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wanna chat? pt.25

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alright!!! so this chapter is a little special. its a contest!!!!

for literally no reason at all, i decided to have a little fun with this chapter. in this chapter, there are a bunch of pop song references. the majority are from the early 2000s (before 2010, tho there may be one or two from 2011 or 12) and one is from the 90s. whoever can list the most references wins a drabble/short fic of their choice from me!

to enter, submit a list of all the songs that were referenced in this chapter (or the ones you could find!!)

shoot me an ask if you have any questions~!

mental support = nino, ebony = alya, draco = adrien, vampire = alya

i hope you enjoy!


mental support: a reminder that i hate all of you

ebony dark’ness dementia raven way: u love u s

mental support: i can t believe you just made me listen to all of that
what the fuck

draco malfoy: Now You Know

mental support: i wish i didnt

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wanna one tag ><
wanna one tag ><

i was tagged by @alliwannado-w1,, ily and i’m sorry you have to hear this lol

i’m cRYinG my voice is so cringy i–i’m really sorry btw i can’t pronounce AnYtHiNG for the life of me afhwkahfa forgive me

this took me T H R E E minutes bc i kept stopping i’m

  1. State your name and username
  2. Who is your bias in Wanna One
  3. Who is your bias wrecker
  4. How long have you been a fan
  5. Favourite song
  6. Say all the member’s name
  7. Fave otp
  8. Member you think has the best smile
  9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang

eep idk how many of my mutuals listen to wanna one afhwakfh @wannabl@little-sundays @pinksausageduo

Bias Selfie Tag

i was tagged by @nctimagery n @chenlays :))) ily both 

yeeks i just used the last photo of myself and i’m c r y i n g i look so wEiRd

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So I was trolling a name meaning website like the cliche that I am and guess what I found out???? Mustafa means chosen one.  

Mustafa means The Chosen One. 

I … 

I am having too many emotions right now to handle. 

name: rae
birthday: nov 19. i’m gonna be 25 in sixteen days, murder me pls.
gender: cis female
orientation: idk. i like guys and gals and kinda lean towards graysexual??? i’ve stopped trying to label it years ago. i don’t really want/need a label. 
age: 24
face claim: it’ll constantly change when i get bored bc i have so many icons. spider-gwen/gwen stacy, vaas montenegro, chris pratt, armie hammer, paul rudd, jake johnson, aubrey plaza. 

favorite soda: sprite
favorite candy: i don’t really care for candy. i’m not really sure which one i really like the best??
favorite pizza: jalapenos
favorite salad dressing: italian
favorite meal: pancakes and biscuits from cracker barrel fite me

best memory: ending up being the thumbnail for an article for the best new york comic con cosplays of 2016. honestly i had a lot of good memories from nycc16. i met my favourite artist from dc bombshells, she wanted a picture with me and follows me on instagram. i met the whole team of spider-gwen, i’m on their artist’s instagram. i met my friend trevor there. honestly that whole con last year is my fav thing in the world.
best relative: my parents, grandmother, and @unbreakbl
best celebrity: don’T DO THAT TO ME. my top three are forever aubrey plaza, michael mando, and chris pratt

one random fact about you: i’m trying to get known for my cosplay! i’m really not that known at all, i’ve only got 700 followers on instagram. but slowly getting there.
one random fact about your day: i’ve only been up for an hour lmao
one random fact about your job/school: sears is ( jean ralphio voice) the wOOOoOOOOoooOOOOOooOoORST 
one random fact about your favorite tv show: it is ( chris traeger voice ) LITERALLY the best show ever
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: i was better at sewing and understood armor making better.

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dustinsteves  asked:

for the ask meme: the world, the chariot, and the emperor :)

THE WORLD: do you like waking up early?
i love waking up early if i don’t have something to wake up early for. as soon as it’s because of an obligation, i would rather welcome death.

THE CHARIOT: thoughts on astrology?
load of BS, but will that stop me from reading everything? nope.

