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Everyone’s human. No matter the race or religion or orientation or age or gender, we all breathe the same air, we all live on the same earth, and we all deserve the same rights.

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Public Service Announcement

I’ve seen a lot of hate within the LGBTQ+ community lately, and frankly it’s disgusting, so I’d just like to clarify a few things:

  • Bisexuals are not “indecisive” or “attention seekers” nor does being in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship make them exclusively “straight” or “gay” To clarify, a werewolf is still a werewolf when they’re in human form, and a werewolf is a still a werewolf in wolf form. Being in human form doesn’t change the fact that the werewolf is still a werewolf. Being in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship doesn’t change the fact that someone is bisexual. And yes, maybe bisexuals are also secretly werewolves.
  • Asexuals/Aromantics exist. Just like all sexualities, asexuality is a spectrum. Asexuals can still be in sexual relationships if they wish to be, they just don’t feel the primal need to have sex like most people do. Have you ever looked at someone and just had rAginG hoRmONes? It’s not like that for asexuals. Some asexuals can’t stand the thought of sex, others will partake in it but don’t feel the need to, and others may still want it but again, don’t need it like most people do. And while some asexuals/aromantics may be heterosexual or heteromantic, their orientation as ace/aros still makes them a sexual minority because they aren’t traditionally “straight” (as in heterosexual AND heteromantic) and they are included in the LGBTQ+ community because people continue to see them as “just going through a phase” or confused or “just lying for attention" 
  • Demisexuality. Imagine this—have you ever seen a celebrity or just an attractive person and felt…well realllly attracted? Like a sexual attraction? Demisexuals aren’t like that. they may notice "huh yeah they’re good looking/interesting/admirable” but they aren’t sexually attracted to anyone until they actually get to know them. You might say “oh well obviously you don’t want to have sex until you get to know someone” but there’s more to it, it’s not like they just don’t want to have a sexual attraction to someone they don’t know, they just don’t. Similarly to what I said about hetero asexuals above, demisexuals are still part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

I’m sure there are other sexualities/genders that deserve more appreciation, but these were just a few that have really stood out to me lately. Forgive me if I’m wrong with some of these descriptions, you all know yourself far better than I do, but this is how I’ve always looked at it, and I’m open to any clarifications. 

But my biggest point is that of all people, people in the LGBTQ+ community should know what it’s like to be oppressed, hated, and considered invalid, so how dare anyone of you tell someone else their sexuality/gender isn’t real or shouldn’t be a part of the community? 

So, my country, Montenegro, for the first time has a homosexual contestant in Eurovision, and even though the dislikes on the video on youtube are insane, I’m still incredibly proud. For a small country like that, that sadly, has a lot of homophobic citizens, it’s an incredibly big step to send someone homosexual to represent our country. I hope, and I will hope for the rest of my life that one day there will be no argument about this, that people would accept others the way that they are and the way that they are proud to be. Discrimination against anyone who goes out of the “norms” is a problem and people need education on the matter. This world can be a better and less hateful place if we all just understood that everyone is different, unique, and that’s what makes us interesting and beautiful.


Okay this is it im sick of this.
I am sick of it. I dont care if I lose every follower I have.

Boys are amazing.
Boys are worthy of love.
Boys, you are a golden sunset against the black of night.
Boys are strong.
Boys are beautiful.
Boys are handsome.
Boys are pure.

Men are amazing.
Men are worthy of love.
You’re all amazing and I love you all.
Gay men are amazing.
Straight men are amazing.
Men of every sexual/romantic orientation are amazing.
Trans men are amazing.
Cis men are amazing.
Men of color are amazing.
Men are beautiful.
Men are strong.
Men are handsome.
Fucking stop the hate yo


Thank you all for making sure that a very sweet, humble, talented, loving, supportive, gracious, mature, kind, encouraging, amazing guy had a terrible day. If you were part of this seriously you can unfollow or block me.

This is what your hate does.

And this is how a good person responds to it. Take some lessons folks. Maybe you’ll do better next time.

Bravo, Jeremy Jordan, bravo sir.

That’s pretty sad that countries not as well known as America are more progressive in gender equality than us.

why the hell are people getting so upset about people shipping certain ships? guess what? PEOPLE DON’T CARE WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE WHAT THEY SHIP!!!! stop being an ass and harassing and attacking people for shipping what they want. there is no logical reason to do so. there is a flaw in every ship and there will always be someone that ships a ship you don’t like. so i don’t understand why people feel the need to put in time to bash fans and a ship just because it’s not your ship. just let people ship what they want. it literally costs you nothing to be a decent person and leave a source of joy for someone unblemished and free of your cruelty.

