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ikon as preschoolers

jinhwan- paints/draws inside the lines, acts cute 24/7, says ‘no’ but then changes his mind, keep an eye on him bc he will fall at some point and will need a bandage ASAP

june- listens rlly well, do not give him sugar tho if you kno whats best for everyone, just does his own thing, likes to sing during activity time, and doesn’t rlly make a mess

hanbin- hates playing by himself, knows weird animal facts and will randomly bring them up in convo, never remembers how to get down from play structures, and runs everywhere

donghyuk- always willing to help, wants to read books out loud to everyone, always tells you his opinions abt colors, crouches down to point at things, picks flowers alot and just hands them out to everyone

yunhyeong- hates getting in trouble, friends with everyone, always knows what day of the week it is and is super excited to tell you, gets upset if his parent doesn’t say goodbye

bobby- LOVES show & tell, “is it snack time yet, teacher” , will always somehow end up with paint on his face, rlly mischievous but still listens when you tell him to stop

chanwoo- says ‘wow!’ at everything, loves plants, always smiling, needs to hold someones hand, and is fasinated by clouds


Yoooo OK so I’m going off the deep end now but in that Sneak Peak with Toby and “Spencer” they talk about never finishing their Scrabble game that night of the cabin, and Toby is like “Actually you did finish the game, I must have fallen asleep” and she said she didn’t remember the word and he said “it was limerence. Didn’t know what that meant so I looked it up. It’s a type of unrequited love.” And she’s like “yea…” then walks away. So obviously from just glancing you’re like “aw Spencer still loves Toby and she’s afraid he’s moved on, or that she lost Caleb even aww”


Doesn’t just mean “unrequited love” it means an overwhelming OBSESSION towards a person, one that is not reciprocated and specifically states that it is NOT MEANT AS SEXUAL (most of the time).

Toby 👏🏻 Knows 👏🏻 This 👏🏻 Bitch 👏🏻 Isn’t 👏🏻 Spencer 👏🏻 And 👏🏻 He’s 👏🏻 Gonna 👏🏻 Solve 👏🏻 Everything 👏🏻 What 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 Pure 👏🏻 Soul 👏🏻

Also? Twincer 👏🏻 Obsessed 👏🏻 With 👏🏻 Her 👏🏻 Sister 👏🏻 Like 👏🏻 The 👏🏻 Books 👏🏻 (And I bet Spencer is holed up wherever Hannah was tortured or some shit. What if Toby finds her? Ugh give me one full character arc that you never blew, Marlene JUST DO THIS FOR ME OKAY?! MAKE TOBY THE HERO HE WAS MEANT TO BE)

CS Fic Ideas

@saraswans it’s your fault, you’ve put so many ideas in my mind that now I can’t decide for any of them. So I’ll make the wisest, continue with my WIP. Something difficult given that now that my muse has returned, everything reminds me of Captain Swan and my mind immediately gets to elaborate a possible story. I’m going on vacation next Tuesday, near the sea which means docks, ships… Help Me!

Some ideas that I’ll write at some point:

- Following this fic, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to add more parts to the trip of Emma and Killian in search of new memories. What will be the next destination? Maybe Portland?

- Canon Future. Daddy! Killian. Killian and Emma have been married for a while and have two children. Killian has a bad day with his children and goes sailing to clear his mind. I’d like to write this realistically based on my own experience as a mother.

- Canon Future. Emma discovers that Killian has adapted quite well to the modern world. Maybe too well.

- Canon Future. Emma finds in her closet the dress of her first date with Killian and the memories of that day come to mind. Maybe it’s time to remember that day through a new date. This time without curse hands in between, of course.

- AU. I’ve been thinking about this story for about two years, almost since I started writing. And I know that someday I’ll start it, I don’t know when, but I will. Some angst all the way.

After a hard past, Emma seems to have found stability in a small town. She works as a personal assistant to the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina, but actually, her main job is to take care of Regina’s son, Henry. Emma loves photography. For that reason the day of her 28th birthday, she receives as a gift a camera and a photography course.

Killian is a former British war reporter. He has achieved some major awards for some of his best pictures. When Killian loses his hand and his job in an attack, it looks like he hit bottom, but David, his best friend, is there to help and offers him the possibility of coming to Storybrooke, David’s birthplace, looking for a fresh start as an instructor of photography.

Emma and Killian meet each other in the photography course. Although their beginnings are a bit complicated the connection between them is undeniable. What Killian doesn’t know is that David and Mary Margaret hide a secret that will disrupt Emma’s (And Killian) life forever.