stop freaking out people

This!!! Can people stop freaking out now. I completely understand how it sounded at first too but she deleted it because she REALIZED how it sounded and didn’t mean it like that. She wants to meet so many people so bad. She’s trying her best guys.



“It’s…. I feel really bad for him. I wanna give him another hug, but this stuff doesn’t come out of clothes easy…”

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This fandom needs to calm down, I see everybody freaking out over 5 seconds in the promo, how Waverly having a drink with Rosita means, they are dating or Waverly will cheat on Nicole, or that wayhaught will break up, it’s 5 seconds. So let’s be clear on something.

Rosita is the bartender, it’s entirely possible that she just gave Waverly a drink and that’s it, that’s the whole scene, promos are misleading, don’t make a big deal out of it. and don’t believe everything you see on promos. Women talking to other women doesn’t automatically mean dating. 

If you think Waverly would ever cheat on Nicole, think again if you really love and know Waverly as a character, I am 300% sure is that she’s in love and faithful to Nicole, there’s going to be drama in wayhaught, they are going to disagree on things because that’s how relationships work, as long as they work on their issues together that’s what matter. They won’t break up, wayhaught is endgame i mean really? are you questioning that? in the long run they might break up some time, it happens, but they will get back together.

Waverly deserves all the friends she can get, I want Waverly to have a friend outside of wayhaught and Wynonna, it’s healthy and it doesn’t mean she will cheat on Nicole with the first female she talks, that’s a toxic thought. Pretty sure Nicole trusts Waverly more than half the fandom at this point. 

and lastly and more important, don’t be rude and disrespectful to the cast, or whoever works behind the scenes, don’t turn a respectful and nice fandom into something toxic and negative. 

Has anyone emailed the dan and phil shop about the fucking merch yet? 

Good God, I’m sick of this fucking debate. If you hate how they have used Japanese characters on their merch and how it’s offensive because they don’t speak Japanese, how they don’t realize what their doing is harmful because they are two White British Rich Men selling a culture that isn’t theirs. 


I’m sorry but I’m sick of everyone bitching about how ignorant Dan and Phil are, instead of actually doing something about the problem. 
They don’t monitor us like you think they do. They’re not nose deep in reviews or reading every post or even their own mentions. is their email. 

They don’t want to hurt anybody, that’s not their intention. They also never want people to feel entitled that they MUST buy their product.
They’re never going to fix things if we don’t communicate with them directly. Has anyone thought about talking to Martyn? As he is kind of THE HEAD of their company?? 

It’s business. Reviews are good. Even the negative ones. They bring in better product. They’re trying to see what is going to sell and what’s not. But that isn’t solely based on the numbers, it’s also on customer appreciation too. 

So instead of getting all heated about it on Tumblr, actually do something about it. 

I’ve been doing my best to avoid posting in the tags lately because this place has attracted a lot of haters and negative Nancys! But things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few days. I especially did not want to make this post, but too many people keep pestering me with the same questions about Daniella Filler, so I’m just going to address this topic and hopefully people can stop freaking out.
For those of you who don’t know, Daniella Filler is a model who works for an agency called Richards Models. Last March, when Cole was in Vancouver filming the pilot, he and DF did a photoshoot together. If you check out Cole’s IG page, and go to his photos from March 2016, you’ll find them. He’s tagged both Daniella and her agency in these pictures, so it’s strictly a professional shoot. Do people honestly think that Cole would take advantage of a model he was assigned to work with by a company he works for? Cole stayed in Vancouver for less than a month when they did the pilot, so how the hell did he find the time to have a gf, which he clearly abandoned once filming was done and he went back to NY/LA! Please, people, start having some common sense.
Yes, Cole and Daniella are friends. She hung out with him and some of the cast last December when they all went roller skating. However, what you don’t know is that Daniella is also an aspiring photographer. Without disclosing too much personal information about her, because people seem to be going to her pages and sending her hate, which is just WRONG, Daniella has started up a photography portfolio, and Cole has been helping and teaching her photography. She even accompanied him to his photoshoot in February with adeezia_adhel: the one of them in the snow (again, you can find these pictures on his IG). DF also took photos of the model and uploaded them to her own personal photography account. So people seriously need to chill out and stop assuming that every girl Cole is seen out with is a girl he’s banging.
Also, if people look at the photos of DF and Cole hiking the other day, you’ll notice they both have their cameras with them. They were clearly there taking pictures. And if you want even further proof that there is nothing going on between them and nothing ever did, I’ve linked a screenshot of one of Cole’s photo captions where he discusses perverted photographers. Cole is very professional. He did not take up photographer to f*ck models. That would make him a creep! And we all know he’s not. Sorry if this was abrupt.

