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Newt: Are you sure you don’t need help with those Y/N?
Y/N: No, no, I got it Newt thanks.
Newt; Did you hear what happened to Zart?
Y/N: No. What happened?
Newt: Jeff is bandaging him up, apparently he got too distracted while working and the dumb shank hurt himself.
Y/N: How could he get distracted? There is nothing here worth staring at. No offence but it’s all just grass and the same walls.
Newt: I mean I get pretty distracted sometimes…
Y/N: By what?
Newt; Well in case you haven’t noticed Y/N, you’re the only girl in the glade. So for some people it can…distract them.
Y/N: *mumbles* Feelings mutual.
Newt: Wait what? Is there someone you like here?
Y/N: Maybe…
Newt: Do I know him?
Y/N: You know him very well. You could be the same person.
Newt: *leans in* Does he happen to have an accent?
Gally: Newt! *pulls him away* What the shuck are you doing?! 
Y/N: Gally let him go!
Gally: He was flirting with you! Newt you know I’ve told everyone to not even talk to Y/N, never mind flirt with her!
Y/N: You what?
Gally: I told all the boys to stop looking at you like you’re a piece of meat! You’re my sister and I’m not letting anyone, EVEN the second in command go near you!
Y/N: That isn’t your choice! Yes it annoys me how they look at me sometimes but telling them to not even talk to me is worse! Let Newt go!
Gally: You’re my sister, I have to protect you.
Y/N: *pulls Newt away* I flirted with him! I was the one who leaned in! Not him!
Newt: Y/N…
Gally: Stop protecting him.
Y/N: No. I can look after myself why can’t you trust me?
Gally: I’m only trying to look out for you.
Y/N: I know and I love you for that but you need to let me be me.
Gally: *sighs* Fine. But if any of the boys hurt you I get to make their lives hell.
Y/N: *laughs* Deal.


Request: Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader first comes up in the maze and when Gally jumps into the box, she beats him up and Newt got sent down to convince her they aren’t dangerous? It would be nice if you could include a part where he gives her a tour and they feel something towards each other, but they are both too scared to admit it, but I know you’re busy so I wouldn’t mind if it got excluded. Maybe things could get a little heated if that’s okay with you…..

I know this is well overdue. I am so extremely sorry for being so late with my imagines. I know I asked for requests and disappeared just like that, but due to sudden unavoidable circumstances have I been inactive on Tumblr and only now started to write my long list of requested imagines. I promise I’ll get them done as soon as I can.

About this one… I kind of made Newt and the reader know each other before, because I couldn’t see such a quick connection without familiarity. I hope you don’t mind and that this imagine has lived up to your expectations. And again I apologize for the delay.

You blinked a few times, willing all of this to go away. Where were you? What were you doing here? Who were all these boys? Who were you?

You shook your head, denying everything. Why couldn’t you remember who you were?

Your thoughts were cut short as a boy jumped into the pit you were in. He was seventeen, maybe eighteen, with rough hands and a disgusting nose. You felt threatened.

“Hello?” he said, edging towards you. “I know you’re probably confused and sca-”  

You lunged at him before he could finish. Your arms and legs were flailing wildly, and your fist made contact with his jaw. He let out a guttural scream but they were cut short as you kneed his thigh. He doubled over and you kicked him.


And again.

Suddenly arms were pulling you back, dragging you away. Several, actually. You thrashed and swung your limbs only to have more hands stopping you. The boy- Gally, as you heard someone call him- was lying on his side and groaning, blood dribbling from his mouth as people tended to him. You felt guilty for a second, but survival instincts and panic took over your gut. You screamed at tried to squirm your way out of these people’s grasps.  

“It’s okay.” Someone said. The calmness of his voice made you falter and look up.

Two warm brown eyes stared deeply at you. “It’s alright. Everything’s okay.” The voice murmured, soothing you. A thumb gently rubbed your elbows, causing ripples of calm to pulse through your body. “You’re safe. No one’s going to hurt you.”

You felt clutching hands letting you go and only two still clasping your forearms.

You stilled and look fully at the boy holding you. He was tall, with soft sandy hair and thin orange lips, a tranquil and at the same time concerned look on his face. You felt yourself trust him almost immediately.

“You promise?” you whispered, hearing your voice for the first time.

“I promise.” He replied, squeezing your hand reassuringly.


“This here is the homestead, and there we have the fields.” said Newt; the boy who calmed you that other day in the box. He was giving you a tour of the Glade, the place you landed in with no recalling of how you got here. Or before that for the matter.

“What’s that?” you asked, pointing at the vertical large gap in the seemingly walled up site.

Newt’s expression turned dark. “It’s an entrance.” He replied.

“To where?”

“The maze.”

You gave him a questioning look.

“All in good time.” He said, patting your shoulder. You felt butterflies churn in your stomach when he touched you. You fended them off. You just met him, right? But you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you knew him before, like… you had a connection. Each time you smiled at each other it was like electricity hummed in the air.

“Just don’t go in there unless you want to be torn apart and eaten by loud and unseen creatures.” He said, causing you to snap back from your thoughts.

You furrowed your eyebrows and he laughed, even though there was an edge to his tone.

“Moving on.”

