stop it ;a; u r perfect

which one’s a current mood ? (pt 1)

u live in an old abandoned church nd ur only friends r the 3-eyed deer who eat the dead leaves

ur buying prank supplies with ur friends in a haunted walmart nd u make a ghost pal

it’s 1954 nd ur plannin the the perfect heist w ur gf at the local dinner nd u can’t stop ordering strawberry milkshakes, it’s all v gay

it’s 3:45am nd ur on the roof of a 711 eatin hot cheetos thinkin bout mistakes u’ve made nd also star gazing

advices from someone who is out of high school
  • for fucks sake study for your tests, and yes im looking @ you freshman
  • your high school friends? they probably wont be your friends after you graduate so dont stress too much over them
  • look dating is really cool, really cool, but if it gets in the way of your academic success than its not worth it
  • forget every tv show/movie abt high school, its really nothing like that
  • no, you don’t have to have sex in high school
  • and if you do, p l e a s e use a condom even if you are on birth control. STIs are very real, and if you do get an STI, GO TO THE GODDAMN DOCTOR, for an example, syphilis has 3 stages, the symptoms of the first two stages will disappear alone, but once you’re in the third stage you will probably die of syphilis (really, one shot of penicillin is all it takes to cure it on the beginning stages).
  • if you hate high school now, then you’ll probably hate it when you’ve graduated (i sure as hell still hate it), but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off
  • if you have depression, talk to someone about it, it’ll make your life 10000000000x easier, trust me
  • if you fuck one year up, not everything is lost, rebounding can be very beneficial, it will show the university you’re applying to that you’ve matured and learned from your mistakes (but a perfect gpa through out all of high school is still better)
  • s t u d y  f o r  y o u r  t e s t s
  • no you don’t have to drink alcohol or do drugs
  • if you start throwing up from drinking, then /stop drinking/, you’ll end up in a hospital if you don’t stop
  • please DONT do drugs, but if you do, make sure you know exactly what you’re taking and tell someone who’s sober, in case something fucks up along the way (preferably take the drug with someone who’s done it before)
  • if you like someone who’s close to you, then tell them, if you don’t, you’ll regret it years later
  • there are people out there who are just as fucked up as you are
  • it gets better, much, much better
What is this that I see

oKAY OKAY…. I was about to make another reaction request when I saw these gorgeous gifs of Chae Pepe Hyungwon

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are u tryin’ to kill me boii? deym 

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boi, stahp it dis instant!! don’t stop pls huuhuhuh

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look at that gorgeous smile of his help mah hart kennot handle too beautiful to handle hELP

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just look at him lolololo pepe r u lost no? okay….

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look at him. just look at this perfection ;^;

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another perfection. perfection everywhere

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boi, did i just get electrified by you? wait, waht? am i trying to make some cheesy pick up line?

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he looks like a kid who’s planning to murder the lego he stepped on ;-; im so sorry….

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hey baby, are you made of copper and tellurium? coz u’re so damn cute… wat? huh? who said that?

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he’s prettier than the flower… and he’s even prettier than me hELP

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srsly…?? why…. hyungwon baby im sorry but please dont

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hi to you too babe *wink wink*

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isn’t he the cutest? ;u;

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just look at him eat <3 

me every single time that i see a picture of him:

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  • y’all are disgustingly cute
  • like he looks all cocky and confident
  • nd tbh you thought he was a fuckboy at first
  • but then he got really shy and stuttery when he asked you out
  • spoke a mile a minute honestly
  • “heydoyouwannagooutwithmesometime”
  • nd you’re like boy slow down what are you saying
  • nd johnny overheard and decided to help be an “”””official translator”””
  • “I think he is asking you on a date or maybe he’s telling you there’s something in your teeth it’s hard to tell”

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- Midoriya is autistic ok I don’t make the rules. His special interest is hero’s and quirks, he’ll hyperfocus and infodump about this for H O U R S. This kid absentmindedly infodumping in a never ending cascade of mumbling. Tiny Izuku rocking back and forth HARDCORE waiting for momma to boot up The Video, which he can recite from memory it was the only thing he’d quote for w e e k s the echolalia was Strong

- Iida is also autistic, non-negotiable, this is Fact. Boy has no volume control, he’s gotta have routine and rules or else its !!!!!!!!!. black and white morals/worldview for days. His hands…..they stim. Scripts a lot because he will make All The Friends and this is How You People right

