stop it both of you!

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

You can’t tell me that Fidds doesn’t like adopt Pacifica and she helps him around his new shed and the work together on giant machines. You can’t prove to me that does not happen.

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Pacifica Northwest


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


he’s weak

Night AUs

- You talk in your sleep and you pretty much just described to me, in extremely graphic detail, how you would kill someone and now I’m too scared to fall asleep

- (On the flip side) you made a lot of sexual noises while you slept, what (or who) were you dreaming about??

- Okay I get that ocean noises help people go to sleep but you’ve literally been playing whale mating calls at full volume for the past hour and if you don’t stop soon I’m gonna come over and smack you

- We both planned to stay up all night but you ended up falling asleep and you just woke up to me standing next to you with a bowl of warm water in my hands-I can explain

- We were both going to pull an all nighter to study for an exam tomorrow but now it’s 6 am and we just finished an entire tv series and I can’t believe you let this happen

- it’s 4 am and we’re both running solely on Red Bull and coffee at this point and we just had the most in depth discussion about eggs I swear to god


more bey kids /////

beyblade is absolutely awful for consistency re: art style and character design between different seasons (so many eye colour changes… why this), so shoving my fave kids into my own style was a fun lil challenge!!

i’m definitely more partial to season 1 and 3 though for sure

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what is touka saying in that panel in the omake!!


Touka: Want coffee?
Kaneki: Thanks.
Tsukiyama: Hello everyone!

Naki: Going through!
Ayato: Aneki, let me borrow your hat.
*i prob misread hat for something else
Kurona: Excuse me.
Miza: Kaneki Ken, I have something to talk to you about.

Touka: (This shop is filled with ghouls.)
Touka: (I wonder if this is okay…)


Yomo: Hirako Take.
Hirako: What is it, Yomo Renji.

Touka: Yomo-san. Why don’t the both of you stop calling each other by full names?
Touka: It’s weird.
Yomo: …I see…

Yomo: …Hi…
Yomo: Ta…

Yomo: …As I thought.
Yomo: …We’re still not on that level.

I always think it’s such a shame Robert had to delete that photo of him and Aaron on Katie’s phone at Wylie’s. Was such a lovely picture of them 😍😚❤

Incase you haven’t noticed I have officially become 100% Bughead trash and I am not even ashamed, and I will not apologise for current and future dash spam involving these precious babies

I mean

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that sigh of relief though and then THIS SMILE

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I’m dead. These two have ruined me. Damn you both but please don’t stop being so adorkable. 


@oh-mother-of-darkness AAAAAAAAA AMY

So, I just made myself laugh by imagining these three sending this pic to Joe: 

and Joe’s reaction. 

They will easily be the cutest TV fam on the CW