He guided you through the fields explaining about the rules as much as he could. You weren’t really paying attention to his words. All you could think about was that cute accent in his voice, which sounded so familiar, the way he ran his hands through his fluffy, gorgeous hair, the way his arms contracted when he walked that tuned his biceps… until he stopped talking.

He smiled, and you blushed knowing that he knew that you were checking him out.

Sort of.

You suddenly found the grass very interesting. You poked at it with your foot, refusing to look up.

He laughed, causing you to frown. “What?”

“Nothing.” He replied. He met your gaze and smiled. “You’re cute when you blush.”  

You reddened even further.

“This might sound strange, but I feel like…” he furrowed his eyebrows and sighed. “Forget it, it’s probably nothing.”

He continued showing you around the Glade, and all you could do was debate in your head about whether or not to tell him about the familiarity which you felt. After a while you decided not to, scared that he might think you were delusional. But you could almost swear he felt it too.


It had almost been a week since you had come to the Glade. By now you had grown accustomed to it and its rules. But not your feelings towards Newt. The connection between you two only seemed to grow which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if he admitted that he felt something too. You could almost hear the hum of electricity when you were around him.

Like right now, for instance.

“Pass me that box, Y/N?” he said.

You were helping him arrange some supplies in the homestead. You hadn’t got an official job yet so you just helped around here and there.

“When’s more stuff coming up?” you asked, handing him the box.

“After about three weeks.” He replied.

Newt reached for a shelf but abruptly slipped. You instinctively reached for him, only to result in you tripping and bumping into him; which in turn caused him to fall and land on top of you.

You blinked, your head slightly throbbing from hitting the floor. Your gaze came into focus, and you realized that Newt’s body was pressed against yours, his face only centimetres away. You blushed.

“I’m so sorry.” He grunted, attempting to get up.

All you could do was redden at the proximity of your bodies, your heart beating faster. His arms were on both sides of your head, his cascading locks brushing your brow, the pressure of his body causing you to let out a small gasp.

Newt stopped struggling and gazed at you, then your lips. You found yourself staring at his too.

You moaned as his lips moved against yours. Your arms circled his neck, kissing him back, letting out all your feelings into that embrace. Heat coursed through your body, and the feeling of his arms tightening around you as you rolled on the floor caused you to deepen the kiss. His tongue traced yours and youmoaned. He suddenly pulled back and both of you gasped.

You traced your fingertips along the back of his neck.

“There’s something I have to tell you.” He said, cupping your cheek with one hand as you sat up. “Ever since I first saw you, I had this feeling that I knew you before, like you meant something to me.” His thumb ran gently across your jaw line. “I felt this connection, this protectiveness over you. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I think… I think there was something between us before, before all this.”

You leaned into his touch and lightly pecked the tips of his fingers. “I felt the same way too. This familiar feeling came over me each time I saw you. I think you’re right.” You felt the corners of your mouth lift. “There was something between us before.”

Newt studied you intently. “What about now?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, pretending to think deeply. “What do you want us to be?”

“I don’t know…” he said playfully, leaning in. “A couple, maybe?”

You smirked. “Maybe.”


Request: So glad you opened requests! Could you do #30 with Newt! Thank you sooo much! Love your writing!

Prompt: #30 “Idk! Maybe because I desperately want you!”

Warnings: none

You were good friends with every boy in the Glade. Everyone adored you and most viewed you as a sister. Though there was one particular Glader that never viewed you as a sister. He viewed you as a crush; a lover. His name was Newt and it was safe to say that you liked him the most. He was always so calm, but also funny. You got along with him the most.

“Gally, no! Don’t do that,” you laughed as Gally messed around with some tools to make you laugh.

“What? What am I doing?” He chuckled at you.

“That, don’t do that,” you smiled wide as he attempted to juggle two hammers. “You can hurt yourself.” You snickered.

While this was going on, Newt watched from afar. He was walking past when he witnessed what was going on. He didn’t like it. He got jealous so easily. Any time you were with another Glader, he got a tint of jealousy.

“Gally, knock it off. Yu’re supposed to be working, not bloody playing.” Newt scolded the boy, walking up to the scene.

“Oh, come on, Newt. We’re just messing around,” you whined at him. 

“No, we need to get to work. There’s no time for playing right now.”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance. Gally stopped what he was doing, getting back to work. You walked off to where you were supposed to be, leaving Newt with crossed arms.

Later that day, you were laughing with Zart. You worked in the Gardens with him, and you two grew pretty close. Zart kept mocking other Gladers from afar, imagining what they were saying.

“Oh look, I’m Ben. Watch me hold all this lumber.” Zart mocked Ben’s voice while making a silly face. You laughed at him, covering your mouth.

“And I’m Gally. Watch me yell at everything, Rah!” You joined in.

Once again, Newt was getting jealous. He worked in the Gardens as well along with you and Zart. But he leaned a little on his shovel, envying Zart. He couldn’t help himself, he walked up to you and Zart.

“What is up with you today, Y/N? You’ve been slacking all day. Messing around and not doing work. I’m tired of it. Do your share,” he scolded you which was something he never did. “And you too, Zart. Get back to work.”

Once again, you rolled your eyes. You also scoffed. 

“What’s your issue today? I’m always doing my work, you know that. I always mess around, but I also get my work done. So why is today such a huge issue?”

