stop hiding that precious face of yours


-the two of you would be just playing around when he’d notice that you’d cover your mouth or try to muffle your laugh-

*just as you began to laugh again, you cover your mouth*
“No, baby, don’t do that-”
*grabs your hands, moving them from your face*
“Let me hear that adorable laugh of yours, I love it.”

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-as the two of you hung out with Jimin; Jungkook would begin teasing his Hyung, imitating his gestures and voice but as the three of you laughed he noticed you’d try to hide it by covering your mouth-

“Yah, y/n, princess..”
*intertwines his hand with yours as he moves it*
“Stop trying to hide your laugh babygirl-”
“-Don’t you know how cute you sound when you laugh?”

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-while cooking dinner, he’d be making lame dad jokes making the two of you crack up constantly and though he was oblivious to it at first; he’d soon notice how you’d hide your face each time you laughed-

*tilts his head slightly, lightly swatting your hand away from your face*
“Jagi, why are you doing that?”

You; “Ahh, I’m just a little insecure about my laugh- I’m sorry..”

*gives you a sweet kiss before holding your hand*
“Don’t be insecure about it around me okay?”
“I love listening to you laugh, princess.”

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-laying in your room, y’all would be there joking around as usual when he’d begin to notice that every time you laughed or even let out a small giggle, you’d cover yourself- 

*pulls the blanket away from your face* 
“Baby, stop covering yourself-” 
*pulls you close* 
“You have the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard, stop hiding it from me.” 

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-the two of you would be in the practice room, teasing each other; but he’d begin to get pouty every time he saw you conceal your smile or try to quiet your laugh- 

*playfully pouts, giving you a back hug as he moves your hands* 
“Yahhh, Jagi!” 
“I wanna hear that cute laugh of yours.” 

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-while making pancakes at 3 in the morning, the two of you would be goofily dancing to No More Dream; as you begin to laugh your ass off at his ridiculous moves, he’d immediately how you’d hide yourself- 

*lightly taps your hands away from your mouth as he keeps that angelic smile on his face* 
“Jagi, no- I know why you’re doing that, but don’t..”
*holds your hands while pulling you towards him*
“Not with me, I find every part of you perfect, okay baby?” 

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-the two of you would just be sleepily laughing together for no reason when he’d get irritated seeing you try to hide your precious smile or muffle you laugh- 

*roughly grips your wrists as he swiftly moved closer* 
“Babe, stop doing that..” 
*gives you a quick, candied kiss on your forehead* 
“You have no reason to hide, I don’t want you to feel that way about yourself anymore..” 

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Hi there! Daddy Harry has got me fucked up :) Here is one more fluff. Hope you like it. Btw talk to me about astrology or if you need any help or just wanna talk, my asks are always open. Feedbacks please:).

Word count :: 1470

You were seven months into pregnancy. Having a round belly whilst having two monkeys at home wasn’t an easy thing. The mood swings and hormones weren’t a much of big help as well. Rose and Noah were only 4 and a half and 3 respectively. quite young the babies were. Plus Harry being busy with the movie promotion and new single coming up was difficult, though he always tried to give you time as much as he can.

You groaned siting down on the couch. The soft spongy stuff giving relief to your hips and your swollen feet as you rest them on the coffee table in front of you. You just had gotten Noah to sleep and now you were beyond exhausted. Harry was at work. Rose in school. Harry had told you that he’d pick Rose up from her school the morning he left so one thing was off your list to worry about.

You closed your eyes and laid head back trying to relax when you sudden pressure on your stomach. She was kicking again. It was a weird thing for you to have her kick during a specific time. In mornings she’s calm but as it makes to afternoon, her hype self starts and so does her legs. You rubbed the swell of your belly trying to get her calm down.

“Hype baby aren’t you? ” you smiled to self with the thought of once again having small bundle of joy in your arms in a few days.  Time went like sand slipping through fingers. It’s like you blinked and your babies were this much big. Though they were pain in nose sometimes, you loved them endlessly. For a mother, her children are her everything. She devotes herself to her kids. So did you. Rose and Noah meant everything to you. They were the centre of your world.

“Can’t wait to meet you Snow.” You whispers as a fast tear rolled down your cheek.

When you found out that this one is gonna be a girl, Harry suggested to name her Snow. Beatiful and pure as it.

“y/n!!!!” Harry came running to you where you stood in the bathroom.

“look its snowing! First Snow fo winter!” He said excitedely. He had so much passion and love in his eyes. No matter how old he grew, he still was a kid at heart. But when his eyes when to the thing which had you distracted from him, he teared up. Blinking your own tears away you nodded smilig. Positve the test showed. One more baby was on the way.

“If it’s a girl can we call her Snow?” he asked with hope in his eyes. All you did was nod and embraced him in a tight hug.

And basically that’s how he came up with it and with the name Rose and Noah as well. Rose because, when she was born she was pink as it and Harry found her immensely delicate. So you guys decided to stop on that name. Noah becasue when he was born, Harry though that he looked more like Ryan Gosling. Though you didn’t think like that, to you he looked like Harry only but for his happiness you let Harry name him Noah. All three names were admirable and suited your kids personality perfectly.

Rose was beautiful and delicate like one. She was kind and was just like her father. Gentle and humble.

Noah was much like you. Bubbly, talkitive and had brown straight hair unlike Rose who had curls at the end. But he too had a kind heart like his father.

Harry was no doubt brought upp a gentleman by his mother. And he was doing the same for kids. Along with you, he gave kids the best habbits he could. How you should always brush your teeth before bed, how you should fold your own clothes, carry your plate to he kitchen etc.Though they were bit too young, he wanted to have it from the beginning. And when kids started following his rules, you could see the happiness and pride in his eyes glistening with love for his kids.

“momma?” You heard small croacked voice. Opening your eyes, you saw Noah standing with tears in his eyes. His hair were messy and his pyajamas was scrunched along with his tee. He had his penguin fluffy toy tucked under his arm. His lips bottom started to wobble so without wasting a time you called him to you.

“baby c'mere. What’s wrong?” You cooed as you opened your arms for the toddler to come in them and being momma’s boy, he gladly did so.

“what happened?” you asked tucking him under your right hand and he insantly hide his face in your chest. You rubbed his back with one hand and ran other in his soft hair.

“yeh wove meh no more afte’ baby come” he said. There was a hint of sadness in his voice, how the tiny baby boy was desperately hurt thinking that his mother won’t love him after the new baby. Hearing those words broke you just like every mother. How could you ever stop loving him? But the poor three year old believed that you could.

“oh no no bubba. Momma can never stop loving her precious baby.” you said holding up your own tears. You felt his grip going tight on you. His tiny arms couldn’t reach your back but rested on the swell of your belly.

“b-because new baby is small and need momma more” he said weeping as he oulled away to face you. His nose pink along with his cheek and ears. You cupped his small face and rubbed his tears strained cheek. Collecting the small tear soff his eyes you leaned in to peck his forehead.

“that’s right. Baby is gonna be so tiny and will need mommy but, that doesn’t mean that mommy will stop loving you. Even Rose had to share me with you when you were born. You were so tiny that you need to be looked after all th etime, but that didn’t made mommy to stop loving Rose. now did it huh?” you asked softly still rubbing his cheek. He shook his head sniffling.

“i-i don’t wanna share mommy” he cried once again clutching onto to you and this time, it was bad. He was so innocent that the thought of him sharing his mommy with the new baby was unbearable for him.

“hey hey. Baby look at meh” you said cradling his face. He stared at you sniffling with those green eyes he resembled from his daddy. You smiled softly and put his hand on your belly. His hand small baby hand scrunched at first but eventually flatend on your belly. And soon there was a kick. And taking you by surprise, Noah eyes were wide open and mouth big agaped.

“momma!!! Something happen!!!” he said. Tears now were forgotten.

“yes baby!! It’s your sister. She says she loves you. She just high fived you from momma’s tummy!” you exclaimed gigglng. His face expression changed from surprise to happiness as he sat properly so that he can look at your tummy properly.

“Really mommy?” he asked.

“yed baby!! try again” you said and so he did it again. And once again you felt the kicks. His smiled grew and next thing you knew was Noah kissing your belly.

“I wove you too baby sister.” he said out of love. The heartwarming scene brought tears to your eyes.

“How was you’ day?” Harry asked rubbing your shoulder with your face hidden in his neck. At last you had your man and all you wanted was to have a nice warm cuddle with him. It was past kids bedtime and they were already tucked in beds.

“good. Noah started crying because he thought after Snow is born i won’t love him.” You mumbled pecking the soft skin of his neck.

“really? wha’ happened next?” he asked showing interest in hearing out about his baby. Harry missed spending time with kids so he made uo by hearing to their stories.

“I made him feel the kick a-” you were going on but the loud thud made you pull away. You saw Noah running through your bedroon door and crawling on the bed betweeen you two. Carefully he leaned in and kissed your belly softly and then hugged it.

“love you snowie. I wove you. Always. I am your bwig brother.” He said and ran off to his room before kissing your tummy one more time.

“He fell in love with his sister.” you smiled watching him go and tilted your head to look at harry who had tears in his eyes. You cuddled to him and let him be. Fathers did needed to cry. They’re fathers after all.

RFA (+Saeran & V) x Reader -A girl’s chocolate eaten!

Okay, here it is!!! *feels acomplished (ಥ﹏ಥ)* x3

First of all, Saeyoung’s HC is safe for you to read, don’t worry my dear friend, but the rest of them are a little suggestive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Kisses, Innuendos… I wanted to spice it up a little, I’m sorry if that bothers you, I really hope it doesn’t, there’s no smut, I swear, it’s just a little spicy)

I really hope you enjoy! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


  • He already ate a bag or two of Honey Buddha Chips, so he thought… He innocently thought that he could eat that delicious chocolate without being charged for treason.
  • He clearly didn’t know how a girl’s fury can be worse than that of the devil.
  • “But… but… I swear, babe, I-I…just…” He said nervously, trying to get to calm you down.
  • “Ah-ah, no babe, no…” You shook your head and looked him straight on his eyes “IT’S MY CHOCOLATE YOU’VE EATEN… Not Saeran’s, not Vanderwood’s… but MINE” You pointed your finger at him and lightly poked his chest with itYOU DON’T KNOW HOW BAD THAT IS!” You yelled, you were mad as hell and you sure were scaring the shit out of him.
  • You only wanted to eat the last precious piece of chocolate you PURPOSELY hide to eat when you were feeling down. It’s your survivor’s kit, it’s everything you needed and wanted. Your. Damn. Chocolate. 
  • You were just trying to teach him a valuable lesson, a very, very valuable one.
  • “It’s just… I don’t think you value your HBC enough, nor your guts, if you dare to eat what was mine, you know, I should do the same to you… You hummed in approval and headed to the kitchen and smirked when he stopped you. 
  • “Okay, okay, babe, please…” He said, his face white and his eyes those of a puppy. “I’m gonna buy you all the chocolate you want, just don’t eat them, please, I won’t eat your chocolate again, I swear!” He put his hands like he was praying, trying to make it all more credible.
  • “I know you won’t” You softly laughed at his reaction, you couldn’t hold it anymore, your little fake angry moment was worthy after all.
  • You hugged him, hiding your face on his chest and snuggled, he smelled really good. He grapped his arms around you in response and kissed the top of your head. You felt him smiling.
  • That’s all you needed at the end of the day.


