself to go and do something fun. 


“Hayes.” I sighed as we got back to the house after the lake, we were going to change and watch a movie downstairs, but he’s taking what I said earlier to the extreme. He won’t even touch me, “baby.” I added, walking over and wrapping my arms around him, he didn’t even look down at me like he always does. He raised his arms, as if he was going to hug me, but then he froze. “Hayes, I’m sorry.” I mumbled, squeezing him tighter, and that’s all it took for him to hug me back. “I’m sorry I was being overly loving.” He sighed, making me laugh, he followed, realizing how weird that sounded. 

“We’re going to go downstairs, and you’re going to let me use you as a big pillow.” I told him as we started leaving his room, his hand holding mine tightly, as if I would slip away. “Sounds like a plan.” He answered, following closely behind me. 

I payed no attention to anything except for Hayes and the movie as we sat in our little corner of the couch, his arm wrapped around my shoulders as we sat together, my head resting on his chest lightly. Moving up and down as he breathed, this is better.



OH. NO. 0_0


kphayes12: What up dog @johngaudreau03

me: playing “Fifteen″ by Taylor Swift on 15th birthday

me: playing “18″ by 5SOS and 1D on 18th birthday

me: playing “21″ by Hunter Hayes on 21st birthday

me: playing “22″ by Taylor Swift on 22nd birthday

also me: playing “Forever Young” on every birthday

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For the playlist: goodbye

JEEEEEZZEEE THIS CAN OF WORMS OKAY HERE WEO GO!!!! Its kind of sad how quickly I came up with these 

All I Ask- Adele (So much pain) 

What You Gonna Do- Hunter Hayes 

Goodbye- Kesha (the old acoustic one on youtube, not the one from Warrior. Different songs)

Why don’t you love me- Hot Chelle Rae 

If I knew- Bruno mars 

The End- Little Mix 

Like We Never Loved At All- Faith hill (KiLL ME THIS SONG MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!) 

Gravity- Sara Bareilles (dont. just. Do not)

Nothing Lasts Forever- Maroon 5

Don’t Forget- Demi Lovato (you think im joking? no. im not.)

Aftermath- Rascal Flatts 

When Did You Stop Loving Me- Hunter Hayes 

Like A Fool- Keira Knightley (from Begin Again! Gr8 soundtrack)

The Chain- Ingrid Michaelson 

I Thought She knew- *NSYNC (bc im sTILL nsync trash) 

How- Regina Spektor (THE PAIN) 

I Dreamed A Dream- Les mis (im partial to Anne Hathaway’s version but I left it up to you) 

Rue’s Farewell- James Newton Howard