stop force feeding


mayo: -got more wins in both battle ranks-

ketchup: ITS NOT FAIR

seriously guys, dont be such babies. we lost, they won. if youre gonna act like this then you deserve to lose, theres always next splatfest. they won fair and square so get over it!! both teams fought hard but theres nothing that can be done abt it now!!

Score: Pea - 1 Me - 0


As mentioned before, I decided to stop force-feeding Pea and see if she would eat independently. After about a  5 week hunger strike and a 5-gram weight loss, I decided I’d better force some food on her. She was not happy and I ended up with more roach guts on me than her. Ew. And then she just perched happily on my shoulder.



dammit she kissed me.

I just saw IT last night and now all I can think about is the golden trio and their friends along with the slytherins having to ban together to stop an evil force that feeds off of people’s worst fears that somehow got loose in the castle. And at some point everyone is just tired and done and the only two people left is Draco and Harry and they have to put their differences aside bc “Fuck Malf- Draco, we need to figure out how to kill this thing” and que montage of research where Harry realizes how smart Draco is and how he’s gotten a lot more tolerable and Draco realizing that Harry, while definitely having a hero complex, isn’t so much of a git. At some point IT takes one of the two boys and they have to get their friends back to save the day and get the boy. I mean it could be a really interesting series is all.

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The boys are sick/injured. How are they taken care of?

thank you for being patient! ( * ಥ ⌂ ಥ * )

Noctis: Even though he staunchly denies it, he needs to be babied. Wet towels on his forehead, warm soup, breakfast in bed, the whole package. Noctis would rarely ever leave his bed and would just fall back in defeat every time he tried to get up. Sleeps even more than usual.

Prompto: Even while he’s recovering, Prompto would not be able to keep quiet. Unfortunately, most of his time spent recovering would consist of him whining and complaining about the discomfort. The only way to get him to stop is secretly force-feeding him NyQuil while telling him it’s DayQuil , and watch him slowly slip into a peaceful, pain-free slumber.

Gladio: Being the bodyguard for the royal family doesn’t really allow any downtime so Gladio would probably stuff a bunch of tissues and cough drops in his pockets and attempt to go about his day as normal. Noctis and Regis would assure him that they’d be fine without him, but Gladio would still feel the need to be up. They’d need to convince him that he needs to rest so that he can be at full strength ASAP.

Ignis: Like Gladio, Ignis would have to be forced to take a break and rest so that he can get better. To him, as long as he has a sufficient amount of tissues - the strong extra soft ones with aloe - and some tea he’ll be perfectly fine. Noctis would have to royally decree that Ignis isn’t allowed to do anything but rest, and tell the palace staff to make sure he doesn’t. Even though he wouldn’t admit it he’d be touched that people were concerned enough to make him sit down.

Apparently, TMZ (take that for what it’s worth) is reporting the following:

“Punk was livid when he learned officials scripted Batista to win the Royal Rumble … because he feels Batista isn’t in great wrestling shape and shouldn’t be featured in the title match at the upcoming WrestleMania (the biggest event of the year).”

Honestly, I hope that if CM Punk DID actually “go home” and if this is the end of CM Punk in the WWE, that this is the reason why. There are literally a roster full of guys who deserve to be in the main event at WrestleMania over Batista. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I dislike Batista, but more toward the fact that he literally just returned after leaving pro wrestling. Not an injury, not some kind of crazy circumstance involving family, but legitimately, because he just wasn’t into wrestling anymore and wanted to try MMA. Well, that failed for him, he looked like a big dipshit and he got his ass kicked, and now he’s back.

Right on, CM Punk. I’m GLAD you’re angry about this. Hell, I wish MORE people would take a stand and say “Fuck this noise.” I hope this sends a shockwave through the WWE and it causes someone to say “Enough is enough, let’s STOP this force-feeding of nostalgia and focus on our FUTURE.”

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*posting this with the full knowledge that OP is a troll blog. But shit, I’m in a mood again tonight, so let’s play*

Force feeding people bullshit… you mean like coming up in my inbox and declaring your ignorance for everyone to see? 

First off, I’m almost positive that every human being ever born will eventually die, regardless of weight. I could be wrong, there might be some super secret club of super thin immortals, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t. 

And you want to know what proof I have that my methods work?

Looking for proof. Maybe it fell down the extra room in my pants?

Maybe it’s in the extra fist full of fabric around my waist.

Nope, no proof in that one.

Or… could be, that maybe focusing on healthy habits and viewing weight loss as a positive side effect of maintaining said habits is a viable way to live after all? The number on the scale isn’t what’s going to keep you healthy, it’s the actions that get you there that count. Not that any of that matters because I’m sure you’ve already formed your opinions on me because yes, despite the weight loss, I am still fat. I refuse to hate myself at any size. So sorry if you can’t comprehend that.

I do have one question. If you’re so pro health, why are you against fat people being active?

Because THAT is what my message boils down to.

  1.  Love yourself.
  2. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing something you love.
  3. Be active if you want, it’s pretty cool.
  4. Don’t be an asshole.

So tell me my dear, what do you find objectionable in that? 

i feel this needs to be said. Marilyn Monroe, though beautiful, is not the archetype of all female beauty in the world. stop comparing all women to her. Better yet, stop comparing women, stop trying to force feed them your ideals on what you feel beauty is. i see post after post, meme after meme “this is what REAL beauty is” “this was beautiful, WHAT HAPPENED?” “this is what REAL women look like”. the worst part, is most of these posts are made by other women. STOP telling people what they should look like. STOP projecting your insecurities on other people. you do not get to define what real women are, or what beauty is. REAL WOMEN come in all shapes and sizes and looks. accept people for who they are, not who you wish they were. be yourself. dont let anyone tell you who or what you should look like.

New Years Resolutions for GMW Season 3
  1. More Zay
  2. Put Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes) in the Intro Sequence
  3. Actually have a permanent seat for Zay in class
  4. Actually film in CORRECT production order (I want to stop seeing Farkle’s character shift between hoodie Farkle and Turtleneck Farkle)
  5. Stop force-feeding us moral stories like your whole demographic is 6-10 instead of 10-14+; learn what subtley means
  6. More Topanaga and Riley Mother Daughter Moments 
  7. Stage direction of actors should be more natural (no more of the dramatic seating of Riley, Lucas, and Maya *cough cough Girl Meets the New Year)
  8. Let’s hear Lucas’ feelings about Maya and Riley
  9. More witty banter 
  10. MORE bromance! #farcus? #lucarkle? #zacus? #Lucay?
  11. When you have guest appearances, make the reason for their cameo realistic 
  12. Zay and Riley Moments? Anyone?
  13. Don’t always give us what we want when we want it. Yes shipping is important but always do it for the story! When you give your child too much candy, we get stomach aches.
  14. When did Charlie get creepy? Stop Creepy Charlie 2K16
  15. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. Work on it please!
  16. @GMWWriters Stop with the cryptic Tweets, you’re only giving us headaches 
  17. Stop releasing episodes so far apart from each other. I’m tired of reblogging the same gifs.
  18. NEVER Change the Theme song

That’s All. Happy New Year!