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Adrien, you’re weeb is showing.

Based on an actual convo I had with my friend. In which I am Adrien and to this day it still makes her burst out laughing. I have no idea what those dream ppl were saying but i knew it was Japanese. Thank you head for giving me subs, i prefer that over dub anyways. I remember waking up confused and muttering to myself that I don’t know Japanese. 

Wammy’s House Headcanons (that all actually happened)

//As I’ve alluded to a few times, I went to a public school with very rigorous academic tracking, and thus spent most of my childhood among precocious, hypercompetitive oddballs who would have fit right in at Wammy’s House. So because I’m bored, here’s a smattering of the bullshit we got up to over the years that I think work perfectly as Wammy’s headcanons:

  1. In elementary school, a teacher noticed that a number of the kids weren’t getting along with anyone, so she dubbed them “the Friendship Group,” made them eat lunch together in her classroom, and tried to force them to make friends with each other. The first Friendship Group lunch ended with Mello hurling a chair across the table at Near’s head. There was no second lunch.
  2. In middle school, Matt started a secret Pokemon card club that met during lunch. Roger promptly banned it. Pissed, Matt started a secret poker club instead. Roger found out and banned it. Matt then started a no mercy rugby club…
  3. Also in middle school, Near, Matt, and Mello set aside their differences to conspire against a particularly obnoxious substitute. Through cunning use of distractions and good teamwork, they managed to sneak behind the teacher’s desk and unplug the overhead projector seven times in forty-five minutes. They also convinced the baffled substitute that Matt’s name was actually Fred.
  4. One day in the cafeteria, Near and Mello got into a loud and pointless argument about whether the Holy Trinity was polytheistic. The argument ended with Mello yelling “THREE PARTS, ONE WHOLE, DIPSHIT,” and smacking Near over the head with a stale cafeteria breadstick.
  5. In high school, Matt decided to scientifically test his theory that a particular teacher never paid attention to him by seeing how many pencils he could get to stick point-first in the ceiling before she noticed. It took her two days and nearly thirty pencils to catch on.
  6. On a Spanish class trip to Barcelona, several students got off a stop too early on the subway and wound up in a red light district. Mello somehow managed to offend a prostitute he tried to ask for directions, and the whole group was chased for several blocks by angry, screaming women. Mello was never allowed to live it down.
  7. In literature class, the students were given a list of novels and allowed to choose which one they wanted to read. Mello chose Moby Dick because he assumed no one else would, and he wanted to show off. Near chose Moby Dick because it would piss off Mello. Matt chose Moby Dick just to watch the Near/Mello shit go down.
  8. On a similar note, Mello spent weeks bragging about how perfect he was for a part in the Wammy’s House annual musical and telling everyone else not to even bother auditioning. Near, who hated musicals, auditioned for the same part just to piss Mello off–and got it.
  9. One day, Roger had a mixup and forgot to hire a substitute for the history teacher. Upon realizing they’d been left to their own devices, Mello and several other students began gleefully writing nasty messages about the teacher on the whiteboard–only to discover when they tried to erase them that the marker they’d been using was actually a Sharpie. Mello spent the last five minutes of class frantically scrubbing the board with soap and water and yelling at Matt to stop laughing his ass off and help.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sexuality Crisis

Magnus had never been attracted to boys before, only girls. He could appreciate the aesthetic of them, but never before had he wanted to date one. He was as straight as a rod-always had been, and always will be.

So it wasn’t gay of him to think Alex was cute. She was cute on both her female days and male days. It wasn’t gay at all.


Or: Magnus has a crisis over whether liking Alex is gay or not and everyone else is facepalming at him.

Read it on AO3 and FanFiction

Magnus was straight.

Sure, he had that period of time where he had questioned his sexuality after learning that heterosexuality wasn’t the only one, but everyone went through that. And by the time it was over, he had decided that he was nothing other than straight. The thought of being anything else never crossed his mind again.

But just because Magnus was straight didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate the aesthetic of other guys from time to time. He wasn’t blind, he could tell whether people were attractive or not. And sometimes, those guys were pretty nice to look at for a moment or two longer than necessary. But he never once felt the desire to do anything romantic with them, because he wasn’t attracted to guys. It was as simple as that.

“See something ya like?”

