stop getting so upset

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

I’m such an emotional, nostalgic mess today. It’s only just hit me that, even if we do get a S7, this show will be ending soon and I’m really not ready.

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

PSA for the neurotypical people in my life:

When I say I can’t do something because of my neurodivergencies, it’s not being presented as an excuse. It’s being presented as an explanation, to help you better contextualize why I can’t do it. It is not my ‘get out of jail free’ card, it’s not so that I can hear myself talk about it, it’s so that you understand and don’t get hurt by something neither of us can help.

So please, stop getting upset at neurodivergent people for trying to help you. It’s not for us, we don’t need excuses for the way we survive. We could just as easily say ‘no’ and leave it at that.

They’re explanations, not excuses.

do you ever just remember that obi-wan and satine both had to mourn each other’s deaths?

obi-wan’s “death” wasn’t literal, of course– he faked his demise so he could go deep undercover as a bounty hunter. but they held a funeral for him, probably publicly announced his death. and who do you bet was one of the first to know he was killed? satine. they don’t really linger on her presence at his funeral (which is a damn shame), though what’s really noticeable is her crying. most of the people in the room are pretty stoic and handle their pain quietly.

but satine is there openly weeping and mourning him. she’s heartbroken, and I really wish they would have touched upon her reaction more than just that little moment. because I feel like that would have made her own death have even more impact than it already did, ya know?

she’s lying there as the life drains out of her, and it’s ironic that the man she once thought to be dead is the one holding her. there’s nothing obi-wan can do now just as she couldn’t back then. it’s already melancholic and terrible seeing satine die. but now, obi-wan gets a sense as to what she felt when he “died”.

there are no resets or rewinds this time, and when satine is gone, she’s really, truly gone. and any hope obi-wan had in that moment died with her.

My Reaction to Cursed Child
  • *scorbus is SUPER evident throughout the entire book*
  • Scorpius at the very end of the book: I ASKED OUT ROSE!!!! I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH
  • Me: ex- excuse me????
  • *puts down book*
  • Me: *inhales deeply* I cannOT BELIEVE

im so sick of people hating on archie for “treating betty bad”

it’s so clear that he loves her so much as a friend and yes he’s made some very stupid decisions…but it’s not his fault for not loving her romantically. he’s never led her on and he’s been honest about his feelings towards her so ??? 

yes betty is still getting hurt by archie but the cause of her hurt is because she knows he doesn’t reciprocate her romantic feelings for him and she’s reminded of it when he’s defending stupid grundy or being a little too friendly with veronica, not because he’s going out of his way to hurt her or to play with her feelings ??

Nobody is obligated to forgive RM just because YOU did so stop getting mad people who are still rightfully upset with him. It’s up to the individual whether they want to forgive him or not it’s not your choice to make. One person does NOT speak for everyone else. People have reasons to dislike him and Idgaf if he “apologized” or “changed” or “learned” it still doesn’t change that he still did what he did and I wouldn’t be surprise to turned around and did some dumb shit again. Nobody is hating on him just hate so get the fuck over yourselves.

FYI, Stop saying he made “mistakes” it’s so annoying. He’s not a little fucking kid, he’s old enough to have a mind of his own and knew damn well what he was doing. Nobody was holding a gun up to his head and forcing him to do anything. Everything he did was all him.

sometimes ill admit i feel kinda dumb because my art style doesn’t really fit ACNL and there’s so many people who can draw really cute and mine is… a mix of realism and western cartoony so its like well, it doesnt really fit

but then i remember 1) it doesnt matter bc its my art and i can draw dang well whatever i want regardless of whether or not it “fits,” 2) ive cultivated my style for 6+ years and it’d be dumb to give up now just because it doesnt fit in one fandom very well, and 3) all you guys are so encouraging and remind me it doesn’t matter, all art is good, that it’s like… why should I care? all the art here’s good and just bc I feel don’t “fit in” doesnt mean it’s true

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Ryan said there were big stories this month, he must have meant for other characters. Something major is going in Robron's story and they only appeared briefly in 4 episodes together in the past 3 weeks. Which storyline is getting the most screentime right now?

That is the way of soaps. Characters usually aren’t around much before their big storylines kick off. It’s a large cast with a large amount of storylines running at any given time. Can’t expect two characters to be in every single episode and storyline, it’s not how soaps work.

when twt and tumblr armys are spending more time arguing over the line distribution and the song meaning than enjoying the album 

aight so back when i first started playing smite, i primarily wanted to play mercury.

keep in mind, i’d never played any games like smite before. i came from purely fps games like call of duty, borderlands, tf2, etc.

i fuckin’ loved the spartan theme, and immediately wanted to play mercury not only bc of his design, but his personality overall was like the greatest thing and i bought his vp and recolor as soon as i could.

back then, i usually played with a group of 3 friends, and they all knew a lot more abt smite than i did, obviously, as they’d been playing longer.

i had a friend, who i won’t name, but instead call em dick.

dick was a dick, ok.

very toxic gamer, was convinced he was the best of all of us, and insulted us so much, one of us stopped playing bc she’d get so upset over not being good.

dick didn’t like that i played mercury, because he said i was ruining the god, shouldnt have picked up a god that hard as a beginner, and would constantly beat me down about it because very often id go like 0/4. it’d be very rare for me to even get a kill, and when i did, i got super excited. john encouraged me playing merc and getting kills. whereas dick just insulted me for not getting enough.