*Oh, and before I forget - that apparent “hand holding” picture people got worried about was not that at all. Cole went closer to DF because he was moving out of the way to let the other guy through.

Suddenly I See You: Ch. 8

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A/N: There isn’t much I can say for this, except brace yourself. It almost feels like a filler chapter, but I can promise you it’s not. It’s the nail in the coffin that’s important for the last two chapters and for the final decision. Still silently praying this doesn’t disappoint. Much Love, Jenn

Genre: Mino x Reader, Zico x Reader

Words: 7512

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

For the first time you woke up without fear of running late to class and without panic from a nightmare. The worry of going through your day and disappointing one person or another. A smile stretched across your face as your arms extended back into the pillows. A scent you’d now grown accustom to enveloping you in comfort, as your eyes opened to adjust to the sunlit room.

You glanced over the side of the bed to look for Zico only to find he wasn’t there. His pillow and blankets reminiscent of a body that laid beside you throughout the night.

You moved to sit up and slide off the bed. Your feet carrying you over to the long mirror he’d placed in the corner to catch a glimpse of yourself. It wasn’t the reflection you’d hope to find. Your face puffy and hair a mess. Your hands flew up to try and smooth it down when you heard the door begin to open. You ran back to the bed and jumped on it, grabbing the bed sheet just as Zico walked into the room. His lips in an amused smirk as you wrapped the blanket around yourself like E.T.

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I was reading your paper about Cesar Millan, and I didn't know there was actual terms for the sensory overload thing, flooding. My parents used to have an Aussie that would refuse to walk on the laminate flooring after slipping and falling on their lab puppy when they were playing. My mom and I just started putting towels and throw blankets on the ground for the Aussie to make her less anxious inside because it was easier on everyone. It was pretty heartbreaking to see the dog that upset.

I’m glad you found a way to help her! 

Flooding is technically when you force them to stay with the scary thing until they end up in a state of learned helplessness - so if she’d been held on the floor until she gave up and stopped freaking out, that would be flooding. That’s also what people often call ‘exposure therapy’ for people (when they don’t know what they’re talking about). Showing someone a photo of a spider and working up to real spiders is exposure therapy, dumping a box of spiders on someone so they just ‘get over it’ is flooding. 

Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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Can we please get some confession headcannons with Monoma? Whether it be him confessing to his crush or the other way around is up to you!

Yaaassss, my trash child! I’ll do both because I love him so much~

Monoma Neito:

If he’s confessing-

  • is super shojo manga about it
  • does the hand on the wall thing
  • thinks he’s being smooth af but really he’s a nervous wreck
  • so nervous he can’t form real sentences
  • “date go me with wanna yes” “what”

If they’re confessing-

  • tries to play it off like it’s no big deal
  • “yeah I figured, who wouldn’t like someone as awesome as me”
  • screams like a 12 year old girl on the inside
  • he’s sO HAPPY
  • doesn’t stop smiling for the whole day and it freaks people out

i just want to say that i had a nice time at uni tonight in my first class, like yes i had to take a valium to make myself chill/i’m glad i did bc we had to introduce ourselves so it stopped me freaking out abt talking in front of people a bit but STIL i feel accomplished n proud of myself :-) i hope it continues throughout the semester!!!!!

