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Hey there! Can I get like scenarios of Ukai, Sugawara, and Oikawa on a first date with a female who they've had a crush on forever? Thanks a bunch! (╹◡╹)♡

Yeeeees! I love long term crushes that work out for the better!

Hope that you enjoy, Anon!

The nerves seemed like the only thing Ukai could focus on as he stood outside her front door with his hands shoved deep into his pant pockets. He had already spent far too long sitting in his car trying to gain the courage to finally step outside and now here he was standing before her home attempting to gather more so that he could knock.

It was pathetic, really. He was a grown man, her a grown woman; they were adults, not the teenagers they were when he first met her. So something like this, despite his long term feelings for her, shouldn’t have been as problematic as it was turning out to be.

Lifting his hand, he quickly rapped his knuckles against the wood, his heart pounding way too hard against his chest and he wasn’t sure if he was breathing anymore. The silence that ensued afterward has the loudest noise that reverberated through his ears, because what if she didn’t come to the door? What if she forgot about their date? What if she didn’t really want to go? What if–

“And I thought you were going to be late,” her voice ceased whatever thoughts were running through his head, his gaze instantly landing on her as she emerged through the doorway. A large smile stretched across her face and everything about her was simply radiant, just as it always was. “Ya know, I saw you when you pulled up and–”

“You’re beautiful,” now it was he who was interrupting, and from the expression that passed over her face upon hearing it, it was completely worth it. This was the day he had been dreaming of.

Sugawara was certain that he hadn’t stopped smiling since their date began. It was nothing fancy that he had planned, really. A picnic on the beach where they could stroll and relax as much as they wanted. A day that was filled with laughter and light brushes of fingers and red cheeks and fluttering hearts.

It was a day he was sure he was going to remember for the rest of his life.

They talked for hours there with their sand between their toes,  their gazes focused on the gentle waves that lapped over the shore. Breezes came along to ruffle their hair and deliver a slight chill that caused them to squirm closer to each other. The hyperawareness that their skin was touching felt almost childish when Suga allowed himself to dwell on it, but then he decided that he didn’t care. Because he felt childish, like a kid falling in love for the first time.

Letting his hand drop to the space between them, he left it there, purposely not drawing attention to it. And he pretended that his heart wasn’t beating as fast or as hard as it was when she reached down to lace her fingers with his own. Their gazes met and they laughed, embarrassed and  by they action.

“Thank you for today,” she spoke as she leaned her head against his shoulder, her gaze again transfixed on the sea beyond. The moment was so pristine, something straight out of a movie if Suga hadn’t been living it himself. And he desperately hoped that he didn’t wake up in the next few seconds.

“No,” he spoke softly, his thumb brushing over the skin of her knuckles, leaning to press a small kiss to the top of her head, “thank you.” Because this was the dream that she granted him, and if this dream became his life, he would be forever grateful to her, to whatever higher power there might be in the world, for allowing this to come true.

“Can I kiss you?” the question escaped from Oikawa’s lips before he even had time to process the complete thought behind it. They stood outside her door now, the setting sun lighting every feature that he found so beautiful about her. 

The heat that rose to his cheeks when she turned to look at him made him open his mouth to reconsider his words, but she was moving. Leaning towards him with her hands placing themselves on his chest just before her lips touched against his own softly. And that’s all it was, a soft touch, a simple gesture, yet it was everything that sent Oikawa’s heart into overdrive.

When she parted, he felt as though all air had disappeared from his lungs, his hands shaking at his sides with the desperate need to touch her some way, but not sure if he should or where. There was a small laugh that came from her then as she rested her hand on the knob of her front door, her smile wide and kind. “Goodnight, Tooru.”

As she pushed the door open, he was moving, his hand taking hers in order to lace their fingers together. And when she turned to look at him, question in her gaze, his other hand rose to caress the back of her neck before bringing their lips together again. A shuddering breath left him when she pressed back, lips gliding perfect against his own and he was certain that his heart was beating out of rhythm.

This time it was him that pulled away, his eyes soft on her as she stared back openly, her lips parted. “Goodnight, [First Name],” he spoke softly, the promise of seeing her again in his eyes. Because there was nothing he wanted more than to see her everyday for the remainder of his life.

One Day
  • One day I’ll cut down on fried chicken takeaway
  • One day I’ll stop drinking so much
  • I’ll stop dating men who are twenty years older
  • I’ll get a new safety clip for my holster
  • One day I’ll get a new coffee maker
  • One day I will buy her a ring
  • O̵̴͘ŅE͠ ͜Ḑ̶͠A͏͏Y͟ D̀E͢͡A̢͠͡T̵̕͝H̀ ̶̢҉W̕͡I̡҉L̸̡Ĺ͘ C͡O̢͡M̕͢É̢͏ ͠T͟O̵̢ ̕EV̡E̕RY̸O͠͡N҉͘E̶͢
  • One day I’ll learn how to sing