- These two boys are both chasing so so hard after a legacy, trying to live up to and be worthy of those who came before them and both have to deal with the fall of their hero, face the fact that Their Hero isn’t/soon won’t be able to do Hero-ing and it’s up to them to take up where they left off, I mean you gUYS

- How can you not?? Love these two besties????? They and Ochako make up the Trifecta. The Golden Trio. The Original Flavor Squad. They admire and inspire each other and support each otherrrrrr

- BONUS ROUND: ENTER THIRD BOI STAGE LEFT pursued by endeavor. THIS boy trying to RUN from HIS legacy. trying to. shall we say. bend fate????? Like a certain other kid with a hero dad yes??? I don’t need to go into this everyone and their moms heard of tododeku and its a Good

- Todoiideku is the Legacy Trifecta. the Fate Trio. stain arc is a gift and it Opened My EYes to iida and midoriyas fukigns. good vibes. why no one talking about these two, and three, these lovely lovely boys out to grab destiny and make it their bitch

- unrelated: present mic is also autistic but more importantly both he and bakugou have some degree of hearing loss, that’s a whole other story. theres dadmight and dadzawa but has anyone talked about dadmic? I think we could get some dadmic up in here

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It makes me really happy that we all acknowledge the problems with stop stop it instead thinking they can do no wrong. Like it makes me so much prouder to be an igot7

i agree !! stop stop it was just a crusty era in general but we gotta acknowledge tht got7 r not perfect & can be problematic !!! (but serious;y @ jyp what made u think stop stop it was a good idea like send me ur address…. i just wanna talk…)

Ur guys r funny. Talking about “Ohm throwing the shade to Bryce Ohm suck I dont want to watch his vids anymore” but tag “Ohmtoonz” “Ohmwrecker”. Honestly who fking care???
Actually it ’s not suddenly. I felt like it start when they playing Friday the 13th. Even through they play at the same time at night, they dont want to group up. That’s the beginning
However, they r still on subscription of each other. Ohmwrecker knew about “6 pack” cuz he watched Bryce vids. It mean their friendship not become that kind of bad. Just like Ohmwrecker and Gassy before, they used to “broken” but now they “fix” it, isn’t it?
Just like what Im saying in last poat, dont too overthink their relationship. That’s not something u can control. If u dislike them cuz this little shitty thing, there have large “unfollow” button on twitter and twitch, and “unsubscribe” buttob on ytb. U r welcome to click on it everytime, cuz nobody care about ur drama. They r not gods, not children. They have their own opinion and decide to do everything they want, which may not perfect. If u want the most perfect that they r not ur choice. Whatever as a fans subscriber or someshit, we should respect every decision they make, nor trouble them.
Ex, Ohm post this to show his opinion and encourage Bryce that u dont need to do it so hard, but the fighter-u fk his ideas up. And then, Bryce misunderstand. Congregation, u fk their friendship up hardly.
For those fighter, if u just curious it’s time to stop, STOP IT; If u r just 4 fun to broken everyone feeling, go to listen a song of pink guy more than ten time. Yep, that song “Plz plz killed urself” .That’s what I want to talk to all those hater son of the bitch today:)

character building we got for sunset shimmer:

- lazy girl
- snooze all day
- fall asleep in weirdest positions
- cute boho older loft studio type apartment
- plants and cacti and paintings
- fairy lights!
- has a little desk and mini fridge and microwave like seriously it’s so obvious she lives alone
- fingerguns herself in the mirror in the mornings like?? stop y u so cute
- coffee in the morning 
- runs through people’s yards like honestly sunset what r u doin
- stops to pet stray cats even tho she’s late for school like?? how perfect?? is she??
- first instinct is to lace arms with twilight like hasbro you can pry this ship out of my cold, dead hands

i love tall people

especially tall girls they are on a whole other level of majestic

like look at them just walking around like magical amazon princesses.

they just look they are in control and strong and will fuck up anyone who says something they don’t want to hear.

listen you beautiful graceful stack of cute

work them legs u run this place fuck the police

nobody is going to stop you from being fly as hell okay

carry me into the night ilu

Love at First Note

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Stony

For: Stony Bingo Round Two fill

Prompt: Secret Admirer

Summary: (PART 1/3) Tony got a note! Finally! Wait. What if it was Justin being mean to him? Tony no longer wanted to chance a look. Tony studied the badly folded paper in his hands studying it. “Why don’t you take a look, Anthony?” his teacher smiled warmly at him after bending down to be eye level with him. Tony looked at his teacher’s encouraging face before opening the folds of the paper with shaking hands.