  • He didn’t care about it, he didn’t give a shit if it was yours, Saeyoung’s or the fucking devil’s.
  • He wanted it. He ate it. End of story.
  • But he didn’t know how mad you could get, you were always been sweet and caring… Challenging? Sure, but not angry, not ever. And he was way too surprised when you yelled to be able to reply to you. 
  • Until he got tired. 
  • SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. NOW!He screamed back and you gasped in surprise, so you instantly backed up and did as he said “You don’t have to yell at me, I’ll buy you a damn ton of chocolate if that’s what you want!” He told you, a frustrated look on his face.
  • “I just wanted to eat that chocolate…” You told him in the lowest voice you had and pout, avoiding his gaze so he couldn’t see you blush. You weren’t going to yell at him again, he sure as hell was scarier than you would ever be in your whole life. 
  • You saw from the corner of your eye that he was back to normal. He had a playful smile on his face while he approached you and hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your right shoulder.  
  • I could make you forget about chocolate… I have a million ways to do that if you wanna try” He whispered in your ear and then he lightly bit your earlobe and your whimper turned in to a soft moan when he licked it and started kissing your neck.
  • You sure forgot about the damn chocolate. 


  • Oh boy, there’s no way you can get mad with him. NO. WAY. 
  • He’s a sweetheart… He suffered a lot… You just can’t get mad at him.
  • But he starts noticing your pouty face and the way you’re not as clingy and cheerful with him as you usually are and he knows.
  • “Darling… I’m sorry I ate your chocolate” He sighed and sit next to you on the couch “We can go buy more now and take a walk as we go, it’s a wonderful day and the weather’s perfect…” He said with a hopeful smile on his lips, and you couldn’t hide your own tender smile while you nod in agreement. 
  • He softly kissed you afterwards, with his right hand stroking your cheek as a way to redeem himself. 


  • I bet my ass he’s the colder, smutty version of V… I bet my ass, people.
  • And I don’t think he’s that much into chocolate or sweets in general, but he’s human, at least he wanted to try to eat a bit for once? So he did.
  • You wouldn’t dare to yell at him, but still you were a little flustered with it… At least he could have choosen another day to do so.
  • You were so damn obsessed with that piece of chocolate throughout the day that when you got home and didn’t found any… You could have killed someone in that moment.
  • So when he gets home and sees the frustrated expression on your face he notices something’s going on. You didn’t even greeted him when he arrived, that fact alone is like a neon sign screaming that you’re angry at him.
  • “I don’t know what’s going on, but I know I can I make you feel better He said and grabbed your waist until your body collided with his body, burning holes on your skin from his touch alone You just have to tell me what you want, and I’ll provide He whispered againts your lips before he hungrily kissed them.
  • You suddenly forgot what you were mad for and focused on continue breathing. Because boy, he sure was breathtaking. The hottest husband there’s to exist.
  • Fuck chocolate.


  • Yeah, he’s a baby boy and he’s sweetheart and he’s the love of your life and he can do nearly whatever he wants and you don’t get mad at him but oh, not your chocolate. NOT. YOUR. CHOCOLATE. No, boy, no touchy. 
  • But, oh, he was eating it in front of you and wasn’t offering you any. 
  • When he was licking his fingers clean he noticed some evil, scary aura near him. It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up.
  • “YOOSUNG KIM, I SWEAR TO GOD YO-” He literally run to your bedroom and locked the door. He fucking locked the door. 
  • You headed there and lightly knocked at the wood door with your knuckles “Baby, open the door ~ ” You sing-songed.
  • “No, you won’t fool me, that was fucking scary… I’m not opening this door, not ever!!” He shouted from behinf the door, his breathed uneven and his voice trembling.
  • “Yoosung, for God’s sake, I just wanted you to go shopping for more…” You said, regretting you had yelled to him, you didn’t want to scare him to death like that, not that much at least. 
  • “I don’t believe you…” He said, hesitation clearly hanging on his voice. 
  • Stop being a child and open the door, Yoosung You said with a sweeter tone this time “We need to go grocery shooping anyways, so at the end it was a good thing you ate that chocolate…” You tried to convince him, and a minute later he opened the door with caution and looked at you, waiting for a punch or something to fly his way.
  • But it didn’t happen, so he stepped out of the room and approached you, still cautious. You hugged him without warning and hid your face on the crook of his neck, gently leaving butterfly kisses there, making him giggle and relax under your soft touches. 
  • Who said grocery shopping? Who needs chocolate? Not you.


  • I’m sorry, you can’t run out of chocolate if you own a café, it would be a sin. 
  • You and Jaehee never run out of chocolate. There’s chocolate in the kitchen, but not the one you wanted, she ate your favorite chocolates. AND. THAT. IS. A. CRIME. 
  • “Yes ma’am, that’s what it is. My favourite ones…” You chuckled, still surprised to found Jaehee ate them ALL “You should be ashamed of your behaviour, my lady, if you were that hungry you could have eaten something else… You told her, clearly trying to make an innuendo.
  • Her breath hitched and she blushed like mad, her face obviously trying to match the colour of the cherries “I… Yo-you… I mean… Do you want me to…? He asked, her gaze not meeting yours.
  • “Oh… No, baby, I was just trying to make you feel a little uncomfortable, just kidding sweetie, don’t worry…” You smiled tenderly “But you should pay the price now… What about a cheesecake with raspberry’s mermelade?” You wiggled your eyebrows in a funny, suggestive way to convince her. 
  • But oh, girl, she wasn’t in the mood for that.
  • “Y/N… You can’t offer me the finnest delicacy and then ask me to make a common meal She said, looking at you with an intensity you weren’t used to. 
  • You were damn shooked. For a moment you thought you were too dirty minded to understand her words but, ah-ah, no-no… She said what she said.
  • “Oh God…” Now you’re the one blushing.


  • You were really angry. REALLY ANGRY.
  • When he arrived home from his rehearsals you immediately faced him and held the empty envelope of your favorite chocolate in front of his face. 
  • He was surprised for a moment but then he smiled.
  • “WHY ARE YOU SMILING!? YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!” You yelled, furiously waving the empty envelope.
  • “Owwwww! You look so sexy when you’re angry! He yelled back, a face that showed how in love he was with you. He can’t get angry with you, he just can’t.
  • He grabbed your hips and lifted you up effortlessly, without warning, you gasped in surprise and got hold of his neck to steady yourself, then you wrapped your legs around his waist, suddenly forgetting why you were angry in the first place. 
  • “Now you have awakened the beast, are you happy?” He told you, lust spilling from his voice, from his every pore. 
  • “Wow, you’re going to fast, babe” You asked, trying your best not to laugh.
  • “There’s one thing I’m not fast at… Wanna check, princess? He smirked and you chuckled, still not used to his boldness.
  • “Of course I wanna, fuck the damn chocolate, now I want you”
  • He was clearly satisfied with your reply.


Comment, like, reblog, whatever you want, just let me know if you liked it!! :3 And please, PLEASE, don’t be shy!! if you are thinking about asking me something, simply talk to me or you want to send a request, DO IT *insert shia meme here* I always cherish every bit of love you give me ❤

And, sorry about the possible mistakes, I also appreciate your advice on writing and content, so I’m all ears if you want to tell me something about it.

Love you ~

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Hey ! May I give you a suggestion for a prompt? What about Sidon coming to ask for his night kiss because he haven't received yet ? (Like he has to work late and his s/o go to sleep without him)

(This was good, I like doing ones from Sidon’s pov~ Hopefully this also makes up for that sad one from earlier~ Enjoy!~)

Just One

Word Count: 1203
Warnings: Fluff

Work. Work. Work. Work.

The Zora Prince let out a tired sigh as he pushed away from his desk; his head aching due to all the numbers and words now racing through it. He had been sitting here for what felt like days reading page after page of page and he was beginning to feel the strain put on his eyes.

A quick glance out the large glass windows behind him and confirming his suspicions. The sky had turned dark, the twinkling of the stars letting the Prince know just how long he had been working and how much of the day he had missed. Sidon stretched his arms up feeling his stiff muscles tense and then relax again when he let them fall back to the arms of his chair with another sigh.

Speaking of things he had missed due to his work, the Prince was reminded that he had not seen you since this afternoon over lunch. A smile crept onto the Zora’s lips remembering how you had entered the office carrying a tray with his lunch in your hands. You had smiled at him when you approached and bowed your head like one of the servants after setting the tray down in front of him. “Your lunch, my highness,” you said which made him laugh.

You were always doing things like that: popping in for visits whenever he is too busy to come to you. Bringing him food when he misses meals, letting him know about everything going on outside of his study, or just coming in to talk and give him a break whenever it looked like he needed one. Something he often forgot to do when he was too caught up in parchment, quills, and ink.

Sidon smiled reflecting on how you were always very adamant about him taking breaks to clear his head and draw his attention away from papers and back on you. Regardless of how small you were compared to him, you would always find a way to steal him away for loving words and a few well-earned kisses.

Sidon frowned as he turned back to the desk his resolve to get through all of his files completely diminished; his head was swarmed with new thoughts, thoughts of you. Along with those thoughts came new feelings of regret and longing. He wanted to see you though he knew that you were most likely sleeping by now. Perhaps he could just stop by for one of his own little visit.

With that idea in mind the Zora Prince stood up from the desk to make his way to the bedroom where you lay and he could already feel his tail swaying in anticipation. Sidon tried to keep his movements slow and quiet as he gripped the door knob and began turning it. He pushed it  open just enough for him to peek through the gap.

Just as he thought, you were already fast asleep or at the very least you were laying down under the covers just waiting for him to join you. He could not really tell; the blankets wrapped around your body were obscuring his view of your face. Gently biting his lip, the Zora figured that he could get a little closer just enough to see whether you were sleeping.

Carefully, Sidon pushed the door open wide enough for him to slip through doing his best not to make too much noise while creeping toward the side just in case you actually were asleep. When he finally reached the bed, he kneeled where your face was noticing how it was partially cloaked by cloth hiding it from his curious eyes.

With a nervous smile Sidon pinched the blanket and then began to gradually peel it back inch by inch unable to stop himself. He had already come this far might as well just get it over with and… he really wanted to see you.

With the blanket finally out of his way Sidon breathed a sigh of relief and delight seeing your beautiful face and he was even happier to see that you were indeed fast asleep. The sight of you was endearing enough but that peaceful expression combined with how precious you looked encompassed in the soft blanket and bed sheets you were certainly a sight to behold for his sore eyes.

Your smooth skin, your hair tussled lightly from rolling around in the free space of the bed, your lips… so soft and so inviting. Sidon felt like he could just stare at you for hours; it was almost therapeutic and all his previous worries melted away at the sight before him.

Then your eyes opened.

“Sidon…?” Your tired voice murmured and the Zora in question blushed with a sheepish smile knowing that he had been caught.

“Ah sorry, my beloved, but I was just sitting in my study trying my best to focus on work when I suddenly found my head buzzing with thoughts of you,” he confessed glancing elsewhere in the room before his eyes settled on you again. “But I think I have overstayed my welcome now, my apologies for disturbing you.”

Before Sidon could stand up to take his leave, he felt something take hold of his hand and he looked down to see that your hand had reached out from under the covers and was now gently gripping his wrist (or as much as your smaller hand could grab). His eyes raise up to your face and he notices that you have a lazy smile spread on your lips as you gaze up at him.

“If you want something, you can just ask Sidon.” Goddesses, you could read him like an open book.

Sidon blushed lightly and chuckled sheepishly knowing that once again you had caught him. “Well, if it is not too much trouble… could I kiss you?”

You smile and Sidon could swear that his heart melted in that moment but then you lightly pulled his hand and he snapped out of his daze with a soft chuckle before he leaned close. His free hand reached up to gently cup your face and hold you close as he pressed his lips against your own smiling a little against the soft lips he had been absolutely mesmerized by realizing that they felt just as heavenly.