Confession:  I wish people would stop freaking out when Jaal is anything but a naive celibate meek guy who’s not allowed to have any banter with any other female but Ryder. He’s not. He’s respectful, cautious, and sweet, but he’s an adult, who’s been in love before, and has a strong sense of sarcasm, humor, and innuendo. With angaran ways, which make him more emotionally open or blunt, which I think people take as “serious” flirting where an angara wouldn’t. Plenty of squadmates have teasing banter that doesn’t lead to anything- Peebee/Liam joke, Cora/Drack too, Vetra/Peebee in a way, Vetra about Suvi, friends like Varric/Isabela, even Isabela/Carver or Morrigan/Sten pairs in Dragon Age (that squad banter system was more similar to Andromeda than the other ME games). It’s just amusing talk to fill silence. So Jaal exchanges some playful words with Vetra and Cora, and some definitive flirting with Peebee- it doesn’t mean he’s a perv, or unfaithful, or doesn’t love Ryder when they solidify their relationship. He even carefully confirms that he and Cora/Vetra are “friends.” I get some fleeting jealousy, but it’s not a tragedy or unfaithful act on Jaal’s part.

mod note: I didn’t catch the “sven” earlier.  let’s just headcanon there is an awesome Dragon Age character named Sven who is Morrigan’s ex-boyfriend who got turned into a mushroom.

Go Home

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader(female) is dating Malia and the reader gets nervous meeting the pack and “hides” behind Malia begging to go home and cuddle while watching Netflix.”

Ship: Malia Tate x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, anxious, cuteness, minimal swearing, cuddling, etc. (If you have a problem with two girls cuddling and kissing, do not read this and lowkey leave my blog) 

Notes: None of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Your P.O.V

I head into Beacon Hills High for another riveting day of class. Tossing my lunch and other useless items into my locker, I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist, kissing my cheek before pulling away to kiss my face. I giggle at the action, already knowing that it was my beautiful girlfriend, Malia. Malia and I’ve been dating for about a year and a half now, and I couldn’t have be happier. She brought me great join and made things easier on my life. As a partner does. Whenever we were at an event that required lots of talking, she was there to fill the void of empty space. And, considering that I am a very shy person, and Malia being a very vocal person, always had something to say. 

Not having a filter does that to you, I suppose. I clutch my books to my chest, grinning up at her. Our height difference being not so different. Malia kissed my cheek and lips again, grinning as I attempted to pull away from her. “Malia, not here!” I hissed but smiled. I wasn’t into public affection, not wanting to draw attention to myself anymore than I would need to. But Malia, well, she was a completely different story. She loved to put our PDA on the table. I knew her well enough, not only did she proudly vocalize it when I asked. But she adored me and wanted to show the world how lucky she was to have me. And, being a werewolf and all, liked to show territorial dominance over anyone dared to glance at my direction. 

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She wanted to show the world that I was hers and she was mine. I intertwine my hand with hers, smiling. Malia grins back down at me, a simple action that I’ve fallen in love with. Whenever she looked at me, her smiles were soft, kind. A thing most people didn’t get the chance to see. I, being the lucky few. She walks me to first block class. I can’t help but glance at how beautiful she was, pure giddiness and adoration ran through me. Malia caught me staring once or twice, smirking to herself as I flushed red. When we got to my classroom, she kissed me goodbye and went to her class. I took my seat, still smiling from what had just happened. How could I have gotten so lucky? After class, Malia laced her hands with mine, stopping at her locker. 

“Okay, don’t freak out, but there’s a few people I want you to meet.” I took a step back, still surprised by her forwardness. “Who?” She grinned, the smile I’ve always loved. “My pack. We’re having a pack party and I really want to introduce you to them.” My heart stopped cold. I wasn’t good with meeting knew people. My anxiety and shyness has continued to let me explore. Deep down though, I wanted to make Malia happy. She noticed an internal war fester within me, wrapping her warm hands around my face, a small action that brought me great comfort. “Please, (Y/n).” She begged. “These people are like my family. Please come. For me?” I look into her eyes, her beautiful pleading eyes. Malia didn’t ask much from me so when she practically begged this from me, I knew these people must’ve meant something big to her. Sighing in defeat, I nod my head. “Fine. I’ll go.” 

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She giggles loudly, wrapping her arms my neck, kissing my face, profusely.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much! I’ll pick you up at seven! Bye, babe!!” She hops out of the school, almost giddy. I can’t help but grin at the sight. Deep down, however, my heart dropped at the thought of being with a group of people I didn’t know, and or associate with. God, what was I gonna say? Fuck, I’m gonna embarrass myself so badly.. I head on home, debating in my head on what I should wear. I spend the next three hours preparing lines in the bathroom, trying on, what felt like, hundreds, if not thousands of outfits. Finally being beyond fed up, I threw some black jeans on with a beanie, a batman shirt, a black jacket and some converse. Casual and fun? Right? Ugh, fuck it. I need to grow a vagina and woman up. 

