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Newt's reaction to Teresa kissing Thomas
  • *Teresa Kisses Thomas*
  • -in the distance Newt watches with binoculars-
  • Minho: so what do you see Newt?
  • Newt:
  • Newt: bitch is taking my man.
  • Minho: You have runner blood in you.
  • Y/N: Why would you say that?
  • Minho: You're always running, running away from work when possible, running away from Frypan's food, running towards Thomas and Gally to stop them from fighting, running away from your feelings for Newt and running away from confrontation of it with him.
  • Y/N: ... What are you trying to say?
  • Minho: You should become a runner!

You knew things were going to end badly when you saw Gally approaching you and Zart with an angry look on his face.

“Gally don’t!” You began but it was too late to reason with him. Gally had already spun Zart around and punched him in the face. Zart’s nose was extremely bloody as he retreated away from Gally. Gally tried to go after him but you held him back.

“You think you can’t just flirt with her and get away with it” Gally growled spit practically flying from his mouth.

“Gally stop it, stop it” you said desperately trying to calm him down. You’ve never truly seen Gally this angry. You figured Zart learned his lesson after this and wouldn’t try anything anymore.


“Hello sweetheart.” Gally’s strong arms wrapped around your waist as he greeted you. You smiled as he pressed a kiss to your jawline before letting you leave the homestead, you both froze when the alarm sounded across the Glade, before he could object you’d begun running across the Glade and skidded to a halt next to Newt who was yanking open the doors.


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Weak Spot (Gally x Reader)

Character: Gally

Fandom: Maze Runner

Title: Weak Spot

Requested by anon:

Hey! Could you please do a Gally fluff where he tries to intimidate the new Greenie but you decide to mess with him for once and act all mushy and cuddly towards him so he looks anything but? Thank you!! :)

Again. Another day in the Glade and another argument Gally had with someone.

I rolled my eyes and sighed as I waited for the yelling to stop. I liked Gally, I really did, but he was starting to annoy me for real.

We didn’t even talk. Just once when I was still a Greenie did we chat for a while.

From then on, we only spoke if it was strictly necessary to work or because someone asked me to fetch him. That was all.

Luckily, Gally didn’t pick on me. Maybe because Minho was my best friend and him and Gally disagreed too much.

Maybe it was about time that I started talking to him. Maybe mess with him and on top of all get him to stop telling people off.

I grinned to myself as I found a perfect way to do so and that would startled him. That would be fun.


Gally’s shouts could be heard all over the Glade. He was picking on the new Greenie again.

I looked over at Newt, who was watching Alby as he walked towards his second in command.

“Who is it this time?” Alby tiredly asked as he stopped in front of the blond.

“No bloody idea”

“We need to intervene”

Newt just sighed and held his fist up in the air. His friend did the same.

Alby nodded and they played rock paper scissors.

I laughed at the sight of the leader and the second in command deciding who was going to take care of that in that way.

“Boys” I interrupted them just as Newt was using scissors and Alby rock.

They looked at me, surprised.

“I think it’s time to use a new technique” I smugly said, completely sure that my little plan would work perfectly.

“Great” Newt piped up. “Any bloody brilliant ideas, Y/N?”

“As a matter of fact, yes” I began to walk towards the racket that Gally was causing.

“Y/N, wait!” Alby called me, but I ignored him.

Newt must have been really curious about what I wanted to do, because he stopped Alby as he tried to follow me.

Guiding myself with the annoying yelling, I soon found Gally.

The Greenie put up with the scolding, exasperated and fed up as he waited for it to finish.

“There you are, Gally!” While he was still facing his back to me, I threw my arms around him in a big hug.

Shocked, he stopped yelling at the new Greenie.

The brown-haired boy looked at me with wide eyes. What was his name again? Ted? Toby? Thomas?

“What?” Gally uttered, turning around to look at me in astonishment.

“Hi” I sweetly smiled at him, batting my eyelashes flirtatiously.

I rested my chin on his shoulder as I hugged him tight.

“What are you doing?!” Gally yelled, a tad angry.

However, when I slightly pulled away to glare at him he was blushing.