The kiss lasted for longer than Sidon had anticipated but he didn’t care and you didn’t seem to mind either. However, when he felt your tongue reach out to tease his bottom lip he knew he had to pull away or he would never be able to bring himself to leave you. So, he pulled back but you did not complain, in fact, you seemed to be grinning rather proud of yourself and this only made the Prince chuckle knowing that you had done it on purpose.

“Cheeky little minnow,” he remarked and you curled up in the blankets looking up at him smiling innocently. Sidon leaned in to plant one last soft kiss to your temples before standing up. “Unfortunately, I must return to my study but I will return shortly.”

“Hurry back.”

Sidon felt refreshed, ready to work, and eager to get back to you as soon as possible.

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boys reacting to s/o being murdered/being a chapter's victim

This took a while, but I finished it! Warning for entire game spoilers, particularly for Ouma, Shinguuji, and Amami!

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Hiraeth - Part (1)

A/N: This whole story was inspired by one scene in the Beauty and the Beast movie. I don’t think I will even include that scene. I hope to finish it soon, ugh.

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1268

Warnings: none!

[Prologue]  [Hiraeth Masterlist]

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Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Jaemin
  • okay so
  • anon let me choose the member for this masterpost
  • and i choosed this prince bc I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • he was my bias in the dream team b4 donghyuck <3
  • and bc of that sometimes i feel like I cheated on him lmao
  • but lets start shall we~~
  • so, you two cuties were in his house right
  • you guys agreed to at list once in a week have a sleepover on each others houses
  • so there you were
  • and you were tired of doing the same stuff every week you know 
  • aka eating and watching movies in netflix
  • so that day both of you started watching youtube vids
  • what a difference am i right
  • but the important hing is that he randomly found the my boyfriend does my makeup challenge
  • “jaemin why are makeup tutorials in ur yt page”
  • “sometime i like watching them with jeno… buT IT’S NOT AS WEIRD AS IT SOUNDS”
  • what
  • and you said no at first but he conviced you eventually
  • and ur like ¿¿? why is he so weird
  • but you end up accepting anyways
  • i mean, how could you say no one to this angel
  • so you gave him your makeup bag and he was shooketh bc of all the stuff you had
  • “do you use all of this?! everyday?!”
  • but he wasn’t giving up
  • so both of you sat with your legs crossed and facing each other in his bed
  • “foundation comes first, right?”
  • but you would only answer him with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and insults lmao
  • “hELP ME OUT A LITTLE HERE WOMANNN” -Na Jaemin, 2k17
  • he put a bunch of it in his hands and then he touched your face
  • and u were like ewwww
  • he spended like ten minutes expanding it all over your face jfc
  • and let me tell you he would use this as an oportunity to flirt w you and make you flustered too
  • “w-why are you putting it on my lips too, jaemin?”
  • “shhh”
  • can i slap him
  • “so the thing thats to cover your eye bags, right? this??”
  • ”is that enough?”
  • “did i blended it well?”
  • “oMG sO p rEtTyYYyy”
  • i have the scenario in my head and i’M LAUGHING SO HARD
  • and then well, it happened
  • “can we start with your eyes now?”
  • and since the second you heared him say this you got nervous
  • he grabed one of your palettes and choose a natural shadow and a brush and then sat closer to you
  • “close your eyes, baby”
  • he would grab your face really delicately and start putting the make up in one of your eyes carefully, fixing some mistakes with his fingers
  • “okay, let me do the other one now”
  • you could feel his breath because of how needlessly close he was to you
  • and there was this moment when you didn’t felt the brush in your eyelid anymore
  • so you opened your eyes and hE JUST PECKED YOU IN THE LIPS!!!!1!
  • one of your hands went to your lips instinctively while you looked at him with a surprised expression
  • “why are you so surprised? we were making out like an hour ago”
  • “the good thing is that we don’t even need blush now”
  • i’m gonna slap him myself i swear
  • and as revenge you jumped over him and started to tickle him
  • “fine~~ just stop”
  • so you stopped and looked at him
  • he placed his hands in your waist and smiled at you
  • “you’re seriously so beautiful, y/n”
  • your heart melted and so did mine ok
  • you hided your face in the crock of his neck and heared his precious laugh again
  • you cupped his face and kissed him sweetly, but it didn’t stop him from smiling
  • “let’s finish your makeup, princess”
  • in the end, it wasn’t too bad tbh
  • maybe he just putted to much blush and the contour was horrible
  • but A++ with the eyeshadow let me tell you
  • i updated my bias list today in the morning and he’s already ruining it i really h8 him
Only love can hurt like this

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: The Lord of The Rings
Pairing: Sauron/Mairon x (elf)reader
Genres: ANGST, heartbreak
Words: 1.443
Summary: based on an imagine: “Imagine accidentally falling in love with Sauron when he was Melkor’s servant, even though you are betrothed to someone else, and he does all he can to see you” - requested by @xthezodiacage
A/N: I’ve altered the imagine a little, sorry about that. And I’m sorry for all the angst :(   

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Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 1.8k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

I. Safe lies

“How many, this time?”

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All My Idols Ch 17: SM Town

I feel like lots of you were waiting for more EXO moments so here you go!

“Special Delivery!” I yell as I basically bust into the studio. With a whole cake in my arms and a bag of drinks hanging on my arm, I stumble sideways into a what feels like a brick wall. Glancing up I see familiar frog like eyes and a warm smile. “Minho oppa!” I beam at the older man.

“Charlie-ya! I was starting to worry, you said you’d be here thirty minutes ago but security told me you had entered the building when you said you would,” He worries as he takes the things out of my hands and sets them on the floor before coming back to give me a once over.

“Oppa, I’m fine, I just ran into Red Velvet and Girl’s Generation on my way and you know how those girls get.”

“Did I hear my Charlie?” Onew yells as he does the same as me, busting into the practice room caring a massive amount of food.

“Omo! Where is she?” Key rushes past Onew to pull me out of Minho’s arms into a warm hug.

“Hi you guys,” I laugh as Onew almost drops his container of chicken to give me a quick side hug before placing it on the floor with the rest of the food.

“So,” Key gives me an ear to ear grin that makes me nervous.

“So,” I echo.

“About that interview of yours.” I automatically sink to the ground to curl into a ball to hide my face for the on coming teasing. As I expected the boys are giggling like little girls as they poke at me. “Come on Charlie, we are just teasing.”

“Just leave me alone,” I grumble.

“It’s cute, you should have seen Kyungsoo’s reaction to it, it was precious.”

I cover my ears, “I don’t want to hear about it!”

Even with my hands over my ears I can hear Key’s teasing, “Lay was over the moon, he wouldn’t stop bragging to everyone that he is 3rd on your list. What I’m dying to know is who is number 1?”

I groan, “Like I said in the interview, absolutely not.”

“Hyung, leave her alone,” Minho comes to my defense. “Unless you want to eat lunch with a cranky Charlie.” Key pouts and sinks to the floor next to me but says nothing else.

“Thank you oppa.” I sit up.

He pats my head, “Your welcome, now,” He gives me a sly grin, “about your bias list.”

Collapsing back on the ground I let out another groan, “Where is Jonghyun oppa? He isn’t this mean to me.”

“Him and Taemin will be back in a few minutes, you can start eating,” Onew says as he pulls me back up into a sitting position.

“No, I can wait.” I say as I shed my winter jacket and put my boots by the door.

They nod and start talking about some of their chorography, allowing me to zone out. My eyes scan the familiar dance room, the cloud wall that I’ve seen a million times on my computer and now at least a dozen times in real life. Coming to SM has become a common thing in my life after I started becoming friends with Girl’s Generation, helping branch out and become close friends with other SM artists. It has only been a week since my interview with Woobin was released to the public and lets just say, the idols reacted a lot more then the fans. They blew up my phone with questions like, am I alright, who is your number one bias, why wasn’t I on your list, am I your number one bias?

It has been a media storm, so leaving my apartment has not been possible the last week so I’ve been spending a massive amount of time with my big bang oppas, which has been amazing. But all my other friends have been feeling jealous since manager Unni wouldn’t let anyone, other than Ikon, come into the building. So I’m going to be going to each company this next week to make up for lost time, SM being my first stop since Taemin has basically been harassing me to do so.

I’m brought out of my thought by the door busting open yet again, revealing not only a grin Taemin and Jonghyun but a loud group of yelling boys. No, I think, please don’t be who I think it is, please don’t be who I think it is.

Fuck, it is who I think it is. I curl into a ball, not mentally prepared for any of this. In just leggings, an over sized sweatshirt, and tall Christmas socks I’m definitely not dressed to see them. I regret not putting on makeup this morning and not properly doing my hair instead of letting it become a slightly cute crazy mess of curls.

“Who’s hungry?” Jonghyun yells. My face is buried in my arms so I can’t see all of them but their distinct voices echo threw the practice room as they rush in. The footsteps stop a few feet away from me. “What happened?”

“I think we broke her,” Minho laughs.

“Charlie-ya!” A familiar sweet voice calls happily.

“Lay oppa?” I mumble from my tightly curled ball.

“I guess she isn’t broken, now get up,” Taemin comes over to me and pokes at me.

“Go away oppa,” I swat at him blindly, accidently hitting Lay, who had joined Taemin in his teasing. “Lay oppa,” I automatically snap up when I hear his small whine of pain, “I’m so sorry,”

He gives me a dimpled grin, “It’s okay, I’m just teasing,” He chuckles, “It’s nice to see your pretty face.”

“Why don’t you ever apologize when you hit me?” Taemin whines as he plops down next to me.

“Because you deserve it,” I stick my tongue out at him.

“Hello Charlie-ya,” Jonghyun interrupts with a kiss on my cheek that makes me giggle.

“Hi oppa.”

The door closes and I finally look up to finally be face to face with the one and only EXO. Suho is in front with the beagle line on one side and the three youngest members on the other side. My Xiumin is peeking over Suho’s shoulder, our eyes lock and the next thing I know my face is buried in the crook of Taemin’s neck.

“Since when are you this shy?” Taemin teases but doesn’t push me away.

“Is it because one of your biases is in the group?” Minho teases.

“Aw,” Key coos, “Kyungsoo-ya is blushing.”

“Hyung,” The cute owl boy’s honey sweet voice whines, “Stop it.”

“But it’s just so cute,” Key pats my head.

“Is it because your number one bias is in the room?” Lay joins in.

“Oppa!” I whine as I whip around to glare at the innocent looking unicorn.

“You know?” All of shinee yells.

Lay just nods with a smile on his annoyingly handsome face.

“Don’t you dare say who,” I warn.

“Come on Charlie, he would love it.”

“No, no, no.”

Lay huffs, “Fine.”

“Can you stop being a little girl and greet them?” Taemin pokes at me again.

I glare at him as I stand up, bowing I give them a nervous smile, “Hello, I’m Charlie, it’s nice to meet you.” I can’t stand back up from my bow with my heart going a million beats a minute.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Suho comes forward with that warm smile of his, which helps ease my anxiety.

“Hello, I’m Chanyeol,” The tall elf like man comes running forward, pushing poor Suho out of the way. “You are so cute and little!” I find myself laughing at his cute face.

“She knows who we all are so lets eat,” Lay takes me away from them and sits me down on the floor next to Jonghyun. He sits down on my other side as everyone else takes their seats in a circle.

“Lets eat!” Onew declares, we all nod and begin digging in all the food that the boys had carried in. Everyone speaks casually as we eat, laughing and joking around. I’m sand but thankful no one from EXO really tries to talk to me, I don’t think I could handle it, they just make me want to giggle and scream like an idiot.

“Here Charlie, try this,” Taemin holds out some kind of marinated meat to me, which I happily let him feed to me.