Notes: the first two parts of this fill are Tony and Steve in Kindergarten. The eiplogue or last part is their wedding. There is a cute fluffy fic. I had fun writing this! Enjoy

Other Locations: on AO3

Tony was five. The smartest five-year-old in the world according to his mama and his mama was always right. Still, it was hard being too smart for his age. No one liked Tony much. The only friends he had could be counted on one hand, Pepper, Rhodey, Happy and Bruce. Though a lot of times he felt like he was forcing himself on them. He was not much fun. Not really. But he does buy them a lot of gifts. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep them around. They were the bestest and most fun group of people. Tony did not need anyone else! It just hurt that he was alone in his kindergarten class until after twelve when Tony, along with Bruce, heads to big kid school where he spends his time with his friends.

Though, lately, Tony has been bluer than normal. His teacher had started the anonymous compliment baggies this quarter and everyone got something except Tony. It had been two weeks and not a single compliment was paid. Tony had given many of his classmates compliments in hope of getting something but this activity seemed to cement how much his peers did not like him. At least Bruce in the next class over got some notes which made Tony happy. If he could he would give Bruce his own notes but the teacher specified only to compliment their classmates.

                                               (beware mobile users)

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Friends to Lovers with Taeil
  • i’m super tired tbh
  • this is my t h i r d time writing this shit
  • my computer hates @ me and when the post gets too long it turns it off by itself and tumblr delete everything that I wrote and I’m so sad
  • i want to kms
  • anyways, give this idiot lots of love and support and stOp sleeping on him !!!!!!!!!
  • idk let’s just begin this I’m so done
  • sooooooo, u guys met when you were in this cafe u know 
  • u were doing some work and shit and it was really early so everything was super quiet that day
  • everything was peacefull and silent and it was the perfect environment for you to concentrate on your work
  • until this group of like five people came and u where like wOW ok
  • and you didn’t mind them for like the first ten mins uNTIL THEY BECAME ALL NOISY AND CRAZY AND RUINED ALL THE PEACE
  • after a few more tries you sighed and gave up, stress becoming intolerable
  • you drank your coffee in one go and started to pick up your stuff
  • “hey, are you okay?“
  • "uh? yeah, it’s just… stress”
  • "lots of work?“
  • "yeah”
  • "would you mind if I sit with you?“
  • woah ok
  • and that’s how you spend more than an hour talking with this cute stranger about your problems
  • lol but he was super nice, he even bought another coffee for you and he listened to you so well
  • before u go, yall exchanhed phone numbers and you asked him to a date asap
  • u wild lol
  • he accepted tho
  • and fyi you guys would text each other 24/7
  • every day he wakes uo with your cute good morning text from you and he never forgets to wish you a good night
  • eventually u made him open up to you and you were so happy that he was starting to feel comfortable around you
  • months passed and feelings developed ofc
  • but you couldn’t really tell if he felt in the same way u know
  • so every night you would call taeyong and ask him for advice
  • and there was this night when he was so done with you sobing over taeil that he just put the phone call on speaker without telling you and handed it to taeil
  • his eyes were shining and he had that stupid smile of his and he looked so happy as he listened to you talking about how much you liked him
  • so he started to make a plan to confess to you right away
  • and, oh surprise, the next day he invited you to the dorms
  • he cooked a little lunch for both of you and even prepared a movie for you guys to watch together
  • he had his arm around your shoulders the entire movie and you were dYING
  • after that there was a moment in which he suddenly appeared with his guitar on his arms and was like
  • "i wrote a song for you”
  • and your heart was beating so fast and you couldn’t help but blush and smile like crazy
  • i mean !!1! he was confessing !! to you !!!!11 with a song that he wrote himself !!!!!!1!!
  • and you almost cried because it was so beautiful and as soon as he left his guitar a side you hugged him so tighly
  • “I really like you y/n”
  • and you couldn’t believe it
  • “i.. i actually like you too, taeil”
  • and when he smiled after hearing you, your heart melt
  • and you guys just spended the rest of the day cuddling and you were so happy you could cry
  • your first kiss happened like two weeks later
  • you were going for a walk after going to the same cafe
  • and coming back to the place where y’all met brought both of you so many memories that as soon as you walked out the cafe you stayed in silence
  • you realize how your days were brighter and happier since taeil entered in your life and he was thinking about how grateful he was now that you were his
  • you guys would fail to create a conversation no matter how hard you were trying, and there’s so much you want to say to each other but you can'tttt
  • and since one action is worth a thousand words you guys kissed
  • and it felt soooooo magical and sweet
  • you remeber perfectly how he cupped your face with his hands and smiled warmly to you
  • “may i…?”
  • “please do”
  • and oh my jesus christ, his lips were so soft and addictive, you felt butterflies in your stomach the whole time and it was perfect I swear
  • then he probably tripped or something and he ended all awkard silence making you laugh
  • and he never fails when it becomes to make you laugh, he’s just so goofy and silly naturally, lol
  • also he’s not jealous?? like at all ???
  • but he loves you and he would hate if you idk get hurt or smth
  • so he’s always by your side taking care of you
  • cooking for you and making sure you sleep well and that you’re not stressed or anything
  • he’s an angel basically
  • you just make him so happy and everyday he tries really hard to be the best boyfriend he can be because that’s what you deserve
  • he just wants to make you feel happy and loved so whenever you’re feeling sad he would think that he did something wrong
  • so he would always listen to your problems and would do the most stupid things just to cheer you up
  • and he doesn’t realize how happy you feel just by being by his side
  • he’s the type of boyfriend that would do anything for your happiness and safety
  • he’s literally an angel
  • so pleaseeee, love him a lot srsly, I think there’s no one in this earth who deserves it more than him