“mercury isnt your god. you should just give up. go play guan yu or something” was the type of shit id get everyday. eventually, he’d start leaving calls and games bc i was so bad, he didnt wanna play with us anymore.

and yeah, i did get discouraged. for a while, i instead played apollo and left mercury to fuckin’ rot.

looking back on it, dick wasnt good at smite at all. sure. he could get kills. but in the end, he’d go like 20/30, and that’s hurting more than helping a team.

so even as i started to get better and got diamond with mercury, still he’d get pissed and just tell me not to play mercury or he’d never play smite w/me again. now, dick was one of my best friends, so that was something awful that i didnt want to happen, so again, id leave merc alone.

there was this one time i was trying to get favor, so decided to do the daily quests. play 3 games as a roman god. so, excitedly, id go and play merc. dick comes online, demands to play mercury bc apparently he was better and would show me how to play my own main. and obvi i got frustrated bc i was gonna do my quests and hes only taking my character to shove how good he is in my face. so, knowing me with my short temper, i got pretty salty and just went quiet so i wouldnt say anything rude. we end up getting into a game, he picks merc before i can, doesnt even build him right, and manages to go like 10/5 and proceeds to laugh at me and say something like “THATS how mercury is supposed to be played. he’s fun, im gonna main him. go back to playing the easier characters, like apollo”

skip forward a few months, im lvl 30 before dick, have a better understanding of the game, and can actually play the character i’ve been playing since day 1 efficiently. 

i guess i can finally go tell dick where to shove it, because i can both get kills and not die frequently, because he still plays risky as hell, and resorted to trying to make both john and i feel bad by taking our mains and saying shit like “lol i just went 25-2 in a game w/mercury (or freya, for johns sake)”

honey, your profile aint private. (:

i guess moral of the story is, play whoever the fuck you want. you can only get better, not worse, and go slay those assholes. 

(also, dick turned out to be an awful person who cheated on and manipulated one of our closest friends, and is all around a bad guy lmao)

for real how can you say you care about clarke when you want her to be with someone who is consistently an asshole to her and belittle her??? like you think its the sweetest thing, ‘married AF!!!’ when bellamy makes her feel like shit and its so fucked up???? like its so sad that u actually think that’s someone girls deserves to be with. someone who shits on her, on her choices. that never asks how SHE’S feeling bc everything is always about HIM. like i get more sad than angry that society failed young girls so hard that they see that as an 'ideal’ relationship and the 'ideal’ guy

I didn’t want to hurt anybody, but it just came natural. I put myself out there, I get hurt. I protect myself, I hurt them. And in the end I’m apologizing no matter what and the other person takes it that my apology means they’re right. But they’re not right. Or maybe they are. Or maybe I’m apologizing anyway because it’s the only way to get them to move on and stop being so upset with me. And maybe I don’t know if they’re right and maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. But I felt bad. I always felt bad.
—  Catch The Moon’s Gaze

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Me again,sorry. So the only thing that bothers me is the fact that some people don't like bughead because Juggie is assexual on the comic books, but hey is a tv show it doesn't have to be 100% like is written on the comic. And even if he were assexual on the serie, he can't fall in love and have a relationship? I mean this people at least know what assexual is?

i can see why some people are upset. the lack of asexual representation in media is crazy bad but the problem is people are pushing jughead into the type of asexual they WANT him to be!  i don’t know enough about the asexual community not being apart of it and to really comment on it that much but i know enough to know that asexual people can fall in love and have relationships. people should stop projecting what they want characters to be and then getting so upset when writers don’t follow it.

Imagine #30 : First fight (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

Can I have a imagine when me and Luke have our first fight

Rating : No smut

Luke and I were glaring at each other from across the boys’ dressing room, and the tension was palpable as even Michael, Ashton and Calum had stopped talking. I had surprised my boyfriend a few days before and announced him that I would be staying with them for a week. We had spent the first few days being all over each other and making up for lost time but things just turned bad for the very first time in our relationship when my ex-boyfriend, who was now a very good friend of mine, had decided to text me.

Luke had read the text and asked me a billion questions about it and it quickly turned into a full on screaming argument. It wasn’t like he didn’t know we were friends… I just didn’t understand why he’d get so upset about it, and I refused to stop talking to him just because Luke couldn’t handle it.

I knew we would have fights at some point; I just didn’t expect it to feel that way. It made me anxious… Scared that he would leave me. I knew Luke could be moody, and I knew that it was hard to get anything from him when he was in a bad mood. So here we were, trying to kill each other with our eyes as the opening act was performing on stage.

Silent filled every second of the first set, and I started to panic as someone entered the room to tell the boys that they had to get ready. I stood up with them and followed them out of the room until they were right behind the stage.

I didn’t want to let Luke go on stage without a kiss. I didn’t want to let him go without knowing we were alright. They took their instruments and started jumping around as the crowd started screaming, knowing that the boys were just about to come up.

“Luke,” I started but the look he gave me clearly told me that he didn’t want to talk to me at the moment.

He simply put his earpiece on before walking past me and up onto the stage with his guitar.

I think I’ll think twice next time I get angry over something simple. Like how you’ll take your shoes off and won’t put them aside. Or how the one time you took a week to pick your dish off of the floor. I won’t get angry when you keep tickling me when I tell you to stop and I won’t get so upset when you just want to talk to me when I am occupied by a movie. The truth is that I get consumed in a petty situation when I should be absorbing the time I have with you, because time can be cut so short, so soon and that’s when I will miss the petty situations- any of the situations with you.
—  A 60 day love letter