“Omo, that’s good,” I smile at him as I reach for more.

“No, Charlie try this,” Lay offers me a pretty chocolate truffle that he insists on feed to me.

“So Charlie,” Suho gives me that smile again, “What are you planning on doing now that you went public?”

“I’m not really sure,” I shrug, “I’m just going to be doing my rounds to the companies for the next few days so I can say hi to everyone.”

“Are we your first stop?” Minho asks from the other side of Lay.

I nod, “Since someone demanded that I stop here first,” I look past Jonghyun to Taemin.

“I didn’t demand it,” Taemin snaps back.

“You sent me like ten texts about how I need to come see you guys as soon as I was able to leave.”

He scoffs, “Don’t exaggerate, I sent you two.”

“What?” I pull out my phone, open the messages, and hold it out for him to see. “See you sent me the first two, and I said I’ll see what I can do, and then you sent me ten more demanding it.” Taemin snatches my phone out of my hand scans it, pouting as he reads it. He hands my back my phone without a word before taking out his own. His eyes snap up to glare at the person to his left, Jongin is sitting there, obviously nervous.

“Kai,” Taemin growls.

“It wasn’t just me!” The tan boy jumps to his feet and points to the pale boy to his left, “It was Sehun’s idea!”

“Don’t blame this on me!” Sehun snaps back, “Chanyeol and Baekhyun hyung suggested we do it from Taemin hyung’s phone.”

Chanyeol is automatic at defending himself, “Kai is the one who had to get Taemin’s phone!”

“You guys texted her off Taemin’s phone?” Lay laughs.

“You guys really sent those?” I stare down at my phone dumbstruck as I read the messages over again.

“Yes,” Seven of the boys echo, staring down at the floor ashamed, Suho just stares at them confused.

“Why would you guys do that?” Jonghyun asks.

“Because Lay hyung kept talking about how cute and nice you are, and now even Suho hyung was able to talk to you, and then you talked about how Kyungsoo and Lay were in your top ten. We just wanted to know why you are avoiding us,” A very puppy like Baekhyun mumbles.

I suddenly feel guilty for avoiding them, “I’m sorry for avoiding you, I’m actually just a really big fan.”

“Aren’t you are fan?” Taemin fakes offense.

“Oh shush oppa,” I swat at him before turning back to EXO, “You guys are the group I had posters of in my room so when I think to about how weird it is to talk and be friendly with you after having those makes me feel really awkward.” I try my best to explain but stop when I see their faces light up.

“Who had posters of us?”

“That’s so cute!” Baekhyun tackles me to the ground, hugging me tightly. I’m too happy to be surprised by his sudden affection. Chanyeol follows suit by jumping on top of him, followed by a very excited Xiumin. But Xiumin can’t balance on top of them others, so he falls to the side, right on top of Jonghyun, right next to me. We both pause for a minute when our eyes lock, those cute cat like eyes get thinner when he gives me that amazing smile. I feel my heart stop when I get the courage to smile back. I thought that would be the best moment in my life, until the door busts open once again to revel more of my oppas.

“I hear our Charlie has come to visit!” Sweet Leeteuk says with a big smile on his face. Some of the others follow in, all stopping and losing their sweet smiles once they see the situation I’m in with two boys lying on top of me.

“Hi oppas,” I say with an awkward smile.

“What are you doing to our Charlie?” Heechul busts threw the group.

“Hyung,” Chanyeol quickly scrambles to his feet, “We can explain.”

Baekhyun just gives them an awkward smile from where he rests in between my legs, “It’s not what you think.”

Kangin glares down at him, “You little…”

The Family (Jumin x MC)

20s! AU/ Mafia! AU: Shortly after proposing, Jumin introduces you to his family.

Word Count: 1387

Okay, so this is basically the in-between prompt that’s an introduction to Mafia and an end to 20s. However, I’d be more than happy to do 20s! AU prompts later on! Also, I got Peeps and I’m really happy

20s! AU Prompts:

1 2 3 4 5


“Are you ready darling?” Jumin asked, chuckling as you fiddled with your clothes, constantly readjusting or fixing something. “I’ve told plenty about them to you, they already adore you.” 

“I-I can’t help it!” You exclaimed as you made your way to the door. “Isn’t this stressful for everyone?” 

You glanced down, noticing the ring upon your finger, softening as a smile painted your expression. 

He had proposed to you with love laced words and a gentle tone. 

When he knelt down you swore the world had stopped. 

“I absolutely cannot imagine anyone so precious in my life,  nor do I want to.” He had chuckled, trying to hide the nervousness engraved in every movement. “My heart and soul utterly belong to you darling, and it’d give me no greater honor than to stay by your side…” 

He had taken a deep breath, slipping out the small box that left your heart near eruption. 

“Will you marry me?” 

You didn’t even need to think before you jumped in his arms, peppering his face in kisses.

It had been a yes the moment you had met. 

You had noticed the way his eyes glistened with a sort of shine as though he was near tears, a smile stretching from ear to ear.

It had lit up your days unlike anything else before. 

And just knowing you’d be with him, left a warmth in your chest as though you’d been immersed in sunlight.


The deep silvery voice caught you off guard, snatching your head up to reveal an older man.

It was his father.

“Good evening.” 

He had given Mr. Han a gentle nod, returning the quick hug from him. 

Then he noticed you. 

“You must be MC…” He let out a delighted bit of laughter, pulling you into a friendly hug. “I’m delighted to meet you! I’m so happy my son has finally found someone who makes him as happy as you do.” 

“Oh! Thank you!” You beamed as he lead you both inside. “He makes me very happy too.” 

Jumin gave you a small grin in return but not before Mr. Han tipped his head towards his son, murmuring in his ear. 

He shook his head. 

“You haven’t?” Mr. Han had huffed, folding his arms across his chest. “One way or another you know.” 


You turned to Mr. Han, eyebrows raising. 

“The rest of our family is in the parlor but I should mention that our family is greatly made up of…close friends and associates. The business is very close knit.” 

“Oh, I’m sure!” 

“Yes well, it works a bit differently than most family businesses.” 

“What do you mean?”

Mr. Han opened the door, glancing to your fiance, his body tense and awkward. “Jumin will explain it as he should’ve before.” 

The parlor was revealed, small groups of people scattered about. 

“In the meantime, meet the family!” 

Several rushed towards you, that including a woman in a darkened dress, reaching out an open hand with a small smirk. “Hello, I’m Jahee Kang. I’m your fiance’s secretary. He’s talked quite a bit about you.” 

“O-Oh really?” You returned the gesture. “T-That’s very sweet!” 

“You think so?” He wound an arm around your waist, lightly kissing your temple. “I’m very glad.” 

“Well of course-” 

“Hey, this is the lucky lady?” A cheery voice bounced, red hair hovering over his eyes. “Well…considering who you’re stuck with I don’t know. But you get a cat out of it!” 

“This is Luciel, but he also likes to go by 707. He’s…energetic.” 

“Did you miss me?”


“I don’t believe any of us did,” Jahee remarked. 

“JJ you’re breaking my heart!” 

“I’m sorry for them,” A man with silver hair approached you, deep red eyes staring towards you as he introduced himself. “I’m Zen. Sorry, you’re stuck with ‘Trust Fund’.” 

“Sorry? What for-” 

Before he could respond, two others appeared before you with a content and light feeling surrounding them.

“Hello MC, I’m V.” He shook your hand, his lips tugging upwards as his eyes were muddled by heavy glasses. “I’ve known Jumin since we were children, I never thought someone would bring winter to spring.” 

“He’s mentioned you many times, you seem lovely.”

“I’m honored.” He set a shoulder upon a smaller boy, bright blonde hair sweeping over his forehead as he glared. “This is Yoosung.” 

“I don’t need you t-to introduce me.” He huffed, trying to beam to you. “I am Yoosung though, It’s nice to meet you, you seem great!” 

“Aw thank you! You’re very sweet Yoosung.” 

He lit up. “R-Really?” 

“Yes of course.” 

“Alright, alright, give them a break. Jumin has something he needs to discuss with them after all.” 

Mr. Han eyed his son carefully before guiding the others away, hushed whispers trailing amongst them. 

“What’re they talking about?” You asked, giving an awkward expression. “Is something wrong.” 

Jumin ran his fingers through his hair, taking your hand and squeezing it affectionately. “It’s not that darling, it’s just…there’s something I haven’t told you.” 

“Oh, is it bad?” 

“It depends on your definition of such a thing.” He let out a shaky breath, shoulders dropping. “Love, do you remember how we met back in the speakeasy all that time ago?” 

“Of course! How could I forget?” 

He laughed weakly, sitting you down on the sofa, the two of you sinking into the cushions. 

“Well, as you already know…my family owned that speakeasy, we owned numerous.” He continued, staring at the ground. “Meaning, we have connections in the mafia…” 


A lump had crawled into your throat, thoughts rampant within your head.

“Yes, and even more so than that…my family’s business is rooted within the mafia. That’s how even after shortly immigrating to America, we were able to so quickly accumulate all the wealth.” 

 “Do you still um…w-work with it?” 

He looked terrified to tell you.

Yet he still nodded, clamping a clammy hand over his mouth. “Yes, in fact, when my father referred to our family he meant those closest to us within our ‘business’. Most of them are involved due to connections with V aside from Jahee. We mainly handle illegal dealings of international exports, and…narcotics.” 

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but…I can’t help but a-admit I was afraid of your reaction. I-I can’t blame you if you’re repulsed but…e-even if it sounds pathetic…please don’t leave-”

“Hush,” You cupped his face with your hands, turning his gaze to you. “I’m not going anywhere. I would never dream of it. I love you, and I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to hurt you.”  

He gawked at you with awe before leaning his forehead against your own, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 

He pulled you close, holding you as though you were merely a fading dream he refused to lose.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” 

“Of course, but…we’re in this together okay?” 

“I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.” 

As you began to soak in the reality of the situation, only calmed by Jumin’s comforting words, Mr. Han interrupted. 

“I assume you’ve told them?”

“…Yes, I have.” 

“And you’re okay with this?” He glanced in your direction, narrowing his eyes. “You’re absolute in your decision.” 

Jumin’s grip on you tightened, furrowing his brow. 

You nodded. “Yes.” 

He reached out a hand, giving a toothy burst of laughter as he shook your hand. 

“Then welcome to the family!” 

And as he leaned back in his excitement, you noticed the pistol sitting in a holster.

And you knew, your world had irreversibly shifted. 

Hunk Edition

”Reader saves an alien creature and sneaks it on the ship, they take care of them constantly sneaking around leaving everyone suspicious so they follow them”

I went so far with this, what have I done?

– Ryan

Lance || Hunk || Pidge || Shiro || Keith || Coran

Hunk: You walk anxiously down the hall, your small little reptilian friend is now missing, and somewhere aboard the ship. You can’t call out to him for help and you can’t ask for help, since no one knew you’d stowed a small alien on board.

You rush your steps, thinking of any and every worst case scenario, and you panic. You’ve checked every corridor, every cabinet, and every room, before a thought struck you: Maybe he’d gone back to your room.

That’s it. That must be it. He’s no where else on the ship, and he must have followed your scent back to your room. Right. You set your course for your room, and you hurry. As you pass, you hear Hunk’s voice coming from his room. Ordinarily you would have left him to his business, but hearing “There you go, little buddy. I made this specially for you.” made you stop in your tracks, and approach his door.

Opening it fully, you see your tiny lizard friend, his stocky body huddled over a plate as his snake-like tails held other bits of food. “Hunk?” He looks from the alien to you, and flusters all the while, moving in front of the alien to hide him.