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The Guide to Moon Lovers Deleted Scenes

It includes deleted and extended scenes, but also different camera angles that were shown in the previews, but not in the actual episodes.

(Warning: EXTREMELY LONG POST WITH PICSPAM! It took a lot of time and effort to create this list so please refrain from stealing and reposting!!!)

Episode 1

Riding to Songak

The various previews and trailers show many shots of Wang So riding to the Goryeo capital which never made it into the aired episode.

Episode 2

Beating a Prince

This is not a deleted scene, just a long shot shown in the preview, but not making it to the aired episode.

The Royal Apology Part 1

The episode 2 preview shows Wang So making a disbelieving sneer, similar to the one he makes in the actual episode after he hears HS demanding an apology from him, but the background behind him is different just as is the camera angle – so it’s either a deleted scene, a deleted part of this particular scene or simply a different version of it.

The Royal Apology Part 2

Talking about different camera angles, it’s clear that the PD used different camera angles in the previews and in the aired episodes. Just compare these screencaps – in the drama version the PD changes camera angle when he shows WS’s reaction after HS avoids his „apology“, however, in the preview we see his reaction from the previous camera angle.

Eun’s Black Eye

The episode 2 preview shows Jimong, BA and Won laughing at Eun’s black eye – while the scene stayed in the aired episode, this particular moment never appeared in the final cut.

The Queen and the 3rd Prince

An undescribed scene between Queen Yoo and Yo.

The Wolf Killer

The flashback showing WS surviving his fight with the wolves ends with him throwing the torch while standing on the slope of the hill with the Kangs below; however, the released stills reveal that the scene actually continued with Wang So making it down the hill and confronting the Kangs about their attempt to kill him.

Episode 3

A Stolen Look

Just before Wang So leaves Soo and Wook in the bamboo forest, he steals a look at HS and while the moment stayed in the aired episode, we only see him look away from her, not actually the moment of him slowly, almost secretly looking at her. That moment is only shown in the previews and you can see a hint of something more, something deeper in So’s eyes there.

Wang So’s Nightmare

The moment with little Wang So tied up as a hostage shown as a memory in episode 14 was originally a scene deleted from episode 3. Hae Soo came to his room to return his butterfly hairpin, but left when she saw him having a nightmare about his childhood. Supposedly the Chungju Yoo clan and Shinju Kang clan had a feud between them, so when the Yoo army was attacking the Kangs for some reason, they put So up there to stop the attack. In episode 3, So wakes up and follows Hae Soo to the stone piles and they have a discussion about motherhood (a scene which was added in the rebroadcast version) that leads So to eventually decide on covering up his mother’s plot.This is also why when Wang So tells Hae Soo that he’ll be living in the palace, she tells him to stop having nightmares. It would be such a poignant scene because it’d show that even his nightmares are actually real because So’s life has been one huge nightmare until he met Hae Soo.

The Ride to the Monastery

Originally, Wang So’s ride to the monastery in episode 3 was supposed to be slightly longer, just like his ride to Songak in episode 1.

Burning It All Down

The final cut of episode 3 shows Wang So only in the aftermath of setting the temple on fire; however the previews, stills and the way how the camera follows him after he kills the head monk reveal that the entire scene of So setting everything on fire was filmed.

Even the aftermath scene outside of the temple was longer, revealing more of Wang So’s reaction to what he has done. In the drama, we only see him completely destroyed and numb. However, based on this preview still it’s clear that while he initially felt rage and satisfaction after leaving the temple, as everything he did sunk in he started to feel remorse and numbness which is shown in the aired version of the episode.

Episode 4

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Jack x Reader

Can I request a Jack imagine where the reader (a daughter of a family friend that was killed on a hunt) is dating Jack and Dean doesn’t approve even though and even though he’s not their father he acts like it? (Omg that is wayyy to thought out I’m sorry 😂)

A/N: I am sorry if this wasn’t Long enough or fatherly enough… I just thought that if I had gone for an actual ‘relationship-building’ Story, I’d be writing until forever! Feedback is appreciated! I could add a part two to build more relationships, if that is desired! Spoilers of Season 13

Becoming a hunter wasn’t Y/N’s decision. When she was a child, her father was often gone because of his job. Y/N’s mother wasn’t around, either. From what Y/N knew, she had an accident shortly after giving birth to her daughter. When Y/N turned 16, she stole a car to go after her father who left her once again, only to realise that his work was incredibly different to what he told her. He was chasing a tribe of vampires that day. When he saw his daughter hiding behind the door while he killed them off, he knew that from this day on, she’d be a hunter, too. He trained her, sometimes took her with him. Until he died, that is.

