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I love so much how, when given the opportunity to take a break to relax and feel good, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl choose to sit and watch the sunset together.

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can I have Robin in figues palette? if someone haven't already requested her, since you have so many asks I don't want to add to your workload >.< .... *looks sternly* have you eaten today?

she will fight

and yes I did eat, thank you!! <3

send me a character and a fruit


03.01.2015 - Jonathan Toews, second intermission interview


glee rewatch
↳ 01x01 - Pilot: “Don’t you get it, man? We’re all losers–everyone in this school. Hell, everyone in this town. Out of all the kids who graduate, maybe half will go to college, and two will leave the state to do it. I’m not afraid of being called a loser ‘cause I can accept that that’s what I am. But I am afraid of turning my back on something that actually made me happy for the first time in my sorry life.”


Season Six Alternative Song Covers | 6x12 2009


“I - huh?”

The archer squinted, easily making out the mop of red hair, despite the current state of her blurriness. Must’ve gotten too close to an explosion or an arrow backfired. ‘Brow pulled in a frown, Artemis made a move to stand. A shot of pain up her right side following - it reallyfucking hurt, but right now she couldn’t rest. It could compromise the others.

“What’s going on?”

Wally frowned, a hand resting lightly on her cheek before it brushed up to her forehead. He pulled back when she ‘focused’ on him, shaking just a little as he tried to brush off his fear. He put his hands on he shoulders, trying to keep her from sitting up all the way. 

“Jeez, Arty- stop, stop, lie down.” He bit his lip. “The other’s are handling it. You’re hurt. Do you think you can move? We gotta get out of here, ‘kay?”

People need to STOP to say that Artie needs to walk for his happiness and stop saying “So sad Kevin is amazing dancer but he didn’t show his skills enough on glee” 1 - Kevin loved to play Artie 2 - Artie doesn’t need to walk to be happy 3 - As a wheelchair user Artie is kind a representation for us and wheelchair users CAN dance. Stop with the ableism.