anonymous asked:

Let's see a thing. Imagine Touka as a guy. He's this angsty orphan teen who's last family his brother left him. He's has a coping problem & is in a really sensitive stage of his life. He's kind of cold towards emotions. See it sounds like one of those bad boys in animes, books or TV shows fans absolutely adore. This is where the hypocrisy of fandom is. It's OK for guys to have mental problems but if it's a girl she's an abusive bitch. It's funny to see how fandom shows fake concerns for Touka/1

Antis say tht Touka is abusive for hitting Kane. While I totally agree what she did was wrong but don’t forget tht she was only 16 & she was too abused (eating human food is harmful & her father forced her to eat it anyway). Fyi I’m a gay man but I’ve a lot of problems with fandom culture even tho it seems like lgbtq friendly. I love u people who’re so open minded but if someone justifies misogyny for they’re ship, I’m sorry to say but u r shit & u should educate yourself. I have gay ships too/2

But it’s amazes me how whenever there’s a gay ship fan loves to erase the complications of that relationship. I’ve seen an anime fandom crowned a abusive ship just bc they both r pretty guys. The abuse was even labeled as sexual tension. It truly disgusts me. I always like to acknowledge the problems in my ship BC no relationship is perfect. So I think this nonsense misogyny should stop bc for sure nobody in lgbtq group apreciates this kind of shit/ end

I try not to involve myself with that side of the fandom, but the amount of both the fictional characters and author are getting has become ridiculous since the release of this recent chapter. I believe there is some bit of a double standard going on when it comes to Touka, as you pointed out. While they are more than willing to point out the flaws surrounding her character, they’ll ignore Kaneki’s and label him as some helpless victim. While Kaneki is a victim of abuse, so is Touka. Abandonment can hurt just as much as any type of abuse. Touka and Kaneki both have positive and negative aspects. But, that brings us to the most important foundation of this story to begin with - “nobody is perfect, HOWEVER, they can develop with time.”

But, my issue isn’t particularly with fans attacking the characters, but Ishida. He’s a man who invests most of his time on Tokyo Ghoul, and will even sacrifice sleep to get a live stream going on for his fans - who he has shown to genuinely care about as he at least attempts to respond to all of our messages we send to him on Twitter. He doesn’t deserve disturbing backlash from “fans” who even go so far as to bring suicide into the mix. It’s…. I can’t begin to describe how much it infuriates me whenever I see hate directed at Sensei. He reads all of it, as he was forced to block some people in the past. They, or rather, WE don’t know how fortunate we are to have an author who even acknowledges us. Some authors or artists are forced to shut down or are even against creating their own social media accounts because of the nonsensical attacks directed towards them. 