You were fuming, getting real tired of Newt’s attitude. Though he didn’t reply. He looked like he was hiding something. 

“You know what? Come with me. We need to talk. Now.” Newt demanded. He didn’t even give you time to react. He grabbed your wrist and took you to the Homestead for some privacy. He took you up the stairs where his bedroom was.

“What the hell, Newt?” You shouted at him. “Why are you acting like this? You’re never like this. What are you hiding?”

“I’m hiding nothing. I’m just buggin’ tired of you playing and messing around with everyone. You need to get work done.”

“Oh, slim it! We can have a little fun in here, can’t we?”

Newt huffed, staring at you. You stared back, confused as to why he was acting so out of place. You sighed, running a hand through your hair.

“What’s really going on? You know this isn’t you. Talk to me.”

“I’m…” Newt started, but had a hard time spitting it out. “Jealous.”

“What? Jealous? Of what? I’m literally talking to people. How could you be jealous?”

I don’t know! Maybe because I desperately want you!” He spat out.

Your eyes went wide as you stared at him with disbelief in your eyes. You couldn’t find your voice at all. Your stomach dropped, heart raced, and you felt butterflies.

“Isn’t it bloody obvious? I love being around you. I love making you laugh. I always want to be with you. Always want to make sure you’re okay. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. I thought I made that obvious.”

You opened your mouth but no words came. What could you say? You didn’t know, but before you knew it you started responding.

“I… I thought you were just being Newt. You’ve acted that way towards me from the very beginning. Since we met. I… I never expected you to like me. I never expected you to think of me that way…”

“Well I do, and clearly you–”

“I feel the same way,” you cute him off. Newt shut his mouth tight, looking at you with amazement. 


You nodded your head. It became silent then, you two just staring at one another. Neither of you knew what to do. Neither of you didn’t know how to respond. 

“Are we gonna stand here or are you going to kiss me?” You chuckled nervously. You were scared to kiss first for some reason, so it was all on Newt now.

Newt didn’t hesitate. He took a large step to you, grabbed your cheeks, and planted his lips right on yours. You two kissed a while, just one big kiss. Your lips never separated for the time being. 

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been wishing for that,” you breathed.

“Trust me, I might have a clue,” he giggled. “Sorry I’ve been a slinthead today… That wasn’t fair to you.”

“It’s okay. Ease up. None of them will take me away from you, okay? Besides, they all view me as a sister.”

Newt’s lips twitched up. A smile formed on his mouth. He grabbed your hands in his, pulling you in for another kiss.

First Kiss

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Alby: Your first kiss is a hazy memory, but a sweet one. You were one of the first Gladers to enter the Glade, you came up with Alby, Newt, and all the others who were in the first group. It wasn’t long after that all the guys realzied you were the one and only girl, possibly the only girl to ever see the Glade. Months went by and only other boys came up, not that you minded. But Alby was very protective of you. He insisted you sleep in the Homestead and he insisted he sleep in the room next to you to ensure none of the other guys got any ideas. You agreed, begrudgingly, but you agreed. You remember one night, you woke up ina  cold sweat, a yelp leaving you mouth. You had been having nightmares the past few weeks but all you rememebr were these flashes of memories, of being trapepd in a glass box, of seeing these people clothed in white. But it was almsot like your memories were being wiped away clean everytime you woke up. Alby heard you and rushed in, thinking one of the guys got too tipsy at the bonfire or maybe the Greenie didn’t get the message, but instead all he saw was you, breathing hard and withsweat and tears streaming down your face. he crawled into your bed silently, stroked your hair, and pulled you into his chest, rocking you gently. You fisted his shirt and shuddered out a sigh, finally choking down your cries. In the dark you looked up at him, your mind hazy and your thoughts unclear. “Thank you,” you whispered, and as he was about to whisper back his response, you leaned up and kissed him, your chapped lips pushign against his smooth ones, tears rolling down inbetween your lips. He held you close and pulled back, rubbing your cheek softly. “You’re welcome,” he whispered, and kissed you again. The next morning you thought it was a dream, until you roleld over to find Alby, fast asleep behind you, his mouth open with snores coming out, his shirt riding up, and his arms flailed around him. It was a sweet kiss. A sad, sweet kiss that helped the nightmares subside for the night.

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Imagine: Gally beating up a Glader when he catches him bullying you.

Request: Anon “Imagine gally beating up a glader after they assault Y/N in front of everyone? Thank u !”

A/N: As I told this anon earlier, in the context of this imagine, the assault will just be bullying, not physical/sexual assault.

Pathetic. Weak. Worthless. These where just the few words you’d been hearing from Jack -a fellow Glader- and his friends. You had been in the Glade for a few weeks now and you had become quite close to most of the boys, however, being the first girl meant there were still some wary of you, and some more than others.  

Those few boys were awful to you; they treated you like absolute garbage. At first, you refused to let it get to you, but as time went on and the insults started getting worse, and it was really starting to hurt.

Some of the boys had started to notice the pain that you were hiding, but you were persistent on telling that that you were fine.

“Absolutely worthless,” Jack laughs as you attempt to pick up a large sack of potatoes to take to Frypan.

