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So, my country, Montenegro, for the first time has a homosexual contestant in Eurovision, and even though the dislikes on the video on youtube are insane, I’m still incredibly proud. For a small country like that, that sadly, has a lot of homophobic citizens, it’s an incredibly big step to send someone homosexual to represent our country. I hope, and I will hope for the rest of my life that one day there will be no argument about this, that people would accept others the way that they are and the way that they are proud to be. Discrimination against anyone who goes out of the “norms” is a problem and people need education on the matter. This world can be a better and less hateful place if we all just understood that everyone is different, unique, and that’s what makes us interesting and beautiful.

If you’re gay and you hate straights, you are making gay people look bad.
If you’re trans and hate cishets, you are making transgender people look bad.
If you’re black and hate white people, you are making black people look bad.
If you’re a woman and hate men, you are making women look bad.

Stop. Making. Your. Own. People. Look. Bad.

((Feel free to add on to this, I probably missed some))

why the hell are people getting so upset about people shipping certain ships? guess what? PEOPLE DON’T CARE WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE WHAT THEY SHIP!!!! stop being an ass and harassing and attacking people for shipping what they want. there is no logical reason to do so. there is a flaw in every ship and there will always be someone that ships a ship you don’t like. so i don’t understand why people feel the need to put in time to bash fans and a ship just because it’s not your ship. just let people ship what they want. it literally costs you nothing to be a decent person and leave a source of joy for someone unblemished and free of your cruelty.

My opinion on the true message 13 reasons why is attempting to convey.

So recently on tumblr i came across this post where a person was suggesting 13rw almost glorifies suicide, mentioning, that hannahs story is solemnly based on vengeance, allowing suffering viewers to gain an idea that by blaming everyone else, this horrible act is somewhat acceptable. By showing graphic scenes, and apparently irrelevant contributions to mental heath, the show is not sticking to ‘guidelines’ and is letting people perceive suicide without the real depth it truly holds.
although i am wary of what this person is trying to elicit to its followers and fellow viewers, i ask you to please hear me out on why i disagree.
13 reasons why, confronting as it is, showcases Complexity, resentment and, deceitfulness in a range of issues. This show is here to show you BEYOND the tapes.
You can watch this show, and suggest, her tapes are purely out of vengeance, to implement guilt and black aura in their lives, as they did to hers.
You can watch the show, and believe the tapes were a way to help someone else. To allow them to recognise that these behavioural offences are not okay and her life ended because of it.
Or, You can watch the show and believe these tapes aren’t even the sole purpose. Perhaps its the action that is most important. Perhaps its the reflection and the way this situation is dealt. This show is real. Whether you like it or not, This shit happens. And this show was not created to trigger people, but was created to send a message. We cant keep buttering issues as such, just because its confronting, or its overwhelming or doesnt live up to standards. This unfortunate issue is the truth. if this did happen to you, or a person of significance in your life, are you going to follow hannahs foot steps? Or are you going to find a way to prevent the problem, and bring others out of suffering.
THATS what the creators and cast are trying to do, and its our job to prove that we are more than this depiction of REALITY.

My heart really does go out to all those involved with these dilemmas, mental issues, and suicidal thoughts. i hope they take the chance to percieve the show, and their life, in a greater light.

pls enjoy my rant about how i am sick of people treating others like shit in this fandom!!

i love this fandom, and i love the outsiders. but what i DON’T like is how rude people are. i have seen so many people get bullied bc of someone they ship or don’t ship. if they don’t ship jally, big fucking deal. if they don’t ship stevepop, well WHOOP DEE DOOO. you realize everyone is entitled to their own damn opinion right? and just because it might not be the same as yours doesn’t give you a right to make them feel like shit. if you don’t like their writing, don’t fucking tell them that they suck!! (which btw, everyones writing on here is fucking amazing.) each and every person in this fandom who writes imagines, ships, headcannons ect works extremely hard and for you to say they do a bad job is just straight up fucking wrong. grow the fucK up and stop treating eachother like shit. this fandom should love and support eachother no matter what. I don’t care who you fucking ship, you go dude. ship who you want. write your imagines how you want. post those headcannons about what you think ponyboy does at 3am. but DON’T bring someone else down bc their beliefs are different than yours, bc if you do that. you don’t deserve to be in this fandom. I don’t care how harsh that sounds. stop bitching and start realizing what you say hurts others. grow the fuck up and start supporting eachother instead of bringing eachother down. ok? ok. thank u.

Dear fandoms,

Please remember that fandom is, first and foremost, a place to celebrate a piece of fiction. We are here because we love something - a book, movie, game, series - and want to let each other know about it, share it with everyone.

So please, please stop shaming other people for shipping something you do not.

Are some ships more canon than the others? Yes. Does that mean that other ships are not valid? No.

You are allowed to ship whatever you like. The thing you are not allowed to do, though, is to question other ships for no other reason than feeling superior to them.

