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Tord: Looks like Matt’s finally asleep. I can add that file now.

Tord: …. While I’m at it, I should check that blog of his. Those strangers have me curious…

Tord: … This…

Tord: … No. I can’t dwell on this. I need to launch phase 2.

Tord: Once phase 2 is launched, there’s no telling what will happen. I can’t let him get involved.

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

tfw you have both the urge to create and the time to write/draw, but instead you have to sit around feeling restless because your wrist has decided to throw a hissy fit and start aching.

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It was a guilt that followed you for years until the day you were finally allowed to see him, until Dumbledore stopped getting involved. You were sorry that you never got to bring him up, that Petunia of all people did that. He was your brother’s child and you’d left him to a household that treated him with nothing but contempt.

Relax. Resting mind activity disarms gross identification. There is no ‘how’ to stop thinking. Simply stop getting involved in the stories of your thoughts.
—  Jac O’Keeffe

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ok guys. im not even gonna put myself on anonymous cause i don't give a shit bout all the hate i would probably get. i wanna start of by saying that- all the things I'm about the say r not coming from a negative/hateful place. im not trying to be rude to anyone. but this shit is gotta stop now. its really upsetting to see lauren like this, and i bet even if camila doesn't address this as much, im sure she is just as uncomfortable and feels just as uneasy as lauren-

cont. u can ship camren for as long as u desire but please stop getting the girls involved. its clear AF that EVEN IF they had something in the past, its more than over now. stop adding the girls, its disrespectful to both and rude. lauren was outed and camren was pushed infront of her face constantly. imagine if that was u, imagine u feeling uneasy with ur sexuality and have people screaming LESBIAN. ive been there and its terrifying. ship it, but please be respectful, this is enough

VIXX Reaction: When you are having an argument with your mother at dinner about them and she slaps you

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He would be on his feet with widened eyes the moment he saw what was about to occur. He would grow angry really quickly, and he would move to stand in front of you, guarding you with his body as he glared at your mother, warning her to stay away from you without having to speak. He would hold your hand in his tightly, telling you that he was there for you and that he would protect you.

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He would rush over, taking your face in his hands and soothing your cheek gently with his fingers. He would ask desperately if you were okay, under his breath so that it was just to you, but it would be very rushed and full of worry. He wouldn’t even pay attention to your mother at this point, he would be too focused on seeing that you were alright.

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He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from getting involved in the argument. He wanted to respect your mother, but if she was being unreasonable and taking it out of you, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. His anger would hit the roof the moment she laid her hands on you. He would go over to you and wrap his arms around you, turning to your mother with a scowl. ‘Was that really necessary?’

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He would be extremely angry and upset. I feel like Ravi would probably blame himself a lot. Since the argument was about him, he would feel like it was his fault that your mother was so angry and that she acted that way. He would rush over to you in panic, his hand hovering next to your face in case the pressure would hurt your wound more. He would just apologise in panic and ask if you were okay.

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He would be really angry, but he would try to handle it the best that he could. He would come over and ask you calmly if you were okay before taking your hand and turning to your mother, standing in front of you protectively. ‘I think it’s best that we leave now.’ he would say firmly through gritted teeth, with a fake politeness, before leaving with you under his arm.

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He also wouldn’t hesitate to argue with your mother. He wouldn’t mind that she was saying bad things about him, he would care more about the fact that she was taking it out on you. ‘Argue with me if you have a problem, leave Y/N out of it!’ He would say. As soon as you were hurt, he would drag you away from that house in anger. He would treat your cheek for you afterwards, although he would still be irate for a while.

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If I see one more ‘Piper is exclusively a lesbian -w- hancock is gay flirting with women is just a coverup uwu u being able to romance them as the opposite sex is a glitch 0u0’ post im just gonna shit into my hand and start flinging poop at people beCAUSE THEYRE ALL BI/PAN
The 'Gay Community’ and straights already have enough of a problem admitting that we exist
let us have fallout 4

I should probably stop getting involved with arguments that require me to say things like “invading countries and shooting people is bad tho!”

Chance Encounter

((Starter for @stormtrancing-auryon This is taking place Post Gangland arc when Drex is more open about being a cyborg. Also, it helps make my timeline less messy))

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Drexod murmured to the shank in his arms. The small machine bucked against the man, trying to get in a position to shoot the stranger.

To say the shank was disorientated was a bit of an understatement. One moment it had been fine, then it had been attacked, and now it was stuck, facing downwards, unable to move.

[Sparks, we got another one, take them onboard.]

The message relayed to the ship was only acknowledged by the drone which shimmered before being moved onto the Aries Ascendent in orbit.

The Cosmodrome had proven in the past to be a good hunting ground for the red Eliksni drones, hence why the Gunslinger had returned.

Hearing a snarl in the snow behind him, Drexod turned around.

A Captain, holding a shock sword in each hand howled at him on the crest of a hill, the wind carrying its voice.

“You wanna dance?”

The Eliksni bellowed something in its native tongue, something Drexod did not understand.

“I’m gonna mess you up,” he warned as the two walked towards each other.

The Captain twirled their swords in an attempt to intimidate the man. The attempt failed and a six inch long blade rose out from under the gauntlets on each hand, protruding not from the armour, but from the flesh on the inside of his forearms.

“Let’s dance.”

Going knife against sword with a Captain may not sound like a particularly smart move, but Drexod knew the Captain knew that, and Drexod knew that was good.

The smile on his face as he played the Captain was almost as big as the smile on his helmet. Since taking control of Amethyst playing was something he had less time for.

The two parried and blocked, and slashed at each other, neither doing any serious damage. Not until Drexod feinted an elbow to the face and drove a blade through the chink in the armour on one of the Captains upper arms, slicing through muscle.

Dancing back, the man watched the Captain, who was wary now he had lost the use of one of his arms.

“Gonna mess you up,” Drexod reminded him.


AnnaWes in every episode ⇛ 2x14: There Goes My Baby

This is between you and me.

You know how when you wipe a spill from side to side and all you do is spread it around instead of cleaning it? That’s how I’d describe the whole jontron thing. Just put a paper towel over him, soak him up, throw the paper towel in the trash and Forget About Him.