“What are you-”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, you know, you didn’t see anything here-”

“-doing with my precious child?” You finish, and Hunk stutters off his sentence with a look on his face.

“I’m sorry, your… child?” He asks, rhetorically, and you come over to the small alien, and his vocals vibrate in happiness. “I saved him while we were on our last mission. I didn’t expect he’d follow me, but when he did, I couldn’t kick him out.” You say, and pet his scales, and he chirps as he continues his eating.

“So that’s where he goes everyday…” Hunk mutters, and you blink curiously at him.

“Wait, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen him?”

“No, I’ve been feeding him ever since he’s been coming to my door. About three weeks ago.” You eye the little rascal, and he just continues to stuff his face. “The little..” You say, mostly endearingly.

“Well,” you shoot a smile over to Hunk, “looks like he’s our child now.”

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Fifteen (Yoongi x You Gang AU)


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All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Fifteen

Despite knowing that there was someone willing to be there for you now, you didn’t think you had ever felt more alone. Before, it was easy to accept the fact that you were alone because no one had ever tried to worm themselves into your life and make you a part of their own. But now, now that you knew there was something other than loneliness out there it hurt even more because you knew you could never have it.

You knew that going to school was a bad idea.

But you went anyway.

Your throat was raw, your face puffy, and your eyes swollen. It was like a switch had gone off the moment that Suga was gone and you broke down, realizing at last that the little things that had been holding you together all this time were no longer there, stolen by a mischievous boy with green hair. Once the switch was flipped you couldn’t stop, the tears wouldn’t stop no matter how hard you tried to get them to.

Katie found you late in the afternoon the day before, curled up in a ball in the corner, rocking slowly back and forth as silent tears rolled down your hot cheeks over and over again, one after the other. Nothing had ever hurt this bad. Not even the day you realized your parents couldn’t care less whether you were dead or alive.

For a second she just stared at you, pity seared into her features and you just cried harder, knowing that she knew there was nothing she could do for you, no way for her to ease your pain. So she just stayed silent and pulled you close to her, cradling you like a baby as you sobbed until her shirt was soaked.

Looking in the mirror this morning your face reflected every single tear and emotion and you almost burst into tears again, knowing there was no way to hide it. But you had to because you had to keep up this charade for your father and try and divert his attention as best as possible from BTS. You had to do what you still could to save them.

So you went to school, but today you were on time. In fact, you got there before everyone else so that you could properly hide your face in your arms and fall asleep. The last thing you needed was for someone to accuse you of crying your eyes out because the second someone did you knew you would crumble again. Right now all you were tied together with was determination and facades.

People filtered in and you were right on the edge of sleep when you heard someone shuffle up unsurely next to you. You held your breath, not daring to move and give yourself away.

“Y-Y/N?” It was J-Hope’s voice, and your heart broke a little bit at his guardedness that tried to cover his unsureness. After a minute he sighed, “Your sleeping I’m sure but I, I wanted to tell you that I don’t blame you. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in your position—“

J-Hope stopped at the sound of a loud bang that nearly made you jump before you caught yourself. “What the hell happened to you?” You heard J-Hope hiss, his voice now filled with concern.

“None of your goddamn business.” You heard Suga’s deep baritone voice answer back in a hushed tone followed by the scraping of his chair and the plop as he assumed his usual position that looked almost identical to yours. You didn’t have to watch him to know that was what was happening.

“Did you get into a fight with one of the groups on the way here or some shit?” J-Hope moved away from you then, but you could still hear him clearly.

“Hobie. Drop it. Please. I’m fine.” Suga was short with him and J-Hope didn’t press his hyung any further after that. You had the desperate desire to lift your head and see what exactly J-Hope was so caught up about for yourself, but you knew you couldn’t do it now, it had to be strategically planned.

“If this is about Saturday—“ J-Hope said after a minute.

“This is not about Saturday.”

“Maybe we should talk to Y/N, wake her up and just ask her if it’s true. She must have had a reason to—“

Suga cut him off angrily. “I already have. You won’t like the answer J-Hope you should just give it up.”

It felt like you had been stabbed in the chest and any minute you would bleed out and be left for dead. Hadn’t he said he would be there for you until you were ready? How quickly things changed.

Not like you had any right to be mad, after everything you had done to him and the others.

“She came early today, what’s that about?” J-Hope wondered aloud after a few minutes of silence.

“Why do you care so much?”

“Why do you suddenly not care at all?” There was a beat of silence. “Don’t give me that look we all know how you feel after how you acted on Saturday.” You felt your brow furrow at that, what exactly had he done on Saturday other than harass you and make you cry your eyes out.

“I can hear you, you know.” Your voice came out before you could stop it, and your head lifted against your will. You looked up to see both of their faces caught in equal shades of embarrassment and panic. But that wasn’t what made your breath catch in your throat.

Suga stared at you through one normal eye and one eye that was nearly swollen shut and ringed in deep purple, blue and red. His lip was broken and still bleeding in more than one place and there was a deep cut on his upper cheek. Instinctively, your body twitched towards his, what on earth had happened? You stopped yourself from standing, but you knew the stricken look was still on your face based on the way they suddenly looked at you like you were an alien. And then you remembered that your own eyes were swollen and your face was puffy and it was more than obvious what had been going on with you. You were such an idiot how could you forget?

“Y/N.” Suga breathed, almost inaudibly, but you could still hear it loud and clear. The two of you got lost for a minute and neither of you could break away from one another’s gaze.

Yoongi. You thought it fit him. It fit him so much better than Suga and it just felt right as you stared at him with his cut lip and swollen eye. Wondering if it was his father who had done that to him you let your eyes roam over his face. You wanted to close the distance, to give in right then and there. J-Hope just glanced between you two.

Yoongi stared at her with a raw expression painted on his face. It was apparent that she had been crying, and he couldn’t even imagine what that looked like. She was always so guarded and feigning strength, she didn’t seem capable of releasing any type of emotion other than hostility. It made his arms ache— all he wanted to do was reach out to comfort you.

Before either of you could say anything else, the teacher stumbled in, the bell ringing just moments after it and then roll was being called and you were slumping back down, hiding your face. But you couldn’t seem to fall asleep now matter how hard you tried, that look on Suga’s face seared into your mind.

So when lunchtime rolled around, you bolted from your seat before the bell had finished ringing, your feet automatically taking you in the direction of your tree. The more you thought about it you realized doing such a thing was impossible. Jin. He would definitely be there.

You stood frozen in your spot, contemplating what to do next; where on earth were you supposed to go now? The cafeteria?

Your thoughts were interrupted when a hand circled around your wrist, yanking you violently back before your reflexes could kick in. You couldn’t see clearly, all you knew was that you forced into an empty classroom, the door slamming shut violently behind you. Turning around, you were startled to see the man of your thoughts directly in front of you.

Jin leaned casually against the door, preventing any attempt at escape as he stared up at the ceiling. “Why did you do it?”

You scoffed at him, feeling annoyed. “Why does everyone keep asking me that? You all act like I had a choice.”

He looked at you then and seemed to really see as concern flitted across his features. Jin crossed the room and stood directly in front of you, just inches from your skin. “What’s wrong? Have you been crying?” His hands reached out for one of yours, cradling it in between. You tried to rip it away but his grip was too tight.

“Leave me alone, Jin.” Your words were venomous, but if you listened closely it was evident that they sound more like a desperate plea than a threat. It was enough to make him advance further.

“So you were forced then? Your father is the real one behind this.” He was the first one to read between the lines. You tried to move away and hide your face, but he stopped you with a firm hand on your cheek, forcing you to look up at him. “Y/N, stop shutting everyone out. Especially me. Please.”

You couldn’t help but look at him with confusion as he looked down at you with, what was that that you were seeing in his eyes? “Why especially you? You’re just like everyone else.”

He chuckled, looking up slightly before continuing his eye contact with you. Now both of his hands were cradling your face like it was the most precious thing in the world. Your stomach roared and you got the overwhelming feeling that something wasn’t right. “Jin?”

“You really don’t get it, huh? I don’t know how much more obvious I can be.” He laughed again, now not able to meet your eyes. Everything came to a screeching halt.

“No. Do not say what you’re about to say.” You stressed, trying to take a step back but he wouldn’t let you. There was no escape, there was never any escape when it came to Jin.

“Y/N I can’t stop thinking about you. I couldn’t from the moment I met you and all I want is to be there for you every second of every day and be the person you tell your problems to. Let me in, Y/N, I won’t leave you alone.” He told you earnestly, his eyes shining a little bit as he stared at you with what you now realized to be love, undying love. Suddenly, the tears you had been fighting back all morning came rushing up again and they were like crystals in your eyes as you stared back at him, unable to reciprocate the look he was giving you. A hiccup escaped your mouth and your shoulders rose in a silent sob as you fought your tears. “What’s wrong? Don’t cry I’m right here.”

But you finally found the strength you had been building from a young age to push away from him and slowly back towards the door. Shaking your head at the same pace of your shaking hands you didn’t dare look up at him. “You shouldn’t have said that.”

Jin stared at you with unsureness, a round of hurt shuddering through his body. He didn’t want to know what you meant but he pressed. “Why? Can’t you let me share some of your burden.”

You took a deep breath as hot tears tracked down your face. “Even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be with you.” You bit back, not knowing how else to convince him that his feelings were wrong, that he deserved someone better than the mess that was you.

And just like that, Jin’s heart shattered, tears of his own welling up in his eyes. “Oh.” Was all he said.

“Take your feelings back, Jin, I don’t want them. How much more is it gonna take for you people to understand that I can’t feel anything and I don’t want to. Then I’d end up like you, crying over someone who could really care less if they never saw me again.” You spat out, trying to find some type of anger to fuel everything.

Through his labored breath Jin said one last thing before you were barreling out the door and away from the school quicker than you thought your feet could take you. “Then why are you crying, Y/N?”

They were back again, but this time you just let them out instead of fighting them.

They must have come to a mutual agreement after that day not to speak to you anymore, because the following one none of them even dared to look in your direction, not even Suga. You were thankful, because it meant you could stop trying so hard to prove that you didn’t care when it was so glaringly obvious that you did.

So you just watched from a distance. None of them seemed to hold the same young spirit they had when you first met them, their gang activities taking a toll you guessed. But it was Suga you were most worried about. Every day, he came in looking worse than the last, more cuts and more bruises, and even being almost physically unable to walk to his seat. You wanted to tell him to stay at one of the boy’s places, but Namjoon was the only one who knew the truth and he obviously had no intention of helping or Suga was denying any help at all.

Sometimes the two of you would catch each other staring at one another from the corner of your eyes, but you would always look away, not wanting to give him the wrong idea. Your father kept pressing you to get close again, and you couldn’t risk it.

One morning you looked over at J-Hope when you knew he wasn’t looking and realized Suga wasn’t there. You had come early again that day and hadn’t noticed Suga’s absence until now. You couldn’t describe why, but you just  had this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your eyes became alight with panic as you tried to imagine different ways of slyly finding out what was going on. He could just be skipping today, right? Right?

When the bell rang, you slipped out the door and remained at a safe distance away from the classroom until the halls had cleared and you were sure all of the members were inside. Sidling up close, you stood directly next to the door, completely out of sight but in a way that you were able to hear everything the members said.

“Man school really has been boring this week. When can we officially quit?” J-Hope whined through his food.

“What made this week more boring than the others?” V giggled.

“I couldn’t bother Suga today while he slept, I had to actually pay attention.”

“Why not?” Rap Monster questioned, and J-Hope gave him a weird look.

“Umm, genius leader, look around, he isn’t here.”

You heard a clattering and jumped slightly. Rap Monster had practically leapt out of his chair. “He’s not here?”