Y/N remembered that fateful day vividly. November 8th. It had rained the entire day, but in the evening, the rain turned into a storm. It was cold and the sun never seemed to rise that day. Y/N knew that her father was on a hunt again, without her.
“Don’t worry, Y/N. It’s just demons - set a trap and stab them. Remember, when I’m not back until Saturday, you’ll find a number in the save in my room. Until my return, they will take care of you.”
It often happened that her father was gone for long periods of time, but he’d always return within the timeframe he told her. Not this day. November 8th was the Saturday he promised her to be back. Y/N waited in their home, watched the rain fall, hoping every second that the door was opened. But that never happened. Y/N waited until midnight: That’s when she realised, he’d never return. The number her father had left her was the number of a dead man: Bobby Singers. But his almost-sons were kind enough to offer her a save place while they went to search for her father.

That was several years ago. To this day, Y/N kept close contact with Dean and Sam Winchester. Over time, they basically became her brothers and father-figures. Lately, things changed, though. Y/N always knew that the angel that often joined them in their fights, Castiel, was more to them than an ally, more like the best friend and confidant: Especially for Dean who remained too stubborn to open up to Sam or Y/N as in his mind, he had to be their strongest man. Y/N liked Castiel, though she always thought it was quite odd for an angel to be that… human. But when Lucifer entered earth once again and started to kill again, the Winchesters did all they could to stop her from getting involved - not because of lacking skill or ability, but because the risk of death was just… to great. That’s why Y/N only learnt after they had burnt Cas that Lucifer got him.

Another rainy night: Nothing unusual. Y/N walked down the street after buying some groceries at the local store. That’s when she spotted a figure sitting on the ground, somewhat oblivious to the rain. Y/N looked at the guy who didn’t look like someone who’d call the street his home.

“Lost your keys?” Y/N asked confused.

“Keys?”, he looked at her in confusion, “Keys for what?”

“To open a door? To get inside where”, she made a movement to point out the rain, “there’s no rain.”

“No, though I believe I don’t have a key. I doubt they’d entrust me with one”, he replied calmly.

Y/N raised an eyebrow: “Strict parents?”

“Not exactly”, he shook his head, “I assume that is the problem’s root, actually. My parentage.”

“You don’t make a lot of sense, you know”, Y/N replied, “But if you want, there’s a café close by. At least it’s dry there.”

He looked at her with a confused look in his eyes: “Why are you kind to me?”

“… Because until I find reasons to despise you, it’s easier to like you”, Y/N replied with a smile.

“… Alright, sure.”

Sitting at a table in the café, Y/N decided to go back to the previous topic: “So you live in that house you sat in front of?”

“Close by. At least that’s where I spent the last days.”

Y/N frowned: “These people you live with, what are their names?” Slowly, it dawned on her that this couldn’t be a normal person who’s just mildly confused.

“Sam - Sam and Dean-”

“Winchester”, Y/N added, “That explains a lot.”

“You know them?” he asked.

“Pretty much”, Y/N nodded, “We work in the same field.”

“I see… does Dean like you?”, he asked calmly.

“Like? Guess he does, I mean, he accepts me”, Y/N replied with a shrug.

“And what about your father? Who is he?”, he asked.

Y/N pressed her lips together: “Dead for one thing. He was a hunter. What about yours?”

“I don’t know, actually. My mother told me my father was Castiel, but-”

“Cas? Child?”, Y/N exclaimed.

“But Sam then told me that my father wasn’t Castiel, but Lucifer.”

Y/N’s eyes widened: “Are you joking?”

“Do you know my father?”

“He’s not really the person you want to get to know”, Y/N replied, “He’s often referred to as Satan. Cast out by God, thrown into hell.”

“God… my grandfather.”


“… Is my parentage the thing it took for you to despise me?”, he asked calmly and quietly.

Y/N sighted: “Look. My father was killed by demons, not Lucifer. And I guess you’re not your father. Genetically, you are related to him, but you’re not the same. He was once an angel, a good man. It was power that corrupted him, not his genes. And his thoughts, ideology, however you wanna call it, isn’t in your genes. What’s your name, by the way?”