My girlfriend needs me tonight, damn it. I ain’t gonna wuss out of this. I put on a determined expression, muttering already planned small talk in my head as a reminder. Glancing down at my watch to check the time, I sigh. 6:58. I spray myself with perfume before walking out, knowing that Malia would be exactly on time. Two minutes passed, and, like I predicted, she was right on time, as always. “Hey there, hot stuff. Ready for some fun!” She said, excitedly. I try to put on an equally cheerful expression, but my girlfriend being a werewolf and all, read my demeanor easily. “Yeah, so excited to have some fun.” I pop open my door, sliding into my seat. I can’t help but shake with nerves, my foot, unknowingly to me, continued to hop up and down as we drove closer to the party. 

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As we pulled up, Malia took my face in her hands. I didn’t realize how beautiful she was until now, sporting a white shirt with a pair of light blue jeans and some high tops. Though her hair was short, it cascaded her face perfectly. Her face slightly brighter than normal, but I would assume it was the slight adjustment with her make-up routine. “(Y/n), your heart beat is really fast?!” She says, worriedly. “Deep breaths, babe. Look, I know I am asking a lot of you. But- I really want you to meet them. These people are like my family. And I have been dying to show you off to them and-” I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers, almost needy. Our lips mold together in a happy formation. When I release, her lips are swollen and Malia is completely in awe, literally breath taken. 

“Wow-” She manages to spew out. “What was that for?” I smile, pressing my hand to her cheek. “Malia, though I am very scared, half of the nerves come from you. What can I say, you make me nervous. But I am willing to do absolutely anything for you. Let’s go meet your friends.” She grins, giggly before kissing me again. I hop out of the car, sliding my hand in her palm to pull her back towards me. I kiss her again, more slowly this time. “You look gorgeous, by the way.” I manage to mutter to her. We lace fingers before making our way up to the house. The music practically bled through the windows and doors. Though I said I’d do anything for Malia, which is true, that didn’t stop my heart from racing. The second we reach the door, Malia hit the bell, smiling. Hoping she didn’t notice, I tried to hide behind her. 

A short girl with strawberry blonde hair opened the door, with pursed lips and a hard stare. Though her serious expression lightened greatly once her eyes fell on Malia. “Malia!! Finally! Where’s your girlfriend you keep telling us about?” Oh, fuck. Here we go. Malia moved to show me off to the girl who now eyed me up and down, as if she were scanning me with lazer vision. “Lydia, meet my girlfriend.” My cheeks heat up under her icy gaze. I force my hand out, muttering. “H-Hi, I-I’m (Y/n). Malia’s g-girlfriend.” She takes it, smirking back at Malia. “You got a good one. She’s cute. Come on in.” I sigh in relief, happy that the attention is no longer on me. But deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last for long. All of a sudden, a group of people came up to Malia. Shit.. Lydia takes the initiative to introduce me. 

“Guys, that’s (Y/n). Malia’s girlfriend.” Their gazes moved to me. Almost immediately, my face flushed and I swear I perspired through my jacket cause I was sweating so bad. “H-Hi.” I embarrassingly croak out. A short Asian girl smiled up at me, her arm wrapped around another boy who towered over her. Boyfriend, I would guess. “Awe she’s shy. It’s okay, sweetheart. We don’t bite. I’m Kira. It’s nice to meet you.” I take her hand, not daring to hold her gaze. “It’s an honor to meet you, Kira. A-All of you. Malia talks so highly of you.” The boy who’s hands were wrapped around Kira spoke, smiling slightly. He looked warm, welcoming. “I hope all good things. I’m Scott, by the way. We’ve actually heard quite a lot about you too.” My eyes went wide as I fidgeted with my hands. “Oh, really? L-Like what?” I say, nervously, glancing back at Malia with fear. 