“What’s wrong?” Jin asked worriedly.

“I talked to him this morning, he, he told me he was gonna be late because something was going on with him and his brother and Dad.” Rap Monster didn’t elaborate but he didn’t have to.

Your heart stopped, and then simultaneously started again at an unbelievable rate. Yoongi, he was in that house. Before you could even think, your feet were bursting into the room, a frantic look on your face and all of the members looked up at you in shock.

“Take me to him right now. Please.”

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how do the sf and us bros react to a s/o or crush that gets easily flustered- like really REALLY flustered, completely red faced blushy flustered- at genuine compliments and they dont know how to handle it so they just kind of?? pull their hood over their head (if they have one at the time) or slowly sink into their shirt

Drown me in all this fluff.


– Uh oh, you’re gonna be in hood town/shirt town a lot with this one. This boy dishes out genuine compliments at friends and strangers alike, whatever chance he gets. It’s just a natural thing.

– The first time it happens, Plum thinks he’s offended you in some way and he panics when you sink into your shirt. “OH NO!! I’M SORRY, DID I SAY SOMETHING WRONG?” He’ll ask nervously, trying to look into your face to see if you’re upset. Please give him some indication that you’re actually not mad.

– When he understands that you’re flustered and not upset, he frowns. It makes him think that there may have been a point in your life that you felt like you didn’t deserve any of the compliments you get. That may not be the case, but his mind will go straight there because he experienced that with his brother.

– As a result, he really lays it on thick. And he’ll try to drive the point home with a tight hug and “I LOVE YOU!”. And a lot of kisses. So many kisses.


– Cherry gets it, because he does the same sometimes. Maybe not to the extent that you do, but if anyone (especially people he admires/cares about) gives him a genuine compliment, his face turns red and he’ll tug his beanie a bit over his eyesockets.

– With you though, he thinks it’s so funny. It’s interesting to be on the other side of things, and he loves to see your face all flushed as you hide your face. So cute.

“what’s the matter, honey? why are you hiding?” He teases, trying to lift your hood. If there is no hood, he pokes at your head. “come on out, baaaabe.”

– Once in a while, he’ll trap you in a hug and list some of the things he loves about you and not let go as you disappear into your shirt/hoodie. 


– Hunter will be a bit frustrated when it happens. He just wants you to accept the compliment, cause he already has a hard time giving them. He’s used to mockery and teasing, but since he met you he’s had the urge to compliment you (and people in general) more and more.

– The moment you begin to pull the hood up, he’s tugging it back. 

“NO YOU DON’T!!” He says, grabbing your face before you can get away. “NOT THIS TIME! ACCEPT MY COMPLIMENT!” You better accept it, or he’s gonna get grumpy.

– Both of your faces are flushed at this point, though for different reasons. This is going to happen every time unless you stop withdrawing into your clothing.


– Honestly… Hound thinks it’s the most precious thing. He loves knowing that he can make you so flustered. He’s a skeleton of few words, so it means a lot that when he does compliment you he can draw out a reaction that’s so drastic.

– When a compliment leaves his mouth, he’s already holding you, nuzzling your face. He’ll laugh when you hide in your hood.

“aw, don’t hide, sugar.” He’ll say, pushing the hood back. If you’re in your shirt, he’ll place a kiss where he thinks your lips are. 

– He doesn’t mind just letting you be, though. He’ll gladly sit there and hold you for as long as it takes for you to pop your head back out.

Please (Jason McCann)

The room was full of tension. So much that I felt I was suffocating. I wanted to run and hide, and scream and shout, but all I could do was stand still in my spot and let subtle tears fall.

“[Y/N].” My head snapped in the direction of Jason. He was being held back against the wall by two men that instantly, I realised wouldn’t have been able to hold him back on their own. He stood with a worried expression on his face; one that I didn’t see much of because he was always so sure of everything. In that moment, I realised how much I took advantage of his constant certainty because right then, seeing the look of worry on his face, made me doubt my strength not to break down and cry.

If things were different, and the intimidating figure wasn’t stood in front of me, I’d run up to Jason and hug him, hold him so that the worried look would disappear from his face.

But the man was still stood there, no matter how many times I tried to blink it away. “[Y/N], don’t listen to him. Whatever he has to say, it’s bullshit.” Jason was fidgeting, something I’d never seen him do before.

Previously, someone had burst into Jason’s house, aggressively. So aggressive that I began to shake with no control of stopping. Everything happened so fast but all I took notice of were the guns gripped casually in their hands. “I have a few little facts about your precious boyfriend here that I think you’d care to hear.” The smirk on his face wasn’t like Jason’s. Jason’s smirk was testing and it made me certain he was about to say something cocky or smart, or he was about to give me the fucking of a lifetime. The one that was in front of me in that moment made me want to whimper and hide.

“[Y/N],” Justin was looking as though he wanted to approach me, staring into my eyes the best he could from the distance. I began to feel claustrophobic with the man so close to me, his breath on my mouth. “Baby, he’s trying to get to you to get to me.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Jason.” The man rolled his eyes while shaking his head. “I’m just going to give you one or two notices about this man you think is so perfect and I’ll be on my way.” The gun twirled in his hand.

I tried not to shake, I tried not to cry but I failed at both.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the drug business Jason is involved in, yes? If he hasn’t let you in on that little secret then shit, are you in for a shock.” He laughed evilly. The noise grated on me.

He turned to Jason. “Look how nervous he is, d'you think an innocent man would be looking as nervous as he is?” I sent him a glare and while I’m sure he noticed, he just smirked.

“Has he told you he has been more than aware about the death of many people in this business? Regular, innocent people?” I shook violently. More tears fell as my eyes flicked from Jason to the bastard before me.

He moved closer suddenly, I heard Jason struggling against the hold he was in. “He’s killed.” The second the whispers were presented to my ears, my breath hitched. “Many times before you, and I’m sure there’ll be many more times after you.” The feeling of him so close to me made me sick, so much that I felt myself gag. “Isn’t that right, Jason?” He turned to look at an angry Jason stood in the corner.

I hated angry Jason. He looked bad, and so much older than he actually was. His eyebrows became so much more prominent and his mouth rested on a line, I wanted to hug him and make it all go away.

But with the new information I had been given, whether it was true or not, I was reluctant. I stared at him for confirmation.

“C'mon, you can tell by the look on his face. I’ve killed too, the difference is, I admit it.” He chuckled, leaving my space and walking over to Jason.

I heard him mutter something to Jason before nodding his head towards the door after looking at the two men. He walked out as they followed.

Jason and I were left alone once more, but this time, the air was filled with guilt and sadness. “[Y/N], ba-”

“Is it true?” My voice was weak, and even that made me want to cry. I didn’t look at him as I waited for him to speak.

He was silent for what seemed like forever. I glanced up to see him nodding. I let out a sharp breath as I cried, I clutched my hand to my mouth.

I felt so many things at once. I felt betrayal because Jason had kept so much from me. I felt sickness because of how much I loved Jason and how much I didn’t really know about him.

“[Y/N], he’s done this on purpose. He knows you’re my strongest point.” He moved closer. “He’s trying to bring me down but turning you against me.” I noticed that worried look on his face again.

“Jason,” I whispered, wiping my nose. “Tell me he’s lying, tell me he’s talking shit. Please.” I wanted all of it to go away, my heart was breaking and I was instantly depending on Jason, as always, to make everything go away. But how could he make this better when he was the cause?

“..I can’t.” He sounded weak for what felt like the first time since I’d known him. “I wanted to tell you, I did. But I knew you wouldn’t react well, I promise-”

“Do you realise how selfish that is?! You wanted to tell me but you knew there’s a chance I’d leave, so you thought you’d hide the fact that you’ve killed people so you could keep a girlfriend!” I hissed at him, feeling mixed emotions towards him in that moment.

“Baby, please,” His voice broke as he looked up at me with sad eyes. Tears were in his eyes. “I was protecting you from all of it; the less you know, the better.” He was still against the wall where they left him, as though he was too scared to come near me.

“Well now I know.” I muttered. “What now?” I asked myself more than I did him.

I stared at him whilst he said nothing, he just looked at me carefully, like he was scared I was going to suddenly disappear. “I, uh, I need to go.” I headed for the door.

“N-No, please, [Y/N]. You can’t leave me. I can’t do this without you, you know that. You’re what keeps me sane, don’t leave me.” He sounded confused, as though all of this was happening out of his control and he didn’t know what to do. He tried to get in my way but he noticed how I flinched. I could practically see his heart break through his facial expressions. “No. Don’t. Please don’t be scared of me.” He seemed angry for a moment as he clenched his fists but it seemed to pass, as though he realised he had nothing to be angry at me for. “You’re hurting me.” He voice shook. He looked into my eyes that stared back helplessly.

My heart was breaking for him. But my heart was also breaking for myself and what I was having to go through all of a sudden. Everything was okay two hours ago and I was instantly wishing I had appreciated that time.

“Jason, I-I need time to think.” I wanted to scream at him and plead for him to understand. But all I could do was let out barely functioning sentences.

“I know, I get that. You’re in shock, okay? But I’m still Jason. I’m still the same person you love. I’m still the same Jason that comes home and does all that cliché shit that I hate but I do because I know it makes you happy, and that’s all I want. I want you. Happy. With me.” He was shaking at this point and I took pity on him.

My mind was already made up, no matter what he said. “I love you Jason, so much.” His face seemed to soften. “but I can’t be around you right now and I’m sorry. I’m scared, I need a break.” I quickly put on my shoes as he watched, but he didnt move; I don’t think he had the energy.

Jason had always been someone that was headstrong, he was committed and determined and so sure of everything. But seeing the state Jason was in, his body tense while he looked at me with innocent, questioning eyes, it was a first for me.

Finally feeling the fresh air on my face, I listened from the other side of the door. There was silence followed by a crash, and the smashing of glass. I stopped myself from turning back to him and taking him in my arms. I carried on walking. The sound of his pleas replayed in my mind.

Jimin Scenario: Like Match and Gasoline.

Request: Could you do a Jimin scenario based on The ark’s 빛(the light) ??

Genre: Romance 

“Lean on me, I’ll hold your hand even if the world turns its back on us”

You never knew how a love like this could feel, neither thought you’d get the chance to feel it. You always saw yourself as an ordinary girl, rather quiet, not really wanting to be a bother to anyone and that somehow made you isolate yourself in your own world, with walls so high nobody who didn’t have the needed will could climb since you’d rather stay by yourself because at the end of the day you found that everybody left, one way or another.
But that was before you met Jimin.

You had seen the good looking, outstanding and charming boy all around, but the first day you two actually talked was at the end of one of your classes. By that time your life was overwhelming you, your grades going down to no good so some of your classmates thought it would be nice to mock on you, and they did it, approaching you and making mean jokes.

You didn’t care about them, but it would be a lie to say that their words didn’t hurt you, they burned your insides but staying still in front of them with your books between your arms you didn’t show it and instead you stood your ground just glaring at them, but a voice interrupted them.

-It’s really lame to make someone else feel bad just to feel good yourself- The tone of that voice wasn’t hard neither rough, but it had an implicit warning to stop within. When you turned your head to the sound, you saw him.