“So it’s you?” You turn at the sound of Gally’s thundering voice, Jack and his friends also turn to face him, “You’re the one who’s been hurting Y/N!”

“Gal-” Gally cuts him off with a punch straight to the nose; you jump at the sudden impact.

“You think we wouldn’t notice how she’s been feeling for the past few weeks?!” Another two punches. Jack is on the ground with Gally on top of him, his face is bloody.

“Gally!” You finally snap out of the shock and run forward to grip Gally’s arm. You force him to look at you, “Gally stop! Stop it! You’ve done enough! He’s not worth it Gal!”

Gally relentlessly gets off just as Newt and Alby push their way through the crowd, “What the bloody hell Gally!”

“There were better ways to deal with that,” Alby sighs, “You’ll be spending the night in the Slammer Gally. Someone get this shuckface to the medjacks!”

Just as two of the boys are about to lead Jack away, Gally grabs him by the arm, “You ever say anything to Y/N again and I’ll make sure that it’s more than just your nose that’s broken!”

The crowd eventually goes back to work and Alby is about to lead Gally to the Slammer when you stop him. You pull him into a quick hug, “Thank you Gally.”

“Anytime,” He smiles sheepishly.


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request: Hey :) I really like your blog and wanted to ask for an imagine as well because I really love your writing style *.* Could you please write an imagine where the reader is always compared to Teresa. She is much more curvier than Teresa and therefor bullied by some gladers. She feels very fat an starts having her lunch alone in the Deadheads. One day, Newt joins her there and he shows her how much he thinks she is beautiful. So it would be a smut-imagine if you dont mind ;) Thank youuu :*

warnings: smut (-:

first person


  “Hey Teresa,” I turned my head to see Minho running up to walk with me and the only other girl in the Glade, Teresa. “Oh hi, Y/N.”

  I faked a small smile. Ever since Teresa had come up in the box it was as if the guys didn’t know I even existed anymore. They were always trying to get close to her or make her laugh and wouldn’t even pay attention to me unless they wanted me to do something for them. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and self conscious about the situation, but I didn’t want anybody to know. They’d probably just think I want all the attention to yourself.

  “Whaddya want, Minho?” Teresa asked, her smile beaming.

  “Oh, nothing,” he smirked. “Just the chance to gaze upon your beauty,” Minho winked and Teresa chuckled. She was beautiful, I had to admit it. She was skinnier than I was, and she had nice hair and pretty eyes.

  “Oh, shut up,” Teresa slapped Minho on the side of his head.

  “Uhm, sorry, Teresa. I forgot I have something to do back by the Homestead. I’ll, uh, catch you later,” I didn’t really have anything to do, I just wanted to get away from the cheesy compliments Minho was throwing at Teresa. As I turned and walked away from the two of them, I caught the eyes of Newt. He was the most beautiful person in the place, in my opinion. His deep, smooth voice made me melt on the spot – as did his smile and everything else about him. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want him. I smiled at him and he did the same. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I started to blush when I suddenly collided with another Glader. Gally.

  “Whoa, watch it, Second-Best,” he laughed his words.

  “What?” I asked him, feeling the butterflies fly away.

  “I said, watch it Second-Best,” his arms folded across his body as he stared down at me.

  “Second-Best? What the hell does that mean?”

  “It means, Y/N, that you are the second best looking girl in the shuck place. You know, the second best to sleep with. The second best to date. The second best to do anything with,” he stated bluntly and stared over at where Teresa was now walking with three other Gladers. The way Gally said this made me feel like the least wanted person in the world.

  “But there’s only two of us girls here,” I pointed out.

  “No kidding,” he said. “Maybe you’d be first if Teresa there wasn’t so damn pretty,” he chuckled and turned to face the other direction, walking away as if he hadn’t just crushed my ego.

  Out of my peripheral vision I could see Newt making his way over to me. I knew I was going to start crying, and I didn’t want him to see me in this sort of state so I immediately faced the other way and started walking. It was about time for the Gladers to have lunch, but I suddenly lost your appetite after what had happened with Gally.

  I kept my head down as I rushed towards the Deadhead, the only place I could sit alone without someone comparing me to Teresa. As soon as I had ran in deep enough I hugged a tree. I hugged it. The tears began streaming down my face, dropping to the ground and feeding the roots of the tree. I sunk down to my knees before shifting my weight off of them and sitting on my butt. My back leaned against the tree trunk and I buried my face in my hands.

  I tried to keep my sobs quiet, but it was hard. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Gally had said. What he called me. The exact same thoughts kept passing through my mind.

  “Is that really what they all think of me? Am I really second-best at everything? I wonder what Newt thinks about me…”

  As if right on queue I hear Newt’s voice coming closer through the thick trees. “Y/N? Y/N, are you here?”

  “I just want to be left alone right now, Newt,” I exclaimed when I heard his footsteps nearing me. It had been all I wanted to spend some alone time with Newt, but not when I was like this. He had stopped right in front of me and bent down.

  “Look, I saw what happened with you and Gally, today,” he started, and it made the sobs come out even more. “Hey, shh. You’re okay, Y/N. There’s no need to cry.”

  He moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my shaking figure. My heart skipped a beat when I felt his breath against my neck. He rubbed my back with his hands, soothing me. My hands were still covering my face. The crying had lessened but my breathing wasn’t quite back to normal yet. Newt brought one of his hands up and ran his fingers through my hair.