Having issues with a particular chapter or character is one thing, but sending all of your frustration to the creator is another. If you’re one of those people who think it’s OK to do this, please, unfollow me now.

tfw you grow up and realize that chuck bass was a gross, misogynistic, abusive, predatory piece of shit. jenny was a fucking  child and he tried to assault her. nevermind, that d i s g u s t i n g  shit they pulled later with them. then they turn him into this t r a g i c hero. stop. 

he is not tragic and beautifully broken. he was a fucking monster and he terrorized everyone with zero regard for anything but himself. REMEMBER when he sold blair for a fucking hotel? lol b y e. fucking chair, tbh. 

why did they s h o v e chair down our throats when dair was so fucking real. it was developed, it was beautiful. serenate could have been so PERFECT too. literally, what were they doing?

Friends to Lovers with Hansol
  • heyyy I’m back
  • yo, hansol
  • I’m kind of excited for doing this !!!¡
  • i rlly hope he can debut this year
  • i miss him soooo muchh i hope he’s doing well
  • but anyways let’s start this~
  • so, you were bffs with ten since you guys were kids
  • and you two were inseparable
  • a big amount of his predebut photos were taked by you lmao
  • but being close with ten means that you were close with all nct too
  • so since his first day as a smrookie he presented you to all the members
  • you were in all the groupchats and invited to everywhere they went
  • basically you were one of the boys
  • sometimes the minis actually forget that you’re not a nct member and it’s so cute dshghhk
  • and since ten and hansol are really close, that means that you too were close too
  • you would always be invited to the practices and you love to see this angel losing himself in the music
  • and that’s how you little crush started
  • and if we talk about hansol,,,,,,,,
  • he had a crush you literally since the first second he saw you
  • he always thought that even if he had the biggest crush since forever he was good hiding it ¿¿?
  • but in reality everyone could easily tell, so u were like 
  • “u think i’m stupid, hansol bc lol i’m nott”
  • but you love to tease him for his crush so it’s alright lol
  • like you would do things like randomly hugging him or rest your head on his shoulder and giggle at how nervous he gets while he tries to hide it
  • but you would also do the same things with other members just to confuse him AND make him jealous lol
  • you little shit
  • and there was this day when yuta, hansol and you were chilling, watching a movie in the dorms
  • but you were more focused in hansol’s sleepy face than in all the explosions that were happening in the movie
  • and of course yuta noticed this and he couldn’t help but ask
  • “hoe you like hansol, right¿”
  • “of course i do”
  • “stop making him suffer smh”
  • little you didn’t know that he was completly awake, hearing everything
  • and like two hours later, he “wakes up” and
  • “I like you too, date tomorrow?“
  • and you accepted
  • and then slapped yuta bc you knew he planned this lmao
  • the date was actually pretty chill, you guys went for bubble tea and then went to the dorms again just to cuddle and watch anime
  • and since that day you started dating??? aw
  • and you guys had the cutest first kiss everrr rr let me tell you
  • so, our baby hansol was kind of homesick that day, and you were surprised to see how cuddly this angel gets when he’s sad
  • yall spended the whole day in bed, cuddling and watching his favorite anime for like the third time
  • "I’m so glad I have you in moments like this”
  • cuddling with him is your favorite thing btw
  • he’s just so soft and tall and smells so good and ugh
  • you just love having his arms around your waist and playing with your hair while he says chessy stuff in your ear
  • "thank you for being by my side, y/n”
  • you turned your head and looked at him in the eyes
  • his face was so close to yours, but in the next second all the distance disappeared when your lips got together
  • he kissed you so delicately and sweetly but at the same time in a really pationate way
  • and when you broke the kiss and saw that little shy smile of his and your heart dropped
  • you hugged him tightly and promised him that you’ll never ever would leave his side
  • y'all are so cheesy awe
  • but honestly, everyday is like that
  • not in like the beginning of the relationship bc he’s a bit shyyy and he’s not use to see you as his gf yet
  • but once he got 100% comfortable being by your side he gets low-key clingy and romantic
  • he’s just so deeply in love with you and he wants you to never in your lifetime forget about that
  • you don’t really have dates when you go out and talk, lol
  • only a bunch of have lazy dates where you watch movies or play around in the dorms with the rest of the members
  • sometimes they’re dates but somehow johnny and ten always end up being with both of you?? like ¿?? okay¿
  • he loves you with all his soul and would do everything for you
  • e v e r y t h i n g no matter what it is
  • and that’s because since the day he knew about all this feelings he had for you he promised himself to always protect you
  • and he’s probably never ever going to broke that promise
  • <3
  • cutest relationship, i swear
  • anyways, the end
  • please, never stop loving him ok?
  • he’s perfect
Dating Jin