Are all ships equal, then? Again, no. For example, straight ships are usually more accepted and more present than queer ships, and when straight ship needs sometimes no more than five seconds of characters looking at each other to be commonly considered as canon, queer ship could be denied even after the couple has proven their devotion to each other. There could be many reasons to that. Gay ships are not about “seeing everything as gay.” Straigh ships are not about “making everyone straight.”

If someone has devoted their time to some ship, gush about how much they love it - you have no right to take that happiness away from them, no matter if their ship is canon or not. Shipping is a preference. “I didn’t choose the ship, the ship chose me” - how many times have we heard that? And yet, there are still pointless shipping wars in some fandoms.

So, let’s agree to disagree. Let’s talk about it. Let’s debate using arguments, not slurs. Let’s accept each other’s preferences.

Shipping community is small as is it. Let’s not divide it any more.

Stop being an anti and start celebrating a fandom.


A comic book anthology to benefit the survivors, victims and families of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. The names of the victims are memorialized, DC Comics and countless others granted license to use popular action heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, the stories are all inspired by the tragic events; It’s a wonderful little book brimming with hope and compassion, where artists, both gay and straight, responded to terror with one unifying message: NO

Link to Amazon *retails for about $10

Can we just say LOVE TO ALL SWEET BBYS. I am sooo fucking sick and tied of all this fucking hate. They are all fantastic actors and they portray their characters beautifuly but people need to stop hating and just enjoy the beauty.
—  Me about all the hate and bullying in ships and fandoms and life in general.
To EreRi haters ...

Hello tumblr!
You know what, I tried, I really did, but enough is enough, and I just can’t keep my eyes closed for any longer, not even mentioning that it’s already long enough. 

I’d like to have a little speech to every single person who would read this until the end, and you can bet that it’s going to be really long post, because what’s happening and what are you guys saying is unbeliveable and pitiful.

I am an EreRi shiper, Levi roleplayer, fanfic writer - so maybe it sounds rude but I’d say about myself that I quiet understand Levi’s character, since I am roleplaying him for aprox. 3 years. Say whatever you want, I am just gonna say what I think. I think that the philosophy of Levi-sees-Eren-as-a-weapon is wrong, and not just wrong but in my eyes it’s just really stupid.

Are any of you haters reading manga? Not doujinshis in which Levi can be portrayed as an abusive, sadistic character, because that’s just up to the doujinka, but I mean the rall manga, the official thing written by Hajime Isayama? If you do, then may you be so kind and explain to me why you find Levi abusive?

Because he beaten Eren (which I’d say was an order from Erwin, but hey, that’s just my opinion) - and because of that he saves his body from being completly dissect by military police? If it’s abusive to save someone’s life then he is one of hell abuser!

And if we won’t think about the court scene, where are others scene when he was abusive towards Eren? I am sorry but I just can’t seem to remember any other. But I remember scenes where Levi saves Eren lifes or helps him. Let me give you some examples chronologically.

! Spoilers included !

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 13 - Levi saves Eren, Armin and Mikasa from a titan 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 14 - Levi beats Eren and saves him from military police, on top of that he asks Eren if he “hates him?” -> non official: I can’t help myself but this is shown act of care, more likely Levi feels guilty because of something he didn’t want to do, that’s why I think that beating Eren was Erwin’s order. 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 19 - Levi speaks to Eren calmly to motivate him and give him some courage to make his decision which he won’t regret. 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 22 - Levi saves Eren (and before that Mikasa) from Annie’s mouth, even though he loves cleanliness he holds his body covere in Female type’s saliva 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode episode 25 - Levi saves Eren from his mindless raging titan body. 

There are from the anime, in manga is a plenty of them, but I’d like to give you 3 greatest proofs that Levi cares for Eren,

Shingeki no kyojin manga chapter 66 page 42 (on - Levi apologizes to Eren, when Eren is supposed to make another big decision this time about shifting into titan and saves his friends and Captain Levi from Reiss’s crystal chapel. 

Shingeki no kyojin manga chapter 70 page 16 (on - Eren starts to bleed from his nose, he’s exhausted from using his titan powers. Levi kneels to him and hands him a handkerchief to wipe his nose.

Shingeki no kyojin chapter 75 page 17 - Levi is told (by Erwin) to look after the horses, on which he replies almost angrily if Erwin really mean it to look after horses and  not Eren -> non official: Well if he’s not worried for Eren right now, then I really don’t know.

-> These are only a few proofs which really happened in the manga, and manga is not over yet, so some other may also happen. Now I would like to hear at least 8 scenes where Levi was abusive to Eren, because I can think about only one - which in my opinion wasn’t by his will. So please give me examples when he was sadistic etc by his will, official examples pretty please, since I gave them to you.

-> Also I am not saying that they have to have romantic relationship and have sex with each other, but please stop calling Levi abusive and sadistic and if you do, then have at least 3 examples, because one scene is really not much of a proof. Levi cares for Eren, and if you don’t think so then give me proofs.

