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Kravitz (taz) aesthetic


The snow had stopped outside, and the lightly white-blanketed city was greeted by soft rays of the winter sun.

It was cold. But there was a rare warmth in The Woman’s eyes, a small smile lifting a corner of her mouth slightly upwards as she took another sip of her café noisette.

Dismissing an uninvited thought from his mind (What would it be like, to lean forward and taste the coffee on those tantalising lips? Filed under Experiment Later, sub-directory Not That Much Later), Sherlock slowly continued his sentence, hoping the transitioning of their conversation was subtle enough to pass unremarked upon.

“I’ve been thinking. There’s a word..”

Because what other term was there? For the illogical sense of belonging and completeness knowing that she was somewhere misbehaving under the same vast sky, often 5 h behind as the Earth spun and sometimes 1 h ahead. For the indescribable force that would consistently send a flutter in his heart at the mere sight, sound, or scent of the one person who reigned over his mind. For the unreasonable fuming over too-friendly behaviour towards her and too-keen hands that weren’t his. For the unfounded panic whenever an element of danger might land in her path, and the unconditional decision that he would risk anything – his own life included – to protect her, should the situation arise.

What other string of letters could encompass all such manifestations and derivation?

Ordinary people had it simple. Ordinary people had a single word. More direct than ‘sentiment’, more intense than ‘caring’.

Something that had strengthened their instant affinity, the intellectual connection and mutual fascination, into an unbreakable bond. A word for the unique combination of adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, the destructive chemistry (undoubtedly destructive, yet evidently constructive) that he’d once considered so simple. The same word for the complexity of emotions she’d made him feel, emotions he’d learnt to treat with acceptance. For everything that had crystallised with time, unlikely to ever fade.

Back when they were naïve and ruthless he’d stated it was nothing but a dangerous disadvantage. Needless to say, that belief had long been relinquished. What had prompted him to revisit the topic, he wasn’t certain, but he knew it wasn’t just because of his near-teenage god-daughter’s recent innocent enquiry.

More and more he had indeed been thinking. Whilst flying over land and ocean, exhilarated to reach another reunion destination; as he lay contentedly in darkness and tranquillity, listening to the soft even breathing beside him and feeling rhythmic warm air on his cheek; and in London, in between cases, when he’d wander through Mind Palace halls to seek her company..

Perhaps, after all these years, he was finally ready to tell her. He looked straight into her eyes, gaze unwavering, and opened his mouth again.

“Irene, I do –” He was prepared to vocalise the next word, the tip of his tongue lightly touching his upper jaw. One syllable, four letters.

He felt a delicate index finger pressed to his lips, carrying with it the fragrance of her finely manicured hand.

“I know.” Her expression was like melting snow.


Gotta Go Fast, Lucio, Lucio-ohs, Lucio-uh-ohs?

So it’s been 800 years since I was last on tumblr, to put the hyperbole only slightly likely but! Time for a brief post before I forget tumblr exists again. This should be a short post just on some Lucio meta junk while I procrastinate on what I should be really doing.

For people though, a video of DSPStanky on the PTR with the new proposed (and probable) changes:

Notably, Stanky is known for King of Swing / Vindication – two videos about some pretty amazing Lucio play though not at all “Lucio is my only healer please save my life oh my god” solo-q life.

Which is not to say that it is the wrong way to play. And honestly the sort of “I want to play a healer or tank because we need one so I should be healing or shielding rather than fully utilizing this character to the max oh my god ELO hell” is kind of at rap in itself – but that’s not really about this.

It’s about this:

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“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986


i recently caught up with bsd and fell very hard for these two, so naturally i had to draw them

anonymous asked:

I just want you to know that your liveblog earlier was the only thing keeping me sane while i was pulling together for a report due in less than 24 hours for uni and I absolutely cannot wait for you to get through the next couple of chapters. Out of curiosity though, how much effort does it take to like, liveblog as you read? It's amazing to see the amount of analysis you put into each page and I have no idea how you can do that instead of turning the page and finding out what happens next.

Oh gosh, Anon, I’m glad I could help with that! Uni work can be SO HARD to get done in time, but congratulations on getting through it in the end! It’s incredible, truly. 

But as for the liveblog, it doesn’t take as much effort to stop after each page as you might expect. I think I’ve gotten used to it to the point where every time I read something new I’m already preparing the words I want to say about it, so at that point it usually becomes more conducive to type them straight away rather than keep going and hope I remember them. I think it’d be a lot harder if I tried it on any other series, but I’ve built myself into such a Tsubasa groove that it’s a very pattern to fall into at this point. 

You’d think that the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter would make it hard to put down as well, but at that point I’ve usually been blogging for several hours and have written several thousand words at once, so I’m more than happy to take the break while I still can. 


how to delete someone else’s news article

I’m so sorry, but I forgot to save the unaltered file so all I can give you is this really shitty, low-res gif, instead of the pretty, transparent beauty that it was before.

I may try to recolor it at a later date or just do a pixel version to make up for it.

(Please don’t tag this as genderbend)

new admins

so i’ve recently had to accept that i need more help running this blog and was agonizing over how to go about doing that (how do i pick people? what requirements should i have? should i make a google form?) but i’ve decided to just keep it simple

honestly the biggest thing i need help with is collecting, cataloging, and adding fics to the library which requires a lot of patience (like A LOT) and free time 

basically if you’re passionate about fic, patient, have a lot of free time, and aren’t a dick, shoot me a message on my main blog (linked under the admin section of this blog) and we can have a chat