I heard a few discrete chuckles and snorts coming from our friends. The Gladers were sure enjoying Gally’s embarrassment.

“I’m hugging you, silly” I shrugged one shoulder, not letting my smile falter.

“I can see that” To my surprise, even if his voice was firm and annoyed, he didn’t push me away. “I meant why?”

With the corner of my eye, I looked at the Greenie.

He was smiling as he watched the mighty Glader being defeated by my simple embrace.

“Because I felt like it” I placed my hands in the back of his neck and played with the ends of his hair. “Isn’t that reason enough?”

Gally opened his mouth to say something but as he was so flustered, he closed it again. He then visibly gulped.

Not only did I enjoy his sudden shyness, but the feeling of his body close to me was intimate and nice.

I liked Gally in a way. I always had.

And as I realized that, I froze. I didn’t really know how to behave anymore and the hug became a little awkward.

“Thanks for the chat, Gally” The Greenie piped up and walked away calmly.

Feeling confident again because the tiger had turned into a cute little harmless kitty, I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“See you later, handsome”

Gally stood there, not moving, too dazed by what had just happened.

As I walked to the Homestead, I subtly high fived Minho and Newt on my way.


I was calmly sitting in my room in the Homestead –perks of being the only girl in the Glade, you get your own room –when someone came in without knocking.

“What you did to Captain Gally was awesome” Minho.

“Go ahead, come in” I joked as he sat next to me.

“That’ll teach him, right?” My best friend grinned at me and enthusiastically patted my back. “If he ever goes nuts again we’ll just tell you to go hug him”

Minho began laughing, but I frowned.

“He doesn’t go nuts” What he had said wasn’t true. Maybe Gally had a little bit of temper and sometimes couldn’t control it. But he wasn’t crazy.

Minho stared at me and stood up in astonishment.

“You like Captain Gally, don’t you?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but he was already on the door. As he walked away, I heard his laughter and I rolled my eyes.

I lowered my glance until it rested on the floor and I heard the door yet again.

“Minho, if you’re gonna get annoying with it, you better go play with the Grievers” I mumbled, annoyed.

“Hi” It wasn’t Minho’s voice, so I looked up.

I tried to hide my surprise when I saw Gally standing there at the door.

At first he didn’t say anything, he just glanced at me, as if analyzing me.

I thought he would be mad because I made him look inoffensive and pretty much ruined his tough guy reputation. But instead he just looked puzzled.

“Hello” I said casually to break the ice.

“What was that all about, huh?”

I grinned and walked closer to him.

“Did I bother you?”

He ignored the question and replied with another one.

“Why did you…. I mean, why did you feel like hugging me?” It was bugging him for real, wasn’t it?

“I just did” As a test, I placed my arms over his shoulders, not trying to hug him or get any closer to him. Just a candid and innocent gesture.

He relaxed under my touch.

Being all flirtatious towards him had worked so he could slim it and stop terrorizing everyone. But it also brought me closer to him, made me get his attention. Two birds with one stone.

Gally looked into my eyes and I smiled at him. To my surprise, even if he was still confused and a bit astonished, he smiled back.

Maybe I found his weak spot.

I broke the eye contact and wrapped his torso with my arms.

Being all cuddly and mushy, I snuggled closer to him and rested my cheek against his chest as my height naturally allowed me to do it.

“I still don’t understand anything” He absently mumbled as he put his arms around me too.

“Why do girls behave like this toward boys?” I asked him, searching his face for a reaction. But all I saw was confusion.

Still, he refused to break away.


Because they like them? Seriously, Gally, you’re so slow sometimes.

But I didn’t say anything to him. Instead, I just showed him a cheeky grin.

“Nevermind” I rolled my eyes and walked away from Gally.

I guessed he’d have to figure it out.



Gally : “Back off asshole she’s my little sister !”

Thomas : “Sorry.. I.. I didn’t know that”

Your brother push Thomas to the ground

[Y/N] : “Gally stop it please !”

Gally looks at you and then at Thomas again 

Gally : “If you ever touch her again, I will kill you greenie”

Star Gazing (Gally)

Description: Y/N is dragged to the top of the tower by Gally to go star gazing. Gally surprises Y/N with his knowledge of astronomy.