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The Tale of Harecules Chapter 4: Hades’ Secret Weapon

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From that point forward, Judy was no longer just some bunny. She was a hero, the most beloved figure in all of Thebes. Merchants flocked to the city, selling merchandise by the barrel-load, and Judy, well she collected her royalties. Amphitryon and Alcmene never had to worry about making it to the market again, with Judy’s earnings easily sustaining their humble lifestyle. She built a massive home for herself in the wealthy district of Thebes, complete with a fully equipped training stadium. Finn stood by her side and managed her affairs, expertly navigating contractual agreements and her finances while Judy trained and overcame every obstacle placed in her path. And Hades, he refused to give up, sending creature after creature to try and dispose of the beloved bunny. But they couldn’t beat her. No beast, not the Nemean Lion, the gorgon, or the Cretan bull, could defeat her. As he watched Judy defeat each of his minions with ease, Hades grew angrier and more desperate, looking for any solution to his little problem.


           “No, no, no, NO!” Hades roared, upending the board of carefully constructed models, “Every single thing I send, she beats! Why can’t that bunny just roll over and die already!!” Hades glanced over his shoulder at the cowering figures of Pain and Panic.

           “Pull.” He spat out angrily. Together the two mammals launched a stone bust of Judy in the air. Hades basted it out of the sky with a bolt of blue fire and snarled again.

           “Beautiful day, isn’t it Hades.” Nick said with a smirk, waltzing up to the enraged god, “Now tell me, is this little hissy-fit because of your precious plan, or because your cheerleaders over there are wearing Judy’s merchandise?” Hades whirled around to glare at Pain and Panic, both of whom were desperately trying to hide their bunny themed sneakers. Hades stalked towards them angrily and then stopped and threw his paws in the air.

           “I don’t even know why I bother with you anymore!” He exhorted, “And you,” he said, wheeling to face Nick, “Why haven’t you done anything about our little problem?!” Nick shrugged and turned away from Hades.

           “I wasn’t aware that she was my responsibility.” He replied emotionlessly.

           “Oh c’mon Nicky!” Hades encouraged him, “Take a little initiative! Who knows, maybe one day, you’ll be able to earn your freedom.”

           “Yeah, no.” Nick said firmly, turning back to face the god, “I won’t be helping you get rid of Carrots.”

           “Carrots?!” Hades scoffed, “What is she, your little girlfriend? You’re forgetting one, eensy-weensy, little detail there fox, I OWN YOU!” He shouted, a pillar of flame erupting from his head. Nick shrugged.

           “What’s your point?”

           “What’s my point?” Hades asked, flabbergasted by the fox’s attitude, “Let’s see if this rings a bell shall we? Your girlfriend, a beautiful vixen if I may remind you, dies in a tragic accident and comes flying down to my happy little kingdom. But wait, you, the dashing savior, bravely offers to trade your soul for hers, bringing her back to life so that you could live happily ever after, except whoopsie! She runs off with another mammal, leaving you alone, helpless, and enslaved. That sound familiar?” Nick raised an eyebrow disinterestedly, showing no other reaction to Hades’ monologue. The panther let out an exasperated groan and ran a paw down his face.

           “Look, if you can find me Judy’s weakness, the key to finally crushing that little nuisance, I’ll give you what you want most in the world. Your freedom.” Nick’s eyes widened and Hades allowed himself a smile of satisfaction as he watched the fox weigh his options.

           “Are you going to kill her?” He asked quietly, refusing to make eye contact with the god of death.

           “Well, killing her would be ideal.” Hades muttered, tapping his chin thoughtfully, “But if that’s a deal breaker for you, I could just put her out of commission for a day.”

           “It’s a deal breaker.” Nick replied, still staring at the ground in shame.

           “Out of commission it is!” Hades responded exuberantly, holding out his paw, “Here, let’s shake on it.” Nick reluctantly took his paw and gave it one shake, shivering as the deal was made. He quickly retracted his paw and wiped it on his tunic in disgust.

           “Get going Nicky!” Hades sang, “We haven’t got all week!”


           “You should’ve seen it father!” Judy shouted, “That bull didn’t even stand a chance!” The statue of Zeus boomed with laughter.

           “Like father like daughter I see!” He chuckled, “You’ve done wonderfully dear! I’m so proud of you!”

           “Does that mean,” Judy began haltingly, looking at the ground shyly, “Does that mean I can join you guys in Olympus now?”

           “I’m afraid not.” The statue responded sadly, “You’ve accomplished so much, but you haven’t yet proved yourself to be a true hero.”

           “How do I prove myself then?!” Judy shouted back, her frustration boiling over, “I’ve beaten every single monster that I’ve faced, I’m a hero to all of Thebes, I’m even an action figure!”

           “Being famous doesn’t make you a true hero.” He said sternly, “Remain on your current path and I promise you will prove yourself.” With that, the statue sat back and became unmoving once more and the braziers extinguished.

           “But when?” Judy muttered angrily. Pegasus nudged her with his head and caused her to look up. He mimed holding his head up high and marching forward, causing Judy to chuckle.

           “You’re right Pegasus, I’ve just got to keep working.” She sighed. Pegasus gave her a look that clearly said, I’m always right, and then marched for the exit, Judy following in his wake. She gave one last look at the stone statue of her father before flying away on Pegasus


           “At noon we’ve got the meeting with the charioteer,” Finn began, reviewing a schedule while circling the pedestal Judy was standing on, “and then at two, we’re meeting your new image consultant, at half-past two, you’ve got to meet with those Amazons, and then at quarter to three, you’ve got to do your daily training.” Judy opened her mouth to respond, but was quickly scolded by the painter and resumed her position.

           “Finn,” She said, trying to remain as motionless as possible, “What’s the point of all this?”

           “What’s the point?!” He exclaimed, “Do you want to get to Olympus or not? Just trust me on this kid.”

           “Yeah, but—”

           “Stop moving!” The painter, a scraggly lynx, shouted. Judy jumped down from the pedestal and shrugged sheepishly at the fuming painter. He threw the vase he had been painting on the floor in disgust, turned around, and marched out of the room.

           “Sheesh, who knew artists were so temperamental?” Finn remarked.

           “Finn, how is any of this helping me become a true hero?” Judy persisted, “Nothing we’ve done so far has worked, so why should this?” Finn sighed and looked at the bunny.

           “Listen Jude, I’ve been doing this my whole life. It’s what I know. Sure, it hasn’t gotten ya to Olympus yet, but if you give it some time, eventually your moment will arrive.”

           “But when?” Judy began despairingly, “Everyone keeps telling me eventually, but— Oh no.” She sighed, her ears detecting a gathering crowd, “One of the tour groups got inside again.”

           “I thought we closed the gates.” He groaned, locking the door.

           “They must’ve climbed them again.” Judy responded, the annoyance clear in her voice.

           “Ok you know the drill.” Finn said tiredly, “Hide behind one of the curtains, I’ll lead them away and getcha once they’re gone.” Judy nodded her agreement and slipped into one of the many alcoves in the room that was covered by a curtain. Finn opened the door to find a crowd of excited mammals, eager to meet their hero.

           “Alright, c’mon,” Judy heard Finn say as he led the crowd toward away from her, “she’s just over here.” Judy was standing behind the curtain, impatiently tapping her feet and waiting for Finn to return when she heard a voice.

           “I wonder what’s behind curtain number 1?” A familiar voice asked dryly. The curtain was whipped back to reveal Nick, wearing his trademark smirk.

           “Nick, uh, Hi!” Judy said nervously, “What’re you doing here?”

           “Oh I saw that crowd sneak in here and I thought there might be a mammal in distress.” He responded, earning a giggle from the bunny, “So this is what heroes do on their days off.” He commented before flopping down on a chaise lounge and surveying the opulently decorated room.

           “Well, I don’t really have days off,” Judy corrected, “I always have to be ready to save someone.”

           “Are you telling me that you haven’t had a day off? Ever?” Nick asked, smiling lazily at the flustered bunny.

           “Huh.” She remarked, “I guess I haven’t.”

           “Well, do you think the little half-pint would go berserk if you played hooky?” Nick asked, squeezing a Finn action figure and making its eyes pop out.

           “I don’t think I should.” Judy said apologetically, “It’s just that Finn has a full schedule for me and—”

           “Carrots, it’s simple.” Nick said quickly, “We go around back, past the barbells, you lift up the back wall, and we’re out of here. Finn won’t notice us and I can finally show you Thebes.” He finished enticingly.

           “Alright.” She relented, a smile growing on her face, “Let’s go!”


           “So, what’d you think Carrots?” Nick asked, walking down the stairs into the garden.

           “That was incredible!” She responded, excitedly, “The food at the place we went to was amazing! And that play?! That Oedipus guy?! I thought I had problems!” Nick laughed and stumbled down the last few steps.

           “Ow!” He snarled as he twisted his ankle. He tried putting weight on it and immediately gasped in pain. Judy jumped down the last steps and picked him up in her arms.

           “Oh.” He said in surprise as she picked him up. She walked over to a nearby bench and deposited the fox on it before sitting down next to him.

           “Thanks for the lift Carrots.” Nick said after a moment, “So do you have any problems like this?” He asked, flicking his tail into her lap while he massaged his ankle, “Weak ankles I mean.” Judy blushed and carefully brushed off his tail.

           “Not really.” She replied.

           “Nothing?” Nick asked, sitting back up and leaning in closer, “No trick knee, no pulled muscles, no easily injured appendage?”

           “I’m fit as a fiddle.” Judy replied, flustered by the fox’s face just inches from hers. He pulled away and looked at the bunny once more.

           “You really are perfect, aren’t you Carrots?” He said in wonderment. Judy shrugged and got to her paws.

           “I wouldn’t say perfect.” She asserted, picking a rock up off the ground and skipping it in one of the reflecting pools. Nick opened his mouth to disagree, but stopped as he watched the rock smash through the center of a statue.

           “Not perfect,” He chuckled as the bunny blushed, “but as close as I’ve ever seen.”

           “Nick, you’re too kind.” Judy stammered.

           “Yeah, kind.” Nick muttered in a defeated tone, full of self-hatred.

           “What was that?” Judy asked, her keen ears detecting Nick’s mutterings.

           “Nothing.” He called, getting back to his paws and testing the one he twisted. When he found that it could hold his weight, he walked over to Judy, who was still surveying the massive hole in the statue’s chest.

           “I never liked it anyways.” Nick stated loftily, eyeing the broken piece of statuary. Judy laughed.

           “Y’know,” She began without warning, “when I was a kid, I would’ve given everything to be just like anybody else.”

           “You wanted to be a petty dishonest liar?” Nick asked dryly.

           “Mammals aren’t like that Nick.” Judy said softly.

           “Trust me.” He replied darkly, “They are.”

           “The moment you lose faith in mammality is the moment you give up Nick!” Judy exhorted. Nick sat down on the edge of the pool and chuckled.

           “I gave up years ago Judy.” He responded, “When mammals don’t trust you to begin with, you don’t have a lot to give up on.”

           “I trust you.” She said tenderly, sitting down beside him.

           “You shouldn’t.” He murmured.

           “Nick, you’re the most amazing mammal I’ev ever met! Why shouldn’t I trust you?”

           “Because when I get close to mammals, someone gets hurt.” He sighed, “And the last thing I want is for that to happen.”

           “Nick, I would never hurt you.” Judy swore, “And I know that you wouldn’t hurt me.”

           “And how do you know that?” He breathed, “I’m a fox! I’m the last mammal you should ever trust!”

           “I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” Judy said stubbornly, “Because I know that you’re a good mammal.”

           “Yeah right.” He scoffed.

           “Hey look at me!” She scolded, grabbing his muzzle and yanking his face down to hers, “Nick, you’re a good mammal. Even if you don’t believe it, I do!” Suddenly, Judy was acutely aware of the muzzle now inches from hers. Nick stared at her, his eyes wide with surprise and they both slowly leaned in, and kissed.

           “ALRIGHT BREAK IT UP!” Finn screamed, a burning white light shining down on the two mammals from the lantern atop Pegasus’ head. Nick and Judy jerked away from each other in embarrassment and Finn landed Pegasus right next to Judy.

