stop freaking out people

So for Halloween I made this dead body prop to hang in the front window of my tattoo shop and now that it’s over we put it out in the street for the trash people to pick it up and people keep stopping and staring at it all freaked out like lol

the real struggle = how much i love reading, and how much it totally screws me up lately when i finish a good, thoughtful book

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Part of the problem ppl have with Bughead is that Jughead has always been coded as gay (if you look it up there are plenty of specific comic scenes to back it up) they could never outright say that he was gay, bc the comics where created during homophobic times. But ppl think he should be allowed to be represented as gay now, bc this is a less (but still homophobic) time

I thought the issue was his asexuality (that only became canon in a comic book in 2016)…? Well, if he was gay he wouldn’t be interested in Betty or marry Midge. Or be surrounded by hearts while interacting with Betty. Anyway. People can believe whatever they want, but the main point that I’m trying to make is: respect people’s hard work, and if you can’t because they won’t give you what you want, just stop watching it. It’s getting really tiring to see people freaking out over something like that and being so nasty.

If Riverdale isn’t for you, move on. It’s a TV show, not a life and death matter, you know.

Batfam memes pt2

Bruce: literally just batdad vines

Alfred: kermit the frog sipping his tea

Dick: Joe biden memes(so pURE)

Jason: inner kermit memes

Tim: I dubbz “I hAVe cripPling deprEssion”

Damian: Arthur memes

Babs: Skeleton army memes

Steph: spongegar

Cass: mannequin challenge (she would just stop in random places and stay still to freak people out)

Kate: I dubbz “I’m GAY”

(I would do others but I don’t want to mess up the characters too badly)

Mini rant:
I wish everyone would stop talking so badly about the cover of by your side that the 1975 just released. I get that everyone’s upset about the auto tune but it’s honestly not that bad. And the boys seem to be really excited about it and I think everyone should just be excited for them.

Ok can Everyone please PLEASE please stop freaking out over Malec in tonight’s episode! I understand why people are upset but everyone just needs to take a deep breath and calm down.

All this bs about this episode being homophobic is just crazy. Personally what I love about Malec is that it has been such a nice, soft, realistic build up to what these characters have with each other. It doesn’t compare to any other romantic relationship on the show. The writers have taken their time, carefully developing Malec and I don’t believe they would throw that all alway in one episode. We still have half of a season and hopefully more seasons to come for these boys to do more romantic things (like have sex). I rather see more cute, domestic moments like gift giving and casual conversation, again no other romantic relationship has this and I think that adds more complexity to their relationship than a sex scene.

And please stop calling Alec a fucking rapist. I will admit that the whole scene with Alec and Magnus taking about sex kinda rubbed me the wrong way. It was a little awkward and it bothered me that Alec didn’t even ask Magnus if sex was what he wanted and instead it seemed like Alec was to focused on himself. But then that got me thinking, Malecs whole thing this season has been about communication. If Magnus told Alec he didn’t want to, Alec would stop. And if you think otherwise you do not know Alec’s character at all.

So stop attacking Todd, stop attacking the writers. I’m sure things will get cleared up next week, and if they don’t the writers/showrunners will learn from their mistakes.

(I wrote this post just to express my own feelings, Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings. I love talking about this show so if anyone wants to talk about this in a chill way I’m totally down.)

Things I’ve Actually Said to the Types, by an INTJ

ENTJ: “Stop telling me how to live my life, news flash, you are not one of my parents”


ENTP: “We are not allowed to set that on fire!!!”

INTP: “Oh my GOD, please stop making wine in your closet”

ENFJ: “Did you go to nice school. Did they tell you to say that”

INFJ: “Omfg if you send me one more terrifying selfie I’m terminating this friendship”

ENFP: “Do not have sex in my dress. I swear to God”

INFP: “Stop feeling sorry for everyone!! Humans suck”

ESTJ: “Hey here’s an idea, let’s not read the entire instruction manual front to back twice”

ISTJ: “Go crazy sometimes. Don’t do the extra credit. Stay up past 9 pm. Get wild with it”


ISTP: “Please. Fix this. Fix my life”

ESFJ: “How do you know when everyone’s birthday is?? Do you have a book filled with the dates and shit?? Why are you always baking???”