Warnings: None

Word count: 690


“Where are you taking me?” you exclaimed as Gally towed you by your hand across the Glade.

“It’s a secret,” he smiled and you rolled your eyes. “Just trust me.”

“Just trust me,” you smirked. “Isn’t that what people say before they’re murdered?”

Gally stopped and turned to look at you. He thought for a moment, frowned and shrugged, and then continued to drag you across the grass. Soon it was obvious where he was taking you; you were pretty sure he wasn’t going to take you to the Slicers.

Gally started climbing the ladder to the tower and you followed close behind. The night air was cool on your cheeks and the fireflies around you made you smile. They hardly came out. Usually only when the weather was really nice.

Once you made it to the top, Gally was already sitting, as if he’d been waiting hours for you. You smiled and furrowed your eyebrows at him and he gave you a wink. What on earth was he planning?

“Okay Gally. Times up. What are we doing up here?”

He takes your hand in his and entwined your fingers. He points up then, at the stars.

You look up and smile. “It’s the Big Dipper.”

“And there’s the little one,” Gally points. You nod and a big grin comes across your face.

“I’m not sure I know any others,” you admit.

Gally laughs and lays down. You follow his motion. “Well then it’s a good thing I do, isn’t it?” He was bragging and you roll your eyes at him.

You chuckle and shove his arm playfully.

“Ohh! There,” Gally points towards the sky. You squint and try to look for any kind of pattern that he recognized. Eventually you do find it, and you ask him what it was.

“Hercules,” he states and outlines the constellation for you. You nod slowly and a goofy smile seeps onto your mouth.

“Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how that looks like Hercules at all.”

Gally shrugs. “That’s about every constellation for you.”

You both fade into quietness and stare silently up at the dark sky speckled with bright stars for your light. Gally occasionally pointed out a constellation or two, but for the most part you were just enjoying each others company. Your hands were still attached and you loved the warmth his gave off.

“Oh I see one right there!” You exclaim and point to the sky.

Gally tries to look where you’re pointing and shakes his head. “I don’t see it.”

“Yeah me either. It was just a really bright star.” You bite your lip and wait for his reaction.

He scoffs and sits up on his elbow. You stare up at him and furrow your eyebrows.

“I can’t believe you’d lie to me to try to impress me,” he says sarcastically. “I…I think we’re going to have to break up.”

You push your bottom lip out and look up to him with wide eyes. “Tragic,” you sass.

He leans down and your breathing is mixed. “Extremely tragic. But I can never forgive you for tricking me.”

You sit up just enough to kiss him and pull away. “That’s too bad. And to think I said I loved you.”

“I guess we just weren’t written in the stars.” Gally sighs and lays back down next to you.

You chuckle and shake your head. “I wouldn’t be able to tell so it doesn’t matter anyways.”

“That’s true,” Gally murmurs.

You both were staring up at the stars again, with only the hum of insects to remind you where you were. You felt so lucky to have someone like Gally who loved you. You knew that if you were with someone like Thomas or Minho, things wouldn’t work the same. Gally was like your perfect fit glove.

You look over to him and watch as he stares up at the galaxies in wonder and questioning. You loved him so much. Your hand tightened around his. He was yours and you were his.

Stopping the Fight

*Requested: Y/N stops a fight between Gally and Newt.*

“Well Y/N loves me.” Gally said to everyone standing around the Gardens conceitedly and you rolled your eyes, laughing. You, Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Gally were standing and talking. It didn’t happen all the time because Gally doesn’t always get along with everyone.

“No she doesn’t. How could she?” Newt said in a matter-of-fact voice and everyone laughed but Gally’s expression was stone cold.

“And let me guess, British lover boy over here thinks Y/N loves HIM.” Gally said and you could hear the bite in his tone.

“Relax boys, no need to fight over me.” you said in a joking manner and Thomas laughed nervously and Minho walked away. They knew something was going to start. You could feel the electricity too.

“At least she feels comfortable around me.” Newt challenged and you wished they would just slim it.