Before anyone could speak, Kira jumped up, practically shouting. “Oh! You must be parched! Let me grab you a water!” I manage to mutter a quick thank-you before she comes bouncing back. I rather liked her. She seemed nice. As I was taking a sip, boy around the same height as Scott said, with a smirk, still piggy-backing off our previous conversation. “She said, and I quote, ‘My girlfriend’s pretty good at a lot of things. But my favorite quality has to be that she’s great with her hands.’” I choke on the water, completely surprised that Malia said that to them. But then again, it was Malia. I shouldn’t be shocked by her forwardness and filter-less vocabulary. Coughing, I clear my throat, completely flustered. “Good to know.” Malia giggled at my embarrassing state, wrapping her hand around my waist. “Between you and me-” She says towards the group. “If I thought she was good with her hands, I can’t wait to tell you how amazing she is with her tou-” 

Wide eyed, I covered her mouth. “No, no, no. W-We don’t need to finish that sentence.” The boy that spoke earlier, Stiles, rotated our conversation into the kitchen. There, we relaxed, ate and hung out. I only spoke when I needed to. And of course, Malia over-shared and continued to fill the empty silence with her unfiltered words. Not really bothering me as much as I thought it would. However, the only thing that worried me, was being with new people. It’s not like they weren’t great, because they were. I was just not accustomed to them yet. I lace my hand with Malia, whispering only so that she could hear, hoping that they wouldn’t listen in or pry. “Hey babe. Can we go back to my house and watch Netflix?” She glances back at me, pouting. “Awe, we’ve only been here for a few hours!” I sighed, pleading slightly. “Malia. Please. Can we go home and watch Neflix and cuddle?”

I continued, fidgiting. “I met them and they’re really nice and amazing. I just need more time to get use to them. I need more time to break out of this stupid shell. Until then, can we go?” Malia saw the pure desperation in my eyes, sighing before smiling back at me. “Alright guys, we’re gonna head out. We’ll see you Monday morning.” I waved my hand good-bye as we headed out. The second we left the house, I sighed in relief. Though, on the way home, I couldn’t help but feel guilt. “I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer.” Malia looked back at me with a small smile. “Don’t worry about it. I was kind of getting annoyed with Stiles and Derek giving each other the googly eyes. I am so proud of you though.” I asked, surprised. “Really?” She nodded, grinning from ear to ear. “Yeah, you are a rather quiet person and you took the risk to step out of your comfort zone for me tonight. Thank you.” 

I smile, softly. Feeling a lot better than before. The second we get back to my house, I pulled out the blankets and turned on my Netflix. As I turned around, I couldn’t help but giggle. Malia sat on the couch, curled up in a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. She looked absolutely precious. She slapped the side of the couch, grinning. “Pop a squat, babe.” I do so, wrapping my arms around her as she burrowed the top of her head in my neck. “Thank you.” I mutter, kissing her head. She looked back up at me, smiling. “I love you.” Grinning, I kiss her passionately. “I love you too.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Dear Chris,

You cannot pick a wedding date that will work for everyone. Stop freaking out about it. The people you care about the most will be there no matter what, and everyone else will just be a bonus. Plus, you won’t have to pay for food/drink for the people who can’t come, and they might still send you presents! 🎁 So stop agonizing about picking the “right” date and JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!

