stop horse slaughter

I do not understand where this whole “if you ride a horse you are abusing it” school of thought came from but I see it floating across my dash. Obviously these comments come from people who haven’t spent a lot of time working with horses.

When you have a good working relationship with your horse, have taken the time to teach them that you aren’t a mountain lion who wants to eat them or another, aggressive horse, they will welcome you into this experience.  As many a young girl who has ridden bareback with a halter on - the horse in not in pain - the horse likes doing things with you - if the horse wanted to remove you they have no problem doing so.

Does horse abuse happen? Yes it does. But the act of simply riding a horse is not abuse. If you want to help horses help put an end to horse slaughter for consumption. Otherwise please stop trolling the horse blogs here on Tumblr.

“Tribal Legend” is on his way home from West Coast Equine Hospital, after a successful gelding surgery. Due to the dual slab fractures to his knee, with secondary arthritis affecting the joint, Dr. Deborah Kemper felt the only way to help along the possibility of soundness were injections to his knee.

This 4-year-old gelding, just weeks off Del Mar Racetrack, ended up outside an auction last weekend with no one to sell to but the kill buyer. It’s because of that…he became our rescue’s responsibility. Funds to help cover his gelding surgery and joint injections – $950 total, with $100 raised so far – are desperately needed. Donations can be called directly into the hospital at (805) 386-7151 or through our Paypal


If you ever wonder what horse rescues spend their money on…