THE EMPEROR: what are some names that you like?
i actually have a list of girl names i love on my phone. some of them are: bryony, waverly, arlo, arden, rowan, remi, there’s so many.

pls ask me one

Kaisoo antis are always speaking for kaisoo like they know them personally and have grown up with them their whole lives like:

“they arent dating! Youre delusional! Stop fetishizing them for your fantasies!!!11”

Point 1: You dont know them any more than we do. You only know what they tell you and reveal, and if you really think idols tell/show you every single thing about themselves honestly, then YOU’RE the delusional one. There is a great possibilty that homosexual idols would date other homosexual idols in the same group. Dont call us delusional just because we choose to look at things from a different perspective.

Point 2: I honestly dont know any kaisoo shippers who ship “because of their fantasies.” Please understand that it is Jongin and Kyungsoo THEMSELVES who make up kaisoo. They are kaisoo with or without the shippers…shippers just notice their behavior and celebrate it. There’s absolutely noting wrong with that, especially considering that they both even know their ship name and have no problem with it.

So lets stop the madness, pls. :) A lot of yall try to come across as these social justice “i just want to support my bias” type of ppl when in reality you just cant stand the thought of your bias not being straight…because it ruins YOUR fantasy. Seriously a lot of the stuff kaisoo antis do is sooo revealing.

Like, for example, when so many shippers stopped publically shipping kaisoo after kaistal was confirmed. Yall said yall just wanted to “be a good fan” and “support them” and blamed leaving on “all the horrible shippers”. But these “horrible shippers” have always been around..if you really think theyre just friends only, youd have no probs shipping them after the dating confirmation. Unless…:)

Like…as Ive always said. Ship what you want. Or dont ship at all. But quit coming for people just cuz they have a different perspective. Just worry about yourself and you do you.

don't mind me just quietly gathering evidence for my reflective-kwami theory

theory is thusly: kwami change personalities based on who their humans are.


  • Tikki is so supportive
  • Marinette specifically needs that support
  • can u imagine if she’d gotten a kwami like Plagg????? she’d have cried
  • she almost cried anyway poor beb
  • but yeah Tikki is able to both encourage Marinette when she’s down and scold Marinette when she oversteps her bounds (for abusing lucky charm, for resORTING TO STEALING SO OFTEN, MARINETTE, PLS STOP STEALING PHONES)
  • also how many times has Tikki almost been caught in public
  • how many centuries has she been doing this
  • shouldn’t she have a little more awareness how to keep under the radar by now
  • the answer is she picked up Marinette’s clumsiness okay I am SO CONVINCED
  • ps Tikki refers to Marinette by! name! this will be relevant later I promise


  • these two are my fav okay look
  • exhibit a: chat noir is the sassiest li'l twerp and I don’t think that’s Plagg at all, I’m 99% sure that’s all Adrien letting loose
  • basically Plagg reflects Adrien’s dissatisfaction/quietly rebellious nature (coughs @ origins)
  • but also a bit of idealization here like Adrien totally wants to be a smooth talkin’ but snarky and charismatic guy but Lowkey Anxiety Is Real
  • Plagg gets to be as selfish and snarky as Adrien wishes he could be okay
  • also please consider Plagg’s obsession with food in origins. (#letadrieneat2k16!!!!!!)
  • ps Plagg calls Adrien by name too!


  • this meeeeeans that while Marinette and Adrien view their kwami as mentors/equals, the adults treat their kwami pretty darn close to servants tbh. (Fu is just much more benevolent than Hawkmoth!)

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Mike x Richie and bev pls you don't have to tho

honestly idk any of the ship names someone help

- “Can you two stop making so many sex jokes?” - Mike, probably

- Richie has to hold both of their hands at the same time because he is so clingy, oh my goodness.

