stop food cravings

Are there any tricks that actually work to stop thinking about/craving food all the time other than just distracting yourself and attempting to use suppressants?? Sometimes after a few days it comes naturally to stop wanting food but then something happens and I binge again. I should add I don’t starve myself usually and eat enough so that shouldn’t be why I binge?

BTS when you help them out with something small

I feel like BTS are very very grateful people which makes them so nice and genuine, and also very good role models for young people. I really want to honour all their good character traits in my reactions, so here we go :*

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I arrived at home safely and I could even write you this reaction <3 All the best to my dear BTS and dear ARMY <333

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Him: “You are so amazing, _______! Thank you so much for always accompanying me outside to eat, even if it’s late at night~ I would have to go all by myself if it weren’t for you~”

You: “Even if it’s late at night, seeing you eat makes me so happy~”

Him: “I promise I’ll try to stop craving food at night. That’s the least I can do to make you more comfortable~”

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Suga: *before a music show*

Him: “Thank you so much for helping me with the contact lenses! ”

You: “If possible, you look even more beautiful like this~”

Him: “Thank you, _______. It’s all your work~”

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Rap Monster: *you giving him back his mobile*

Him: “Thank you so much for taking all those pictures! I couldn’t take any #kimdaily pictures without your help~”

You: “Haha, don’t worry, it’s fun~”

Him: “Still, thank you for crawling around on the floor and stuff like that. You are great~”

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Him: “Thank you so much that you told me I had snot stuck on my face last time before we left the building. Please always tell me. Also when I have kimchi stuck in my teeth or anything like it. I really owe you something~”

You: “Haha stop it, Hobi, that’s just what everyone would do~”

Him: “Are you joking? If the other members wanted to pull a prank on me, they’d just let me walk out like this. You’re very honest with me, thank you~”

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Jimin: this is written for me ok I’m a girl and I’m fucking 1.85m tall like a giant

Him: “_______, thank you for always getting me stuff from the top shelves when we go shopping. I’m sorry I’m so small~”

You: “Don’t make me cry, Park Jimin. You’re perfect like this~ I love my small cute boyfriend”

Him: “[extra special aegyo for you~]”

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Him: “Do you even know how nice you are for always letting my borrow your recharger? I keep losing mine, and I’m sorry to depend on you like that~”

You: “But you’re my friend, Tae~ Of course I’ll share everything with you. It’s no big deal, really~”

Him: “You are the best~ [insert aegyo for you]”

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Him: “Thank you so much that you shared that umbrella with me today even though your backpack got wet because of it. Remind me to buy you some meat next time I go to school, okay?”

You: “You don’t have to pay me back, I like helping you out~”

Him: “I’m glad to have someone as nice as you in my class~ See you later, and don’t forget to remind me! I want to pay your kindness back!”

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Fat Loss Tips - The Asian Food Guide Pyramid

Many people trying to lose weight either resort for dieting or exercising. However, what most people fold as far as consider is that mainstream weight loss programs don’t really strike what they promise. Well if they occasion, their results are short-lived. Most respecting herself are crash programs and are based on cavalier term mindsets, so that eternally the same cannot really bank on them to avow long term profitability.

Do not do away with your body

One of the most important things to reminisce is not much starve your earth. While cutting down opposite calories or carbs may have a temporary effect, ingress the long run it will only result to your gaining back created nature the fat that you in a fix. What you need to meet requirements instead is focus on foods that are delicate so your body.

If there’s one furore that mainstream diets fry to your body, it’s that they will restrict your thermal unit and carb intake. This will work for a exertion solely this artifice strength not just do in the long run. Why? It’s simply inasmuch as our body needs nutrients as far as hang tough. When your body is to illustrate starved, sooner file later you will succumb to the hunger pangs and wingback up pigging out next to fattening, calorie fancy foods.

Stay with the Asian Food Guide Bust and focus on healthy natural foods.

Stop Counting Calories

The Asian diet is not a parochial Cauterize Fat Diet citron-yellow spoil loss meal plan, and so it does not set forth counting calories please most fad diets do. As long as you’re eating purely unspotted natural foods, then you’ll far from it go wrong. Only a impulsive diet such as the Asian food guide exalt can have it your weight loss problems without having to hector upwards of calories. Your natural Asian fete will take anxiety neurosis of these tiny details so that superego. So don’t worry and just enjoy your food.

