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romeo and juliet, or something like that

steve harrington x reader

(spoilers for season 2.)


“theatre class,” steve repeated. “are you kiddin’ me?”

“i can’t ask mike or lucas,” dustin replied, crossing his arms defensively over his chest. “but my mom… you know, she wants me to bring someone, and i thought…”

“hey, we ain’t friends,” steve hurriedly said, stepping out onto his front step and closing the front door behind him. “not a chance.”

“okay, steve, it’s time for both of us to stop pretending that you don’t love playing video games with me on friday nights and that babysitting me isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to you. we both know it.”

this fucking kid.

“if i see one person from school -” steve began, but dustin interrupted.

“you won’t, steve.” dustin’s gaze was more serious than steve had ever seen it, and if this was about anything other than theatre classes, he’d probably be worried for his little pal. “come on. it’s bring-a-friend week. you wouldn’t let me go by myself, would you?”

steve stared down at dustin for a brief second before moving his hand up sharply to hit off his baseball hat - which landed on the front lawn - and ruffle his curly mop of hair.

“might wanna pick that up, kiddo!” steve chirped as he sprinted inside and shut the door before dustin could flip him off.

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Have a rude Hobi, have 10 of them to get through your interview and your exam and your competition 👀 (I got these after being bias wrecked by JK and trying to balance myself out again- treat them well)

ahh thank you sweetie :’) i’ll treat them with all the love they deserve don’t worry 😍 

Andrew: Can you two stop fighting? There’s a lot of unresolved sexual tension from both of you!

Diana: We’re not fighting. We’re having a creative discussion. 

Akko: We are too fighting! 

Diana: Creative discussion. 

Akko: Fight! 

Diana: Discussion!

Andrew: I can’t believe you two are having a fight about whether or not you’re in a fight.

New Rules | 2

After the incident at the bar you decide to confront Yoongi.

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pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: smut, angst
word count: 4K
cw: smut, dirty talk etcetcetc

chapter song: First Fuck - 6LACK, Jhene Aiko


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take care

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warnings: emotional distress

requesti saw you were looking for steve harrington requests. both my grandfather and my brother are in the hospital and i feel like i’m losing my mind. could you do something comforting/fluffy with a scenario like that? i’d really appreciate it.
requested by: anonymous

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rbssns  asked:

How would SF and UF BROS react to every time they are around them they always end up in an argument. That leaves their crush to think they hate them even though the skeletons keeps asking them to hang out Until one day at the end of one their crush yells "FINE since you hate me so much I'll just leave and never come back!! You'll never have to fight or see me EVER AGAIN!"

SF Sans: Oh no! No! He didn’t want you to think he hated you. He is a loud, sometimes aggressive skeleton. He knows it is pretty easy to start a fight with him, and he knows it’s very hard to stop that fight again. And you started arguments yourself too, you both a bit on the hotheaded side, which just made the number of arguments per week way to high. 

But he doesn’t hate you, he will try to better himself. He doesn’t know how, but he will as long as you still want to stay with him.

SF Papyrus: He is very passive, so whenever an argument starts, it’s usually because of the way he lies around apathetic. And when an argument starts, he usually just nods. He rarely even says anything back. Which just frustrates you, so the argument keeps going for a long time. But he didn’t wanted you to think he hated you?

He is a mess, and he knows it, he just wishes he could show you that he is trying to better himself. He just can’t do it alone. Would you be willing to stay and help him, he doesn’t want you to leave.

UF Sans: Oh boy, he isn’t very hotheaded, but when you start to fight, man you fight. Nobody’s backing off, and he just keeps putting coal in the fire, making each fight last forever and escalate into a pure screaming match.

He honestly has some sick sense of enjoyment from that, to just yell out all his frustration. He knew it wasn’t a good thing to do, but he had no idea it affected you so badly. He swears, sugar, he will find some other way to vent. Just give him another chance.

UF Papyrus: Boy he is hotheaded but has some pretty good self-control, so fights with him are often but short. His anger flares up because of so many things, but he pulls himself together as fast as possible, cutting the fight short. But he rarely apologizes.

He didn’t know he was making things so terrible for you, he will give his all to control himself better. And he will get over himself, and finally apologize when he fucks up.

Preference 3- First Kiss

Robb Stark

He’d called you into a meeting with his council and kept asking for your input, which you provided. When the men all filtered out he asked you to stay and join him for a drink. He confessed his worries over the war to you and you just listened. He felt he could talk to you easier than one of his bannermen. You’d become a friend and confidant as well as a strong fighter in his army over the past few weeks. When the time came for you to retire to bed, he thanked you, telling you he couldn’t imagine what he’d do without you to listen to him, and took your hand in his, squeezing it gently and before you had time to stop yourself, you’d both leant in and pressed your lips together.

Jon Snow

You’d been visiting your Uncle more frequently at Castle Black and Jon would often welcome you at the gate and walk you to and from places. Jon knew what some of the men were like. Although they were his brothers, he still didn’t want to leave you with them. You’d began to develop feelings for him but tried to dismiss them as you knew nothing could ever happen. Still it frustrated you having your hopes just out of reach. One day, Jon had asked to accompany to on a walk, you’d been trying to avoid him so quickly walked off and he followed you, asking what was wrong. Eventually you couldn’t take it any more and confessed you were attracted to him. Jon looked mildly shocked for a moment before pulling you into a corner. He told you he felt the same way and looked both ways to check you were alone before kissing you softly.