  “Y/N, there’s something I want you to know,” he whispered, pulling away from me. I looked up into his beautiful eyes, blushing under his gaze. “I want you to know that, no matter how much worthless you might think you are, no matter how many times a day you tell yourself that you’ll never be as good as Teresa, no matter how many Gladers call you ‘Second-Best’… I will always be here for you. Since the first day you came up to the Glade in that box you’ve been all I could think about. You’re the most beautiful, gorgeous, most amazing girl I know, Y/N. I don’t care what those other shanks tell you, you mean the world to me.”

  The tears and shaky breaths seemed to disappear all of a sudden. There was no sign of the sobbing mess I had been just moments before. My heart was beating faster, and I didn’t know what to say. “Newt, I..”

  “You mean the world to me,” he repeated. “And I’m gonna show it to ya.”

  “Newt, what are you-” I was cut off by Newt’s lips crashing against my own. I moved one of my hands to the back of his neck, pulling him closer, and I pressed the other one against his chest. He ground our hips together and I moaned a little into the kiss. He smirked against my lips and began pulling down my pants. He pushed our crotches together again, and I could feel how hard he was already. I felt myself becoming wetter, and I wanted him to do something more.

  As if he could read my mind he hooked my panties down and slid them off of my legs in one swift movement. He moved his lips down so that he was sucking on the base of my neck. I felt his fingers trailing down slowly to my core. I let out a gasp when Newt reached my center. He rubbed circles against my clit with his thumb, and I arched my back against the tree. He pulled away from where he was kissing my neck and leaned back until he was face to face with the folds of my pussy.

  “Shuck, Y/N, you’re dripping,” he chuckled, placing a soft kiss against me.

  “Newt, please,” I whined, lifting my hips off of the ground slightly before he pushed them back down. “Do something, please.”

  He obeyed, licking up my soaking folds. I moaned as he continued sucking on me, nibbling here and there.

  Newt took one of his hands away from my hips and moved it down. His fingertips teased my entrance and I bucked my hips up in desperation.

  “Relax, baby,” he mumbled against me. Without warning he pushed one of his fingers inside of me. I sighed out in relief that he was actually doing something. He added another finger, thrusting them in and out of my wet hole.

  “Oh my god, Newt,” I whimpered as he thrusted his fingers faster. The moans slipped out of me uncontrollably, the pleasure building up within me. Newt continued sucking on my clit while his fingers were busy pleasuring me. His mouth opened and closed around my lips, and I knew I was almost there. He pushed his fingers deep into me, curling them and hitting just the right spots. “Shuck.”

  “You’re the most beautiful girl here, Y/N,” he stated, thrusting his fingers faster and harder. “Look at me, gorgeous.”

  I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I was moaning louder now, not trying to keep them in anymore.

  “The most. Beautiful. Girl. Ever.”

  With the last word that came out of his mouth I exploded around his fingers. I cried out his name as my orgasm washed over my entire body. He helped me ride out my high, slowing the thrusts of his fingers before pulling them out and sucking them clean. He kissed me down there once more before crawling back up to meet my eyes.

  My breathing was unsteady, this time for a good reason. After I had relaxed I leaned up and pressed our foreheads together. Newt leaned in and kissed me, cupping my face in his hands.

  “Do you believe me, Y/N?” he asked innocently. “Do you believe you’re worth more than you think you are, now?”

  “If I say no can we do this again?” I giggled.

  “Baby, we’ll do this again no matter what,” he chuckled, kissing my forehead.

  “I love you, Newt,” I sighed, snuggling into his chest.

  “I love you, too, beautiful.”


a/n: eek this is the only imagine i’ve written in first person. if i accidentally switched to third person at any part in the story pleaase let me know, lmao. i hope you liked this one, darling.

  • Minho: You have runner blood in you.
  • Y/N: Why would you say that?
  • Minho: You're always running, running away from work when possible, running away from Frypan's food, running towards Thomas and Gally to stop them from fighting, running away from your feelings for Newt and running away from confrontation of it with him.
  • Y/N: ... What are you trying to say?
  • Minho: You should become a runner!

“Hello sweetheart.” Gally’s strong arms wrapped around your waist as he greeted you. You smiled as he pressed a kiss to your jawline before letting you leave the homestead, you both froze when the alarm sounded across the Glade, before he could object you’d begun running across the Glade and skidded to a halt next to Newt who was yanking open the doors.