About Zutara.
  • I AM of Zutara hardcore fan and started ATLA for them (and Toph) but I love Aang! He’s one of my favorite character of the show! He’s pacifist, kind and innocent. He’s a kid forced to fight in a war he doesn’t want to be a part of. I actually feel extremely sad for him. The most stupid thing in this ? People are bashing Aang and say he doesn’t understand Katara’s pain about her mother’s murder… Uh… Yes he does. His entire people has been killed. We are talking about a genocide. How does he not understand, again? He is a pacifist, of course revenge is foreign to him and he doesn’t understand it, but he understands her sadness. He, by the way, handles it pretty well. He has no family left. Katara has Sokka. You need to stop this hate.
  • As for Mai… Meh. I won’t lie. I don’t like her. But not because Zutara is not canon. I don’t like her because she and Zuko are in an abusive relationship, and she is the one who abuses Zuko. Because, I’m sorry, but she is. She treats him like a slave at the beach party (go get me some food), she throws things at him (and not in a playful way. I wouldn’t condamn her if they were having a pillow fight because everyone loves pillow fights), she actually acts like a bitch when he tries to talk to her about his scar and the fact that is fucking traumatized by what happened to him. Let’s do a little genderbent. Had Zuko been a girl and Mai a man, everyone would be trashing this ship. Serioulsy, their relationship is almost saying that men can’t be abused. Which is bullshit. One of my friends have been abused by his girlfriend, and I can tell you it was hard for him to trust another girl after that. So no. It’s not a healthy relationship.
  • But, before this poor excuse of a relationship happened, I liked Mai. She was a cool bad guy, and actually made me laugh a few times. My opinion did change when I realized she abused her boyfriend, but, had she never done that, she would have stayed one of my favorite antagonist.
  • What I’m trying to say is that it’s not because your ship isn’t canon that you can just go and hate characters for this reason. If you don’t like them, fine. But find yourself a real reason… Otherwise, It’s stupid, childish and immature. Jeez, it pisses me off! I know Zutara was fucking forshadowed and I WAS cheering for them during the entire show, but I still love Aang! (And I used to like Mai).
My opinion on the true message 13 reasons why is attempting to convey.

So recently on tumblr i came across this post where a person was suggesting 13rw almost glorifies suicide, mentioning, that hannahs story is solemnly based on vengeance, allowing suffering viewers to gain an idea that by blaming everyone else, this horrible act is somewhat acceptable. By showing graphic scenes, and apparently irrelevant contributions to mental heath, the show is not sticking to ‘guidelines’ and is letting people perceive suicide without the real depth it truly holds.
although i am wary of what this person is trying to elicit to its followers and fellow viewers, i ask you to please hear me out on why i disagree.
13 reasons why, confronting as it is, showcases Complexity, resentment and, deceitfulness in a range of issues. This show is here to show you BEYOND the tapes.
You can watch this show, and suggest, her tapes are purely out of vengeance, to implement guilt and black aura in their lives, as they did to hers.
You can watch the show, and believe the tapes were a way to help someone else. To allow them to recognise that these behavioural offences are not okay and her life ended because of it.
Or, You can watch the show and believe these tapes aren’t even the sole purpose. Perhaps its the action that is most important. Perhaps its the reflection and the way this situation is dealt. This show is real. Whether you like it or not, This shit happens. And this show was not created to trigger people, but was created to send a message. We cant keep buttering issues as such, just because its confronting, or its overwhelming or doesnt live up to standards. This unfortunate issue is the truth. if this did happen to you, or a person of significance in your life, are you going to follow hannahs foot steps? Or are you going to find a way to prevent the problem, and bring others out of suffering.
THATS what the creators and cast are trying to do, and its our job to prove that we are more than this depiction of REALITY.

My heart really does go out to all those involved with these dilemmas, mental issues, and suicidal thoughts. i hope they take the chance to percieve the show, and their life, in a greater light.


A comic book anthology to benefit the survivors, victims and families of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. The names of the victims are memorialized, DC Comics and countless others granted license to use popular action heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, the stories are all inspired by the tragic events; It’s a wonderful little book brimming with hope and compassion, where artists, both gay and straight, responded to terror with one unifying message: NO

Link to Amazon *retails for about $10


I’m really disappointed in the voltron fandom. There was a wonderful ship that people completely destroyed. We don’t know their real ages. All we know is that it’s a group of teens hanging out in space. Now we are forced into hiding because antis. Unfollow me if you ever condoned hate towards a ship. It’s ok to have a notp. It’s ok to not like a hc. But fucking keep it in your pants ok.