Petyr Baelish

You had. You were standing looking out to sea, when you heard footsteps behind you and a moment later, he was sat your side. Petyr has been planning to travel to the Riverlands on crown business. After Ned had been executed, you, wanted to return to your family. Petyr knew this. He’d heard enough whispers to know. However he’d seen how you moved around the court, you’d carried yourself different to most and you’d intrigued him, he didn’t want you to go before he had a chance to get better acquainted. He’d began hatching a plan for you to work with him but he needed to make sure you were on board.So he struck up conversation, told you he hoped to be seeing more of your presence at court, before leaning in and touching your lips together gently. It was a butterfly kiss, careful and gentle and unexpected and lasted only a moment before he pulled back, and bid you good evening. It left you slightly confused and wanting just a bit more.

Ramsay Bolton

During your stay at the Dreadfort, your father had worked with Roose Bolton to find you a match which would benefit the North and secure any alliance necessary. It seemed every lord or suitor that came knocking left shortly afterwards and you’d began to wonder if it was you. You soon found out it wasn’t. One Lord in particular stayed long enough to take you for a walk in the forest. You’d only been walking for a few moments when you heard Ramsay. He walked up to you, pulled you into an embrace and thanked the Lord for keeping his Lady company in a tone that suggested he wanted the Lord to leave. Before you had a chance to speak, Ramsay had pressed your lips together in a warm, hard kiss. You didn’t respond at first but when he wound a hand into your hair and pulled just hard enough, you were kissing him back before you even processed what you were doing. You were so involved in kissing him you barely heard the Lord leave.

Jamie Lannister

You’d been thinking about your dance with him a lot, the pair of you had struck up a strong friendship and your younger sister had been teasing you that you’d marry Ser Jamie and be Lady of Casterly Rock. You constantly rolled her eyes at her telling her it was one night. You and Margaery stopped in the gardens and sat on a bench, and after a few moments Jamie approached and asked if he could borrow you. Margarey gave you a knowing look and then left promptly. Jamie sat beside you and you exchanged pleasantries for a few moments before he confessed that he felt more appreciated by you than he had in a long time, thanked you. He hesitated for only a moment before leaning in and capturing your lips in a passionate loving kiss.

Euron Greyjoy

You’d left with him on his ship the morning after you’d been brought to him. He almost insisted and you had nothing to keep you in Essos. In all honesty, if you’d protested, you wouldn’t have put it past him to carry you on to the ship and make you stay. He’d been flirting with you since you met, innuendo-laden jokes and comments at you the whole night and almost the whole next day. The sun was setting the next evening and you were on deck with him watching it. You bid him goodnight and headed to your chambers. The door had barely closed before it swung open again and Euron had entered and it took two strides before his hands were wrapped around you and his lips were on yours. It was rough, demanding and passionate and everything you’d except from the Lord Reaper of Pyke. You kissed him back almost straight away.


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


Added gag gem of Chantal Janzen’s last performance (dutch production) you might have missed so I translated this bit for y’all to enjoy! (x)

i’m living for the day where i get to see a gifset comparing jake’s first proposal to amy in the bet to the actual peraltiago proposal because that might kill me even more than the proper one itself

Type of ship that melts my poor little heart:

Person A - is a feared badass but turns into a cinammon roll around their significant other

Person B - is generally sweet and calm but becomes a heartless devil if you try to hurt their lover

calling Shiro space dad is Coran erasure so jot that down 

butteredonions  asked:

So. Ulaz. if he survived. and was on the castle with the paladins for a while. what he might think of 'strange earth customs'. that maybe shiro introduces him to. accidentally. or on purpose. maybe. I mean. you know.


(also I apologize this is only like PART of your prompt because I didn’t want to write a 10k story at work IT’S JUST ABOUT TOUCH AND TOUCHING AND ANYWAY)

a lazy temptation

The Castle was quiet, a gentle hum of energy accompanying Ulaz as he made his usual rounds of the halls. The Princess had kindly gifted him a map of the entire complex, though some spots were suspiciously blacked out. They were easy enough areas to get into, but Ulaz appreciated her general wariness in giving a potential enemy access to the Castle of Lions.

The patrols calmed him, channelled his unused energy into a useful task. Since leaving the Empire to assist the Paladins in the daunting task of wresting control from Zarkon, his routine had become more…lax. The Castle of Lions spanned wide; usually, he was on patrol for hours, just the quiet of his thoughts and the hush of his feet his only company. Solutions came easier in the calm of patrol.  

As he turned another corner, the room on the far left flicked, light spilling and fracturing the gentle shadows of the hall. He picked his way over, peering inside, and was surprised to find one of the many lounges in use. A holograph played across the entire far wall, aliens moving and dancing and talking in a language Ulaz could not quite track.

Though he wasn’t interested in the movie.

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