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Gally X Reader: Rescue Me

Summary: The reader is attacked by another glader, and is rescued by Gally

Warnings: Fight, getting attacked, near death

Word Count: 1005

Tag List: @mazerunnerfan17, @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @waytooinlovewithfandoms, @prob8850

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

Gally was a heavy sleeper, like a really heavy sleeper. (Y/n), Gally’s girlfriend’s screams woke him up faster than anything ever had. He jumped up out of his hammock and ran towards her screams. He ran through the deadheads. Her screams got louder and louder as he ran. She screamed out his name. Gally knew that he was close. He scanned the area for any traces of her. When he saw her there was a boy on top of her punching her over and over yelling at her to shut up. Gally ran straight at them and tackled the boy off. He started to punch the boy over and over. Newt ran over with everyone else and stopped in his tracks when he saw Gally punching the boy. Newt started yelling at Gally to stop.
Gally wouldn’t stop but then Newt shouted something that made him stop.
Gally stopped punching and shot right up and ran over to (Y/n). He knelt down and hugged her. She latched onto him and was crying into his shoulder. Gally just held her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Alby and Newt had shooed everyone away and carried the boy to the pit. When (Y/n) stopped crying she let go of Gally and looked at him.
“Thank you for rescuing me Gally”
“Anything for my princess”
(Y/n) giggled. Gally smiled. He had made her smile. He picked (Y/n) up bridal style and carried her all the way back to their hammock. They sat in their hammock. Gally had his arms around (Y/n), holding her while she calmed down. After (Y/n) calmed down she moved away from Gally and looked at him. She grabbed hands and looked at them. They were blood spattered and bruised. (Y/n) picked up her water and poured it onto Gally’s hands to wash the blood off. (Y/n) rubbed the dried blood off of Gally’s hands. She looked at the bruises with concern. 
“Do they hurt?”
“Not really”
(Y/n) lifted Gally’s hands and kissed the bruises. Gally laughed and pulled (Y/n) to lay on his chest. She buried her face into his chest and closed her eyes. Gally listened to her breathing as it evened out he knew that she had fallen asleep. He closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

The Next Day
Gally woke up to see (Y/n) still safe in his arms. He wondered how (Y/n) had gotten attacked if she had fallen asleep in the hammock with him. He decided he would ask her about it later. His arms tightened around (Y/n). She started to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and started to sit up. But Gally’s hold on her prevented her from doing so. She looked up at him to see him smiling down at her.
“Morning beautiful”
“Morning captain" 
(Y/n) snuggled back into Gally. 
”(Y/n) we need to get up"
“Five more minutes”
“(Y/n) we are going to miss breakfast”
(Y/n) kissed Gally passionately before getting up.
“I think you should have taken those five minutes”
“I think we can stay a few more minutes”
“You missed your chance babe”
“Aww come on”
“Your the one who said we needed to get up, now lets go. Maybe you can have some more later”
Gally got up and they headed to get their breakfast. They sat down and started to eat. Gally didn’t know how to approach (Y/n) with his question. His facial expressions betrayed him because (Y/n) knew something was up.
“Is something wrong Gally?”
“Come on, I know there is something wrong”
“Okay… Umm… I was wondering how you got attacked if you fell asleep in my arms”
“Oh. I got up to go to the bathroom. I was trying to be careful not to wake you because you’re a busy guy that needs his rest”
“Yeah… I still caused you trouble”
“It’s not your fault”
Gally and (Y/n) sat in silence for a while. Then Alby walked up.
“(Y/n) I need you to come with me. I need to know what happened last night”
(Y/n) stood up and Gally started to follow but Alby stopped him.
“Gally you stay”
“This experience may be more uncomfortable for her to talk about if you are there”
“Gally, I’ll see you later. Okay?”
With that, (Y/n) left with Alby. They went to the map room where they would have complete privacy since Minho and Thomas were in the maze. Alby started asking questions.
“What were you doing out of bed?”
“I was going to the bathroom…”
“Oh… We decided that we would leave his fate up to you. I mean he did attack you and all. If you want we will banish him”
“I don’t think a banishment is necessary. I believe he will steer clear of me now, Gally did beat him up pretty bad”
“I think you’re right… I don’t think any of the other guys will mess with you anymore considering you have Gally to protect you”
“Yup. He is my knight in shining armor”
“I will share you’re decision with the other keepers, including Gally. I’m pretty sure he won’t like it but I think he can deal with it considering you were the one who made the decision”
“Thank you Alby”
“No problem (Y/n)”
With that Alby and (Y/n) left the map room. (Y/n) made her way back to Gally. She crept up behind him and jumped on his back. Gally jumped but knew it was (Y/n). Nobody else in the Glade would ever think of doing that to him. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her. (Y/n) put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest. It was a perfect peaceful moment with just the two of them. Gally knew that he was never going to let (Y/n) go. She was his whole world, the thing that kept him going. She was the only one for him.

Cap’n Gally - Gally

Your name: submit What is this?

Being a builder in the glade wasn’t a difficult job at all… you know, if you were a girl, that is. It’s almost insultingly easy… actually, scratch that, it is insultingly easy. Do you know why it was insultingly easy? Because somebody makes it insultingly easy. Who, you ask? Well, I’ll give you a hint:

His name has five letters, and rhymes with alley.

“Y/N!” Speak of the devil. “Can you get me six 2x4′s or is that too hard for you?” He asked. 

You know, if the creators sent up waxing strips I wouldn’t even hesitate to wax his eyebrows right off!

“Of course I can, Cap’n Gally!” I replied in the most cheerful, rainbows-and-unicorns voice I could think of. I grabbed the planks and walked to the builder, who jerked his head toward the table next to him. I put the planks down there.

“I thought I told you to stop calling me that.”

“Stop calling you what?” I asked innocently.

“Captain Gally.”