Just because I like timetravel a little too much

“When there’s trouble you know who to call~” a voice came floating down the hall of Titan Tower. “From their tower they can see it all!” The voice certainly belonged to a young child, everyone was sure of that. Cyborg’s sensors guess an eleven or twelve year old girl. “When there’s evil on the attack, you can rest knowing they’ve got your ba- what?” The girl, she looked like she might be Tamrannian due to her glowing green eyes, froze. Robin was the only one visible from her position at the moment, and he was perched on the back of the couch, with a Birdarang out.
“Who’re you and how’d you get here?” He demanded.
“Uncle Damian?” She asked, confused. “You look different. Your skin’s too light and your face looks like the old pictures of Papa.”
“Who’s Damian?” Robin replied, eyes narrowing.
The girl looked lost. She looked so confused. “Uncle Dami, I know Grandpappy said not to use our real names while we’re in our costumes, but why don’t you remember me?” Pure distress was in her voice.
“I’m not named Damian, who are you?” Robin growled, just as confused as she was.
“But-you’re Robin! The last person to wear the Robin costume was Uncle Dami! I know he’s Flamebird now, and works in Blüdhaven with Papa when he’s not trying to convince Grandpappy to stop fighting, but I would’ve heard if there were a new Robin!” She argued. “Who else could you be?”
“Her emotional wave length is surprisingly similar to yours.” Raven muttered. The girl paused, listening. “And, oddly, Starfire’s.”
“I must be hearing things…” the girl shook her head. “If you’re not Uncle Damian, why are you in a Robin costume. That mantle has been mostly retired for years now.”
“Listen, kid,” Robin said-“
"Mar'i.” The girl interrupted.
Robin blinked, “What?”
“My name is Mar'i Grayson.” The girl crossed her arms. “If you’re going to patronize me, at least use my name.”
“Grayson?” Robin murmured, and shook his head. “Listen, Mar'i, I don’t know where you’re from, or how you got in here, but you don’t belong in here, this place is for Teen Titans only. And at that, only our Western branch uses it.”
Mar'i paused, eyeing the boy as if she were assessing him. Then, something clicked. “Ah!” She clapped, excitedly, floating a little before falling back to the floor, feet thumping solidly. “I remember this story! I’ve gone back in time!” She squealed, happily. “This is so cool! Crashcrashcrashcrashcrash! Yippeee!” She flew around in a tight circle, before returning her focus to Robin. “Remember how I said your face looked like the old pictures of my papa?”
“Uh…” Robin nodded, concerned. “Yeah, why?” His eyes were flicking around the room, behind his mask.
“Well, you probably are! Oh my gosh, you’re still Robin, that means you haven’t met practically anyone! Ahhh!” She shrieked excitedly. “This is so crash!”
“Why do you keep saying ‘crash’ like it means 'cool’?” Beastboy asked.
“Gar!” He got tackle hugged. “You look so adorable when you’re my age, oh my scones, I need a selfie with you!” She pulled out a weird looking computer like device, and snapped a picture with a camera facing herself and Beastboy. “Sweet!” She cheered. “And as for why I use 'crash’ and 'cool’ interchangeably, blame Bart! He’s the one that started it.”
“Wait, wait, back up.” Robin said, “I look like old pictures of your dad, and you’re a time traveler. Are you somehow my future child?”
“Probably! Your reaction to my last name was also a good clue, Papa!” She giggled. “This is so cool! Ah! Miss Rachael! Can I get a picture with you too?”
“If you don’t hug me, fine.” Raven agreed.