- Any time Mike and Bev kiss, Richie has to get kissed too, it’s just the rules

- Richie and Bev were together first, then Mike later on. Sometimes he feels inadequate or like they don’t love him as much. It leads to three hours of just them telling him they absolutely adore him

- They go on dates to the park and Mike kind of hates that Bev and Richie smoke. He hates the way it smells and makes them taste

- Every weekend, Richie and Bev spend the night at Mike’s

- (And Mike cooks for them and it’s incredible)

hello tumblr.

hello, my name is nelli and i have no idea what i’m doing with my life. i don’t know either, what i’m doing here, in tumblr. my english sucks, and the reason for it is basically that i live in finland (yep, i live where the santa claus lives. cool, huh?). but yeah idk if anybody reads this, but what ever… if someone is reading this and want to get to know me more, pls tell me cuz i love writing boring and meaningless texts like this. omg i have written my first “post” yaaaayyy!! xoxo nelli !! …. ps. sorry about the spelling mistakes… i am trying my best:Dd 

Monster Name
  • Dinah: what would be your monster name? hOW BOUT WE DO EACH OTHER??
  • 4/5: *talk over each other*
  • Camila, three seconds later: *thinking face*
  • 4/5: *continue talking*
  • Camila: *giggles to herself*
  • Camila: I have a really fun one :)
  • Ally: Mani, you'd be.. you'd be...
  • Dinah @ Mani: did you tell her what to say? *laughs*
  • Camila (most likely): *ally omg hurry tf up pls :)*
  • Ally: you'd be mrs ... Ponytail
  • 3/5: *judging ally*
  • Camila, can't hold it anymore and interrupts them: Lauren would be 'Lamp' *smiles proudly*
  • *silence*
  • Lauren: I'm Lamp *proud gesture*
  • Dinah: *loses her shit and starts laughing*
  • Ally: *nods and smiles*
  • Normani: *doesnt get it*
  • Camila: because Lauren + vamp.. vampire :D
  • Normani: oohh.. Lamp
  • Lauren: that's my, that's my monster name, Lamp :))
  • Dinah: *too funny can't stop laughing*
  • Camila: *smiles*
  • Lauren: that's so scary! *laughs*
  • Ally, Mani, Dinah: *laughing*
  • Lauren: I'd walk into a room "IM LAMP!"
  • Camila: "IM LAMP"
  • All: *laugh*

Can everyone chill the fuck out about topp dogg already.
They continuously promote because they’re trying to get their name out there, they caught the public’s attention with amadeus so instead of taking a break they’re trying to keep from being forgotten and make a mark.
so chill the fuck out, I’m getting tired of seeing so many posts about it. Support them instead and wait for the comeback, stop shitting on the company when they’re just doing their job.

(sorry for the bad selfie but it’s the okt one I’ve got rn whoops) I’ve submitted a few times and Always met really cool ppl! So why not again. My names Larrah I’m 16 and I live in the US I love neck deep, knuckle puck, state champs, brand new, citizen, AND also love me some Lana del Rey, Bombay bicycle club, and so many more trust me. The x files is My life rn so alien talk hmu My Tumblr is
Or ya know just ghostxfever c:
All the other info is on there so pls stop by and see if my content is nice 4 ur blog and personality is something you wanna talk to! Have a great day lovelies 💓

“if i were a pop culture pagan i’d worship the Joker and Harley Quinn”

happy birthday jeon jungkook
first thing’s first, pls stop growing at such a scary rate im genuinely shocked at how fast u grow u are a baby for gods sake
thank u for being able to persevere through a harsh idol’s life despite being so young u have definitely inspired many of us here to start dreaming at a young age and i hope u know how proud we are of u
also, thank u for being so talented in so many ways well i guess u r named goldenmaknae for a reason ur talent for singing and dancing and even rapping blown all of us off and we can never be more proud of our maknae
pls show ur hyungs more respect nah im just kidding i love how u maintain such a close relationship with them despite the age gap and ill forever be thankful for the other members for taking care of u
last but definitely not the least, thank u for caring and showing so much love for us!! back during the 100th day celebration u cried about not knowing how to express ur love for fans im so happy that u r able to overcome that problem and love us more everyday we love u too and we really appreciate all the sleepless nights u spent practicing and effort u put into making us happy.
have a gr88 18th birthday jeon
armys will love u forever
p.s stop ruining us even more what have we ever done towards u i need an answer