“I don’t call you Captain Gally,” I told him. It was true; I didn’t call him that. “I call you Cap’n Gally. There’s a difference,” i clarified, shrugging. He rolled his eyes at me. “Funny you should mention that, too. I recall me telling you to stop giving me ridiculously easy jobs.”

“I don’t give you ridiculously easy jobs,” he replied, prompting me to raise an eyebrow at him. I crossed my arms.

“It’s nice to know that picking up a couple of two by fours is actually a difficult task, then,” I rolled my eyes.

“You could get splinters by picking up wooden planks,” he argued. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“And what? You can’t get injured by building stuff?” I asked incredulously. “Splinters aren’t bad after you take them out anyway.” Gally didn’t say anything more, so I just walked away from him, knowing he wouldn’t change his mind. I only hoped he knew that I wouldn’t stop calling him Cap’n Gally until he treated me like an equal.

A full day of doing nothing. That’s usually what I had. After I had settled into the Glade, I was sure that the grievers wouldn’t be the death of me, nor would it be starvation, injury, illness or dehydration. No, the death of me would definitely be boredom.

Gally was making a couch potato out of me.

Come the bonfire, I stood, leaning against a tree, watching all of the laughing and drunk gladers from a far. If I learned anything, it was that it would be an unwise decision for me to get within five feet of drunk teenage boys.

I didn’t feel like going to sleep, but I didn’t feel like joining in tonight either. No, tonight was all about observing.

I saw Newt talking with Alby, both with smiles on their faces. Minho was hanging out with the youngest glader, Chuck. I noticed Gally was missing, but I didn’t really pay much attention to his absence.

“Hi,” his voice greeted me from behind. I turned to face the builder.

“I’m surprised you’re not picking fights with anybody over there,” I replied bluntly, making him shrug.

“Not in the mood.” I nodded, turning to face the gladers again. Gally walked beside me. “And you? I thought you’d want to at least talk to your friends.”

“I deemed it unwise to go anywhere near drunk boys,” I admitted. “Plus, carrying six 2x4′s really tuckered me out,” I told him, my voice laced with sarcasm. Gally didn’t say anything, he only looked at me. I glanced at him for a second. “What?”

“I’m sorry…” I rose my eyebrow, turning my body to face him.

“You’re apologising?”

“You’re right. I have been babying you, but it’s only because… because…”

“Because what?” I urged. He looked away from me for a second before his eyes locked with mine.

“Because I like you, Y/N. And I don’t want you to get hurt is all…” he admitted. I widened my eyes at him. He stepped closer to me, so close I could feel his breath on my lips as I stared into his eyes.

At the same time though, I could spell the alcohol.

He leaned closer to me, aiming to close the gap between our lips, but I leaned away from him, a smirk appearing on my face as I teased him.

“Good night, Cap’n Gally,” I whispered before walking away, leaving the boy intrigued.

Imagine Gally falling in love with you, but not being able to do anything about it because of Alby’s rules.

requested by: anon

You’d had enough of Gally giving you the cold shoulder so you decided to repay the favour and completely ignore him. Days had passed with the two of you walking by each other in tense silence, secretly wishing the other would cave and speak. But by day four, Gally had reached the end of his tether and everything seemed to come pouring out at once.

“Can we talk?” His voice was timid, something you hadn’t experienced with him before. It threw you but you stood strong and stayed silent. He sighed, “Look-”

“I don’t want to hear it,” you cut.

But he tried again anyways, his voice with an edge this time. “Will you-?”


He took a deep breath, trying to stay calm but his emotions took control, but the careless expression on your face pushed him once again. “Will you just listen to me?!” Gally yelled, taking two strides towards you. He reached out and placed his hands on your shoulders, keeping you close. You tried to escape his grasp but he kept a tight grip, desperate to talk.

“Why should I bother?” you hissed. “One minute we were together whenever we could be and now you’re avoiding me, why should I bother listening to you?” Your arms were folded across your chest, eyes cold.

“It’s not my choice, okay?” His expression softened and his arms dropped to his sides. You gazed at him, exasperation evident in your features.

“No it’s not okay, Gally! You don’t get to blow me off this time, no more excuses! You can either stop this or I’m done chasing after you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

His brows furrowed as he ran a hand down his face, breathing a heavy sigh. “God- Just,” he took a quick glance around at the other Gladers, and realised you were out in the open. “We can’t do this here.” Gally took your hand and pulled you through a cluster of trees in the grove, away from any prying eyes.


“Just shut up and listen.” He stepped away from you and began to pace.

“I was told to stay away from you, Alby said-”


“Yeah. He sees you as his-”

“I’m aware of how he sees me as a younger sibling, Gally, but that still doesn’t explain why you’ve been ignoring me or why he supposedly told you to stop talking to me.”

Gally looked sheepish. “He knows I like you… And he doesn’t like it.”

written by: jay

leave me alone

character: all the gladers, I dod not put the reader in a relationship 

Warnings: i cant think of the word but a rude person is catcalling and is being mean and wont go away. so like catcalling or whatever. Also a naked girl for like one line. But if you look or think hard enough a dude does mention wanting sex. One last one, a character has a bit of a dirty mouth so swearing.

Extra notes: I did make up an extra glader as to not make anybody’s favorite glader the bad guy so thats why there is a random name in there that you have never heard. 