- “Call me your Charmander”

- fridge is always full of food

- home-made food

- fast food

- chinese food

- every kind of food just to make you two happy

- his cute singing while cooking

- you beeing full of his food and trying to escape another plate what hes giving u


- waking up to fresh toasts with eggs orange juice and amazing Jin in front of u

- backhugs

- lifting u up like ur the lightest thing in whole world and carrying to bed

- his chin on ur head while hes hugging u

- him rubbing your cheeks every time when youre blushing and giving u small kiss

- cute kisses on ur forehead

- small kisses when youre sleeping

- long and deep kisses when he knows that he wouldnt be able to see you for a long time

- kissing ur tiny tiny hands bcs ur his princess

- givin you small kiss when he comes home very late and youre sleeping

- him cutely laughing bcs of your cuteness when you sleep

- buying u bed sheets with Disney princesses

- his Mario everywhere where you look at

- like rly Mario here Mario there Mario in the kitchem Mario in the bathroom Mario near ur toilet


- adult dates

- fancy restaurants

- you complaining that those restaurants are too expensive

- “Did you forget who is your amazing boyfriend”

- everyday presents

- everyday flowers

- everyday dose of pure handsomness just for you for free

- you struggeling bcs of your hair bcs his hair is always perfect like wtf man u human?

- you complimenting him all the time bcs you r dying inside

- him stopping you from your complimenting bcs hes actually not that confident

- his smol dance moves when hes happy

- him being one big cheese

- cheesy gestures

- cheesy lines from his favourite movies

- his cheesy cheesy confessions

- “Every time, when i’m buying you flowers I think how beautiful they are but when I give them to you they look just like grass compared to your beauty”

- you actually liking that cheesiness

- dreamy talking about future

- talking about family with 2 or 3 kids

- big house big cars and big rings

- you two struggeling what puppy to buy

- that one or that one or that one

- buying all three cute puppies

- him buying you XXXXXXL t-shirt

- taking on this XXXXXXL t-shirt and making you to slip in to make you two sleep tight to each other

- him planning date on rainy days just to make you go under the rain and kiss like in movie

- him being happy how easily you can play with other members

- him being happy but jealous

- him being very jealous princess bcs wtf u his girlfriend u should give him more attention

- him being macho af when some guy is around you

- him being just very overprotective

- “If smthng happens you can call me, if you will see some strange people just run away, dont talk to strangers and… should i just go with you”

- him proudly taking your hands whenever someone is around to make them see how beautiful is his girl

- him playing with you like youre smol puppy

- tickles and rubs you while laughing bcs oml u so cute

- patting on your head

- him always talking for hours with his mom on mobile

- suddenly his talking with his mom becomes your talking with his mom for hours

- parental locking on your tv bcs u r still too innocent for him to see adult content there

- his eyes watching you sometimes like hes ur dad bcs hes just too afraid of seeing u hurted

- parental talking with you before your first sex

- “I think I need some joint nutrition or smthng”

- you tired of making him remember that hes just 23 yo

- his tight hugging you while you sleep

- no place on your bed bcs of his assbroad shoulders

- his face in every mirror at morning bcs he just need to be perfect

- him having more clothes than you 

- you stealing his clothes bcs hes having too much

- him being very giggly and cute when he see you in his hoodie bcs its too big for you

- long walks by seaside

- him taking you overarm when you dont want to walk anymore

- him being sometimes too vigilant and distrustful about your relationship

- you being mad at him bcs of that

- him doing the cheesiest type of reconciliation like roses and chocolate and candles everywhere on the floor of your house

- you still angry at him complaining about that mess and who will clean it up

- “Us… we, together”

- cute pet names

- cute pastry names

- “Just not in front of guys pls”

- calling him as your sweet cinnamon apple pie roll in front of guys

- you being scolded bcs of that

- you being scolded bcs ur trying to seduce him in public places

- “I know i’m one of the strangest human under the sun but i love you”

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