stop it! you're ignorant!

For the record, I am well aware that you can force someone to have an abortion. Rebecca saying she was forced is, in my opinion, somewhat overstated; she was coerced is more likely, but it played into Emmerdale’s hand to have it put that way (read more on that in @dingleautomotives‘s amazing post about lexical choice).

What gets me is that once again, Emmerdale are showing a female character as having no agency beyond her ability to open her legs. Rebecca is supposed to be this worldly, smart woman. She was introduced as a flirty but ultimately kind person, the nice White, who made friends with Aaron and tried to build a friendship with her ex, and excluding her biphobic comments (of which there were plenty) I was beginning to like her as a character. Are we to believe that where Robert is concerned she is incapable of controlling herself? (don’t get me started on the question on consent…)

I have no doubt that pre-Aaron Robert would have coerced her into having an abortion - she was carrying the child of her sister’s boyfriend, she was going to be doing it alone, and Robert was a manipulative bastard at the time. Him telling her to go to a clinic and get rid of the foetus is pushing her to have an abortion yes, but for once they could have had a female character decide for herself, or maybe even be able to manage birth control and her reproductive health before a pregnancy came to play. 

I know people are upset Lena and Emily didn’t get a spray but please consider some countries that have banned gay media: Algeria, Russia, Egypt, Kenya, pretty much every Mid East country.

And these penalties range from fines to imprisonment and death

i would like just ONE DINNER without my parents sneering the word “liberal” and trashing gay, trans, or nonbinary people and poc :(

When someone tries to use the “vegans have to take b-12” as an argument.
Like OKAY I’d rather take b-12s then have to take cholesterol medicine and deal with diabetes in the upcoming years because a bad diet ??
Diabetes runs in my family and this gal is gonna do whatever she can to avoid having to take insulin shots or w/e
So yes I will take B-12 supplements, oh fucking well??????

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*Tiktok gently pats the complaining Lydia and offers her a cup of tea*

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*sips tea huffily and squirms my way onto his lap* 
“If you can’t freeze Yourself, can you freeze the weather??” 

Erron, don’t you dare ...

Erron, no.

Erron, I know what you’re thinking, and I know we all want to do the same thing, but don’t you dare go anywhere near precious Takeda’s booty otherwise Jacqui will blast you.


Just because I’m dating Steve and you don’t like him—
You know what? Forget it. I just thought it was a good picture.


Oh so by the way I’m not going to be around here the next three days, I’m visiting some friends and likely won’t have wifi or time.

But I’ve set up a queue, complete with the regular tag commentary, so you won’t even notice I’m gone!

Okay, it’s time to say this.




Let me calm down for a second.
Look, I, myself, am a Pharmercy shipper, but I absolutely loathe the amount of hate and or harassment other people get for shipping Mercy with ANYONE ELSE. 
I’m mainly talking about the harassment Mercy76 shippers get.
Guys, there are so many polite Mercy76 shippers out there who just want to ship what they think is canon, and some of them even like Pharmercy! They just ship Mercy with someone else. That doesn’t mean that they hate Pharmercy. They just think Mercy and 76 are more compatible/more cute. Please stop harassing or hating on them.
I shouldnt have to watch people harass other people because one person just wanted more Mercy76 fanfiction. It is FANFICTION, PEOPLE. Its not like you arent still going to get more fanfics of your pairing, because you will.

Guys, NONE of the Overwatch characters have confirmed sexualities. You can’t go “Oh! But Mercy is a lesbian! She wouldn’t be into men!” or “Mercy is obviously straight, you’re wrong!” to people when there are no confirmed sexualites for OW characters. People are therefore allowed to give the character their headcanon sexuality if they so please. I have headcanon sexualities for OW characters! Everyone does! If you think Mercy is bi or a lesbian, then you can believe that! If you think Mercy is straight, then you can believe that! You, however, cannot tell someone that their sexuality headcanon for that character is false because you see differently. I personally think that Mercy is bisexual, for example. I’m not going to attack someone if they think she’s straight. That’s their opinion, and I respect it.

And please don’t say “But what about the age gap!” for either Pharmercy or Mercy76. Because first of, for Pharmercy, five years is not a bad age gap, okay?
And no, I’m not about to bash Mercy76. Trust me.
I’ve recently talked to an EXTREMEMLY POLITE Mercy76 shipper((who I won’t tag because I don’t know if they would be okay with that, if you want me to I’ll edit you in)) who made me realize that;
1. The Mercy76 age gap would still be okay AS LONG as both of the members of the relationship CONSENTED TO IT. Couples with an age gap like that EXIST IN REAL LIFE as well. It may be looked down upon, but who the fuck cares?
2. Some Mercy76 shippers have headcanons that decrease 76′s age. Which is totally okay guys. It’s okay to decrease a characters age, since, guess what guys. WE DONT KNOW 76′S ACTUAL AGE. And no, you shouldn’t bash someone’s headcanon either. Which leads me to my next topic

Please, please don’t bash on someone else’s headcanon because it either goes against your ship or because you just don’t agree with it. It isn’t okay, it’s EXTREMELY rude, and nobody fucking likes that. Imagine if someone bashed you and your headcanon because they disliked it? How would that make you feel? So don’t fucking do it.