“At least I’m not a weak shank.” Gally spat back and you couldn’t say anything.

“Stop it, you slintheads.” Thomas said but the two ignored him.

“There’s no use.” Thomas said and walked off towards Minho. You nervously watched the two boys.

“I don’t treat her like garbage, unlike you.” Newt said and that was when Gally swung his arm towards Newt’s face. He ducked quickly but everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Newt retaliated and threw himself on Gally.

“Stop!” you screamed and pulled on Newt’s arm. He stood up panting.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry.” he said to you quietly and stared at Gally who was now standing up, his eyes filled with fire.

“But I can’t walk away from this.” Newt said and you looked up at him in disbelief.

“You can’t fight.” you said to both of them and they stared at you.

“I can handle a night in the Slammer.” Gally said and you stared at his tall figure. You turned back to Newt who was shorter and had a limp.

“You can’t…” you said quietly but the two were already charging towards each other. They ended up in a pile on the ground and you sighed in frustration. Thomas and Minho jogged over but you held up your hand as if to tell them to stop.

You could do this. You just have to step in and separate them.

“I said, stop!” you said and tugged on Gally’s shirt, sort of pulling him off of Newt. There was blood on the ground and you felt the world spinning.

The two boys sat on the ground with scrapes and messy clothes.

“I can’t believe you two. And all of this over what? Me? Masculinity?” you spat and walked away briskly.


“Y/N…” you heard and turned to see two large bodies, one smaller than the other, standing behind your hammock. Newt and Gally.

“I’m surprised you two aren’t trying to rip each other’s limbs off.” you said and looked up at their dark faces.

“We wanted to apologize.” Newt said and Gally continued.

“For acting like such slintheads.”

You didn’t know what to do or say.

“Well, the only boy I want to be with is Chuck anyways.” you said and smiled, knowing that you hit a weak spot.

spin cycles // thomally

“you left your clothes in the washing machine for too long so i took them out and you caught me” au. gally and thomas are enemies, until they’re not.


The spin cycled once and then jittered to a stop. Gallysquinted at it, then let his eyes slip towards the doorway – empty – and back again. Was it unreasonable to have expected the owner to appear out of nowhere to gather his things? Gally thought about this, eyes peering into his own washing basket. Nope. Not unreasonable at all.

He tapped his fingers on the rim of the basket impatiently. Without the rumble of the washing machine, it stood out starkly. He squirmed. Left foot. He glanced towards the door, still empty. Right foot. Left foot. He counted to three a few times in his head, as if the numbers were a magical summoning spell. Right foot.

Gally snapped. He grumbled with irritation, and his footfalls stomped as he closed the distance between himself and the washing machine. He dropped his basket on top of a neighbouring washer that trembled from the force of doing its job. With the one that had stopped, he yanked the door open, and reached in to gather the sopping clothes. He held them just away from his chest and paused, wondered whether it was appropriate to just drop them on the floor. He eyed the space by his feet considering.

A floorboard squeaked, and saved him from having to make the decision. Gally looked up. His expression set. No. Not him.

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Love Triangle (ft. Gally)