“Jack.” He remained quiet for a while: “Dean does not share your opinion. He hates me.”

“Dean’s a douche sometimes. A kind, stubborn, selfless idiot.” Y/N sighted and added: “And he probably doesn’t hate you.”

As if called, the door of the café flew open.

“What the hell- Y/N, what are you thinking??”


“Out, both of you!”, Dean commanded, Y/N quickly put money on the table and nodded at Jack to get up and out.

“Y/N, I told you to stay the hell out of it! What part of that sentence wasn’t freaking clear?”, Dean asked harshly when the three of them stood outside. Then he turned to Jack: “And you: Sam and I have been looking for you for, what, hours?? There’s like a zoo full of species out there that would kill and have killed to get hands on you and you just wander through the city without anyone but yourself, not even a knife: Nothing??”

“Dean, he’s like, what, a week old? Hell, I know the monsters out there just like you do, but to compare yourself of me to him, that’s just unfair! And I got ‘stay the hell out of it’ but you didn’t exactly describe Lucifer’s child looked like or that one existed in the first place!”, Y/N replied annoyed.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, but are we even talking about the same kid here?? He ain’t like you or I, Y/N!” Dean retorted.

“You are aware that I hear those things, Dean”, Jack pointed out calmly.

“Dean, you know that he is probably your best shot when it comes to defeating Lucifer: Everyone else who tried, you know, kinda died! I know it sucks, but he didn’t take a blade and stab Cas! How often did I side with demons to defeat a bigger evil? All the damn time! Just because one killed my father makes them all responsible for that one incident!” Y/N exclaimed harshly.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait: Are you siding with him? Well, that’s just awesome, Y/N! He’s dangerous, has no control over his powers: He could get you killed by freaking touching you! Pretty face aside, he’s a nuclear bomb with a timer!” Dean pointed at Jack to underline his point.

“I don’t know, Dean”, Jack said calmly, “Y/N has been nice to me ever since I met her. I defended you and your brother. And I will defend her, too.”

Dean rolled his eyes and sighted in frustration: “You kids are freaking weird.” He shook his head: “Well, then, odd couple, return home now, curfew.”

“You’re not my dad, you know”, Y/N said with a smile, “I don’t even live with you.”

“Well, you do now, when living with the Little Boy is what you want”, Dean replied sarcastically.

“Little Boy?”, Jack asked.

“It was the code name of a bomb”, Y/N explained, “It ended up levelling a city.”

“I don’t want to be a monster, you know”, Jack said to Dean.

“Well”, Dean replied flatly, “We are what we are.”

“The line between humans and monsters is more blurred than you might think, Jack”, Y/N replied silently, “I had to kill humans to. Most of us have a choice to become what we want. You do.”

When people still try to pull you into fan wars

Spiderman Homecoming was pretty good

dammit i forgot to add this to it

Taken [Chapter 8]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

You stepped into the common area and is surprised to find everyone partying in broad daylight.

Okay, first of all, you’re not even sure why there’s a common area in a mafia in the first place. And the place is fucking awesome, for all you know, with beanbags and a bar and a giant plasma TV with built-in games all over the place.

Confusion doesn’t even summarize what you’re feeling right now. “Um, morning?”

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Me: Okay, let’s think of some other predictions and theories for the BH6 show that don’t involve Tadashi

Also Me: but WHAT IF Obake shape shifts into Tadashi because he knows it’ll distract Hiro and the others and they spend half of the episode thinking Tadashi is alive, but everyone starts noticing he’s acting really strange and realize that they’re being fooled by Obake? 

Me: …why are you like this?

EXO Demon Reaction when they first meet you and you’re very sweet and innocent

This was requested by @brendonsjacket Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I’m a one way ticket to hell.. literally.. but even I know that you don’t belong there. I’m scared that.. if I get closer.. I might harm you.. I’m too dangerous” *Trying to stop you from getting involved*


*He’d watch you from the distance, he’d try to memorize every detail* “I want this to be the last time I see her… I’m too tempted but.. I’m afraid I might feel something too deep towards her… it could be dangerous.. for both of us”


*Even though he’s a demon the smile he gives you looks very sincere, pure* “I want her soul.. but I’m afraid it’s not for demon purposes.. I want her.. for myself.. for eternity”


*Knows it, in that moment, that you are the girl that can make his heart of stone, beat* “So it’s real then? What the legends say… why we demons should destroy humans.. because they.. they can turn us into something completely different”


*He would be very confused, he’d be a mess. Trying to understand why that sweet girl can’t leave his head, why there’s something heavy on his chest* “I’m  a demon damn it! I’m not supposed to feel like this… why do I want to protect her.. why not turn her… why”


*For him that encounter would feel like a dream. For the first time he had seen the real wonders of life, the real color of it. At it was all due to you, something that his demon mind couldn’t quite understand* “Love? Is that really it? Can we … love too?”


