stop it ;a; u r perfect

  • carey: *grumbling* i can't believe he put his kid out i can't believe he made me give up a goal. tuukka i was perfect out there
  • tuukka: almost
  • carey: no
  • tuukka: i was perfect
  • carey: stop it we're teammates
  • tuukka: yeah i know, i would never forget my backup
  • carey: y r u doing this to me
yfip: frank iero

srry pals!!! frank did have dread locks which is considered cultural appropriation because he’s white!! frank has a rising sun tattoo which basically was used for imperial japan’s military flag, and he’s worn a confederate flag shirt!!! that’s right!!!! stop getting so frustrated when someone calls out yr ~perfect sunshine~ bc its rude especially when the facts r right in front of u!!!

tfw you grow up and realize that chuck bass was a gross, misogynistic, abusive, predatory piece of shit. jenny was a fucking  child and he tried to assault her. nevermind, that d i s g u s t i n g  shit they pulled later with them. then they turn him into this t r a g i c hero. stop. 

he is not tragic and beautifully broken. he was a fucking monster and he terrorized everyone with zero regard for anything but himself. REMEMBER when he sold blair for a fucking hotel? lol b y e. fucking chair, tbh. 

why did they s h o v e chair down our throats when dair was so fucking real. it was developed, it was beautiful. serenate could have been so PERFECT too. literally, what were they doing?

anonymous asked:

tBH THANK U FOR SAYING THOSE THINGS ABOUT STRETCH MARKS bc like i have stretch marks on my bum and i've always hated them and i remember this 1 time when i was changing during gym class in the 6th grade this girl was like "why do u have dark splothes' and ya girl is still trAUMATIZED about that now and im 17... but when u point out jimin having stretch marks like... i can't hate them bc bless those perfect thighs....... but anyways ya thanks love u

omg you’re welcome!! i’m in di same boat as u, my stretch marks on my hips r darker than my body but tbh i just stopped caring bc i know for a fact that no one would give two fucks about my stretch marks, especially anyone i love wouldn’t care since they’re the only ones who’re most likely gonna see them anyways lmao , stretch marks are either so cute to people or people just don’t care at all , ure cute sis , n i kno what that girl said was back in di day (which is to b expected cause kids will b kids) but i’m 100000% positive that no one is going to judge u since literally stretch marks are as common on girls as leg hair is. i’m glad ure more confident about them
now, u better work sis 😰🌹🌹👅

also tho, whenever i’m feeling insecure or embarrassed , i just think about how bts has gone thru the same things (insults, imperfect skin, etc.) n that normally makes me feel better bc they’re ppl who
i look up 2 n admire n love so much. they’re normal just like u n me and has been thru humiliation just like us so we’re not alone sis , remember dat 🤧🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • me: classism is a thing that exists lol. heres a comical post.
  • anon: ok instead of talking about problems
  • anon: how about u dont
  • anon: its just logic sweaty.
  • anon: i also just really dont want 2 hear about problems ..
  • anon: so can u let me live my life without telling me things are not going real great
  • anon: or r u 2 triggered to stop reminding me that life isnt perfect. uwu
  • me: ok anyway ......

“karai get over here i want u to stand right in front of me and look at the cam-no xever i want bradford to take the picture. why? because u are too short n bradford is the perfect size now stop complaining and give him the camera. karai don’t smile n look at the camera. okay bradford we r ready take the picture.”

Seeing their ideal types on the street

Jin: *acts strange while observing her* ‘ WoW look at heR everytHinG’ Jimin: Hyung what r u doing? Jin: Idk my body likes that booty

RapMon: ‘Why do i have to be with these guys. She probably thinks I’m stupid too. My IQ is high girl! *observing her nonstop*

Suga: *goes inbetween the two girls* Hello Ladies, can I come through? 

*after it* Sorry, you looked too perfect, I wanted to get near to you. 

J-Hope: *stops her and start talking* Hey, I’ve never seen you here.. Can I invite you for a coffee?

Jimin: *goes to her* I’ve noticed that you were looking at me. You think Im cute?

V: Oh hellloooo’ *checking her out*

Jungkook: *makes eyecontact and smiles at her* 

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alright i missed last week’s shadowhunters recap because my clace feelings temporarily killed me but here we go quick rundown of 1x11!

  • fml i know whats coming and im v uncomfortable already
  • but its ok because SAPHAEL IS HERE. bless raphael hes like no my husband is not leaving clary u r excused bye. 
  • ‘maybe finding ur dad will help us find valentine’ YA THINK????? OMG I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS.
  • better make the most of these make out sessions while we can ugh
  • ‘dont let her get you into trouble’ MARRIED COUPLE MUCH
  • izzy stop u r hurting me
  • jace fml stop talking about the mortal cup u are literally telling valentine all ur secrets stOOOOOOP
  • michael is so #anticlace i want him goNE. 
  • ‘let them try’ clary is my smol angry angel and i love it. she deserves so much more love ok pls protect her.
  • izzy’s trial is making me sad why is this happening
  • ok but i wanted a bigger moment of clary finding her mother but i’ll take this i guessssss. 
  • magnus is so damn salty in this trial omg
  • wtf the inquisitor is literally like ‘yeah the clave is using a court case to blackmail u #soznotsoz
  • clary: ‘i command u to fight valentine’ me: FUCK ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN I DONT WANT THIS NOOOOO
  • jalec is fucking crushing my soul so rude ‘my sister’ f u alec
  • ‘hes your father too clary’ DONT REMIND ME
  • ok just saying this is best clace scene we’ve had and its after the incest reveal so i am reADY FOR SEASON 2 ANGST
  • omg i feel like climon is coming. i thought it was super done but WHOMP THERE IT IS SIMON IS KEEN. 
  • but there goes clace breaking my heart in the last five seconds wow ok byE

i have so many clace feelings this episode its a little absurd. like of course they pick tup their game and chemistry is on point just in time for #incest fml. season 2 is going to hurt like a bitch. 

for two  l o s t  b o y s  on the  r o a d  t o  r u i n

01. alone together fall out boy 02. stop the world i wanna get off with you arctic monkeys 03. fine by me andy grammer 04. perfect in my mind gold motel 05. count on me bruno mars 06. thinking of you the maine 07. everybody talks neon trees 08. shark attack grouplove 9. you make my dreams come true hall & oates 10. born to die lana del rey 11. infinitesimal mother mother 12. little things mean a lot little shoes big voice

l i s t e n