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The Bluebirds gang just gained a consultant, can't have gang members run around without info like NOVICES.

The Bluebirds ranks have increased!  The Bluebirds have gained a dangerous ally!

Bluebirds, do be careful when dealing with this one. She is outwardly sweet, but her wily charm brings very, very dangerous things into your Tumblr chat, like assassin kinks and half naked assassins and all those very, very hazardous materials.

If you think you need to go to church, do stop by to see this one first; she’ll make sure you’ll really need to go to church.

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Stop demonizing people with low empathy 2k16

Stop assuming that all people with low empathy are assholes who don’t give a damn 2k16

Stop saying that people with low empathy are hurtful to others because of bad intentions 2k16

Stop pretending that people with low empathy don’t have any sense of right and wrong 2k16

Stop equating low empathy with being sadistic 2k16

Having low empathy is not a choice. Empathy is not something you can learn. But that doesn’t mean they are assholes or anything else, or that they want to hurt others.


Jake Virtanen and his dumb little laugh with a side of Jared