stop g8

London G8 Protest

Today, many anarchists and other leftist’s traveled to london to demonstrate against the upcomming G8 summit in northen ireland.

Me and my commrade who i will refer to as A for now had just walked out of charring cross station on our way to the meeting point for the demonstration which was picadily circus, moments later at picadily we were both set upon by a gang of 4 olice officers, they slamed A against a wall, face first and me against a pillar. naturally A was struggling due to the violence used by these pigs, they proceeded to put him in hand cuffs. meanwhile two police officers had restrained my arms and i remind you we had been on london for no longer than 20 minuets and had not comitted any illegal acts, these two officers refused to give me the reason for mine and A’s detention despite asking many times, only quoting the power they were detaining us under. it is clear we were targeted for our political affiliations and dress.   when shouting to the pig that was assualting him A spat accidently, and one of the officers present then half punched half pushed A’s face into the wall shouting “if you spit at me again!” whilst i was struggling to draw attention to this act of brutality by pointing and and shouting the two officers restraining me pushed me away from A and into a pillar placing me in handcuffs. A had been searched and i was in the middle of being search when 11 police officers in total arrived and attempted to stop the legal advisers and other activist from recording the incident. 

The pigs then arrested A with from what i could hear for suspicion of criminal damage and threw him in the back of a meat wagon, they then  took my name from a credit card i had on me without my consent  and finally i was released. this all happened at around 11:30 am, it is now 21:45 pm at time of writting and A has only just been released. 11 police officers for two people.

 I will post pictures and video of todays actions later on, and the video of our arrest if and when i can get my hands on it,

They stole A’s right to protest and nearly stole mine. welcome to london.

(A if you see this and i have got any of the events wrong or you wish for any part to be removed just ask!)