I know that I’m probably going to get bashed for even writing this post, but before you try to send me death threats, please remember that these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

Do you think that it’s okay to send someone death threats or hate because they disagree with something about a character that doesnt even exist? Because seriously guys, you could probably find much more things to be angry about.

So, please stop harassing people for a ship that’s different than yours.

Anyways, I’m done here. 

TLDR: I respect Mercy76 and any other Mercy/Character ship, and I don’t appreciate people harassing people because they ship something thats different then what they ship. Please stop.

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I know a lot of people that have gotten sick from flu shots. I have never had the flu and stop getting vaccines years ago. You're the ignorant fuck if you think people "need" vaccines. It is a persons right to deny them and given a hell of a lot of proof people are justified to deny them as well

Ignorant fuck must be some new compliment because all these anti-vaxxers keep calling me that. You angels. I think I’ll hang it next to my BFA and my not giving a fuck lifetime achievement award, but still leaving room on the wall for my MD, which is currently in progress and halfway completed.

Spoiler alert #1: you can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine, which covers some strains of influenza. It’s literally impossible. You can, however, get a flu-like illness from over a dozen other viruses, some of which have the same seasonal prevalence as influenza.

Spoiler alert #2: Your personal experience as a single unvaccinated person does not have any statistical significance. I’m really stoked you, a presumably healthy younger type of person with a functioning immune system and halfway decent nutrition, have not gotten the flu. I am. The flu sucks. However, babies, pregnant people, people with compromised immune systems or even chronic medical conditions such as asthma, and elderly, are very much at risk. When you, healthy person, get vaccinated, you do a little part to maybe prevent one of them from getting the flu and developing nasty complications such as deadly pneumonia.

Spoiler alert #3:









I’ll tell you who needs vaccines:  this baby, who I saw last night on my overnight shift in the pediatric ER. And here is a post where I admittedly was real snarky BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS GETTING REAL OLD OK GUYS and it has some really good graphs from an excellent lecture I went to about the public health impact of vaccines (in case the crapton of links above isn’t enough to make you reconsider your stance maybe some graphs will, I dunno how your brains work).

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#stop ignoring characters' canon sexualities because you want representation. You're a good writer, why not make your own lgbt characters? Why do you have to push them on already existing characters that are already written as straight? Why is it okay to ship a straight character gay but not to ship a gay character as straight?

First of all, I’m sorry you feel this way. My experiences with the FFVII fandom have felt inclusive and very rarely have I felt people be rude to me for what I choose to write. 

The reason it’s seen as unacceptable to make canonically LGBTQA+ characters cisgender and straight, is because there are so few of these characters to begin with (especially compared to straight characters). Changing these character’s sexual identities feels like erasure .There’s usually no one else who can be the “token” LGBT character if they aren’t. It’s a battle of ratios and the straight side usually wins. 

As for my reasons for changing canon sexualities: I think there’s a good story there. That’s all there is to it. If you disagree, you don’t have to read it. If you think there’s an equally good story on the other side, then go write it. If these homosexual ships really irk you, then blacklist them. I use x-kit and I love it. It makes my blogging experience so much better now that I only see the content I want. 

For the record, I do make my own LGBT characters, but I don’t post them here, because they’re mine and I could potentially publish them in the far off future. Thank you, for the hat tip towards my writing ability. 

To close, I offer you this invitation. If you want to see a straight ship from my blog, then ask for a headcanon. I never said I wouldn’t do them for straight characters. 

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[TEXT] Stitch: Please Stitch, stop ignoring me. [TEXT] Stitch: I understand that you're mad but it has been two months now. [TEXT] Stitch: We need to talk this out like adults [TEXT] Stitch: Stitch please, I beg you. I see the R's behind my messages. I'm not crazy

Stitch was pissed and hurt and usually when it gets this bad Stotch takes over. So it started as him not wanting to talk then turned into him not having control. Stotch read the messages and decided it was time he paid Chad a little visit. He teleported to the door and knocked on it.

The signs' responses to "I hate you"
  • Pisces: Shit, why *thinks about why*
  • Aries: What the fuck *is surprised not everyone loves them*
  • Taurus: Okay
  • Gemini: I've never liked you anyways
  • Cancer: What did I do??
  • Leo: Stop being an idiot
  • Virgo: *is ignoring you*
  • Libra: You're supposed to love me
  • Scorpio: I hate you too fuck off *ohoho someone is pissed*
  • Sagittarius: Have fun
  • Capricorn: Oh no that hurt so much (sarcasm)
  • Aquarius: Alright
  • (It surprises me how some signs can be so cool about it...)
  • Me: Well, I think the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that Riley and Lucas aren't really a romance. They're friends. They're two sweet idealistic kids stuck on what they THINK they feel and what they think they're "supposed to" be, but they're definitely going to need to try dating for real in order to understand that once and for all.
  • Show: *gets Riley & Lucas together and aside from the label their official romantic relationship is 98% indistinguishable from a plain old friendship*
  • Me: Like I was saying...
  • Me: *Doesn't talk about illnesses/pain*
  • Parents: Oh you must be better and completely well. If you're feeling bad you need to tell us.
  • Me: *Talks about illnesses/pain*
  • Parents: Can you stop complaining, you're letting your illness define you, you need to ignore it and push past it