*Everything seems different to him. He feels like a stranger in a strange land* “Her innocent.. is something I don’t want to taunt, something I don’t want to break… but I want to be close to her… why… why do I feel trapped when I’m not with her”


*He would not think, he would not care about the demon world rules, he would ignore it all and just walk towards you. Because he has to know your name, he has to know… who that girl that looks even brighter than an angel*


*He would stay away, keep his distance, try to ignore the strange beat he feels inside* “How could someone like her.. be this nice to me… danger is my second name.. and yet she gave me a smile.. who is she…”


*He would be in total despair. Knowing that your relationship is not possible would break him. Yes, break him, a demon. He would feel too much, too much for a demon at least. So he wouldn’t know what to do, because even if he tries to deny it, there’s no way to not see that he had fallen in love at first sight*


*After some hesitation he would approach you and ask your name, careful to not get too close.* “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I look so scared but… this is the first time I… I just wanted to hear your voice… I’m sorry…”


*He’d try to scare you, keep you away. Even if he has to live with it, with the pain of loving you but not being able to hold you. Better him, than you*

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You Lied

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: After telling Reggie not to be involved in the Red Circle you find out he lied to you.

GIF Not Mine

When you saw the video you were angry, no fuming. The moment you saw it you marched down the corridor on a mission to find your boyfriend. People saw that you were someone on a mission and moved out of your way. You spotted Reggie getting something out of his locker and went over, slamming the locker shut causing him to jump. “Hey.” He drew out. Once he saw the expression on your face he knew you found out about the video and that you were pissed.

“What the hell is this?” You exclaimed demanding to know. Reggie gulped knowing you weren’t going to like his answer. He looked around noticing a few prying ears and nodded for you to follow him to a quieter place, an empty classroom. You folded your arms across you chest waiting for him to explain.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Reggie started.

“Really? Because to me it looks like you’re joining in on Archie’s death wish. I mean you have to be a special kind of idiot to make a video taunting a serial killer. What were you thinking!?” You exploded throwing your arms up in disbelief.

“I was thinking I wanted to protect you, Y/N.” Reggie admitted, his voice raised to the same as yours. When he said that you felt the anger you previously felt slip away.

“Reggie, I get that you want to protect me and I find it sweet that you do but joining this Red Circle won’t help. What if something happens to you? Who’s gonna protect me then? Promise me you won’t be involved anymore.” You pleaded, your voice cracking as you did. Reggie saw your change in demeanour and saw that you were scared. He walked over to you and cupped both of your cheeks in his hands.

“I promise.” He promised before planting a kiss on your lips, a soft one in contrast to your usual passionate ones.

Reggie was on his way to tell Archie that he is no longer helping with the Red Circle when he found out that the principal has suspended the football team which solidified his decision to not be involved along with the other members of the team. Archie tried to persuade him otherwise but it didn’t work. When you found out about the situation you felt bad that Reggie couldn’t play football, the one thing he loves to do, because of the Red Circle but at the same time you were also glad as this meant he would be no longer involved with the Black Hood situation. The brief moment of relief soon fizzled out as soon as it began when you found out from Veronica that he was still involved.

The two of you were meant to be hanging out that evening but Reggie never showed up. You tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. You assumed he must have fallen asleep doing studying or something so you decided to see if Veronica wanted to hang out. “Hey, V. I was wondering of you wanted to hang out or something tonight. Reggie cancelled.” You said once she answered her phone.

“Y/N, I don’t know how to tell you this but, errm… Reggie is here at Archie’s along with the other members of the football team. I’m sorry, Y/N.” Veronica told you, her voice hushed so no one could hear her. You were speechless. The same anger you felt when you first saw the video came flooding back, maybe even more of it. After saying a quick thank you before hanging up you grabbed your coat and car keys off of the side table and decided to drive over to Archie’s to confront Reggie. As you were driving your knuckles turned white from grabbing the steering wheel tightly.