The glade was a safe place, it was boring yet safe. Nobody ever complained about it too much.I mean obviously they wanted out but everybody knew it was safer here so they just left it alone. They never had to worry about food or water, they had shelter abd they had eachother and thats one thing they could agree on. The only other thing they could agree on was how perfect Y/N was. Y/N was unlike everybody else who was in the glade. She was loving, coring, innocently untouched by the evil that seemed to surround everybody else. When someone was in need she was always there, now it was their turn to be there for her.

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She Ain’t You.

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REQUEST: Write one with Gally using this prompt; “I don’t love her. I love you!”

FANDOM: Gally [The Maze Runner]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: none

I watched as my boyfriend Gally laughs and chats with Teresa, the new girl of the Glade. I came back from the Maze and found that Gally wasn’t in the fields where the Builders were. I thought he had a Keepers meeting so I headed to the hut to get dinner. Turns out I saw Gally talking to Teresa, leaning against the nearby tree, laughing. 

This wasn’t the first time he has done this. No. Of course I didn’t mind him talking to other people- boy or girl. I’m not his parent. But ever since Teresa came, it was like he completely forgot I existed. It was like he didn’t want me around anymore.

My blood is boiling. He has done this so many times. Teresa has been new here for two months and all the guys treated her like a Queen and glancing at me with a short smile before going back to Teresa’ attention.

I wouldn’t blame them. She was so pretty. A unique face, a slim body. I probably wouldn’t even beat her to a beauty pageant. A rock would have a better chance of winning. Gally deserves a girl like Teresa, not me.

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Gally x reader

Summary: Gally is jealous of how close the reader is with Minho.

Warnings: None

A/N: There is no jealous!Gally in this part. There are a few more parts to this, I finished the whole thing a while ago. Let me know if you want to read more :)

part 2  part 3

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“All I’m saying is you don’t have to smile back at Gally.” Thomas snapped.


“You are being ridiculous Thomas and I’m not going to talk to you until you’re less… grumpy.” You turned on your heels and stormed away. 

Thomas sighed and ran a hand across the back of his neck and watched you ask Newt if he needed help, a glance across the glade told Newt that you simply needed some time away from everyone else, so he nodded happily.

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[ Headcanon #2 ] Polyrelationship (Thominewt x reader)

Request: Hello!! I just want to leave a request here! Would you mind doing headcanons wich the reader has a poly relationship with minho, thomas and newt? If you don’t feel mad with this. Kisses and hugs c: ~ by anonymous

Thanks for the request, i hope you like it:)


Headcanons for being in a Polyrelationship with Thomas, Newt and Minho

  • Minho, Newt and Thomas would be in a relationship long before you even came to the glade

• more or less secret bc what would Alby say?

• when you came up with the box, you took an immediate liking in Newt

• but hey, Minho and Thomas weren’t that unattractive either??

• soon you found yourself crushing on three boys


• well shit

- you knew you would have to make a desicion sooner or later

• and it fucked you up

• they were your best friends

• and you pretended not be in love with all of them

• like, a crush on your best friend is always awkward

• and now it was basically three times more awkward

• at least for you

• your reaction was priceless when they eventually  told you about the relationship they already had

• you felt so happy and hopeful??!

• but still hadn’t the courage to talk about your feelings

• at least not to all of them at the same time

• one day you gathered every last ounce of confidence you had and told Newt about your feelings

• turned out he liked you too

• he helped you to confess your feelings to Thomas and Minho

• which had the same positive reaction as Newt

• you had to get used to having now three boyfriends

• three sweet, loving and caring boyfriends, who treated you like a queen

• you would often sneak into the deadheads together

• and just lay there, snuggled up together, enjoying each others presence

• nobody would be suspicious

• bc who would ever expect a (romantic) relationship between the four of you?

• right, nobody

• aLL thE KiSsEs

• anD tHE HUgS

• they’re like, never ending

• one of them is always available to cuddle you

• you would tell each other everything

• for example that Minho and Thomad often used their time alone in the maze for…other things than running

• or how Newt got his limp

• you would make life in the glade so much bearable for each other

• one thing you found kinda annyoing but at the same time endearing: jealousy

• like, it’s one thing to have one protective boyfriend

• but three??

• oh the drama when one of the other gladers did as much as making you a friendly compliment

• but they would calm down quickly again

• knowing you were all theirs

• you were like a little family

• always caring for each other

• after a little while most of the boys suspected you to be together with Newt, just bc you spent the whole day together in the garden and where obviously close

• that’s what Gally thought, too

• and he wasn’t that pleased that you were taken, he wanted you for himself

• so when he accidentally saw you making out with Thomas behind the map room, he saw his chance to bring Newt to break up with you

• or so he thought

• Gally confronted you and Thomas at dinner, with everybody watching

- you couldn’t stop laughing as Gally accused you on cheating on your boyfriend - with your other boyfriend

• Minho explained everything

• some of the boys were confused about how this was possible, and about how this could work

• but most of them seemed to be happy for you and didn’t care that much, just like, do what makes you happy

• Alby wasn’t pleased, but he didn’t have any arguments against it either

• it made you happy, and you still did your work, so why force you to break up?

• he accepted it eventually

• along with everyone else (even Gally)

• you lived happily ever after ♡♡