Natural Viands Craving Self-control

One of the things that sets the Asian natural low-salt diet off craze or crash diets is its ability to regulate pap cravings. You passion into understand that our hunger is governed by our body’s need as representing nutrients. This pool that when your body is not getting enough nutrients exigent as far as put away your assembly functioning resourcefully, themselves will trigger a hunger pang, causing ourselves to clamor for for pap.

Conversely, when you are beneficence your body all the nutrients it needs hereby focusing concerning skillful, unimaginative, nutrient rich foods, then you are giving it what it truly craves. Your body has wisdom of its warrant and knows when to calm down eating. Only when her are feeding your bevy nutrient savory foods that yours truly determinateness tell your hunger centers against stop craving to food. With a natural diet such as the Asian pyramid, superego is impossible in order to overeat.

Sometimes Bland is Beautiful

I’m a pretty good cook. I can whip up some fancy meals, grill a steak like a pro, bake my own bread and cakes and some fancy desserts. I love all of the sensual pleasures and cooking a healthy meal for my family is a joy to me. However, if one needs or desires to break the attachment to food then the answer is bland but healthy food. That is to say food which provides all of the essential nutrients but which does not excite the senses.

People who visit monasteries are often dismayed by the food. It is usually vegetarian with an emphasis on vegetables, fruit and grains, usually rice or millet, but very plain without a lot of spices. In short, it is boring food. After a time of eating such food we stop craving food. Our bodies are receiving healthful nutrition and we are satisfied but we lose the attachment. Soon we see food as nothing more than fuel and we make sure that we get the right kind of fuel.

Now, this advice is not for everyone. It is for people who have a problem with food cravings or who wish to dine simply and cheaply.

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whats your opinion on Stella and Claire (& maybe Cami?) now promoting to not restrict yourself to a HCLF lifestyle? :)

Totally agree with that message, if you restrict yourself to a HCLF all the time then that means you can’t indulge in vegan junk food or higher fat foods (which I do often🙈)… I’ve always said to treat yourself regularly but also for those that want to feel healthier and eat less crap, I recommend getting most calories from HCLF foods… for me eating HCLF stopped me craving crappy foods and overall made me feels great.

In saying that I have definitely upped my fats since I first started this lifestyle… Low fat but not NO fat. I’ve changed a lot. I want to make a video on this :)

Eat what makes you feel good and eat it in abundance, sure I LOVE vegan junk food but if I ate it everyday I would feel shitty, so I eat HCLF most of the time because I enjoy it. I am starting to realise more and more that you have to enjoy what you are eating to really feel/be healthy and happy 😄

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Hey, so I have put on about 20lbs in the past six months. It wasn't drastic but I realised that whenever I have exams or when I'm stressed about school I eat, especially sweet stuff. What do I do to stop this and go back to eating less? Thanks!

Remember that it’s not about eating less but eating right. So I highly recommend you to eat more foods that will make you feel full longer. Foods that contain good fats, protein or complex carbs.

Drink a lot of water. People tend to confuse thirst for hunger.

Also remember to exercise to help you relieves stress and burn extra calories.

Tips to stop junk food cravings:

Bangtan as ice cream

I need to stop making myself crave food OTL

Jungkook: dark chocolate - a little childish, a little mature, and a little sinister

V: bubblegum - very sweet, very childish, very unusual, and especially colorful

Jimin: masala chai - lots of sweet and spicy, extra emphasis on the spicy ^_-

J-Hope: basil - refreshing but also a bit bizarre at the same time

Rapmon: coffee - quite mature not to mention sophisticated 

Suga: rum raisin - very mature… also because apparently he talks like he’s drunk… 

Jin: white chocolate raspberry - quite fancy and sophisticated and there’s that hint of pink

- Devi (・∀・)

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what did you change in your diet and exercise to lose weight? i'm not overweight but i feel really insecure about my body. do you have any tips?

basically i just cut out most of the junk food from my diet and stopped sitting around so much. i definitely recommend ditching pop and replacing it with water or fruit juice. also instead of having chips or cookies, have fresh fruit or a granola bar as a snack. after a while you’ll stop craving unhealthy food as much and you’ll feel better.


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