When you got to Archie’s the fight was already taking place. You stepped out of your car into the pouring rain trying to spot your boyfriend in the crowd. Once you did you ran over to him. You saw that the Serpent he was fighting with had the upper hand you decided to get involved. Even though you were pissed at your boyfriend you were still overcome with the need to protect him. “Hey, asshole.” You said getting the guys attention. He looked up wondering who said that before you decked him. Reggie looked at you in shock as the Serpent fell to the ground. You cursed to yourself at how much pain you were in. You’ve never punched anyone before and probably won’t ever again as it hurts, a lot. You and Reggie looked at each not saying anything, so many things were going through your head that you had no idea what to say. Your gaze broke when you heard a gunshot go off and you both looked over seeing Veronica holding a gun.

Once all of the Serpents scampered away and Dilton was taken to the hospital by one of the members of the football team. You started walking away back to your car to go home yourself, not wanting to speak to Reggie right now. “Y/N, wait.” Reggie called after you running up to you. When he saw you weren’t stopping he added. “I’m sorry, okay.” That’s what got you to stop in your tracks. You turned on your heel so you were facing him.

“Don’t. You lied to me Reggie. You lied. You told me you would stop getting involved with the Red Circle and I find out that you cancelled hanging out with me to participate in some fight club. I- I can’t right now.” Even though it was raining Reggie could see the tears falling down your cheeks. It broke his heart seeing you crying. Reggie knew he messed up big time. You began walking away but Reggie grabbed your hand before you had a chance to get far. You winced as he grabbed your injured hand.

“Y/N.” He breathed. When he saw you wince he tried to look at it in the poorly lit street. “Your hand.”

“It’s fine.” You said, void of any emotion. You tried to free your hand from Reggie’s but he just grabbed it back.

“It’s not fine. Let me take you home and help you.” It wasn’t a question, more of an instruction. You reluctantly agreed to let him take you home even though you didn’t want to be in the same room as him until you calmed down. The car ride was silent. It wasn’t the usual comfortable silence it was the awkward one.

After you got home and Reggie bandaged up your hand you both sat at your kitchen table in silence. If it back at Archie’s you would have snatched your hand away immediately but now you’ve calmed down a bit you let Reggie hold your hand. “Luckily it’s not broken.” He told you. “I still can’t believe you punched that guy.” Reggie laughed in disbelief and you to smirk a little.

“Well, if I didn’t step in he would have kept punching you and hurt that pretty face of yours. I couldn’t let that happen now, could I?” You teased. The laughter you shared died back down to silence.

Reggie sighed. “I truly am sorry, Y/N. I- I messed up, I know I did and I wasn’t thinking. I shouldn’t have lied to you and got involved again. Please forgive me.”

“Your damn right you shouldn’t have lied to me. I was so worried when Veronica told me where you were and that when I got there, there was a huge fight. And I should be pissed at you, I want to be pissed at you but I just can’t.” You sniffled. “With everything going on you can’t lie to me again.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Reggie assured you before pulling you into a hug.

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raise hands if you’re getting a headache thinking about why the fight started

Tord: Looks like Matt’s finally asleep. I can add that file now.

Tord: …. While I’m at it, I should check that blog of his. Those strangers have me curious…

Tord: … This…

Tord: … No. I can’t dwell on this. I need to launch phase 2.

Tord: Once phase 2 is launched, there’s no telling what will happen. I can’t let him get involved.

Misfits Prologue

Summary: An introduction into your college life, including your room mates and your crush which you really shouldn’t have

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)

Word Count: 1,679

Warnings: none, really

Notes: This is a demo fic, I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue it or not. This is a rushed prologue, but I hope you like it! This series won’t have much angst, sorry!

Originally posted by kamgm419


Sometimes life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it worked exactly how you wanted it to. This was one of those times, and you aren’t exactly sure how you lucked out. Or how you are still lucky.


Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, a graphic design student in your junior, fourth, year of University. You spend your time doing both online and actual painted commissions, finishing assignments and binge watching Netflix. You’re not the most social person, an obvious introvert. You are quite the contrast to your room mates though.

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