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I see that you wouldn't be answering my ask when I called you out when you kept on posting about your meaning of transphobic. I can see that you have difficulty in accepting when you are wrong. In case you don't know, it is a very shitty thing to accuse people of being transphobic because they don't want to be in a relationship with a transperson. You at least owe your followers an apology for what you have posted before. You've always said you are a man right? Well then man up and apologize.

dude i haven’t got any asks from you but uhhhh go off i guess?

i never said it was transphobic to not want to be with a trans person. i said people need to stop associating men with dicks and women with vaginas. Not wanting to date a trans person bc of their genitalia IS transphobic. Not wanting to date a trans person bc they’re trans IS transphobic. Not wanting to date a trans person bc you just are not compatible or you don’t feel the chemistry between you is totally fine cause then you see that trans person as another human being and not just a set of genitals, which a lot of people refuse to accept.

if u find out someone ur attracted to is trans and don’t have the genitalia you want them to have and ur suddenly like ew gross then that’s transphobic. And so is equating them to their genitals. Especially since a lot of trans people have dysphoria with their genitals and don’t even have sex with them. most trans people fucking HATE their genitals (at least i do) so the fact that someone doesn’t want to date us because we don’t have what they deem “normal genitalia” is fucking shitty. we’re not forcing you to date anybody. If you don’t want to date a trans person because they’re trans, just admit you’re transphobic and go.

I’m just stating what I, a trans person, finds transphobic, when it comes to people judging other people based on their genitals. and unless you’re trans i don’t think you can dictate what’s transphobic or not. 

and don’t fucking tell me to man up.

have a nice day.

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Ppl who are all "Mac who has never done anything wrong ever in her life" but condem Duke because of the hand grab thing are the reason I avoid social interaction

“Mac bullied Duke with Chandler and set Veronica up for date rape but that shouldn’t be problem because Duke retaliated by bullying her back once and didn’t stop the date rape from happening!!!! Duke is evil and Mac is an angel!!! Duke doesn’t grab Veronica’s hand and it’s probably cause she’s Jewish Duke is racist-”

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Lauren smoked weed and drink alcohol long before she was dating Ty. People need to stop being racist and blaming the black man for "being a bad influence" when the white (Latina) was doing what she's doing all the way back to when she was with her ex girlfriend, Lucy.

lucy eat bees, tf y’all complaining about? leave tyrone and lauren alone

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the question is: a new boyfriend? again? don't you go from relationship to relationship way too fast? you always end up crying over them dumping you but you seem to not being able to stay alone for a while. Take care of your heart, give it a break and don't fall for every single dude you go out with. It is not healthy.

honestly i really don’t like the judgmental messages thinly disguised as concern. I can’t put my life on hold out of fear and if i meet someone worth my time i’m gonna share my time with them. i’m not going to stop dating because i get hurt sometimes.

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what are the plans for eddy and alli's relationship

Woop there it is

Okay so Eddy and Alli have a very, very slowburn realization of their feelings for each other. They’ve been friends for such a long time after graduation that they’re comfortable around each other always regardless of what’s going on. Allisandra’s family is very oriented towards simple family values like marriage and they’ve spent so long asking Allisandra when she was going to get married that one day she finally gets so irritated that she asks Eddy to marry her just to get them to stop pestering her and trying to get her to go on dates. Eddy’s mother has already started doing this as well, so Eddy doesn’t think too much about it and agrees. They have a platonic marriage and for a while they hold up this public view of romanticism with mild displays of affection. Allisandra’s family tries to be really accommodating for Edlyn’s sake, and they teach Eddy how to cook all of Allisandra’s favorite family recipes and Edlyn teaches them how to cultivate magic herbs and use them for harvest. Suddenly Edlyn helps them pay for it too because Eddy gets really excited about plants and wants to combine their family traditions. The Machi-Contreras family become a family of medicine once more (as they were once under Allisandra’s great grandmother) and everyone is happy. Edlyn’s mother is also super excited to have Allisandra’s little siblings over every other summer for help in her own botanical garden. Meanwhile the longer Allisandra and Edlyn spend together as a married couple, the more their dynamic changes and the more the two of them realize how much they really love each other, and they don’t have to define it as platonic or romantic because they’re going to be together forever and nothing is ever awkward or confusing because their bond is so strong they just know what the other is thinking and feeling. They live in the Valiente manor and take care of the plants and visit Seraphine often who lives only a short distance away.

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the problem with her being with an older guy is not just limited to his habits it's about the way things were and are, they really come from different generation "he's what 14 years older than her ?" so he must think way way different it might not be bad but if they are not in the same mentality it's going to get bad and someone will get hurt "the damage depend on the person" so I hope she's careful. it's not about being sweat or in love life is way more than that I doubt they want to marry!

okay y'all are getting on my goddamn nerves, you not getting married doesn’t make your love less big or you less in love. it’s 2017 for god’s sake, some people don’t wanna get married. if you want then cool, don’t force it on someone or belittle their love or relationship. if you don’t date older man then cool but stop and for the 1000 time STOP trying to find excuses, they are dating and you ranting and letting HER life affect you is sad. STOP.