           “I can’t believe you!” He shouted, “You’re gonna to get on that horse and train until you can’t walk! Let alone have a night out on the town with little Nicky over there!”

           “Who you calling little, squirt?” Nick snarked, blowing out the lantern on Pegasus’ head. Both Finn and Pegasus fixed Nick with death glares.

           “Could you give us a second, guys?” Judy asked timidly. Finn stormed off and Pegasus snorted angrily before following.

           “Thanks for the day Nick.” Judy said, playing with her ears nervously, “It was the most fun I’ve had in a while.” Judy jumped up in the air and grabbed a flower blossom from a tree above.

           “I’ll see you around.” She said with a smile, handing the bloom to Nick. Nick stared at the flower in surprise, quickly returning his gaze to Judy, who was already on Pegasus. She gave him one last smile before Pegasus took off and flew away.


           Judy kept staring dreamily back at Nick from Pegasus’ back as they flew, making Finn even angrier.

           “Keep your goo-goo eyes on the road!” He shouted angrily, climbing onto her shoulders and swiveling her head so it was facing forward. Immediately after doing so, he was hit by a low hanging branch and went flying off the horse.


           Nick stared at the flower in wonderment, sighing as he remembered his day with Judy.

           “Oh no.” He realized, “No Nick, that’s a no go.” He tried to toss the flower into the pool, but his paw wouldn’t let go of it.

           “Not again.” He groaned, “And a bunny?! I can’t fall in love with a bunny can I?!” He sat back down on the lip of the pool and buried his face in his paws.

           “I thought that I had learned my lesson.” He muttered, “You’re in love, you’re happy, and then suddenly, she leaves and your heart is ripped out! I just, I can’t do it again!” He got back to his paws and started pacing back and forth.

           “But she wouldn’t do that. I know she wouldn’t. She’s a good mammal. But she’s a bunny. Foxes mate for life, do bunnies? Would she leave me for some other mammal?” He rambled while he paced.

           “No, I’m not in love.” He tried to convince himself, “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.” Nick continued trying to convince himself, but deep down, he knew it was no use. He had fallen in love with a bunny! And not just any bunny, the very bunny Hades wanted gone!

           “This is not good.” He moaned, burying his head in his paws. He jerked his head up at a sudden crackling noise and watched as Hades melted his way through one of the statues.

           “What’s not good?” He asked with a sinister smile. Nick blanched.

           “She doesn’t have any weaknesses!” He said quickly, trying to hide his feelings from the god. Hades frowned.

           “Are you sure? Everyone’s got a weakness.” He persisted, “You didn’t notice anything? She didn’t tell you anything?” Nick shook his head.

           “Plan B then.” Hades said cheerfully, “You take care of her.”

           “No.” Nick said quietly.

           “I’m sorry, what was that Nicky?” Hades asked dangerously.

           “I said no.” He stated louder, “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

           “Well, I’m making it part of the deal.” Hades retorted angrily, “Because I’m the one in charge!”

           “I don’t care!” Nick shouted, his composure breaking for the first time in years, “You can do whatever you want to me! I am not hurting Judy!”

           “You don’t love her? Do you?” Hades asked, flabbergasted, “Nicky, come on! She’s just going to use you then throw you out like a piece of garbage when she’s done!”

           “Like you treat me so well!” Nick snarled back, “And she would never! She’s kind and compassionate and good—”

           “She’s a prey.” Hades interrupted incredulously, “I can’t believe this! Even you refuse to get rid of the little rat! I guess I’ll just have to take care of her myself!” Nick smirked as he stared down the panther.

           “You can try.” He said smugly, “But she has no weaknesses. You can’t beat her.” Hades face twisted in anger and then he noticed the flower in Nick’s paw.

           “Actually, Nicky,” He began, looking meaningfully at the flower, “I think she may just have a weakness after all.” Nick felt his heart plummet in his chest as Hades realized what the flower meant.

           “Now, I believe I need to remind you of how our little arrangement works.” Hades began, resting his paw on Nick’s shoulder, “I say I want the bunny’s head on a platter, you say?”

           “Medium or well-done.” Nick replied in defeat.


           Finn woke up in the bushes and rubbed the lump on his head.

           “I’m gonna have her running laps until I die.” He muttered darkly, stumbling to his paws. He walked through the bushes and saw Nick talking to an unfamiliar black panther. He stole closer just in time to hear their last few sentences.

           “Oh no.” He murmured, “This is going to kill her.”


           “Now come along Nicky,” Hades crowed, “I’ve got an apocalypse to start.”

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next one will be out whenever i get to it :)

anonymous asked:

Can I get a super fluffy scenario with William and his s/o with their child? Thank you ^.^

William would be such a great father and nobody can convince me otherwise.

“Tomorrow is the last friday of the month, therefore in the Management Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch will be an important meeting including the highest ranked grim reapers which includes me as well. It is really valid for me to be there and actively participate in the meeting since one of the subjects we will be talking about is the amount of documents every one of us is responsible for, as well as the right to have the paternity leave which should interest you at least moderately. That is why I need you to do me a favor and sleep now, since at that moment I have only four hours of rest left.”

The bright eyes of an almost-one-year-old baby sitting on the bed were placed at the serious expression of his father with a complete incomprehension written on the chubby face. You had to cover your mouth with a hand to hide the smile which creeped up your lips when listening to how William was trying to make his precious daughter fall asleep.

Well, at least she has stopped crying.

William adjusted the collar of his pajamas and just when he was going to say something more, the child reached toward him and grabbed his glasses taking if off the nose with a clumsy manner. You heard him sigh deeply right before he rubbed his temple.

“I don’t think she understood you,” you suggested amusedly.

“Of course she did,” William answered immediatelly, taking back his property form his firstborn who was now checking if the glasses could be eaten. “She just doesn’t want to go to sleep now.”

You rolled your eyes but decided to not argue with him right now. Not when you were so tired, you almost couldn’t stop constantly yawning.

“Go to bed,” he said, not turning around to look at you and wiping his glasses off the saliva. “I will join you in few minutes. I will persuade with her and soon she will be sleeping like an angel.”

Normally, you would prefer to stay with them, but it was one of the many, many sleepless nights and the only thing you could think about was your warm bed. When you finally layed down, you could almost feel as all of the troubles of today has been slowly escaping from your mind and body, pleasant calmness and quietness embracing you, dragging you down into the peaceful dream.

But then you felt William joining you by your side, suspiciously slowly and silently, almost as if he really didn’t want to wake you up, not even by the rustle of the bedsheet. You had to admit, he was pretty good at it and if you wouldn’t notice the small, tiny detail you probably wouldn’t wholly woke up. But your eyes opened before he could blow off the candle on the nightstand and they proved you weren’t wrong – he was holding something in the arms.

Little bundle of soft blankets showed only a tip of baby’s head resting on William’s chest. She was sleeping, holding a fist of his pajamas when the grim reaper stared at you, at first visibly surprised that you weren’t sleeping yet. Then, he cleared his throat and not waiting for you to say something, layed on the back, letting the child to sleep on top of him.

“Are you doing this often?” you asked, looking at these two as if it was the cutest view you have ever seen.

“Only when she can’t sleep.” William avoided your gaze and covered himself and his doughter with a duvet.

“So that’s what your ‘persuasion’ means, huh?” you poked him in the arm.

“I told you than soon she’ll be sleeping like an angel, didn’t I?” He blowed off the candle and the darkness overwhelmed the bedroom. “Goodnight.”

You felt his free hand move slightly and in the next second he was holding yours tightly. Laying back, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself and rest your head on his shoulder.

“Sleep well.”

I’ll Fix Your Broken Heart - Part 2

Jungkook X Reader
Anonymous said:
Can I request a scenario where your boyfriend breaks out with you and your best friend, Jungkook, who has a crush on you confess his feelings?

A/N: It might be a while until I post the next part, I still have a hell of a lot of requests to do xD Thank for being patient with me! ^^

Genre: Mostly fluff / A smidgen of Angst

“Yes of course! I’ll be right there! Hold tight y/n!” Click- with that, he hung up the phone. You parked the car on the driveway and dragged yourself inside the house, hanging your head low as you tried to hold back your tears. You kicked off your shoes and plopped down onto the couch, not caring about the fact that your makeup was running. You just felt like crawling into a hole and dying. “That idiot. I didn’t make him happy? What’s that supposed to mean…” You muffled into a pillow. Someone entered the house, but you didn’t bother to look up to see who.
“You should really lock your door y/n, what if someone kidnapped you?” He puffed out. He walked in and saw you sitting on the couch. You looked up at him and he froze. “Jungkooooookkkkk” you sniffled as you stood up, running over to him to hug him. He welcomed your hug with a warm embrace. He hated seeing you like this. He’s been through it more than once. And it doesn’t help that he has had the biggest crush on you since 7th grade. You always ran to his side, just like this. Giving him a hug that he will never forget. Not because he can’t, but that he doesn’t want too. Sadly, the only time he got to hold you in his arms like this, was whenever you broke up with one of your boyfriends.

This had almost become a routine by now. Him helping you with your break up, being there until you felt better, deciding on whether or not he should confess to you and then when he had the chance, you would tell him that you found someone else, and he would watch you fall in love all over again, not bothering with the feeling of how much it hurt him on the inside. He could only try to have a decent smile and say “I’m happy for you”

“What happened?” He asked, cradling your head in his broad chest.
“He said I didn’t make him happy” you sniffled, nuzzling your head into him.
He knew he shouldn’t be thinking this way, especially since you had just gone through a break up, but you were so cute like this. He wished he could hug you forever.
On the inside, his heart and his brain were yelling at him to confess to you, before he loses you again. He would treat you right.
He learned from your break ups. He knew what you liked and what you disliked. And he promised himself that he would never do anything that you didn’t appreciate.

“He’s just stupid, okay? He didn’t realize the amazing girlfriend that he had… If it was me… I would never let you go. You make me feel like the happiest person alive..” He smiled gently and you looked up at him with wonder. You never really appreciated Jungkook’s figure. You saw him as your best friend. You knew he was handsome and that girls were all over him, but you never saw how genuinely structured he was. He had muscle, he was fit. He took care of his face and hair well and seemed to have had good hygiene. He caught your stare and awkwardly tried to look away, only to have his gaze fall back on you after taking a look around the house. He was blushing a rosy pink colour.

“W-what? Do I have something on my face?” He asks fervently, trying not to fall more in love with your gaze. You shook your head and hugged him, “Thank you Jungkook.. I feel bad for making you come over. Especially this late… and it was just because I broke up with Soo Hyuk…”
“That’s nonsense! I’ll be here whenever you need me, whether it’s at midnight, or while I’m at work, or even early in the morning. I don’t care, as long as you’ll be okay” he smiled. You smiled back before checking the time.

12:30 a.m
“Hey, want to spend the night? Or… Morning?” You let out a chuckle, “it’s too late for you to go back, you can head to work from here, I can drive you”
He tried to hide the huge grin on his face, trying to seem like he didn’t want to stay, but he couldn’t. This was a precious moment that he would probably never forget.
“Okay, where should I sleep?”
“Well, you can sleep on the couch, but it’s messy, or… you could sleep with me”
“A-Are you asking me-?”
“What?” You asked, a confused expression on your face. How could you be so oblivious as to ask him to share a bed with you and not have any intentions? He didn’t know if he would be able to stop himself from doing anything.
“Fine. I’ll sleep with you… N-Not because I want too or anything… But because it isn’t comfortable to sleep on the couch…” He shyly looked away
“Okay, whatever you say” you smile

~Admin Luna