stop hating

Stop all this bullshit.
You can’t hate her just because she is not a latina.
Maggie Sawyer, the character she plays on Supergirl, described herself as a “non-white, non-straight girl” and guess what, she actually is not white, even if she’s not a latina.
Actors don’t always play characters that are exactly like them…‘cause, you know, they’re a c t i n g, it’s supposed to be like that.
Maggie is a lesbian too, but Floriana isn’t.
Alex is a lesbian, but Chyler isn’t.
They are just acting, it’s their job.
And honestly, they are amazing.
Floriana Lima is an amazing actress and Maggie Sawyer is an amazing character.
Just get over it and stop being stupid.
(And remember that Chyler chose her, saying thay she was the only who could ever play Maggie)

P.S. You are watching a tv show that stands against any kind of discrimination, remember this next time you decide to be assholes.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I am so sick of reading all the comments on the new of mice & men music video for unbreakable . Please stop and give the band a fucking chance to prove that they can succeed without Austin and make him proud . Like please its not just Austin thats in om&m . Just give Phil ,Valentino ,Alan and especially Aaron a chance . Aarons an amazing singer and bass player and he doesn’t deserve to be compared to Austin . They are both great . If you are giving up on om&m cause Austin’s departure then it seems like you were only there for Austin in the first place . Like those posts all over tumblr its not pierce the Vic its not sleeping with kellin etc. and it is not OF MICE & AUSTIN.
Please .

I have nothing against Austin i love him but i want people to give the band a chance . on the other hand there is alot of support iswell and it makes me happy so if you like the new song please reblog or like this :).

If your goal is to better yourself then better yourself. Don’t worry about what people are saying, what jokes they are cracking, and what they think. Focus on improving your life for you and your loved ones. That matters more than what a few haters think.


Dear Anon

To the person who keeps sending me asks on anon telling me my writing is terrible and I should stop and kill myself, thank you for sharing your opinion no one asked for. I don’t respond to that stuff because those messages are petty and pathetic and if you want to state your opinion of me have the decency to not be on anonymous and pm yourself instead of hiding like a troll. But you’re entitled to you’re opinion in saying you don’t like my writing but stop reading if you don’t like it. It’s that simple. Now I’m going to bed. Goodnight and I love you guys.


Stop including your anti posts in ship tags.

Nobody is forcing you to watch the damn show. If you don’t like the pairings or the direction of the show, stop watching it.

Spend your time writing fanfiction on pairings you like instead your time and energy on hating and shitting on everyone else who’s just trying to enjoy the fucking show.

Shadowhunter ships

I started watching Sh like yesterday and am in s2 now lel :D
And I know nobody cares but here are my ships :’D

-Malec (OTP) /gay side/ omg its just too cute ;w; And sexy e.e
-Clalec (BROTP) yes i do ship it as au and I want them so hard to be best buddies ;w; the actors got such a lovely chemistry going on and a lot more than between Jace and Clary..
-Climon (OTP) /hetero side/ I knoooow that the show wants us to ship clace but NO NO TY I love this 2 nerds together and Im always in love with childhood friends ships but they become rarely never canon ;w;
-Clizzy This is just soo cool its totally like sista from anotha mista thingy going on here and love it <3 they work so good together
-Saphael?? (dunno the ship name atm sry) hawt. e.e

Those are like my favorites.. So FIGHT ME IF YOU WANNA BE A DOUCHE u.u I mean honestly hating on ships is NOT ok for fucks sake. :c

And as you can see im not a fan of Jace like completly no I just dont like him okay? and Clace is ugh for me e.e I dont like it but every shipper of it have fun :D

Just see the film first!

Ghost in the Shell was amazing - stunning visuals, true to the anime, BADASS, super dark but heartening. It truly is a thought provoking movie with great chemistry between characters.

They make the Major being white work in the story since it was her brain and mind that was uploaded to a Western inspired design, which isn’t at all an unexpected move from a culture that is attracted to western looks.

There was a strong Japanese and multicultural background to this film and although there were some plot holes here and there it was SUPER GOOD!! 💪 MUCH more enpowering than Beauty and the Beast for us women! 👊👊💣

Also Scarjo never fails to truly embody her character externally and internally - it was very believable and her performance was damn powerful! This is the reason we need a Black Widow movie !