*Requested: love triangle with Y/N, Gally, and Newt.* “Y/N.” you heard and turned around to see Gally standing there with his arms crossed. He was probably going to lecture you. Again. “Yes, Captain Gally?” you asked in an overly sweet voice and he rolled his eyes but uncrossed his arms. “Newt said he wants to see you in the Council Hall.” Your heart beat sped up. You had had a crush on Newt since the first day you got to the Glade, and you thought he liked you back but you were never sure. This could be your chance to find out. [Gally’s POV] I watched as she walked briskly towards the Council Hall, my heartbeat finally slowing down. I know Newt has a big crush on her, and she probably has a bugging crush on him, but that didn’t stop Mini Gally from getting excited every time I saw her. I wondered what Newt was going to say or do to her in that Council Hall, so I decided to follow behind her. [Y/N] You walked into the Council Hall and saw Newt leaning against a beam. “Hi.” you said calmly but your hands were shaky and your mouth was starting to get dry. You love and hate the effect he has on you. “Hi, Y/N.” he said and your stomach instantly exploded in butterflies and you felt your knees try and buckle. “Gally told me you wanted to talk to me.” you said and walked closer to him. “I wasn’t planning on doing much talking.” he said and closed the gap between your bodies. He lifted the hem of your hoodie and you raised your arms, allowing him to take it off, before he took off his own. “Having fun?” you heard and immediately broke apart from Newt and turned around to see Gally standing by the entrance. “I thought it was awfully quiet in here so I decided to check in on you two, make sure everything was alright. Now I see that things are better than alright.” he said angrily and you picked your hoodie up and put it on quickly, your cheeks turning a bright red. “Didn’t know you were this kind of a girl, Y/N.” Gally said and you could hear the clear anger in his voice. “Leave her be, Gally. What did you expect? You know there are going to be these kinds of things here; we’re a bunch of teenagers Gally.” Newt said, standing so close to you that you could feel his body heat on your back. “I expected some respect and class. Not making babies in the Council Hall.” he said and walked out and you could tell he was fuming. He was right. The Council Hall wasn’t the place to be fooling around with Newt. “I’m going to go talk to him.” you said and smiled at Newt before going after Gally. “Gally!” you yelled and jogged towards him. He was angrily tying ropes on some wooden planks. “Gally.” you said more quietly and he stopped his frustrated movements to look at you. “I’m sorry, Gally. I know what Newt and I were doing was wrong. I wasn’t expecting it and I guess I just got carried away but I would really appreciate it if you could keep it a secret from other Gladers for now.” you said and looked straight into his eyes. He nodded and went back to tying the planks together, not even bothering to say anything to you. You walked away and saw Newt back at the Garden, and you smiled as you remembered the way his lips had felt on yours. —- “What did Gally say?” he asked while you ate and you drank some water. “Nothing. He just nodded.” you said and looked at the messy blond hair on Newt’s head. Wishing you were running your fingers through it right now, pulling gently on it as he kissed you. “So he’s not going to tell anyone?” Newt asked and you shook your head. “No, he won’t tell. But we can’t keep whatever this is a secret forever.” you said and looked straight into Newt’s eyes before he smiled. “I know, love. It’s just that Gally-” he said but stopped himself. “Gally what?” you asked and scrunched your eyebrows together. “Y/N, Gally likes you.” Newt said and you felt your throat swell. “Oh.” you said and finally came to the realization that life in the Glade was about to get very complicated.

Puppy Love

Title: Puppy Love
Pairing: GallyxReader
Warnings: N/A
Anon Request
Summary: The reader comes up in the box, scared and fearful of the group of boys that surround her. When Gally jumps down to help her out, he gets more then he bargained for.


I sat in the corner of the cage I was in, I thought it was a cage, it was small and I couldn’t get out. It was also dark, I had no idea what was around me or where I was, but I could hear voices outside as the cage stopped moving up. 

“Hey, Gally the box is here, go get Alby!” I heard one of them say, he had a weird way of talking, like an accent of some sort. 

There was a bit of commotion above me, people moving around, whispers and talking before the top of the cage rattled, shaking the whole box. I scrambled closer to the boxes edge and stared up as light spilled into the area. 

I tried to remain hidden as I shielded my eyes and tried to see who had been talking. Fear burned through my body when I saw a bunch of teenage boys standing around the top of the cage, looking down at me. 

“Is that…a girl?” The one with the accent said again, looking completely confused. He motioned towards a boy with a bigger build to move forward. 

“Bring her up, Gally.” Someone in the back said and they turned to see a tall, dark skinned male walking up to the cage as well. 

The one called Gally nodded and jumped down into the box quickly, I stood instantly, prepared to protect myself if I had to. He moved closer and I narrowed my eyes, kicking a box by my feet towards him. 

A couple of the boys above snickered when Gally moved to the side to avoid tripping. “Alright, calm down…No one is going to hurt you.” He said quietly, reaching his hand out as if to try and get me to come towards him, but the moment he took another step forward, I swung. 