Mar'i had gotten pictures with all of the Titans who were there, and was now sitting around the kitchen island with them. “So, you’ve heard me tell you the story of your trip to the past, how do you get home?” Robin asked, sitting directly to her right.
“You never told me that. I asked, and you’d lean in real close, tap my nose, and tell me that I’d have to find out for myself. Then mama would laugh, and ask for help with Bynny and Brucy who are always getting into some sort of trouble. Especially now that they’re growing out of their toddler stage, and Brucy-boy has learned to fly.”
Robin paled. “Say what?”
“Don’t worry, Bynny seems to be completely human, which is a little odd, considering that she looks the most like mama.” Mar'i shrugged, calmly. “I have pictures if you want to see them.”
“I-um-I-okay?” Robin agreed.
“Cool!” She when to her photos, and clicked on one, then made a motion over the screen, and it projected into the air, it was a gorgeous Tamrannian lady sprawled on a beanbag chair. A short man was curled into her side, he looked like he might’ve been an older Robin. In their arms there was a sleeping girl with her mother’s auburn hair, and a little black haired boy cracking open an eye as green as Mar'i’s to blink at the camera.
“Whoa, how’d you do that?” Robin asked, momentarily more interested in the tech, then he did a double take at the photo. “Is that Starfire?!”
“Mmhmm!” Mar'i agreed. “Aunt Babs and the Wests call us the Starlings. Grandpappy and Alfred also do, sometimes. Or the Grandbats. Although, that includes little Freddie, Aunt Bab’s Jim and Gordon, and us three.”
“Freddie?” Robin repeated. “Who’s kid is Freddie?”
“You don’t know that Uncle yet.” Mar'i shook her head.
Cyborg raised a hand, questioningly, from the other side of the island/table, drawing their attention. Robin looked rather pale. “So, you’re Star and Rob’s future kid, but you make it sound like you weren’t the first addition to Rob’s family. Who was?”
“Well, we have to discount Aunt Babs, since she was both part of the family and not since before Papa, but then, I supposed the first addition after Papa would be Freddie’s dad. He’s not always the best person, but he tries to do good by us, and by the public. Just… not always in a way Grandpappy agrees with.”
“This is just weird.” Robin shook his head, “I don’t tend to talk about home much around here.”
“Friends, I am home!” Starfire called. Mar'i closed out the image, or at least pulled it out of the air. “I would appreciate help putting away groceries!”
All the Teen Titans surged up to go help her, leaving Mar'i at the Island. The groceries were put away rather quickly, quickly enough to leave Mar'i floating in confusion, as her stool had been knocked over.
“Oh, new friend?” Starfire asked, hopefully, upon noticing her. “Wait, are you Tamrannian?”
“Only half, technically, but I seem to have gotten all of Mama’s powers.” Mar'i chirped. “I’m Mar'i Grayson, nice to meet you, Koriand'r!”
Starfire stiffened. “How do you know that name?” She asked. “No one on Earth knows that name.”
“Well, I’m not from this time,” Mar'i said, tacking a Tamrannian word on the end of the sentence, beaming.
“I am your- you are my- how? With whom?” Starfire asked, blushing as much as Robin had paled.
“With Papa, duh.” Mar'i chirped.
“Wait, Grayson?” Beastboy suddenly realized. “Like, the Flying Graysons?”
Robin turned to blink at him, confused and still looking like volcanic ash. “Aren’t you a little young to remember them?”
“Yeah, but, we had a bunch of their recordings around the base of the Doom Patrol. Rita was a cousin of someone who married in, and she had no idea what happened to the survivor, her cousin’s son.” Beastboy shrugged. “She said that if I found him, to call him my cousin, because she adopted me.”
Robin stiffened, expression suddenly distant as the color slowly returned to his. “Oh.” He said.
“I guess Papa’s your cousin then! So, does that mean I can call you my uncle, like Aunt Babs is my aunt?” Mar'i asked.
“Who is your Papa? And who is this 'Aunt Babs’ of which you speak?” Starfire inquired, tilting her head.
“Aunt Babs is Oracle!” Mar'i flew in an excited circle at that. “Sometimes people think she’s my second mom because she’s so cuddly with both my parents!”
“That sounds like Babs…” Robin muttered, distractedly. Then he did another double take, “Wait, Oracle? That is not the name I know her under!”
“Well, the last Batgirl was Aunt Steph, who isn’t really part of the family, even less than Aunt Babs, and she switched back to her first name almost a decade ago.” Mar'i said. “But, Grandpappy said that Bynny could be Batgirl if Freddie took on the Thrush mantle, but they’re still really little.”
“Wait, is Robin your Papa?” Starfire asked, still blushing.
“Yup!” Mar'i chirped. “He is!” She twirled a little, excitedly. Robin and Starfire both fell over.
“Ah, there you are, kiddo.” A man in the Flash’s uniform came out of the wall. “Come on, it’s time to stop freaking out people who live in the past.”
“Okay, Bart.” Mar'i said. “Are you my ride home?”
“When am I not, miss Grayson?” He teased, bowing a little. “Come on, rumor has it my cousin is supposed to visit soon, and I don’t want to confuse him too much. Let’s go.”
Mar'i made a noise of affirmation and held up her arms. The strange Flash scooped her up. “Bye, guys, meet you in a few years!” He added, and was gone.
“Well,” Raven said. “Today was certainly interesting.”
No one could argue with that.

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I suddenly feel bad for freaking out over the whole voice thing in Jack's recent video and like..I feel like I should just stop because people are getting upset over people still freaking out over Anti.. 😓

Stop. No. Do not feel bad for freaking out over it. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Fuck those people who are being assholes about our fun. 

Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying yourself. I mean, you aren’t hurting anyone. So go hog wild dude. Fuck it.


Valentines Day with the boys!

Miles: So today is not the best day to ask you for a spot of tea. Miles being Miles, doesn’t realize that he indeed does have feelings for you, and the relief that comes with him being your companion for Valentine’s Day, rather than some other man. However, Miles being Miles, is way overly flustered at being addressed as a couple, far more than you are. He sputters and turns scarlet at a drop of a hat, and while you know he’s a little shy when it comes to these matters, you can’t help but feel he’s overreacting and feel a little offended.

“Oh come now, would I be so horrible to date?” You cross your arms and glare at the tea before you, the last dregs of the leaves staring back at you pitifully.

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