ISFJ: “Thanks for trying to make me feel better, as usual. You’re the human version of a Band-Aid, I love it”

ESFP: “If you and your friends feel the need to scream like apes and throw things then go downstairs because I have a midterm tomorrow”

ISFP: “Teach me how to art”

Eh so one of my friends says this guy is a twit
Oh well

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Oh, God. Camren shippers taking ridiculous to new levels. Lauren's just had to disable comments on her latest IG because her friend Keana resembles Camila and people wouldn't stop freaking out about the similarity. I feel for Lauren, man. It's clear she wants absolutely nothing to do with her old bandmate, yet people have no damn boundaries.

it’s weird seeing comments like “omg this is keana but it looks like camila so camren is real!!” looooool.


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i'm not scorpio dom (it's a close second to aquarius) but i'm a scorpio sun and i enjoy staring at people to freak them out or intimidate them but if they start getting upset i'll usually stop

freaking people out is only fun for you!!!! stop!!!! ahhhhhhhh

@redbootsthetimetraveller tagged me to post 11 random facts about myself. Thank you, Love!

1. I have an unconditional love for my pets - I have a dog and a cat (who is cross eyed.)

2. I love writing. I used to write fam fictions about David Bowie and then I stopped because I freaked out about people reading my writing and deleted it.

3. I made a collage as a tribute to David Bowie and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever created.

4. I’m a photographer. I know, I’m crazy for wanting to do it as a profession.

5. I am a home bird. I hate being away from home too long. I get very homesick very easily, but it’s always because I miss my Mum.

6. My moods are very up and down. I can go from being the happiest person alive one day to not being able to get out of bed the next.

7. I don’t know if you can tell, but I love George Harrison with all my heart.

8. I’m secretly a very bitter and jealous person, but I’m trying to improve on that.


10. I rarely ever wear makeup. Most people think it’s because I’m comfortable with how I look, but it’s genuinely because it’s too much effort to apply and take off.

11. I love going to festivals, concerts and gigs. It’s a feeling that I can’t even put into words.

I tag: @keithsgotmerocking, @ringo-im-sixteen and @george-harrisons-cigarette

  • Me, making dinner, loudly singing along to Sweeney Todd: It's priest... Try a li'l priest....
  • Roommate, walking into the kitchen: Hey, what're doing?
  • Me: *turns around knife in hand*
  • Me: *bright red beet juice dripping down arms and off knife*
  • Me: Making dinner.
  • Roommate: *slowly leaves the kitchen without a word*
to you broken hearted nekoma lovers

okay listen, nekoma is going to nationals. y’all need to calm the heck down. tokyo’s finalists get to go to nationals, yes. so you’d think:

oh no nekoma lost so they aren’t going to go to nationals and they can’t do the battle of the trash heap !! nooO!!! furudate u suck!! WRONG.

because tokyo is the host they get three representatives. the losers of the semi finals play against each other for the third spot.

and the losers are nekoma and most likely the snake team. i mean WHY ELSE would furudate set up that whole seen between kuroo and their captain. they had to play at some point. but it wouldn’t be realistic for nekoma to win against fukurodani. so of course they lost.

but don’t worry they’re probably going to play the snake team an struggle their way to getting that third spot. it’s going to happen. it’s just how sports anime works. stop freaking out people.

tbh,,,… its 2016 can people stop putting autoplay on their blogs it freaks out people w/ anxiety/panic issues amongst lots of other things so please! do not play it automatically! please make your blogs more accessible to disabled people (both mentally and physically) thank you!

If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.