Instantly, my fist collided straight into his nose and he crumpled back holding the bleeding appendage as he stared up at me wide eyed. Before I could respond, he jumped up and pointed at me, eyes narrowed. “Listen here, Greenie, we’re just trying to help you out, you have no need to just go around punching people in the face!” 

“Gally…” The blonde with the accent was laughing and trying to talk in between the fits of laughter, the boys around him all snickering as well. “Come on, let her calm down.”

Gally looked at me once again, his eyes traveling over my whole body before he made his way out of the box. The boy shoved one of the laughing boys out of his way as he moved through the crowd, a boy named ‘Jeff’ following him to help the bleeding.

The blonde looked back down at me and smirked. “Nice shot, Greenie.” He ran a hand over his mouth and knelt down, but didn’t come into the cage. “No one here has any intention of hurting you. Feel free to come out when you calm down, but try not to take a swing at anymore of the Gladers.”

The boys around the top all parted ways and left me alone in the box, making small remarks to themselves about Gally and chuckling still. I sat in the corner of the box for awhile, looking around at the supplies until I heard a small noise coming from another box.

Oddly, the box had holes in it and it sounded like something was scratching at the inside. I sat up slowly and moved over to the container, pulling the top open and letting out a scream when something jumped out and landed directly on top of me. 

The scream must have echoed out because Gally and the blonde came running back over with a few other Gladers. At this point, I had realized that the creature in the box was actually a large puppy and I was currently being showered in licks and thumped with a wagging tail. 

I picked the puppy up and looked at the two boys that were watching me before sighing and offering the puppy up for them to get it out, I hesitated, but finally offered my own hands and the two of them lifted me out of the box and onto the ground.

My eyes widened as I reached down for the puppy and stared at the large walls looming over the field and the different buildings made of sticks. I swallowed lightly and turned towards Gally. 

“Where am I?” 

“You’re in the Glade.” He responded before walking off without another word. I turned to the sound of snickering behind me and saw the blonde with an amused grin on his face. 

“Don’t worry about, Gally. He’s just mad that you managed to land a punch and he couldn’t do anything about it. He’ll get over it.” He smirked and shook his head. “I think he likes you.”

I raised a brow in silence, running my hand over the animals fur. “You have a weird definition of like.”

Afterwards, I walked the ‘Glade’ as it was called with the blonde who told me his name was Newt. He explained all about the box coming up with someone every month, he told me about the maze and the different jobs they had here. After awhile it all seemed to sink in and I felt horrible for punching Gally in the nose when he was just trying to help me relax. 

“So, do you remember your name or anything else?” 

“My name…” I furrowed my brow and thought for a minute, I nodded slowly. “I…I think it’s Y/N.”

Newt smiled and pet the puppy behind the ear. “Well Y/N…I don’t want to tell you what to do and I don’t really care either way, but if you want to enjoy your stay in the Glade…You might want to apologize to Gally. He can be a huge arse if you get on his bad side.”

I gave a small laugh and nodded, walking with the puppy towards what Newt called the homestead. I found Gally over by the box helping the others pull up the different supplies that they had. “Gally.”

He turned around instantly and raised a brow, a frown still on his face. He didn’t respond though, he just kept staring at me, a look on his face that I couldn’t really figure out. 

“Hey, I’m sorry for punching you.” I smiled and set the puppy down by my feet. “So, to work things out between us…You can hit me back.”

“What??” He stuttered, his eyes wide as the other Gladers seemed to freeze and stare at the two of us in shock. “I-I’m not gonna hit you.”

“No it’s okay, I can handle it. I know I can. Just one punch, so we’re even.”

I shut my eyes and put my hands behind my back, bracing myself so I wouldn’t hit the ground to hard. “Go on then.”

It was quiet for awhile, I almost dared to peek my eyes open, but I felt a sudden move towards me and I squeezed them tighter, preparing for the punch, when suddenly, I felt something soft and plump press against my lips. 

My eyes sprung open in shock and I watched as Gally stepped back after laying the kiss on my lips. I stammered, not sure what to say as I looked at him. 

The Builder smirked and reached down to pick up my puppy, handing him back over to me with a good belly rub before turning to go back to work. 

“We’re even.”