Another thing  about which a lot of people are complaining about is that Eren is scared of Levi because he kicked his ass during the court.
*sigh* Does “admiration” means anything to you? Look it up in dictionary pretty please. When you admire someone, like a really lot (and that Eren admires Levi is official btw) of course you’re a little scared of theirs opinion because you want to make an impression on them. Think about it and try to tell me that you won’t be nervous and a bit afraid when you will be about talking to person you admire the most.

Again are you readin the manga? If you do, then be so kind and tell me in which scene (in manga or up to 14 episode) Eren looks like he is afraid of Levi. Because well I probably missed it.

I don’t want you to complain about me giving the official info only from manga, so let’s make a move to official arts, shall we? They’re as well by the official authors of Shingeki no kyojin (not mentioning that one official author -woman- follows twitter of an EreRi artist), so these are only official stuff.
Now take a good look at some of them and tell me in which Eren looks like he is afraid of Levi. Because hey I probably missed this as well. 

And as you’re looking on these official arts then please be so kind and find me one where Levi looks sadistic or abusive towards Eren as well, I’ll wait as long as is needed.

Another thing you probably don’t know I guess. Do you know that EreRi and Riren is not the same thing? It’s still about the two of them, but the ships is different.

EreRi = top!Eren , bottom!Levi  - x - Riren = top!Levi , bottom!Eren - Learn the differences please!

when you’re refering to EreRi being abusive, you probably means Riren. A lot of Riren doujinkas likes to make Levi sadistic and abusive and Eren absolutely innocent. I am not saying that all of them, personally I really like some of Riren doujinkas (even tho I ship only EreRi)

Also doujinshis (UNOFFICIAL pairing manga) and fanarts (UNOFFICIAL pictures by fans) are not official. When you see Levi whipping Eren or tying him up or whatever the author is up to, it’s not official.
No one said that Levi is abusive and sadistic. It’s just up to the imagination of the author, doujinshis and fanarts can be pretty OOC (=out of character) which means that characters behaviour is different from the official one. When doujinka decides that it’s fine for Levi to be 180 cm tall then it’s fine, when doujinka decides that it’s fine for Levi to be blushing and crying then it’s fine. I hope you get me.

What I am trying to say it’s just that you can’t judge official character based on doujinkas picturing of the character. Well you can do it but it’s stupid and it won’t say much, you can just dislikes some EreRi/Riren works but not comparing them to the real characters.
Again I will give you some examples from EreRi and Riren fandom as well. . 

Finally the thing I’d like to say is, tolerate each other guys. Try to understand each other feelings, we’re humans everyone has right to their own opinion of course, but whenever you are about the hate something, then please stop of a moment, think of what you would like to write and ask yourself “is it worth it?”
We all have stuff we don’t like. It doesn’t matter if it’s about religions, food, colors or ships, but imagine how world would look if everyone would complaining and insulting every single thing they don’t like. People wouldn’t be doing anything else then.

It’s not that difficult to just wave hand and go somewhere else, when you see something you don’t like. Why are you even looking in EreRi/Riren hashtag if you aware that you don’t like it, just look at the stuff you like and make yourself happy, stop upsetting yourself on your own purpose, and stop upsetting people who likes stuff you don’t. Be so kind and don’t tag your hate posts as #riren or #ereri, these hahtags are for fans, and fans don’t want to see others hating their ship. Create something like #ererihate and stop ruining our tags.

It would be really fine if we could just understand each other, understand each other ships and say “hey, it’s not my cup of tea, but ship whatever you want man :) ” <- Honestly it’s just a few words, a few words through which you can make people happy and show some sympathy. 


I read about what is happening in Chechnya and i am so shocked. Shocked and hurt.
I don’t want to cry or make drama on this, because either that would make things worse or it would make me an attention whore. So i am just gonna say my rude, honest opinion about this.

Being part of the lgbt community myself, this affects me and many other people. I hate seeing all of this happen. It is hurtful and useless. But we are not going to solve things by crying and whining. We need to ne active and not give up. We need to fight and never stop for no reason at all.
I am a proud bisexual and i am not going to be put in jail for loving other people. Is that okay?

Please guys, we need to fight at the top of our abilities. We need to talk about this and we must not get over it and start to get used to it. We need to talk about this as much as we can and we need to be strong. We have been strong until now, this will not stop us -even if it is, indeed, a very hard and painful event.- We will make it through, because love is stronger than any other thing in the world. 🏳‍🌈


Okay this is it im sick of this.
I am sick of it. I dont care if I lose every follower I have.

Boys are amazing.
Boys are worthy of love.
Boys, you are a golden sunset against the black of night.
Boys are strong.
Boys are beautiful.
Boys are handsome.
Boys are pure.

Men are amazing.
Men are worthy of love.
You’re all amazing and I love you all.
Gay men are amazing.
Straight men are amazing.
Men of every sexual/romantic orientation are amazing.
Trans men are amazing.
Cis men are amazing.
Men of color are amazing.
Men are beautiful.
Men are strong.
Men are handsome.
Fucking stop the hate yo